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The Elder Scrolls Online v2.52 (PS4) / v1.34 (PS5) includes some adjustments to the Gibbering Shield and Blazing Shield abilities and some fixes for a few Class Sets. We also have several fixes in Endless Archive including bonuses from item sets not functioning, situations where your character could be teleported to empty areas or losing a thread inexplicably, and making it so pets and companions take less damage. The size of this patch is approximately 1.025 GB for PS4 and 543.7 MB for PS5. General
  • Fixed some additional issues where abilities that granted passive effects for slotting on either bar could persist through restricted ability bar effects, such as Werewolf and Oakensoul.
  • Soldier of Apocrypha
    • Gibbering Shield: This Ultimate and the Sanctum of the Abyssal Sea morph now have a limit imposed on the amount of damage they can deal per tick, roughly equal to the maximum size that each shield can reach with their natural scaling.
    • Developer Comment: [spoiler]This limit was added to prevent situations where this Ultimate could absorb tremendous amounts of damage when paired with other shields, allowing for damage values that could kill other player characters in a single damage tick. We've opted to go with this cap, rather than trying to enforce a situation where it only deals damage based on how much the actual shield itself absorbed, to avoid situations where you receive other damage shields in conjunction with this ability and prevent this specific shield from absorbing damage. We'll be continuing to monitor this effect and determine if we need to re-design this aspect of the ability, if it continues to create similar situations as it was.[/spoiler]
  • Aedric Spear
    • Sun Shield
      • Blazing Shield
      • (morph): This morph now has a maximum limit imposed on the amount of damage it can deal, roughly equal to the maximum size it can reach against 6 enemies.
Class Sets
  • Basalt Blooded Warrior: Fixed an issue where refreshing the effect while on your front bar would remove the Major Heroism buff.
  • Gardener of Seasons: Fixed an issue where the last tick of Budding Seeds would fail to apply the effects of Spring or Fall.
  • Monolith of Storms:
    • Fixed an issue where this set could ignore line of sight.  Monoliths will now only connect if there are no obstructions between them.
    • Fixed an issue where this set’s damage would not properly generate hate on enemies it damaged.
  • Nobility in Decay:
    • Fixed an issue with this set’s tooltip cooldown not displaying properly.  
    • Fixed an issue where casting Bitter Harvest while having Beautiful Corpse would result in not gaining an additional Beautiful Corpse when Beautiful Corpse was off cooldown.
  • Reawakened Hierophant: Fixed an issue where some visual effects from this set could be removed when using Apocryphal Gate or its morphs.
  • Order of the New Moon: Removed some invisible collision that sneakily intruded upon the experience at some point.
  • The Ravenwatch Inquiry: Fixed an issue where Gwendis would not appear if you had already met her in Markarth's quest experience.
  • Tracing Shadows: Fixed an issue where playing through the quest in a group could put you in a broken state and unable to progress the conversation with Naryu.
Endless Archive
  • General
    • Item sets now function correctly after the goat and watcher transformations end.
    • Fixed an issue where certain collectibles could drop twice, simultaneously, in Endless Archive.
    • The book “The Last Addition of Bikkus-Muz” no longer overlaps closely with the exit portal.
    • The Arc/Cycle/Stage count is now better aligned with their icons instead of looking like exponents.
    • Removed mention about needing to kill Marauders from several achievement descriptions.
    • Fixed an issue where certain items on Filer Ool were unavailable to purchase for ESO Plus members and were displaying an incorrect error message.
    • Pets and companions will now take less damage from encounters, as originally intended.
    • Companions now correctly receive the same Vision that you select for your character.
  • Portals to the Unknown
    • Your character will no longer sometimes be teleported to empty areas when entering Portals to the Unknown.
  • Verses and Visions
    • The Attuned Enchantments vision now correctly applies to Glyph of Weapon Damage and Glyph of Weakening.
    • Avatar transformations are now correctly removed when the Verse is removed.
  • Arc Boss – Tho’at Replicanum
    • Fixed an issue where your character could self-resurrect during the Tho’at encounter at higher arcs.
  • Fixed a rare issue where crowns were occasionally not being delivered with certain purchases.
  • Updated the icon for the Basalt Assault achievement.
Group Finder
  • Fixed an issue where you could create a group listing that required more than the maximum possible Champion Points.
  • Fixed an issue where your search filters wouldn't be saved after closing the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where another player in their group changing their role would prevent you from being able to confirm edits your group listing.
  • Fixed an issue where you occasionally couldn't increase the group size of a group listing while in Gamepad Mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some listings to display the wrong difficulty level.