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I'm an NA server player, and I'm experiencing a bug in U37 where the ult skill of 1H&S doesn't work. Although the visual effects of the Shield Wall appear, it doesn't seem to produce a blocking effect. I recorded a video of my encounter with the bug to better demonstrate it. You can see from my death recap that the favor did 65k+ damage, which is not a blocked damage value. I don't think that I have encountered a similar situation before U37


Please dev check this bug and fix it asap, thanks!
about 1 year ago - ZOS_Kevin - Direct link
Hi all. Have an update here. We're working on a fix and have identified the issue is sprinting while the Ultimate is active. So you should avoid this until we have a chance to fix it. We are aiming to have a fix for the April 24 incremental. We'll update if anything changes there. Thanks all.