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So id been smashing out high threat cz's for money and this engineer wouldnt unlock. i heard it would only work if you did low threat cz's...so i did...money sucks, i got bored and decided to test. i counted 8 wins, but for one, i got in the shuttle and let it go there while i personally went to to the shop and got some steaks for the bbq. came back, it was a loss, next one i decided i want some some beers too, got in the shuttle, drove off to the shop, came back, again a loss. but they counted and Hero Ferrari unlocked. so...you can afk it, and it has to be low threat.

Considering the money for low threat is not worth the time, 1 mill+ vs 10 mill+ at high threat, afking it is no loss at all.

I thought it was worth telling everyone this.

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Can confirm, I did loads of medium and high conflicts on foot, but did not get the invite until I started knocking out low conflicts, after a squad mate told me that only lows count towards the engineer invite.

/u/frontier_support u guys should update the engineer blurb for Hero Ferrari to make it more clear that people need to do low CZ, so we are not wasting our own time.

We're happy to pass this on, but we would appreciate it if you pass this on too, from your guys end!

Throw a report up here:


And we'll tackle this from both ends. :)

- CMDR Zenit

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