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Hi, i want to ask if anyone encountered strange behavior after closing PTS? Everytime when I close PTS (alt+F4 or quit) explorer.exe (or if you want "desktop" echm ) crash and restart itself.
I have AMD Ryzen 5 CPU and AMD GPU, it can be due to some implement AMD FidelityFX (i don't using it because I have only 1080p screen) or it restarting even on nVidia GPUs?
If I close live version of game, this restart will not happen. Only after I close PTS.
I don't know if more ppl have same "issues" but if yes, it can be interesting to take a look from devs...
12 days ago - ZOS_Kevin - Direct link
Hey all, wanted to follow up here. The team is aware of this issue and identified a fix. They are working on this now. We’ll follow up once we have a date for the fix.