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I have been involved with ESO since beta, until one fine day while trying to fix an achievement issue ESO support completely fried my primary character.

7 years of progress (all quests, almost all motifs, 32+k achievements, alliance rank) – gone, not fixed.

All crafting bag contents account-wide – gone, not fixed.

Account-wide glitches (no incoming whispers, invisible status) – added, not fixed.

To give you a sense of scale – the original ticket is over 9 months old, result feels rather definitive by now. I ain’t no Brad’s wife to turn it around.

Offer of an empty template character with some gear that came up was not exactly sensible at this point. Character may be leveled completely with all skills, reputations and enough skill points for 3 roles in under 50 hours – been there, done that. 7 years of progress might take just a tiny bit longer to cover.

Now, while nothing is perfect, ESO is imo a great game, combining some unique features not seen in competing titles and decades of noteworthy lore. Hence, from my perspective, the worst thing about the situation is that I am not at all surprised by the outcome. Sure, catastrophic failure events like this one are in all likelihood extremely rare, yet with the accumulation of potential points of failure over the years smth along these lines was just begging to happen.

Offline titles we could manage and mod ourselves. Massive online projects depend on publisher’s infrastructure and support system, and this is where it feels like systemic deterioration brought us to the point where the whole customer relations system is, imo, plain detrimental to an otherwise great game.

Just think about it: craft bag is pretty much the only selling point for ESO+, and, turns out, it is not secure, can vanish just like that, and noone cares.

Automated responses taking weeks and missing the point, tickets getting closed without replying, tickets set to “read answer provided” without replying and hence auto-closing, support asking to resubmit data as they cannot access ticket history – that’s the spirit that brought us the iconic canvas bag. That stuff was and sadly is systemic, just look around these very forums, and resulted in a nonsensical lose-lose situation: players less content than prior to addressing support, finding answers elsewhere while waiting on auto-responses or remaining with a unsolved issue and a series of replies perceived at best as condescending, and the company actually spending funds to make the customer less content.

I guess this here is a somewhat desperate plea to consider altering customer support policies in any of the multiple available ways, as in the current state it's support that's dragging down an otherwise very solid product.

Anyway, thanks for listening in and remember that it might be wise exercising moderation in your emotional attachments.
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Good morning, everyone. We want to take some time to provide an update on this thread. First and foremost, thank you to everyone who voiced concern on behalf of @Yormula and their account. We understand the concern comes from a place of care for Yormula's account, and also player account safety overall. We want to stress how seriously the ZOS team takes these concerns. We hope giving context to this specific case will help ease your concerns and show the steps we are taking to ensure account integrity.

As the original post stated, we were assisting in a specific achievement-related issue Yormula had. We attempted a very complicated manual fix that is rarely done to make the character whole. This fix failed due to a human error using very complex tools. The result left the character in an unplayable state.

With that, we would like to highlight a few clarifying details:

[*] Yormula's character is currently in an unplayable state due to the error, not deleted. The character data still exists. For those worried about character deletion, we want to reassure you this is not what happened in this case.
[*] We have identified the error which left the character unplayable and have updated our process to ensure that this type of error is prevented in the future.
[*] Lastly, we are personally updating Yormula as we continue the process to resolve this for them. This particular situation is complex and will take some time, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to make this right.

We hope this helps assure you that we have taken appropriate measures to prevent this error moving forward and also that we are taking steps to make this right for Yormula. We will continue communication with Yormula about this until the issue is resolved. Thank you.