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In a lot of mmo’s now adays especially new ones, you are given the ability to change your character up on the spot, eso needs the same.

This can be helpful in all situations weather you are a solo player, pve player or pvp player. For example if im on my new character I created and need to craft it some new training gear I have to log out, log back in to the alternate character, go to the crafting location to craft the gear then run back to the bank and switch back. This is way to unnecessary lol. Even times when people ask for help getting something crafted, if im not on the right character I can not help them.

Also for situations like forming a trial, if its a random trial group we all know it takes forever sometimes to find two tanks, instead of sitting down doing nothing I should be able to easily switch to my new character and work on grinding it while we wait, instead everyone just sits there and by the time we find two tanks people are m.i.a or end up leaving because they just sat there doing nothing and it took to long. Also for situations when people have alternate characters the can benefit the team at least they can switch on the fly.

I can go on and on about how this can be more beneficial then a downside but curious to hear what you all think.
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Hi all, just wanted to follow up here since we've followed up in a few other threads about class change tokens. Currently, we do not have any plans on implementing class changes tokens. There are a number of technical challenges with implementing them, and it would take a significant amount of time to solve these challenges efficiently and safely.

We know this isn't the desired feedback, but wanted to make sure we made our current stance clear on this.