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Hi everyone,

We don’t normally publicly discuss actions taken against player accounts, but there was a recent situation that we’d like to give you some clarity on. You probably saw some reports that a few players who participated in regular guild trading were temporarily suspended for suspected gold duplication and all gold was removed from their accounts. We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing this matter over the past week and subsequent investigations have indicated that a potentially defective addon was at fault – it erroneously triggered our anti-cheat detection systems. In short, the behavior on the affected accounts represented normal gameplay, meaning we actioned these accounts (and removed gold from them) in error. This was very much a mistake on our part.

We’d like to own up to our mistake and apologize for the inconvenience this caused for the affected players, in addition to causing any distrust within the trading community. We're beginning to return all seized funds to any players that were affected by this action along with an additional item for the trouble. We are also updating our processes regarding addons and logs associated with addons to try and prevent this from occurring again in the future.

We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that this action caused, and we acknowledge that we need to update our internal processes to catch these kinds of events before it impacts community members who are playing legitimately.

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