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For the Anniversary event, we're only seeing the Q2 skin morph in the Impresario's catalogue.

Based on what @ZOS_MattFiror said at the end of January when confirming the delay of Whitestrake's Mayhem, we only got 2 events in Q1 to collect the personality. We were told that the Q1 morph items would be available during Q2.


Since we will be moving an event that grants Event Tickets out of Q1 (January – March) and we want everyone to be able to get the Q1 morphing collectible, Passion’s Muse personality, we will make the Q1 fragments available through Q2 (April – June.) The amount of Event Tickets you can earn for the year will not change because of this shift

I'm sure a lot of players (myself included) budgeted their tickets assuming that we could still get the Q1 personality morph in Q2. Will this be available then? As it stands now, we only have the Jester's Festival (which is traditionally short and doesn't offer many tickets) to collect all 3 parts, which is not enough tickets to cover them. This seems unfair to the players if we were told the items would be available in Q2 and budgeted our Elsweyr tickets around that, only to find that that was a false statement.

It's also not mentioned if the Indrik vendor will also stock the Q1 berries. On PTS she is not, but this is also the first time she's offering the Q1 items (she was introduced in the second Q2 event last year, and she did not bring all items in for New Life). Will she also bring her Q1 stock back before Q1 2024 because of the missed event?

Also, we traditionally have seen 'bonus' tickets if an event was missed - we saw this in the Anniversary event of 2020 due to having few events that quarter, and during the 2019 New Life due to the removed Undaunted event. In which event will we be seeing the missing tickets?
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Hi All, just wanted to clarify here. What is represented on PTS is not how it is going to look on Live when we extend the Q1 morphs. The Q1 morphs will be included as part of the event when it is officially live. It's just not showing right now on PTS.

And yes, there will still be two Whitestrake's Mayhem events. We are still locking in dates and will announce those as we get closer.
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Just checked in with the dev team and Q1 extension into Q2 is only for the morphing collectible, and will not extend to the indriks. We are passing you feedback to the team, but this is the current stance on indriks.

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