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I think that's pretty "ist" considering the outrage if it were the other way around (you know this is true dont say its not). Can we atleast get ONE more strong male companion in this game besides ONE. ? I know i cant be the only person thats picked up and requested this.
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Thanks for sharing my previous comments on this @spartaxoxo. Appreciate it.

Just want to reiterate this here. The team is aware of this feedback regarding more male companions and factoring this in for future consideration. I have passed feedback similar to the ask for more male companions myself. So they are aware of the feedback.

Lastly, please consider how these questions are phrased and the potential accusatory nature of phrasing. There will be times when gender identity of companions will be the same while other times it won’t be. There is no malicious intent behind it, but the team is aware of the current feedback around the current balance.