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When you accept a new quest, your active quest doesn't change to the new quest. I'm not sure if that's intended or not, but I didn't see any mention of it in the patch notes. On the plus side, you don't have to pull up your journal and reselect the quest that was previously your active quest. On the minus side, you might need to pull up your journal just to be sure that the new quest got added to it.
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Hi everyone! Apologies for the confusion here - just confirming as others have stated that we did add a new UI setting that allows you to automatically track a quest when you accept it, and the default is set to "Off". If you're on a quest and accept a new one, it will keep tracking the quest you were working on unless you switch this new setting to "On". The setting can be found in the Interface Settings under "Automatic Quest Tracking". We'll also retroactively add this to the U38 patch notes so it's properly documented.

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