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Heyo All!

Next week, we will be running some tests in Cyrodiil where we’ll be periodically adjusting the population caps. The first realm being tested is PC EU on Wednesday, December 6. During this time, we will increase population caps and monitor throughout the day through prime-time hours; if all goes well, we will do the same on PC NA later in the week. Edit: PC NA is also online today for the Population Cap Test.

We encourage everyone willing to fight for their Alliance to hop into their respective Campaigns because throughout the testing period until December 12, everyone in Cyrodiil will earn Double AP (On PC, Xbox, and PlayStation)!

Thanks in advance for joining this population test for Cyrodiil and enjoy the double AP while the test is active. See you on the field!

Edit: We made a correction to this post on December 8. The Cyrodiil population cap testing is happening only on the PC servers. The double AP, on the other hand, is turned on for all servers (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) through December 12.
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Hi All! As you may have seen, the Population Cap Testing is now underway. We are starting in PC EU for now, with PC NA and consoles being added later in the week. In the event you run into any issues (bugs, lag, etc.) we ask in addition to describing the issue you are experiencing, that you provide the following information:
[*] If possible, please record the issue occurring in-game during the Population Cap Test. Providing the video or link to the video will assist the PvP team in identifying any issues.
[*] In your post, please list what campaign you are participating in when the noted issue occurs.

Feel free to post issues either in this thread or in the Bug Report section of the forum.This information will assist our teams during this test in better identifying issues experienced during the Population Cap Test. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!
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Hi All, just wanted to provide a quick update. We've seen some confusion regarding if the test is only on PC EU right now. We have expanded the test to PC NA as well. As noted before, if you are hitting lag or having other issues, please record the footage and pass that along here or in the Bug Reports section. This will help with the tests our teams are conducting. Thank you.
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Hi All, just a quick update before the weekend.

We'd like to thank everyone who has taken part in the ongoing population cap testing in Cyrodiil so far. The test is now running on all PC servers, and as a reminder the rewards are available on all servers and platforms. As this is a stress test, we do expect things to get a bit bumpy at times - especially during "prime time" when population in Cyrodiil is at its highest. We appreciate you helping us with the test by hopping into Cyrodiil and playing. We're getting helpful data - we'll follow up at the end of the test to summarize how it went.
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Hi gang! We wanted to follow up now that the Cyrodiil population cap stress test has concluded. First off, thanks to everyone who participated and provided feedback. We hope you got a bunch of AP, took control of many Keeps and Resources, and had a blast with Volendrung! Your participation greatly helped in stress testing the new server hardware, which was replaced earlier this year, and stressing the server architecture overall. We are reviewing the data gained from this test, along with all the player feedback provided during this period.

We have set the population cap numbers back to what they were prior to this test to ensure the best balance between server response and client inputs. Thanks again for stress testing the servers with us! See you on the battlefield and have a safe and fun holiday season!