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835s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
838s back welcome back welcome back to the
841s eternal return Master season 4 phase
844s number one it is a Sunday which means it
847s is the last day of this phase which
849s means you guys can read it up at the top
851s there but for those of you guys who
852s don't read just like me it is the finals
854s my name is juy sepai I'm one of your
856s casters for today and alongside me
858s Superior he's back too hello hello yeah
861s I am very excited uh for today shu is
864s going to be our top eight teams from you
867s know the group stages and the wild cards
869s so yeah I mean these teams fought two to
872s nil to get here I'm excited to see what
874s these teams uh have to bring to the
875s table exactly and you mentioned it right
878s wild cards all of these teams fought
880s tooth and nail to get to this point some
883s incredible teams fell out of contention
887s yesterday from the Wild Card stages
889s which means the four teams that got here
891s today from that stage unit of itself
894s definitely definitely definitely fought
896s with their team name on the line and
899s they're going to be joined by the four
900s teams that made it straight to the
901s finals from the group stages themselves
904s which were ined of themselves too very
906s very explosive of a series so I'm very
909s very excited to be able to see what
910s we're going to be seeing in this series
912s here
913s today yeah I mean you definitely can't
915s uh forget about those two players but it
917s looks like we will be jumping into our
919s overview here shui obviously if you guys
921s were here for the past two days it's
922s going to be the same we're done with the
924s group stages we're done with the wild
925s cards we're here for the finals and we
927s do have our price pool of 5 Mill Kore
929s and one but I think most of these teams
932s are going to be wanting to get those
934s circuit points to qualify for the season
936s finals yeah absolutely I mean this is
939s what we've just been looking at
940s throughout the entire weekend right but
942s now the middle and the right genuinely
944s matters exactly as you talked about all
948s right I'm pretty excited for this one
950s price pull here is going to matter a lot
951s too and for those you guys who aren't
953s aware of how the prize pool has changed
954s you might be able to see the fact that
956s there is a champion section that champ
959s section reward is specifically slotted
961s for the team that wins through the
963s checkpoint format and then the rest is
965s just based on what your placement Point
967s looks like towards the end of the game
969s so two technical prize pools right one
972s of them is specifically accessible only
974s by the team that wins through the
976s checkpoint format but everything else is
977s fair game for everybody else and you
979s guys can see the format here today we
981s did the left and the middle one already
984s we are here for the finals the
986s checkpoint format is going to be going
988s through and I do do believe super we
990s should be going with the most point
993s checkpoint format for phase number one
996s yeah I read the RO book as well before
998s starting here I think
1000s before they jump into phase two with the
1002s new file zone changes it is still going
1004s to be the same but uh we will have to
1006s see but yeah I'm very excited Chuy um
1009s you know points still matter right all
1011s these teams can still you know get those
1013s placement points so they can uh get that
1016s extra prizing but here are the teams
1019s that we will be having for today shui
1022s yeah CH Slasher kki in as well as team
1025s Ferry they're going to be the four teams
1026s joining us from the group stages after
1030s Friday and the me song hi bnk FX and oob
1034s will be our last four teams that were
1035s joining us from yesterday guys the
1039s series this weekend so far was
1041s absolutely insane we have finally gone
1045s down to our final eight teams from how
1047s many teams do we usually start with it
1049s 16 from the looks of it right now yeah
1052s we lost half of the teams and for this
1055s phase every single one of the teams
1058s pretty much are all teams that you and I
1059s would normally expect to be able to play
1062s at the finals so this has been one of
1064s the most competitive phases I have seen
1067s in
1069s forever yeah I mean with half of those
1071s teams I think we had about three or four
1074s sponsor teams left so yeah I mean it
1078s just goes to show you you know um just
1079s how competitive these lobbies were right
1082s uh to make it all the way to the finals
1084s here you definitely had to play at uh at
1088s your best yeah absolutely oh my goodness
1091s I'm so excited for this again I will
1093s mention it here today group stages I
1095s expected a lot of things I got what I
1097s wanted wild cards yesterday I expected a
1100s lot of things technically I got more
1102s than I wanted because of the games three
1104s and four final Zone and the weird uh
1107s shenanigans that happened towards the
1108s end of the game in game number four but
1111s today I'm expecting big things out of
1114s these teams it is the finals after all
1117s and we were here to see what all of
1119s these teams have been able to culminate
1121s throughout the beginning of the season
1122s to be able to be competitive ready in
1124s Phase number
1126s one yeah I mean I think what I'm uh most
1129s curious about is the bands for today
1131s because yesterday if you guys uh didn't
1134s see we had six of the eight teams
1137s playing by and we also had a DE band
1139s come up and then echon ban so it kind of
1141s went back and forth uh here and there so
1143s I'm kind of curious to see um what these
1146s teams you know do end up decide uh to
1149s pick for their team comps and uh how
1152s they do end up swapping around uh to try
1154s them to maybe prevent these uh these
1156s character bands now at this point I feel
1158s like for us or at least even for the
1160s teams they need to be prepared for
1162s what's coming after the bands cuz let's
1164s be real here I think we know what kind
1166s of bands to a certain degree are going
1168s to be coming out here today today
1169s although if I'm going to be honest with
1171s you I don't think that many teams with
1174s Eon got through um of course I'll kind
1177s of be Rec confirming that when we
1179s actually go into these games but maybe
1182s we might not have to worry too much
1183s about the Eon ban but we do know that
1186s other characters are going to be very
1188s very prominent in the series like the M
1190s we know the theater is still going to be
1191s there a lot of very high rated teams
1194s playing those characters are the ones in
1197s the finals here today
1199s yeah I mean we'll have to see right um
1202s especially since I think there were a
1204s couple team comps that were completely
1205s different as well fairy uh we know they
1208s were playing that one shot Nikki Adel
1210s combo so we're have to see you know if
1212s they do end up deciding to pick that but
1215s I think we are going to jump into the
1217s afria predictions here and yeah I mean
1221s um at least the group stage teams it
1223s looks somewhat even but on the Wild Card
1225s teams obviously we do have Mir song
1227s taking over 50% of the votes yeah
1230s rightfully so yesterday their
1231s performance was absolutely incredible
1232s and we know that because their games
1235s five and six were just for fun games and
1237s they still did relatively pretty well so
1239s that means off the GetGo from the four
1241s four first four games I should say their
1244s performance was absolutely Immaculate
1247s and I wouldn't be surprised if they're
1248s riding that wave of popularity into this
1250s one today they looked very dominant
1252s yesterday but they are now facing
1255s against some of the most dominant teams
1257s they had to go up against in the group
1259s stages so I'm wondering if the practice
1261s or I guess the quote unquote practice
1263s games from yesterday's wild cards for
1265s ven song is going to be enough for them
1267s to topple their counterparts today here
1270s in the finals yeah I mean there was a
1272s reason why they got knocked down to the
1273s Wild Card teams and that's because they
1276s didn't you know Place top two in the
1277s group stages so these teams definitely
1279s you know have answers into mired young
1282s so we're going to have to see you know
1283s how maybe Mar J does end up uh adjusting
1287s to uh those teams from the group stages
1290s yes sir yes sir oh I'm so excited for
1293s this one in the end this is basically a
1295s culmination of all of the teams that
1297s play throughout the entire weekend and
1299s we've never seen a Lobby like this exact
1301s one before which means for the players
1302s they're going to need a little bit of
1304s time to acclimate and because is a
1306s checkpoint format maybe these players do
1309s get the chance to actually acclimate but
1311s we also know how fast-paced these games
1313s can be so let's take a look at what kind
1315s of characters are going to be selected
1317s for game number one as we are going to
1318s send the straight into the character
1320s selection screen
1321s super yeah I'm excited to see here we
1324s actually have a wide variety of picks it
1327s looks like it looks like FX is going to
1329s go on their Tournament winning comp from
1332s season 3 I do like to see you know some
1334s comfort picks picked from these uh
1337s players do have two heart picks I don't
1340s know if there's any bands actually looks
1342s like we do have two my pick as well two
1345s nikkis I don't think there's three chy
1348s it seems pretty unique so far to Carla
1351s pick as well okay wow we might have
1354s finally come to the point where it's
1356s just a perfect combination of teams that
1358s we aren't going to be able to see some
1360s of these bands coming through but I did
1363s take a look to see that Alto was kind of
1365s hovering the heart in which case I think
1367s neory would be in a whole heap of
1369s trouble cuz we really haven't seen neory
1371s play anything else other than the heart
1373s this weekend and we do know how
1374s important neory and U's heart Eva
1377s composition is so so we can't really
1380s decide anything just yet when it comes
1381s to the pick and bans but for game number
1384s one surprisingly enough we will
1385s absolutely not be having any bands yeah
1388s a lot of uh duplicate picks but no
1392s picked character three times and that is
1395s the requirement for these characters to
1396s get banned so yeah I mean all the
1398s characters will be on the table for
1400s everyone it looks like lot um big change
1404s up from yesterday because we did always
1406s have at least one character getting
1407s banned every round so we're going have
1409s to see you know how these teams maybe
1411s adjust or if maybe if these teams do end
1413s up swapping because they don't do well
1415s in game number one or if they just
1416s decide to uh stay with their comp that
1419s they are comfortable with yeah I think
1422s another thing today as well is not even
1424s how these teams are going to adjust or
1425s anything like that but how they're just
1427s going to deal with it right CU sometimes
1429s you don't get the leniency of being able
1431s to adjust to anything in these kind of
1432s games especially in the finals for each
1434s of these phases which means yeah you
1436s you're just going to have to deal with
1437s it sucks to suck but that's just ERM for
1439s you that's how these players have gotten
1441s to the stage they just kind of brute
1443s force a lot of their compositions just
1445s straight into other teams and understand
1447s how their team is supposed to fight up
1449s against other ones I think that's going
1450s to come true for a lot of these teams
1452s especially team faery because these onot
1456s compositions we've always seen before
1458s having really good times but at the same
1461s time we know exactly why they can't be
1463s so weak sometimes as well so let's see
1465s what ends up happening guys cuz we are
1466s going to go straight into game number
1468s one we are going into Lumia Island let's
1470s get the show on the
1472s road yeah so everyone's going to be you
1475s know doing their looting phase so you
1476s know not too much to talk about but you
1478s know we see how fast these teams group
1480s up maybe we might see some early
1482s aggression coming out from these teams
1484s to try to score you know those skills
1485s cuz every Point counts when you're when
1488s you are in this checkpoint format
1489s getting to that checkpoint uh threshold
1491s as soon as possible so you can go uh and
1494s have some safety net you know uh for
1496s some of these games to try to maybe get
1498s that win
1499s is going to be the key to winning here
1502s yeah now we're going to be able to see
1503s something very similar to day number one
1506s where we saw a lot of these early game
1508s picks are we going to see a little bit
1509s more of a controlled early game like we
1512s saw at the start of wild card stage
1514s yesterday although zero Jin o that is a
1516s very early blink that's going to have to
1518s be used I mean neory missed the E over
1521s the wall of course but it's still going
1522s to be a level one blink invested by the
1525s Haz there in the early stages of the
1526s game and uh it seems like I have have
1529s indeed called it it will be Rosner
1531s falling down very early on we do see
1533s these early game Adena griefs pretty
1535s early pretty often in this series so far
1538s down goes alen a 2v3 actually working
1540s out a little bit in the favor of Team
1542s kungi na but of course it is still a 2v3
1545s in the early stages of the game one for
1547s two in favor of Team CH and he an does
1551s end up getting one of those kills so
1552s that's pretty good for them but we do
1554s actually have a fight here on our hands
1556s between team high and Team B fix and it
1559s looks like the ma is completely isolated
1561s from their team there e of there does
1562s end up coming down but doesn't really
1564s end up connecting anyone here this
1566s isella does end up flashing forward Dena
1569s kind of caught but the speed gate uh
1570s coming back just in time it looks like
1572s um they will be able to get out actually
1574s Roser going to look for the flash over
1575s the wall here and get a slow nice spell
1577s shield to actually get slowed but
1581s another uh blink coming out from Meda or
1584s the blink coming out from medena this
1585s time and then they are able to get that
1587s speed gate and on the other side here
1589s Mar going to be able to find one but n
1592s coming out um from out of nowhere going
1595s to be able to pick up that kill yeah
1596s Rosner a little bit uh in trouble yep
1598s will get taken down U is finally going
1601s to be the one that actually grief early
1602s on instead of being the one that gets
1604s griefed in the early stages of the game
1606s but they will still be traded a one for
1607s one in favor of bnk FX I suppose right
1610s cuz they are still grouped together
1611s whereas U will B still split apart you
1614s got the shoot kite still cooking around
1615s in the early stages of the game
1617s everything is a okay okay so I do
1620s suppose that we are going to be going
1621s back into the whole day one Shenanigans
1623s the day one Fiasco as we did see during
1626s the group stages so these players should
1628s for the most part be acclimated to all
1630s that stuff yesterday was slightly
1632s different in comparison to what we
1633s normally used to but yeah this is this
1636s feels right at home for all these
1637s players yeah a lot of a lot of early
1640s aggression this game but it looks like
1642s umu here going to get blinked on by Nana
1645s SPO goes a little wide but I don't think
1648s Eva is be able to escape Alonzo here so
1650s umu going to be the one to fall again
1653s and Amir seang going to be able to pick
1655s up another kill for himself looking
1657s pretty good so far if anything I'm
1659s surprised that he extended his death a
1661s little bit longer like that because he
1663s was absolutely DET to rights in that
1664s situation but it's all good he will be
1666s able to Res in just a moment here still
1668s level eight so his death timer isn't
1670s super super long whereas a good chunk of
1672s this Lobby is already sitting on level 9
1675s so dying at this stage will be a little
1677s bit more detrimental than you would
1678s normally think about yeah that is just
1680s the way that the cookie crumbles on the
1682s other hand everyone else just slowly but
1684s surely farming everything in Knight
1687s number one of course the mutant animals
1688s for the most part are going to be
1689s spawning at this stage a little bit of a
1691s fight which will result in E8 falling
1693s down and another fight that's starting
1695s inside of Hotel yeah ultimate coming
1698s onto the N I'm surprised actually use it
1700s on him but a great triple knock up from
1702s the Felix are they going to be able to
1703s capitalize ROM theen do end up going to
1705s but actually gets canceled by the Lonzo
1707s very well played from the from theana
1709s there to actually deny xboy from getting
1712s any damage on the backline and it looks
1714s like it actually is going to be Maron
1716s coming out on top despite getting three
1717s man Knocked Up by the Felix I don't know
1719s if anyone caught that but xboy didn't
1721s fully take the circulation all the way
1723s in to not get the cancel but another
1725s fight starting inside of cemeteries H is
1727s going to get taken down down goes Rosner
1729s as well it's going to be kungi in to
1731s pick up that tree of life inside a
1732s cemetery E8 just running away picking up
1735s scraps but there aren't any
1739s yeah they going to pick up two kills
1740s from and get that tree of life they are
1742s sitting in a comfortable position with
1743s four field kills already all these teams
1746s you know they they need points they need
1748s to get to the checkpoint uh threshold so
1750s they can try closing out the series yeah
1753s looks like most teams here are going to
1754s start slowing down getting their Callins
1756s before the next objective comes up I did
1758s see a ghost Sprite just already on the
1760s hands of the Nikki here you can see a
1762s right there on your screen which means
1764s for the most part team Ferry already set
1766s to go in that early game burst phase the
1768s holy order is also ready to go for the
1770s Adel as well so now they're starting to
1773s hunt two big items obtained for that
1776s team in the early stages they're
1777s absolutely going to be looking for
1779s people to one shot do expect that thing
1781s to go through as soon as this team sees
1784s anybody yeah I don't think you want to
1786s fight that right now team slasher yeah x
1789s boy nowhere to be found I think he is
1791s all the way on the bottom side of the
1792s map here if I saw in the mini map so
1794s yeah I can't really take any team fights
1795s you know without the third member but
1797s looks like gck does have Queen available
1799s does end up going wide think he does end
1801s up coming through but the spell shield
1802s from sua double spell shield no damage
1805s onto Rosner there and the ultimate from
1808s Cella is going to do so much and it
1809s looks like team fer just going to have
1811s to run away yeah I don't know about that
1813s fors the blink over the wall from the
1815s Nikki seemed a little bit sus especially
1817s when you know it's a sua right the
1818s double shield is essentially going to
1820s make all of your kids pretty much
1822s negligible when you're trying to get the
1824s crowd control stack onto somebody maybe
1827s look for somebody else that doesn't have
1828s that skill but it's okay it's going to
1831s be a couple additional kills going in
1832s favor of bnk FX just good reactions I
1834s think coming through from Rosner to soak
1836s up all that aggression and also good
1838s reactions coming through from E8 and
1840s soner to knock down that Nikki who and I
1843s should say Al to two yeah so also having
1846s that CC Immunity on you know the dash
1848s you know on the wind up so I'm surprised
1850s we end up looking for that but here
1851s comes the combo here the damage coming
1853s out from the Felix and the Nikki just
1856s going to be able to lock down ooh Mo and
1859s yeah looks like it is going to be uh
1861s Team oh going to be actually losing two
1863s members here the batt Zone does end up
1865s popping so Airline is going to keep his
1867s team alive here but a third party coming
1869s out from uh innate are they going to be
1871s able to take down xboy almost but X does
1874s not have R of the vampire queen as they
1876s did end up using it earlier so there's
1877s no ultimates on the side of team I think
1882s that is slasher yeah it looks like it
1884s will be team innat just going to be able
1886s to clean that up and get a four score
1888s actually from this battle Zone because
1890s there was a body I think earlier from uh
1893s the earlier fight from slasher and
1897s um uh which team was it slasher and uh
1901s team team o oh yeah yeah OU well so yeah
1905s they are going to be able to get that
1906s four score quite brutal quite brutal but
1908s another fight starting inside a fire
1910s station from the looks of a r of the
1911s vampire queen for the Boost part is
1912s going to get dodged out the Felix will
1914s get taken down pretty early yoa trying
1916s to run yeah of course you're just going
1917s to turn your straight off the x boy
1919s perfect targeting coming through from
1921s one tool fantastic use of that white
1923s lily as well which me slasher again on
1926s the back and most of these guys just ate
1928s a whole 30 second death timer just
1931s before respawning so eating another set
1934s of that is going to definitely suffer
1935s that
1936s team yeah and it looks like we might
1938s actually have a fight Brewing on our
1940s hands in stream here as uh Team AO going
1943s to take so much poke damage from the uh
1945s the haze and the rockets are coming
1946s through Airline is getting shredded
1949s uh The Peacemaker does end up coming
1950s through here in favor of zerin like
1953s neory will also be the one to fall here
1956s and it's going to be umu going to try to
1958s rout it out for his team it's going to
1960s be a little hard as an Eva but it looks
1962s like there is no one on the bottom side
1964s here so they will be able to get away I
1965s think n's ult got cancelled cuz I saw it
1969s for a split second where he had The
1970s Peacemaker up and ready to go tazu is
1973s going to be pulled back with the
1974s exclusive but the charm comes in E8 in
1976s the though the damage is a little bit
1979s too good wait a second wait whoa whoa
1982s whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Rosner turning
1984s things around s are doing the exact same
1985s thing as well in N is he going to be
1987s able to pick something up absolutely not
1989s with the play with us fantastic solur is
1992s going to be able to keep themselves
1993s alive a two for two in F or no two for
1997s one in favor of bnk FX but in the end
2000s with the irm coming back up it's going
2001s to be a big benefit for FX as they will
2004s pick up the tree of life too and Ros
2006s able to find a nice angle to go in there
2008s going to be able to kill them both o a
2010s bling forward from Tana instantly forces
2012s the totem out from haki and the there
2015s does end up coming down herea hting
2017s really well here as it looks like uh the
2019s positioning here from Team high is
2021s disastrous spirit arrow does end up
2023s coming through actually it hits three
2024s members but the damage return onto one
2026s circle is too much so they're actually
2028s going to be forced to back away here and
2030s the Shields coming out as well the
2031s sustain from Team high is uh is quite a
2035s bit so yeah looks like mirang is
2037s actually forced to back off yeah the
2038s shields as well as the heals coming
2040s through from the Adena is a little bit
2041s too much for these teams that aren't
2043s able to essentially burst down any
2045s single member of that team beautiful
2047s placements beautiful positioning coming
2049s through from both the prya and the Adena
2052s dodging out on a lot of damage coming
2053s through from the caros so really nice
2055s fight but here we go another fight
2057s starting can they take out this by
2058s absolutely and no ultimates were used
2061s yet but here we go wait a second gor is
2063s going to be forced to use the check me
2064s right now a lot of good damage going
2065s down on towards zero Jin oh my God Alto
2068s it was so so close is he going to be
2070s able to get anything done the
2071s Executioner bonus is going to come
2072s through this Carlo looking for kills he
2074s misses the pole though wait a second he
2076s might be in a little bit of trouble the
2077s r is going to get through though and
2079s members of K they know not to pull for
2082s too long onto this bait well play from
2085s both teams but in the end it will be a
2087s one for one in favor of Team fairy so
2089s far Here Comes Mirai seang they have
2091s Vision they saw these players on the
2094s mini map here but team fair is actually
2096s going to walk away the res does coming
2098s through they're going to grab console
2100s here and maybe they could look for this
2101s fight it is a corridor though and Haze
2104s Rockets can wreak havoc on your team
2106s when you are forced to eat them so yeah
2109s looks like Mir Jong is going to respect
2111s that and they will back away yeah a lot
2113s of things could have really blown up
2115s here in fire station but a lot of teams
2117s reacting correctly which is really good
2119s at this stage in the game I'm loving the
2120s fact that we are being able to see stuff
2122s like this G work trying to get a little
2125s bit of positioning here KN Fork not
2126s really going to do anything but another
2127s fight on the south side of the map Asom
2129s getting taken down dangerously low they
2131s are relying on that play that to try to
2134s get a little bit more damage off Airline
2135s doing a lot of damage towards the
2137s backline but he's only a Sho high it's a
2139s one for zero so far in favor of Team CH
2142s sebie is on the chase ne's trying to
2144s kite as best as he can but it doesn't
2146s seem like this heart has much longer
2147s left to live as shomi trying to chase
2149s this down too neory trying to get away
2151s his flanger cool down is just not there
2153s umu trying to get chased down by seni
2155s we've seen this before this Lenny is
2158s trying to no it's a one two oh but the
2162s TP comes in cine is going to be able to
2164s draw out long enough time for U to get
2166s chased down no don't be chasing it down
2169s oh it's the spotlight it will be a three
2172s for one in favor of Team CH it as oob is
2175s going to take the fall but another fight
2176s on the north side of the map as gor gets
2178s pulled
2179s in yeah I think he's going to fall here
2181s he actually over aggressed as his team
2184s was doing Thea that is not what you want
2186s to see he did end up getting a nice two
2188s man uh knockup but there's just no
2190s followup from his team and it looks like
2191s it will be Team B and K FX going to be
2194s able to kill both members of team fery
2196s team Ferry do have some credits that
2198s they will be able to buy back and Alto
2200s just barely escapes with his life as
2204s team faery they are still in it uh in
2208s this game here oh my God absolute
2210s disaster for team faery though because
2212s gwor fell the only one that was getting
2214s away was Alto and we've seen a lot of
2216s times where teams will just res back
2218s right nearby nearby console but he
2221s didn't have enough credits it was the
2222s one person on the team that didn't have
2225s enough credits to Res back gwor so they
2227s couldn't turn it around and one to had
2229s to be offered up as a sacrifice for that
2231s team to keep themselves alive and we
2233s just saw how close that CC rotation was
2236s to lock down Alto to so good stuff for
2238s team Ferry they might be behind but
2240s still keeping their lives
2242s intact yeah and B KX coming out big it
2244s looks like they found their stride for
2247s the series but but they're going to
2248s maybe get engaged on by in N the dash
2253s forward is not going to be enough here
2254s as the damage coming out from Team FX is
2256s going to be a lots
2258s the ultimate coming up from Cella going
2260s to chunk all members down to 70% HP but
2263s looks like both teams are will just back
2264s away yeah the return fire from this
2266s Cilla is not that bad here we go another
2268s initiation coming through from SEI he's
2270s not going to be able to get a reset here
2271s so a little bit isolated on the backside
2273s but it doesn't matter because sh just
2275s completely obliterates the m and now
2277s this zon is going to reain completely
2279s Supreme in the backline as these are two
2281s very immobile Mages one's going to get
2283s taken down and it will be hassi a boning
2286s his teammate to get himself on out of
2288s here credit count looking very similar
2290s to what team be and sedon looked like
2292s just a few minutes
2293s ago yeah this Eon is wreaking havoc on
2296s these teams with the Lenny is just so
2298s tanky the these backliners are trying to
2301s do damage are trying to use everything
2302s into this Eon but you know with this
2304s Lenny able to sustain him back up he's
2306s just not taking any damage at all yeah I
2309s love how the threat is being split apart
2311s here right the ma she might be super
2313s tanky but we already have the dragon
2315s fury activated and ready to go on the
2317s Lenny and she sticks with the Jenny so
2319s the Jenny actually has a much easier
2321s time knocking down that very very tanky
2323s front line and it buys enough time for
2325s sebbi to actually keep aggressing and
2327s pushing away the double backliners which
2329s means once shinan and senim picks up the
2332s kill onto their front liner instead they
2334s immediately turn around use their own
2336s Mobility to catch up to the on and now
2339s it becomes a 2v3 in a horrible situation
2341s up against that team yeah looks like we
2343s might have a fight here in Cemetery
2345s between team faery and team slasher but
2349s Mir s is also in the corner so if they
2350s do end up taking this fight looks like
2352s they're actually doing a really well uh
2355s well job of actually avoiding the
2356s consoles I think they went around here I
2358s think they do actually end up seeing
2361s most of this
2362s um of this encounter and uh oh a nice
2366s Queen but not too much damage as it is
2369s only going to be a Nik but on the other
2373s side fairy just or two just gets uh
2376s eviscerated here with the ghost bride
2380s and the lock down from danana and it
2382s looks like they are going to chase for
2384s some more here Alto does end up getting
2386s locked down by the Alonzo and it is
2389s going to be gwick going to have to be
2390s the one to get away and they don't
2392s really have too many credits here it is
2393s night four so might be it for team fairy
2396s yeah one to making some crucial Stakes
2398s there on his timings literally landed
2400s nothing within a slew of damage sources
2402s that came flying at him so Barry they're
2405s going to be on the back end and now here
2406s we go slasher versus CHC this might be a
2408s little bit forced out here but the
2409s positioning is good re of the vampire
2411s queen is good Jen's going to go into
2413s play then vong in the third party
2415s Position will be able to pick up the
2416s kill on to shom a horrible teleport
2419s coming through from Team chucas now
2421s they're going to be down a member do
2422s they have enough credits to Res just
2424s barely around they're about 30 away so
2426s we're it's going to have to pick up a
2428s few additional credits they don't have
2429s enough for natural generation right now
2431s but can they find anything on the North
2433s side while team slasher versus Team me
2435s and seong still continuing on the bottom
2437s side Nisa is going to use that blink
2439s across and a beautiful fleeing soul is
2441s going to catch everybody back up Nisa
2443s gets absolutely wiped off the field M
2445s and song a beautiful fight coming inside
2448s of cemetery they're going to be able to
2450s continue it on try to knock down yoa
2452s here as well you can see the timer
2453s situation looking desperate for the
2455s sneaky will be able to take the jump
2456s across but romantic predicted it is he
2458s going to be able to get this one is the
2460s question the Vampire Queen in they know
2462s they're desperate picks up the kill up
2463s against M Circle but that's about it now
2465s I'm sorry that was romantic oh this is
2467s not good though sebie is he the Last One
2469s Alive on this team absolutely not C if
2471s he trying to chase this down they're
2472s going to be able to follow through
2475s oh the Juke from x
2478s boy yeah it looks like he's actually
2480s going to be able to get out here maybe
2482s he's going oh no I think he might run
2484s into another team but yeah he's going to
2485s live to see another day going to try to
2487s maybe secure some more placement points
2490s for his team
2491s here wow I haven't seen one of those in
2494s a while shui oh dude this kind to suck
2496s for H hu but yeah xboy genuinely playing
2499s that absolutely to the best sasher is
2502s going to keep themselves alive down goes
2504s another Nikki as one tool is going to
2505s take the fall gwor he's going to have to
2507s run by himself so we got two rats
2510s remaining in this Lobby on the side of
2512s team fery and team slasher but look at
2514s the amount of kills that Ki inate has
2517s they have 11 kills and now they're the
2519s ones with the wick line too I believe I
2521s saw the heartbreaker online for the for
2524s the what is who is it the heart as well
2526s that is a very very built
2528s team yeah but you also can't canot bnk
2532s fix Amir seong they both each have eight
2535s and nine field kills respectively so
2537s they have been running um you know a m
2542s on this Lobby just as much as aate has
2544s so all of these teams are going to be
2545s really strong for the final Zone here
2547s it's really want this game to win yeah
2549s let's see what ends up happening right
2550s we have a couple final zones that could
2552s be designated which one is it going to
2553s be x boy oo a little bit of desperation
2556s as the singu jablin is not going to land
2558s and now expoy with circulation in about
2560s a second cool down he's kind of stuck in
2562s a quarter there's so many rats around
2563s here he's going to be able to find the
2566s Bianca there is no stasis anymore xboy
2568s will take the fall slasher will take the
2570s fall G get a little bit of trouble and
2573s the grenade launcher from zero Jin will
2575s secure the kill beautiful done and now
2578s we are down to four teams the last quote
2581s unquote rat team is going to be team CH
2582s seed sitting with sebie and
2584s senine and look at how many kills these
2587s last teams have seven eight eight
2590s 13 uh there yeah this Lobby looks like
2593s is going to be a little top wed at least
2595s for round number one but we're going to
2597s have to see you know how these teams
2598s maybe adjust here FX I think they
2601s they've definitely found their footing
2603s for you know this series they haven't
2605s been doing you know I don't think they
2606s did too well in the group sages or the
2608s wild cards but here they are here to
2610s prove themselves once again why they
2611s were the champions in season 3
2613s absolutely and they're still continuing
2615s on this kind of composition does
2617s extremely well towards the later stages
2618s of the game just because of that look at
2621s that auto attack damage with the passive
2623s and a Strider coming through from EA
2625s just gaining position over and over
2627s again but we do know that the healing
2629s plan is going a little bit of a thorn
2631s zerin trying to get jumped here cine
2633s will get taged down though oh my God
2637s beautiful T coming in from m n and now
2639s they're stuck in the red but it doesn't
2640s matter they got the kill how are they
2642s going to recover from this though what
2644s have they invested no Quake left on E9
2647s just yet they're going to try to send it
2648s so far beautiful Shield coming in so no
2650s crowd control lock down E8 for now is
2652s also going to be able to get away oh
2653s this could be a little bit problematic
2655s SEI trying to get the third party in
2657s here it is a split on the side of BX
2659s what are they going to be able to do as
2661s Huns are ooh beautiful blink to get out
2663s of that one the Quake comes through as
2664s well Rosner still alive s are still
2667s alive is the pull going to be here zero
2669s Jin going to get pull back oh The
2671s Peacemaker is good E8 going to get the
2672s auto attack will get the kill onto the
2675s haze and now tazu is in a whole heap of
2677s trouble 3 seconds left he has nowhere
2678s else to go will get cornered bnk FX a
2682s two for zero trying to make that a three
2683s for zero and they will be able to get it
2686s the PS coming out big for this team this
2689s isella just able to lock down and just
2691s and you know the members of bnk FX were
2694s able to just follow up on that so very
2696s well played as uh uh looks like they are
2699s just going to be able to clean up this
2700s Eon now and yeah they're sitting in a
2702s nice comfortable position here with 13
2703s kills uh and they will be top two for
2706s sure oh my goodness what a beautiful set
2708s of fights coming through from bnk FX is
2711s just going to be able to lick up every
2713s single source of kills that were left
2715s outside of Team be zong they have jumped
2718s themselves from Nine Kills to 13 before
2721s we go into our final two teams and be
2723s and song have no clue that happened on
2725s the west side of the map that was open
2728s but final two teams down now which zone
2731s will be the one that gets left open
2732s because it is Pond and stream not
2734s exactly one of our more popular
2736s combination of final
2738s zones yeah and it looks like Rosner here
2740s is going to take some red timer probably
2742s to spend some credit s to call in maybe
2744s a blood for their team wonder if mung
2747s will end up uh seeing it on the mini map
2751s I'm sure they will know soon as the call
2753s in is made and it looks like will they
2755s walk over yes they will because they
2757s don't want to give this team you know
2759s any leeway here as it looks like you
2762s know Rosner is going to call in his
2763s weapon here this team wants to be as
2766s strong as possible before you know the
2767s final fight and it is going to be
2769s actually the stream is going to be the
2772s one that does end up taking priority
2774s here so Mira seong actually winning to
2776s 50/50 and bnk FX going to going to have
2779s to be the one to push in to the other
2782s team yeah quite uncharacteristic of Team
2784s B seong usually they tend to walk in a
2786s lot earlier but this does buy enough
2788s time for bnk FX to get those transitions
2791s in it was a meteorite called in for the
2793s sua and I believe it was another Tree of
2795s Life called in for the IR do they even
2800s know about this flank yet do they see
2803s this Carla I mean if they were able to
2806s figure out yeah I don't think they know
2808s about it just yet oh now they
2811s know is he going to be able to get out
2812s of this one good recovery so far from
2814s bnk FX roster not bur it down just yet
2817s one circle is dead son are they're
2819s trying to pull back they need to recover
2820s from this romatic pumping out damage one
2822s after another his electric shift has
2824s already been invested one Circle pulling
2826s back just far enough denada now in a
2827s whole heap of trouble because he's
2829s completely isolated by himself can you
2831s buy time absolutely not the res is going
2833s to get canceled and team BK FX they're
2835s turning things around they said
2837s yesterday we might have not had the best
2839s performance group stage we might have
2841s not had the best performance but here in
2842s the finals we reign
2844s supreme yeah I think that was a little
2847s un characteristic there from one Circle
2848s I think maybe he thought he had the
2850s flank angle with the engage of Alonzo
2852s but it just didn't work out for him as
2854s uh B and K F just just immediately
2856s turned on him and he just got one shot
2858s and it will be bnk FX coming out on top
2860s here with 16 field kills GG's to bnk FX
2866s a lot of people was wondering when are
2868s we going to be able to see the
2869s performance we saw in the season finals
2871s well we're starting off with it in the
2874s finals here during season 4 phase number
2876s one well played the bnk FX and a good
2878s attempt from Ma and song but in the end
2881s it will be our season 3 Champions to
2882s take the win for game
2884s one yeah um I'm I'm I'm still a little
2888s surprised you know they decide to go for
2890s that play there as uh yeah one CLE just
2893s like jumped immediately into the three
2894s members of bnk FX tried to flash away
2896s but it just wasn't enough and the
2898s followup I think came a little late the
2899s spirit arrow coming out I think a second
2902s after one Circle did end up jumping in
2905s and yeah they just weren't able to
2906s capitalize on anything
2908s and yeah it's spelled disaster for Mir
2911s Jong yeah I think a big part of the
2912s reason why he ended up just sending it
2914s is because telephoto cameras do have a
2916s longer range than regular player Vision
2919s right and he saw that there was a
2920s telephoto camera right where like that
2922s bridges in stream he couldn't see it
2925s right up until the point where he walked
2927s up a little bit far he saw that
2928s telephoto camera and he knew that the
2930s flank was already going to be figured
2931s out by bnk FX so I think he just sent it
2934s at that stage but he sent it when they
2937s were pulling back from one from what is
2940s it romatic and danana so the timing was
2942s a little bit off and yeah it just wasn't
2945s meant to be really I mean maybe if he
2948s managed to get it while they were in
2949s that tight choke point trying to push in
2951s towards romatic and denana thinking
2954s maybe it was a 2v3 they had the
2956s advantage but bnk FX is not a team that
2958s is just going to willy-nilly send it in
2960s a risky spot when they don't have full
2962s information like that and that's what
2963s saved them there yeah I mean just
2966s instantly able to turn on to one Circle
2969s um with his you know over position there
2972s and just going just able to close out
2974s the game yeah sus wins sus Wins Game
2978s number one absolutely huge game for bnk
2980s FX they're able to completely jump the
2982s number of points that they have all the
2984s way to 14 from nine that they started
2986s off with at the beginning of that game
2989s so that's got to feel good for bnk FX
2992s they've been waiting for this right they
2994s didn't win a single game yesterday
2995s either this has got to feel amazing for
2998s not just them but for the people
2999s cheering for them in the Discord too
3002s yeah and is their comfort picks you know
3004s this team comp is you know what did end
3007s up letting them win season 3 so I'm glad
3009s you know they are back to this
3012s um Tournament winning uh comp and yeah
3015s we're going to have to see you know if
3016s it does end up uh working out for them
3018s in the in the rest of the games coming
3021s up for today right I think one of the
3023s biggest things for me about this game is
3025s the fact that yeah indeed old comps
3027s still do work one of the biggest things
3029s we've noticed for season 4 is that there
3031s is indeed a lot of change ups for the
3033s compositions that these teams are
3034s playing whether it's from the change of
3036s players whether it's from the change of
3038s meta whether if it's from the new items
3040s that certain characters are able to
3041s synergize well from but for Team B andk
3044s FX they're just still playing the same
3046s old same old it's really good to be able
3048s to know that old compositions still do
3050s work as long as you play to your own
3052s Tempo it's good yeah and I mean Mar
3055s young is also playing you know their
3057s signature season one and two comp that
3059s they did play you know a long time ago
3061s with the Rio Alonzo and Carla so yeah I
3065s mean even when the meta is swapping
3067s right um comfort picks definitely do
3069s matter um a decent bit as well yeah
3071s realistically speaking it would have
3072s worked although I'm gonna say this right
3075s Ma and seong knows about bnk fx's
3078s composition they know how to deal with
3080s that composition but at the same time
3082s they know how difficult it is to deal
3084s with that composition right just so much
3086s poke coming through through from the
3088s Cilla as well as the irm and with the
3091s Cilla in hand it is very easy to
3093s actually Pro The Shield from the Alonzo
3095s so I liked the idea of the flank because
3098s they needed to come up with something to
3099s completely circumvent the fact that team
3101s bnk FX could have poked out a lot more
3103s but I think it was just executed poorly
3105s and you know and that happens sometimes
3108s here and there a little bit of a classic
3109s mistake not a classic mistake I should
3112s say ER classic mistake I was about to
3114s say a classic mistake from me andal but
3116s that's not exactly what it is a classic
3119s eternal return mistake coming from a
3120s team that usually doesn't make those
3122s mistakes I'm pretty sure this is just a
3124s oneoff yeah the long range coming out
3126s from both
3128s Cella and irm and then you got sua there
3130s able to follow up on any CC you know
3132s they are able to catch it's kind of hard
3134s to play into you know this type of poke
3136s comp just because of you know how far
3137s the range is so we're going to have to
3139s see you know how some of these teams
3140s maybe adjust in upcoming lobbies here
3142s but yeah I mean we have no banss bnk VX
3145s got 16 kills in in the last Lobby so
3147s they're going to be sitting comfortably
3149s I think with 24 points so almost already
3152s halfway there to hitting that checkpoint
3154s break point exactly bian FX looks really
3157s comfortable on their composition here
3158s today as well I don't think they really
3160s took any fights that they were in any
3161s deficits from so good things coming out
3163s from Team bnk FX let's take a look at
3166s what the round result looks like for
3167s game number one you called it I mean 24
3170s points for team bnk f Rex but at the
3172s same time I mean simple maths right
3174s quick maths yeah and we got with 17 Mira
3178s S Young with 13 and ju with 11 so this
3182s Lobby was really top weighted a lot of
3184s kills to go around over I think about 50
3186s kills in this uh game but uh yeah we're
3189s going to have to see you know how these
3190s other teams maybe adjust to their play
3192s style maybe adjust to the lobby cuz
3195s there was a lot of early aggression in
3196s these games too yeah I mean just from
3198s the first top two teams alone I mean
3200s that's 30 kills right there right very
3202s very top weighted leaderboard that we do
3204s end up having but it's just game number
3206s one guys from series that we don't quite
3208s know how many games are going to happen
3210s to begin with so do not expect that
3212s leaderboard to stay as it is right now
3214s it is definitely going to change as we
3216s start heading into game number two three
3217s four five and six and onwards and
3220s onwards and
3222s onwards I kind of want to sleep early
3224s today if I'm going to be honest with you
3225s but off from game number one I do want
3228s to see more games so I'm
3229s conflicted yeah I mean it could be four
3231s games it could be 10 games you know um
3234s it just depends on how fast these teams
3237s do end up hitting the checkpoint break
3238s point but since it is such a topheavy
3239s weighted uh points so far maybe we might
3243s just have you know two three four teams
3246s you know getting at the checkpoint from
3248s game number five or six and then maybe
3250s this the team does end up uh closing out
3253s the series yeah all right let's take a
3256s look at the picks here for game number
3257s two no bans again you said it this right
3260s you said it this time again but uh yeah
3262s that bottom side is not a bug this time
3264s right you haven't really seen the first
3266s games picks and bands really working at
3269s the bottom right but no this time around
3270s it is correct we have no bands going
3272s into this game as super mentioned
3274s earlier so let's take a look at what
3276s does end up happening gwor on the haze
3279s Alto going to be on the heart and my is
3281s going to be picked here as well so
3282s actually and heart band Yeah we actually
3284s have two bands this time um we know
3287s heart has been such a a strong character
3290s in you know competitive or in the
3292s competitive formats as we actually have
3294s two team comps running the exact same
3296s thing fairy and innate it looks like
3299s yeah which team is going to be able to
3301s pull it off better is the question team
3303s fairy is actually going to be the ones
3304s playing into team team kungi in yeah
3308s team kungi inate right because they
3309s weren't running this composition before
3311s but for kungi inate this is their
3313s composition with zero Jen sitting on the
3315s haze as well as Dau sitting on that hard
3318s and in9 you know usually we know this
3320s guy for playing that Frontline Bruiser
3322s like the Felix like the Isaac those kind
3324s of things but I've been really liking
3326s his my so far so let's see if team faery
3328s is able to play into that composition
3330s and
3331s team yeah I think them picking uh these
3335s characters are trying to I think maybe
3336s they're trying to force the bands as
3338s well making it so you know these other
3341s uh players can't pick you know hearts
3343s and my because um like you said before
3345s right Lory a player we've only seen play
3348s Hearts we don't know you know if they
3350s are going to be able to maybe adjust to
3352s the lobby but it is game two so you know
3355s maybe they do just end up uh swapping on
3357s out I can't believe gwor just abandoned
3359s his own loot distribution and just
3360s started running towards the theater did
3363s anybody see that this guy just decides
3365s to grief the theore he says you know I
3367s may take the loss in this one but I do
3369s have the stun coming through from the
3371s shotgun might as well risk it and he
3372s does end up winning out in the end so I
3374s do wonder if he did manage to pick up
3376s everything he needed to do in that zone
3379s so a little bit of that early game funny
3381s funny business we are seeing here from
3383s the looks of it super but everybody else
3385s just kind of going at it their own pace
3387s un must the hay gets take it down oh
3389s it's too early in the game three people
3391s are not going to be is not going to be
3393s enough to knock down zero Jin just yet
3396s that was also three people from
3398s different teams or two of them on the
3399s same team but
3401s the was on a sear but they were trying
3404s to do something here but looks like dasu
3406s here going to try to look for Shen
3407s carpet does end up connecting and the
3409s speed K will just end up getting them on
3411s out of here and yeah looks like shom
3413s just going to craft and they're going to
3414s look to turn actually looks like uh sa
3416s is also in the zone zeren taking so much
3419s damage from the Eon and they will
3421s actually end up falling here and the
3422s hearts know not really having anywhere
3424s to go will they able to get the Lenny no
3427s the Lenny lives on one HP very
3430s unfortunate so will be team uh uh chit
3435s here going to be able to get uh a nice
3437s two kills for thems I think in9 was
3439s planning the hyper looping cuz I saw a
3441s little yellow marker underneath tazu but
3444s yeah he said correctly correctly assume
3447s yeah no no thanks he did not want to go
3449s for that teleport in it will be exactly
3452s as you said a win for team CHC they're
3454s going to be able to pick up a clean two
3456s Z up against the members of Team faery a
3459s nice attempt right from tazu as well as
3461s zeren they are grouped up pretty early
3463s pretty strong in the early stages as
3464s well the heart actually managing to
3466s Finish the build quite early a good
3468s amount of crit items early on as well
3471s but the attack speed just isn't there
3472s right it's too early in the game she
3474s doesn't have all of her attack speed
3475s items just yet either either that's got
3477s to hurt a lot for that team yeah looks
3480s like we actually have num here kind of
3482s slit from his team while team fair is
3484s also coming on going to be able to do so
3486s much damage to the heart that is getting
3488s Peacemaker from another heart and uh
3491s Peacemaker does end up coming down for
3492s thems as well but yeah looks like they
3494s will just end up falling there as fairy
3496s doeses end up picking up a nice kill for
3498s thems on the other side once again um
3501s Team uh chit here is going to be able to
3503s get zero Jin and they will be sitting in
3507s a comfortable position with three field
3508s kills already yeah the second kill onto
3511s zerin here as well in n in a whole heap
3513s of trouble his teammates are coming back
3515s alive slowly but surely but this is not
3517s a good start for team gungi in at all
3519s and with some people hanging around this
3521s hard as well they're kind of stuck in
3523s the corner right now with not that much
3525s left to do their Haze will come back
3527s alive but will need a little bit of time
3529s to recover so maybe doc could
3531s theoretically be open I don't think the
3533s team inside a warehouse is moving that
3535s fast but uh this just not where you want
3537s to be at the start of this game at all
3539s yeah uh we do actually have Team U
3541s completely split farming here probably
3543s trying to get as many credits as
3544s possible so they can get that Chaser
3547s those four SES online cuz you know the
3551s the Eva build is really expensive but n
3553s not even finished his helmet yet it
3555s looks like they
3557s are um not in a good spot right now as
3561s yeah I think teams are going to start
3562s grouping up though for then the
3564s objective coming up here and looks like
3567s actually we have a triple Mage comp
3569s versus Triple Mage comp but looks like a
3571s nice engage coming off for rer great e
3573s of there is going to be able to maybe
3575s kill him yes he actually does end up
3577s going down the ultimate does end up
3579s coming from Cella but the Dina is left
3583s by themselves and a great from the Cella
3585s is going to be able to close them out
3587s and bnk fix are going to be able to wipe
3589s high off the map already in night number
3591s one how was he able to do that how is he
3594s allowed to do that SS are another max
3597s range play with us is going to be able
3599s to pull back in the Adena and it looked
3602s so good for team high but the IR damage
3605s is way too high bnk FX is going to be
3608s playing the damage version of this irm
3611s right it's not going to be the tank
3612s version that high is going to be running
3614s now gwor in a little bit of trouble in
3616s nine going to try to take full advantage
3617s of this one but a nice pullback from
3620s Team fairy will be able to keep
3621s themselves alive resting up is going to
3622s be gwor a good grenade landing on toward
3624s zero Jen but his health bar not looking
3627s good that much just yet the counter team
3631s the mirror match up looking to be in
3633s favor of Team Kung and right now hold up
3635s a second oh oh no this is not good the
3637s exposive comes in through exactly at the
3639s right time now in9 completely isolated
3641s Peacemaker but it's going also get
3643s canceled now it's a one for one here we
3645s go it's going to be the haze versus the
3647s mai for both of these teams gwor knocks
3649s down the mai and now it's a holy Pat
3651s trouble for zero Jin as he's got to buy
3653s 20 seconds of time for himself one tool
3655s oh he's not going to go for it the
3657s mirror match up looking to be in favor
3659s of Team fairy as it will be a one for
3661s two zero Jen trying to recover from this
3663s but what can you even recover there is
3664s nothing to recover from yeah I mean they
3667s did not get the meteor but team fery
3669s coming out and showing you know team in
3671s Nate that we can play their comp and we
3673s can play better than you can so we're
3675s going to have to see you know if this uh
3677s Trend does end up continuing throughout
3678s the game but uh yeah very very well
3680s played from Team fairy both peacemakers
3682s actually getting cancelled there uh kind
3684s of funny because um
3687s yeah cuz once once one of them got
3688s canceled the other Peacemaker went up
3690s and then that got canceled as well and
3691s then both Hearts going down it just went
3693s down to the 2v2 and it looks like gwor
3695s um gwor team did end up playing playing
3698s it slightly better yeah and a perfectly
3700s timed Peacemaker from the side of fairy
3703s right I mean you have to really see
3705s where that comes from cuz the exclusive
3706s timing was literally the most perfect
3709s thing for Fair's Peacemaker to actually
3712s pull in everybody and it was a great
3714s split a great recovery coming through
3715s from kungi and
3716s but once you get into that point where
3718s all of your teammates are in The
3719s Peacemaker but your Peacemaker doesn't
3721s get everyone else's in that kind of Mir
3724s matchup yeah you're going to take the
3725s fall and it was just a beautiful
3727s recovery from Team fairy even though at
3729s the beginning of that fight they were
3730s still at an HP
3733s deficit yeah it looks like oh a nice
3735s engage oh actually and great uh carpet
3738s and a spring trap coming up from sine
3740s and shin they're going to deny the M
3743s engage there but on the other side we do
3745s actually do have bnk thex they is going
3747s to be able to get another two kills from
3749s the Nate tier wow I mean BK thex showing
3753s you know us that this comp still works
3755s with five field kills already and for
3758s team kungi inate this just not it this
3760s is just not the game they were looking
3762s for probably sitting at around seven
3764s plus kills for that team overall already
3766s in night number two but a double taunt
3767s coming in for danana not really being
3769s taken advantage of just yet sebie still
3771s holding off in the front line but this
3774s this the ising out damage like no
3777s tomorrow yeah I mean this Eon just not
3779s tanky and not strong enough just yet to
3781s just push into the backline and see what
3783s he can do alpha will be picked up on the
3785s side of Team M andong looking for
3787s another spark will not be able to land
3789s it so yeah good recovery from mutong it
3792s will allow them to secure that Alpha
3794s look at the items on this theore right
3796s now that's why I sebie couldn't kill
3799s him yeah having that cortier having that
3801s Moto helmet the weapon as well is going
3803s to be able to sustain so much with uh
3805s just their heals you know through the
3807s power screen but I mean you know Aon
3810s living through you know so much damage
3812s there as well taking damage from both
3813s the theor
3815s and the subam right so yeah looks like
3819s both or both teams just you know
3821s deciding know we we probably don't want
3823s to take this fight yeah not just yet not
3826s just yet we've seen what Aon can do in
3828s previous games in previous Series this
3830s weekend but he's not at the point just
3832s yet whereas theor he's really really
3835s comfortable at this stage I think seie
3837s is at least looking for another tree of
3839s life and maybe a tactical skill upgrade
3841s right in order to completely Brute Force
3843s his issue because the bonus movement
3845s speed that does come through I think
3846s from the force field right now on the
3848s seon when he is running triple tank
3850s items is actually a lot more beneficial
3852s than a lot more people might think it
3854s doesn't seem too big nowadays right in
3856s comparison to when force field was new
3859s but the bonus movements be will allow
3860s Eon to chase people even further with a
3863s bitter retribution on top of
3865s it and looks like we do have FX finding
3868s CH c will they look to maybe take the
3871s fight here no looks like they're both
3873s going to back away and probably going to
3875s wait for these uh purple boxes to spawn
3877s looks like there is going to be two one
3878s in warehouse and one in Factory but we
3881s do have team very here maybe they might
3883s have something to say about this tool
3885s going a look for an angle probably to
3887s engage here the Poke damage coming H is
3890s pretty big though and the r of VAP does
3891s end up going through on the other side
3893s here doesn't really end up hitting
3894s anyone though it looks like CH maybe
3897s look to re-engage here but uh wow looks
3901s like the Eon is taking so much damage
3903s but the sustain coming from the Lenny is
3904s keeping all of them alive and it looks
3906s like uh both teams are just going to
3908s walk away with both teams at half HP off
3911s the play that full HP for this Jenny
3913s nice guarden reverse coming through from
3915s yoha they are looking for this meter but
3917s look at this look at the mini map Kung
3919s in slowly but surely starting to make
3920s their way down there this is not going
3922s to be a fight that ends quickly for
3923s these two teams here we go look at the
3925s gym look at gym xboy sees that the call
3927s has been made they're going to run in
3928s towards arery range cine also sees the
3930s haze Rockets which means now it will be
3932s kungi in to pick up that meteorite
3934s looking for a little bit of recovery
3936s from what we have seen so far yoa will
3939s unfortunately take the fall what
3940s happened why is he over there I'm
3943s guessing he didn't probably didn't have
3944s enough timer so he probably had to walk
3945s back in is my guess because if you look
3947s at the timers on team slasher they are
3949s pretty low but looks like teamang maybe
3952s they've caught out airline here Anana
3954s does end up getting the taunt com does
3956s end up coming through but the damage
3957s coming out from umu it's not enough just
3960s barely not enough here Peacemaker does
3962s end up going through but all members of
3963s Mir are walking back so team or yeah
3967s Team U just not going to be able to get
3968s the res off here and umu going to try to
3971s do some damage but it's not going to be
3972s enough as they will have to spend 250
3975s credits that is very unfortunate as umu
3977s was saving for the Chaser but he's not
3979s going to be able to get it uh anymore
3981s and on top of it losing about 22 seconds
3984s of his own timer as well having walk all
3986s the way through the distance of fire
3988s station to try to get back in towards
3990s school where by the way there is another
3992s team so umu not safe enough just yet but
3995s does have enough credits to get the res
3996s you're right thanks to the fact that
3998s they were trying to save for a chaser
4000s will not be able to get that one but we
4001s can see it look at the combat swords oh
4003s no will take the fall which means UOB
4006s will go down G oh my goodness kungi
4009s inate they're also going to get a
4010s transition item off of the woles as well
4013s salt into the wound there uh O is just
4017s going to have to look at that
4020s and have to wonder to yourself you know
4023s like what what what did I really do in
4025s that situation right yeah this is good
4028s recoveries on the side of kungi and
4030s right they're able to pick off some of
4031s these individual members get lucky with
4033s some of these item transitions dropping
4034s from animals as well but for team oob I
4037s mean I called it right there's another
4038s team inside a school looking to call as
4041s well look at their credit count oh my
4043s goodness just unlucky timing for team o
4046s and they're not going to be able to play
4047s this comp in the next game either this
4049s is just a horrible situation to be
4051s absolute disaster for oob yeah the heart
4054s getting banned so I don't know you know
4055s how they're going to maybe adjust
4057s to uh that situation because you know
4060s this heart Eva has been you know the
4062s bread and butter of um that team so
4065s we're going to have to see you know if
4067s they do have another uh pick lined up
4070s for this heart band I don't have we cuz
4073s I know that there were a couple heart
4075s bands in the last season I just couldn't
4077s I just can't remember if nemory was in
4078s that one cuz we only really saw I'm sure
4082s maybe they've practic in scrims or
4083s something for a heart band because you
4085s know har really really prominent
4087s character probably the best EDC right
4089s now just because she's so agile and also
4092s providing so much damage and having that
4094s Peacemaker to kind of reset some fights
4095s or you know having uh that tool to allow
4098s your um back lers to to combo off of
4102s yeah if anything the other two picks are
4104s more of the saf picks right the shukai
4107s not really picked as much anymore
4108s because there's a lot more utility based
4110s front lines to be able to play and Ava
4113s there is a lot of other good Mages right
4115s but that's not necessarily the reason
4117s why Ava isn't played it's just a given a
4119s take on who is an AA player and who
4121s isn't but here we go a peacemaker is
4122s actually not that bad zerin doing a lot
4124s of damage is going to be able to knock
4126s down the subam Jesus Christ what
4128s happened to him theana is going to get
4130s taken down as well a clean two for zero
4132s a beautiful Peacemaker coming through
4134s from that team guny and looking
4136s absolutely amazing but another fight on
4137s the North side xboy looking for an
4139s initiation back in but it's just not at
4141s the right place at the right time
4143s another kill going into the hands of
4145s Team CHC slasher losing one sitting on
4147s zero kills they need to find themselves
4149s a break but this is not the place to do
4151s so yeah nuk here kind of caught in
4153s between two teams I think he is going to
4155s end up falling here as he is stuck I
4157s don't know if CH here does end up seeing
4160s him does end up taking the white lily
4161s are they going to be able to get away
4162s here God you see do end up seeing him
4164s but the spring trap does end up
4166s connecting here and he will be fallen
4169s down but team faery they are in the zone
4171s here maybe they look for a third party
4173s here but it is team um uh CH so they
4177s going to walk away but The Peacemaker
4178s does end up going through this time not
4180s going to be able to get that much damage
4181s donana going to take a lot though but
4183s the damage coming out from Artic just
4185s going to be able to solo dasu there and
4188s it looks like they will be able to close
4190s this out but wait a second donana going
4192s to be the one to fall there as the haze
4193s Rockets do end up coming from downtown
4195s but
4196s just going to abandon suit yeah that's a
4198s little unfortunate I actually think it
4200s was in N falling down there it's all the
4201s M man don't worry everybody's playing my
4204s at this stage in the game but yeah quite
4207s unfortunate I will say for team kungi
4208s andate they had the right idea of
4210s fighting earlier in Pawn but this time
4212s around the subam wasn't taken down at
4214s the beginning of the fight which means
4216s the amount of burst damage coming
4217s through into the back line was just not
4219s that good going to get taken down no
4223s coming through a second yeah
4227s oh is this going to save zero I don't
4229s think so R has set his sight on the haze
4232s oh oh they actually don't end up uh
4235s chasing here but because I think uh team
4238s was actually going to send it onto the
4239s other two that were a little far up here
4242s danana just going to jump back here EA
4245s does end up chunking one Circle down
4247s with that Strider Auto attack and uh
4250s uhoh wait third party third party and
4252s they here they did end
4253s up oh my God the combo from hey just
4257s going to eviscerate one Circle and
4260s theana and that's going to be Mir out
4262s for the count another Mist exclusive we
4265s get to see in this series straight after
4268s in9 decided to jump in with the catwalk
4271s he sets him up perfectly for the double
4273s strut that's not the exclusive you want
4275s to be doing in these
4277s games yeah it's going to be bnk FX you
4281s know going to be able to wipe that Mir
4283s off the map and secure work for them so
4286s kind of have to wonder you know what
4288s these teams can really do here as uh bnk
4291s FX are just going to you know push your
4293s lead farther and farther yeah they might
4295s not have that many kills so far but they
4297s have the wik line and there's plenty of
4299s kills to go around now good Vision check
4301s coming through from the plan fantastic
4303s check these Rockets are just hitting for
4305s no tomorrow my goodness we'll just have
4308s to back away as team slasher finally
4310s getting themselves a couple kills of
4312s course getting themselves transitioned
4314s up a little bit slowly but but surely
4316s but how much Effectiveness is this
4318s Bianca going to have we've seen some of
4320s these Biancas get denied a lot of
4322s fantastic initiations they're going to
4324s be denied
4326s again yeah team 9 here he is sitting on
4329s the sort of skills I'm actually I kind
4332s of wonder why they went for the Sol
4333s skilles and then instead of going for
4334s the commander but looks like oh my God
4337s the combo coming out from Team slasher
4340s just going to be able to eviscerate both
4342s zero Jin and in there it's going to be
4345s dosu have to be the one to get away yeah
4347s and I love this call here don't force it
4350s right because tazu he's about to get
4351s away and you don't want to get yourself
4353s caught out in third party situation you
4354s have no idea what the map looks like and
4356s it's already day five team kungi unate
4358s is permanently down two members and
4360s you're the one that caused it so no need
4362s to force anything in this situation I
4364s love the call here from Team slasher
4366s they're looking for the big picture not
4368s looking for the individual
4369s kills yeah going to be able to get two
4372s kills there and you know don't don't
4374s really need to overchase we cuz there
4376s could be teams in the zone I don't know
4377s if they had console in the area or not
4380s but um I'm pretty sure they didn't so
4383s you know they're only being you know
4385s still four teams left and then you know
4387s it's only three zones it's pretty likely
4389s that there was going to be a team behind
4391s them so I do like that they are playing
4393s this a little slower exactly and they're
4395s actually setting up in the same position
4396s here maybe going to be able to catch
4398s another team that's you know
4400s unsuspectedly walks into them yeah and
4402s this time it's even better cuz they
4404s actually have cameras this time around
4405s on this check for any Vision so oh
4407s they're coming around though another
4408s team oh it is going to be a beautiful
4410s Recon drone check coming through from
4411s Team 2C they didn't even know CU they
4413s haven't seen the cameras yet but for
4415s team slasher their jump opportunity is
4418s going to get taken down will try to take
4420s a little bit more vision control by
4422s getting the CCTV but you see it is not
4423s going to let that happen that easily oh
4427s tazu oh tazu
4429s oh oh my God he is out but now might be
4433s able to third party in this fight team
4434s slasher to it out up against team CH
4436s sebie I does does he have a reset or
4438s something he's not dashing right now
4440s he's still sitting in the middle of
4441s everything okay wait a second now he's
4443s got the reset yoa is trying to run away
4445s here beautiful white lily use across the
4447s wall seie is going to have to reset yoa
4450s on a little bit of L sen trying to chase
4452s this through xboy going to get caught up
4454s by the spring trp yoa recovering
4456s whatever HP he can at this stage xboy
4458s the raid of the vampire queen is not
4459s going to be good he's not really going
4460s to get that much healing just from the
4462s wolf itself and the fight will begin
4464s these could trying to do as much damage
4465s as possible but sebie is too strong down
4468s goes the Felix yoa now getting chased in
4470s Spring trap is not going to work but
4471s xboy is the target this Bianca will take
4473s the fall he's trying to run he's trying
4475s to stay alive jumping over the wall with
4477s the circulation but the resets are there
4479s spring trap is there there's too much
4481s for xlo to run away from slasher down to
4483s yoad is the only one left wow yeah I
4486s mean it's the power of this Eon and this
4489s Lenny and then shomi just in the back
4491s doing so much damage as well yeah
4493s showing why the team comp uh was the
4496s reason why they made it straight into
4497s finals here but looks like dosu also
4499s caught and will'll come down to a final
4501s 3v3 between team bnk fix and CH seat
4504s obviously there is still a Nikki from
4507s Team slasher but you know it is a solo
4509s so it will come down to the 3v3 at the
4512s end here exactly oh yo how much are you
4515s going to be able to stay alive here
4516s right it is going to be police station
4518s and stream as our final two zones again
4521s not a not a com okay oh okay a Jenny
4526s flashes over the wall yeah I mean
4530s okay hey we take those it's a level two
4533s but look at the items on the Genny and
4534s to be fair double blood yeah with three
4537s teams alive too I mean 70c blink timer
4540s is not really that big you're going to
4542s see the temp Zone anyways and Y is going
4543s to try to run yeah I think they're just
4546s going to wait out this blink timer here
4547s cuz having the blink is really important
4549s for these fights but it looks like yoa
4552s TPS right in the middle of stream and
4555s the blinks coming out from Team bnk F
4558s they want this kill they need to get
4560s some more points get themselves a little
4562s closer to checkpoint and it will be yoa
4565s going to be fallen already and yeah now
4567s it comes down to our final 3v3 between
4569s team CH SE and team bnk FX and we're
4572s going to have to see if bnk FX can close
4574s it out once again and to create himself
4576s another win okay yeah they're going to
4579s have to push in though right losing out
4580s on the 50/50 it's up against the Lenny
4582s as well as Jenny it's night time as well
4584s super so this might be a little bit
4586s difficult on the side of bnk FX but
4589s they're the ones with the Cella right
4591s they have the Poke they have all the
4593s range check they have all the free
4595s vision checks in the world that be going
4597s to be a little bit on the safe side
4598s putting some cameras on potential flank
4599s angles but there is really no flank
4601s angle that team FX is looking for they
4603s just have to push in in One
4606s Direction yeah looks like they will
4608s start to slowly FDLE in here haer maybe
4612s they're going to be able to find an
4613s angle here they need to get they need to
4615s get some poke damage here o a nice
4617s Strider Auto from shom but it's just
4620s going to be healed up by sarine and here
4622s comes sebie he's going to try to rec
4624s havoc on the backline here uh looks like
4626s BK f are just going to kite back with a
4628s nice combo from team bnk f is that going
4631s to be enough field SEI is living for so
4634s long and the spring trap does end up
4635s hitting Rosner and that's going to be it
4636s Rosner is going to be the one to fall
4638s and next goes to Cella and it looks like
4640s it is going to be CH going to be the one
4643s to come out on top very very well played
4644s from that Len
4646s able to connect onto Rosner there and
4648s then shom just has free re over the Su
4650s and that is going to be it GG's the
4653s teams team CH seed a dominant force in
4655s the group stages continuing their force
4658s of domination in the finals as well the
4660s force field Shield was so big on the
4663s side of sebbi they took him down to half
4666s HP but then look at that another amount
4668s of half HP coming from the force field
4672s probably over 1K I think because he also
4675s has HP scaling on his weapon right
4678s so yeah I mean having that having so
4681s much additional HP and just press that
4683s force field it is going to be pretty fat
4687s I think he also lined up his weapon
4689s skill in overflow with the force field
4692s at level three so the amount of burst
4693s movement speed that he got at the end I
4695s think caught out bnk FX by surprise
4699s right usually you don't see eons like
4700s that moving that quickly unless he's
4702s dashing but he's just walking around at
4705s mock speed thanks to all the bonus
4707s movement speed support he has in that
4709s fight so really well done there from
4710s sebbi perfect uh follow through I sh I
4713s should say and support coming through
4715s from shom as well as senine I don't know
4718s man I mean that's exactly what you would
4720s normally expect right beautiful Force
4722s coming through from sebie he knew that
4723s he doesn't want to get poked out from
4725s that team he also knows exactly how that
4727s team operates and the perfect cont to do
4730s that just go in yeah you just you just
4732s dive in before they're able to get any
4734s poke and then Seb is able to live for so
4736s long was able to disrupt the back line
4738s he did end up getting chunk down to half
4740s HP with the full combo from uh bnk FX
4743s but it just wasn't enough you know the
4744s force field did end up coming through
4747s the the heal win the healing from the
4749s Lenny and then that spring trap was
4752s crucial for them to close out the game
4754s with uh the carpet into the ultimate
4758s from Jenny just locking down Rosner and
4760s you know that did end up sealing the
4762s deal yeah that was so big the acceptance
4764s speech actually locking down Rosner
4766s while he was on cool down from the
4767s shield so yeah effectively takes the Su
4770s out of the fight and quite quite
4771s literally did take the Su out of the
4773s fight as she died from that combination
4775s so good stuff coming out from Team CH SE
4777s this is the team CH SE that we saw
4779s during the group stages and finally we
4781s also get to see it again so nice
4783s recovery coming through from Team CHC
4785s their game number one not exactly the
4787s greatest but now we see why this Eon
4790s Lenny combination is so strong and why
4792s it was so dominant during stages too
4796s yeah and then obviously we you know we
4797s have Shen om you know one of our or
4799s probably one of the best Jenny players
4801s uh in the world just uh able to do so
4805s much for their team able to you know get
4806s in out of fights having that play dead
4808s proc able to live for so long as well
4811s and then yeah I mean it's such a nice
4814s well-rounded comp because they are able
4815s to you know also dive as well
4818s so good stuff good stuff and you know
4822s now with the scoreboard about to come up
4824s let's see what this game state looks
4826s like after game number two I'm pretty
4827s sure there's a couple teams looking for
4829s the eye on the prize which at the moment
4831s is going to be that checkpoint Mark the
4833s 55 Point limit that they need to hit
4835s before we do any of the fun fun how many
4838s games are we going to go prediction but
4840s yeah there are the round results 18
4842s points for team chucc with 10 total
4843s field kills DNK fak sitting in number
4846s two with 13 and eight field kills for
4849s themselves an eight with 10 slasher with
4852s nine Mir with seven fairy with five high
4854s with two and O be unfortunately not
4857s getting any points that game but I mean
4859s bnk FX they did end up winning the last
4861s game so yeah they're going to be in a
4863s nice comfortable position for themselves
4865s with 37 points they only need 18 points
4869s uh in the next game to make it to
4870s checkpoint for game number four we have
4872s ch SE with 29 Points for thems uh innate
4877s with 27 and M Jung with 20 yeah quite
4881s fun quite fun no teams in checkpoint
4883s just yet but of course we're only in
4884s game number two if a team was in
4886s checkpoint by this point then I don't
4888s think the games would have been this
4890s controlled by multiple teams across the
4892s board if I'm going to be honest with you
4894s but guys we're possible to get into the
4897s checkpoint um in game number three you
4900s probably need you need 28 right so you
4903s need you need 20 kills you need 20 kills
4906s for like the two games and you have to
4908s win so it's it's really unlikely but uh
4911s yeah I think with that guys we will be
4913s heading to our break here
4915s exactly all right go grabb yourselves a
4917s snack go grab yourselves some water take
4919s a stretch and we'll see you guys back
4920s here in a few games three and four take
4923s care take care
4973s spee for
5022s speee
5063s for
5093s fore
5119s for
5123s foree
5135s for
5141s foree for
5143s spee
5153s foree
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5171s you fore spe
5213s fore
5243s foree fore
5250s fore
5255s speee foreign
5264s spee
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5324s Noe fore
5359s all right ladies and gentlemen I
5361s misclicked okay welcome back to the tur
5364s War turn m Masters season 4 phase number
5366s one to the finals welcome back from the
5369s break guys we just came back from the
5372s break after games one and two where we
5375s had bnk FX as well as
5378s team
5380s our I already
5382s forgot CH go Fantastic Team CH SE was
5386s able to win games one and Games 2
5389s respectively by themselves and now it's
5392s time for us to go into games three and
5394s four hopefully all of you guys had a
5396s fantastic break
5397s because I
5399s did yeah and remember guys up coming for
5403s game number three we have a ma and a
5406s heart band so we're going to have to see
5408s you know if these teams decide to maybe
5411s change their roster for these bands
5413s because um we do know you know n we've
5415s only seen them on the heart so we going
5417s have to see you know if they do decide
5418s to swap their characters but we're just
5419s going to jump straight into it shuvi and
5422s we will have to see here what the teams
5425s decide to pick yeah and do we actually
5427s have any player changes as well right
5429s because we are coming off of a break so
5432s these teams could have changed members
5434s but I'm not seeing anything just yet uh
5439s yeah there's nothing there's no changes
5440s which means yeah we're just kind of
5441s chilling for this game number oh oh oh
5447s all right you guys again
5449s hello we're dodging ANM you know it is
5451s what it is who dodged
5454s that n that's that's an NA thing we
5456s can't say that for
5459s KR yeah it looks like um I think maybe
5462s one of the players might have had a
5464s technical issue I don't know if they'll
5466s be facing any penalties for that but we
5468s we will uh inform you guys uh later if
5470s uh that is the case yeah there is
5472s nothing in the player chat right now so
5474s I honestly have no clue what is going on
5476s at the moment yeah we will get the game
5479s going back up and ready
5481s soon um okay I mean we saw some picks
5485s coming out already right it wasn't
5487s anything confirmed yet cuz the lock in
5489s timer we had about I think 10 to 15
5491s seconds left but I think I saw Airline
5493s considering ARA and I did also see neory
5497s considering the Lura Laura yeah I think
5500s he I think the Laura was already locked
5501s in and I'm excited I'm excited to see
5504s you know how that they do end up working
5506s with that comp because you know Eva not
5508s going to be able to have any you know
5510s real front line it's just going to be
5511s that lower front line but maybe they
5512s play off the uh the AR box
5514s or maybe gets nice double Dice and then
5517s Eva is able to follow up yeah that's
5518s what I'm thinking too right the
5520s combination is there the damage is also
5522s there but when you have these kind of
5524s triple Mage compositions we all we in na
5526s also know that it is very risky at times
5528s but the payoff is really good if you're
5530s able to stack off all of your kits
5533s because Mages do tend to have a lot of
5534s utility built into their composition if
5537s you do end up running triple Mage comps
5539s now when it comes to crowd control it's
5541s going to be mostly front sighted off of
5543s the Arta of course
5544s but then you start chaining things like
5546s that with the calling card with the
5548s Twilight high with the damage coming
5550s through from the Eva that composition
5552s can be devastating so I'm kind of
5555s excited to see if team oob is going to
5557s be able to run that composition and
5559s actually will run that composition
5561s because again nothing was confirmed at
5563s the end of the at the end of the day
5565s here they still had a few more seconds
5566s to pick before anything was actually
5569s actually locked in going to be fun if
5571s they do though yeah I think it's going
5573s to be up to the Ardon the Lura to you
5575s know combo off each other cc to let umu
5578s you know just have free reain and and
5580s deal you know um a lot of damage onto
5583s you know whoever CC but we'll have to
5584s see I think um the other comps were
5587s pretty similar we did have uh ju SE I
5589s think picking you know the same comp as
5592s you know they have been having great
5594s success on it you know able to get a lot
5595s of kills in the first game and able to
5597s close out the second game BK FX I think
5600s they're going to be running the same
5601s thing as well yeah we'll see we will
5604s we'll see and not seeing ma in another
5606s game here is going to be a little bit
5608s sad for both you and I cuz we've seen
5609s some really nice my plays coming out
5611s today have you noticed yeah great
5614s thoughts great exclusives we have seen
5616s you know on the other side as well you
5617s know those exclusives ping you know
5619s their team remembers into um into the
5621s crossfire but yeah m not going to be on
5624s the table here for game number three
5626s yeah a little bit unfortunate that we
5627s have been seeing actually multiple times
5629s where the exclusive wasn't really well
5632s thought out in hindsight if I'm going to
5634s be honest so yeah by welome back in game
5638s number four same thing for the hearts so
5639s Theory doesn't have to worry too too
5641s much but this does throw a little bit of
5643s a wrench in the plans of a lot of
5646s different players I would have to say
5648s and if that kind of wrench in the plans
5650s starts throwing some teams off in game
5652s number three well uh you're going to
5654s have to come back quickly from that one
5656s because game three isn't going to
5657s signify that much if you're able to pull
5659s things back around in games for onwards
5662s but for them Mar I'm I'm a little bit
5663s worried here right cuz again we haven't
5665s really seen him play anything else that
5668s often before he is just permanently
5670s stuck on heart Duty yeah and you have to
5672s wonder to yourself as well you know will
5674s the my and the Heart bands come into
5677s ferion again in game number five right
5679s so cuz it will be back on the table in
5681s game number four and if you know three
5682s people do end up picking those
5684s characters they will get banned again
5686s for game number five so we'll have to
5687s see you know if um the bands will be on
5690s the table because you know originally in
5692s game number one we had no bands
5694s but then out of all of a sudden in game
5696s number two we did we do have the heart
5697s and my ban absolutely all right I
5700s believe we're going to start going back
5701s into the game I don't think it was a
5703s penalty I think they had to rehost the
5705s lobby due to technical issues so I think
5707s we're going to be off to an okay start
5709s here none of these teams having any
5711s issues we just had to remake the lobby
5713s in that one but here we go so uh
5716s weatherwise it's going to be thundering
5719s as well as Sunny so I don't really know
5721s what that constitutes when it comes to
5723s real life but it's okay this is Lumi
5724s Island this the this is not real
5727s life yeah and I don't think we're going
5729s to get any bands but it's going to be
5731s the charlot pick from Airline it looks
5734s like very interesting there as um yeah I
5739s mean we've seen the Charlotte Eva comp
5741s before coming out from I think team
5744s oo uh in the last season and it did end
5746s up working out for them uh a decent bit
5749s but yeah we're going to have to see it's
5750s um you know how it works here in the
5753s season
5754s for phase one finals I'm a little bit
5756s worried about this though because this
5758s really puts a big uh I think a big a lot
5761s of pressure onto ner to make sure he
5763s gets the damage out he's even forcing
5765s the false oath if you noticed as well
5768s this is a very risky composition to run
5771s no front line whatever to speak of if
5772s the Lura gets locked down here I'm not
5774s entirely sure what the plan is cuz even
5776s with the divine intervention I mean that
5778s can only buy you so much time whereas a
5780s lot of these teams we've seen so far in
5782s these games has really good extend
5784s fighting capabilities which I don't
5786s think aora is really going to be able to
5788s withstand even with the Charlotte on
5790s their
5790s team yeah I mean I agree you know um
5793s especially with these front and back
5794s comps these Alonzo able to lock down
5796s their teams it's going to be a little
5798s rough for them um to maybe try to make
5802s this comp work but you know this is kind
5804s of what they have to do right once um
5806s you know their hearts their original
5807s team comp gets banned we need to find
5809s another answer here but uh yeah I don't
5812s think we have any bans um this game it's
5814s only like a lot of duplicate picks we do
5817s have two IRS two nikkis two
5821s Biancas a lot of dupes but um no
5823s character picked more than three times
5825s exactly game four will be a clean slate
5828s at this point but here we go ladies and
5830s gentlemen going into game number three
5832s is going to be us in the ERM season 4
5835s Phase 1 finals let's see how game three
5838s goes for all of our teams still looking
5840s to get themselves into the checkpoint
5842s marker there is a close team
5844s with about 38 points it should be pnk FX
5847s no one's in checkpoint just just
5850s yet yeah um they just need I think
5852s either 17 or 18 so either 37 or 38 I'm
5855s not too sure but um yeah that just that
5858s that just means you know if they get a
5860s 10 kill win they will be able to qualify
5863s and 10 kill win is usually the standard
5865s when you're do an up winning game so
5867s yeah I mean as long as they're able to
5869s play a nice consistent game they're able
5870s to close out this game they will be able
5873s to get into checkpoint for game number
5874s four and looks like Airline is going to
5876s fall already we've seen you know the
5878s chapel early aggression so many times
5880s throughout uh the finals today and they
5882s will be able to pick up another kill
5883s forsel and unfortunately it seems like
5886s Airline no matter what character he
5887s plays him getting griefed early on is
5889s going to be a consistent Factor this guy
5892s on the shuai got taken down quite a lot
5894s during the wild cards and the group
5896s stages and seems like that pattern will
5897s continue here today work try damage but
5902s nothing available so yeah
5905s yeah donana using their damage reduction
5906s perfectly there uh fully negating the
5909s combo from Team fairy and it looks like
5911s on other side here team FX going to find
5913s xboy in Cemetery we know FX always
5917s groups up early in Cemetery they able to
5919s find these early kills and they do end
5920s up scoring one in this game as well
5922s stuff coming through good good good good
5925s okay a couple teams sitting on some
5926s early kills right Ma and song Sitting on
5928s two they managed to pick up a leave up
5930s it was the Carla as well I think it was
5932s a final Dau shot from from romatic to
5934s pick that up so well done over there
5936s still fairy is going to be alive now
5938s they've all hit their level six Mark so
5941s shackling anchor Checkmate as well as
5943s the pure rage uppercut all up and ready
5945s to go now they're going to start to hunt
5947s uh surely it doesn't go as bad as it did
5949s in
5950s Beach yeah I mean all these teams they
5953s need some points they need to try
5955s looking for these kills so they can get
5957s closer and closer to checkpoint but I
5959s think we did see the leader board I
5960s think fix did have 37 points so they
5962s still need 18 points to qualify I think
5965s the second place team was uh chit there
5968s they had 29 so they need 26 points in
5971s this game which um doesn't seem too
5974s doable for them toit checkpoint but if
5976s they do have you know an amazing pop off
5977s game if they do get I think 18 kills
5980s they they would be able to get into the
5982s break point as well say never right you
5984s never know what's going to happen with
5985s these series especially considering that
5988s if not all of these teams have shown us
5992s something fun throughout this weekend
5994s right I mean of course the teams that
5996s made it out in the group stages they
5998s actually won by a pretty large margin
6000s for the most part I talked about how
6003s team for group a was they manag to get
6006s the kill onto umu so well done there
6008s from Rosner but uh over the course of
6011s the weekend we've seen a lot of
6012s different types of leaderboards uh you
6014s know where we saw a lot more of the top
6017s weighted ones we saw a lot more of the
6019s distributed ones the top spread the what
6022s is it the top heavy one mostly came
6024s through from Group B and the wild cards
6027s whereas during group a we saw a lot more
6030s of an even scoreboard across the board
6033s right so you see in team slasher they
6035s had just barely that additional Edge to
6038s get themselves over one Circle about to
6040s get taken down not just yet though he's
6041s far away in range tazu actually jumping
6043s in to try killing romatic do they have
6045s the damage for this I don't think so
6047s everybody just kind of going in one at a
6049s time what's going on down goes xoy he's
6051s oh no that's not xoy that's in9 oh do is
6053s also in a little bit of trouble he will
6055s get taken down that going in one at a
6058s time I don't think was the greatest of
6059s ideas coming from that team yeah very
6062s aggressive jumping forward from one
6064s Circle but they were able to just Flink
6066s over the wall and yeah looks like they
6068s do end up getting another two kills on
6069s themselves so Mar zong sitting on four
6071s field kills already they must be uh
6073s ecstatic you know for this result and
6076s yeah they're just going to probably play
6079s for the archery wolves since they were
6080s you know up there looking pretty good
6083s looking pretty good now team f looking
6084s for the objective inside of cemetery yaa
6088s pushing in as team slasher getting
6090s control of Chapel so they don't have to
6092s worry about their flank for the most
6093s part but yoa is completely isolated by
6095s himself the full combo rotation coming
6096s in from gwor the guard reverse is going
6099s to block a little bit of damage which is
6100s not enough which means team slash are
6102s going to be pushed away from the
6103s objective the control seemed really good
6105s but the uh the over eager jump into the
6109s cemetery Zone I don't think that was it
6111s from yoa yeah I think they just didn't
6113s have vision and they thought maybe you
6115s know we're just going to I'm just going
6116s to get some extra distance with my Dash
6117s here but then you
6119s know uh just spell disaster for them as
6122s team fairy were able to capitalize on
6123s that and able to one shot you know the
6125s tank
6125s Nikki um yeah just able to do so much
6128s damage fairy we know we've seen their
6130s combo time and time again with you know
6132s the Nikki alt into the Dela combo yeah
6136s they're just not able to live through
6137s that a little bit tough but here we go a
6140s minute and 30 seconds until night number
6142s two we know where the Battle Zone for
6143s the most part are going to be one we
6145s have in the hotel the other the other
6147s one we have in police station not
6149s exactly sure where the last one is going
6152s to be but it's somewhere on the bottom
6153s right side of the map it will as a
6155s matter of fact be Uptown so two battle
6157s zones the South Side here w Wait a
6159s second team FX looking for an angle onto
6160s romatic a lot of good damage down but
6162s the fleeting Soul going to go completely
6164s wide actually the items were picked up
6165s by I think it was one Circle a beautiful
6167s play with us is going to force out the
6169s blink that's not really going to be
6170s available for the Battle Zone if these
6172s two teams decide to fight it out a bit
6174s too early on from FX to have enough
6176s damage to knock anybody down but that
6177s was a really good catch coming through
6179s want to romatic from E8 yeah getting
6182s caught there I thought you know um Mir
6184s were going to fall but it looks like
6185s they were able to get away here Don
6187s going to try to look for an angle going
6188s to look for Ros here but it does end up
6190s getting cancelled as one Circle going to
6193s get so much damage dodging these qes
6195s perfectly here a nice Flash Forward but
6197s it looks like the spell shield there
6199s from Su is just going to deny anything
6202s um theic is is going to be able to do
6204s there but going to be able to find
6205s another angle going to be able to maybe
6208s look for some damage a nice pull back
6210s from uh the Cella they're just going to
6213s be able to get the box and deny
6216s team uh bnk FX from getting anything
6219s there and they actually do actually kill
6220s E8 as well I think romatic was able to
6223s win the one one into into that's such a
6226s big loss on the side of Team bnk furx it
6229s was a tactical skill and yeah it might
6231s not look that big but that is going stra
6233s straight in towards the irm you know
6235s they want the additional damage coming
6236s from The Strider soner will be able to
6238s get themselves into the Battle Zone
6240s right so they are going to get their
6242s team a little bit of a safety in that oh
6243s tried to pull robotic out of it did you
6245s see that yeah yeah almost got him for
6248s that extra kill but unfortunately not
6250s able to hit but we do have an ultimate
6251s from coming out from in N the V going a
6254s little wide here but uh they're just
6255s going to try focusing down this Eon but
6258s the heal with the healing from Lenny and
6260s then the force field coming out it SA is
6263s just living through everything here and
6265s they I think they were able to grab the
6267s alpha B and they're just going to get on
6268s out of here what the heck was that combo
6270s as well sebie put down a put down an
6273s overflow ultimate but then he missed but
6277s the sh pulled him back into it like what
6278s the heck was that combination team ouo
6281s looking to find an angle back in on this
6283s fight but oh the spring Jack comes in U
6285s in a little bit of trouble and the pull
6286s back in again too you can't save this
6289s you cannot save this juc what the heck
6292s are these combinations never in the
6293s whole heap of trouble here too Charlotte
6295s getting chased down as well if Dey Falls
6297s that's big trouble here he goes Airline
6300s trying to
6303s run what the heck what the heck oh my
6307s God Oho is going to stay alive as
6309s Airline just greets the hyperloop gets
6312s out of there what a great had to play
6315s for airline recognizing that ly you know
6318s if they don't have their sta they're
6319s just able to TP out and they use their
6320s spring trap earlier in the fight so both
6322s uh CC abilities are on cool down and
6324s they do end up getting away but yeah I
6326s mean team uh uh chi here just playing
6331s out of their mind you know just able to
6332s combo with each other CC so well the
6335s spring trap into the carpet once again
6337s we saw it uh in game number two it was
6340s that was the combo that um that was able
6343s to close out the game for them so seeing
6345s it again here right to just goes to show
6349s how uh how prevalent this um Lenny Jenny
6354s combo is really is they've been pulling
6356s off some mad combinations in between
6359s these fights perfectly in line too I
6361s can't I can't even say that it's all
6363s pre-planned either right I mean we saw
6365s the combinations coming through one
6367s where we saw I think it was the Bianca
6370s getting taken down and just now pulling
6372s umu into quite literally every single
6374s source of crowd control that was readily
6376s available for that team I'm really
6378s wanting to see more of that one but here
6380s we go now it is a carmir match up
6382s between me and Hong versus Alto blink
6385s comesana he gets access over onto the
6387s backline but is it going to be good
6388s enough as the shackling anchor is going
6390s to be forced out by Alto that is a very
6392s very big resource that now team fery
6394s doesn't have access to now they're going
6395s to try jumping over on towards romatic
6397s they do get him so the r is gone it's
6400s not even the Adela that follows through
6401s it's the Carla this time around yeah
6404s because um JRE was completely isolated
6406s and actually took both attention from
6409s danana and one Circle and yeah I mean
6412s use the checkmates so well to block so
6414s much of the damage there so Barry just
6416s going to be able to get that nice uh
6418s pick onto romatic and yeah Miran going
6421s to have to lose 250 credits while FY
6423s able to get that kill and they do get
6426s that meteorite in school while that was
6428s happening team bnk FX fully wiping team
6430s high as well that team is gonzos for
6432s this game sebie trying to jump in here a
6434s lot of good damage dealt by the seon
6436s already acceptance spee is going to
6437s split away xboy trying to do whatever he
6439s can force field is going to come out
6440s early but the Nikki is already dead Oh
6443s by my goodness this Eon is unkillable
6446s with this Lenny up in the front side Isa
6449s getting chased down by the Lenny right
6450s now does he have the trumpet range no he
6452s does not which means I think the rest of
6454s Team slashers should be able to get
6455s themselves away but look at the mini map
6457s there is another team hanging around
6459s they're still thinking about chasing
6460s this one wow look at
6463s this having a vision of the zone as well
6465s I think they do know there is something
6467s nearby There's Something Fishy here as
6469s it looks like team slasher going to lose
6472s so much of their timer here here I don't
6474s think they have enough credits to call
6475s back as well cuz they actually opt to
6476s not call in and they're just going to go
6478s down to archery to get um their teammate
6481s back up they don't have enough credits
6483s man you you said it perfectly right it's
6485s not that they didn't have enough timer
6487s but it's just that they didn't have
6488s enough
6490s credits3 140 credits shared between any
6493s of those guys no matter what combination
6495s you want to run you're going to have to
6496s farm up quite a bit before pulling back
6499s that Nikki from the grave it's about to
6502s turn into night number three too so that
6503s Nikki is going to miss out on a whole
6505s lot of experience and Mastery when she
6507s comes back up yeah but I mean there is a
6510s check uh catch up um Mastery and
6513s experience so they will be able to get
6514s back into the game as long as they're
6516s able to get back up but on the top side
6519s here we do have team fairy going to be
6521s able to get a nice BX for themsel and a
6523s free Omega looks like so they're going
6524s to be sitting in a comfortable position
6526s with four kills already as well have a
6528s lot of credits they're they also going
6529s to be able to buy so yeah I mean team
6532s very going to probably fully Ked out
6534s here in the upcoming day number four
6537s should be the tan arm piece as well yep
6541s there we go there's thean in piece for
6543s the Carla ZB jumping in towards the back
6545s line again he is nearly untouched in
6547s this no one can actually touch him
6549s because yeah look at the support about
6550s to come through in the back line nice
6551s damage coming through not able to do
6554s anything because the Eon is just sitting
6558s on top of them as soon as uh oh my
6561s god oh the turn the turn from n there
6566s just actually able to uh kill the Lenny
6569s and it looks like it will be team oh
6571s going to be able to find their footing
6572s and they're going to be able to actually
6574s get two members of Team CH actually no
6578s Eon so slippery with the resets and the
6581s ultimate proc and the dashes I think
6584s they will be able to get away here okay
6586s he didn't get caught up by the Q there
6587s from the Charlotte all right good stuff
6588s coming through from sebie a lot of
6590s damage dealt over on towards z n before
6592s he went into the
6593s into the wait hold on the the casket oh
6596s he's going to be able to buy a whole lot
6597s of time but tazu he's about to get taken
6599s down too oh no zerin white lily should
6601s take him across perfectly angled by the
6603s way wow across the garbage can too
6606s usually you can hit each of the corners
6608s of the garbage can but hitting that
6610s across the garbage can now that's a
6611s whole different story but he's still
6613s going to get caught out there's another
6614s team in the gymnasium down goes kungi
6617s inate beautiful fight from Team faery
6619s beautiful third party catch up from team
6621s slasher their first kill of the game but
6623s now they're going to have to deal with
6624s Team be and SED they didn't see theana
6626s until it was too late but we'll be able
6628s to pull away from that one well done
6629s from them yeah we know how strong team
6632s faery is with these amount of items wait
6634s a second actually blinks on forward
6636s there fairy maybe going to try to look
6638s to capitalize on something but they know
6640s they don't want to be sandwiching
6641s between two teams wait a second Here
6643s Comes ultimate from oh my God the just
6647s gets obliterated and like I was saying
6649s the amount of power this team has with
6652s uh items and since you know they were
6654s able to get transition so fast they're
6656s just able to one shot these tanks I love
6658s it I love it I love it one tool
6661s fantastic decision making he knew that
6663s the shield was gone from the Alonzo so
6665s he assumed that a lot of stuff wasn't
6667s readily available for that team and now
6669s team M and sing in a whole heap of
6670s trouble as they're going to have to use
6671s a ton of timer trying to get the reses
6673s off but Alto sitting in the section
6675s romatic has to walk in up against the
6676s Carla of all things nonetheless oh my
6679s God romatic he blows up down goes one
6682s Circle down down goes Dada Alo Fairy Oh
6686s my God a beautiful set of
6689s plays and this is the power of the one
6692s shot comp if you are able to get these
6694s items you just obliterate your opponents
6696s with uh in CC but oh my God we have a
6699s Seb here taking zero damage just able to
6702s wreak havoc onto the backline here as I
6704s think umu will actually fall and it
6706s looks like it will be Airline going to
6707s fall as well Chom does end up uh taking
6711s out nemory with the play
6713s and it will be
6716s team uh oh be going to be wiped off the
6719s map here as team chit going to be able
6722s to get a nice clean three ah
6724s unfortunately this time around there was
6726s no support for the AA the Lura couldn't
6728s take down the Jenny as well as the Lenny
6732s fast enough and she got taken down there
6734s instead which means as soon as the Lura
6735s is gone I mean there is no support for
6737s that Ava and the Charlotte Ava falls
6740s down Charlotte notorious for not being
6742s able to get away from quite literally
6744s anything so unfortunate for team oou
6747s will be a great fight up against team CH
6749s seed earlier on but their luck ran out
6751s at the end of that fight good stuff
6753s coming through from two SE as they will
6754s knock down one of their adversaries my
6756s God this team is going to be so strong
6759s they got a wick line as well Wick buff
6761s is going to be on for the one shot team
6764s getting that blood I think that saw Zen
6766s Vitality so so the Nikki is also going
6768s to be really
6770s tanky it's looking rough for these other
6772s teams movie as uh we saw you know once
6775s fery gets enough items and they are and
6777s if they are able to jump allall this
6778s game no one can live through their combo
6781s to be fair I think they've already had
6782s all their items at this stage of the
6784s game that should probably become uh what
6788s is it a blood Half Moon probably for
6791s alto right I don't think they would go
6793s for no foru here cuz they already have
6795s enough damage on towards Jor if they
6797s already built something I couldn't tell
6799s cuz I haven't been watching the bottom
6801s side of the M of the screen just yet but
6804s yeah no matter what transition they
6805s decide to go for that blood sample is
6807s going to go a long way the wick line
6809s bleed now I don't necessarily know
6811s whether doesn't matter as much because
6814s because they do you know play off off
6816s that one shot but it's just there to
6817s help you know extra damage extra damage
6820s extended fights right yeah if they if
6822s the fight goes a little longer than
6823s expected then you know they do have that
6825s uh poke as well with the Carla and diela
6828s so oh it looks like a nice engage coming
6831s out from Team E8 going to get a lot of
6832s damage on shomi the healing wind does
6834s end up going through Ros actually
6835s flashing forward a little too far up
6837s here I think shom just wreaking havoc
6839s and going to be able to finish R the
6840s play that does end up proing here Seb
6843s going to try looking for something on
6845s the backline still full HP just going to
6847s try to get some damage here but uh yeah
6850s E8 trying to do some damage onto the
6852s Lenny trying to knock them down but the
6855s sustain from the heal plant and from the
6857s Lenny healing is just too much and it
6858s will be bnk thex going to lose two
6861s members and I think that might be it for
6863s them as it is day number five so they're
6865s not going to be able to get any more
6867s reses and they probably won't be able to
6869s get into the checkpoint you've seen so
6871s many teams falling for the Trap of
6873s trying to go for the Jenny first you and
6874s I talked about it yesterday but in my
6876s opinion you kind of have to kill the
6878s Lenny First otherwise sebie is going to
6880s be in full HP nearly the entire fight
6882s right you split your attention a little
6883s bit too much on trying to kill the Jenny
6885s instead of the Eon but you need to kill
6887s the Eon first too cuz he's going to be
6889s ripping apart your back line while
6890s you're spending and diverting your
6892s resources trying to catch two characters
6894s that quite frankly are extremely
6896s extremely difficult to catch out very
6898s notoriously the Jenny and the Lenny oh
6902s great reaction here we go the counter
6904s initiation coming through is it going to
6905s work oh cancel on the r of the vampire
6907s queen from one tool with the punch is
6909s going to be good here we go is it going
6911s to be enough though the Checkmate is
6913s going to completely whip from gwor
6914s beautiful castling to get himself on out
6917s of there exploit does fall it's a 2v3
6919s now do they have enough damage to try to
6921s knock anybody else down though the will
6923s fall and one after another these players
6926s such beautiful plays but just not going
6928s to be enough to finish each other off
6930s for team slasher fairy 13 kills they are
6933s continuing down the path of utter
6936s destruction yeah great blink reaction
6938s from the Felix but then tul just able to
6941s get that nice um interrupt into the re
6944s of the vampire queen Expo just not going
6946s to be able to find anyone after did get
6948s interrupted and that just sealed the
6949s deal for team fairy team fery playing
6951s out of their mind in this series
6953s they're just able to capitalize and
6954s utilize these items that they got so
6956s well and here comes a combo and there
6959s goes He without even a queen or a
6963s Checkmate on top of that uh you just
6965s need two pawns a night fork and a
6967s castling through every single one of
6968s those check check what is it chest
6970s pieces and somebody is rightfully going
6973s to die so bnk forx securing at least
6976s third place right now G work now hunting
6978s for the members of Team CH SE they are
6980s stuck in a corner here though with the
6982s Lenny should be to go to any hyperloop
6984s they really want to if they do end up
6985s getting caught out like that but with
6986s the vision plant we continue I wonder if
6990s I wonder if they're going to be able to
6991s onot this Eon or not uh oh yeah actually
6994s I do wonder I mean he's too mobile I
6995s think to safely get anything done cuz
6998s let's be real here P rage uppercut is
7000s going to cut straight in Here Comes Here
7002s Comes oh my God my God he's godone he's
7005s gone wa second no looking for an angle
7009s though and still alive though yeah they
7011s get the execution about us and and and
7013s that's it ah Jesus man listen I get the
7017s idea of Dashing in but that makes it
7019s easier for to just get the pure AG
7022s uppercut in there's less distance he has
7024s to cover oh CI will get taken down it is
7027s going to be the dean straw Auto attack
7028s from Alto to lock that down and this
7030s should be it for FY I think I think the
7033s double blood weapons with the pen and
7036s then Yas have too many items that Eon
7038s got obliterated off the map and yeah
7041s that is going to be it team
7043s very going to get 17 or possibly 18
7046s kills here in game number three they are
7049s going to be sitting in a nice
7050s comfortable position forsel did they
7052s even did sebie even have time to use
7054s force
7055s field I actually wonder if that was the
7057s case I don't know if they used force
7059s field or not but if they did and I and
7061s it went all through the whole force
7062s field I would be surprised I would not
7064s be
7065s surprised H now it's time for Team Farah
7067s to have fun there goes Cilla is going to
7069s get taken down bnk FX securing their
7071s third place in this game which means CHC
7074s will be able to secure second place but
7076s look 18 kills for team faery and they
7078s will be able to secure first which means
7080s 26 points going towards that team and I
7083s don't think off of game number three we
7085s are going to have a team in Checkmate or
7087s checkpoint I should say so a very very
7090s solid game coming from fa there is the
7092s play Dead coming through play dead nah
7095s you are dead GG's called to team fairy
7098s and CH seat
7100s sebie where did his health bar go oh
7103s yeah I mean he just got like obliterate
7106s off the map but that just goes to show
7108s you how strong this one shot comp is
7111s especially you know with the nickon am
7113s drone uh Alto and gor both having blood
7116s items already I think that definitely
7117s sealed the deal because having that
7118s extra armor pen from having those items
7121s is just way too much for de on to tank
7124s oh man I I think the fact that what is
7126s it the fact that the Carla exists in
7130s these fights we've always talked about
7132s it before the biggest issue with these
7133s one shot compositions I talked about it
7136s on Friday as well but is that the extend
7138s fight just doesn't exist for that kind
7140s of team right you need to wait for your
7142s cooldowns to rotate back up but for an
7143s Adela to continuously be landing her her
7146s skills it's really difficult to do that
7149s but with Alto in play now you actually
7151s have the extended fight combination and
7154s you saw how much damage he was able to
7155s do to romatic inside a school who cares
7159s if the Adela can't follow up on a Nikki
7160s well if the heart if the Carla is there
7162s throwing harpoons all over the place
7165s well someone's going to die
7167s eventually yeah I'm looking back at the
7169s clip and I think they overkilled him by
7171s like a 2,000 HP so if he didn't press
7174s the force field I think he still would
7176s have died he didn't even need to use
7177s Checkmate if I remember correctly yeah
7179s he did not he did not so that is the
7182s power of the comp when they get items
7185s and yeah oh my God we we we just we just
7188s saw in
7189s fruition o I think seie is going to need
7192s a a little bit of a reset after that one
7194s I wonder what his mentals looking like
7197s right now cuz you spend your entire game
7199s being as tanky as possible looking
7202s really strong right cuz think about
7204s what's on the mind of sebie up until
7205s that fight okay I'm super strong I've
7208s been able to just like on V2 myself for
7210s the entire so rotation of the game I've
7213s never really fallen down below a quarter
7215s of my HP so I see what se's angle was
7218s there of trying to play aggressive
7219s because you know he's trying to look for
7220s the backline quote unquote
7223s but you can't Dash into a Nikki like
7224s that without a plan I
7226s mean
7227s he gosh I don't know I mean he was
7231s looking for the angle there but then
7232s Nikki was just able to lock him down and
7234s then we know you know uh the combo
7236s coming out from Team
7238s fairy wow I
7241s mean yeah he just just died he just died
7244s yep there's nothing else that we could
7246s say about that one or nothing else we
7247s have to say about that one he he just
7249s died
7252s yeah I think he was also fully
7253s transitioned he did have uh the damage
7255s reduction as well from I think Guardian
7257s suit but yeah it's just not enough you
7260s know I think if he had the blood sample
7261s transition then you would have been fine
7263s cuz you know the additional HP scaling
7265s from Black Mama King surely surely would
7269s have saved them there I don't think so I
7271s don't they overkilled him by like 2018 I
7273s think so that surely the four score
7275s tenacity upgrade would have been and
7277s absolutely not because it doesn't save
7278s you from Knocked Up and everything else
7280s too so yeah he he was absolutely dead
7282s the rights the moment he dashed in and
7284s the pure rage uppercut was locked in and
7285s ready to go yeah he was absolutely dead
7287s there was no saving him on that one I
7289s don't even think healing wind would have
7292s saved him from that one if I'm going to
7294s be real with you but here we go the
7296s scoreboard after game number three the
7299s round results is going to look like this
7301s fairy sitting on 26 points off of this
7303s game alone 18 total field kills and
7306s ladies and gentlemen that's what happens
7308s when the one shot comp starts
7309s snowballing early and actually finishes
7311s the game with with an incredible record
7314s yeah once they are able to One-Shot
7316s tanks no one is you know um going to be
7319s able to live or no one is uh safe you
7322s know from their combo so you can't even
7324s play the front to back into that team
7326s once they do get enough items because
7328s they'll just go for the tank they'll one
7329s shot the tank and now you have no front
7330s line so yeah they're just able to play
7332s that game so perfectly able to
7334s capitalize on all the transitions that
7336s they gots able to snowball that game
7337s with
7339s 26 points like you said but here is the
7341s total leader here we do have a lot of
7343s teams getting close to the checkpoint
7345s break point here FX you know although
7347s they didn't really get that many kills
7348s they did have a high placement so
7349s they're able to get a lot of points for
7351s themselves with 46 points so they only
7353s need nine points in the next game to
7354s qualify for that checkpoint break point
7356s jit as well with 43 only need 12 and
7359s fery with 36 still need 19 so they are
7362s still a little um far away but you know
7366s as long as they have another good game
7367s they they will be able to hit that uh
7368s checkpoint yeah in comparison to a few
7371s games ago that far away doesn't really
7373s seem that far away anymore team faery uh
7376s those guys after game number three
7377s probably feeling really good right
7378s morale is going to be at an alltime high
7380s they know that their composition Works
7382s in a Lobby like this but with my coming
7384s back and with a couple other characters
7385s coming back do you want to run that comp
7389s again now we have seen them one shot Li
7392s instead right they just say screw
7394s everybody else who cares we just kill
7396s the tank first
7397s instead do they want to do that though
7401s it's up to them I mean they can
7403s seen it is true with the my exclusive
7405s you know it is going to deny them the
7408s one shot potential so we all have to see
7411s if they do end up picking it with the ma
7413s being back on the table but I mean yeah
7415s they could just go for the ma instead
7417s right as long as um the Nikki gets the
7420s ultimate on theay even if theay does end
7422s up alting thems to cancel Al when theay
7424s does al thems they are stuck you know in
7427s place for about half a second and that
7430s can be the game changer for them to one
7433s shot yeah nobody on the side of team
7435s faery when they run their main
7436s composition mainly does damage with
7438s their Auto attack safe for alto but the
7440s deck can's draw isn't necessarily the
7442s main damage source of the Carla after
7444s all you do get a little bit of
7445s additional defense coming out from the
7447s shvil right we talked about this
7449s yesterday where using exclusive on
7450s yourself does give you the shvil or I
7453s guess any Target that you use it on gets
7454s a shvil but yeah all you get out of that
7457s up against team fery is just a little
7458s bit of additional defense and there's a
7460s lot of crowd control stacking that
7462s even if you do exclusive the pure rage
7464s uppercut I mean the check what is it the
7467s the night Fork is going to come through
7468s immediately after so where is really the
7471s safety net in trying to exclusive
7473s yourself if fairy locks on to you yeah
7476s we'll have to see if um they do decide
7478s to pick the comp but um yeah I think
7480s we're going to jump straight into it
7482s very shortly
7483s here yeah we're going have to see you
7485s know if the heart does get banned as
7488s well since you know was another pick
7489s that is back on the table mhm
7492s we'll see if anybody is going to start
7494s pulling out some random compositions
7496s here although I highly doubt it with my
7498s and heart coming back exactly as you
7499s said we know that UOB is just going to
7502s go back to their bread and butter right
7503s the shuai Eva and the hard they need to
7505s make something work the Laura comp it
7508s looked good for Split Second up against
7510s team CH seat but they couldn't replicate
7512s that success in the second fight which
7514s means inherently that comp is going to
7516s have issues right we talked about it
7518s before the game even started it's a very
7521s very risky comp and with teams all over
7523s the place having extended fights you are
7525s not going to find that kind of success
7527s that often yeah when teams are able to
7529s just jump on to the backline umu and the
7532s Charlotte are just not able to really do
7534s anything because you know they have no
7536s CC so that's what we saw you know in the
7539s previous game where the Eon they just
7540s went into the back line and umu
7543s literally could not uh cast use their
7545s abilities because you know if they do
7547s end up using the ultimate they will just
7548s get cancelled by the Eon Al so
7554s there's a lot of things that goes wrong
7555s with these team compositions here and
7557s there right I mean we've seen it there
7558s is no perfect team comp nowhere to be
7562s ever seen and uh yeah it's just going to
7564s be how eternal return works just going
7567s to be how any mesque Battle Royale works
7569s too just never really find that perfect
7571s teamc just have to take what you have
7573s and run all the way to the Finishing
7574s Line with it but here we go super game
7577s number four character selection is going
7579s to be underway the weather is going to
7581s be rainy and and windy from the looks of
7583s it so just additional bushes from the
7586s looks of it right now as all the other
7588s characters now be selected everything is
7592s available what is going to be option for
7596s all these my guess is maybe they weren't
7598s ready for the heart ban but I think
7602s Hearts might get banned again it looks
7605s like no it's only going to be two hearts
7607s as team fairy does end up deciding to
7610s wait a second we have York on Alina it
7613s looks like because of probably the my
7615s being on the table but there will be no
7617s my bandage there's only two players
7619s picking my this is a good idea though
7623s we'll have to see cuz we saw this comp
7625s once on Friday and it didn't work out
7628s cuz gwor accidentally used his entire
7630s kit on somebody either in stasis or on
7633s the exclusive so we'll see if today is
7636s going to be a whole different story
7637s character selections online and ready to
7639s go me and S back to their bread and
7641s butter for season 4 as well everybody
7643s else just running their bread and butter
7645s too with Blaster sitting on the Taza we
7648s saw this
7649s yesterday yeah we do have the Alonzo
7651s Theodor pick we've seen them play this
7654s we've seen them utilize uh you know
7656s their kits to their full potential so
7658s we're going to have to see you know if
7659s it does end up working out for them once
7661s again for the finals but yeah I don't
7664s think there's any bands here again shy
7666s there's a lot of duplicate uh picks but
7668s um no pick that's been three uh no
7671s character that's been picked three times
7672s we have two M two
7675s hearts uh I think that's it I think this
7678s might be again as I said earlier the
7680s perfect combination of teams where we
7682s just aren't seeing that many picks the
7685s my and the Heart at least the my doesn't
7687s seem that forc but the heart band did
7689s right I mean you don't usually see a
7691s heart band nowadays there are very good
7693s alternatives to the Heart The Peacemaker
7696s of course is a really good source of a
7697s bunch of crowd control and you have some
7700s Nifty combinations off of it but it's
7703s not a pick that you would normally see
7705s banned out inm nowadays so that one felt
7707s a little bit forced but the May ban
7709s coming in almost just felt like a
7710s one-off kind of thing at this stage
7712s everybody just picking their own
7713s compositions not really trying anything
7715s outside of it the perfect combination of
7718s teams to not go for any bands we might
7720s just be chilling and see the utmost best
7722s coming through these teams as they play
7724s their comfort picks yeah I mean I think
7727s the reason why we had the band was team
7728s fery decided to just pick the same comp
7731s that uh team innate was picking and that
7734s forced both the hearts and the and the
7737s my band but now they just decided to
7739s pick you know comps that they're
7741s comfortable with probably to score as
7743s many points as possible to get into that
7744s checkpoint but we're going to have to
7746s see how it works out for these teams and
7748s it looks like team fairy going to try
7750s getting expoy here will the freeze come
7753s through just barely not able to get the
7755s freeze and X play will be able to get on
7757s out of there spe a little bit too good I
7759s don't think gor had his boots completed
7762s cuz xboy was out running him but a lot
7764s of damage being dealt over onto CED he's
7766s going to get taken down sebie needs to
7767s run cuz down goes shinomi as well so a
7770s bit of an awkward start for team chit
7773s this time around we know that they can
7774s pull back from this one though so it's
7775s not that big of a deal GW work on the
7778s other hand still looking for xboy but is
7780s this a smart idea as the entire team of
7782s Team slasher is right around here
7784s although Felix is not supporting this um
7787s expoy is Dead yoa trying to do whatever
7790s he can to stay alive he does end up
7791s getting the speed G but is it going to
7793s be enough as Auto is going to slow him
7796s gor needs to get the free auto attack oh
7801s my God that gug is like
7804s 99% yeah the bar it looks full but just
7808s not able to get the freeze unfortunately
7810s but I mean they do get one kill so it's
7812s not too bad as yoa running right into
7815s the hands of team mirang romatic does
7817s end up seeing this is going to all
7818s straight in Flash or blinks uh in front
7821s of of the Nikki so Nikki is not going to
7824s be able to get away here Nikki also only
7825s on Gray shoes so just not having the
7828s movement speed to get on out of there
7829s and it looks like Mir going to be able
7831s to pick up that kill too I like most of
7832s the movement that he did in these fights
7835s is from his skill so quite interesting
7836s but here we go another fight inside a
7838s cemetery it will be an early exclusive
7839s to get hiasi on out of there so sitting
7842s at about half HP but he has his front
7844s line to reliably sit upon EA going to
7846s get taunted up a lot of damage coming
7847s through from Blaster but this fight
7849s looking relatively even Paradiso will
7851s enough to knock down that IR Rosner in a
7854s little bit of trouble will try to get
7855s the blink across but I think that blink
7857s was a little bit forced as Blaster he
7859s will be able to get all the shields in
7860s the world coming through from aosi and
7862s himself keep himself alive a clean two
7864s for zero in favor of Team High ooh great
7868s rocket coming out from zeru Jin going to
7869s be able to proc the play dead from shom
7872s and that that means you know once Jenny
7874s is in that play dead they don't have
7876s enough movement speed to get away and
7878s looks like shom will end up falling here
7879s as inat sitting on three kills already
7882s they're sitting in a nice comfortable
7883s position as they do actually find nemory
7886s as well split farming like usual as this
7888s team tries to farm as many credits as
7890s possible so they can get those big uh
7892s items early fantastic crowd control
7894s stacking as well right stun from the
7896s shotgun straight into the taunt from the
7898s struts stuff coming out from Team kungi
7900s en who is sitting at four kills right
7902s now so a fantastic start for this team
7906s but that doesn't mean the game is over
7907s yet right 40 seconds to go for day
7909s number two it's still too early on in
7911s the game to tell as gwor looking for
7912s some angles here but these Haze rock is
7914s just decimating his team backside yeah
7918s they are doing so much damage and yeah
7921s looks like team fa is going to have to
7922s disengage both Alto and tul went down to
7925s 40%
7926s HP yeah I mean zeren just uh really
7929s accurate on these Rockets but we might
7931s have another fight on our hands here as
7932s team slasher maybe going to try looking
7934s for an angle team H just going to push
7935s them away here we going to try maybe
7937s play for this meteorite and team slasher
7939s just doesn't want any anything to do
7940s with it yeah you have a Bianca and the
7943s other team has double stasis and they
7946s have infinite Shields pretty much if you
7947s can't burst them fast enough not exactly
7949s the comp that you want to be fighting
7951s early on alto wait a second shackling
7953s anchor oh my God Uboo will be able to
7956s knock that down one tool should be able
7958s to finish it off but a one for one trade
7960s I think Ana is going to take that
7961s especially when they have aner Reaper
7964s and that was their first set of stacks I
7966s saw 10 for the anima Reaper the Eva is
7969s absurdly behind so we'll take that kill
7972s no matter what yeah especially when
7974s they're just split foring as well you
7975s definitely take that trade and yeah I
7978s mean that shackling anchor from the
7979s depths of L does end up locking that Eva
7983s down and yeah looks like tul will be
7986s able to clean that up from Beyond the
7989s Grave I mean this this it's kind of
7991s characteristic right I mean pirates from
7993s Beyond the Grave kind of thing yeah it's
7995s looks pretty interesting but here we go
7998s for an angle again tazu are you going to
8000s be able to get out oh nice blink across
8002s from Dau he will keep his life intact
8004s but a big big cool down infested from
8006s this heart yeah I thought dasu was
8009s caught out there but rattic actually
8010s alting forward into EA here EA already
8012s at uh 30% HP romatic dealing a lot of
8015s damage Al was forced stetic going to try
8018s a nice uh Dash forward to not get hit by
8021s the bookmark here romatic actually doing
8023s a lot of damage actually does end up
8024s alting forward but does end up getting
8026s hit by the knock up from the Su and it
8028s looks like romatic will be the one to
8029s fall here yeah I think
8032s um donana is also losing the one one
8035s actually no they're winning the 1 V one
8036s into the Cella here but one Circle
8039s playing out of his mind able to kill
8040s Roser here oh unfortunately not able to
8043s get that heal I think if they were able
8044s to get that heal proc they would have
8045s been able to turn it and win that 1 V2
8047s but uh yeah one circle is able to lock
8049s down Rosner actually trade uh one of the
8052s kills back there surprisingly in that
8054s 2V1 scenario yeah I think he should have
8057s max level Sapphire protocol right now
8059s but just didn't have the cool down for
8061s the shield to come back up so quite
8063s unfortunate they are 4 One Circle while
8065s that happened we did see danana getting
8067s away from the fight so he actually
8068s couldn't knock down sunor of course will
8071s just have to take the fall and run away
8073s from that one to keep his team's life
8074s intact the fight will begin Peacemaker
8076s is beautiful but uh-oh Blaster a little
8079s bit on the backside he has access to the
8081s backside right now as well Airline
8083s trying to do as much as he can to keep
8084s everybody alive and good that Marie is
8087s going to fall down to that dance but no
8090s everybody else is going the fall so team
8092s High not going to be able to knock down
8094s team ouo umu perfectly positioning
8096s himself to not die to anybody on the
8098s side of Team high will take the meteor
8100s oh actually the mythal I should say from
8102s the Battle Zone and will get themselves
8104s away from it yeah unfortunately not able
8106s to get any of the kills before the batt
8108s Zone proc so it will just be all batt
8110s Zone kills no real um points there for
8112s team uo but the r of the bom is actually
8114s forced from xoy here the damage coming
8117s out from um both uh
8122s and uh yoa is a lot but it's just not
8126s enough here as they do end up turning
8127s and Expo want to fall and Yoo Falls suit
8130s and yeah fairy get a nice uh clean two
8132s for himself I liked what slasher was
8135s trying to do but I think they
8136s overstepped
8137s because was it the Felix was trying nio
8141s was trying to take a bear while that was
8142s all happening E8 oh my God that burst
8145s where the heck did that ir's HP go the
8147s additional defense and C form did not
8149s help there at all will get taken down EX
8151s executioner bonus going to allow some
8153s cool down and some HP regeneration to
8154s come back for Team Hot will'll lose down
8157s on that iRun for a little bit longer for
8159s team bnk FX but they're still fine all
8161s alive and it's still night number two so
8163s no minus 250 just yet yeah great catch
8166s from high there able to capitalize on
8168s that rims Miss position as they were a
8170s little too far forward so high going to
8171s be able to pick up a nice kill for thems
8173s as the next objectives are going to
8175s spawn very shortly here all teams
8178s sitting on relatively low credits that
8179s means it did end up all calling in
8181s pretty recently here G getting your call
8183s in as well have to see you know what
8185s teams are going to fight for which trees
8188s which boxes which meteors and oh here
8190s comes the damage coming out from umu
8193s sebie eating the full laser but only
8194s taking half of his HP here as delen
8196s heals him back to about 34s and we'll
8199s have to see if these teams are going to
8201s play for this tree that's just two main
8203s priority items after all right the
8204s battle suit is no not the battle suit
8206s but the guardian suit is up and ready to
8207s go he does have the Tree of Life upgrade
8210s taking a little bit of damage from the
8211s members of Team oo but again we do have
8214s that Len to sustain him back a little
8216s bit and he is black m kingon after all
8218s we have a little bit of that additional
8220s omn siphon to heal himself right back
8223s up yeah now fight on our hands in
8226s Cemetery here deay actually gets some
8228s great taunt onto zerin here the combo
8230s coming out the Paradiso put a nice
8232s exclusive coming out from uh in9 here is
8234s that going to be enough to turn the
8235s fight here I think it might be zero Jin
8238s trying to get some damage with The
8239s Peacemaker but The Peacemaker just
8241s doesn't really connect uh and it looks
8244s like zeren is going to be the one to
8245s fall here Rockets are coming down maybei
8249s on one HP is just not enough but a nice
8251s turnar around does end up actually
8252s knocking hiaki is IGN going to get the
8255s taunt down it looks like they will be
8257s able to they have a huge HP Advantage
8258s here nice Dash coming up from dasu here
8261s and it looks like uh in was able to turn
8264s that fight really nicely with that
8267s exclusive I thought uh I thought zeren
8269s was going to be dead there but um the
8271s exclusive coming out from in9 was just
8274s phenomenal absolutely phenomenal and he
8277s bought himself enough time for his team
8279s to come back and get the reverse kill so
8281s nicely done there sebie going to try
8282s jumping in there's a third party around
8284s here though sebie does have resets Al
8286s completely isolated by himself will be
8287s the sacrificial lamb as the rest of the
8289s members of Team Fair now getting chased
8291s down by team oo is The Peacemaker going
8293s to be there oh fantastic ultimate coming
8296s through from gwor trying desperately to
8298s keep his team alive one Tool uh oh I
8302s don't know n should have the flinger up
8304s in just a moment here and they're going
8305s on the other side of the sandstorm the
8307s slow coming through from the delay and
8309s he's going to get taken down neory will
8311s be able to lock that down gwor by him is
8313s Lonesome does have enough credits to
8315s actually res his whole team but that is
8317s minus 500 going for team faery which
8320s quite frankly is going to be devastating
8321s this team needs transitions if they want
8324s to get kills yeah they need items here
8327s it is going to be a disaster for them
8330s but on the bottom side we did see Team
8332s uo able to call back no one really on
8334s the bottom side there for Omega but uh
8339s oh go for the res oh J does have the
8342s game sense he heard the the que coming
8345s out from Lenny and they will just look
8348s to find another console to resette
8350s that's so smart man that's so good too I
8352s think he heard actually the footsteps
8354s from the Lani and it just barely gave
8356s him enough information I did see the
8358s Ping right but you know it is what what
8361s it is he still tried for it and her
8363s footsteps so backed away alive for a
8365s little bit longer trying to look for the
8367s resurrects one Circle do not take
8370s that that white lily has been the death
8372s of many players in this tournament so
8374s far but one Circle spark exclusive
8378s okay yeah just respecting the spark need
8381s proc from one Circle it's going to
8383s instantly
8384s exclusive uh the tazan out of there and
8387s it looks like uh team
8389s inates they were coming down to maybe
8391s contest for this Omega but uh it will be
8393s claimed by team M nothing to really get
8397s on the South Side there in Doc right cuz
8399s all the animals were taken the box was
8400s also taken so no real reason for team
8403s High to be there will just get
8404s themselves on out of there same thing
8405s for the other team that decided a step
8407s back in there I think it was K in8 and
8410s now that it's night number three Omega
8413s was also taken everybody just back to do
8416s their own
8418s thing yeah everyone's just slowly
8420s farming up here getting their cins here
8422s but it looks like have an engage here
8424s from Team fairy going to be able to not
8427s actually the freeze does not connect
8429s onto anyone here Alto doing a lot of
8430s damage onto the shoai but The Peacemaker
8433s does end up coming through and it's
8434s going to be GW that does end up falling
8436s the shackling anchors does end up
8437s connecting onto n but it's just not
8438s enough and it looks like he very going
8440s to lose two members and they're going to
8441s have no credits here Jesus you don't
8444s push into an Eva in in that tight of a
8446s corridor it's literally a straight line
8448s down man it's probably the perfect width
8450s of an AA ultimate to and he standing
8451s straight in the middle of it my goodness
8454s another fight starting inside of Hotel
8455s though fantastic spring trap to bring
8457s back the two squishy members back into
8458s the M of the team s getting taken down
8460s to about a quarter of their HP shom
8462s still pumping out the damage with their
8463s Auto attacks but the shvil is going to
8465s deny a lot of that damage still the m is
8467s going to get taken down now it's a 2v3
8469s blaster trying his best to get away he
8470s will put down the wall which means
8472s Blaster will be able to get themselves
8473s on out of there but that is a big big
8475s loss going into the hands of Team High
8477s not that much timer left on the side of
8479s blaster can he hear it oh by God he
8481s hears it no time he has no time doesn't
8484s have
8486s time finds it y there we go I think he's
8489s opting to not take the minus one and
8491s just feat the kill into team uh CH there
8495s as uh oh looks like we do have some
8497s teams um maybe going to try to
8499s capitalize on the uh Team entering from
8503s hotel here but I think they do recognize
8505s there's a lot of teams nearby and no no
8507s none of these teams want to take the
8508s fight because they don't want to risk a
8509s third party scenario but ooh the blink
8512s from danana going to try to hit I think
8517s that was daru there but just wasn't um
8520s wasn't close enough as the sandstorm
8522s speed stream right the wind stream to
8524s actually move himself on out of therei
8526s by himself doesn't have enough credits
8528s to ra anybody just just yet and you will
8530s never have enough credits to ra the rest
8532s of his team as he's going to get taken
8533s down team high will be the first team
8535s eliminated in game number four fortunate
8539s for them four kills it looked a little
8541s bit better right than some of the games
8543s we've seen so far from that team
8544s actually maybe not cuz team High's been
8546s doing pretty good fairy alto's going to
8548s also take the fall which means we have
8550s our second team falling right afterwards
8552s so good stuff coming out from bnk FX but
8554s now they're going to have to deal with a
8556s potential team starting to step in team
8557s ouo H are looking for the Box they will
8559s be able to get it a whole lot of damage
8561s coming through from the Ava fortunately
8563s the second rotation of that V for option
8565s not going to land on anybody but ts are
8567s taking down to half box was secured
8569s Metate in hand should I believe be the
8572s Wind and Fire Wheels is it no it's just
8574s going to be the kabada yeah great
8577s pullback from Cella actually going to be
8578s able to get that max range pull onto the
8580s heart who tried to look for an angle
8583s tried to jump in there but just going to
8585s get denied and I mean FX already on
8587s three kills they only need Nine Kills to
8589s hit this checkpoint break point and they
8590s might see it for game number five here
8593s way way just six more points for team FX
8597s of course that also constitutes not
8599s falling down from a minus one
8602s for an angle girl in the bubble is
8603s pretty good at dodging out sources of
8605s damage and suns are still sitting on the
8608s fumas right this is okay though cuz it's
8610s still I don't want I don't want to say
8612s relatively early in the game but it's
8613s early enough in in the game where he has
8615s the do for it but this is not the angle
8618s that's not the angle that's not the spot
8621s EA's also going to get separately taken
8623s down by team oo and now it's desperate
8626s times for bnk FX they're not going to
8628s find no credits yeah they're only going
8630s to be able to get
8631s one call back is going to be very
8634s unfortunate for FX here as um this was
8636s their game for them to checkpoint but
8639s yeah having another bad game here means
8640s you're not going to be able to get into
8642s that break point but um you know there
8645s were some other teams that were pretty
8646s close so we're going have to see if
8647s these other teams are going to be able
8648s to hit it he's still looking for an
8649s angle to bring back the irm at least
8652s butm is not exactly what you're looking
8654s for on that team do you need the
8656s Cilla fortunately will not be the case
8658s me while that all that's happening we be
8660s able to get the themselves that free
8661s Wile line healing themselves back up but
8664s now they're completely split apart E8 to
8666s by himself only 10 seconds of time on
8668s his and I don't know about this one it
8670s is an irm but he's going to have to step
8672s back in towards gas station he's been
8674s found out springtrap not going to hit
8676s the trumpet also not going to land there
8678s as well there's so many people here
8681s there's so many people here the sua gets
8683s caught out too she Queen invested that
8686s is not good here but it looks like team
8689s slasher is just going to walk into red
8691s probably going to TP here so they will
8692s have to coin flip it maybe they go pwned
8695s I think or stream I think stream is free
8697s so yeah I think they are fine here there
8700s is actually no one on uh the bottom side
8703s of the map so yeah looks like they are
8705s okay best case scenario too because team
8708s be seong has been watching their flank
8709s this entire time that's how they were
8711s able to get Wick as she walked up in the
8712s police station but they're too far away
8714s to determine that there was a hyperloop
8717s in toward stream it's a perfectly safe
8719s teleport coming through from Team team
8720s slasher and now they have the flank
8722s advantage on towards team me seong they
8725s don't have to watch their own flank now
8728s either yeah and um we do have a gas
8733s station uh alley oh wow a nice ring trap
8735s coming out um from shom but yeah no no
8740s real um punish for that as you know they
8743s do recognize there's probably another
8744s team nearby and I don't want to send it
8745s too
8746s hard a little bit dangerous but they're
8749s okay 5 Seconds to go until we do have
8753s stream closing and our final two zones
8755s will be determined here n zero Jin and
8760s tazu I'm a little bit worried here
8761s actually for the members of Team slasher
8763s because they have to either push through
8765s mid and song or something bad is going
8767s to happen
8768s regardless think they're tping again I
8771s wonder which TP spot they're going to go
8773s for cuz if they TP to gas station it is
8775s going to be a disaster in umu going to
8777s try looking for some poke damage team
8781s on the bottom side here yeah looks like
8783s gas station is going to be the one to
8784s close so will be a alley um Station
8789s Final Zone but the damage coming out
8791s from umu just barely not enough as
8794s exclusive does end up being forced as
8795s zero Jin taken down to 10% HP going to
8798s slowly regen back up I wonder if team o
8801s going to try to look the force here as
8802s they do have a nice HP Advantage but it
8804s looks like the HP Advantage was cut
8805s short as Zen did end up getting all
8808s their HP back from the rest as neory
8809s gets a lot of poke damage on to Here
8811s Comes iton loocking Down Memory here but
8815s just taking too much damage in is the
8816s one to fall first and uh wait was that
8819s The Peacemaker just got instantly
8820s canceled but looks like it doesn't
8822s matter as they do end up getting the
8823s wipe here do any teams hear the Ping do
8826s they want a piece it looks like no both
8828s team uh chit and team slash are just
8830s going to chill in their bushes on the
8832s bottom side oh how strong is AA man
8835s she's just ripping through these health
8837s bars left and right you know there must
8838s be a player in here that's got to be
8840s doing really good in the chat about how
8843s good AA is right now clueless but yeah
8846s no a great fight taken from UOB great
8848s poke coming through from the AA but of
8850s course a even better fight taken from
8852s neory although here going not really
8856s dangerously low they to spark n but
8857s managed to get on out of there
8860s slasher if they checked this it looks
8862s like yeah they are just in this bush and
8865s chob actually jumps forward into the
8867s bush and they instantly proc their Play
8870s De here comes the rain of rain of the
8872s vampire queen shomi actually Dodges her
8873s out pretty well but it looks like it is
8875s going to be S uh uh Sona going to be the
8878s one to fall there as they also Chase
8881s shinin as shom has no play dead sebbi on
8884s the other side here oh oh no does end up
8889s connecting but it looks like M does want
8892s to play it slow as they do know there's
8893s another team near by as slasher going to
8896s be the one forced in here there is no
8898s flank watch now for the members of team
8900s team Oho they're the ones at
8903s the oh my God senine has nowhere to go
8907s he's going to pop doesn't really have
8909s that much timer to work with sebie Hyper
8911s looping out with overflow on hand
8914s straight into the waiting hands of Meen
8916s s he's going to go on the downtime 13
8919s seconds left on hand he's got to go back
8922s yeah he doesn't want to minus one his
8923s team and yeah looks like we do have a
8926s nice fight up here between team oh w
8930s going to try getting the r vampire queen
8932s nice kite back yo trying to look for an
8934s angle here but the timers timers yo is
8936s going to explode here they actually do
8938s get one of the knocks here as airline
8940s does end up falling so it does refresh
8941s their timer but yo is only on one HP
8944s need to try to look needs to try to look
8945s for something here a nice uh throw skill
8948s but they are actually able to secure one
8950s of them and not enough as Mir is just
8954s here for the third party only going to
8955s get four kills this game but they will
8957s secure themselves to win GG no re hedong
8961s taking that game number four but exactly
8963s as you said a mild game coming through
8966s from them it's going to be four kills
8967s eight points from the placement 12
8969s points overall but they're still going
8971s to be happy about this one right they do
8972s need to get the points so GG's towards
8974s team M and song fantastic fights taken
8977s from Team oob they're going to recover
8979s some of the points they haven't been
8980s able to gain throughout the series in
8982s this game alone yeah oo I think they got
8986s 12 field kills there and a nice second
8989s place finish for them so they actually
8990s probably had the most points in that
8992s Lobby a nice 17 points for them I think
8993s they're very happy about their
8994s performance not much you can really do
8996s about the third party scenario coming
8998s from Mira seong as you know they did end
9001s up winning to 3v3 but you know Mir seong
9003s just decided to come on over get that
9006s free win for thems you know we won't see
9009s this anymore coming up in the second
9011s phase because you know the zones will be
9013s locked but um yeah this is um this is
9017s the last um time we'll see you know
9019s these uh these these third parties yeah
9021s unfortunate right unfortunate yes yes
9025s yes h no not at all yeah I think it's a
9029s little at climactic sometimes you know
9031s when these teams are fighting their
9033s their Hard Out Here winning these 3 v3s
9035s and then you know the third party just
9036s comes in for the free win so I'm glad
9039s you know it is getting um I guess sort
9041s of removed through the game but uh yeah
9043s we'll have to see you know how these
9045s teams do end up playing around the new
9047s Final zones coming up in phase two yeah
9049s me is not going to be able to pull these
9051s Shenanigans starting from phase number
9052s two but I think you know it's for good
9054s reason right it is absolutely
9056s anti-climatic just as you said but let's
9058s be real here what do you think was going
9060s in the mind of nemory in that situation
9062s he pulls off the clutch 1 V2 and then
9065s all of a sudden energy blast field and
9067s then you have three absolute monsters
9070s just running straight at you it's a
9073s zombie once you once you see that you
9075s know your fate is sealed and you take
9078s what you could get you know they got
9079s second place 12 kills
9081s I mean it's still a nice and I would be
9083s proud of that performance you know if I
9084s was in their shoes yeah it's not every
9086s single game that they were able to pull
9088s off something like this even if they get
9089s the Ava all the way to the late game so
9092s a very nice recovery from Team ouo if
9094s anything they're the team that's been
9095s denied a lot of these late game kills
9097s because Ava while she does have amazing
9100s poke and a lot of good you know damage
9102s as we've seen so far especially in this
9104s game as well all you have to do is just
9106s kind of right click back away and look
9108s for another angle right so good coming
9110s out from that team they were able to
9112s stabilize a little bit in the amount of
9113s points they game but let us take a look
9115s at the round results and see what the
9118s overall scoreboard looks like right
9119s after yeah I think with this round our
9123s points got spread out even more so I
9124s don't think there's anyone in checkpoint
9125s but we do have OU will winning the game
9128s or sorry not winning the game but
9129s winning the round with 17 points as they
9132s end up getting second place team slasher
9133s and Mir song actually tied for uh 12
9137s points as M song although they didn't
9139s end up witing the game they didn't have
9141s enough kills they only had four field
9142s kills to their name as slasher had eight
9144s and N had eight as well with 10 total
9148s points but yeah I don't think there's
9150s any team that is in checkpoint here as
9152s yeah the um the leaderboard I think okay
9156s it is really spread here it's so close
9159s BN FX not being able to hit the
9161s checkpoint Mark which allows CH SE to
9163s catch up here as well 49 points so off
9165s of this game we are at least guaranteed
9168s a game number six and quite frankly L
9170s looking at this leaderboard I wouldn't
9172s be surprised if we have multiple teams
9174s in checkpoint after game number five
9177s yeah b k FX only need five points CH
9180s only need six fairy needs 15 marri needs
9182s 17 so you know once it goes down to
9185s Third play uh place in onwards they're
9187s going to need you know a lot more points
9189s but you know as long as they have a nice
9191s clean win they will be able to hit
9192s checkpoint as well indeed indeed indeed
9195s guys game four is over which means it's
9198s been two games since our last
9199s intermission we're going to go on a
9200s break in just a quick moment here of
9203s course afterwards we will see whether or
9204s not these teams decide to swap out any
9207s members go for anything interesting but
9209s with game number four not having any
9211s team or not having any bands I highly
9214s doubt it but we'll see you guys when
9215s that happens go take a stretch go grab
9217s some water go grab some snacks we will
9220s see you guys back here in 5 minutes for
9222s games five and six take care take care
9250s speee spe
9269s foreign
9305s spe
9336s fore
9379s fore
9388s for Fore
9420s foreign
9426s foree
9427s speech
9439s foree
9442s fore foreign
9447s speee
9449s fore spee speee
9490s foree
9528s spee
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9548s foreign
9551s speee
9558s speech
9569s fore
9575s foree spee
9581s speee fore
9617s no is don't
9632s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
9633s back to the eternal return Master season
9636s 4 phase one welcome back from the break
9639s and unfortunately we won't have another
9641s intro this time around do you see the K
9644s casters they carrying like the the
9645s chicken as like as like a baby yeah man
9648s dude where where our chicken so we can
9651s endorse it too right I mean it's not
9653s like it's not like we want free food but
9655s we just want to wholeheartedly indorse
9658s our sponsors you know what I'm talking
9659s about man right yeah yeah I mean you
9663s know I have an eight and don't you know
9664s seeing all that uh sorry uh seeing all
9667s those ads you know I'm I'm kind of
9669s hungry so I think after this cast I'm
9671s I'm probably gonna go grab some
9673s breakfast but so yeah welcome back guys
9674s welcome back yeah you're going to go to
9676s Korea and grab that chicken they've been
9677s advertising here yeah
9681s all right guys here we go uh games five
9684s and six is now about to be played here
9686s we just finished games three and four
9687s that's what we came off the break of and
9690s so far these games have been absolutely
9693s amazing the fact that we don't have a
9695s single team in checkpoint yet really
9697s does go to show you how difficult these
9700s lobbies have been for every single
9702s team yeah but um I think we are just
9705s going to jump straight into it shuy
9707s while we have any roster changes here I
9709s think most most of the uh the players
9711s are exactly the same and yeah everyone's
9714s going to go back to their same team
9716s comps as there weren't really any bands
9717s here so we're going have to see yeah the
9719s fact that there haven't been any banss
9721s towards the end of these series before
9725s or I should say end of the games before
9726s we go into a break really opens up
9728s opportunities for these players and
9730s again the fact that none of these teams
9732s are in checkpoint means that every other
9734s team in the game as well are actually
9736s doing pretty decent right there is no
9738s real reason for these guys to change
9740s anything up scoreboard across the board
9743s right now is actually relatively even
9745s teams are finding their own individual
9747s fights and of course there are going to
9748s be some teams that are doing better than
9750s the others but team compositions are
9753s working fight compositions are working
9756s macro situations are working for these
9758s teams they just need to find their angle
9760s and find their own Tempo yeah I look
9763s like Fair will be going back to the one
9764s shot cop I'm surprised it did end up
9766s swapping off of it the last game since
9767s it did work uh so well for them in game
9769s number two but they will be going back
9771s to it looks like everyone is playing the
9773s same characters no real any I don't
9776s think we have any changes here as you
9778s know no banss we did we do have a lot of
9780s duplicates once again we have like two M
9783s two Nikki I think we also have two
9785s hearts but yeah no character picked
9787s three times so there will be no bands
9789s going into game number six I'm kind of
9791s liking this now I've always you know
9794s been a fan of the whole ban situation
9796s ban rule because it kind of takes away
9799s from from the whole stale situation of
9801s the series and all that stuff but in
9803s this game and in this series with every
9805s single team actually doing pretty good
9807s on their own
9808s terms I'm actually liking the fact that
9811s we get to pit all of these best
9812s compositions that these teams have to
9814s offer up against each other over and
9815s over and over again it doesn't feel like
9818s we've gotten the same game at all in any
9820s of the games in the series yeah I mean
9822s no team is really dominating the rest of
9824s the lobby and it just goes to show you
9827s know how competitive uh these games have
9829s been in so um I do agree you know um
9832s since the since the games have been so
9834s close you know all these team comps are
9835s they're definitely able to work and they
9838s just need to find or these teams just
9840s need to find their their stride in uh
9842s these type of games this game doesn't
9844s really with these compositions doesn't
9846s really feel like a rock paper scissors
9848s kind of format that a lot of Team
9849s compositions and a lot of series tend to
9851s be like you will have these comps that
9854s do good up against one team maybe do bad
9857s up against another team that's just the
9858s way that RPS style uh you know
9861s compositions are going to work out but
9863s these games have not been that it's been
9866s teams can find angles onto each other no
9869s matter what ends up happening so yeah
9871s completely okay with the fact that we
9872s are seeing comps going back again nemory
9875s just turns around and says uh
9877s die
9879s Auto I mean early game kills right they
9883s are fantastic to get um the dead timers
9885s are really short so they might as well
9887s just go trade for that one for one but
9889s it looks like
9890s sebie here getting chased by goror does
9893s have the queen here and T does end up
9894s coming forward with the queen and it
9896s looks like it will be venine going to be
9898s the one to fall as sebie is also kind of
9900s condom middle herei going to get the get
9903s the knock there as sebby just going to
9906s infinitely dash off the walls are they
9908s going to be able to get away here it is
9909s a neon so maybe they do get the reset
9912s off the four and another recet off I
9915s think they're actually out oh wait a
9917s second oh my God the pork chop did end
9920s up boosting Alto but they actually got
9922s caught by the ultimate from the Eon
9925s midair and it will stop stop them in
9927s track oh my God I have never seen
9930s overflow do that before what the heck
9933s canceling out a knockup and the pork
9935s chop from the boore that's the first
9937s I've ever seen that well played there
9939s from sebie I I can't believe it they
9941s will be able to salvage at least one
9943s player dying on their team and actually
9945s CRA Mastery off of it while he doing so
9947s seie got a whole lot off of that
9950s is that how that interaction works with
9951s the sandstorm and Alonzo passive he just
9953s lost the shield and he got hit by the
9956s sandstorm I think if I saw that
9958s correctly but yeah on the other side
9959s here we do actually have umu caught as
9962s you know their split form
9964s strategy the one downside is uh they
9967s will have to feed a lot of kills if they
9968s do end up getting caught as they will
9970s they are split from their whole team but
9971s the exclusive does end up coming out
9972s from in9 pulling dasu back uh even while
9976s in The Peacemaker here as danana going
9978s to try looking for an angle not going to
9980s be able to find anything though but Mir
9982s you know scoring two kills here as dosu
9984s is caught on the other side of the wall
9986s here and there is the one shot combo
9988s from Team fairy Here Comes ultimate as
9989s well as also falls so fairy going to
9992s pick up another two kills as they will
9993s be sitting on three field kills already
9995s this has got to feel bad for kungi and
9997s how is it that sebie is the only one
9999s that's just hanging around here by
10000s himself and yet he is able to outrun
10003s every single player that exists in this
10005s area gin now trying to run away from
10007s hiasi of all people the priia pressuring
10010s out a genu will be able to get
10011s themselves away there goes a Nikki down
10013s on the ground as team slasher also quite
10015s split up in this situation a lot of
10017s teams have been doing this right we've
10019s noticed throughout the weekend where
10020s during night number one even into day
10022s two they're actually relatively split
10024s apart from
10025s one yeah I think um it's mainly team uh
10029s Oho that's been split farming I think
10030s the other teams they just you know they
10032s they get down early and then their their
10034s respawns and
10036s their their map control is split because
10038s one of them members decides to go to a
10040s Zone that's relatively free but you know
10043s um teams do also just enter that zone
10045s and then they get caught again and again
10047s and then it kind of spirals uh down
10049s there unfortunate for teams but that is
10051s just the way the cookie crumbles
10053s sometimes sebie also still on the run
10055s this guy has not been able to reunite
10056s with his team at all throughout this
10058s entire game yet he should be able to do
10060s so in just a moment here right does have
10062s the hyperloop right next to him and it
10063s does seem like team fery has lost
10065s interest in exchange for trying to go
10067s for this tree of life now we talked aled
10069s about this my earlier my is one of the
10071s reasons why this one shot composition
10073s doesn't work and it's too early in the
10074s game for I think this team to safely one
10077s shot the mine you can see in9 also
10079s playing a little bit safe here too pick
10082s up nice exclusive to pull it back look
10084s at the angles that team KY in eight is
10086s taking they are not letting it go
10088s through but he's still alive everybody's
10090s still alive hold on a second n getting
10093s taken dangerously low that's a that's
10094s double mutant wolves and it's targeting
10096s down the members of kungi
10098s and8 yeah yeah the exclusive was perfect
10100s and but the cancel there coming out from
10102s one tool was so good onto the heart they
10106s just not able to find anymore as here
10108s comes the damage coming out from Rosner
10112s as uh yeah I think team o is still split
10115s up it looks like I don't know where
10117s their shoe Guai is as they will be able
10118s to clean up nemory as well three field
10121s kills already they only need two more
10122s points to qualify for this checkpoint
10125s and um looks of it it looks like they
10127s will be able to get it this game as so
10129s seie been even able to see his teammates
10131s in span of his camera yet or he died
10135s inside of hospital and the rest of his
10137s team is on the south side of cemetery
10138s where the mutant dogs were so yeah SE is
10141s a little bit sad right now but he should
10143s be able to resurrect back onto his team
10145s there we go he's finally going to be
10147s taken down by the way I think it's his
10148s first death of this entire game despite
10150s being by himself and around players
10153s pretty much the entire course of this
10154s game so far and he's going to be happy
10156s exactly where he is there we go look at
10158s that down in Chapel all together with
10160s this team how nice yeah and now teams
10162s are just going to get their Callins here
10164s this is the perfect time to get your
10165s Callins right before the objective uh
10168s spawn in for Knight number two and it
10171s looks like maybe danana might be able to
10173s get an angle onto this heart as the
10175s heart does end up face checking the bush
10177s here The Peacemaker does end up coming
10178s out but they are SMX bomb it does
10180s actually expire and exclusive does end
10183s up pulling out to dasu but the damage
10184s coming out from one circle is too big
10187s theana just going to go in I think they
10188s will be able to finish Shu here yeah
10190s looks like the Thorns was able to finish
10193s them off and it looks like uh in going
10197s to lose two members the heart or sorry
10198s the ma also falling down to I think that
10202s was romatic finishing them off I don't
10205s think I've ever seen reflection kill
10207s somebody
10208s but it just killed tazu I saw the Alonzo
10212s reflection actually Mark the heart there
10215s so unfortunate yep battle zones will
10217s begin it is night number two it's going
10218s to be FX versus team fery down on the
10221s South Side drone console control is
10223s going to go into the hands of Team faery
10224s it did pop on the side of FX so they
10227s have a little bit of additional time
10228s beautiful explosion shot to actually
10231s away the me okay rner still alive too
10234s yep Rosner still alive he's about to
10236s take a whole lot of damage he actually
10237s sits inside of the Checkmate is it a one
10240s for one yet no Alto didn't even get
10242s taken yep seems like a loss here for FX
10246s it will be o a nice um Strider Auto
10250s there from E8 and the
10252s timers they need to look for something
10254s here FY does end up jumping will they be
10257s able no and it looks like it's going to
10259s be bnk FX going to be the one to come
10261s out on top and get that metal for thems
10263s beautiful split coming through from FX
10265s Alto jumps straight into the Biddle
10267s nothing but air with the shackling uh
10270s not the with the shackling but the
10271s grappling maneuver now airan in the
10273s whole heap of trouble uo already down
10275s and Ava 40 second death timer for the
10277s shukai oh my God that is way too long
10282s jez yeah that is brutal but I mean
10284s nemory already sitting on three items
10286s you just need to get back up into this
10288s game and um yeah I mean they have been
10291s split this entire time they're still
10293s farming they're still trying to power
10294s Farm here but these these members need
10297s to group up now I
10299s thinkk furx looking really poised to get
10302s themselves in the checkpoint they looked
10304s good at the start of this game already
10305s with the three additional kills they
10306s picked up but even with the Battle Zone
10308s pickup they're going to look even better
10311s more points two more right whether it
10313s comes from the placements or whether it
10314s comes from the kills they just have to
10316s pick up two kills but no matter
10320s what yeah and it looks like the next
10322s objectives are going to be spawned
10324s there's a lot of um boxes and there's a
10327s meteorite up there as well in the police
10329s station if I think that was M song is
10332s going to be able if they are able to get
10334s all three of these um items for free
10337s they're going to look really really
10338s strong strong nobody's sitting in the
10340s north side either right now and there's
10341s only 10 seconds to go it might honestly
10343s be the case super although for me and
10346s SED they don't know that necessarily
10347s right now right they don't have the
10349s camera work that we do they don't have
10351s the vision that we do although on the
10353s bright side they haven't really seen any
10355s pings on the North
10357s side the bush and he will pay the price
10361s with his life that will be a minus 250
10364s for team o there wow just not checking
10367s at all not even using their to have that
10369s vision and yeah they will be instantly
10372s punished for that oh you can't do that
10374s you absolutely just cannot do that at
10375s this stage of the game beautiful pull
10377s coming in one circle is going to expend
10379s the energy blast field but they got the
10380s flank it's a one for one trade so far
10382s but Rosner is still alive he's going for
10384s romatic right now if romatic falls this
10386s team is doomed nope he will be able to
10388s get himself on out of here denana is
10390s going to take the fall but that's a
10391s minus 500 going towards the way of Team
10393s me seding and ladies and gentlemen we
10395s have our first team in the checkpoint
10398s finally after after game number five it
10399s will be bnk forx as they secure their
10401s fifth kill of the game get themselves to
10403s that 55 Point marker no minus one and
10406s they should have it yeah a great oh wait
10409s U kind of caught in the middle here not
10411s having blink as well and it looks like
10413s they will just fall here oh team oh w b
10417s just not able to find their footing and
10418s they don't have enough credits to buy
10420s back as well so they are in a disastrous
10422s position but speaking about the other
10424s fights um yeah I mean Cella and um I is
10428s able to combo off each other so well
10430s catching one Circle misposition there
10433s getting that nice pull and then the irm
10435s just able to follow up with you know
10437s their damage as well and locked one
10439s Circle down so very well played from the
10441s bnk FX going to secure themsel uh their
10444s spot in checkpoint for game number six
10446s the thing is I think one Circle
10448s misplayed that two another pull coming
10450s in this time around it's going to be on
10451s towards gor there's a cap Punch coming
10453s in to knock down that Adela Rosner now
10455s chasing down the Nikki Alto getting
10457s chased down by EA do they get the knock
10458s up no they do not chasing into a Carla
10460s not always the greatest thing but it
10462s will be the Wilson to knock that down
10464s one tool is going to be able to get away
10466s and bnk f x picking up two members left
10469s and right from teams across the board
10471s two 200 uh two 500 kills or credit kills
10475s I should say going to team fery as well
10477s as team Meen sedong two of some of the
10480s most pivotal teams in this series so far
10483s yeah them finding their stride in this
10485s game seven field kills already they are
10487s looking really good for themselves
10488s getting a lot of kills as well getting
10489s those credits up going to be able to get
10491s those nice transitions but we might have
10493s another fight down here looks like we do
10495s have an engage from the my going to be
10496s able to taunt up the Lenny here sorry
10499s not the Lenny but the Jenny and the
10500s shinomi just actually KES backwards and
10502s a nice double spring trap to push them
10503s back into the carpet into the ultimate
10506s from the combo coming out once again but
10509s actually on the other side they were
10510s actually able to kill uh seraphine there
10513s and he saki there's able to live for so
10514s long and Blaster going to be able to do
10516s so much damage as well will they be able
10517s to kill she here they need to get this
10520s knock they need to get that passive proc
10522s but just doesn't hit and they do get the
10524s Executioner
10525s bonus Blaster going to try looking for
10527s an angle here just not going to be able
10529s to do enough damage onto sebbi though as
10530s sebie is so tanky on this Eon look at
10533s the in and Blaster does actually knock
10536s sh winning this 1 V2 and yeah looks like
10539s Blaster here coming out big for team
10541s High I thought he was just buying time
10543s for the res to come back from the south
10545s side of the map look at where Warehouse
10547s is right now the Pria is up in the but
10549s he just says nah I'm going to kill all
10550s of you my goodness well played there
10552s from Blaster and this is why I wanted to
10554s see this guy's Tazia I talked about it
10556s the moment he swapped over onto that
10558s character for the first time in the
10559s series this guy is good at this
10562s character but another fight inside of
10563s fire station now this time around FX is
10565s going to be the one on the backside but
10566s Rosner is in he has the shield on The
10569s Peacemaker is counterintuitive oh this
10572s is terrible for team oob nevery oh he's
10575s going to be able to dodge out against
10576s the donkeyote but never what can you do
10578s does in and now great dashes from n here
10583s Rosner is forced by himself n does end
10586s up getting hit by The Bookmark does get
10587s it loow here playing it playing two as
10591s their range really well Roser maybe
10592s going to try looking for the rest but
10593s Airline not going to have or going to
10595s have something to say about this Ro is
10597s going to have to uh be forced to dash
10601s out and the ultimate from romatic is
10603s going to lock down Rosner and that will
10605s be bnk FX falling in eth place but they
10608s got enough points in this game they will
10610s be in checkpoint so them falling here
10612s does not matter as much but here comes
10613s the combo oh my God that's going to be
10615s my instantly falling but the damage
10617s return coming out from zero Jin and from
10618s dasu is quite big and they're just going
10622s to let them res here they don't really
10624s want to take the risk and yeah looks
10626s like they will take a nice kill fors
10628s fortunately a three-man grenade and a
10630s three stack SMG burst was not enough
10632s from zeren to kill anybody just yet
10634s right he's still not on the blood weapon
10637s for rifle is just still sitting on the
10641s forget what that weapon is called but
10643s that thing so doesn't have enough damage
10645s just yet no arm piece transition here
10646s either right so the dragon skill is not
10648s available or I guess even the Scotties
10650s if you op to go for that one on the haze
10653s instead right now this wasn't enough but
10656s we'll be able to get the res back that's
10657s the big part
10658s here yeah I mean they are able to get
10661s back into this game Seb just going to
10662s full send it here onto the back line
10664s taking a lot of damage though from both
10666s oh a nice spring trap coming out from
10669s s uh seraphine and yeah looks like they
10673s actually don't really send it here they
10674s don't pull the trigger as team W just
10676s going to back away there trumpet barely
10678s missed and that's why they had to back
10680s off right no one was really ready for
10682s the spring trap to actually pull anybody
10683s especially considering it was inside of
10685s a bush Vision so I think even senim was
10688s surprised about that one he was walking
10690s away when he was forced to try using the
10692s trumpet didn't get the stun everybody
10694s said for rightful reasons let's just
10696s back away from this one no need to risk
10698s anything right
10700s yeah especially playing into that cor
10701s into an Eva might be a little rough for
10702s them so they side to back away here
10704s zerin getting some Rockets down Jor
10705s already chunk down to half HP oh my God
10708s from two rockets and another one
10709s connects and yeah looks like they're
10711s just going to back away here think the
10713s wick line might be in in A's hand but
10716s that is if High has anything to say
10718s about it as they do know the wck line is
10720s being pulled so they might be able to
10721s contest here see how fast they are able
10723s to shred it down here it is down to 30%
10725s HP high is pretty close in the area will
10728s able to secure it here and it does go in
10730s the way of team and Nate they do get the
10733s the blood as well and they are they are
10734s out of there very very nice timings for
10737s that one I genuinely thought the prio
10738s was going to be able to steal it but I
10740s guess not team slasher sitting on less
10744s credits they got about 20 seconds to go
10745s Felix does have enough credits to get
10747s the res if he really chooses to do so
10749s but team High they're looking for a
10750s fight here instead team fairy Paradiso
10753s is going to be proed Only Hits on
10754s towards the Nikki right now but they all
10756s split you're absolutely right the queen
10758s is set up can G get a big combination
10760s off no the exclusive is used it's too
10763s good it's too good this is why you don't
10765s run this comp
10767s against that is a disaster for team
10771s fairy as they lose two members maybe
10773s they could still get the res off but
10774s yeah I mean that's the exclusive That's
10776s The Power of exclusive just able to bail
10778s one of your teammates out they the combo
10780s is completely denied as it will be
10783s team um I think that was team High going
10786s to be able to claim a nice two kills
10787s from himself and oh no looks like Alto
10789s just got caught by team slasher and Fa
10792s is going to go out in seven Place 35
10794s points for that team right I think uh
10797s they were getting pretty close up there
10799s but they needed quite a decent amount of
10800s points to get the checkpoint if I
10801s remember correctly will not be able to
10803s do so in this game crucial mistakes
10805s coming through from that team and
10808s furthermore splitting apart inside of
10810s Uptown up against Blaster no less that
10812s Taza will chase you to the end of the
10815s Earth with her resets on dashes you got
10817s the preo movement speed you are not
10818s getting out of that alive quite
10820s unfortunate for team fer but well played
10822s from the side of Team High still scaling
10824s on this Tasia going to
10826s reckon a lot of issues to these teams
10830s sebbi doesn't want to deal with that
10831s right now man for rightful reasons
10834s to yeah I mean I think team CH SE they
10836s already have two kills they only need
10838s six points in total but wow the Rockets
10840s coming out from Zer j a great lock down
10842s froming n and that is going to be
10844s Airline just instantly exploding in a
10846s third party here from Team M I think
10848s vision of this Zone and they're going to
10850s be able to lock down U and yeah looks
10853s like both team members are going to fall
10855s here also just chilling in this bush
10858s neory he's getting away but where can he
10860s go romantic he doesn't have
10865s fler and it's going to be mirang picking
10868s another kill for himself with eight
10869s field kills I think they were somewhere
10871s close to checkpoint as well so maybe
10873s they could hit the threshold here if
10874s they do end up cleaning up the rest of
10875s the lobby but we will have to see um
10877s Team true seat that means they do get
10879s another placement point and they only
10881s need six points to get into checkpoints
10882s thems and they have two field kills so
10884s just a couple more I think that's the
10885s reason why you know they are playing
10887s relatively safe here well done well done
10890s well done you're down three teams now
10892s onto five I don't think there's any
10894s other teams oh actually maybe team high
10896s is on checkpoint now they were really
10897s close if I remember correctly as well so
10900s might see two teams going towards
10902s checkpoint here to se also looking for
10904s that angle but first me and S looking
10906s for a fight up against team gungi inate
10909s energy blast field is gone the
10911s additional bonus attack power coming
10913s through from that on towards the theor
10915s is also gone but about to come through
10917s team slasher they were full set here we
10920s go The Peacemaker is going to make it so
10923s that
10926s the the spark need St is too good Kung
10930s andate is in shambles as they're going
10932s to run away this team was the one with
10934s Wick what
10935s happened yeah they were the ones trying
10937s to gatekeep the Colin here and another
10939s team realized that you know the Colin
10942s was up for so long so there's probably
10943s you know team's fighting for and they
10945s came over got the third party and it's
10947s going to be a Nate that's the one that
10948s pays for it and wow yeah I mean the r of
10951s the vampire queen uh hitting I think two
10954s or three members and then the spark n
10956s just hitting all them as well they just
10958s got obliterated that is devastating and
10960s it's of all people the PE the person
10962s that was the most fed on the side of
10965s that team too because the haze fell down
10967s and guess what she had she had that
10970s assault rifle she had the
10972s Hellfire
10974s oh yeah and they just losing a member
10976s it's going to be aaster him and I think
10978s uh team juce do know this team is a Duo
10981s and they're looking for some blood here
10983s they need to get some more points so
10984s they get into that checkpoint they want
10987s to look for these two but there's
10989s another team team high they are on the
10991s bottom side here a n still in the in the
10995s in the Smoke screen there as uh oh looks
10997s like on the bottom side a nice exclusive
10999s but yeah I don't think there's anywhere
11001s for them to go here as they're just
11003s caught in the middle here comes a
11004s peacemaker they're just eating so much
11005s damage from the back and oh a nice
11008s double actually catches one of the
11009s members of Team high but was theise so
11013s they just actually they just Dash on out
11015s of there and um yeah it looks like one
11018s kill each for team high and team two
11020s seat from the members of Team actually
11024s no 9 still alive on the bottom side here
11026s so it was just team CH going to get that
11028s one kill when did he even get onto that
11030s bottom side I swear he was in the middle
11031s of everything yeah I thought he was in
11033s The Peacemaker too all right well yoa is
11036s going to be able to pop denana Shield
11038s here one used glass field right the
11041s vampire queen is not exactly the
11043s greatest but it does split away romatic
11044s he just decides to push past it but one
11046s circle now in the whole He but trouble
11047s he blinks again towards his team and now
11049s the fight is in sham for the side of
11051s flash
11053s all and it will be Mirai s on getting a
11056s nice clean three oh and team slasher
11059s yeah I mean the r of the RAR Queen just
11062s not going to be able to connect onto
11063s anyone it was a good angle onto one
11065s Circle
11066s there yeah him just using that sappire
11068s protocol so well on the other side here
11070s will be team CH SE going to be the one
11072s to fall in third place but they got
11075s three kills so I think that's enough for
11077s them to hit that checkpoint break point
11079s as well so yeah we I think we have maybe
11083s three teams possibly I don't know if Mar
11085s or team High have enough points here but
11088s we will have to see oh my God yeah you
11091s know I said after game number five we're
11093s going to have multiple teams probably in
11094s checkpoint it's seeming to be the case
11096s right now you SE seven points total in
11099s this game right just off of the
11101s placement P points as well as their
11103s total field kills and of itself M sedong
11105s and team High also both poised to get 23
11110s for themselves if they do win the game
11112s see what ends up happening I think and I
11115s think that will be enough to get them at
11116s the checkpoint as well yeah so so yeah
11119s these teams definitely want to get the
11120s win here get that extra six points you
11122s know get those three kills as well we're
11124s going to have to see which team comes
11125s out on top drone check coming in it's
11127s thin corridors well it's not exactly
11129s thin right but this is actually pretty
11131s good angles for a theor to lock hold and
11134s come down on towards team high they have
11137s a long way to go for the push spark nade
11139s is going to initially land on the hiasi
11141s they just need to not get bursted at the
11143s initial stages of the fight they have
11144s shields for days effective HP wise they
11146s are really really well set the moment
11149s this starts going into an extended fight
11150s maybe something can happen but one
11152s circle is poised to not let that happen
11154s the safety net of the range his safety
11156s net of the power screen his safety net
11159s of the energy Cannon what are they going
11161s to be able yeah I mean there's any team
11163s that could do is going to it is team
11165s high they were able to find one Circle
11167s you know in one of the previous games in
11168s the wild card so if they are able to
11170s find that again here comes the NATO does
11173s end up proing the shield and actually
11176s does end up stunning Don as well But
11178s Here Comes engage get the circle will be
11181s able to finish that up no they won't the
11183s stun comes out a little too late here
11184s comes the yeah Blaster is looking for
11186s the angle here one Circle does get the
11187s Sapphire protocol is it going to be
11189s enough the totem does end up going
11190s through but I think one circle is just
11192s going to be able to live through it all
11193s here and yeah looks like wait a second
11196s up falling here the is or romatic went
11200s down to one HP if they were able to kill
11202s rtic there would have been enough but it
11203s is going to be m j to come out on top
11205s with 15 field kills one for three
11208s exchange at least nice attempt there
11210s from Blaster to try recovering that
11212s fight good targeting onto one Circle but
11214s one Circle bought simply too much time
11217s Sapphire protocol Shield towards the end
11218s of the game again way too big for a team
11221s without any bursting characters yeah and
11224s the heals for himself you know if he is
11226s able to line up himself with the heal
11229s from his power screen he's just able to
11231s heal so much with the food as well he's
11233s just taking so much HP and yeah just
11236s weren't able to lock him down in time
11237s and I think you know Unfortunately they
11239s did find a nice taunt onto um one Circle
11243s but I think the stun coming up from TSI
11244s was a little too late as it just didn't
11247s end up connecting and yeah it just let
11249s one Circle get away there in a lot of
11251s situations we've seen one Circle
11254s actually send the energy blast field
11256s straight in towards the enemy team even
11259s if they get the jump on him but this
11260s time around he made the right decision
11262s of just sending it backwards he needed
11264s that bonus movement speed to get away
11266s from the Tasia and bu him as by himself
11268s enough time to get to the bush at the
11270s bottom and actually proc the sapphire
11272s protocol so one circle's decision making
11274s about the direction in which he sends
11276s those power energy blast Fields out is
11279s absolutely immaculate it feels like he
11281s chooses the correct one every single
11283s time it's really insane how he is able
11285s to do
11286s it yeah I mean it's great to see you
11288s know one Circle you know always being at
11290s the top of Korea it's no surprise you
11292s know he's able to navigate these fights
11293s so well but we'll have to see you know
11295s if that's enough to get them into
11297s checkpoint points because they did end
11299s up getting a 15 kill game so that's 23
11301s points for them I think they are
11303s somewhere around 30 points so they
11305s should also be in checkpoint so we might
11306s actually have three maybe even four
11308s teams in checkpoint here B go this is
11310s going to be quite interesting the
11312s scoreboard is going to really really put
11314s a turn into how game six has to be
11316s played from the rest of the lobby you're
11318s right we might be able to see four plus
11320s teams at this point in checkpoint just
11322s off of that game alone 12 kills no
11324s actually 13 kills right for team High 15
11328s for miden seong it's going to be looking
11330s good but I believe the scores are up
11333s let's take a look at what the round
11334s results look like cuz this will matter a
11336s lot going into game number six yeah Mir
11340s with 23 high with 18 they had 13 kills
11343s they were able to knock down one Circle
11344s so they got that extra kill for themsel
11346s and FX got eight I think uh ju got seven
11350s and I think that's enough for both of
11351s those teams get into checkpoint as well
11353s and they getting seven I think I don't
11354s think they are quite there yet very only
11356s getting five and and Oho and slasher
11359s both five as well respectively But Here
11361s Comes the full uh scores yeah it's only
11366s going to be three teams actually
11368s unfortunate team High wasn't really up
11370s there I guess they're stuck in eighth
11372s place right now just hasn't really been
11373s able to do too much that was one of the
11375s few games they did something but wasn't
11378s enough CH SE bnk FX and muten hedong on
11381s the other hand though barely making the
11383s cut for team 2C but they're still there
11385s they made the checkpoint one of the win
11387s conditions is there there now for these
11389s three teams game number six their main
11391s goal priority is going to be to get as
11393s many points as possible guys starting
11395s from phase two we will most likely be
11397s going back towards our old checkpoint
11399s format if you have to get first in
11401s checkpoint but for now we are still at
11403s the most point team is going to take it
11405s all three teams on top three teams with
11408s the most field kills in this game in
11410s this series I should say outside of fery
11412s and kiate they've been playing very
11415s aggressive all those three teams will
11416s they be able to end it in game six or
11418s are we going to go to a game number
11420s seven we have to see you know how these
11422s teams are just their play style to you
11424s know the checkpoint teams here fair and
11426s in8 you know they only need 10 and 11
11428s points respectively so they can
11429s definitely hit checkpoint next game as
11431s well we're going to have to see you know
11433s if the series ends here or if we go to a
11435s game number seven or possibly even a
11438s game number eight as for team mid seong
11440s they got to break the curse of the
11442s checkpoint they got to be able to win it
11444s finally try to overcome that difficulty
11446s the wall that's been stopping them from
11448s winning so many tournaments in the past
11450s bnk FX they got to continue their streak
11452s post the season finals and for two seat
11455s the New Kids on the Block with the whole
11456s new roster for that team they got to try
11459s to beat it out and cement their place
11461s into
11462s ERM yeah I mean they've been playing out
11464s of their mind in you know this whole
11467s series this whole um phase so have to
11469s see if they are going to be able to
11470s close it out here and obviously we know
11472s bnk FX they're our last season
11475s tournament winner they are one of the
11477s team teams that um you know they
11479s definitely can play and when it comes to
11482s them being a checkpoint you know they
11483s don't really um they don't really really
11486s have anything to worry about as um we
11488s know time and time again they are able
11489s to close out uh these types of games
11492s exactly we'll see if their composition
11493s is going to be able to work out because
11495s again no bands going into game number
11497s six right so all teams are able to play
11499s whatever the heck they want going into
11501s this one which means we should be able
11503s to see similar comps especially between
11505s the three teams that we know are in
11507s check point right now should be able to
11509s see relatively similar things now the
11512s only team that might be a caveat to that
11514s is M and SE because I think I've liked
11517s the performances on their both Theo plus
11519s the subam as well as the Rio and the
11521s Carla it's up to them to see which one
11523s is going to enable them to get a lot
11525s more points and from my thoughts right
11527s now it's looking to be the subam Theo
11530s yeah I think that comp has been working
11532s better um in these
11534s lobbies because uh yeah I mean the DOR
11537s just able to force it in with the
11539s ultimates and you know the Alonzo just
11541s there to lock down and they're just able
11543s to combo and play off each other CC so
11544s well but here we go here is possibly the
11548s last game of phase or season 4 phase one
11552s we do have the rosters we do have the
11554s lockin here for each players I'm excited
11557s chuvie I'm excited yep seems like meong
11560s is going to be able to lock this down I
11562s really like this because romantic also
11564s finally really seeming to like this
11566s subam right it feels are much more in
11568s line with the adcs that he would
11571s actually typically play which tends to
11573s be one that makes a lot of really cool
11575s game winning and fight winning plays
11578s because subam isn't really necessarily
11580s locked into trying to deal damage with
11582s her ultimate anymore he can actually
11584s play at range for a long time until he
11586s feels the absolute necessity to use the
11588s life and death seal to try to jump in
11590s and secure any kills up until that point
11592s he can just keep autoing which seems to
11593s work really well in line with what he
11595s does on other adcs
11597s yeah and it seems like every team is
11599s relatively the same I don't think we
11601s have any changes here so yeah it's up to
11603s these players to see you know how well
11605s they could play I think we do have Nisa
11609s on Jenny that is the one change for this
11614s um this lobby as I think he was playing
11617s um he was a Felix player right mhm he's
11620s actually running adrenaline here as well
11624s so quite an interesting change up cuz
11626s you've seen a lot of different ways that
11628s the Jenny can be played right in the
11630s past we've seen Sentinel on the guy
11632s we've seen even like amp Dr we've seed
11636s Sprite we've SE Frailty like you could
11639s use anything on her adrenaline is going
11641s to be a lot more along the lines of
11643s trying to support the damage coming
11644s through from the photon Cannon as well
11646s as the figure yeah right from both the
11648s tillian time piece and the racing helmet
11651s we will see if the Jenny can get to that
11652s point but ladies and gentlemen game
11654s number six is underway potentially the
11656s final game is we have three teams in
11658s checkpoint right now will they be able
11660s to finish it or is it going to go to
11662s another break into a game number
11665s seven we'll have to see you know these
11667s early kills probably matter so much more
11669s for these teams that are on checkpoint
11670s because they any point counts they need
11672s to score as as High um amount of kills
11676s or as amount of points sorry as possible
11681s so getting nervous I'm getting I'm not
11683s even playing it I'm getting nervous
11688s yeah I mean these teams are playing for
11691s these circuit points you know like as
11693s they they want to get as many Circuit
11694s points as possible so they can try
11696s qualifying for the finals straight up
11698s and it looks like we actually have an
11699s early fight here from innate I think
11702s they will be able to kill sen and yeah
11704s it's going to be a nice early kill for
11708s NES it's up to the other teams as well
11710s to try to get as many points as possible
11712s to shut down these uh checkpoint teams
11713s from winning so yeah nice early kill I
11716s think anate is going to be really happy
11717s about that they're going to try looking
11718s for some more seen this team
11720s continuously say scale too right it's a
11722s team that turbo scales quite frankly
11724s late game just in the last game they got
11726s stuck out in a couple of really bad
11728s spots exclusives were a bit funky to say
11732s the least right we've seen that
11734s throughout the course of the weekend
11735s where exclusives were absolutely
11737s incredible but at the same time
11738s exclusives that were if you saw it in
11741s ranked and your teammates did it to
11742s yourself you'd probably be typing a
11744s little bit here and there
11748s yeah but looks like we do have dosu just
11750s going to use all their dashes to look
11751s for gwor but a nice exclusive to cancel
11754s out the combo once again for team fairy
11756s Dei proving such a such a counter to uh
11761s this team comp as yeah I mean once the P
11764s upai comes out all NM has to do is uh
11766s press that ultimate button and there's
11769s not much fairy can really follow up on I
11771s think at this point you have to just
11773s lock in on the M but the problem with
11775s that is in9 has never shown himself in
11778s the front of these fights up against oh
11780s wait a
11781s second though Y is he going to have
11783s enough damage to knock it down yes he
11785s does Dy down on the ground team Fair
11787s setting themselves up now for the mid to
11789s late game they finally knocked somebody
11791s down and exactly as I said it is the my
11794s that they do go for yeah I mean my not
11798s really tanky or not really too tanky
11799s early game and especially you know into
11802s like all skill damage characters as that
11804s is all of uh Fair's team comps so looks
11808s like danana here going to get caught by
11810s the Eon sebbi is just going to stick
11813s onto them and here comes the spring trap
11815s and the carpet's going to push back to
11817s Nana and it will be juc going to get a
11819s nice kill for them nice early kill one
11822s extra point for them means they are
11824s closer to winning and closing the series
11825s out and denying a little bit more on me
11828s S right might just be the Alonzo but
11830s this does force both the subam and the
11832s Theo to play safe as they don't have the
11834s reliable front line to actually get
11835s anything done
11837s trying to get away from this one does
11839s have the white L to get across uhoh
11840s kungi and eight they're in a little bit
11842s of trouble fairy okay nice Dodge from m
11844s n beautiful Dodge on the night Fork as
11846s well reverse not really going to do
11848s anything for one tool but oh my goodness
11851s how did nobody die here yeah I mean the
11853s exclusive coming up from M9 was perfect
11855s time perfectly timed and it canceled
11857s their combo once again this my proving
11860s difficulty for fairy but we're going to
11862s have to see you know how team fery maybe
11864s adjusts to these uh to these my um picks
11868s and yeah I mean we do have the first
11870s objective coming up here looks like it's
11873s a relatively slow game as I think teams
11875s know they shouldn't be as aggressive
11876s when there's going to be a lot of teams
11878s on checkpoints but then again you know
11880s maybe you should be more aggressive so
11881s you could score more points to deny
11883s these checkpoint teams uh from getting
11885s you know um enough points to win the
11889s game this is after all one of the
11891s biggest differences between the two
11892s different checkpoint formats one you can
11895s safely play until the end of the game
11896s right just kind of R it out all you have
11898s to do is just get first place but in
11900s this one it's the complete opposite you
11901s have to get as many points as possible
11903s which means you're looking for the kills
11905s here we go the fight begins denana will
11907s have the shield out up in front of him
11908s team fairy has not really invested that
11910s many parts of their skills yet night
11912s Fork is gone out of the window one
11914s circle is going to Blink on out of there
11916s he's too far away team fairy they failed
11919s the targeting again as one Circle a
11922s beautiful blink over the wall it's going
11924s to take him too far away for the rest of
11925s the team to support on that one we've
11927s seen that again and we're going to see
11929s it here too yeah gck blink forward there
11931s but I think he was just slightly out of
11933s range for the queen I don't I don't know
11934s if the queen connected but if it did
11935s they just the the knife Fork just wasn't
11937s there and yeah The Rook didn't do it
11939s enough damage though one CLE is going to
11942s be able to completely live here but bnk
11943s FX um actually I think they are it's a
11947s one it's a one for one so far but third
11949s party is here as it looks like it will
11951s be team slasher going to be able to
11954s actually knock it that I think it was um
11956s Team High does end up picking that one
11958s up yeah they're going to get third party
11960s here as well everyone's just flooding in
11961s now that the tree is staying alive for a
11963s little bit nice out here for oh n he did
11967s eat the re of the vampire queen it's
11968s still a level one ultimate though from x
11970s boy so not that much damage but n now
11972s needs to try running here does he have
11973s the flang her up not just yet Airline
11976s goes a little bit too far as he's going
11977s to go all the way off to the Moon yoa
11979s about to get taken down guard reverse is
11981s going to be enough umu does he have
11984s enough to pull this off as well where
11986s the heck did the tree go who picked that
11988s up um I'm not too sure maybe it was umu
11992s with the Eva passive is my guess but
11994s yeah I don't know I don't I don't who
11996s got that one but uh yeah it looks like
11999s um the nice two for one trade from Team
12003s um o there actually it was a one for one
12005s trade they weren't able to get the
12006s second kill but they do get a nice pick
12009s for thems as uh yeah a lot of these
12011s teams you know they're scoring points
12013s they're trying to deny checkpoints and
12015s the tech the the teams that are in
12016s checkpoint they're trying to close out
12018s this series double transitions inside a
12020s cemetery right right alongside each
12022s other it will be the alpha as well as
12024s the tree of life that was quite recently
12025s picked up inside of that zone so very
12028s valuable Southeast side from the looks
12030s of this map there's even a battle Zone
12032s inside of Chapel that seems like
12034s multiple teams are vying for the contest
12037s although it does seem like OU will be
12040s not really looking for this one just
12042s waiting for an opportunity to come in
12044s but they do see people that camera
12045s inside going to good them good Vision
12047s Alto now jumping in he's going to be
12049s have to back completely split
12052s split yeah oh W kind of disrupting what
12055s team faery wanted to do there as uh wait
12058s they do get some damage onto Expo as the
12059s r Queen also is not available so x boy
12064s going to try looking for something here
12065s as uh Team or t also down to half HP but
12069s team faer is the one that has the
12070s console control here they need to get
12071s some timer back no Checkmate available
12073s for gwor but it doesn't even matter yeah
12075s cuz the night for combo we've seen it
12077s time and time again and now timer
12078s looking to be in favor of Team fairy
12080s there goes xoy as well down on the
12082s ground Isa The Last One Alive he doesn't
12086s really have that much longer to live
12087s whether it's from timer play dead
12089s popping it does not matter Isa will go
12091s down very very soon enough there he goes
12093s Battle Zone one by team fairy it will be
12096s a mythal picked up for them yeah they're
12098s going to get that nice mythal the more
12100s items they have the faster they will be
12102s able to get these combos off and the
12104s more targets they'll have to one shot so
12106s yeah team fairy looking in a nice
12108s comfortable position after getting that
12109s my throw they're going to be able to
12110s call in as well so yeah they're looking
12113s pretty good for themselves here going to
12114s try to maybe snowball this game team
12116s fery was you know our point leader in
12118s round number two so if they are able to
12120s get a nice game for themselves they
12121s could try to shut down these team on
12123s check but a nice B coming out from the
12126s Cella going to shut down xoy and bnk FX
12128s going to claim another one for themsel
12130s how does H are keep finding these angles
12132s another fight inside a police station as
12134s well as Alli from the looks of it at the
12136s moment
12137s completely isolating away the pre at the
12139s moment the fight's still going though
12141s Blaster still alive Kung is going to get
12143s taken down though Blaster now trying to
12145s run he does pick up a kill it will be a
12147s one for two in exchange two members down
12150s from Team high but at least knocking
12152s down one Circle that is something in
12154s exchange yeah almost had romatic there
12157s as well if he just got that um that CC
12159s off just in time but it looks like
12161s romatic was able to get that auto off
12163s and marang sitting with three field
12166s kills so they are definitely set up to
12168s win this game here but uh Here
12170s Comes gay young and Nate it looks like
12173s they do want to send it here onto team
12175s bnk FX and nice Dash going to dodge out
12177s on the bookmark and the Damage coming
12178s out from the hard Autos from the haze
12181s Rockets it is going to just kill E8
12184s there and bnk F are going definitely
12186s going to be forced to split as um and a
12189s just going to come down and uh try to
12190s get this tree here I don't know about
12192s this Rosner you're a little bit too
12195s close reading for the tree of life was
12196s probably not the right idea there he
12198s doesn't even have a memory right now
12199s look at the members of yeah they're
12201s going to cut him off they're going to
12202s try to cut him off absolutely right
12203s they're not even looking for the tree of
12205s life right now but it is a sua we'll be
12206s able to reset the cool Downs a little
12208s bit there with the auto attacks of the
12209s bookmark stuff for team FX does end them
12212s losing one but will come back
12214s automatically in about 4 seconds while
12216s the haze on the other hand going to be
12218s really well said Black Death as well as
12220s K set up for themselves should be
12222s looking pretty decent and comfortable to
12224s the end God o
12228s oo yeah going to lose half their HP
12230s there and it will be team oh going to be
12232s able to grab that nice tree from himself
12234s but other side here we do have a
12236s collapse here from Chu a nice spring
12238s trap onto the K does actually get them
12241s into the wall here but the backside here
12243s seraphine is getting locked down the
12245s ultimate doesn't come through from
12246s Blaster I think they were CCD and it
12248s looks like uh sh nor is just waking
12251s Havoc onto this PR will they able to
12252s kill them here Blaster trying to get the
12254s last Q onto not enough and shinomi is
12258s trying oh nice double spring trap from
12261s the Lenny and that will be it for team
12263s high they will lose two members and shei
12266s uh sweet playing out of their mind the
12268s Lenny getting that final double spring
12269s trap at the end is just able to close
12271s out that fight oh the caught cat punch
12273s actually followed through on the romatic
12274s he's dead on the ground right now Rosner
12276s taking dangerously low but there's no
12277s way an Alonzo is going to be able to
12279s kill this bnk FX clean two for zero oh
12281s that's not the Alonzo that's actually
12283s the Theodore danana the only one to
12285s leave that fight alive bnk FX sitting on
12288s four field kills right now the most
12290s amount of field kills outside of all the
12293s other checkpoint teams so good good mid
12296s game starting out for these guys looking
12298s for a little bit more maybe inside a
12300s police station but look at the mini map
12302s it is festering with players all across
12304s the board yeah on the top side there are
12307s so many players these teams they want to
12309s look for some early game aggression here
12312s that need kills it looks like you're
12314s right FX is the one that has the most
12316s but both um uh G Su and Mira SE both
12320s have three as well so still anyone's
12323s game to take here good looking good
12326s seconds left until we start going into
12328s night number three Omega is going to
12330s spawn maps are going to close even
12332s further Temple and I believe that was
12334s hospital will be closing no that is
12335s actually Factory oh there's a lot of
12337s zones closing Omega inside of school
12340s will beting taken down by team CH se s
12343s coming down I don't think they will have
12345s enough time for this one yeah all Seb
12346s has was just blink on out of there not
12348s blink Dash on out of there fin out his
12350s own you didn't said don't picking up
12352s scraps but they're
12353s a I mean they're going to grab this
12355s purple box here so it's not too bad um
12357s of a loss for them as they don't get the
12359s Omega but they do get you know one
12360s transition so yeah I mean they're going
12363s to be sitting in a nice spot for themsel
12365s although they did have to spend uh 500
12367s credits a little earlier so I'm not too
12370s sure exactly how strong they are in this
12371s Lobby is I think CH seat is probably the
12373s strongest right now after getting that
12375s uh free Omega getting you know that
12378s drink as well and then you know them
12380s being relatively uncontested for you
12382s know the the the whole game I think
12383s they're in a really good spot so far
12386s it's going to be T but there's still
12388s plenty of this game left that's the
12389s thing that's the Saving Grace of Team M
12391s and sedong and we know that this team
12393s even despite sometimes falling down
12394s early game they will be able to scale
12396s well into the late game although this is
12398s not looking good burn to crisp it's
12400s quite early from Airline they took a big
12402s chunk of damage so we'll just back away
12404s here oh it's safe for themselves as well
12408s only one kill on him but still scaling
12410s towards the end stage of the game that's
12412s what we want to see from all these guys
12414s it is the late game that we do see these
12416s explosive fights happening immediately
12418s over and over and
12420s over and especially with these teams
12422s being on checkpoint you know that will
12424s mean you know some of these teams will
12426s be targeted over others because you know
12428s these teams might want to deny another
12430s team from running out the series so
12432s we're going to have to see you know how
12433s these teams play around that and here
12435s comes CH s here just going to go on gwor
12437s and here's the combo and once again but
12439s this time sebie is alive he does end up
12442s proing his uh oh my yeah he does end up
12446s proing his force field in time and I
12448s think fairy just not having enough
12450s damage yet senine saved it healing wind
12454s bought just barely enough time for the
12456s force field to come through within the
12458s slight half a second where he had no
12461s crowd control on him but a whole
12463s Massacre happening in police station
12464s right now as multiple teams across the
12466s board just losing members left and right
12468s f x losing two actually it was just FX
12471s losing members that's going to be a
12473s minus 500 towards FX Rosner doesn't know
12476s what to do he was trying to get the res
12478s back inside a temple but too much timer
12480s would have been lost would have been a
12481s little bit too risky so he's going to
12482s try to hyperloop out and go somewhere
12485s else he's going inside a school though I
12487s don't know about this one there's people
12488s all around rros are dropping Rosner
12491s where do you
12492s go yeah I said John going to try looking
12495s for Rosner here as is you know they know
12497s that bnk FX is on checkpoint as well
12501s don't think they want to aggress too
12503s hard as they do know there's a lot of
12504s teams in your by but look at this here
12505s comes the with the p Dr aut but the
12508s damage return from the periso Blaster
12510s doing so much damage and I think it's
12512s going to be enough as Blaster is going
12514s to not actually not going to be able to
12515s knock one but oh my God the blast uh
12519s waves so the white lily just brought the
12521s dead body over the wall and they just
12522s going to be able to get that kill for
12524s free straight into the re of the vampire
12526s queen except speech combo they ran
12528s straight into that oh my God another
12530s combo there goes never down on the
12533s ground that hard had no chance to
12536s survive that combo Airline trying to
12538s survive here as well no cameras being
12539s placed down from Team far I guess the uh
12542s what is a cloak and dagger it wasn't
12544s really part of their plan or anything
12545s but two kills vicked up for team fairy
12547s putting a stunt onto what team UOB wants
12550s to do U Last One Alive you got to go you
12554s got to go is he going to get out in time
12556s no oh he cannot there is the combo umu
12559s will get taken down Checkmate to keep
12561s gworks life intact and they will be
12563s perfectly fine ohob first team
12566s eliminated they will not be able to get
12567s enough points to go into checkpoints
12569s which means all the other teams are
12571s going to be the only Reliance now for
12572s oob to play another game W line gets
12574s taken by team High they're looking for
12576s the fight yeah looks like they do end up
12578s sending the my engage forward here but
12581s uh there is another team to third party
12583s here xboy probably going to get caught
12585s here the spring trap does go a little
12587s too early the stun does go through but a
12589s nice R of the V to disuade any more
12592s Chase potential into them and I think
12596s danana does know this team is in the
12598s bush here does end up checking it and
12600s the teams will just end up backing away
12602s here interested in taking fights right
12604s now bnk FX also Fully Alive the most
12608s amount of kills any of these teams have
12610s is for super this game could anyone's
12613s game oh yeah absolutely
12617s yeah there's half of the teams in
12618s checkpoint and half of the teams aren't
12620s and it is the Cella that is going to
12623s drop early here in Nate playing it
12625s perfectly a nice Peacemaker to kill E8
12628s as well and I think that's going to be
12629s it for bnk FX they just have to hope now
12633s that one of these teams is going to be
12635s able to uh shut down the other two
12637s checkpoint teams Kung sitting on six
12640s they're the kill leaders of this Lobby
12641s now a non- checkpoint team looking pois
12644s to take it all the way until the end
12646s they still have six more teams left in
12648s the lobi five others excluding
12651s themselves of course oh my goodness this
12653s is going all over the place bnk FX
12655s you're right they just got to pray now
12657s that a non- checkpoint team is able to
12658s take away this game final three zones
12660s that are going to determine game number
12662s six fate will be alley police station
12665s and fire station yeah and you can see
12668s all these teams uh walking on in here it
12670s is going to get 10 six teams that is a
12673s lot of teams there's not enough space
12675s for these teams and looks like we do
12677s have high maybe C in the middle here
12678s between uh J SE and innate but looks
12682s like they do know there's a lot of teams
12684s nearby they don't want to take any
12685s fights it's way too risky so the map is
12688s just going to get smaller and smaller
12689s and it might come down to uh the
12690s temporary final
12695s zones D my heart is palpitating right
12697s now man I I really can't determine what
12699s this is going to turn into a lot of
12702s damage
12703s okay God that's one rocket on the need
12706s by the way holy
12708s crap yeah I mean that's the power of um
12711s I think he is on red Sprite as well so
12713s the red Sprite proc with just a rocket
12715s there going do a lot of damage but yeah
12717s I
12718s mean it is going to come down to the
12721s temporary final zones and uh wonder if
12723s the teams know the mission here to deny
12725s these checkpoint teams yjin doing a lot
12728s of damage a lot of poke going to be able
12730s to chunk Blaster down to about uh 80% HP
12733s but it looks like all teams are just
12735s going to play here look at the map
12737s though look at the map the only team
12739s inside of fire station right now is
12742s miden Hong and look at how they're
12743s positioning they're positioning to the
12745s far right side of police of fire station
12747s right now because they're planning on
12748s walking up towards the right side of the
12750s fire station that's too many people here
12752s sangin Javelin oh my god oh exclusive
12755s but sebie is on the chase sebie is on
12757s the Chase look at the shield though what
12759s the hell de no one died from that wow
12762s the exclusive bailing out the priia
12764s there who was a little too far forward
12766s as yeah looks like they will start
12768s resting up here sebbi trying to try to
12771s here oh no no and looks like it is going
12773s to be a Nate that does end up catching
12774s High here but that is the perfect team
12776s you want to feed as they do have the
12779s most amount of field kills and yeah
12781s looks like they are on eight now so the
12784s difference is becoming wider and wider
12785s and the more the more field kills they
12787s have even if M does end up winning this
12789s game if they don't get enough kills
12790s they're not going to be able to win the
12791s round same thing for 2C right they're
12793s looking for the checkpoint win as well
12795s nadana is going to slowly start walking
12796s in he's got the power punch doesn't
12798s really look to initiate here he's just
12801s looking for positioning he's stuck in
12802s the middle of all the other teams at the
12804s moment m sedong is not safe sitting
12806s inside this one spot they are at risk of
12809s getting third partied over and over
12810s again but now they're walking in team
12812s slash you're in a whole heap of trouble
12814s danana knows Something Fishy is going on
12816s over here sees the chest pieces will not
12819s up to go for it still opting to play
12821s safe instead we go the temp zones are
12824s about to pop we got a minute until that
12826s and after that the fiesta of timer
12828s battle is going to begin super who is
12831s going to be able to come out on top
12833s there's two checkpoint teams here and
12835s there is a Nate who has eight field
12837s kills if they are able to get a couple
12839s more kills here we will just deny any of
12841s the checkpoint teams from being able to
12843s win this game even if marong does end up
12845s winning their zone or if they do end up
12846s sitting in their Zone and it looks like
12847s they do know that which is why they are
12849s walking on over because they need some
12851s kills and they need them now and a one
12853s Circle does end up getting a nice sex
12854s bomb onto sebbi but it looks like s just
12857s just going to walk back here as here it
12860s here it comes shui here it comes this is
12862s not me s's usual plan of attack they're
12864s looking for kills right now they want to
12866s find potential third parties team yungi
12868s and a they know how important this game
12870s is for them at the moment to continue on
12872s with the series CH slowly walking down
12876s same thing for me got the flank watch
12878s one cires outside of the Bush oh shom he
12881s gets the ankle in down goes one Circle
12883s he is dead shom is about to pop here Den
12886s still alive romatic still alive where's
12887s the burst damage coming through from
12889s Team CHC down goes to another romatic is
12891s about to fall here as well but they got
12892s to run to the third party comes in two
12894s seat ruins the whole they timer they
12896s have timer they're going to they're
12897s going to be able to third party they're
12898s going to be able to third party here on
12899s the top side they do what's going on at
12901s the top side team kungi and a trying to
12903s pick up more kills there's kills
12904s happening everywhere 30 seconds on the
12906s side of team kungi and eight there have
12907s a couple more kills to pick up here as
12909s well down goes yoa down goes expoy yes
12912s they do get it 40 seconds on their timer
12914s they all have enough off have enough and
12917s I think if it comes down to a CH is
12919s going to be the one who gets REI cuz it
12921s is going to come down to the final uh
12923s two or the final zone right no way we're
12926s finally see Team yeah it's going to come
12930s down to the old checkpoint um checkpoint
12933s format basically oh my God no way three
12937s Team final Zone that is insane zero Jin
12939s should have seen the pings here play it
12941s safe guys play it safe team I don't
12943s think they know though I don't think
12944s these teams know that there's going to
12945s be three here zero Jin does end up
12948s dropping the W I think the only team
12950s that does know is inate and they are on
12952s 12 field kills so CH need to at least
12956s get a majority of these kills here or
12959s team na will just walk away with the
12961s round win because they have six more
12963s kills over CH seed right now yeah kungi
12965s andate knows though they put down
12967s cameras in the little Alleyway that team
12969s ched just walked down so they have full
12970s information of where team ched is
12972s they're the one team oh actually now
12974s team fairy knows that there is another
12975s team here
12976s is going to send it they want the kills
12978s they're looking for the kills but is
12979s this the right decision G work down to
12981s about half HP SE is going to have
12983s control over the final zone right now
12985s look at the members of Team Kung in I
12988s think they're going to get 63 I think I
12990s think too I don't know I think the other
12992s team is going to come to the other side
12993s here I think both teams know that this
12994s is the only team on checkpoint here and
12996s they want to deny this team the win so
12998s the tournament can still go on as also
13001s has enough points probably to hit
13002s checkpoint in this format here is oh no
13005s C getting caught here losing almost all
13008s their HP the Rockets does end up going
13009s through as well and it looks like
13011s there's one member down on each team it
13014s might be Fair's uh game to take it here
13016s J does end up getting the combo cancels
13017s the on the top side but sebie here
13019s getting a lot of damage maybe going to
13020s be able to kill tul as it looks like um
13023s both members are going to oh wait it
13025s looks like uh ju are actually going to
13027s be able to Res they have so much timer
13028s here they are going to be able to uh
13030s play it well here looks like senine is
13032s locked down is going to be the one to
13034s fall here wait a second
13036s if they are going to be able to get this
13037s kill if they are able to kill F they
13039s could actually turn it is looking to
13041s timer scam sebie will get taken down
13043s there's the Tod coming in oh sh get
13046s going to a game s CH we are going to a
13049s game seven super you are right no matter
13051s what the result of this game is there's
13053s a hyperloop coming in from one tool as
13055s well Alto oh my God they've done it the
13058s non- checkpoint teams have done it
13060s ladies and gentlemen and off of this
13061s game I believe kungi innate is also
13064s going to go in the checkpoint as well
13065s down goes Alto they have sole control
13067s over the final Zone pop goes that's Aus
13070s two to team two seed I mean it doesn't
13073s matter in the long run of course but one
13075s tool goes down gor goes down 18 kills
13078s for KY and eight and they save the game
13081s from
13082s Devastation yeah and we will go to a
13085s game seven I think we will actually have
13088s uh maybe five teams in checkpoint I
13090s don't know if fairy was anywhere close
13092s but they did have a decent amount of
13094s kills six kills with a second place so
13096s if they only needed 11 points I think
13098s they would be in checkpoint as well
13099s that's crazy what was this game super
13102s we're going to a break off of that are
13104s you kidding
13105s me yeah I mean that was quite the match
13110s there and I think fairy yeah fairy was
13112s also only 10 points behind of the
13115s checkpoint break point so we will
13116s actually have a five team checkpoint
13118s going into game number seven goodness
13121s gracious my God the fact that kungi and
13124s had enough timer after killing all of
13126s the teams left during the temp Zone
13128s phase was what honestly saved that that
13131s that game I mean let let's be real here
13133s fairy they were fighting pretty well up
13135s against the members of CHC but the fact
13137s that they were able to get reses off
13138s over and over again I don't really know
13141s where the fight would have gone I don't
13142s know what the direction would have been
13144s so good thing that kongi was able to
13146s stay alive all the way until the end I
13148s love that they didn't play aggressive as
13150s soon as they realized that they had
13152s enough timer as well no need to risk it
13154s no need to show yourself just play it
13156s safe until you can go to the end you
13158s know you have enough points and with
13160s this game alone they are probably going
13162s to be able to get themselves into the
13163s checkpoint they're going to be very
13165s happy about themselves all the other
13167s checkpoint teams are kind of going to be
13169s happy about it right chicy maybe not so
13171s much but for bnk FX and me sedong they
13174s get another breath of fresh life yeah I
13177s mean I kind of want to go back to the
13178s start of the whole temporary final Zone
13180s M I said J young they're in that bush I
13182s think one Circle had their um their
13185s camera probably Pann down with the
13186s sniper skill and like their back was
13189s just totally exposed and that's what I
13191s think got him killed from CH SE coming
13192s from the flank on the top side they
13193s probably didn't expect you know any team
13195s to to walk from that that uh area and
13198s yeah that just SP the Doom for mirang
13200s and bnk FX falling a little earlier that
13202s game as well oh my
13206s God a we have to go to a break off of
13209s that game I am flabbergasted super but
13211s that is what we are getting a game seven
13213s is going to be on the horizons with with
13216s three teams most likely not going to be
13217s in checkpoint so it doesn't mean that
13220s the series is over just yet right there
13222s is still a possibility that we may have
13224s a game number eight but we'll figure
13226s that out as soon as we go into the break
13228s of course but before that score sheet
13230s how many teams are confirmed in the
13234s checkpoint mark this game was chaotic
13236s this game was insane this game was fun
13240s but what's the result yeah I think it
13242s should be five teams but I'm not too
13245s sure yet
13246s um oh but we will have the round scores
13249s for you guys and inate coming out on top
13252s with 18 field kills 26 points that round
13256s fairy in second place with 11 and the
13258s rest of the lobby following suit yeah I
13261s mean this was just a top weighted game
13263s and they just dominating this Lobby and
13265s we will see you know which teams are in
13267s checkpoint here but it should be the
13269s three teams that were in checkpoint from
13271s before and anate and FY going to be
13273s joining their ranks I think that should
13275s be the case as well high was a little
13277s bit too low same thing for UOB same
13279s thing for slasher there we go 56 points
13283s for team Fair the same amount of points
13284s that it was I think for team I think it
13287s was CH SE that went into checkpoint in
13290s the last game with 56 points as well so
13293s guys here we go five teams in the
13296s checkpoint Mark it's going be kungi
13298s eight
13299s mid en enk FX and team fairy to round it
13303s off and you know what's even more
13304s interesting super where the top five
13306s teams are very close in points so the
13308s prize po where the placements alone is
13311s going to be quite a doozy even if game
13313s ends in game number seven yeah m s
13316s getting dethrown from first place they
13318s were you know leading the the series I
13321s guess for the for the whole time and now
13323s you know in Nate with that pop off game
13325s with that 26 Point um round they's able
13328s to close a distance and yeah now it's
13330s now it's up to other teams to catch up
13332s if they do want to get those extra
13334s placements for that extra prize and
13336s those extra ciruit points but I think
13338s with that we will be setting it over
13340s into the break all right ladies and
13342s gentlemen be excited we are about to
13344s have a game number seven on the horizon
13346s but before that as super said we're
13348s going to go on a break so grab yourself
13349s a snack grab yourself some water take a
13351s stretch before we go into our final
13352s couple games because it's going to be
13354s exciting we'll see you guys back here in
13355s a few minutes take care take care
13387s spe
13418s spee
13446s comate
13478s com
13514s com fore
13556s spe
13596s fore
13598s fore
13604s chicken
13634s foree for
13683s fore
13686s spee
13694s speee
13703s foree forign
13705s speech
13708s fore
13715s foree fore spech
13734s foreign
13754s spe
13766s for
13784s foree
13814s fore
13830s foree speee
13872s no over
13892s hi everybody I'm still eating a chicken
13893s sandwich so super can you take it
13897s away season 4 phase
13900s one finals I'm back with my well I'm
13905s still a superior and we got chy still
13907s here as well but uh yeah I mean I'm
13909s excited for the final possibly the final
13913s two games here as we do have five teams
13915s St are in checkpoint absolutely you know
13917s what at this point can we just have 10
13920s games like please we've had so much fun
13922s watching this series man I know you
13924s don't want it CU you want to go grab
13926s something to eat but I'm good I've been
13928s eating stuff all the while we've been
13931s casting so I want more games I
13933s personally want more games this Series
13934s has has been so fun for me to watch the
13936s series has been incredible insight into
13938s what these teams have been preparing in
13940s the preseason before phase one started
13943s and this phase in of itself is getting
13946s me so excited for what is to come during
13948s phase two phase three and the season
13951s finals yeah I mean especially with the
13953s new Final zone changes coming in the
13955s later phases I'm excited as well but I
13957s think we are going to jump straight into
13959s a shuvi it looks like team comps are
13962s going to be locked in we do actually do
13963s have a substitution I think for from
13965s fairy looks like bear is going to be
13967s subbed in and they are going to be
13969s locking theia here wow okay so subbing
13973s in a player at this crucial moment in
13975s this game Alto out bear in buom as well
13979s yeah buom is going to come in for team
13981s CH SE they finally figured oh not team
13983s CH SE sorry for bnk FX and they're not
13985s going to be subing out Rosner it's going
13987s to be subing out E8 here instead I think
13990s crucially realizing that se's Eon has
13992s actually been able to do a lot of really
13994s good work but the problem with the seon
13996s pick here is the fact that they don't
13998s have the additional support coming
13999s through from the Lenny they don't have
14001s the very tricky character of the Jenny
14003s to kill but they do have a very very
14005s solid front line of the Rosner but they
14007s also have the insane backline of the
14011s haze as well this is actually a really
14012s really interesting change coming in at
14015s really really weird times in the series
14018s yeah it looks like all the other teams
14019s will be sticking to what they are
14021s comfortable with here no banss once
14024s again again but we do have a lot of
14025s duplicates two nikis two hearts two M
14029s two hazes this time as well so we going
14032s have to see you know how these teams do
14034s end up uh you know maybe adjusting their
14036s play style to these other teams
14038s especially since there are five teams in
14040s checkpoint now exactly oh my goodness I
14042s am so excited for this one these changes
14045s making it so that it effectively resets
14047s our knowledge of how these games are
14048s going to go super our first
14050s substitutions in the series coming in at
14051s a game number seven with five teams and
14055s checkpoint ladies and gentlemen here we
14058s go as I mentioned five teams and
14060s checkpoint five ways that the series can
14062s go and end will all depend on how these
14065s teams decide to play ladies and
14067s gentlemen game seven is underway for ERM
14070s phase one of season
14072s 4 yeah I mean I'm also surprised that
14074s you know they did end up subing out Alto
14076s but I think the Taz is a better at the
14078s you know the dive one shot but now
14080s they're just going to have no neutral um
14083s play so we're going to have to see you
14084s know how they do end up adjusting your
14085s play style to that full commit maybe one
14088s shot maybe it's because uh they want to
14090s have another character that is going to
14092s be able to follow up and get that to one
14093s shot combo up as well indeed I think one
14096s of the biggest issues here is the fact
14097s that while the Tazia does have a lot of
14099s Mobility to maybe follow up on what the
14101s Nikki wants to do it's not going to be
14104s as easy as QE from the Carla right the
14107s Harpoon straight into the grappling
14108s maneu you don't have that you always
14111s need to have glass shards on the ground
14112s you need to use the virtu so to try to
14114s get back in and out of the fight too
14116s it's a little bit more difficult for the
14118s Taza to rotate in and out of these
14119s fights and quite frankly do you even
14121s want to rotate in into a lot of these
14123s fights is my question are you going to
14125s be following along with the rest of your
14127s team or what is your plan when it comes
14129s to this
14130s composition yeah we're going to have to
14131s see how it does work out for them but we
14133s do have high already getting a nice
14135s early Kill from the lny from ju seed so
14138s yeah nice early pickup and they are not
14140s one of our teams in checkpoint so maybe
14143s you know if they can you know enough
14145s kills here they will be able to deny
14146s these checkpoint teams from winning out
14148s the series of all the teams it would be
14150s team High to do it right cuz this team
14153s when Blaster has been on Tasia has
14154s looked like such a force to be reckoned
14156s with that count position is so good at
14159s effectively Staying Alive cuz of how
14160s many
14161s Shields rage upper was canceled out
14164s there is the thunder strike not really
14166s going to get that much done as a double
14168s shield is going to come through from the
14170s sua nice attempt from Team slasher but
14172s not everybody was on the same page I'm
14175s surprised Rosner did end up walking in
14177s into you know three members but so a
14179s nice taunt here here's the combo they
14181s are going to do a lot of damage and
14182s there is the yeah the followup from
14186s Blaster there's going to be able to kill
14187s two members from Team faery very very
14190s well played from high there and yeah
14192s they're now sitting on three field kills
14194s from themselves the rest of the lobby
14196s need some catching up to do see and that
14198s that's the issue in my opinion with Team
14200s fairy sing out the carine in exchange
14202s for the Taza here instead is the fact
14204s that you know Taza again is really good
14206s in the extended fight and yeah maybe her
14208s damage later on in the game is going to
14209s be absolutely incredible with the burst
14211s if you proc the Paradiso but in
14213s situations like that where you're
14214s looking for a burst down onto let's say
14216s the for example you're going to want to
14219s have those multiple harpoons down on the
14221s ground potentially doing a two or three
14222s pull straight into the shackling anchor
14225s you can't do that that fast enough as a
14226s Tazia once the Paradiso goes down you
14229s still need time for that to ramp up
14230s before you proc
14232s it yeah I mean we're going to have to
14233s see you know how this team does end up
14236s oh the ultimate does come out and it
14239s does go on cool down because we do see
14241s the am drone and we do see the cool down
14243s on the top left there but uh yeah it's
14246s just the TP does end up going through
14249s and they will be able to get away oh umu
14251s didn't get it no he didn't get the
14253s animate Reaper Stacks actually is he
14254s running anim Reaper I can't tell but if
14257s he got the bear cool if he didn't
14258s unfortunate we'll take the second fall
14261s of this game already as the team as
14263s usual is still splitting apart right I
14265s mean it's just been consistent for that
14266s team there's the blink coming through
14268s from shinan SEI looking for a flank but
14270s their team not really in position to
14272s receive that flank so we'll just
14274s casually back away from this one with 45
14276s seconds left in number yeah great
14279s reaction from sh my butt that does mean
14281s their blink will be on cool down
14282s probably for the objective contest here
14284s looks like team Blaster does end up
14285s finding the haze from get another kill a
14289s nice combo great Paradiso there a nice
14292s taunt as well from the M I think bomb is
14294s also going to fall here as it looks like
14296s team High they're getting so many kills
14300s five field kills already the rest of the
14302s lobby needs to look for some kills now
14305s or else high is going to run away with
14307s it I quite fun
14310s the
14312s damage yeah it's not enough damage from
14316s the combo from Fairy the ultimate I
14319s think from the tazio just wasn't there
14321s and it looks like it will be ju going to
14324s be able to
14325s wait a second o a nice spring trap wait
14327s a second the combo from gwor a nice
14330s blink forward going to get that Queen
14332s and they're actually going to be able to
14333s turn it here yeah are they going to try
14335s to push all the way in towards the tree
14336s of life though is the question there's
14337s another team coming in one tool has the
14339s calls for that is team fairy going to
14341s look for this one Gard reverse is going
14342s to come through but one tool getting
14344s slowed down there is the buildup coming
14347s through from s he just does not care
14349s will grab the Tree of Life upgrade that
14351s black black mama King towards that tree
14354s of life upgrade he's got what he needs
14356s so he doesn't really care what's going
14357s on here but no one else can kill this
14359s guy he's so darn
14360s tanky yeah I mean that Aon especially
14363s with the blocka going to get so much
14364s effective HP from these items and you
14368s know you pair that up with the force
14369s field having you know the extra
14372s additional HP they're just going to be
14374s able to live through so much here but we
14376s do have a TP from Fairy going to TP down
14378s to Uptown maybe going to try looking uh
14381s to get their Callins here maybe look to
14383s contest one of the battle zones looks
14384s like they're going to go down over to
14386s Beach and we also still have Team woo
14389s still split farming here as they are
14391s trying to get probably this Blood up for
14394s this Evo yeah but they're already at 420
14398s credits it's only day three so unless
14401s this Ava calls something sometime soon
14403s she's going to be sitting on an
14404s unnecessary amount of credits for no
14406s reason here so I actually kind of want
14408s to see U will be grabbing some items
14410s really soon there's the exclusive coming
14412s through team Ferry again in playing this
14415s wonderfully he understands that he's the
14416s only one that can get eliminated a lot
14418s of damage down on to tazu but he's
14419s standing in the middle of everybody
14421s canel out is The Peacemaker oh one tool
14424s fantastic Fury punch he's going to get
14427s the kill and down goes zeren one tool
14431s the timing was
14432s immaculate yeah able to use that uh
14436s punch right before the P came out and
14439s just instantly cancels it and that will
14441s be team fairy picking up a nice two
14442s kills from thems they are looking good
14444s good as they are also one of our teams
14446s in checkpoint here but we do have an
14447s engage coming out from Team slasher
14450s maybe they can look for something here
14451s they go on the my is going to be enough
14452s damage no looks like Expo just gets
14454s instantly shredded here in team High
14456s going to get another two kills possibly
14458s even three going to be able to maybe
14460s wipe slasher here but no the batt Zone
14462s does end up starting here and it will be
14464s the Felix going to fall shortly but team
14466s High seven field kills already I don't
14469s know about this though for team High
14471s because they could have killed the Felix
14472s and the Felix is actually going to buy
14473s so much time for them there was an alpha
14475s on the Southeast side but it will
14476s already get taken it is another
14479s myth oh my God G is down on the ground
14482s but he's under play dead and there's the
14483s full HP again the combo that we've been
14485s talking about for team CH seed and it's
14487s going to be a full reset from the Spight
14489s without the play Dead coming through
14490s timer looking like it's a little bit
14492s problematic for this team here they got
14494s to Duke it out they got to fight it out
14495s who's going to get taken down first down
14497s goes the Nikki to the ground 7 Seconds
14499s of timer left on the side of Team faery
14500s they're trying to recover it a little
14501s bit with gworks getting inside of that
14503s drone but it doesn't matter if you lose
14504s the fight anyway sh still alive dashing
14507s all over the place there's the moving
14508s reload he is out of there which means
14510s bear with 5 Seconds of timer left will
14513s get taken down CH picks up the Battle
14515s Zone will pick themselves up a myth roll
14517s with it yeah I don't think the target
14519s was Jenny there especially with the play
14521s that the Lenny just instantly heals
14523s Jenny back to full HP and then you know
14525s your full combo is mitigated and once
14527s you don't have your combo there you're
14529s just not doing as much as you can cuz
14530s you will have to play the 3v3 still
14533s normally here and oh a nice spell shield
14535s from R actually denying the Nikki page
14537s uppercut here but it looks like Nika and
14540s the rest of their team is actually going
14541s to be able to follow up and it's going
14542s to be Su the one that actually falls
14544s there and bnk FX going to lose a member
14546s and they just going to have to back away
14548s oh my God but look at the kill counts
14550s across the board super seven for high
14553s everyone else the max number is three
14555s it's on
14556s ferry fairy FY is one of those
14559s checkpoint teams so if they do end up
14560s getting a couple more kills here or if
14562s high does end up falling you know that
14564s could spell the end of the series but uh
14567s here comes the damage from na here going
14569s to try looking for an angle here but
14570s doesn't find anything and is just going
14572s to dash on out of there and a great
14574s Paradiso from Blaster and looks like
14576s it's going to be in9 falling once again
14578s and team high scoring another kill for
14581s himself yeah this is actually insane too
14583s because team high they actually have a
14584s very slow early start to the game they
14586s need items for this Taza to continuously
14589s deal pressure and damage in the late
14590s stages of the game but they're already
14592s at that point but here we go another
14593s fight inside a looking for the fight up
14595s against the tree of life that will be
14596s spawning in a few seconds here a lot of
14598s good damage being exchanged between
14599s these two teams but Shin about to get
14601s taken down into the play dead yet again
14603s down she goes and now bom is fully
14605s prioritizing senine the Lenny doesn't
14607s really have any easy ways to deal with
14609s the zon right now shinomi will take the
14611s fall buom is going to cancel out on the
14613s chase too far is going to be that Lenny
14615s doesn't want to waste any more time FX
14618s little bit of trouble as well as they're
14619s going to try to pick up the tree of life
14621s are they going to be able to get it for
14622s free right now oh yeah they are what on
14625s the side of Team fairy looking to walk
14626s up and try to cancel that out and theend
14627s gets found out yet again slasher is
14629s going to be able to pick up the kill
14630s down goes the ly there's a minus 500 on
14633s the side of Team two seat one kill not
14636s looking the greatest in this situation
14637s right now that is not what you wants to
14640s see if you are a CH seed fan because
14643s they are in checkpoint here and then you
14645s know that is a really early minus 500 so
14647s that is going to sent their Tempo far
14649s back uh quite a bit and yeah looks like
14651s they are just going to walk down into
14652s pond here I think SL do end up
14654s recognizing this and they might try to
14656s intercept to take this fight as you know
14658s they might recognize that you SE isn't
14660s relatively that strong because they did
14661s end up losing 500 credits and it's quite
14664s crazy that we've had a couple of well
14667s not okay not a couple I gu this is the
14668s first time that we're actually seeing
14670s double eons come through but sebbi has
14672s been able to deal with the pressure that
14674s is the Felix so much more better than
14675s the group stages this time around again
14678s I will mention that Felix has been one
14679s of the easiest ways for a lot of teams
14681s to actually deal with Theon cuz he's so
14683s good at canceling out the rotation team
14685s High looking to play aggressive still
14687s going onwards Rosner getting taken down
14689s to about half HP team bnk FX looking for
14691s a little bit of recovery bom they fought
14693s this before inside of Valley it didn't
14695s go well for them last time Blaster
14696s trying to get a kill onto sonar as well
14698s the S trying to do something the taunt
14700s doesn't come through but now the haze is
14702s sitting in the middle of everybody this
14703s Tazia this will not die the shields are
14707s infinite these characters don't lose HP
14710s and down goes two members of bnk FX yet
14712s again 10 kills for team high they are
14715s well on their way to deny these
14716s checkpoint teams for winning the game
14719s and field kills shui that's not looking
14722s too good for these checkpoint teams but
14724s you know if team high does end up
14726s falling here that will mean that these
14728s other teams can still win but they need
14730s to fall soon or or else you know if they
14734s score enough placement points here I
14736s don't think there's any other team that
14737s has enough kills here and I'm wondering
14740s if high is even going to lose out on any
14742s fights anytime soon right cu cuz all the
14744s other teams right now are are
14745s continuously SL scaling at their own
14748s pace but for team high they are just
14750s pushing their lead right now understand
14752s it yeah they understand their lead and
14755s this is so big for them right now cuz
14756s they understand the game State at the
14758s moment not just in this game alone but
14760s the series as a whole they also
14762s understand their position in the
14763s scoreboard right now any more kills than
14765s this they're going to be in checkpoint
14766s too yeah they just got a blood and
14768s they're going to get that on the Tazia
14770s the the black L sh is going to be big
14772s But Here Comes m I think they see this
14774s fight happening they're walking down
14777s probably going to come through will they
14778s be able to get as many kills as possible
14779s they need to score kills here and looks
14781s like m is going to be able to get one
14782s they going to be able to get sh a great
14785s ultimate fora going to be able to
14786s actually follow up there and it looks
14788s like I don't know if any teams are going
14790s to wipe here sebie is the last one left
14792s and it looks like fair is also in the
14793s zone it looks like sebie is going to go
14795s down here does he have a dash no he
14797s doesn't he has the force field he's got
14798s to use it there it is oh but the burst
14800s is way too good one to with the support
14802s Paradiso will knock that down CH seat
14805s now has to pray that team high will win
14808s if they want to go to a game number
14809s eight and for right now does actually
14812s look kind of good and I'm going to real
14814s with you uh's on six yeah they are on
14818s six you're right they're getting
14820s close yeah Fair's coming back and Mir
14823s sang only has three so they're still you
14825s know a Wells way off but as long as they
14828s are able to win you know the team fights
14829s coming up they should be able to uh come
14832s back and maybe take it for the thems as
14834s well as I think they just called the two
14836s bloods here so they are going to be
14838s looking in a really comfortable position
14840s forsel actually also wondering at this
14842s stage where uh well not where but how
14845s many teams actually understand the state
14847s of the game right now do all of these
14849s teams know that team high is sitting on
14851s 10 kills at the moment do they know that
14853s team fery is sitting on six right now
14856s and as we go further and further into
14858s the game what is that information going
14860s to change in regards to how these
14862s players are actually going to play these
14863s fights out especially considering right
14865s now in force we have four teams at the
14868s moment there is a lot and I think andate
14872s do know that and they don't want to get
14873s gate kept here so they are going to DP
14875s out does ma have enough timer here cams
14879s but S 5 Seconds to go I think they're
14882s dead two seconds of time oh yeah they're
14885s dead they're dead they're
14887s dead that will be minus one for the M I
14892s think they just didn't want to play into
14894s other teams but you know you have to
14897s question yourself will that 250 credits
14899s come down to winning the game here going
14902s have to see you know uh coming up see on
14905s the bright side they didn't have to push
14906s through four different teams of forests
14908s but minus 250 I mean right now with the
14911s information that this team has it
14913s definitely wasn't worth it but in
14914s hindsight maybe it wasn't too bad cuz
14917s then now they have a different way of
14919s attacking the the map maybe yeah they
14921s lost a lot of timer but minus 250 is
14923s isn't that big of a deal as long as
14925s you're able to make the timer back and
14926s just get kills to get the credits off of
14928s other
14929s people yeah I mean we're going to have
14930s to see here as we do have Wick line
14932s spawning in 25 seconds we have a lot of
14934s teams posturing up here team marang is
14937s going to be the one that's going to have
14938s full control of cemetery as they do end
14940s up taking the console on the top side
14942s here fairy maybe going to try looking
14944s for some fights here as we do have an
14946s engage from high the hay is taking so
14949s much damage but a nice paker actually
14951s going to be able to shut down high and
14953s it looks like they are going to lose
14955s their M here will Blaster be able to do
14957s anything it looks like no as uh maybe
14960s they try looking for the res here but I
14961s don't think that's the right play as the
14963s heart is also going to be able to kill
14964s the on the other side here as it is team
14968s High going to lose two members that
14969s might be it as look at the credit count
14971s from Team high they don't have enough to
14972s call one back in it is a devastating
14976s loss for team High losing two members
14978s like that the Prius thought that she
14979s could have fought the heart and stayed a
14981s little bit longer but they needed those
14983s credit to Res the my back I don't see a
14986s way in which this comes back to team
14988s High super I really don't they just got
14990s a rat now maybe bring back the Pria if
14993s they get some Farm here it might be
14995s enough because you know the farm is
14997s split onto three
14998s members yeah I think they can make it
15001s but they need to get some Farm here they
15003s do end up calling back the pre the
15005s passive credits are going to start
15006s taking but yeah they're still down it
15008s looks like about 70 credits so they need
15010s to look for something and they need to
15011s look for it now yeah 50 seconds to go
15013s they have uh 70 credits yeah you're
15016s right they have the entirety of pond
15018s open natural regeneration should also
15019s Aid in that here we go another fight
15021s though the wick line has been picked up
15022s by m sedong they're looking for the
15023s fight Airline getting tagged up but
15025s there goes the health bar disintegrated
15028s into the void neory trying to run umu
15030s gets CAU out by romatic there is nowhere
15032s for this Eva to go down she goes two
15035s members down for oob which means another
15038s team not in checkpoint is going to be in
15040s Dire Straits a team on the other side of
15042s the jump pad are they going to jump p
15046s I think K is going to make it here he
15048s need
15049s about there oh no 10 credits 10 credits
15052s oh they're there right now three
15055s two one they made it they made it they
15058s made it got to go they got to go they
15059s got to go where's the res where's the
15061s got
15062s it so they are back into this game so
15065s they can still clutch up here and send
15067s us to a game number eight we will have
15068s to see looks like an is in the area and
15071s maybe they recognize you know we won
15073s this fight before we can win it again
15074s here comage on donana going to actually
15076s shut down the of the vampire queen and
15078s it is going to be prey going to be uh or
15082s sorry XO going to be the one to fall
15084s there as yeah team slasher is going to
15085s lose a member and they're going to be
15087s forced to split up Eden s wants to win
15090s they do not want this series to go any
15092s longer team high now the last non-
15095s checkpoint team left that only has a
15097s full team left now too so they got to do
15099s it I mean it's all up to these guys if
15101s they want the series to continue a
15102s beautiful Dash or Ming n to did not get
15104s stun by that wall either but will be
15106s reset even team kungi and eight not
15109s allowing this to happen right the ego is
15111s not going to be overb here they know
15113s that they can win this fight but it's
15115s still too risky at this stage if they
15116s lose it's only on team High to take away
15119s a potential win to continue the series
15121s onwards kongi andate does not want to
15123s risk that chance at
15124s all yeah I think um I think en does know
15128s though that this is one of the teams
15130s that uh is going to be the only team act
15133s that is going to deny these teams in
15134s checkpoint so if they can win this fight
15136s then it can open the door for them to
15138s win this tournament but it also opens
15140s the door for the other team the other
15141s checkpoint teams to win as well the
15143s issue right now that I do see for team
15144s High though is they need to pick up at
15146s least one or two additional kills to
15148s refresh the timer on on uh on Blaster
15151s right cuz he wasted too much trying to
15153s resurrect back Thea and also having to
15155s run through red a lot before the res
15158s actually came through so team High
15160s regardless of what they're doing right
15161s now they need to at least pick up one or
15162s two to maybe set the timer on to Blaster
15165s and then look for the additional timer
15167s you gain at the end when the temp zone
15169s phas is up otherwise it's going to be
15171s problematic n in a similar boat here as
15173s well this
15176s time that's nice timing from n uh
15179s fortunate timing for them as Ferry just
15182s passed by there and yeah will be number
15184s just going to chill in that corner but
15186s if Ferry does end up walking back they
15187s will end up finding this heart and I
15189s don't think de has any more time to tank
15191s so he will probably fall to them but
15193s here comes engage they do find the one
15196s of the members they they do kill the
15197s Nikki and N is the one to get away but
15200s marai sang on seven F kills himself so
15202s they're definitely set up to win here
15204s even though High has three more than
15205s them looking to turn around the curse of
15208s meong the Wall comes down again tazu is
15210s going to be able to just barely get out
15211s of that one but team high oh what's up
15214s zero Jin taking pretty low they see the
15216s health bars on this team they know what
15218s something's going on around here Zer oh
15220s not going to get attacked by the
15222s virtuoso oh my goodness this is all over
15224s the place man I'm scared I'm
15227s scared yeah and it looks like fairy does
15229s end up
15231s find yeah heart and we'll just get a
15234s we'll just get one shot and fairy also
15236s with seven field kills as well but it's
15238s only you know um inate that only has
15240s three so they need to look for some
15242s kills here uh oh he like stuck in the
15245s middle between two teams there's nowhere
15246s for him to go he's just going to get
15248s poked down who does he choose to send it
15250s on though it is going to be team inates
15253s and will be an eight that does end up
15254s scoring that kill look at the map State
15256s though look at the map State what's the
15257s team that's holding the only Zone that
15259s there aren't that many people and it is
15260s currently high but fer trying to push
15262s this in gwor is going to take a whole
15264s chunk of damage they know that there's a
15265s team behind so they got to pick where
15267s they want to go they're not making
15268s decision they're going to try pulling
15269s towards gungi and eight down goes to
15271s down goes the dicki Blaster looking to
15274s see if they can pick up a couple kills
15275s here as well be song is already on top
15277s of it though pick up
15279s two yeah they get two kills it's going
15282s to be Nine Kills for Mar ser and Nate is
15284s going to be the one to have to force
15287s into mar mar needs a clean fight here or
15289s high can just come in third party and uh
15291s close out the series and make and send
15293s us to a game number eight yeah but High
15295s hasn't picked up any additional kills
15296s here right so their timer is actually
15298s not looking that great bum trying to get
15299s the kill over on towards kungi and a cuz
15301s he understands that the map state is not
15303s looking that good unfortunately it goes
15304s over onto B andong timer now looking now
15307s looking that good for team geni inate
15309s The Peacemaker is good but it's not
15311s going to be good enough as the b gets
15312s taken down tazu trying to salvage
15314s something as much as he can but it's
15316s going to be the ballistic advantage to
15317s take him down zero Jin alive but he only
15320s has 2 seconds Pop Goes the Weasel we are
15322s on 13 to 10 if Mir seong just gets one
15326s field kill they will win they just they
15329s just need to get one just one otherwise
15332s they are going to wait hold on
15335s 13 oh yeah you're right all they need to
15337s do wait no no no 13 yeah yeah they just
15340s need one cuz you get three from the oh
15342s actually no no no cuz wait no no no is
15345s it wait hold on so if they get 518 no no
15348s no they need to get all three I think
15350s because otherwise it's going to be get
15353s three and then backt three Yeah Yeah
15354s Yeah from yeah exactly so yeah High
15357s still need s still can win their win
15359s condition isn't as strict as we would
15361s normally think it is and they win the
15362s 50/50 but here's the problem thing
15365s corridors it is Theo's Heyday here in
15368s this tight Corridor right now K looking
15371s for an angle in every other team looking
15373s at at this fight very closely hiasi not
15375s getting tagged by that spark here but
15377s the hex is hurting a lot camera's going
15379s to go down K not looking that bad still
15382s the vision plant is going to disappear
15384s everybody knows what's going on around
15386s here trap's going to start going down
15387s double Guillotine down one romatic
15389s hanging around inside of the Bush nobody
15391s knows exactly what the other situation
15393s looks like right now like this they
15394s going over to the other side because
15397s they want to play in the corridor with
15398s the deodor so I do like this play as uh
15402s if high does end up playing into them
15403s they will have that power screen with
15405s the di uh damage is going to come
15407s through so here here it comes they are
15409s going to they do have Vision behind them
15412s though pop sh the ghost Sprite did end
15415s up proing off the oh there is it there
15418s is that's how works yeah there's the
15420s shield from oh there's the spark though
15423s some damage it's getting a little tense
15424s here onle trying to look for some poke
15426s trying to look for a nice spark for the
15428s engage to get uh to send on and uh
15431s playing really slow the spark doesn't go
15434s to anywhere there nice Taun yeah nice
15438s point from they're looking for the angle
15440s look for the angle nice Al from bana
15443s here comes the spark nade it is going to
15444s be enough so much damage one circle is
15447s taking so much damage so I think he's
15448s going to go down no psh is it going to
15450s be enough though romatic is he going to
15451s be able to clutch clutch it up here oh I
15453s think they are I don't think they have
15454s enough damage here it's only priia and
15457s my alive they don't have the Tazia and
15459s that's going to be it meai serong will
15461s be your season 4 phase one Champions
15464s they have finally overcome the curse
15466s that is this cursed checkpoint system
15469s they will finally be able to win another
15471s phase and that final curtain call of the
15474s ballistic Advantage isn't even needed as
15476s romatic he knows he's one kqu all he can
15479s do is just sit there and pray for the
15481s sweet release of that GG's to Meen Hong
15484s will be a clean three for one to take
15487s away the trophy of the phase one Series
15490s in season 4 GG and well
15494s played yeah I think with that game as
15496s well they will also get take home the
15498s first place Point prizon as they will
15500s end up passing I think it was inate that
15504s was ahead of them because they got a
15506s nice 26 kill game so yeah very well
15509s played to Mira seong once again showing
15512s why they are the best team in north or
15514s in U in South Korea oh my God and I
15517s think for team high in
15520s North uh for team High the second and
15523s last fight that they fought and lost two
15525s members it was too big of a left down
15528s right cuz again I think if it wasn't for
15531s the fact that they lost that fight then
15533s Blaster would have had a lot of time to
15535s actually work off of they never got any
15537s kills inside a stream either they got
15539s good positioning but they couldn't third
15541s party off of the fact that they had sole
15544s control over the stream battle uh the
15546s temp zone so they couldn't walk in
15547s towards the pond one they had no chance
15549s to try taking MAA and Sig when they were
15551s kind of weak starting from there I mean
15554s the fight looked okay they all jumped on
15556s the one Circle but invested way too much
15558s he got locked down just barely enough
15560s that he didn't have to uh that he didn't
15562s even get the bush check for the sapphire
15565s protocol but he sustained so much from
15568s his energy Cannon and the commander
15571s headset from danana that we've been
15573s constantly seeing him use over and over
15575s and over again in the series yeah and
15578s him just doing enough damage to kill the
15581s Tazia the Tazia is their main threat on
15583s team high once thei goes down there's
15585s not enough damage I think from the from
15588s uh you know team High there to really
15590s you know shut down the other two so yeah
15592s very well played from Mar Jong able to
15594s realize that and yeah once Blaster went
15597s down that was
15598s it unfortunate for team High unfortunate
15603s for the rest of the lobby
15604s unfortunate for UOB and team slasher as
15608s well never managed to get into the
15609s checkpoint slot but in the end he didn't
15612s again finally beats their curs they will
15614s be able to win it out before by the way
15617s we go to the real cursed checkpoint that
15619s they were never able to overcome so far
15622s in any of the series that we've seen
15624s with that checkpoint format but it's
15626s looking good for team Meen sigong they
15628s built themselves way back up from the
15630s early stages of the series where they
15632s were down I think all the way in like
15633s the fifth and sixth place spots and they
15636s managed to win the entire Series going
15638s for them so congratulations again to me
15640s seong I know they're going to be
15642s celebrating here tonight what a great
15645s way to end phase number one though my
15647s goodness what an incredible weekend of
15649s eternal return we had yeah they just
15652s able to close it
15653s out and yeah I'm excited you know for
15656s the upcoming phases because you know the
15658s upcoming phases will have the new um
15663s temporary final zones and the new Final
15665s Zone as well but here are the round
15666s results here it's no surprise miren
15669s coming out on top with 16 field kills
15670s winning the whole game as well with 24
15672s points they had the most amount of
15674s points so that means they do end up
15675s taking it home for today GG's oh my
15679s goodness 24 points and eight point lead
15681s ahead of Team high it was a valiant
15684s effort from Team high as well starting
15686s from the early stages of the game they
15687s pushed their way all the way to the end
15689s but then one crucial mistake in the
15691s fight LED them to their downfall 90
15694s points for team MAA and seong which will
15696s allow them to get both the championship
15699s uh the champion I should say prize pool
15701s as well as the first place prize pool so
15702s two milon King one is going to be going
15704s into the hands of M and seong I think
15706s they're eating good tonight but other
15708s than that kungi inate in second place 78
15710s BK FX in third with 66 one point off
15714s between two different teams by the way
15716s 65 points for Fairy and seat yeah they
15720s do kai and it comes out to the
15721s tiebreaker how the tiebreaker works is
15723s whichever team has the most field kills
15725s and it will be fairy so they will uh
15727s secure thems fourth place getting some
15729s more getting some extra you know amount
15732s of money fors and circuit points exactly
15735s GG is a great weekend that we have had
15737s I'm hoping that all of you guys very
15739s much enjoyed it I know all of you may
15742s want wanted to not let me go to sleep
15744s you know maybe all of you wanted a 10
15745s game series just because you wanted to
15747s watch a 10 game series because these
15749s games were great but I know some of you
15750s in the chat don't lie to me wanted to
15752s see 10 games just so I don't get to
15754s sleep I curse you all um but finally
15758s super is also going to be able to eat so
15760s yeah I think we're going to call it here
15761s guys they're doing the Korean over on
15763s the Korean side of things but we're not
15765s going to be doing the translations here
15766s again congratulations to me song for
15769s winning phase one we'll see a lot of
15771s these teams most likely back in Phase
15773s number two guys we are going to have the
15775s qualifiers next week so if you guys are
15777s able to keep track of that on the carean
15779s side of things make sure you do that
15781s otherwise we will have the group stages
15783s for phase number two on the fourth of
15785s July weekend for you guys in
15787s America July 5th it's going to be the
15789s Friday will be at 5:00 a.m. Central Time
15792s 6:00 a.m. Eastern and 3:00 a.m. Pacific
15795s right here on this channel the eternal
15796s return game channel we're super excited
15798s for phase number two I'm hoping all of
15800s you guys are as well yeah I mean
15803s unfortunately I don't think I'm going to
15804s be there because I will be you know on a
15806s trip but someone will be in someone will
15809s be there to uh fill in for me but um
15812s next week as well we do actually have
15814s the um the North American ercs so if you
15817s guys do want to come and watch that make
15819s sure you guys do um come stop by but
15822s yeah I mean thank you guys so much for
15823s watching you know it was a blast to cast
15826s uh ERM once again you know to see the
15828s best of the best play and to see you
15830s know all these uh teams you know um all
15834s these teams you know try to adapt to the
15837s met over there exactly ladies and
15839s Gentlemen Just because ERM is over
15841s doesn't mean we have nothing left for
15843s this weekend we do have North American
15845s scrims that will be happening tonight as
15847s well if you guys want to check that out
15848s make sure you guys join the scrim
15849s Channel there is information about it
15851s all over the place if you guys ask
15853s people in chat they'll probably link it
15854s to you too so you guys want to see some
15856s of North America's great practice for
15858s ercs that is upcoming next weekend as
15860s Superior said make sure you guys drop
15862s into that but other than that I believe
15864s that is going to be it from Super and I
15866s for this weekend thank you so much for
15868s joining us for season 4 phase one we
15870s will see you guys back or at least I
15871s will see you guys back here for season 4
15874s phase two yeah I'll be back for phase
15877s three and for the finals but um yeah I
15879s mean it was a blast it was a blast yep
15881s hopefully all of you guys have fantastic
15883s rest of your Sunday we'll see you guys
15884s in a few weeks and be tuned for more
15886s Esports down the road we'll see you guys
15888s later take care take care