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I just installed High Isle. When I log out my desktop disappears and then reappears. Why ZOS why?

We started with several browsers and programs not working a few months ago after an update. The game caused browsers to log you in and out of sites you had saved on your system and it messed with cooling fan software. No game should have that kind of access to MY data and system.

So there was "fix". The fix applied was to reset explorer.exe and you should NOT be doing this to fix what was broken before which hosed all of the programs like Chrome, Brave, Opera and Steam.

Seriously ZOS this needs to be addressed. You are intruding on our systems where you should not be. I run WIN 7 Ultimate. @ZOS_GinaBruno
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Update: Hi Everyone, we want to follow up on the issue Windows 7 users are having with explorer.exe where it closes unexpectedly after quitting ESO. This is a known issue with Windows 7, related to necessary security settings in ESO. As a result of maintaining these security setting to protect players, this issue will continue to persist with ESO on Windows 7 for the foreseeable future. We understand the Explorer.exe issue is frustrating for ESO Players on Windows 7. However, it is paramount that we keep these security settings enabled in order to ensure a safe experience for all ESO players.