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So lately I have been noticing an annoying issue involving my mounts. I land in an area and mount up. I have a waypoint marked to go to my desired destination and I take off. Then, as my mount is running, I randomly unmount for no reason. Nothing attacks me and even if it did my mount training is all at max. But it isn't being knocked off. It's like the game is reading the dismount button when it's not pushed. The only thing being pushed is the joystick. I am noticing this most frequently in the more southern aldmeri countries like green shade and grahtwood. But it's happened once in stonefalls and 3 times in rivenspire and glenumbra as well. I play on PS4 NA servers. Anybody else getting this?
18 days ago - ZOS_GinaBruno - Direct link
Thanks everyone, we've bugged up a few of these locations. If you run into others, please provide as much detail as you can for the location or provide a screenshot of your location on the map. Thanks!