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New features:
  • Added difficulty and immersion settings (experimental)

  • Played character will now be clipped when the camera is close
  • Reworked ambiance and colors of the “Elon Village” scene
  • Modified VFX of multiple spells and actions in battle
  • Reworked terrain biome transitions
  • Added “war” background elements on the “Battlefield” scene
  • Disabled texture streaming on main characters to ensure that their texture is always in high resolution
  • Added NNAO for lower spec configurations ambient occlusion
  • Improvement of the horizon and sky in the open world
  • Improvements to the herelsor plain area
  • Improvements of the beach area on the openworld

  • Improvements of composition, shoting and sequencing to chapter 0 & 1 cutscenes
  • Improved animations of chapter 0
  • New lisync on the chapter 0 cutscenes

  • Added ATB feedback on out of screen combat target locators
  • Added Turn of indicator on battle status UI (enemies and allies)
  • Added new difficulty and interface settings (ingame and when a new game is started)
  • New design for textbox
  • Added artworks to auto cutscenes conversations
  • Removed quest UI from the full map UI (was not much used and was very early)

  • Fixed a few audio transition issues where the volume of SFX could stay at 0 after a cutscene transition
  • New sound Fxs for the Camp scene (Intro 1st chapter)
  • New sound Fxs for the scene before Robot Fight on Battle field (1st Chapter)
  • Better Default loudness balance between Music/Sound FX/Voices
  • New Dynamic System Music on areas : Herelsor Plain (Chapter 1) / Elysian Fields (Chapter 5)
  • Fallon’s Battle fight Theme Improved
  • General Improvement of Battle field Sound Ambiance
  • Footsteps added in some Chapter0 cutscenes
  • Reverb Added in the team basement (Chapter0)

Gameplay and balance:
  • Modified the maximum number of battle objectives during normal battles to 1
  • Balanced rewards of combats and battle objectives
  • You can now open chests while mounting Nekaroo
  • Ysoris Moves cost less energy
  • New Monsters Dodile and Dilu

  • Fixed a crash on the corroded mass battle of the Chapter III
  • Fixed a crash when specific conditions were met when starting a puzzle
  • Voice acting will not continue to play when pausing a cutscene
  • Fixed a case where spawn conditions would behave incorrectly with some specific quest objectives
  • Fixed an issue on the ATB update logic that could softlock battles in some rare scenarios
  • Fixed a bug with screen space reflections where the reflections could pass in front of the hair / skin shader
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the big orokko from moving correctly during the camp destruction cutscene
  • Fixed a bug that could trigger a double weapon equipment spawn in cutscenes (one in the hand one in the back)
  • Diminished memory usage by removing some deprecated features and code
  • Fixed a battle transitions graphic issue on scripted battles (mainly Chapter 0)
  • Fixed a bug with bonus objectives where the rewarded item could have different modifiers than the one displayed in the bonus objective system
  • Fixed a few cases of the quest system not being notified of quest objective update
  • Fixed an issue with the main quest of Chapter V where the transmitter scene could be triggered after the vanguard one causing a quest state lock
  • Minor fixes to the new hair shader
  • Performance improvements on the battlefield scene
  • Performance improvements on the openworld
  • Fix Fallon mines behaviour when entering case
  • Golden Track fix track which stops before reaching the beetle position
  • Fix softlock when HoloDecoy receives elemental damages
  • Fix cover state removed for wrong characters when someone leaves a cover
  • Fix Fallon becoming unfocusable (during Landmine fight) when receiving 2 hits with elemental attack
  • Fix Battle bonus objectives appearing when the condition could not be fulfilled
  • Fix Ricochet softlock when used on empty case

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