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Bastion Nymic, intended for a group of four. Which you will definitely need unless you're a real raid tier player. I have tried twice to get in with groups.

The first group was only three people. We found that each group of trash mobs cumulatively has as many HP as a world boss, and when we got to the actual first boss, we couldn't finish him off and ended up giving up.

The second group, we had four players and were actually in the instance and I thought we were ready to start. Then suddenly everyone's meds wore off simultaneously and they were like "I don't have the quest, we need to kill Seekers", ran out all the way to Telvanni Peninsula and scattered all over looking for Seekers. I gave up trying to get everyone back together, and now I'm probably going to miss the daily because nobody seems to be doing the daily now and there is no LFG function for it.

This kind of thing simply isn't going to work, especially not as a daily quest. Bastion Nymic either needs to be changed to scale for solo play, or there needs to be a LFG, or group mechanics somehow need to be changed to allow for this kind of chaotic behavior. The simplest solution probably would be to rework it as a dungeon and let it use the regular dungeon queue.
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Hey all. Wanted to follow up here. We have been passing the feedback from players regarding Bastion Nymic to the dev team for them to address. We'll follow up as we get more information. However, please continue to provide your feedback here on your experience in Bastion Nymic. We'll continue to pass feedback and bugs on to the team as they work to address issues. Thanks, all.

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