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Fixes and changes:
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing biomes datas from being read properly (was causing wrong vegetation everywhere)
  • Fixed a bug that was provoking a blackscreen after the first cutscene of the game
  • Adapter the main menu and the first cutscene to 21:9 and 32:9 screen ratios
  • Fixed softlock when using the Fallon ricochet skill when using it on an empty case
  • Fixes and changes for the experimental feature Battle Cam V2
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing weapons recipe from Chapter V from working correctly
  • Removed the forest passage
  • Added experimental feature AutoCutscene V2 (Artwork based)
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing to open the save UI outside of a savepoint
  • Added a feedback form
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- Nerfed corroded adds of the conclave they now do less damage, are weaker and slower
- Firebombs cannot be stacked anymore on the same case

- CPU optimizations (~20% CPU performance increase)
- Battle tactical placements will not affect some scripted battles anymore (like in the vanguard) to prevent starting on an "instakill" grid
- Fixed a bug with the sidequest "Own Devices" where the NPC from the first objective had the wrong dialog and was not making the quest progress
- Fixed a bug that was not refreshing minimap marker visibility when changing map
- Fixed an extreme lag case with the new playable character in battle
- Fixed a bug that was causing a softlock when an entity apply a taunt before any entity is present in the aggro list
- Optimized a bit the two battlefield maps from the intro (still need more optimization)
- Fixed a few softlock cases
- Fixed crystals overlap in the "Excelsior" weapon crystal pattern
- Fixed a bug that was corrupting the hair rendering in some maps / graphic settings combo
- Framerate limiter is now working properly
- Fixed fog in warehouse intro map
- Fixed a bug that was breaking the UI if taking a screenshot during a cutscene
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- Nerfed Mantis boss

- Fixed a bug that was making Fallon untargetable when receiving two hits from one combo attack
- Fixed some case of music not playing after a loading
- Audio and SFX improvements
- Fixed icon display in menu for new skills from Chapter V
- Fixed weapon placement for Fallon
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/269190/announcements/detail/2739829755469837138]here[/url].
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Bugfixes and adjustements:
  • Introduced new minimap system with area discoverability (and soon localized area names)
  • Implemented bosses battle objectives superbonus reward
  • Fixed a softlock case on some specific quest and dialogs with the recent changes
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Save UI from opening when the Save UI have been automaticaly removed
  • Fixed some wrong footsteps SFX material definitions
  • Fixed a bug that could remove the music after a loading (like unstuck) after a battle
  • LipSync improvements
  • Added SFX in various cutscenes
  • Adjustment of a few postprocessing areas
  • Removed deprecated end of chapter cutscenes

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