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Trains are not a planned feature, but something we'd eventually like to take a look at. There is not much of a realistic chance of that happening before the end of Early Access, though.
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We did not, but people still misunderstand that the poll was not a vote on what we will do, but a survey on what people are interested in the most out of what we already planned to have somewhen in Eco's life as a game, with us being fully aware that some topics will drive a lot of interest but won't be realistic to be done in any mid-term timeframe, especially when several of these come into play, like boats. From the beginning we had intended to add parts of all the different design pillars we have due to the vision of the game. It wouldn't have worked any different way either, given we have a clear game goal in mind and people obviously voted for what is 'especially cool'.

That also included "Bug Fixes" being low on the list with relatively few votes compared to trains and boats. I'm very sure that is not the sentiment the majority of the actual players share, though. Also, obviously the features more about our meta-game of society simulation were naturally low voted, despite being very important for the game concept we want to build and promised on kickstarter.

We hence had decided to replace that page with our Eco Tree, as while the information we got from that was extremely useful for development, players did not understand our intention as we had it. (Which very likely is to be faulted majorly on how we communicated it as well, but once it gone wrong, there was no way to fix it anymore)
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No, we didn't. It would be pretty hard to, as all the features that were on the poll page were things we picked ourselves for what we would ultimately like to see in Eco at some point during or after Early Access. And if we can, we'd love to have it all.