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Please report any issues you run into while testing Necrom quests and content in this thread. In general, we prefer you to use /bug in-game but if you’d rather submit a report here, please give us as much information as possible, including screenshots and/or video if applicable. Thank you!
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Thanks for all the reports, everyone! We've been going through to ensure they are being seen and triaged.


The Study of the Lost Cipher striking location on the Apocrypha map (where the marker on the map is, below) does not turn white on the map when you visit it, does not inform you that you have discovered it, and the icon disappears when far enough away as if you have not gone there.

Additionally, it does not register on the left side under Striking Locales that you have been there.

The first one you called out is actually working as expected - the POI only triggers when you enter the building. The other is one we've already fixed internally.

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