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The final boss in Atoll of Immolation seems to be using a rather unique chest piece while the rest of his armor set is the Waking Flame heavy armor style. I was wondering if this chest piece could be one day obtained by the players.
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Hi @dragonlord500. We reached out to some devs to ask about the chest piece. It is a modified version of the Waking Flame Motif. So not exactly obtainable. However, they noted a few ways to get close. We have also made note of it for dev consideration in the future. I hope this helps.

[*] The Sai Sahan's Jack outfit style can get something close to that open chest look.
[*] The helm is obtainable as gear by completing The Cauldron on vet and the shoulder can be obtained as gear from Urgarlag Chief-bane Mystery Coffers in the Undaunted Enclaves.