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Hi All! Got some answers for you on Whitestrake's Mayhem!


What Indrik berries and pets will be available?

Here are the following Indrik berries and pets that will be available:
[*] Nascent Indrik Feathers
[*] Onyx Indrik Berries
[*] Mossheart Indrik Berries
[*] Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet
[*] Sapling Indrik Pet


Keep in mind: the Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity is an inventory item, not a Memento/Tool.

Why is this still the case? Every other event item that gives an event specific boost is a memento and does not take up room in each character's inventory. What is it about Breda's Mug, Pie of Misrule, etc that they can be mementos but Scroll of Pelinal cannot? All of these provide event specific buffs that appear in your buff section, so it seems like there is no real programming or mechanic reason for forcing us to use up space and have to go scrolling thru our inventory to find it.

Thanks for noting this. @VaranisArano's answer sums up the core of the question. But we checked in with the team and they are looking for an alternative solution to this, without impacting the player experience. Nothing to report at this time, but we've passed this sentiment off to the team.



Feedback: Can we possibly have the siege medals drop during future events from respected areas? Be kind nice if they could drop during pvp events to help out.

We've passed this on to the dev team for consideration. No promises, but we wanted to make sure we highlighted that it was passed on.



Can we please get some information on what is inside the "Bag of Veterans Glory"?

Ask and you shall receive:
[*] Second Legion Style Pages
[*] Legion Zero Style Pages
[*] Legion Zero Vigiles Pages
[*] Ebonsteel Armor Pages
[*] Black Drake's Body or Face Markings
[*] Standard-Bearer Emotes (one for each alliance)
[*] Standard-Bearer Staves and Shields (one for each alliance for staves and shields (six total items)).



The new tickets costume looks like a pink plastic toy =|

Yep... I mean for a costume that is the reward for participating in multiple events, it looks kinda bad - at least on a 1st glance. Maybe it is animated or has some cool visual effect or something. It is kinda hard to judge just by seeing a static picture from one side.

Btw. Is this the top - tier reward for this year's events ? If so, then it is kinda um... "meh" as last year we got a house - Doomchar Plateau.

As @Lumsdenml noted, Doomchar Plateau was the Q4 event reward. The Daggerfall Paladin is this year's Q3 reward. More info on Q4 when we get closer to that. But for right now, The Daggerfall Paladin is the next event reward item to go after.


Any info on if we are getting any extra campaigns? Already on ps eu gray host is full with a wait to get in. Definitely going to get worse come thursday and theres no way an entire server will get access severely limiting any guild runs etc ...

Yes, there will be extra campaigns. We’ll spin those up at the beginning of the event.