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I believe I now understand what this (https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/7569098) OP was talking about, and we all misunderstood them. And the article linked in that post either has bad information or the Crown Store has a recently-added-and-missed bug. The OP of that posts is on PC, judging by their screenshot. I am on PS5. So, this is not limited to a specific user or platform, but rather seems to be a platform-wide issue that has been around at least since around April 13th, according to OP's post.

Some of my guildmates last night said that the Sithis Statue could not be gifted and were confused as to why. Several people were experiencing this. So, I decided to try.

See here that the Sithis Statue is in the Crown Store for a limited time and also contains an ESO+ member discount.

Now, in the past, one could do two things with an ESO+ discounted item: if you are an ESO+ subscriber (I am), you can buy it for yourself at the discounted price. OR you could gift the item to anyone else at the full store price.

However - and this is a very recent thing we are noticing - if an item has an ESO+ discounted price on it, IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO GIFT IT T ALL. Period. Not at full price or in any conceivable manner.

I can select to purchase this for myself just fine, per below (although note it is showing as if it will charge me, an ESO+ subscriber, full price of 3,500 Crowns for it?).

But see what happens when I choose to try and gift it? Text is in red and cannot be clicked on. I 100% cannot gift this item, even at full price (which is clearly showing as 3,500 Crowns).

Was this an intended change to the Crown Store or was this change not intended? And is the ESO+ subscriber discount bugged since the screenshot that showed as "for myself" didn't reduce the 3,500 Crowns to 2,800 Crowns?

Please let me know if there's anything further I can do to help, like clicking on anything or anywhere else. The only thing I'd prefer to do is not actually spend my Crowns in the name of Science™, because they did cost me money. ;)
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Okay, so here is the rundown of the process, after consulting with the Dev team. We are going to use Sithis as the example.

So when you want to gift Sithis to another player, you will go to the Sithis Item on the Crown Store and hit the gifting keybind (F on keyboard/ right stick on gamepad).

Once in the menu for Sithis, you will skip the dropdown menu where you select "As a gift". This should be selected by default, and engaging with the dropdown will cause the gifting issue. So you will skip the dropdown and go to "Enter User ID". That is where you will place the recipient of the gift.

Once selected, you should be able to carry out the rest of the process as normal. This process is easier to do on keyboard vs. gamepad. Mainly because if you click on the dropdown, you can alt out of the dropdown selection on keyboard, while a gamepad will make that a bit more difficult.

If you run into any hangups with this workaround, please let me know. Happy to pass feedback to the team as they work on this issue.