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New Features:
Cinematic Battle Camera (Battle Camera V2)
After months of work we are releasing the new battle camera of the game, it was completely remade from scratch, the camera offer you know two modes cinematic and tactical, the cinematic camera will focus on the action providing a cinematic experience and the tactical is fully manual to have an overview of the combat.

New loot window and FX / new notification window
We revamped the loot window and notifications UI to be more rewarding and animated, the effects are modified depending on the item rarity.

Bugfixes and ajustments
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the loot database from being loaded correctly
  • Improved rarity modifiers feedbacks in UI by adding glow in the UI
  • Added more feedbacks and effects / animations to crystal sloting UI
  • Fixed a few UI adjustment issues in ultra wide resolutions
  • Improvement and unification of a few UI
  • Improved a few cutscenes (lipsync / animations)
  • Removed randomness from quest and chests rewards, they will be now similar through all save files
  • Fixed the "Sunken Cathedral" that was doable again after completion
  • Fixed a few quest markers that was getting back after completing the related quest
  • Replaced a few cutscene to the auto cutscene system
  • Fixed lighting too bright on some auto cutscenes
  • Added crafting station in the cities to prepare for crafting removal from the menu and weapon crafting revamp update
  • Junkyard puzzles are now optional (but skipping them will prevent accessing a reward)
  • Added new sound effects
  • Fixed a softlock issues on the Stalker boss tutorial
  • Added new locations on the openworld for future dynamic events and content use
  • Added a few missing localization entries
  • Modified the save proposition UI to the modal window system
  • Added next turn indicator in battles
  • Added ATB feedbacks on icon indicators
  • Fixed a few icon loading issues

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