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Soo Murkmire lead farm has turned into something a bit easier since ZOS upgraded the lead drops with this patch:

Doubled the drop rate for many Antiquity Leads found in safeboxes, including the Petrified Oaken Loop.
Introduced another source for the Petrified Oaken Loop Lead for you to discover.

Ok so this post is to share what I think I know and so other players can add their knowledge and experiences in the dreaded Murkmire farm for its elusive Oakensoul lead.
There's a report in one of the other Oakensoul threads that the Petrified Loop lead has been found in a Murkmire Thieves Trove. (via Grizzbeorn)

1 The Oakensoul Ring: Petrified Oak Loop drops from Strongboxes (safe boxes) in Murkmire
2 There are only about 20 ish strongboxes in Murkmire
3 Murkmire strongboxes have a variable re-spawn timer of between 5-40 minutes per strongbox
4 The Harvestmap addon shows the position of strongboxes with a thieves den icon
5 If you acquire the lead you can choose to leave the other loot in the strongbox (effectiveness undetermined)
6 Trolls have made photo-shopped pics of the lead from normal chests and containers
7 The zone is less busy during off peak & prime time
8 Players with high ping are not affected when they press E to interact with the box

1 The lead only drops for the first person who opens the strongbox
2 It helps to turn off autoloot
3 Points in Legerdemain affects the drop chance
4 You can loot the lead as the second person who opens the box
5 Picking the strongbox is better than forcing the lock
6 Boxes "reset" in terms of chance the same way chests repopulate when you go through a door or reloadUI
7 If this is one of your first Oakensoul leads your drop chances are higher
8 Clear out your leads-list out or dig up any old leads. Make space to receive the Oakensoul lead. (by jcasini222ub17_ESO)
9 It is possible to "steal" the lead from another player providing you can see the content of the strongbox before the other player (may be ping related) (by RemoryAzure)
10 Hard to easy drop chances for OAKENSOUL RING LEADS because of spawn timers

LARIMAR GEMS - from Titanclaw boss at Mudcrab Beach (south west) in STORMHAVEN
IGNEOUS INLAYS - from Volcanic Vents (Dolmens) in the HIGH ISLE
SACRED RESIN - from any monster(especially mudcrabs) in MALABAL TOR
STONE SHANK FRAME - Blacksmithing (ore) nodes in GLENUMBRA

1 We can petition (nicely ask) ZOS to shorten the re-spawntimers of the strongboxes (ty guys ZOS respond in kind, doubled the drop rate in sageboxes and intoduced another source of the lead, gg community, gg ZOS.

I literally dropped the lead the first time I opened my first strongbox via lock pick with autoloot turned off, legerdemain 20, dark and thieves dlc at 4, Ping 200 and with more than 8 players camping the box. it was my second Oakensoul lead and my fellow guildie who had been farming it for 7 hours almost cried when I let out a loud whoop as I got the notification. It took me at least 20 min before I managed to interact with the strongbox first. The other guildie logged off and on to "reset" the map and got his shortly afterwards as well. Thank the Eight!

Please share your experiences, thoughts, theories etc. Lets get some collective info going. I will add your relevant info to either the confirmed or unconfirmed lists above. I am hoping that by pooling our info new farmers will gain better a insight as to how to approach The Great Murkmire Farming Extravaganza!
Ps. Zone chat is an absolute hoot!



STRONGBOX LOCATIONS in Bright-throat village (thieves guild icon)

VIDEO by RichestGuyinEso
How to loot a strongbox via lockpick in Bright-throat village

VIDEO by Misty Grue
It is possible to "steal" the lead from another player providing you can see the content of the strongbox before the other player (may be ping related) (by RemoryAzure)
" i did NOT open it. i just ran by, saw it, pressed F and stole the lead without getting loot coz its not mine. that guy pressed "take all", not me."

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Hey @YoshinJaa. Unfortunately console will need to wait until console incremental. But this is on the team's radar to add to console.