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I think that we have reached the critical mass of players who are playing TOT daily and understand that an extremly small early advantage can be easily exploited into a hard winning position. There isn't enough counterplay to these small advantages and it feels like more than ever before that the first couple of tavern purchases are deciding games. Without counterplay, is there really a point of having PVP?

Rajhin is more unfun than ever. Yes, that class had some buffs, but I think that people just realized how easily the patron ability allows one to exploit an early advantage. I've played against several players that realize they can just spam the Rajhin patron button after getting even just one meaningful card, looking at you Pounce and Profit, and I've done the same.

I've noticed Delmene being a first pick more than ever. Perhaps because the first player getting a Luxury Exports first turn can more often than not be crippling.

Wasn't Orgnum going to be improved somehow? When one of my opponents happens to choose Orgnum, I find out that the Patron's press it and forget it style apparently is still a thing. I'm happy that people rarely choose this patron, but an archetypes use rate should never be a justification for that archetype not being well designed.

And even pushing Rally to 8 gold seems like it was a choice that inadvertantly pushed the game into this direction. Before, if the opponent picked up an early meaningful card, then maybe I could still hope to get 7 gold for the Rally in the Tavern, but now that can't really happen and that meaningful card means that they get the first chance to buy Rally. I wouldn't even ever design a card like Rally, but regardless, it could be healthier for the overall game if it cost 7.

I think a solution to the above issues is to make economy boosting cards cost more and increase the size of the tavern to 7 cards. As things are now, I can't help but to feel extremly little agency over game outcomes. I've concsiously not wanted to make a "TOT has many poor design aspects" since the first season. I've been pretty open minded with the game, but the current way of playing has made the games underlying problems, like not having enough relevant counterplay options or first player advantage, codify themselves as real and frequently ocurring.
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Thanks for the feedback here, all. Looking to get any other opinions around this issue as well. Happy to pass constructive feedback along to help the Tales of Tribute team.