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The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.1 contains several bug fixes for the Arcanist (more balance changes will start arriving next week), and numerous fixes for Necrom quests, zone content, and the new Trial. There’s also several fixes and additions for UI elements, housing, Companions, and more. We’ve activated Whitestrake’s Mayhem for testing this week, and the size of this patch is approximately 761MB.

[*] New Features / Updates / Big Changes[list]
[*] Event Testing – Whitestrake’s Mayhem[/list]
[*] Template Updates
[*] Known Issues
[*] Combat & Gameplay[list]
[*] Combat & Abilities
[*] Companions
[*] Itemization & Item Sets[/list]
[*] Fixes & Improvements[list]
[*] Chapters & DLCs
[*] Base Game

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