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1126s all right everybody welcome back to
1128s eternal return Master season 4 phase
1131s number one this time around it is
1133s Saturday which means we are here for the
1135s wild cards welcome back everybody if you
1137s guys were here yesterday absolutely
1139s welcome back if you guys weren't here
1140s yesterday well welcome anyways my name
1143s is shuy I'll be one of your casters here
1145s tonight and alongside me is still
1147s Superior that hasn't changed at all yes
1150s hello hello I'm superior welcome guys
1153s I'm very excited uh for today's Shu you
1155s know it is the wild card so that means
1156s four teams are going to go home today
1159s and four teams will be making it to the
1161s finals for tomorrow oh yeah uh it's
1163s going to be a lot harder than yesterday
1165s if uh if I'm going to say so myself
1167s compared to the six teams that were at
1168s least going to move on into a future
1171s stage right I mean four for the wild
1173s cards two for the finals but when you
1176s compare it to the six from yesterday
1178s four is definitely going to be a bit
1180s harder to manage when it comes to the
1181s leaderboard top four will be tough
1184s especially considering the teams that
1186s are actually going to be playing here
1187s today for this wall
1189s cards yeah but it is going to be six
1191s games so these teams you know they have
1193s a lot to prove there's a lot of leeway
1195s for these teams to you know maybe try
1198s and play a nice consistent game for this
1200s uh tournament so yeah we're going to
1202s have to see you know what these teams uh
1204s bring to the table here especially
1205s because since yesterday you know uh both
1207s of these groups you know had two
1208s completely different play Styles right
1210s we saw group a um them having more of
1212s like a Dives type uh group while Group B
1215s was more of a front to back oriented um
1219s uh style group so we're going have to
1220s see you know how these two play Styles
1222s clash with uh with each other exactly
1225s let's take a look at the overview for
1226s today though before we start going into
1229s the games if you guys were here
1230s yesterday you guys saw it but it's
1232s pretty much the same as almost every
1233s other ERM phases that we've seen so far
1236s yesterday was the group stages we got
1238s the wild cards here today and the finals
1240s tomorrow that's all the way at the left
1242s of your screen there price pull in the
1244s center and then as usual the circuit
1247s points all of that for the circuit
1249s points and the prize pool will be
1250s determined tomorrow during the finals
1253s but for now we have to determine what
1254s the final four teams that are going to
1256s be going into the finals tomorrow will
1258s be alongside the top two teams from each
1260s of the groups from yesterday's group
1263s stages yeah obviously we do have the
1265s champion price pool it's completely
1267s separate from the placement so you know
1270s there is still the checkpoint format
1271s where teams still need
1272s to um I'm not sure if it's the normal
1276s checkpoint or if it's the the most
1278s points I think with this uh final Zone
1281s it should be the most points one we're
1283s going to have to get get back to you on
1284s that but um yeah it is a separate PR
1288s pool so
1289s it is uh I think about a million Korean
1292s one uh difference for each but we do
1294s have the format here as well and yeah we
1297s finished the group stage so you know
1299s both groups are done and now we just
1301s have the six games for the wild cards
1303s for tonight pretty standard Lobby and
1305s the game format we're going to have here
1307s today and these right here on your
1308s screen are going to be the teams that
1310s will be playing here today the season 3
1312s Champions bnk FX were knocked down to
1315s the wild cards yesterday so they will
1317s indeed be playing here today always in
1319s also going to be playing here oh Asher
1322s also going to be playing in the wild
1324s cards here today Mudkip M seong high and
1327s snam Rox will be joining us from Group B
1330s and just looking at this alone let's be
1333s real here if you guys were not here
1335s yesterday it was a treat and a half to
1337s be able to see these teams of all teams
1341s be put into the wild
1342s cards yeah it's crazy you know like we
1344s know me seang time and time again they
1346s usually are uh just going straight to
1349s finals but you know they got knocked
1350s down to wild cards FX are champions from
1353s last season uh always in shun you know
1356s bunch of prominent names Asher MIP oh
1360s high uh even even Rox right like all
1362s these teams here they definitely have
1364s something to prove so we're going have
1365s to see if these teams or which teams are
1368s going to be the ones to make it out uh
1370s of the wild cards for today yeah no
1372s matter what four teams move on and what
1374s four teams drop down I have a feeling
1376s that the finals are going to be
1378s extremely extremely competitive just
1380s because if we see these calibers of
1383s teams dropping into the wild cards we
1385s know that the teams that bested them
1387s yesterday in the group stages have
1389s something that these guys just don't
1391s have yet but for these eight teams this
1394s wild card stage here is the stage for
1396s them to really prove to us that you know
1398s Season 4 this may be the first phase but
1401s they really have what it takes to Duke
1403s it out up against all the other teams
1405s right
1405s now yeah I mean I'm very excited to see
1408s you know these games play out I wonder
1410s if we will have any bans coming in
1412s because uh yesterday for group a we had
1414s the Eon ban but I don't know if any of
1416s the Eon teams they get knocked out and
1418s in group b we had uh Theodore and my ban
1421s so now that these that or now these two
1425s groups are you know uh mixed and
1426s matching together I wonder if uh any of
1429s these you know teams will end up
1431s changing their play style yeah that's
1433s something that I want to see here as
1434s well you mentioned it earlier but it's
1436s two different gameplay Styles between
1438s the two different groups groups kind of
1439s clashing together here today group a
1441s playing a lot more of the divest
1443s composition while Group B Teams for the
1445s majority were playing the front to back
1447s so we definitely saw differences in the
1449s team composition but there were some
1452s similar characters that were played
1454s between the two groups right we saw
1455s Felix coming through in both of the
1458s groups and while Eon might have not been
1459s super super popular in group b we still
1463s did see small resurgences of it thanks
1465s to bum playing it here and there but
1468s we'll have to see what ends up happening
1470s right who are going to be the starters
1472s what players yeah will be the ones that
1474s are going to be in the starting roster
1476s for these players cuz we know yesterday
1477s as well after the intermission there
1479s were teams that flip-flo some players
1480s around and I'll be honest with you some
1483s of those decisions didn't really work
1485s out for some of these teams so we'll
1487s have to see how everything's going to
1488s get started here today and whether or
1490s not that specific starting roster is
1492s going to be a foundation for that team
1494s or if it's going to have to be
1495s flip-flopped again after the after each
1497s of the intermissions I should say that
1498s going to have here today yeah there's
1501s going to be two intermissions uh one
1503s after game two one after game four so
1505s yeah I mean a lot of these teams can try
1507s to adjust to the lobby and see you know
1509s what might work and what might not work
1510s out for them I'm I'm very curious to see
1512s you know if these teams uh do end up
1514s swapping their rosters around because
1517s yeah I mean there's definitely a lot on
1518s the line for some of these teams
1519s especially you know since um a lot of
1521s these teams are newly sponsored so they
1523s definitely do want to try to probably
1526s make their uh their city or you know
1528s their
1529s they're or you know proud yeah 100% and
1532s another thing on top of that as well bnk
1534s FX again this was the season three
1537s Champions coming out of the Season
1538s finals that we had about a month and a
1540s half ago so they definitely want to make
1542s it through over into the finals today
1545s they want to have a really really good
1546s sound solid foundation going into the
1549s season finals by grabbing themselves a
1551s hefty amount of the circuit point and
1554s you and I saw during the season finals
1557s that each individual f performances
1559s really really matter when it comes to
1561s the long run so I'm very excited about
1564s this one but before that let's take a
1565s look at the frea TV predictions for each
1568s of these
1569s teams so even you're right between all
1572s the teams in group a yeah in group a it
1575s looks like it's Asher the one that's
1577s coming on top with 37% of the votes but
1579s I mean if you look at the distribution
1582s is actually not too far off it's only
1583s about like a 20 point or 20% uh
1586s difference whereas you know yesterday
1588s when we saw that streer predictions
1589s there only it was always one team you
1590s know dominating and taking most of the
1592s votes but for Group B we have Mar sang
1595s we know uh we know and love them uh they
1598s have about I think 46% of the votes down
1601s there yeah still it's not that bad I
1603s mean yesterday we had some teams where
1604s we straight up couldn't even make out
1606s some of their team so I would say yeah
1609s this is definitely not looking that bad
1612s for a lot of our teams here but you know
1614s again this isn't an accurate
1616s representation of how strong these teams
1618s are but it's much more of an accurate
1619s representation of what the fan base
1621s Behind these teams are going to look
1623s like so for the teams that do have a lot
1625s of these percentage of votes yes it
1627s might look good on paper but that also
1629s means they're going to have a lot of
1630s pressure going into some of these lobes
1632s lob Lobby there for a second yeah we saw
1634s it there for a second for Korean
1636s production looking a little bit funky
1637s here for the wild cards but yes let's
1639s get started with the games game one out
1642s of six is going to be underway as we are
1643s going to take a look at some of the
1645s character selections coming through and
1647s we are already seeing a composition we
1649s saw yesterday coming through from o the
1651s shuai Eva as well as the
1654s heart yeah and I think most teams are
1657s playing pretty similar um comps that
1660s they
1660s did yesterday right we have oh lenol
1663s actually back on the Theodore with that
1666s uh double front line plus the Theodore
1668s back line and it did end up working out
1669s for them they were able to you know
1671s close out one of the games and I think
1672s that is three theodors so we actually
1674s have another Theodor band coming in and
1676s a my band uh as well so y it's looking
1679s uh pretty similar to yesterday uh from
1682s Group B exactly we've got four m in this
1685s game and funny enough they're actually
1686s all I believe coming from the teams that
1689s made it out of group b yesterday mkit
1691s Bea and high and
1694s X yeah you're right all four of them um
1698s and two of them are playing Theodore but
1699s we do have one Theodore from group a as
1701s well so you know um yeah it's kind it's
1705s kind of interesting to see you know how
1707s these uh two groups will play to each
1709s other yeah and something that I'm
1710s noticing here today as well I mentioned
1712s this yesterday and I'm hoping that this
1714s is going to be a little bit of a
1715s confirmed pick I think for this team
1718s fear X is going to have bum as the
1721s starter today and I think it's Rosner
1724s and
1726s SAR as our two other players which is
1728s quite interesting because yesterday the
1730s starting roster was SAR E8 and P they
1734s had Rosner Sub in later on to substitute
1737s in for bom but with
1739s only p in
1740s this rosner's on a stealth oh yeah so
1745s wow I have not seen him off the zoa so
1747s that is yeah that that's very
1749s interesting to see so yeah this is a
1751s very interesting composition cuz it's a
1752s lot more different than yesterday where
1754s you're playing for the Poke and you're
1756s kind of playing for the long game with
1757s the Cilla as well as the irm right it's
1761s a lot more of the front end the flight
1763s where you're depending on the Eon to be
1765s a bit of that Bruiser front line while
1767s the Estel supports it and then the
1769s cillas there're a little bit more of the
1772s crowd control control Mage aspect of the
1775s fight as well so a little bit of a
1776s different composition we are going to be
1778s seeing here today for team pnk FX
1781s they'll have to stick with this until
1782s the end of game number two but for now
1784s let's see what ends up happening as we
1786s are loaded into game number one everyone
1788s of course just going to be starting to
1789s get their items oh I'm so excited for
1792s the wild cards man after yesterday I was
1795s so so so excited to watch the game today
1798s for the wild
1800s cards yeah I mean this group is so
1802s competitive um also I think I saw a
1805s subam pick I think this is the first
1807s time we're going to see the new subomi
1808s in action you know from uh this new
1812s season with with the whole rework on her
1814s kit so I'm kind of interested to see you
1815s know how it does play out in ERM because
1819s uh you know these
1820s players they fought two to nail to get
1822s here right these are the best of the
1824s best yeah something that I do appreciate
1826s about the life and death seal on sub
1828s is that you don't necessarily need to
1830s put yourself in danger to actually make
1832s use of it anymore right you can just
1833s proc the stacks off of it do a little
1835s bit of that extra damage but when you do
1838s need to chase somebody down you do have
1840s that access still although it isn't a
1842s little bit of a cool down so you're not
1844s going to be able to infinite Chase
1845s somebody even towards late game as well
1847s but the option still there you're still
1849s able to poke people out you're still
1850s able to get the stacks off get the
1852s damage off as well so we will see if
1854s midan song is going to be able to do it
1856s it's most likely romantic on that
1858s character with one circle on the theore
1860s and of course my being picked up here
1862s for
1864s danana yeah kind of interesting to see
1866s you know them change up their play style
1867s from yesterday since they I think their
1869s original comp that they ran was the
1872s Alonzo they ran Alonzo do plus Hearts I
1876s think as the backliner so them switching
1878s up to subam and Ma I mean they
1882s definitely have a lot more Mobility so I
1884s do like that you know they're going to
1886s be a little more versatile and maybe
1888s they're going to be able to you know
1888s swing in and out of fight so we're have
1890s to see you know how they utilize uh
1892s their kits to their full full potential
1894s yeah one of the biggest things that I do
1896s like about this composition as well is
1897s that the mobility that the theore puts
1900s onto the subam is going to be really
1902s huge the Synergy between subam kit as
1904s well as the energy blast field of course
1906s really good but I think a lot of
1908s characters just kind of make use of the
1910s additional movement speed to initiate
1911s but for subot me it's really good to
1913s both Chase and kind of reposition
1916s yourself especially since you don't want
1918s to always be using your life and death
1919s seal anymore because it does go on cool
1922s down now when you do use it so I'm
1923s really excited to see what their
1924s fighting capabilities and in general
1927s just how their fighting organization is
1929s going to look like towards the later
1930s stages of the
1931s game yeah but looks like we have a
1933s really slow game no real early game
1936s aggression from any of these teams I
1938s think most teams maybe realize maybe
1940s maybe every team you know ended up
1942s studying what these other teams uh What
1945s uh like like where they end so kind of
1948s just split around just grabbing Bears
1950s here getting getting the early game farm
1951s getting their credit count up but yeah
1953s no real fights try yeah this is going to
1956s be a lot more different than yesterday
1958s where we saw fights over and over and
1960s over and over and over and over again in
1963s the early stages of the game right we
1965s saw fights over and over where people
1967s were just getting picked left and right
1969s I think even in day two and night number
1971s two we were seeing people getting picked
1973s off by themselves around the map of
1975s course that had to do with some teams
1977s opting to a little bit split but we are
1979s going to get our first fight of the
1981s night and it seems to be a third party
1982s situation going around as multiple teams
1984s are going to be inside a factory the
1986s Adena trying to get away as well as the
1989s priia PRI is not going to be able to
1990s make it same thing for the may as well
1992s most likely not going to be able to make
1993s it O The Shield's not bad but it is
1995s going to be the Estell to knock that
1997s down one kill for bnk forx one kill for
2000s always in ch I will be able to stay
2002s alive but that could have been dangerous
2004s just now yeah I think that's very
2006s unfortunate time and you know High just
2007s walking right in the middle between two
2009s teams and yeah they're going to lose two
2010s members for that but it is still day one
2012s the respawn timers are going to be you
2014s know relatively short so they will be
2015s able to respawn back uh before the first
2018s objective spawn so it's not too bad for
2020s them as uh yeah we do have our first
2022s objective spawning in about 10 seconds
2024s here so we're going to have to see you
2025s know if any of these teams are going to
2026s contest exactly for team High they're
2028s going to get a bit of an accurate
2029s representation of what the map is going
2031s to look like so death timers are not
2033s that bad at this stage in the game but
2034s is it going to really result in anything
2036s we will have to see Tree of Life in
2039s hotel getting contested by team Mudkip
2040s as well as Fe VX from the looks know
2043s never mind it's ham Rox trying to do get
2045s out fast ball hasn't been activated yet
2047s three fast balls are activated now DL
2050s trying to put the damage down onto
2051s multiple people across the board there
2052s is no shield on the side of wo which
2054s means he is going to get taken down DDO
2056s with those fast balls are going to be
2057s able to knock down that M and secure
2059s themselves a trie kind of damage from
2062s William just doing so much when he does
2064s have those three fast balls active and
2066s am I just not having his uh or their
2068s their Shield up so yeah just not able to
2071s block any auto so it will be uh Rox
2075s going to be able to claim that tree for
2076s himself good stuff good stuff although
2078s again it is a very slow game right we
2080s haven't seen too many explosive fights
2082s happening the thing in Factory could
2084s have been explosive explosive right but
2086s no full team being eliminated even with
2088s a third party or a sandwich situation
2090s happening inside of that zone and
2093s realistically speaking I think a zone or
2095s two being contested when it comes to
2097s these objectives that is is nothing
2099s compared to what we saw yesterday in
2101s regards to the pace of these games that
2103s we are seeing at the moment so do expect
2105s a bit more of a slower paac game today
2107s which means each of those points super
2109s is going to really really matter when it
2111s comes to the leaderboard
2112s tonight yeah only three kills so far
2115s looks like every team is slowly starting
2117s to get their transitions here they're
2119s getting their Callins because you know
2120s this is the perfect time to call in
2122s before the next objective does end up
2123s spawning so all these teams all gather
2125s around these consoles getting their
2127s first transitions up and yeah we're
2129s maybe we're going to see some of these
2130s teams you know fight for the alpha fight
2132s for these battle zones to grab the next
2134s um RNG for their team exactly 30 seconds
2138s left now I believe unless that says one
2141s up in front and I just can't see it I
2142s don't know either way we do have our
2144s battle zones that are going to be
2145s available it's going to be fire station
2147s Cemetery as well as Uptown no team's
2150s really looking to contest the one in
2151s Cemetery from the looks of it there is
2153s one team hanging around that area but
2154s they do have an alpha right in front of
2156s them I highly doubt they're going to go
2158s here's the initiation coming in it's
2159s going to be no that's about to get taken
2161s down The Peacemaker is actually pretty
2162s good lining up for the VF eruption going
2164s to be a lot of people but it's not going
2166s to be enough damage it's too early in
2168s the game for that AA to be effective
2170s especially up against the front line and
2171s a perfect split from Ed coming in as
2174s they will be able to knock down neory
2176s but there's still so many teams inside
2178s this fire fire station Battle Zone yeah
2181s n a little too far forward it actually
2182s does end up getting caught you know when
2184s you are the ADC you got to be behind
2186s your tank there so yeah little
2188s unfortunate that theay was able to um
2190s find like a nice angle on to the heart
2194s so going to have another fight here
2195s though as the damage coming up from
2197s hermatic going to be able to chunk
2199s down uh the ma or actually the Felix
2201s there but the Felix actually trying to
2203s dodge out on some damage here but the
2205s damage from circle using the uh the the
2209s the power screen so well but the third
2211s party is here wait a second they're
2213s doing so much damage and actually
2215s sustaining so well from the execution
2216s bonus that they actually got from the
2217s other team and looks like m j is
2219s actually okay here yeah somehow they're
2221s actually going to be able to take
2222s control of the Drone as well their
2223s alates are about to come back up thanks
2225s to the Executioner bonus buff and jumo
2227s doesn't have the r of the vampire queen
2229s anymore he has to go into stasis and
2230s look at the timer be oh they will be
2233s able to knock down romantic so he's
2234s going to be a bit out of that factor but
2236s timer being a little bit low on the side
2238s of Team Asher they got to fix this
2240s somehow but one's member is about to go
2242s down down goes narvik down goes jumo and
2245s somehow and hedong is going to be able
2247s to win out on on the Battle Zone inside
2248s of fire station they battled every
2251s single team and came out on top yeah I
2253s was surprised there because the r of the
2254s V we did end up hitting all of them but
2256s you know that extion about his heal from
2258s you know killing the other team was just
2260s too much here but oh a nice Flash from
2262s umu they're actually going to be able to
2264s Blink on back and yeah just going to be
2266s able to kill theay as theay was a little
2269s mispositioned after you know her engage
2271s and yeah that's a nice pick up from be
2274s there going to be able to get a nice
2276s kill for them yeah pretty pretty huge
2278s across the board a lot of teams winning
2280s objectives left and right even
2281s positioning at the stage in the game you
2283s could consider it as an objective cuz
2285s once we start hitting day number three
2287s the amount of zones that are going to be
2289s available to these eight teams
2290s considering how slow of a game we've had
2292s is going to matter a lot in which case
2294s positioning control over specific zones
2296s you will absolutely take but of course
2299s alongside that we do have actual
2301s objectives that are still around the map
2302s tree of life going to be contested from
2304s the members of Team Asher as well as Oho
2307s but with this a in the back of the line
2309s maybe they might get something but P
2310s looking for a flank too much information
2312s on the side of oo seems like they might
2314s just back away from this one the threat
2316s of the Eon on the backside is making it
2318s a little bit difficult for this team to
2319s push in Airline doesn't necessarily know
2321s where to hold when it comes to the front
2323s line yeah and would you look and if you
2325s look on the other side of the map I
2327s think Mar is staying out of vision so
2329s they might be able to look for third
2330s party here actually no it looks like
2332s Asher just going to be able to get the
2333s tree and both teams are going to be able
2335s to walk away there beautiful positioning
2337s from Team Ash but that doesn't mean all
2339s the other teams are standing idle either
2340s team MK looking for fight looking for a
2343s fight Curry is going to be able to get
2345s out of it but he's trying to One V one a
2346s mai as a Rio it's not looking good look
2348s at the health bars what the heck is that
2350s damage coming out from the mai but she
2351s will have to back away try to get a
2353s little bit more support for their
2354s teammates J is already down on the
2356s ground wle is about to get taken down
2357s here as well halalu is trying to do
2360s damage towards wle a little bit more and
2362s he will get taken down HEI trying to
2364s chase this down and well he the auto
2366s attack us finishing but the rain Barm
2368s Queen does end up going through on the
2369s other side on the bottom side of the map
2371s here it looks like Asher is down a
2374s member here and oh no actually oh wait
2378s they actually get the res here with the
2379s aell passive is that going to be enough
2381s nice uh stun coming out from the Stell
2383s there but yeah looks like they are just
2386s going to have to give up the theor and
2388s the stal so oh inan actually going to
2390s lose two members and that is going to be
2391s a minus 400 or 500 for them yeah team
2393s Asher despite coming out of the Battle
2396s Zone a little bit of of mistakes coming
2399s through in that battle zone of course
2400s they are still able to pick up some
2401s kills so this team is still
2403s substantially ahead of a good chunk of
2405s this Lobby so far their pacing has been
2407s really good we can see the items on this
2409s genu right now a fource core picked up
2411s which means we should be able to see the
2413s toan time piece coming through for that
2414s genu which her damage is going to start
2416s spiking like mad as well a lot of our
2419s teams actually looking pretty good in
2421s this mid game right now still looking to
2423s fight as know the combination of these
2425s two different types of lobbies is
2426s starting to stack up in the mid game as
2428s here we go jeny taking down to half HP
2429s at the beginning of the fight Curry
2431s having to 1 V one this Eon but this
2432s Rio's damage output is not that bad
2435s uh-oh not looking good at all free at
2436s last does a lot of damage over on the
2438s curry he still jumps over the wall he's
2439s still alive this Rio is still pumping
2441s out damage as fast as possible play with
2443s us not going but he's isolated in the
2446s quarter 3 seconds he's going to get
2448s taken down pop goes to weasel for the
2449s Rio and team FX going to be pushing the
2452s members of Team Mudkip in the
2455s corner yeah on the other side we do have
2457s a little fight over here I think there
2459s was an RNG off the bear so actually
2461s going to be able to claim that for thems
2463s I think the Eva did end up grabbing that
2464s with their passive so it's looking
2466s pretty good you know they just got a
2468s free RNG on the other side oh no the
2471s Cella does end up pulling the Felix down
2474s so it's actually going to be a minus 500
2476s for Mudkip but on other side do have the
2478s fight starting up again in stream here n
2481s trying to look for something dashes all
2483s used but both teams are just going to
2486s walk away
2487s ooh okay strain being a little bit of a
2490s standoff between these two teams right I
2492s think nemory was looking for a little
2494s bit of that flank angle on the Kenneth
2498s as much as possible but it's a bit too
2499s much of a distance to cover for that
2501s character so nothing really being
2503s covered as I don't think everyone else
2505s is going to be able to take that much
2507s damage considering it is a mid to late
2509s game Eva now I don't know what her items
2511s are looking like right now but from what
2513s we've seen before team o has been able
2516s to get some really really fast stacking
2518s Ava in the past although I do see a lot
2520s of items on the heart this time around
2522s too so I'm not entirely sure what their
2524s transition transition states are
2526s actually looking like for the AA they
2528s are sitting on a lot of credits as well
2529s so they're probably saving for the blood
2531s for that Chaser cuz Chaser is quite the
2533s upgrade for you know these throw
2535s characters yeah looks like we do have a
2538s couple of teams here on the top side
2540s hovering around maybe for this box might
2542s see you know a team fight maybe maybe we
2544s might see a third party oh looks like
2547s always Chun sitting in the bush here
2549s will they face check no Eva will throw
2551s one of their B is in there and yeah it
2553s looks like they do end up getting seen
2555s Recon drones guys come on recon drones I
2558s think the Eva walking up to that might
2560s have been punishable but O Okay jumping
2561s over the wall is going to be narma it's
2563s again another standoff between these two
2565s teams inside a stream this Kenneth
2567s doesn't have the cool down resets to
2569s actually be able to jump over the wall
2570s that white lily should be able to save
2572s team uh what is it always int although
2575s another fight potentially Brewing n it's
2576s just going to be dis engage Airline a
2578s little bit too tanky and on the side of
2580s Team M and S all they were looking for
2582s was the purple box yeah I think they got
2584s a nice seex onto the shuai but the shoai
2587s was just able to dissuade the M engage
2589s and obviously they know there's another
2591s team nearby so they don't really want to
2592s take the fight here but wow actually
2594s calling an item here and that is going
2596s to spell disaster as M song does end up
2598s just Capital capitalizing on that and I
2601s think that is going to be uh Team o
2603s fully getting wiped here from mang and I
2606s think mirang is going to be able to get
2607s whatever that team called in which I
2609s think it was a four score there yeah it
2611s might have been and it's a huge huge
2613s fight coming through from Ma and song
2614s they're actually splitting perfectly up
2616s against the Eva here today as soon as
2617s The Peacemaker came through a split
2619s happened but here we go another fight
2620s coming in DDO trying to jump in he does
2622s have the fast ball going SAR is he going
2624s to be able to be alive yes he does the
2626s Cilla is alive and now the fight is all
2628s on the side of bom there is no fast ball
2630s stack right now for DDO he's trying to
2632s get the baseballs stacked up as soon as
2634s possible but he has does he have the
2635s cool down for it is the question sitting
2636s right in front of the he's going to get
2638s taken down the shield in perfect
2640s position to knock that player down sok's
2642s going to take the fall as well a
2644s beautiful fight coming through from Team
2645s bnk FX as they essentially make the
2648s Williams fast ball
2651s negligible yeah I think uh Rox there was
2653s a little split under targeting DDO
2655s trying to get to Cella but just barely
2657s not able to knock them down and that
2659s just spelled Doom for that team that is
2661s the benefits of the Estelle right super
2663s The Shield absolutely saving that
2665s character and I believe the play with a
2667s was also invested on that side too
2669s another fight here we go round number
2670s two but DDO has the signature Fireball
2673s back up can theilla stay alive this time
2674s around is the question there's another
2676s baseball no absolutely not round two so
2678s far going into the hands of Team fear X
2681s although sokom already took the fall P
2683s still looking for this reinitiation
2685s Resurrection onto the Cilla will come
2687s back on un unintentionally trying to get
2690s the aggro on towards his Wick line as
2692s well DDO is going to have to step into
2694s the red and now FX in full control of
2696s the wick line there is nobody around
2698s here oh my God how are they doing this
2701s look at the credit count Rox is not able
2703s to revive and I think that might be it
2705s for them for this game but yeah I mean
2708s fear X you know bomb just able to do so
2710s much uh damage to DDO and just able to
2713s take so much uh from him and just able
2715s to kind of interrupt him but yeah looks
2717s like it is going to be it here Rox not
2720s going to have enough timer to TP out and
2722s they're going to have to try to look for
2724s something 23 trying to jump onto Cella
2726s here but the St Al denies any
2729s opportunity to kill the Cella and that
2731s is going to be D also falling down there
2733s are so many safety nuts on the side of
2736s Team what is it of Team bnk FX right now
2739s I mean you try to go for anybody there
2741s is some kind of safety net that's not
2743s going to allow you to kill them too
2745s quickly and I don't necessarily think
2747s DDO played those fights wrong it's just
2749s they have so many safety NS you can't
2751s kill this Cilla she has too many Shields
2753s she has so many ways to not take damage
2755s during the duration of the fast ball
2757s everybody else is so tanky as heck but
2759s here we go another Eon this time around
2761s it's going to be P get access onto the
2763s backline he has access to the theor
2765s right now but look at the health bars
2766s dropping on both of the teams acceptance
2768s speech is going to go down play that has
2770s been popped romatic trying to get the
2771s damage on he will be able to knock down
2772s the Jenny down he goes and down goes the
2774s Eon down goes everybody else down goes
2777s team Asher but another fight inside of
2779s Chapel super Tak it away for this one
2780s cuz I need to breathe yeah wow a great K
2783s back from one Circle but bomb just in
2785s the backline luminal cannot do anything
2786s the still trying to peel but yeah it
2789s looks like Lum just going to go down
2791s these eons are just wreaking havoc on
2793s these team just jumping on backline just
2795s being so tanky is able to disrupt so
2797s much for these teams and yeah looks like
2799s FX going to be able to take two members
2801s from all inan here nice resets from bomb
2803s here going to try looking for dong going
2806s to get the pork chop actually that's
2807s going to boost him up and the ultimate
2809s is actually going to knock him up as
2810s well so that is going to be a full wipe
2812s it looks like for team FX nice three
2815s kills and they are sitting comfortably
2818s with 10 kills and this right here is the
2821s reason why bum is the Eon right now in
2825s KR everything around the map being
2827s utilized to the full potential Dash
2830s reset you got the cancel on the Stell
2832s run everything in the game mechanics
2835s just being utilized to its Max as a Zeon
2837s that is still stood absolutely no chance
2839s well played over there onto team bnk FX
2842s who is sitting at 10 kills right now
2844s every single one of them going to be a
2846s factor of those points going into the
2848s leaderboard and I believe I saw a black
2850s lotus shuriken being picked up here
2853s Force huner as well this Cilla is
2855s absolutely terrifying as
2857s well yeah looks like these uh or F XX is
2861s getting so many items they're going to
2862s look so strong mang already looking
2864s really strong as well I think that's
2866s romatic on two four scores danana on
2868s full items with the tap routes and one
2871s Circle also on that blood weapon so yeah
2874s it is going to probably come down to FX
2876s versus marong as m they're not looking
2878s too good on items but you know if they
2879s do play these fights well maybe maybe
2881s they could look to turn something but
2883s can you play these fights well usually
2885s in this kind of case you are looking for
2886s a third party but I mean there's not
2888s that many teams left and the two zones
2890s available Forest as well as Chapel I
2893s don't necessarily think you're going to
2894s be able to find two easy of third
2897s parties but we will see it's team Mudkip
2899s after all everybody else on the other
2900s hand sitting on Max transitions they are
2903s going to be a piece of work to deal with
2906s a lot of damage coming through from Sun
2907s are pulling back the pulling back the M
2910s but nothing happening so far so far it's
2912s just a Zone control battle between these
2915s teams is Vision going to be a big big
2917s factor on which team is going to be able
2919s to win although the wickline blood what
2922s what is it the wickline buff ended so
2924s that's not going to be a strength that
2926s team FX will have going into the rest of
2928s game number
2929s one yeah I think it is about to end very
2932s soon here PX just going to kite over
2934s just going to path up into Forest
2936s probably not wanting to fight marong as
2938s you know they did they did end up seeing
2940s their items they're about equal strength
2942s definitely want to look for the weaker
2943s teams if you can you know get uh these
2946s fights before you know marong does end
2948s up coming over you you could score some
2950s of these kills but I think marong does
2952s understand and maybe they're coming over
2953s to try to look for the for the third
2955s party what is Team Mudkip going to be
2958s able to look for here I believe I saw
2960s Curry's timer not looking too great
2962s Mudkip they're going to be able to find
2963s out Bob MSA from Team sunam Rox who was
2966s just sitting in the corner of this area
2968s this SM trying to get targeted down but
2970s P looking to have free access over onto
2972s the backside he's got the max level he's
2974s just taking no damage while Curry is
2977s just dying he's got the resets and it's
2979s going to be the free at last to knock
2981s that down Bob m is still somehow alive
2983s he's trying to deny the the placement
2985s for jeny there he goes down onto the
2987s ground team FX is going to have to
2989s slightly reset but Mudkip will take the
2990s fall sunam RX still somehow alive
2993s because that my Bob mosa is just pulling
2995s out all the work so far
2997s yeah looks like it will come down to FX
2999s versus marong marong does end up seeing
3002s bombasa going to try getting him it
3003s looks like he does end getting caught by
3005s the CTIC bomb and yeah welome down to
3007s 3v3 and looks like the final Zone
3008s actually the timing was perfect so the
3011s final Zone end up getting or the
3013s temporary final Zone did end up getting
3014s skipped just in time and it is going to
3016s be Chapel so going to be able to get set
3019s up first and now this is going to be bad
3021s I think for team bnk FX it's thin
3023s corridors all the way into the final
3025s Zone inside of Chapel which team is
3027s going to be able to utilize that the
3029s best it's going to be the theore sitting
3030s on a power screen but they're
3032s positioning a little bit more aggressive
3034s is this going to be a bit of a
3035s punishment or what Rosner ooh the spark
3038s nade is going to miss just barely one
3040s Circle taking a decent chunk of damage
3042s same thing on side of roster the first
3044s play with us is going to miss and now
3046s both of these teams are going to start
3047s making a beline straight towards the
3050s final Zone MAA and SE Jong still looking
3052s for opportunity still fishing to see if
3054s they could find any mistakes coming
3056s through from Team bnk PRX but this is
3057s another team again our season 3
3060s Champions trying to push in in third and
3062s corridors up against the Theodor let's
3063s see how it goes yeah pushing into a
3065s Theodore especially uh like into this
3068s screen is going to be a little tough
3069s here but looks like they're actually
3070s just going to walk straight through it
3071s here comes ultimate down the cell does
3073s end up getting taunted they're going to
3074s try jumping on him a nice flash away it
3076s looks like romatic will be able to
3078s secure that and bom trying to do as much
3080s damage as he can but it's not going to
3081s be enough as one Circle just healing his
3082s whole team in the back line just doing
3084s so much damage with this with the power
3086s screen autos and it looks like it's
3087s going to be a clean three for Mir yeah
3090s absolutely incredible fight one Circle
3092s just pushing with absolutely no fear
3094s blinking in to the fight cuz he knows
3096s that the sapphire protocol is going to
3098s be to his advantage and it will allow
3101s team m s to get the clean three Z
3103s romatic in a little bit of trouble with
3104s his health bar but there is no way in
3106s hell bum is going to be able to knock
3108s that one down he can try all he wants
3110s his force field being utilized as well
3111s but as he goes into downtime that will
3113s signify the downtime of game time ggs to
3117s and S 12 kills on hand same thing for
3119s bnk FX but they will not be able to get
3122s that first place spot
3124s GG's yeah still a nice performance for
3126s both teams it looks like I think they're
3128s going to be happy with that one but yeah
3130s I mean uh the ultimates you know uh from
3133s Theodore is such a night or or it's such
3135s a great engage tool for you know um T
3139s said Jung is allowing the m to get uh
3142s super close you know for the taunt and
3144s you know there aella getting hit by that
3146s taunt I think spell Doom for that team
3148s yeah quite incredible that I think one
3150s Circle was able to just straight up push
3152s into the fight instead of pulling away
3154s right because when you start seeing an
3155s eon pushing towards you like that a lot
3158s of times theodors are going to start
3159s stepping backwards they're going to
3161s right click away from the echon because
3163s you know he's going to get on top of you
3164s and you want to run away but he blinked
3167s in towards the rest of his team who was
3169s pushing in towards knocking down the
3171s Cilla and they do end up getting the
3173s Cilla by the way towards the beginning
3175s of the fight which is the reason why it
3176s was 2v3 at the start of it and utilizing
3179s the bush inside right above that final
3181s Zone in Chapel he was able to get the
3183s Sapphire protocol to the point where
3185s even if the Eon got back on him again
3187s which he couldn't actually cuz there
3189s were no resets available for him it's
3193s fine he's got the shield he's got the
3194s invisibility and even if they put a
3196s camera down he's got the movement speed
3198s perfectly played from the members of
3199s bean SED yeah just having that awareness
3202s you know U the subam also as well
3204s realizing that um there able to use
3207s their uh life and death seal to just
3210s jump onto the Cella cuz the Cella
3212s already used their bubble they flashed
3214s away all the zami has to do is just Al
3217s in get a couple dos off and there goes
3219s the sell and that is most of you know
3221s team bnk forx damage and without the
3223s Cella just not able to have enough to
3226s you know deal with the the Theodor
3228s healing yeah but what a great way for
3231s game number one to end right I think in
3232s the beginning of the game you and I was
3234s able to tell very different than any of
3237s the groups from yesterday we had zero
3238s kills happening at day number one which
3241s I don't think happened for any of the
3243s games we saw yesterday for either one of
3245s the groups but this time around it did
3247s happen but as the game went on the
3249s aggression level slowly started spiking
3251s to the point where he had two different
3253s teams sitting on 12 kills in super we're
3256s going to go off of a pattern that we saw
3257s yesterday where we're going to see
3259s another team sitting on 20 kill 20
3261s points after game number one we saw a
3264s ton of those yesterday with 12 fuel
3265s kills first place we're see it again
3267s here with Meen sedong in game number
3270s one yeah and I think FX they also had 12
3273s so they're going to have 17 points for
3274s themself so it's looking pretty good for
3276s you know for those two teams but what
3277s does that mean for the rest of the lobby
3279s shui I mean there is still five games so
3281s you know it is still anyone's game any
3282s can still make it to the top four so
3284s we're going to have to see you know if
3285s these uh teams do end up uh changing
3287s their comps because next game we do
3290s actually have two bands it is the m the
3291s de band so interested to see you know
3294s what these uh teams decide to end up uh
3296s changing to the two characters that
3298s pretty much I'm not going to say it was
3301s the only reason why uh but and sigon was
3304s able to win that game right the
3305s initiation possibility coming through
3307s from the theater and the safety net of
3308s the ma alongside the damage potential of
3311s the subam but now that those two
3312s characters are gone and it's not just
3314s for Mid and seong it's for pretty much
3316s most of the teams that were in group b
3319s since they were all playing May this
3321s game but let's take a look at the round
3322s results for game number one as I
3324s mentioned we will have a team sitting at
3326s 20 points with Meen hon getting 12 field
3329s kills overall tied with bnk FX in terms
3332s of field kill but because of their
3333s second place placement they'll be
3335s sitting on 17 points after game one yeah
3338s but look at the rest of the lobby there
3340s is no points to go around it is all Fe
3343s FX adz H Jong they just took everything
3346s yeah they really gosh you know for a
3348s team composition like that I didn't
3350s expect them to start ramping up as early
3352s as they did but they did indeed they
3353s just started going
3357s yeah I mean these other teams they're
3359s going to need to find an answer um you
3361s know to these two top teams because you
3363s know if they do want to qualified if
3365s they do want to make that top four they
3367s need some points for themselves
3368s absolutely but you said it too it's only
3371s game one right we still have five games
3373s left in the series that is a lot of
3375s games especially in comparison to
3376s yesterday so you know the caliber of
3381s these teams is not going anywhere just
3383s because we ended a game with two teams
3385s sitting on 12 field kills doesn't mean
3387s the rest of the teams are going to start
3389s playing worse by any means if anything
3391s they're going to start playing better
3392s because they Now understand what the
3394s foundations of the lobby is going to
3396s look like albeit at the cost of not
3398s having my and theor in this Lobby right
3400s that's going to be the two biggest
3401s caveats and teams will have to make up
3404s some replacements for those two
3405s different characters and we talked all
3407s about that yesterday right we talked
3409s about what kind of what kind of
3411s Replacements could exist for something
3412s like the theater or something like the
3414s ma they're going to have to do it again
3415s today and it seems like it will be a
3417s common issue for some of these teams
3419s heavily relying on those two yeah I
3421s wonder if we will have you know those
3423s characters banned throughout the whole
3424s six games but um we'll have to see right
3427s because obviously uh it's only going to
3429s be half of the games because you know
3430s the character has to get picked three
3432s times before they get banned for the
3433s next game but um I do wonder if we will
3436s have you know those three characters
3437s banned for the three games that they uh
3440s will or or the three games that they are
3442s available yeah I will say though
3444s compared to yesterday where during I
3447s think it was game one when the May and
3449s the theer was banned we are seeing the
3451s absolute value of May and theore to its
3453s utmost limits here today right in game
3455s one it was okay we saw some really cool
3458s moments we almost saw the one circle 1v3
3460s inside a factory yesterday and some
3462s really good exclusives coming out from
3463s the M but I think in game number one we
3466s were able to see not just the 1v3
3470s possibility from one Circle theore but
3472s just the extended fight capabilities of
3474s the Mayan Theodore they're both so tank
3477s so elusive so so much damage coming out
3480s just from those two characters I mean
3482s there was a m that almost one V1 Curry
3484s Rio it's just yeah yeah I
3488s know I mean theor you know is such a
3491s strong Champion just because you know he
3492s provides so much utility he provides CC
3495s really good initiation the only downside
3497s is obviously he doesn't really have an
3499s escape but if you run in a bush you know
3500s if if you are able to get that big ass
3503s uh or big shield with um you know that
3506s movement speed you are able to kind of
3507s uh get away from some of these uh these
3510s teams you know why do you need an escape
3512s when you just blink forward up against
3513s the Nikon man I don't
3515s know yeah that
3518s is I don't know one
3520s Circle one circle is so aware of these
3523s scam fights and he just knows you know
3524s like like what the best course of action
3526s uh is so yeah I was really surprised
3528s with that blink forward as well but you
3529s know him blinking towards the team was
3531s definitely like the right player there
3532s likeing you know near the bush as well
3534s able to get able to proc that saire
3536s protocol
3537s cuz the passive on Theodor is really
3539s good if you are able to proc it right
3541s but obviously you do need a bush and if
3544s I do remember correctly his shield count
3547s does scale off of amp and when you're
3549s that lead into the game you're already
3551s running a massive amount of os osition
3554s amp percent for the character too so
3557s yeah we saw the fat Shield we saw the
3559s movement speed we saw the invisibility
3561s everything just went right there for
3563s team me and seong but will that be the
3565s case here now in game number two guys
3567s let's see what ends up happening we
3569s don't see any bands again at the bottom
3571s at Round number two but we do have two
3573s bands it's going to be the mai and the
3575s Theodore which is why we aren't seeing
3577s any of them here in this game although
3580s Bob mosa considering the echon which
3581s means theoretically speaking we could
3583s have the
3584s Eon here three there's four eons okay
3588s replace the May and put so it looks like
3592s both groups together they both they bad
3594s both characters looks like we're going
3596s to have on one side the ma and the Theo
3599s bad and then the other games we're going
3601s to have the OT
3602s bad quite interesting of a way and could
3605s this signify team bnk furax actually
3608s substituting out bom in the next game
3611s right because after this one we are
3613s going to go into an intermission and
3615s this Eon ban actually comes at a very
3617s awkward time oh yeah on the second band
3619s so EXA or in a second game so yeah they
3622s they actually sub him out here because
3624s um maybe they realize you know like is
3626s getting banned um I'm not too sure I'm
3628s pretty sure bom has some more characters
3630s he does maybe they do just decide to
3633s play him but looks like we have luminal
3636s back on a signature shigi that's what we
3638s like to see yeah and will it be the Ace
3640s in the whole four team always in t their
3642s game number one didn't exactly go in the
3644s way that they wanted it to his Theodore
3647s not that bad but you're contending up
3648s against some of the most world renown
3651s theodors in the game hands down ah you
3654s know I mean this guy is the world renown
3657s shuichi right you might as well kind of
3658s fight it out duke it out up against some
3660s of the other world's bests with your
3663s world's bests let's see if always inton
3665s is going to be able to turn things
3666s around you mentioned the weaknesses of
3668s shuichi yesterday is he going to be able
3670s to overcome that weakness and have a
3672s successful game number two we will take
3674s a look as game two is loaded up and
3676s these players are going
3678s already especially with um you know all
3681s these eons I don't think shichi has
3682s enough damage to kill him but we will
3684s have to see you know if he is able to
3685s get these resets off maybe he could go
3687s infinite
3689s here um but yeah I mean when we did see
3691s him on the shishi didn't really work too
3693s well for him but wow we have an early
3695s game kill I think like 30 seconds into
3697s the game it looks like the team did end
3700s up grouping up so nice pick up from that
3702s team I don't know why but it always
3703s feels like it's umu at the bottom side
3705s of the map even we saw it during last
3707s season too where that AA constantly got
3709s bullied on the south side and it seems
3711s to be happening here again in season
3714s 4 uh yeah but uh you know that that's
3717s just how it goes sometimes you know
3718s these teams uh always end up grouping up
3720s early so they can get these early game
3722s kills right points are definitely a big
3724s factor in these tournaments and trying
3726s to get as many as possible right yeah
3728s exactly going try to chase one more down
3732s oh no just not enough this is why you
3734s eat food as fast as possible the health
3737s recovery from food keeping Tonga alive
3740s might not have any more in his inventory
3742s but for the Keepsake of keeping his life
3744s in tag I mean I would say worth it on
3745s the other and wooo takes the second fall
3748s of the game already the Eva tried to
3750s knock down the Bianca I mean you're kind
3752s of coping already at that stage you
3753s might as well try to take her down
3755s doesn't have enough damage will be taken
3757s down there's another one falling down
3758s now this 180
3761s yeah everyone is just looking for these
3763s early game kills because everyone knows
3766s you know we need these points to qualify
3768s so yeah a lot of early game aggression
3770s this game but it looks like it's going
3771s to start to slow down here as everyone
3774s just trying to finish uh their build
3775s going to going to try making some food
3777s as well and yeah maybe set up for these
3780s Bears coming up nothing too big at the
3783s stage though right I mean it might look
3785s completely different than game number
3787s one but we're kind of used to this from
3788s yesterday if anything I think both of us
3790s were more surprised that it didn't start
3792s out like that in game number
3796s one and we do have a FX here group down
3798s in in dock we have some teams a little
3802s split up here as it looks like Mudkip is
3805s all around uh the top side but they're
3807s not grouped up yet looks like they are
3808s going to group up for these B so I
3810s wonder if we will have a fight between
3812s mudkip and Asher
3813s here going to both go for this I mean
3817s rain of arrows is going to signify to
3819s team Astra that there is another team
3820s hanging around here R of the vampire
3822s queen is going to be sent out really
3823s early in this fight Pi trying to jump in
3825s the the Cilla already getting jumped on
3828s I mean she doesn't really have that many
3829s more tools left to live although she's
3830s still alive that will take the fall is W
3833s going to be able to take somebody down
3835s at least absolutely not bleeding soul is
3837s just going to be a passer by in this
3838s fight down goes two mudkips lost two two
3841s for zero in favor of Team aser already
3844s has sitting on three kills here in game
3846s number two yeah nice two kills for that
3849s team but yeah nice combo from jumo and
3852s the Eon there as uh or uh I think it was
3856s ped right who's playing Eon right now so
3857s yeah nice combo with the brain of D
3859s Queen into the sanguin javelin getting
3860s the roots and then Eon just throws his
3863s ultimate down and knocks the Cel up so
3865s able to you know know keep the Zella
3867s chain C seed for I think about like 2
3869s seconds and they were able to get that
3871s kill and then you know once Zella goes
3873s down from Mudkip there's not too much
3875s damage coming out from that team exactly
3877s and this is something that I did want to
3878s see from jumo in a long time right cuz
3880s this guy's been kind of relegated to the
3881s tank position as of late he's been
3883s playing a lot of my for his team on team
3885s Asher and even on previous tournaments
3887s as well he has been still relegated to
3889s the tank as I just mentioned but this
3891s guy originally made his name in the ERM
3894s scene or even during the ER lerc scene
3897s from way way way back in the days as the
3901s Bianca I am really glad that we're able
3903s to see this guy on this character again
3905s we'll see if another good initiation is
3907s going to come through as the wallstone
3909s actually going to deny the initiation
3910s attempt coming through from jumo a
3912s little bit here and the William tried to
3914s do a little bit of damage On The Backs
3915s side of this fight ddl does have the
3917s fast ball stacked up he is pumping out
3918s the damage left right and Center garv's
3920s going to take the fall jumo takes the
3922s fall that's going to be Astra losing too
3923s and P has to high tail it on out of
3925s there
3927s Tazia playing out of their mind they're
3928s able to just jump in and disrup both
3930s backliners from Asher and just able to
3932s you know live as well with that totem so
3934s very very well played from them but we
3936s do have another fight here msj trying to
3938s look for some damage here one Circle
3940s andana going in a bomb here but bomb
3942s still able to just live through
3943s everything and just deal so much damage
3945s and kind of disrupt the back line but a
3946s nice Flash from going to be able to
3948s catch him and it looks like one circle
3950s is going to be able to clean that up but
3952s I think the meteor actually went over to
3955s team FX so they will probably take that
3957s trade absolutely at this stage in the
3958s game 20 second death timer is absolutely
3960s nothing if you're able to get a head
3962s start on your objectives going straight
3963s into the death Rune as well for the
3965s Cilla a very very solid start for that
3968s team and I don't think it's even a bad
3970s result here for bum either cuz he
3972s managed to take down what half of both
3975s one Circle and Dana's HP in that fight
3977s that's a good amount of Mastery going to
3979s the Eon in exchange for his
3981s death yeah but I think Mir will also
3983s take that for themsel you know getting
3985s that exra kill getting you know the
3987s extra points is always nice and you know
3989s when you do get that knock you do get
3990s some credits as well so it's not too bad
3992s uh for Mir as they do also pick up the
3994s Mastery from getting bum as well but
3997s yeah looks like all these teams here are
3999s going to slowly start to get their
4000s transitions going to uh get their
4003s Callins on this timer and maybe look to
4005s play for Battle Zone or for Alpha a
4007s minute to go until those objectives come
4009s up and look at that umu are seeing on
4011s double four score transitions he's got
4014s the blood Fury at the dragons Fury as
4016s well as the dragon scales he's got
4018s everything from the dragon he's slay off
4019s I guess I guess in this tournament we
4022s could technically call umu Dragon Slayer
4025s then cuz he's going to be using up a lot
4026s of those items but here we go another
4028s fight coming in curry again having to
4029s deal with this Eon but n in a little bit
4032s of trouble on the backside lumino trying
4033s to get the damage in but Curry is
4035s already on the safe end out of out of
4037s the fight he's still trying to do
4038s something he's still trying to get it he
4040s will be able to lock down the Rio and it
4041s seems like Curry just canot catch
4043s himself a break yeah Mark there taking
4047s so much damage but looks like it just
4048s wasn't enough uh as yeah Curry is the
4051s one to actually fall there as um that
4053s looks like the positioning from Mudkip
4055s kind of split and yeah was just isolated
4058s Deon and thei just do end up jumping in
4062s on him but on the other side here oh my
4063s God the Cella just instantly Falls from
4066s Team mudkip and we do actually have a
4068s fight here for the alpha rotic does end
4070s up getting the fleeting soul but he's
4072s trying to he's getting so locked down by
4074s bum here bum trying to look for some
4076s damage the ultimate from to cell does
4077s end up going through but taking so much
4079s damage one Circle down to half HP as
4082s well bom trying to disrupt the back line
4084s here theana playing the front here and
4086s roer just actually goes down the damage
4089s coming out from the real just too much
4091s for the sua to tank and yeah looks like
4094s bnk fix are just forced to leave yeah I
4097s mean throughout that entire fight you
4099s might have seen everybody being
4100s pressured on the backside especially
4101s romatic but he always managed to keep up
4103s the stacks of his adrenaline so he was
4105s pump out damage even towards the back
4107s end of the fight too but that doesn't
4109s mean that the zone is completely safe as
4111s Oho going to be looking for that Alpha
4114s will be able to pick it up danana
4115s looking for an angle off on the backside
4116s who is he going to get the targeting on
4118s absolutely nobody and now one Circle in
4120s a little bit of trouble beautiful
4121s explosion shot to push everybody back is
4123s he going to get taken down absolutely
4125s not magnetic field is going to be able
4126s to keep one Circle alive but is denana
4129s going to be the sacrificial lamp for
4130s this it does seem to be like it but one
4132s Circle lives denana says save Private
4136s one Circle he will be able to lay his
4138s life for it but this Carlo remains
4140s alive I think that was a great Flash
4143s from umu they're actually canceling the
4145s the points the alake from uh the Nana
4149s and then one Circle kind of got baited
4150s by that because I think he thought it
4152s was going to land he jumped in and then
4154s he was a little too far forward and then
4155s donana getting his um alake canceled
4158s once again from the heart Dash so yeah
4161s it's a little unfortunate as uh me young
4164s do end up losing one but it's only day
4165s two so you know they're not really
4167s losing anything for that trade there but
4170s they do end up feeding a point into uh
4172s Team Oho yeah and I think they lost a
4175s pretty good member right I mean it's
4177s never good losing a member of course but
4179s losing an Alonzo at the stage in the
4181s game is not as devastating as losing a
4184s Carla for example because you still do
4186s manage to get experience while you're
4188s alive as that Carlo Mastery as well
4190s Alonzo doesn't necessarily need any of
4193s that at this stage in the game as long
4195s as he gets to that level 16 Mark maybe
4197s he gets the additional cool down bonus
4199s on the magnetic field he's sitting happy
4202s but yeah if a Carla starts dying out
4204s here this early end the game I don't
4205s know about that one so let's see what
4207s ends up happening Asher starting to step
4209s in on towards Warehouse oh W looking for
4213s something look at the damage coming
4214s through from neory it's not bad but up
4217s against the neon I don't think it's
4218s doing much
4219s yet and looks like uh they will be
4221s trading RNG as well but yeah looks like
4225s most teams here here oh they're just you
4227s know slowing down one Circle trying to
4228s look for some poke here one Circle kind
4230s of caught too far forward here as well
4233s looks like basa just going to go
4234s straight on onto romatic but the damage
4237s return from the backliners here DD
4238s trying to jump in as well taking half of
4240s his HP here comes the alake from Alonzo
4243s the totem does end up coming down but it
4245s just locks down to Tazia and great
4247s timing from msj to capitalize on that
4249s and it looks like Rox will be losing a
4252s member so it will be a minus 250 for
4254s that team yeah I don't know about that
4256s fight I mean it looked good at the start
4257s because they did manage to catch out one
4259s Circle off the start of the fight too
4261s but DDO is the main damage source of the
4263s team and there's a lot of Mobility on
4265s the side of team miden sedong it's not
4268s going to be easy for that Eon to
4269s permanently stick onto either one of
4271s those two characters so you are going to
4273s have DDO as your main damage Source in
4276s these extended fights but he was nowhere
4277s to be seen at the start of the fight
4279s because Bob mosa went a little bit too
4281s aggressive and you know if he starts
4283s using Stinger Fireball inside of that
4285s little hotel in the in the little
4287s Hospital building he's definitely in
4290s danger so you
4292s know kind of yeah a little far forward
4294s here looks like they will get spotted I
4296s think by the cameras and oo a nice angle
4299s maybe going to try looking for The
4300s Peacemaker here it comes but the Eva is
4303s in the backline getting disrupted by
4305s bamasa so no damage with that Peacemaker
4308s but looks like it does completely split
4309s off our uh roxo trying to come in try to
4312s do some damage but just not enough a
4313s nice uh heal from Airline
4316s going to be able to keep their ADC alive
4319s and it looks like it will be another
4321s minus 250 from Rox but RX not having too
4324s much money left in their pockets the
4327s walk it off from the shukai actually
4328s buying just enough time with the knock
4330s up onto the Taza for the VF eruption to
4332s actually kill that character too but
4335s another fight it's a third party
4336s situation the sandwich might as well
4338s call you but what the heck just happened
4339s to jeny he's the one that walked into
4341s the sandwich and he's the one that just
4343s gets obliterated and now team butt Kip
4345s has to absolutely High tail at hiasi
4347s thinking about chasing this down but
4349s there's another team here lumino gets to
4350s jump out to hiasi he doesn't really have
4352s that much available but lumo doesn't
4353s know about it he doesn't finish the
4356s fight he I don't thinki had it I don't
4359s think iosi had the echo of the earth and
4361s it he still doesn't have it that would
4363s have been a kill for luminol yeah and
4365s Curry avoiding um Vision just not and
4368s just being um very sneaky you know just
4372s avoiding everything here not seen by any
4374s of these teams and looks like he will I
4376s actually able to get out I think the
4378s team is just going to group back up into
4380s Cemetery but looks on the chase here oh
4384s a nice ultimate from the St actually
4385s going to Al straight on to Curry and
4387s yeah Mudkip are they're actually all
4389s okay here wow surprisingly surprisingly
4392s yeah they are indeed a lot of them
4395s losing a little bit of timer though here
4396s and there right Curry just lost a whole
4398s lot walking into the research center but
4400s the big part is they're still all alive
4403s their credits actually looking pretty
4404s decent here too I mean if they're
4406s building up towards either the Black
4408s Lotus uh the Black Lotus shuriken or the
4411s faut absolutely on Pace to do it
4414s 439 credits on this Rio right now they
4417s didn't have to waste a single one of
4418s them trying to Res anybody back so for
4420s team Mudkip outside of jeny falling down
4423s they're I think somewhat content about
4425s the situation right
4427s now yeah looks like the game is slowing
4429s down in Pace gear teams are just going
4431s to start calling in they're going to get
4433s their items here U I think saving for
4435s for that blood went a little too early
4438s so we'll actually have to spend 10 extra
4441s seconds to get this blood sample but you
4444s know timer doesn't really matter as much
4447s so as long as they're able to get some
4448s kills they will be able to refund their
4449s timer back yeah especially when you're
4451s at this stage in the game as the AA CU
4453s this is when you're really strong you
4455s saw all the other items already being
4457s built up by the Ava to so just finishing
4459s it off with the Chaser they're going to
4460s start looking for kills now and this was
4463s the problem I well not not and but I
4466s should say but this was the problem with
4468s Team o yesterday they played very slow
4470s in the early stages of the game and
4472s while they did get really strong they
4473s got full transitions for the Ava they
4476s started kind of getting chased down
4477s towards the end of the game because of
4479s the prevalence of all of these eons it's
4481s going to be the exact same case here in
4482s this game as well will this AA be able
4485s to perform despite there being four eons
4487s in this Lobby
4489s too we will have to see here as it looks
4491s like team Mir sjong is going to walk up
4493s here all having no credits I think they
4496s did end up just buying out so they're
4498s trying to probably look for some teams
4499s to fight here team Asher on the bottom
4500s side actually vo cams just going to sit
4502s there probably not wanting to fight any
4504s team just yet Wick line is shown in
4507s Forest is the only available spawn point
4509s for this objective so a lot of teams are
4511s going to start trickling in to try to
4512s get this I'm a little bit worried here
4515s for sunam Rox as well they've been down
4517s two members for quite a while now still
4520s down two at this point J is going to
4522s have to Blink away Curry looking to
4523s Blink away here as well uhoh this
4526s they have not that many to get away and
4528s it is the grinder the meat grinder
4531s straight towards the members of Team mud
4533s kit wo is going to have to back away
4535s from this one but his timer is looking
4537s dire 10 seconds he's not even going to
4538s have the Leisure to go back in towards
4540s the research center he will
4542s unfortunately head poop and another huge
4544s fight happening towards the north side
4545s of the map luminal is going to be able
4546s to absolutely disintegrate Rosner into
4548s the Oblivion and you look at bom he is
4551s trying so hard to finish whatever he can
4553s off of this fight lumino is dead wait a
4555s second there is not that much damage
4556s left on the side of team in right
4560s now hold up a second bom's doing a lot
4562s of damage bleed damage is actually not
4564s doing pretty good here either oh my
4567s goodness it is looking tough both of
4569s those teams going to lose out on members
4571s but in the end two members down for bnk
4572s FX sua should be able to get back up
4575s always in losing out on the shuichi and
4578s the Estel wait when did the EST go
4581s down oh you're right I think the oh he
4583s probably got third partied by team Asher
4585s on the
4586s unate butb having manys think the other
4590s two it up for teams we saw you know all
4593s the bodies just exploding to make sure
4595s none of the teams get executional bonus
4598s but on this side it looks like we have
4599s Rox actually Fallen as team high are
4601s going to be able to get a nice clean
4603s through on this team goodness gracious
4605s all of a sudden as soon as Wick line
4606s starts getting taken down every single
4608s team everywhere around the map is
4610s starting to Duke it out out of nowhere
4612s always inent down to one the eon's The
4614s Last One Alive and K FX two members down
4617s the ekon is The Last One Alive timer to
4620s rest I
4621s don't I don't think so either look at
4624s the area of hotel is he even going to
4626s make it inside okay yes he will just
4628s barely getting in there but there's many
4630s team Hotel here yeah but maybe these two
4633s teams fighting maybe that gives him the
4634s window to Res
4635s here do end up finding him and I think
4639s that is going to be it for always in
4641s Chan does end up getting the CC lock ooh
4644s just doesn't connect time and he does
4646s end up getting the dash buffer there's
4648s another
4650s team he's still alive here on 1 second
4652s of timer though so there is nowh for him
4655s to go he cannot go back into red and I
4657s think he's just going to have to R it
4659s out here a absolutely brutal on the side
4662s of O Inon bnk FX also running out of
4664s credits to Res the rest of their team
4666s members here as well bleeding soul is
4668s going to land but all that does is eat
4670s away a few more seconds yeah I think
4673s they know there's another team nearby so
4675s they don't want to send it there very
4677s good awareness from Team s Jang as um
4679s I'm guessing they had console and maybe
4682s you know disappeared or the console did
4684s end up swapping to team high so yeah
4686s just not setting it there nice awareness
4688s for that team we went from a total of 22
4692s players decimated down into 15 within a
4694s matter of 2 minutes that's how many
4696s fights were happening across the map in
4699s the past couple of minutes and now
4701s finally as these teams start to breathe
4703s a little bit spread out on the map a
4705s little bit more we will finally find
4707s ourselves in a slight bit of a low phase
4710s team's looking for positioning now oh W
4712s going to be finding a team Asher and
4714s with the wickline buff oh my God jum's
4717s health bar just goes absolutely nowhere
4721s going have to completely book it now
4724s yeah and VX do find Nar here but yeah
4728s both teams down members not really much
4731s they could do as it looks like te o do
4734s end up finding the Eon but you know the
4737s blastone do end up does end up getting
4740s him away so yeah looks like not really
4743s much uh for these teams to look for as
4744s jumo down to almost 20% HP and maybe U
4749s tried to look to capitalize here FX I
4751s think do have Vision in area maybe they
4752s try looking for something PR does end up
4754s coming down but a nice double stun or I
4758s think that was the shling anchor
4760s actually pulling back both uh haki and
4763s irm so yeah looks like Mar going to get
4765s a nice two kills for oh my goodness
4768s these fights are just never ending for
4770s so many of these teams right now for
4772s team as they're stuck in a corner I mean
4774s this team has Wick you're never going to
4775s try to push in on towards a wicked up AA
4778s at this stage in the game jumo is he
4780s going to take more damage P trying to
4781s hold up in the front lines to the best
4783s of his abilities but he's already taken
4784s down to half team Asher I don't know how
4786s much timer they have left at the stage
4788s in the game but we'll have to see if
4790s they're going to be able to withstand
4791s this going into the sanctuary J buff is
4795s poke from Eva just too too much sometime
4799s seconds they need to look or they have
4800s to yeah they don't have timer to burn uh
4803s into red here they're just taking so
4805s much poke and oh W playing their
4807s effective range so well here theaker oh
4809s the ultimate does end up missing but it
4810s does not matter Pi is going to fall
4812s actually to FX on the bottom side here
4815s and it looks like oh going to be able to
4817s get a nice uh clean actually did they
4820s get any of those kills yeah I think they
4822s did I think they managed to pick up one
4823s on towards the Jenny oh jumo is trying
4826s to run to anywhere he can go but dyok
4829s finally finds him is he gonna be able to
4830s find the kill who gets the kill oh that
4833s was R I think it was Roser yeah I think
4836s so and now nyok again trying to run dude
4838s I feel like bnk FX and team inchon has
4841s just been constantly duking it out up
4843s against each other after some of their
4845s members have all died this time around
4847s naok unfortunately not going to be able
4848s to find the last laugh as bnk FX picking
4851s up one additional kill here as well but
4855s what is happening in this game man what
4857s is going on yeah they're just playing
4860s the macro so well just able to actually
4861s find you know that uh that nice third
4864s party going to be able to pick up a nice
4866s kill for themsel maybe try getting some
4867s placement points here but I don't think
4870s there's much left there is only two full
4872s teams there are three rat teams it looks
4875s like there's two solos and one Duo here
4877s will FX spot out the Dina looks like
4880s they are not going to but they do find
4882s Eon here but uh the Eon is just so tanky
4885s I don't think they have enough damage to
4886s kill nice combo from Su doing a lot of
4889s damage here but oh well also in the area
4891s FX going to have to try backing off here
4893s as you know there's really not really
4895s much they could do but the Dina also on
4897s the bottom side here nice Flash Forward
4899s it looks like BX is going to be able to
4900s claim that kill actually probably get
4901s another one so not only do they get
4903s three kills as a Duo but they also get
4905s third place for themselves so really
4907s nice
4908s um oh wait maybe they try waiting it out
4911s here as they have um extra timer but I
4914s think it's going to be enough yeah what
4915s are they waiting out though I mean you
4916s take a look at the top of the screen it
4918s say question mark so there's not I think
4921s they realize there is or maybe they
4923s think there's another team because you
4925s know there was question mark I think I
4927s mean there's not really much they could
4928s do here right so because I think they
4931s know there's one team controlling the
4932s bottom Zone one team controlling the top
4934s zone so maybe they're trying to look or
4937s maybe they're going to try to wait for
4938s another team to go in but yeah looks
4940s like they're just going to die here they
4942s definitely don't want to you know minus
4943s one so there's going to Fe to do kills
4945s in two team oh W if I'm going to be
4947s honest with you is that a bikini on the
4950s Eva I think that was maybe here's the
4952s fleeting Soul coming in it does hit onto
4954s the shukai but everyone else is a little
4956s bit too far away okay I think team what
4959s is it I think team bnk FX was actually
4962s thinking that Oho was going to walk up
4964s wait a second oh my God one Circle was
4965s sitting on one second whoa I I know that
4968s they probably calculated that but Jesus
4969s that was really close yeah both MERS
4973s they're wow they I mean they just uh
4977s cuted back like so well but I think
4979s danana actually flashed forward there
4981s and um actually use U's uh blink as well
4984s so both Eva and the Lonzo are down to
4987s Blink for this fight I don't know if any
4988s of them have blink three because um that
4991s might be the decid for this fight yeah a
4992s bit of a heavy investment at the stage
4994s if an Alonzo or an AA starts getting
4996s blink three but foru they're going to
4998s have to fight it out sometime right it's
5000s the hotel final Zone which is in a
5002s really bad Corner if denana starts
5004s walking up up against umu there is
5005s nowhere for this Eva really to run so
5007s he's going to try to find Ang yeah up
5010s one Circle The Shield I think is from
5012s bikini with that new Tranquility bonus
5013s so yeah the evil just going to be
5015s deceptively tanky here going to try
5017s maybe looking for something I like that
5019s Vision play from one Circle going to get
5020s some damage on the airline airline's
5022s going to use his heal to get some of the
5025s health back but the Poke coming out from
5027s Mumu is a decent bit a nice e shift from
5029s romatic and the Damage coming up from
5031s Rio is going to be lot here taking a lot
5033s of damage here comes the T is going to
5035s be enough here The Peacemaker goes a
5038s little wide but yeah looks like the Sho
5039s is just going to fall The Peacemaker not
5041s really able to connect onto anyone y ra
5044s has kited back so well and it looks like
5046s it will be a nice clean three 0 for Mir
5048s serong winning the game with 10 gills
5051s GG's to me and song and again it seems
5054s like it's a perfect split between these
5055s Members heart Peacemaker Eva's VF
5059s eruption the combo usually tends to rip
5062s teams apart but me song has dealt with
5064s that plenty of times in the previous
5067s season they're going to be able to
5068s handle team o so so well 10 kills in
5072s hand first place they're going to be
5073s able to jump up another 18 points well
5076s above every other team when it comes to
5078s the
5078s leaderboards yeah they are on their aame
5081s today they are definitely turning it up
5084s um to like 100 winning the first two
5087s lobbies with uh good amount of kills as
5090s well so they're definitely going to be
5092s sitting in a really nice spot for
5093s themselves yeah and by the way it looked
5095s really easy right for team me sedun to
5098s win out on that but that right there is
5099s exactly how so many teams have fallen to
5102s nemory and umu so don't think that it's
5106s easy guys that heart AA composition is
5109s extremely difficult to play into and I
5111s just think it was be and seong macroing
5113s that fight so so well as soon as the
5115s heart was attempting to go in you saw
5117s the insta split everyone went and as
5120s soon as that happens I mean Hart's got
5122s to pick somebody heart's got to pick
5123s someone to try to to make them dance and
5125s in the end it was the wrong decision
5127s this time around as she started to push
5129s in towards the Rio instead of pushing in
5131s towards the Carla instead yeah and then
5133s when these you know fights get isolated
5136s to the 2v2 and the 1 V one we know how
5138s good these players are on Mir SE Jong
5140s they're just so good you know at playing
5142s um you know these these isolated fights
5145s because you know obviously you know one
5147s Circle uh he was like rank number one in
5150s solos for like for uh for like five six
5154s seasons
5155s so yeah it's just um it's just great to
5158s see yeah another thing as well I believe
5161s I saw this yesterday but could have
5163s sworn there was a situation where that
5164s wall right there that we saw both of
5166s those two teams fight up against the Rio
5168s was able to outbeat an Eva right
5171s alongside that wall I think the
5172s positioning from one Circle was amazing
5175s right he was barely on the outskirts of
5177s the range of the VF eruption so he
5179s actually didn't take a single lick of
5181s damage from the Ava towards the end of
5183s that fight it was all the Alonzo and
5186s most of the time when he was taking
5187s damage from the V eruption he had to
5188s Shield up right in front of him so not
5190s really taking that much damage at all
5192s while the shukai he doesn't get that he
5195s doesn't get the shield he can be tanky
5197s but he will still eat damage from the
5199s Carla eventually as the fight goes on
5202s shukai is one of those tanks that their
5205s tankiness is just from their HP value so
5207s if he could do a lot of damage onto him
5209s like he will fall down pretty quick but
5211s it looks like we do have the round
5212s result here M coming on top top with 18
5215s points and I think that was oo yeah oo
5219s with 13 but here is a total leaderboard
5221s here Mir sang well above everyone else
5223s with 38 points 22 kills FX not too far
5226s behind with 25 Oho with 14 and high with
5230s 12 but there's only a six-point
5232s difference between six or eighth place
5234s and fourth place so you know anyone can
5236s really come back here exactly and even
5238s for team bnk FX it's still too early in
5241s the game for them to be comfortable here
5243s 25 points is not that bad a 15-point
5245s difference from second to fifth is not
5247s bad either but it's team Asher holding
5250s that fifth place marker right now and
5251s that can flip pretty quickly just
5254s looking at the members that are playing
5255s here for Te aser today so first two
5258s games not that bad of a leaderboard it's
5260s a little bit more on the classic
5262s scoreboard side that we would normally
5264s expect when it comes to tournaments like
5265s this similarly to what group b was
5267s looking like yesterday but yeah this is
5269s definitely going to change as the series
5271s itself goes on do not expect this
5273s scoreboard to stay as consistent as it
5275s is I would expect it to actually even
5277s get closer as the series goes on too
5280s yeah it's more top weighted it looks
5281s like um which is you know the standard
5283s it's usually always one or two teams
5284s that are performing but I think with
5287s that we are going to go on our break
5288s here we still have four more games uh
5290s for us today shui so yeah anyone can
5293s still come back there's still a lot of
5295s time for these teams to catch up but um
5298s yeah I think with that so we will we
5299s will send you guys over exactly we will
5301s see you guys later stay here and check
5304s back in about five minutes take care
5307s take care
5334s over
5371s [Music]
5380s spe
5423s spe
5453s foree
5463s [Music]
5480s [Music]
5483s fore
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5543s e
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5560s for
5571s [Music]
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5582s spee fore speech speee
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5621s fore
5631s [Music]
5633s fore fore
5650s [Music]
5680s spe
5684s spee
5692s foree going suar
5703s fore speech spee speech
5754s on
5756s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
5757s back to the eternal return Masters
5760s season 4 phase number one we just came
5762s back from break we had our first two
5764s games before we went on break now it's
5766s time for games three and four but
5769s because of the break what that means is
5770s that we could theoretically have people
5773s swapping
5774s in yes and with the addition to these
5777s bands maybe some of these teams aside
5779s you know maybe because you know um one
5782s of these players uh can only play a
5784s couple characters or they're more
5785s prevalent on you know on for example
5787s like bum who plays Eon maybe they want
5790s to swap out these teams because they
5792s want to try avoid these band so we're
5793s going have to see you know how these
5795s teams change up their roster but I think
5797s we are going to jump straight into the
5799s picks here shui we're going to have to
5801s see if these teams do end up swapping
5803s back to the steel or Ma and if these
5805s teams do end up uh or what these players
5808s do end up swapping off from the seon
5811s yeah a big thing here bum will stay he
5813s is suffering the Felix as of right now
5815s as you guys can see the Eon is banned on
5817s the bright right side
5819s if yeah from the looks of it maybe a
5822s Felix band coming oh we're going to have
5824s three bands it looks like Theo my and
5827s Felix Felix yeah okay okay this is a
5830s little bit of an interesting thing I was
5832s kind of anticipating a Felix band to
5834s come in today as well because of the
5836s prevalence of that character yesterday
5837s during group A and B as well a very good
5840s answer into the Aon I mentioned this
5842s yesterday with how many ways he can can
5844s interrupt a lot of the rotations that
5846s Eon wants to do but he's also just
5848s pretty good in it of himself right now
5850s although I am seeing bum considering
5853s vampiric bloodline okay yeah no there it
5855s is no yeah okay he just swapped yeah he
5857s just swapped to the original I think uh
5859s Felix is also just a nice substitute
5861s because he's you know he's one of those
5863s uh characters that sort of do what Eon
5865s does where he's able to jump in and try
5867s to disrupt the backline so and we have
5869s to see you know how these teams do end
5871s up uh using this character cuz it is you
5873s know the Eon players that are swapping
5875s into it right like bum and piad uh both
5878s players they did end up playing Eon uh
5880s in the last game and yeah not that his
5882s ban you know they're on the Felix pick
5883s here yeah and it's another thing for
5885s Felix that you and I were talking about
5887s during the break for echon is that he is
5889s kind of deceptively tanky right with his
5891s e he is able to dodge out on a lot of
5893s Auto attacks and then this game there
5896s are a lot of them right even like
5898s Theodore if you want to count that as
5900s well there's a Rio in here there's a
5902s Jenny how many wait how many we have M
5904s oh my God one two three four five what
5908s have six m in this
5910s game what oh my god dude this feels like
5914s literally the entire that is a double
5915s bad that is a double bad by the way
5917s because three three teams need to pick a
5919s character to get bad so you know like
5921s surely buy bad for the next two games
5923s right yeah buy to buy until game number
5926s five or something this this entire Lobby
5928s is literally the culmination of the
5930s entire I think meta history of KR
5934s competitive for anything post relase
5937s right so for the past four season
5939s Theodore Ma has been really good Felix
5942s was also good really uh really really
5944s good during the Blazing uh Lance meta
5947s that he had during what was it I think
5948s it was like season the T season one two
5951s season one two yeah the tank Felix meta
5954s was uh was really really strong but yeah
5957s looks like my is the prominent pick here
5960s in ERM season 4 phase one because I mean
5963s my just such a good tank she just has so
5965s much in her kit that you would want from
5967s a tank right the exclusive to bail out
5969s any of your teammates that do
5971s misposition you know and also if you are
5973s able to cast it yourself I think a lot
5975s of the time you know you do want to cast
5976s my just on yourself to be more tanky get
5979s more HP get that um W proc as well to
5983s just be you know just have more defense
5986s able to block autos and yeah it's just
5989s and then having that taunt as well right
5991s having some good damage as I think too
5994s with like your q's and your passive so m
5997s is just such a nice character a nice
6000s tank but yeah we do actually have an
6002s early kill it looks like from I think
6004s team MIP there yeah it's going to be
6006s even more things if I want to tack on
6008s more easy ways to deliver quick three
6010s which has been a really big thing with
6012s these M lately and on top of that as
6014s well I think you mentioned it really
6017s nicely something that a lot of people
6018s don't remember about exclusive is that
6020s you do get another proc of the shaw Veil
6022s which makes you so much more tankier and
6025s we saw so many times throughout this
6027s tournament we even saw it today where
6029s Myer just able to One V one Rios because
6032s of how tanky they are and how much
6033s damage they can mitigate from those Auto
6036s attacking characters so I think you're
6037s absolutely right yeah I think that's
6040s what a lot of people forget is that
6041s Shield proc on that R it just makes you
6043s know Ma is able to be so tanky while
6047s doing damage as well and then that Quake
6050s three providing you know some of that uh
6052s nice CC usually uh what like the the
6055s normal combo of my is you jump in with
6056s your ward you drop the quake and then
6058s you guaranteed that to because you know
6059s they are slowed so yeah just having so
6062s much in her kits uh to offer for for her
6064s team yeah but I do wonder if this is
6066s still going to stay consistent in Phase
6068s number two right we mentioned this
6070s yesterday but kta losing 15% CDR in line
6073s instead getting a little bit more I
6075s think it was amp or something like that
6077s that's a very big investment you are
6079s putting into ker your big big statline
6081s that you did manage to get from it over
6083s the whole orders was that it did have
6085s 15% CDR for amp characters you're not
6088s going to be able to get that anymore and
6090s yes you can still run it for the AI
6092s absolutely you can still run it for the
6094s Phantom dress you can even run it for
6096s the mythal crop if you really wanted to
6098s do so but I think compared to even the
6101s additional attack speed you get from the
6103s AI in comparison to the amorta amurda
6106s the cool down reduction stat is way
6108s Curry oh my God he's dead again well the
6111s exclusive comes through and the red
6113s carpet pulls him back into the
6115s acceptance speech oh my God yeah a nice
6118s engage from druma there and then pulling
6120s pad in uh to actually you know follow up
6122s onto Curry and then they just obliterate
6124s Curry and then there's just no damage on
6126s Mudkip there on the other side of the
6128s fight here we do have always be able to
6130s pick up the AIA there and hisaki also
6134s probably going to fall to D and nice
6136s route actually and then I think the
6137s priia should be able to escape so always
6140s in only going to be able to pick up one
6141s there pretty interesting fight on the
6143s south outside this poo our first poo I
6145s believe of this tournament so far that
6148s we are going to be able to see and it's
6149s on the side of always inchan a man this
6152s is reminding me of the days when that
6154s team had
6155s Kong memory caught out here a nice
6158s double Dice and oh my God at the edge of
6162s the Box yeah bum just going forward
6165s there spear weavering back um the heart
6169s back into the box and yeah looks like
6170s the just gets done but think do have the
6172s my trying to look for a nice taunt does
6174s end up hitting pied here the Felix is
6176s trying to look for something here but oh
6179s it looks like a nice pullback actually
6180s from dumo going to be able to actually
6182s kill the Felix and going to be able to
6183s get Curry as well I think P might be
6185s able to get this here as I think their
6187s cool down is coming back up nice kite
6190s back from Curry going to be able to get
6192s those slows but it looks like they're
6193s only going to be able to get one but
6195s Asher sitting on three kills already
6197s yeah it's still too early game for I
6199s think the Felix to guarantee a kill onto
6202s the Rio because she does still have the
6204s Han to slowly peel away from the Felix
6206s and he can try using a lot of his ease
6208s to dash in and things like that of
6210s course while dodging the auto attacks
6211s but he is still running crit right so
6213s he's not necessarily super tanky without
6215s the diamond Shard and he didn't have it
6216s at that stage so I like the caller to
6219s just back away of course just guarantee
6220s your small lead that you have for
6222s yourself but for curry again he is just
6225s not able to find a standing a foot
6228s inside of this game at all as me and
6230s Hong is going to be able to find him out
6231s and another 20 second death timer on the
6233s side of Team Mudkip looking absolutely
6235s dire so far yeah Mudkip just are not
6238s able to find their footing and I think
6240s that is going to affect their calling as
6241s well and their next objective contest so
6244s yeah getting these or or having these
6246s early game game deaths is kind of brutal
6248s because it just uh messes up with your
6249s Tempo um like really badly especially at
6252s day two there's a lot of really good
6254s objectives um when it comes to animal
6256s spawns coming through at this stage in
6258s the game and you're missing out on all
6260s of that as
6261s AIA yeah but swe do have teams looking
6265s like they are splitting up they are
6266s going to try to start contesting these
6268s objectives here we do have a call in
6270s actually from Team mudkip and Curry
6272s getting caught once again with getting
6274s taunted up here and the the ma is just
6278s walking forward oh a nice pull back
6280s actually from the ma on the Mudkip but
6283s it looks like yeah the Felix did end up
6287s going down jungy did end up falling but
6289s they do end up getting the item at least
6291s so it's not too bad for that team as no
6293s they didn't they did not end up losing
6295s that RNG B luminol is going to turn it
6297s here onto the m going to be able to do
6299s so much damage onto this as the or or
6302s Felix sorry as the Felix is just not
6304s able to do any damage as bum does end up
6305s going down rer trying to escape here the
6307s B does end up hitting so not really much
6311s there are going to lose here but it
6313s looks like it will be always in ch going
6314s to be able to take this battle Zone and
6316s going to be able to get a nice B from
6318s for itself quite brutal but that does
6321s mean for team fear X they're going to be
6324s slightly delayed although their death
6326s timers are slightly matched up because
6328s of the fact that the Felix died a little
6329s bit earlier so I guess that's a little
6331s bit of a sigh of relief for that team
6333s but here we go team Asher looking for an
6334s angle over on towards u a beautiful
6336s blink out to try to save themselves a
6338s little bit more space one goes down okay
6340s both of those teams losing a member each
6341s pet down on the ground down goes another
6343s member are they going to be able to win
6345s out on this fight oh looking for the
6347s fight there we go narvick is going to
6349s get taken down it is going to be at
6351s least a mythal pickup on the side of
6353s team
6354s what is it going to go on though I guess
6356s the heart could use for GPM VG if she
6358s really wanted to
6360s right yeah I think um I think that is
6363s what they will be making there but a
6364s nice mythal pickup for that team but
6367s yeah we do just see these M just
6368s wreaking hav on these teams jumping into
6370s the backline and just trying to you know
6373s um dissuade any damage you know
6376s um coming into you know their team and I
6380s think team Mudkip is using it sort of
6382s aggressively here you pulling the Felix
6384s forward but we do have an ultimate
6386s actually luminol going to hit the spark
6387s grade onto bomb get some damage on here
6390s but look at the that is what I'm talking
6392s about my going to be able to jump
6393s forward and then pull their Felix in and
6396s then luminol is just you know just
6398s shredded there wow goodness gracious a
6401s beautiful exclusive to pull everybody
6403s closer towards the theore but here we go
6405s another fight as we are just never
6407s seeing no scream with at this point yeah
6410s she's still going K is going to get
6412s taken down unfortunately one Circle
6413s still pushing away Blaster andyi they're
6416s both going to have to run away and my
6418s goodness I mean no pun intended there's
6420s so many buys we are just never being
6423s able to see a fight without one of these
6424s two characters it is absolutely wild how
6428s important these characters are the Quake
6429s initiation is just way too good yeah
6432s there are six m in the lobby so it is
6435s fairly unlikely we won't see any team
6437s fight without one but uh yeah the
6440s exclusive there coming out for both M
6441s you know trying to tank some more damage
6443s for their teams but just not going to be
6445s enough but we might have another fight
6447s on this side here both teams having a m
6450s for thems here as it looks like msj
6453s going they were looking to try to tank
6455s red and try to get that box but looks
6457s like oo were there to intercept that
6460s we'll just up to not do it instead right
6461s no reason for team Meen sedong
6463s especially to risk anything right now
6465s because one they're so far ahead into
6467s going into an AA in that tip of a
6470s corridor I don't know about that one
6473s theor is pretty good in tight corridors
6475s but you need to push your way in whereas
6477s an Eva can just kind of hold her ground
6478s which makes it much more easier for her
6480s to do damage into teams that are jumping
6482s into her so I do like the decision for
6484s Heen s with the back away there and now
6487s we might catch ourselves a little bit of
6489s a break here and we might be able to
6491s actually analyze this game instead of
6493s casting a
6495s fight yeah it looks like the fights are
6498s slowing down teams are just going to you
6500s know get some Vision here going to be
6501s able to check bushes checking all all
6503s these Corners making sure you know no
6505s team will be able to jump on them here
6508s as yeah looks like um Team msj I think
6510s they're in a pretty good spot for thems
6512s they do have I think about six seven
6514s items to their name every team is just
6516s looking um to maybe set up for the next
6519s objective coming up in about a minute
6521s yeah this is very awkwardly quiet it's
6525s to a point where you feel like there's
6526s something wrong right if you're somebody
6529s in this game playing the game right now
6531s and you don't see those player numbers
6532s dropping you're wondering ing why is
6534s this game so quiet especially during
6537s nearly the entire duration of the of day
6540s number three this is not that common but
6542s here we go an initiation attempt coming
6544s in from Team Asher but a beautiful
6546s counter coming through from Airline is
6547s going to be able to deny that Quake
6549s three initiation coming through from
6550s jumo to actually reach the backline here
6553s absolutely huge but another attempt
6555s coming in N going to miss out on the
6557s breath of the dragon and now Bob MSA
6559s looking for an angle in are they going
6560s to be able to find anything absolutely
6562s not with out the spark nade the taunt is
6564s going to miss T still has the shield up
6566s he's just going to dash on out of there
6568s but maybe looking for an angle back in
6569s Yi still looking for damage in DDO
6572s doesn't have the fast ball available
6573s anymore cuz he lost his baseball Stacks
6576s but B MSA feeling a little bit confident
6578s beautiful side step absolutely Bob MOA
6580s getting taken down to about 2/3 of their
6582s HP getting further taken down DDO going
6584s to be too far up in the front lines will
6586s get taken down the M absolutely nowhere
6588s to support with the exclusive and
6590s finally at the end of day number three
6592s we are finally going to see some action
6594s in Lumi Island yeah great turn there
6597s from always inung as Rox uh got a little
6600s too hasty there try chasing and then end
6602s up getting punished for it as I think
6604s both the William and the theor are
6607s grouped up and then the the P was just
6609s able to get um a nice knock up on both
6611s of themi also opting not to resurrect
6614s atasia they do have enough credits to do
6616s this right now but maybe saw that there
6617s was a team inside of Hotel looking for
6619s the Omega they will back away still
6622s opting to resurrect that Tazia right now
6624s either that is absolutely incredible but
6627s look at the items onto one circle at the
6629s moment absolutely Bonkers full
6631s transitions for that character with the
6633s K online and the deadly Ray I don't
6636s think I want to be fighting me SED right
6638s now if I was anybody else in this
6640s Lobby and they're just able to you know
6642s capitalize on you know their Callins and
6646s just going to be able to snowball this
6647s game but yeah we really haven't really
6649s seen them too much you know take you
6651s know take too many fights but they are
6652s on four kills right so they have been
6656s you know getting a lot of kills from
6656s himself and it looks like they do want
6658s to look for an angle here ultimate does
6659s end up going through danana does end up
6661s getting the taunts onto uh the deodor
6664s one Circle going to try to get some
6665s damage but DDO actually jumps forward
6667s and one circle is down it looks like
6668s they overextended and they will actually
6671s lose two members here as it is a great
6674s turn from Rox able to find the angle
6677s they think they got a little too hasty
6678s thinking you know um the other team just
6681s didn't have any items and they had a
6683s huge item Advantage but yeah great turn
6686s there from Team RX I think DDO was able
6688s to catch one Circle in the middle of all
6690s of his animation rotation so he was just
6692s standing still while he was getting
6693s pummeled with the double shots on the
6695s fast balls coming through from DDO a
6697s perfect opportunity taken and I was
6699s about to say that signature Fireball
6701s looked a little bit sus but the right
6703s side baseball that dropped down let him
6705s pick up one and then two straight into
6707s fast ball proc all the shots going
6709s straight into that Theodor so a huge
6711s play coming in beautiful red carpet to
6713s disengage that fight as well and all of
6715s these teams they are sitting on edge
6718s right now super everybody looking for
6720s fights every single one of these fights
6722s being so so close if it actually even
6724s happens to begin with and for the ones
6727s that aren't they're just getting
6728s disengaged just barely as well yeah
6731s there is still eight teams alive at the
6733s zones close so teams will be forced to
6737s fight each other as there's not going to
6738s be much room for any of these teams o a
6740s nice spark nade proc from
6744s hungi there but it doesn't look like
6745s it's going to be enough damage for them
6747s to send it and M maybe going to try
6749s looking for something I think they
6750s realize they still have the item
6751s Advantage despite losing the 3v3 just
6754s beforehand H going to take some poke the
6756s spark does end up proing on the Theodor
6758s if they are going to be able to proce
6759s maybe they could look but I think they
6761s want to play it slow here as DDO does
6764s still have his Fireballs as well here
6765s comes the engage from basa he's going to
6767s be able to get anything here the taunt
6768s does end up getting canceled uh D does
6770s end up sending it onto the back line
6773s here but um oh a nice lock down from
6776s hungi there one Circle trying to look
6778s for an angle but it's just not going to
6780s be enough and he is going to fall once
6782s again so will be anotherus 200 damage
6784s coming up from Matic he is going to be
6785s able to take down basa but look at the
6788s credit count on Mir I think actually
6791s they will be able to buy back all
6792s members but they still need I think
6794s about like 10 20 credits here what a
6796s fantastic flank watch coming through
6798s from yungi and ddl that's exactly what I
6800s was looking for right I think one knew
6803s with those both with both of the energy
6805s blast waves coming through in each
6807s Direction he had to do something
6809s otherwise he was going to be too
6810s isolated away from his teammates as well
6812s triy to take full usage of it but ddio
6814s and hangi both knew immediately turn
6817s their Direction back in although one
6818s Circle oh my God they're able to
6820s actually take out the wick inside a
6821s school will be able to walk back in
6823s towards Hotel timer though and they're
6825s going to be forced yeah if if our Ox
6827s here come up and maybe try to look for
6828s an answer Vision I think they are just
6831s forced in here there well here comes
6833s energy blast field with the um the
6836s ultimate fromes try jumping in romatic
6838s taking so much damage flashes forward
6840s and romatic actually goes down instantly
6842s here but one Circle actually trades
6844s hungi oh the SX bomb does go a little
6847s wide here also try looking for one
6850s Circle oh a nice exclusive actually to
6852s push in but it's not enough damage and
6854s it comes down to the my 1 V one this is
6857s so weird this is so weird press button
6860s wait he can't wait does he not have the
6861s taunt no Bob he doesn't have the catwalk
6864s available he doesn't opt to cancel it
6866s and he will unfortunately lose out on
6868s his teammates and now even more fights
6870s happening on the south side is Rosner
6872s going to be the sacrificial lamb unless
6873s he's able to get away from this one but
6874s with a pre on the other team absolutely
6877s not down he goes to the ground B and K
6880s FX down two members as the art gets
6882s taken down too it is an absolute Fiesta
6885s in night number four as the map closes
6887s in and these eight teams alive have
6889s nowhere else to go but towards other
6891s teams I think I'm also recognizing that
6894s um the My taunt wasn't there it's just
6897s it's just um a great heads up play for
6900s that uh for that team as Mir song is
6902s going to be the one that actually comes
6904s out on top because uh yeah RX going to
6907s have to spend I think about 500 credits
6909s to get both of their teammates back up
6911s there and yeah I mean I think uh DDO
6915s also pressing the revive button there
6917s was definitely a misplay as yeah the
6919s body is just going to be at 1 HP and um
6922s yeah m M can just kill the body and then
6924s even if um you know the Other M did have
6927s the Taun they could just stick the res
6929s right like they don't they don't really
6930s have to um like after the taunt does end
6933s up coming through if it does come
6934s through they could just res uh one
6935s circle like like right after yeah but I
6938s think at this stage in the game with it
6940s being day five and no teams gone I think
6942s the true value of ma really is showing
6944s she's able to save herself as well as
6946s her teammates from so many deadly
6948s situations that all teams being alive
6950s with 22 members up and Alive as well is
6953s not that bad the only team missing
6955s member is bnk FX is unfortunately the
6957s ARA and the myell a little bit too late
6960s their credit count not looking the
6961s greatest as well five kills on hand it's
6963s not a bad result but with eight teams
6965s still alive placement points is still in
6967s the gers right
6968s now yeah and there are so many kills
6972s going around this game so yeah they're
6974s definitely not looking in a good spot
6976s but you know five kills is a pretty
6978s decent amount too so as long as you know
6980s um Felix is going to be able to get some
6983s points for their def not going to be too
6984s bad but here comes the engage from basa
6987s ultimate coming out from Theodor as well
6988s but looks like team high is just going
6990s to disengage there as um yeah I think
6993s they might have Vision in the zone and
6994s they know another team's nearby so they
6996s don't want to take it here as msj is
6998s going to be the ones with Wick line
6999s donana still having Wick both ver Matic
7001s and one Circle not having it not having
7003s the wick buff anymore but you know they
7006s are still really strong so they do want
7008s to look for an angle probably and now
7010s look at this final two zones are going
7012s to
7014s dude teams alive here for the temporary
7018s final Zone this is going to be crazy and
7021s uhoh I think one team though is caught
7023s in the middle between a crossfire but I
7026s think teams recognize how many teams are
7028s in the Zone look at how many teams are
7029s in Chapel it is fail like you cannot see
7032s Chapel it is only it is only portraits
7034s character portraits if it's at least
7036s Factory I get it right but this is a
7039s complete stalemate inside of Chapel you
7040s start moving towards any direction
7042s you're either in a choke point where
7043s you're going to get caught up by another
7045s team or you walk towards any direction
7047s and there's another team there is
7049s nothing that these teams can do and
7050s thankfully it is going to be Chapel as
7052s one of our designated final zone or I
7054s should say final zones that have temp
7057s zones coming through right but it
7059s doesn't change the fact that the choke
7061s point of Chapel right now is where every
7063s single team in this Lobby save for a
7065s couple is at the moment and every one of
7067s those are full teams it is teetering on
7070s edge the entirety of Chapel could blow
7073s up in any second yeah Chapel is such a
7075s small Zone too so there is not much room
7077s to work with so these teams are going to
7079s probably have to fight it is going to be
7082s quite the team temporary final Zone does
7084s end up hitting so consoles are disabled
7087s now so if any teams want to fight here
7088s no team will have information of these
7090s teams taking the fight so I think we
7092s will see some more aggression as uh you
7095s know the temporary final zones are going
7096s to start to come into fruition so these
7099s teams need to look you know to probably
7101s take some fights here or to control the
7103s Zone because uh the timers are just
7106s going to go down but on the Uptown side
7108s here we do actually have o a nice catch
7110s from one Circle here going to be able to
7111s hit H the heal oh the double smart does
7114s end up connecting and it will be DDO and
7117s um basa going to fall there I think the
7120s spark n connected onto the m the m
7122s dashed over and actually connected onto
7125s uh the William so it's very unfortunate
7127s for team Rox yeah and this is the
7129s problem of running the William you're
7131s never guaranteed an extended fight you
7132s have to go for the burst but they
7134s couldn't find the angle on that burst
7136s which means that William is going to
7137s lose Effectiveness throughout the fight
7139s ham Rox down to members is the William
7142s oh that's going to be dead and now it's
7144s the theor alive as the last one what is
7146s happening on the screen how many players
7149s are we seeing on our screen how many
7150s kills can Yi somehow manage to scrummage
7152s for himself at this stage in the game he
7154s didn't pick up the one up against the
7155s shukai he will get taken down it's going
7157s to be umu to pick up the kill up against
7160s that but now the timer is starting to
7161s look dire for the rest of this Lobby 4
7163s seconds left on will take thep 11
7166s seconds left there goes a little bit
7167s more ubu doing so much damage he's
7169s getting kills 28 seconds now left on
7172s that side oh in turn trying to get a
7174s little bit rack on this but oh my God
7176s the Eva just pumping damage like no
7179s tomorrow he gets another one and now hi
7182s looking like they're in a really solid
7183s spot unfortunately the shukai is going
7185s to take the fall umu doesn't have that
7187s much timer left but he got everything he
7190s wanted inside a chapel only three kills
7192s to to show for it but he'll take that
7193s over whatever he had before umu just
7196s disintegrated Asher is that a minus one
7199s I don't know if that looks like it went
7201s over two team High yeah but um wow what
7205s a final Zone shuy there were so many
7207s teams there it looks like it will be
7210s team high that do end up coming out on
7211s top and they do win the 50/50 so team s
7214s here going to post up going to try
7215s looking for an angle looks like they're
7217s actually just giving up the Zone ter
7219s Serj and yeah I mean going to they're
7221s going to be figh to a theor now so there
7225s might be an uphill battle from here yeah
7227s I mean they're already at a range
7228s deficit compared to a theore subomi like
7230s how are they expect push in on this I
7233s think they want to buy I think they're
7234s down to many items here so they're
7235s actually opting yeah to buy some items
7237s but is not going to you know allow that
7240s and they're not going to be they're not
7241s going to be able to buy for free here as
7243s uh yeah they do end up coming over to
7245s posture up how does team High push in on
7249s this they have to wait for cool downs
7251s but of course on the side of
7253s I mean this steo is sitting 30% CDR max
7255s levels right now they're just going to
7256s prove force it I like this idea but how
7258s far are they going to take this one
7259s Circle about to get taken down he's
7261s somehow still alive pull back in with
7262s the exclusive but now hiasi is
7264s completely isolated from the fight one
7265s Circle still alive one Circle still
7267s alive RAC trying to push him but he gets
7268s slowed down by a flower down goes the
7271s Theodore but kend suab try to push as
7273s much as he can he's trying to do the
7274s damage gets taken down romatic gets
7277s taken down unfortunately hiasi is down
7279s here as well denana so low on HP he's
7282s trying to recover as much as possible
7283s the B Double to coming in but Blaster is
7286s here to support Meen SED will get taken
7288s down 14 kills on team high they will
7291s take first place up against M and seong
7293s what a beautiful fight and
7295s GG's yeah high is the one to De thrown
7299s Mar s there a great play from theay
7301s getting that taunt exclusiv the Tazia
7305s forward and they're just able to shut
7306s down one Circle what a great initiation
7309s from Team high they had to send it
7311s you're never going to be able to W out
7313s win out on a poke fight up against a
7314s Theo inside a chapel as a priia and a
7317s Tazia no less the ma somehow finding an
7321s Immaculate initiation up against the
7324s rest of the members of Team M and seong
7326s and a beautiful stall up against the
7328s subam as well she had no impact on the
7331s fight at the start which allowed the
7333s isolation damage on towards the Theo and
7335s yes he stayed alive for a long time but
7337s without the subam him Staying Alive
7339s doesn't mean
7340s anything yeah I mean I the subub went
7343s for the priia trying to kill the priia
7345s the Pria lived on one HP for so long The
7347s Echoes of the earth just isolating the
7349s subam as well wow very very well played
7352s from Team High there good Lord man that
7355s fight was absolutely amazing to watch
7359s and cast at the same time there were so
7360s many things happening but because of the
7363s fact that the subam was so isolated it
7366s wasn't chaotic for the members of Team
7368s High all they had to do was just
7369s pinpoint their focus damage on towards
7372s one Circle and he tried his darn best to
7375s stay alive he stayed alive so long yeah
7378s he realized M was coming through and he
7380s he walked back but it just wasn't far
7382s enough I think I think he realized like
7384s a tiny bit too late and then the M was
7387s just able to get that t with that quake
7389s and it's just spelled disaster for uh
7391s one Circle there as you know the ma also
7394s you know exclusive the Tazia forward the
7396s Taza com came down even though you know
7399s he did live for so long it just it just
7400s wasn't enough if I'm going to be honest
7403s with you in hindsight I I mean I I don't
7406s know if anyone caught me but I I was
7408s like when this happened I almost said oh
7411s but theana exclusiv the Theo away from
7415s the subam I don't necessarily know if
7418s that was the right call there and
7420s because of that happening the suami was
7422s completely isolated away from the fight
7424s if anything I think danana should have
7426s pushed in towards the rest of his team
7428s just like how One Circle blinked in
7430s towards the rest of his team in game
7432s number two and because of that team
7434s fight to split apart subam really didn't
7437s get any Stacks throughout the fight at
7438s the beginning of the stage the only
7440s times that the subam started dealing
7442s damage was post one Circle dying and
7445s after that point the fight is not you
7447s know stable enough I think for the subam
7449s to reliably get enough damage
7452s down yeah it looks like we do have the
7454s round result for that game it will be
7457s team High coming on top with 22 points
7459s but Mira seang still you know getting a
7461s nice respectable 10 kills and getting a
7463s nice second place for themselves as well
7465s so 15 points for them so they are still
7467s sitting in a nice com through lead
7469s always in ch with nine Rox with seven o
7472s with seven FX with six Asher with five
7475s and Mudkip not getting any points there
7478s but they did have a field kill so I
7481s think they might have minus one yeah
7483s maybe that probably could have happened
7485s we saw a lot of things happening in this
7486s game I don't even I couldn't even keep
7488s track of what was going on towards the
7490s end with so many teams inside ch but
7492s here we go total leaderboard across the
7494s board 53 for team Meen seong high
7496s sitting on 34 bnk FX 31 so high off of
7501s that one game alone has jumped the
7503s places above bnk FX and this has got to
7506s feel good for team High going into game
7508s number four yeah this is why you know
7511s it's still anyone's game here if they
7512s have a nice pop off game they will be
7514s able to score at least like
7515s 20 20 plus points for themselves so yeah
7519s very very nice uh uh
7522s game from them and they will be in
7524s second place now oh what an exciting way
7528s to go past our halfway mark of the wild
7530s cards the fact that we got that finyl
7533s zone and that Chapel in game number
7537s three of a full series like how am I
7539s supposed to Hype myself up for more
7541s matches after that one that felt like
7542s the
7544s peak yeah the Eva I think was the was
7548s the big deciding factor as though just
7550s ripping through team Asher I think all
7552s by herself I think she killed like two
7555s members of Team aser that was kind of
7557s crazy yeah and how are we seeing Chapo
7559s being the final Zone with the two best
7561s characters in these thing corridors
7563s being at the late stage of the game the
7565s Theo and the Eva just shredding through
7568s health bars like straight up it's called
7570s VF VF eruption I mean you are straight
7573s up disintegrating the health bars of
7575s everyone else with your VF gauge and
7577s that's quite literally what was
7578s happening throughout the entire fight
7580s there inside a chapel she was by herself
7583s gosh darn it her shoe kind was dead on
7585s the
7586s ground both MERS were dead and yeah uh U
7589s just just ripping through t a i don't
7592s know how many kills they they did end up
7593s getting for the team but they did end up
7594s securing a nice third place for
7596s themselves so yeah not too bad but it
7598s looks like we will be jumping into our
7600s next game here shui with the three bands
7604s my Theodore and Felix and it looks like
7608s it will be clear weather with it being I
7611s think WI as well is I think this might
7614s be the first time we've ever seen a
7615s triple band coming through inm and even
7618s if we've seen we had the we had the
7620s Lonzo Beres steel right cuz oh yeah yeah
7624s yeah it was it it was last season see
7626s but the thing is it hasn't been as okay
7628s so when the Lonzo Bernice and Theo came
7630s out in the the in season 3 we didn't
7634s have that many teams picking right it
7636s was very sporadically spread but in the
7639s previous Lobby we had six M three
7642s Felix's three Theos that's nearly half
7645s the lobby actually that is quite
7647s literally half the lobby running
7649s characters that were banned bad yeah in
7651s the last game what the
7653s hell that is fair but it looks like uh
7656s we do actually have the echon ban as
7657s well so yeah looks like we will be
7659s rotating through you know the Felix or
7661s sorry not Felix but um my Dio ban and
7664s the IUN ban for these games yeah we'll
7666s see if these three characters on our
7668s bottom right is going to make a comeback
7670s yeah it does seem like the flipflop is
7671s going to go through oh an Abigail
7674s there's also an Estelle ban and you're
7676s right we have an Abigail I don't think
7678s I've uh seen Abigail like ever in uh ERM
7681s competitive so nice to see um a unique
7684s pick here on the competitive stage yeah
7687s and it's going to be luminal on that
7689s character pick as well right I mean he
7690s decided that shuichi is probably not
7693s going to suit his need so he just goes
7694s to another assassin instead and Abigail
7697s in an ERM setting now this is going to
7699s be very interesting because I I think
7702s one of the best ways for Abigail to get
7705s onto people is if the fight is forced
7707s onto them so she has an easier way to
7709s dimensional cleave onto the backline cuz
7711s they're stepping into her right and with
7713s all of these eons in play the backline
7715s is going to follow the ekon straight
7718s into a straight into an Abigail I mean
7720s she's going to have a field day in this
7721s game if she's able to capitalize on
7723s those kind of
7724s initiations yeah I mean I think they are
7726s playing towards this divis comp going to
7728s try jumping the backline going to try
7729s doing a lot of damage we're going to
7730s have to see you know how this pig does
7731s end up working for them and we really
7733s haven't seen too much success with abig
7735s Gil you know over on the na side but you
7737s know maybe and you know um Lum has got
7740s something cooked up here and you know we
7742s will have to see you know if this pick
7743s does end up working out for them yeah
7745s even better no my right so exclusive is
7748s not going to be an issue that the
7749s Abigail has to deal with one of the best
7751s ways for teams to deal with that is that
7754s as soon as she starts blowing her entire
7755s combo on you I mean you just exclusive
7757s your ADC out and then what does she do
7759s she's just kind of in no man's land so
7761s yeah I really like the timing that
7762s luminol is opting to pick up this
7764s character here we'll see I mean he's
7766s going to go for probably the double uh
7768s meterorite transitions into the four
7771s score chest right it's just been pretty
7773s Classic on the Abigail when you where
7775s you go like nightmare Nails into the
7778s astronaut helmet into what was the chest
7780s piece again it was re Revenant there you
7783s go so yeah we'll see how fast you can
7786s get that set up as an Abigail until then
7788s you don't kind of have a game right now
7790s as an Abigail in my opinion
7792s I think her I think her early game is
7794s you know not the greatest because you
7796s kind of need these items to you know
7797s start one shotting these teams we're
7799s going have to see you know what they do
7800s prioritize I think usually people also
7802s prioritize the Revenant sometimes
7804s instead of going like the two first so
7806s we have to see you know if uh um if
7809s luminal does end up going that route or
7811s not actually couldn't catch what
7813s tactical skill he was running I mean I
7815s would have to assume that it's going to
7817s be blade of Truth blade of truth cuz if
7819s he runs false o in erm on Abigail I
7824s listen Abigail Ed of itself is a pretty
7826s interesting pick already to begin with
7828s but if he starts tacking on false o on
7830s top of it oh it's
7831s blink oh you're right
7834s blink oh my okay now that puts a new
7838s aspect onto how Abigail is going to be
7840s played then cuz now you don't have to
7841s wait for in initiation to come through
7843s you are the
7844s initiation yeah you can just blink
7846s forward you know drop your W down or you
7848s know if um if an enemy gets a little too
7851s far away maybe you could look for that
7852s blink onto the backline so we will have
7853s to see you know how this does end up
7855s working for lumino you can follow the
7859s Eon yeah I mean that that that is a good
7862s point that's so weird man that is not
7866s something that I expected myself to say
7867s like ever cuz when you're playing ekon
7870s and you have a team that you know even
7872s if they have Mobility they don't have
7873s resets like you do but for an navig
7876s dimensional CLE with the dash in is
7877s actually quite far range and again dude
7880s airline has to stop dying when keep
7882s talking man this
7884s guy from yesterday he marong is going to
7888s eat good they got a shoai who had a lot
7890s of potatoes that aren't cooked yet so
7892s they're going to be able to grab you
7893s know a lot of nice legendary food for
7896s themselves while also picking up that
7897s kill too so Mong you know already in a
7899s nice spot they do wish that it was
7901s already crafted but doesn't matter they
7903s will be able to craft it up themselves
7905s and we'll be eating good exactly as you
7907s said but for all the other teams now
7909s what kind of opportunities are they
7911s going to be looking looking for are we
7912s going to see a fight happen on the south
7914s side inside of Warehouse they actually
7916s are going to try sending it here kassi
7918s standing in the middle of the fight
7919s echos of the earth will go out stasis is
7921s activated as well a good amount of
7922s damage being exchanged for both of these
7924s teams and it will be the Jenny going
7926s down into the plate Dead first Rosner is
7928s trying to support bum as much as
7930s possible get taken down absolutely not
7933s just barely Staying Alive oh The Shield
7935s bash is going to be enough for Rosner to
7937s pick up the kill it's a one for two
7938s Exchange in favor of Team high but
7940s Rosner taking one with him to the
7943s Grave yeah I mean you know since you
7946s were probably going to die there anyways
7947s you know taking one is probably uh the
7950s best case scenario for that team so yeah
7952s I mean it is still day one as well so
7953s these respawns aren't too um long and I
7957s think FX will definitely take that uh
7958s that trade yeah we'll look for any open
7961s objectives too right that's one of the
7962s benefits of dying relatively close to
7964s day number two you do get an accurate
7967s picture a depiction of what the map
7969s itself looks like for now we're going to
7971s take a look at what's happening inside
7972s of hotel as M SED going to be looking to
7975s fight it out for this tree of life as
7976s the initiation going to come through the
7978s knock up over on towards the will push
7980s away a good chunk of the members of Team
7982s me and sedong DDO he has the fast ball
7984s stacked up he's going to have to back
7986s away to get out of the shackling anchor
7987s but now this completely isolates Bob
7989s mosa all the way up in the front lines
7990s and D is going to have to back away
7992s beautiful Flash coming in from denana
7994s beautiful Flash coming in from one
7996s Circle and it will be a clean two for
7998s zero in favor of be and song it looked
8000s bad but they turned it around
8002s and the Nana holding his elake as well
8004s he did not use it that whole fight so I
8006s was waiting for him to use it but it
8008s looks like he didn't need it and um I
8010s think holding it maybe to try to you
8011s know have uh have an answer to the
8014s Willam engage I think the Willam was
8016s probably waiting for him to use it as
8017s well so these Mind Games you know from
8019s uh these players uh coming out big for
8021s Miro exactly and that's a big part of
8024s these fights right it's these small
8026s decision makings coming through from
8027s individual teams that really goes a long
8029s way right now and in that fight those
8032s small decision makings going in favor of
8034s Team Meen sichong and for sunam marox I
8037s mean it looked good at the start there
8038s was really good pressure onto both the
8040s Alonzo and the Carla at the start of the
8042s fight but the Rio mostly remaining
8045s untouched until she started going in
8047s towards the middle Fountain but by then
8048s I think it was a little bit too late the
8050s Eon lost a little bit too much steam
8052s same thing for the Estelle and the
8054s William exactly as you said was stunted
8056s by the fact that the Alonzo was still
8058s holding his kit for
8059s him yeah it looks like we to have Team
8062s FX going to be able to get their Callins
8064s here bomb going to try look in and one
8066s Circle actually using the white lily to
8068s jump on out of there they get some
8069s damage trade onto bum though maybe they
8071s can get some more damage maybe they look
8073s for an angle here the rain of the arrows
8076s does end up going down to check that
8078s bush no one's in there and looks like
8080s team is going to look for an angle W
8081s mtic use her spirit arrow looks like
8083s they're going to hold it here Ros are
8085s actually dashing forward here The Shield
8086s is coming up the dash actually cancel a
8088s little early bum jumping in the back
8090s line but it's not going to be enough
8091s here the ultimate does end up coming
8093s down but still already on half HP here
8095s comes the elake and danana is going to
8097s be able to close that up and shut down
8100s Rosner unfortunately I think bum messed
8102s up his resets he double dashed on the
8104s Rio he was sitting at about 95 VF gaug
8107s couldn't get the reset and forced the
8109s Estelle to ult on them and it also put
8112s the Estelle in a really bad spot so
8114s truly unfortunate for that team but
8116s still the game must go on it's night
8117s number two battle zones have begun team
8120s bnk FX still down a member and there's a
8124s lot of eon still hanging around team hom
8126s rocks looking for a little bit of a
8127s fight here let's see if this Abigail is
8129s able to get anything done the Revenant
8130s activated and online but no access
8132s towards DDO just yet signature Fireball
8135s does go down fast ball will now be
8137s activated towards the end of the fight
8138s now as well timer starting to take but a
8140s third party coming through from the
8141s members of this team right here are they
8143s going to be able to get anything their
8145s health bars dropping all over the place
8147s nyok The Last One Alive on that team no
8149s two members alive but their timers are
8151s gone and it's a fiesta an absolute
8154s graveyard at the corner of warehouse and
8156s it will be team
8158s High many bodies are in that corner
8160s there's at least I think six bodies but
8163s yeah that's just the Classic Battle Zone
8166s um third party hi going to be able to
8168s get a nice four score for thems as they
8169s do end up capitalizing on both teams I
8173s wonder who they were going to put that
8174s on is it the Tazia or the Pria at the
8177s stage in the game right cuz in the last
8178s game we saw that the Tazia had such a
8181s big impact in the final fight in the
8183s final Zone but I also think that the
8185s Pria has been doing so much work in
8186s these fights as well and I if if I was
8189s on that team I would actually be pretty
8191s conflicted on who I put it on to but it
8192s does seem to be the Persona on towards
8195s Blaster which is definitely worth in
8197s this
8198s situation yeah I think uh having it on
8201s that Tazia is going to be quite good
8205s because you know Tazia is one of those
8207s characters that you know if she does get
8208s a lot of items she is going to be able
8210s to you know go infinite
8215s so my god oh goodness gracious round
8218s four definitely not uh not letting us
8221s down with how much action's been going
8222s on and how much macro gameplay has been
8224s going on in between these fights as well
8226s right A lot of them are methodically
8228s thought out very close in what kind of
8230s decision makings are being decided by
8232s these teams to win out on some of these
8234s fights and those fights are what are
8236s allowing some of these teams to actually
8237s snowball all the way into the mid game
8240s like where we are right now now but as
8241s day three starts to come online team m g
8245s mode is going to have to start being
8246s posted in the chat cuz these teams are
8248s starting to get Giddy and a lot of
8249s objectives about to be contested one
8251s purple box Tree of Life okay it doesn't
8255s seem like anyone wants to fight just yet
8258s okay okay pretty stable day number three
8260s start never mind yeah one Circle trying
8263s to sniff out anyone that is nearby it
8265s looks like um FX is just going to walk
8267s away do end up getting the tree and you
8269s know they are sitting on six skills so
8272s looking probably for some more here as
8274s uh yeah they do end up finding thex on
8277s these wolves one CLE is going to go for
8279s the flank here but he is a little far
8280s forward so you know fix does may maybe
8283s look for the turn here does end up
8284s getting some nice Auto attack some nice
8286s poke onto Rosner already down to half HP
8289s the spirit arrow goes actually I don't
8291s think it was used it was just um a
8292s normal shot there and there comes the
8295s spirit arrow now does end up hitting
8296s Rosner the the lock down onto bum here
8298s with the ghost bride he just gets
8300s shredded down as he's just stuck in that
8303s defense shred pool and it looks like
8305s Rosner will fall as well Mir s picking a
8308s nice two kills on himself they do end up
8310s getting third partied by Mudkip here but
8313s um oh actually my godic does end up
8317s getting pulled by Jung there and he
8320s actually does end up falling there
8321s danana does get hit by arrow and I think
8323s danana might fall as well how did that
8326s pull that was max range wasn't it yeah
8329s great pull there hitting onto romatic
8332s and they just capitalize on that jeez
8336s what a great capitalize oh my goodness
8339s that was huge absolutely huge it's going
8341s to stun me to in a little bit here as
8343s well which is going to help the rest of
8344s the lobby if nothing else so good stuff
8347s coming out from that team now team
8349s always in Chun looking for angles back
8351s in they have one battle Zone kill no
8354s field kills this Abigail needs to start
8356s getting something done cuz the further
8358s and further this game goes it's going to
8359s be a little bit more difficult for the
8361s to find anything but here we go Aon
8363s already jumping in does she get angles
8365s no Blaster is going to be a little bit
8366s too far away the Revenant oh actually
8368s the stack is going to disappear so
8369s there's no resets on this Abigail right
8370s now unfortunately the Estelle already
8372s falling down n taken down to about o an
8375s eight of their HP down goes the Abigail
8377s and D just has to book it they're trying
8380s to chase no maybe okay absolutely not H
8383s I felt like that was a little bit of a
8385s force from the ekon that the Abigail
8387s honestly couldn't follow through and she
8389s double jumped on oh is he dead oh no he
8393s no he's not he's going to have like one
8394s second left but okay they are out but
8397s look at their credits it is not they
8400s just called to yeah it's not looking too
8403s good for always in Chan but yeah abigil
8405s wasn't able to really follow up there on
8407s engage and yeah did just they just
8409s weren't able to do anything in that
8410s fight so yeah I'm kind of wondering to
8413s see you know um how they turn this game
8415s around as they are also down a lot of
8417s credits and they're not going to be able
8419s to call back for a long time so they are
8421s going to be really really far behind
8422s this game and I think they just picked
8424s the wrong target like do you want to go
8426s up against the Pria and the Tazia and an
8429s irm as an
8430s Abigail I would personally say no but
8433s here we go another fight potentially
8434s Brewing signature Fireball is going to
8436s be activated but it will be used as a
8437s disengage tool beautiful Dodge on the
8439s fleeting soul but this does push the
8441s members of tdam Rox back in towards the
8443s fight the Estell is going to take the
8444s fall yet again another- 250 into the
8448s hands of Team Rox 17 seconds left on on
8451s their timer they're looking to be in a
8453s little bit of a desperate spot walking
8455s up but there's a lot of people there
8457s yeah look at curry curry is already on
8459s full items with that fail knot so they
8462s are just looking so strong they're
8463s looking to take fights here they are
8465s looking really nice this uh in this game
8467s but it looks like team oo here he going
8470s to get pushed out by team Asher but
8472s there is another team on the top side
8474s there's a Duo from Rox as they did end
8477s up losing their estal so they're looking
8479s to try to revive here but there's just
8480s so many pain
8481s and I don't know if they're going to be
8482s able to get out out of this situation
8484s yeah they're going to have to leave soon
8486s cuz we saw their timers dwindling on the
8488s single digits right now too so yeah s
8491s marox in a bit of a tight spot at the
8493s moment the entire north side of the map
8495s just kind of cluttered with players all
8497s across the board at the moment they got
8499s to find an angle in but what really is
8501s the angle in right now can they actually
8503s not even can but do they even have
8506s one looks like they're in the police
8510s station but I think team oh do end up
8513s sniffing them out and they do recognize
8515s this is probably not a full team so they
8517s will give Chase here and there's another
8519s team on the bottom side here team Asher
8522s and I think they are stuck yeah I mean
8525s they've been playing the macro game as
8526s well as they can but to a certain degree
8528s there is a limit although wo a perfect
8530s split between it oh it's too late the
8533s signature Fireball comes out too late
8536s which means B MSA Now The Last One Alive
8538s on his team there were still eight teams
8540s left alive which which means the map
8542s still very heavily colored again super I
8545s don't I swear I saw this before where
8547s the Y is The Last One Alive on that team
8550s yeah they have a lot of credits though
8551s they will but they will be able to call
8553s back but oh no always inan kind of stuck
8555s in the middle here luminal trying to go
8557s in going to do be able to do a lot of
8558s damage here does end up dashing forward
8561s as well
8562s luminol not going to be able to get away
8564s as he is playing abigil so I think it
8566s will be always inin falling here that is
8568s very unfortunate but he does end up
8570s taking one down with them so going able
8572s to get a nice kill for thems here but
8574s team Asher actually coming up out on top
8577s and actually going to eliminate team RX
8579s on the top side of the map and zero
8580s kills for that team it's really
8582s unfortunate but the entire game they
8585s just haven't really been able to find
8586s the single good fight in Game number
8589s four and it led them to fall down like
8591s this not the greatest of results
8593s especially at a phase where these
8594s individual points are really going to
8596s start mattering a lot more than we saw
8598s earlier cuzz after this game we only got
8600s two more left s super oh my God I almost
8603s called you cir again but yeah super we
8605s are starting to run out of time for some
8606s of these teams in the Wild Card
8608s stages yeah I mean these teams need to
8610s find an answer especially with all these
8612s banss and these uh comp changes but it
8615s looks like we might have a fight on our
8616s hands in fire station here team Mudkip
8619s going to get to wick uncontested for
8621s three so they're going to be sitting in
8622s a really comfortable position as not
8624s only were they you know already fully
8625s transitioned a a little early on but now
8628s getting that free blood and that free
8630s item from the W line and having that
8631s Wick buff I think they are going to be
8634s looking really nice and they're going to
8636s be looking to try to close out this game
8638s yeah they need to use this well right
8639s the entire Series so far Curry has been
8642s struggling for the most part he really
8644s hasn't been able to find any angles in
8646s one set of games he's dealing with eons
8648s and another set of games he's dealing
8650s with m double tag with the fleeting soul
8652s is this going to be a forced out fight
8653s or what SS are a little bit too far away
8655s from the fight The Shield is going to
8656s get a lot of damage coming through from
8658s Rosner but the third party is a little
8660s bit too good this IR is just ripping
8662s apart the backline right now maybe she
8664s went a little bit too far absolutely not
8666s down goes the Rio and theana is going to
8668s take the fall as well Carla completely
8670s isolated no credits on the side of Team
8673s be and SED the irm will fall as well and
8675s another third party comes in as FX
8677s looking for an angle on towards aasia
8679s are they going to be able to kill her
8680s before all the shields start being a
8682s little bit too much hold on the second
8683s Blaster he's still alive not any longer
8686s hiasi still trying to do whatever he can
8688s one Circle somehow getting the res back
8689s on towards the
8692s wait a second he's going away from theed
8695s Roba no
8697s no is going to be able to sa oh no they
8702s just didn't know at all they got the
8705s perfect third party onto Mar song m s
8708s sent it at the worst time but they were
8710s just able to get both members back up as
8712s FX were um they were basically just
8716s occupied fighting the other team and
8718s they do end up eliminating high and
8719s getting those three kills but but I
8721s think eliminating uh marang There Was
8724s You know it's definitely should have
8725s been their priority as they're
8726s definitely the strongest team in this
8727s Lobby yeah I I don't know which team's
8730s cam which team has what cameras
8733s available to them in Forest but there
8735s were so many cameras in the zone you
8737s would expect at least one of the two
8739s teams to figure out that me and song is
8741s resing or me and song is somehow manag
8743s to dodge out every one of the enemy
8745s cameras I'm not entirely sure what
8747s happened there but now Rosner a little
8749s bit isolated he can't jump over wall
8751s guys wait a second SAR is going to just
8752s have to send it here we go the fight is
8754s going to be forced out bum is out of
8756s reset he cannot Dash back in soner is
8758s going to have to back out of the fight
8759s here as well Estella is going to be
8760s forced to use the helx HX stat to try to
8764s go back in health far looking very very
8766s bad on the side of Team FX bomb is going
8769s to die he can't leave he goes down and
8772s now down to two is going to be bnk FX
8775s yeah bro mavic just pumping so much
8778s damage out on the Rio and one as well
8781s just going to be able to combo so well
8782s off the CC off the Alonzo and that is
8785s going to be it for you're actually going
8787s to lose one member here and I think
8788s they're going to try ratting for some
8790s placement oh no Jenny going to try
8793s getting away here but it's not going to
8795s be enough play dead proc Wards are
8796s coming down and that is going to be it
8798s for the Jenny so it's just going to be
8800s Rosner going to have to play for some
8802s placement going to sit in that corner in
8804s Forest hopefully no one checks stats but
8806s if someone does that's going to be a
8808s nice juicy point for them to take C
8810s Gades too bnk FX punished for not fully
8814s killing meid andong and what you said
8815s was absolutely correct from the looks of
8817s it right now Meen hun seems to be the
8820s strongest in this Lobby and bnk FX what
8822s the f f felt the full Wrath of that
8825s inside a chapel losing one member
8827s directly also losing another member
8829s right afterwards now this aelle ratting
8831s by herself inside that cubby of forest
8835s that a lot of people do tend to check I
8837s think she doesn't really have that much
8839s longer left to live
8842s yeah looks like Mir said they do end up
8845s checking that bush and Rosner is sniffed
8849s out so he is going to have to walk out
8851s he doesn't want to be trapped but oh no
8853s where did he go oh no
8856s and that's going to be it for VX but
8859s who's going to get the kill it will be
8861s team Asher and yeah VX going to drop
8864s down in fifth place with five
8867s kills the other teams has to find
8869s something though there's the pull back
8870s on towards thear Airline is just going
8871s to have to back away from this one it
8873s will be the healing drone pop but
8874s nothing else really coming from it all
8877s the teams in Forest what's up yeah no no
8880s teams really sting it there cuz I think
8882s they do realize you know there's teams
8883s nearby and you know they don't want to
8885s be the ones to get their parted so yeah
8887s all teams you know kind of backing away
8889s but every team yeah you're right they
8891s are all in Forest so I
8893s wonder um you know if Mir sang is going
8896s to hover if they're going to take their
8898s Zone and try to look for some more kills
8899s here
8902s see oh there's the pull but I don't
8905s think it's anything that dangerous just
8907s yet okay wait a second Peacemaker oh
8909s just barely in time it actually cancels
8911s out the the free last but it doesn't
8913s even matter cuz neory is going to get
8915s taken down here U is going to get tagged
8916s up by the fleeting Soul does manage to
8918s take down one but doesn't have the
8920s damage to take down Curry which means
8922s two down it will be a one for two
8924s exchange but it just does not matter
8925s unfortunately for team o be Mudkip picks
8928s up two will back away a little bit
8931s oh not looking too good I think that
8934s heart got a little over zealer seeing
8936s Curry go down to you know 20% HP dashes
8938s forward but then just gets punished
8940s tries to pop The Peacemaker but then it
8943s just wasn't enough because I think both
8946s uh Curry and uh jungi were actually
8948s outside of the range nice pull back
8949s actually from um the Cella there and it
8953s looks like one M's team doesn't have
8957s timer here and they are just going to
8959s force send it they need to look for any
8961s knocks here to get some timer back Gana
8964s only sitting on 2 seconds going to have
8965s to get back into the zone They are all
8967s back into the Zone here but they don't
8968s have timer B is able to win this and
8970s then reset and maybe contest The Zone I
8972s think that's going to be it for marong
8974s they just don't have time here wo just
8975s needs to buy time wo just needs to buy
8977s time be song they're in Desperate
8979s straights right now they're not even
8981s able to pick up the kill they can see
8982s this is dying but it doesn't even matter
8984s W
8985s will oh no has like two seconds if they
8989s just walk in here they will just
8991s I don't know they know I don't think
8992s they know they they got they got to go
8995s got to go right now a couple people with
8996s two
8999s seconds as well and it is AER that comes
9002s out on top I think Mir
9005s said unfortunately their gamble didn't
9008s pay off and they will come down into
9010s second
9012s place do I have to say GG for that one I
9014s think Asher themselves are surprised
9016s that what happened there they were also
9018s looking at their timer like hey we got
9020s to send but that indeed was the right
9022s decision GG's over on the team master I
9024s believe 10 kills for themselves so a
9026s pretty good game but a very funny finish
9029s at the end there for a game number
9031s four I I really want to I really wonder
9034s what the comms look like for team Asher
9036s in that situation like I think I think
9039s they're as surprised as we are because
9041s yeah we I said they tried to go for the
9044s gamble play they tried to look for the
9045s third party but they just didn't find
9047s any of the kills so they weren't able to
9048s reset their timer back and that just
9049s cost them final Zone there but for team
9052s mid seong they they've earned the right
9054s to do this right they've had such
9057s a they already have enough kills they
9059s already have enough points they're just
9060s trying to look to win out the game you
9062s know they went for the easy route
9063s because they didn't want to play I
9065s probably for the final 3v3 or um they
9067s want to take the gamble to try to get
9068s some more kills maybe get some more
9070s points fors to maybe you know cement
9071s themsel you know with an even further
9073s lead but it just didn't work out for
9075s them yeah or deny other teams some
9077s points there as well right that's the
9079s main idea around third party is to try
9081s stealing away some kills here and there
9083s but their timer was a little bit too bad
9086s didn't originally have control over the
9088s temporary zone so they were losing about
9090s 10 seconds before they started looking
9092s for a control inside of the temp Zone
9095s and yes meanw while they did get it for
9097s a split second I think danana walked out
9099s a little bit too far multiple times
9102s throughout the fight when he should have
9103s just kind of stayed inside of the temp
9104s zone so none of them had enough time to
9106s go out and maybe Chase any kills any
9108s further and exact L what we saw just
9111s kind of transpired as it went team aser
9113s picking up kills as they Loop looped
9115s around that rock and then picking up the
9117s Estelle goes back into the final Zone
9119s thinking they were going to be the ones
9120s to pop but me and SED was in the exact
9123s same position they were yeah they were
9125s trying to look for some kills they're
9126s trying to get that aelle but they didn't
9128s have enough damage because aelle put
9129s their uh their Shield up and then they
9131s had too much damage reduction and then
9134s yeah that just spelled the Doom for them
9135s because they just lost too much time
9137s stepping out of the Red Zone and then
9139s all of them kind of explod if they were
9140s able to get a down on one of them
9142s because of how the new um uh timer uh
9146s change Works where you get the timer off
9148s the down they could have maybe won the
9150s 3v3 but because they weren't able to
9153s have enough damage and it was the echon
9154s that went in first they just weren't
9155s able to kill him in time yeah I could
9157s have sworn I saw an alake up from the
9159s Alonzo onto a Jenny but that also only
9162s resulted in a play dead popping so they
9164s didn't any timer back from that one
9166s either so quite unfortunate there for
9168s Meen s but I then again I think that in
9171s the end is just a little bit more of a
9173s morale booster for that team maybe
9174s they're just like oh you know it didn't
9176s work out H that was pretty funny we'll
9178s we'll focus again back in game number
9180s five and actually play our game as we're
9182s supposed to so no biggie for team Meen
9185s sedong again they earned the right to do
9187s this by having a very very solid
9189s foundation to go into game four based
9192s off of the first half of the series so
9194s far and then now with the funny game out
9196s of the way maybe in games five and six
9198s they'll Focus up again and even if they
9200s don't want to I wouldn't really
9202s necessarily say they're in a bad spot
9204s either they could still play for a
9205s little bit more fun and they're still PR
9208s in a pretty good spot yeah they got they
9210s got another second place I think they
9212s only placed the top two so far in you
9214s know the entire wild card so yeah I mean
9217s they're definitely um ahead of all the
9219s other teams by far so if they don't want
9222s to just have fun the last two games they
9223s probably can and they'll still make it
9225s in exactly all right now I'm excited to
9227s see what the score sheet is going to
9228s look like cuz guys we just finish game
9230s number four which means after the score
9232s she we're going to go into our last
9234s break of the night which also means the
9236s last potential player swap of the KN
9239s going in and now that the Eon is banned
9242s again for games
9243s five we'll see what the determination is
9246s for these teams cuz my Felix and Theo is
9249s coming back for game number five and I
9252s don't
9253s know that is true we do have or we did
9257s have the triple band and we saw six m
9260s played in the last game so that is uh
9264s enough picks for a double ban you know
9267s for the character to get banned you know
9269s twice so we're going to have to see if
9271s you know all those teams do end up
9273s swapping back onto this my pick because
9275s you know my um you know is a really
9278s really strong character in competitive
9279s play she just has so much in her kit
9281s yeah and as I said half of the character
9284s picks in the last game was characters
9286s that were going to be banned in this one
9288s so yeah we'll see what end happening in
9290s game five but for now let's take a look
9292s at the round results of game number four
9294s 18 points for team Asher it feels like
9297s it's been a while since we've actually
9298s seen team Asher sitting up in first
9300s place when it comes to the number of
9301s points off of the round alone but they
9303s will be sitting up there so an okay
9305s Foundation Building up for themselves
9307s going into our final couple games a good
9309s start here for team Asher but in second
9311s place again team Meen hon will be
9313s holding there in 15th uh with 15 points
9316s which will net them a very very
9318s comfortable 24-point lead ahead of team
9320s high in first place right now with the
9322s total leaderboard and the bnk FX and
9324s team Asher following along with 38 and
9327s 33 respectively yeah there is a 41 Point
9332s buffer for Mira song between first and
9334s fifth so I think they're in a pretty
9336s comfortable position they are basically
9337s secured uh their spots for tomorrow but
9341s you know all these other teams you know
9343s we got have RX here 18 points behind
9345s Team Asher and Mudkip 17 points behind
9348s inun 16 points Behind These teams need
9350s to find an answer yeah I if anything
9353s maybe the answer might already be too
9355s late too we are seeing so many kills
9357s happening across the board right now in
9358s these games that especially when it
9360s comes to like s Nom rocks as well as
9362s team Mudkip mean their main DPS sources
9365s are the William and the Rio I just
9367s really haven't seen it be too successful
9369s so far but we will see what ends up
9371s happening guys cuz we're going to go on
9372s our last break go grab yourself some
9374s water go grab a snack maybe take a
9376s little bit of a stretch and we'll see
9377s you guys back here in 5 minutes for
9379s games 5 and
9380s six take care take
9409s care for
9448s spee
9490s spee
9528s speech e
9532s [Music]
9570s [Music]
9586s [Music]
9588s for
9594s [Music]
9618s e
9622s fore fore
9648s [Music]
9656s [Music]
9670s fore
9678s fore
9688s foree fore speech speech
9712s [Music]
9726s spee speech
9738s fore for
9757s [Music]
9780s fore
9785s foree foreign
9790s speech
9798s speee
9806s fore
9808s spee fore spee foreign
9815s fore
9828s fore
9845s for no
9862s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
9864s back to the eternal return Master season
9866s 4 Phase 1 Wild Card stage we just got
9870s for back from a break if you guys were
9872s here earlier then you guys know that we
9873s just watched games three and four one of
9876s the craziest final zones in game number
9879s three and one of the funniest final
9881s zones in game number four but we still
9883s got two more games left in the stage
9885s guys games five and six are about to
9887s come on their way and we still have
9889s about an hour of eternal return to
9892s watch yeah I'm excited Chui um we do
9896s have my Di and Felix back on the table
9899s will these teams pick a my will we get
9900s another six my game maybe even seven or
9903s eight you know maybe those other two
9904s teams decide hey you know all these
9906s other teams are playing my it's a pretty
9907s good pick maybe maybe maybe we should
9908s pick it as well yeah that character has
9911s done a lot of work in this series
9913s specifically I think compared to
9914s yesterday we can truly truly see the
9917s value of why my is so heavily covered in
9919s the KR side of things exclusive timings
9922s are absolutely amazing the initiation
9924s timings are amazing the initiation
9925s attempts are absolutely amazing these
9927s Korean teams can bring out the full
9929s potential of my and I am loving every
9931s every second of it but at the same time
9934s I do know that these players are also
9935s probably having a tough time kind of
9937s coping with the fact that there was six
9939s m in game number three so are we're
9942s going to see something similar in game
9943s number five where they're just going to
9945s have to deal with these massive number
9946s of mice coming in or are we just going
9948s to see some of these teams coming up
9950s with alternative methods instead of the
9952s might to find initiations and support
9954s the team yeah having that exclusive is
9957s just so powerful um just able to you
9959s know deny so much for their teams but
9962s yeah I mean we'll have to see right
9963s we'll have to see especially you know um
9965s I'm really curious if the my pick is
9967s going to still be a thing in phase two
9970s because you know of the courtier Nerf
9972s but um I think Ma just being you know
9975s such a prominent tank right now even
9977s without you know that cortier CDR I
9979s don't cuz I think some of these teams
9980s aren't really running uh a mage as well
9982s so yeah we will have to see yeah but the
9985s thing is though at the same time I am
9987s mentioning the fact that the 15% CDR is
9990s disappearing from the side of Mai but
9992s we're seeing Mai also in line with a lot
9994s of these 80cs characters and you know in
9998s before it was a little bit weird because
10000s AI yes it does give you 15% attack speed
10003s but the only real crit helmet that you
10006s were able to get before was crystal
10008s Tiara now they added things like GPM VG
10011s where you do get the Critical Strike
10012s chance where you do get the additional
10014s attack speed so you can run things like
10017s the II supplement your attack power get
10019s a little bit of that attack speed and
10021s supplement it even further with your
10022s helmet piece that will actually Grant
10024s you beneficial stats compared to just
10026s Critical Strike chance as well as the
10028s attack power of the crystal TR upgrade
10030s of the Fallen Pegasus there's a lot of
10033s variety in which you can still use my
10034s but we'll have to think about that when
10036s Phase 2 comes for now let's see what
10039s okay I was about to say one Circle
10041s Daniel and then ly from rtic yeah good
10044s one guys good
10045s one wait they actually might pick oh
10049s they're picking the heart evil cop with
10052s 11 on danana so they are points now they
10056s will be locking in a comp a different
10058s comp probably testing out some uh some
10060s different picks here I do like um I do
10063s like that you know since they do have a
10064s lot of points to work with you know it
10066s doesn't really matter what they what
10068s they play here as they're basically
10070s guaranteed into the finals already but
10072s again we do have six
10075s M um do we have any other bands here I
10077s don't think so I don't think we do the
10080s theop pick is not exactly as elusive
10083s this time around we also don't have that
10085s many Felix's in this game uh we did
10087s forget to mention that the Estelle was
10089s also banned in this game but you know
10091s that's what it is there were on yeah
10094s yeah no I think I did I did mtion aella
10096s I think in yeah okay there you go then
10098s then we are G chilling at this point but
10101s I do want to mention something about
10102s this composition on the side of Team me
10104s and SED though and it's that denana with
10108s theod is a lot more of a stable lockdown
10111s in my opinion than the shukai is at the
10113s moment for team oh be right because the
10117s 11 initiating for the most part is
10120s almost guaranteed as long as you're able
10121s to position things correctly and Fu
10123s forth thought taunt is so good at
10125s locking people down in one specific spot
10128s without putting self in too much danger
10130s because 11 has the calorie Cyclone
10132s whereas shukai we talked about it
10134s earlier his innate tankiness just comes
10136s from his HP stat alone without too much
10139s regeneration outside of his W whereas 11
10141s she's able to lock things down and hold
10144s that spot for quite an extended period
10145s of time which Eva is going to lap that
10147s up like
10148s no yeah what the most recent Buffs on
10151s liven as well you know him uh or her
10154s having the
10155s extra um I think it was 0.1 second on
10159s all of her Billy channels I think that
10161s was in the previous patch before this
10164s one so yeah she's going to be able to
10167s you know get that lock down a lot
10168s quicker so I do like the comp as well
10170s like I think um you know we know how
10173s strong the hearts Eva is and then you
10175s add on you know like a tank that does
10177s have more lock down potential can be it
10180s can be really really strong here yeah I
10182s mean even when we had Duos tournaments
10184s way way way back Yonder we did have 11
10188s Eva composition is kind of running wild
10191s back then too it is a very very standard
10193s composition and then you tack on an ADC
10196s like a heart on top of it we've seen the
10198s heart Eva compositions already doing
10200s wondrous things in the series so far and
10203s then you tack on an 11 on top of it as
10205s well yeah it's going to be quite
10206s beautiful if it does work out but of
10208s course that will see that will happen if
10210s te me and sedon can make it happen
10213s right yeah I mean I wonder if they decid
10217s to pick that I I'm I'm I'm going to
10218s guess obviously they picked it because
10220s they already secured they got so many
10221s points like look at the point lead on
10223s the righted side there m with 68 so they
10225s just probably want to test out you know
10227s some other comp see if it does work in
10228s these lobbies but oh my God Asher does
10230s actually end up taking down on Nar there
10234s just barely cuz I think uh it was like
10237s half a second before P was going to be
10239s able to TP so Asher going to get a nice
10241s kill for them yeah I mean we do have
10244s five M uh this game mea song you know
10246s not opting to pick their usual comp if
10248s they did I think we would have had six M
10250s once again and that deodor ban but it
10252s looks like they will be himself with Ros
10254s actually going to jump forward there
10256s going to get some damage onto bamasa but
10257s the tankiness from my the exclusive you
10260s know using it on thems and you know just
10264s um The W just you know is able to
10267s provide so much defense and looks like d
10269s is going to be caught by team High a
10271s nice third party from them bnk PX H is
10275s like yeah no you don't get to run away
10276s from this one and now wait a second hold
10278s up oh my goodness well there goes the
10280s Theodore as well and bom is just out of
10282s there with the back stab man okay quite
10285s an interesting way to see this go it's
10287s going to be Rock uh what is it rocks
10289s losing two members one of them going
10291s over towards team high with the third
10293s party and then bnk FX following through
10295s with the escape and finding another
10297s angle on towards the Theodore so really
10299s good plays coming through from bnk
10301s FX yeah and they're on pretty unique
10303s picks here they're on the Arda again and
10306s bum is now playing Aiden because of the
10310s of the Eon band so nice to see you know
10313s um haven't really seen the Aiden pick
10315s too often here but nice engage actually
10317s coming from just going to be able to
10319s deal so much damage onto luminol and
10321s haki there to follow up too I think
10323s luminal is going to go down haki going
10325s to actually drop the echo of the Earth
10327s but lumino actually dodging all of the
10330s procs of that and just able to live for
10332s so long and it looks like nma here is
10334s going to be able to actually kill hisaki
10337s so a nice turnaround from always in
10339s going to be able to take two members off
10341s from Team High Yeah another fight inside
10343s of hotel from the looks of it though DDO
10345s in a whole heap of trouble will not have
10346s enough damage to knock down bom Bob MSA
10349s trying to run away from this one he will
10351s at least have the camera to jump across
10353s but s are using the Nimrod gate trying
10355s to follow through on towards Bala oh
10357s this might be a little bit problematic
10358s getting hit by the center of the que as
10361s well he's got to take the white lily
10362s right now he's got to go for it but does
10364s he have the angle no he does not
10365s bringing everybody closer to him I think
10367s he's bought enough time though theor
10369s about to come back hunam yeah Will res
10372s Dio will res as well yungi oh my
10376s goodness dude that looks so close but
10378s the slipperiness of the mai definitely
10380s saving hung Rox there yeah nice War
10383s jumps from the ma there is able to live
10385s for so long so slippery you know with um
10389s that jump ability and a nice taunt
10391s coming from donana and oh my God one
10394s Circle just getting the full laser onto
10396s ped as ped does end up getting taunted
10399s did and that's the Eva 11 combo shui
10403s that that we've been talking about yep
10405s exactly it wasn't even like an
10407s initiation lockdown it was just in the
10409s middle of the fight lock down because
10410s the Evo was just so untouched thanks to
10412s the wall that is the
10414s 11 oh my God we are already starting to
10417s see that composition do well and it's
10418s got to look scary for the rest of the
10420s lobby but bnk FX sitting on three kills
10423s with these pretty unique picks for
10425s themselves it's looking pretty good for
10427s them too if the Aiden starts snowballing
10428s going towards the later stages of the
10430s game this guy is an X Factor when it
10432s comes to the amount of damage and
10433s Mobility he has too so very similar to
10435s the Eon again it seems like bum is just
10438s really liking these Mobility based
10440s Bruiser characters but the amount of
10442s burst damage that Aiden can deliver in a
10444s short span of time will make it so
10446s people just disappear from the
10449s map yeah um it is quite crazy but it
10454s looks like we do have these teams
10455s actually just calling in here we do have
10456s FX there's calling in fire station
10459s as num kind of split from his team here
10463s you also have a Mudkip kind of split
10465s just going to be able to grab a lot of
10466s arm around the map here going to get
10467s their credit count up try to scale into
10470s the late game as uh you we know Rio and
10473s cill you know they need some items to do
10474s damage we'll have to see you know how
10476s that works works out for them like most
10478s of this Lobby has to do with characters
10480s that really wants to scale in towards
10482s the late stages of the game we have the
10484s William we have a bunch of theodors we
10486s got the hard we got the Rio we got the
10488s AA
10489s and even some of these tanks really like
10491s going into the late stages of the game
10493s right we've seen the consistency of Mai
10495s going into the late games a lot better
10497s than the early but here we go uh-oh oh
10499s Eva cannot jump walls early Peacemaker
10501s to try to salvage this but the shield
10503s comes perfectly on time it is just
10505s untouched Rosner doing damage all over
10507s the place oh and the electrostatic surge
10510s is going to be enough crash land
10512s straight onto ubu and down they go right
10516s before the alpha is going to spawn
10518s inside this dream I'm surprised the
10520s flash came out uh so late there as uh
10523s they did blink over the wall but only
10525s after you know everything was used but I
10526s think maybe uh U realized that if they
10529s blinked over the wall then the other two
10531s would follow you know with the electro
10532s static surge with the Su blink too so
10535s just holding that till the very end
10536s there try to maybe get some angles but
10537s we do have another fight on the bottom
10538s side of the map here lumino actually
10540s cutting back really well going to be
10541s able to land the SX bomb going to be
10543s able to heal himself as well with that
10545s um with that wall and going to be able
10547s to land another one onto the pre looks
10548s like I think they're going to wipe here
10550s wait they don't see him oh they showed
10553s up for a second night vision night
10556s vision my God no
10558s way oh my God hi is able to live on the
10563s my playing Vision so well just
10565s recognizing that they're just able to
10566s sneak into that corner and ooh Babas
10569s actually going to try engaging here
10571s going to take some going to take a lot
10573s of damage from luminal though DL going
10574s to jump onto the back line try and do
10575s some damage onto luminal is going to be
10577s enough it is just barely going to be
10579s enough they trade one for one but the
10580s exclusive comes out big and double taunt
10583s from basa huge for team RX and it looks
10587s like team's always have to get away here
10591s the second shot is not going to be
10592s enough it's too early in the game for
10593s that but a third party again lumino
10596s getting taken down DDO also gets taken
10598s down here as well hiasi trying to follow
10600s through but not going to be able to find
10601s any more members of Team ham Rox so even
10605s with the good team fight one on the side
10607s of Team ham Rox they can't really
10609s capitalize off of him will be pushed
10611s away from the transfer console as well
10613s not exactly sure who was the one to take
10615s advantage of the Thal that was drop from
10617s the alpha but regardless a lot of action
10619s happening down on the south side of the
10622s map yeah um it looks like it might have
10625s been uh the Theodor cuz it does have the
10628s racing helmet is what I'm guessing I'm
10630s not too sure uh if that is true or not
10632s but yeah it might be him they're just
10634s going to grab some Farm here as D is
10636s going to spawn on top of them as well I
10638s probably was the case right cuz I know
10640s antiock is pretty popular on William
10642s right now but it's not necessarily a
10644s requirement for him to do damage at the
10646s moment and the rest of the team are
10649s probably holding for what it is or I
10651s guess GP mvg could be the other thing
10653s but when you're talking in aspect of
10656s gpnvg versus racing helmet for a theater
10658s I would 99% of the time take racing
10661s helmet yeah looks like we do have uh two
10664s teams here going to fight for the tree
10666s it looks like Fe X can kind of trap
10668s himself on the bottom side here as hos
10670s does end up closing bner does end up
10672s getting a nice bookmark going to get a
10675s nice stun as well walkill taking so much
10678s damage as bomb does end up sending it
10679s but does end up paing back so does end
10681s up baiting out some cool Downs there the
10682s pull does up going
10684s wide the dash was also used by the ma
10689s there as Rosner going to just try one
10691s one into Cella Zella is so far
10693s forward actually a little too far
10695s forward here as Curry also goes down to
10697s 1 HP but actually M does end up killing
10699s bomb as bomb takes too much damage from
10701s Curry here Curry actually playing the
10703s fight really well and I think they will
10704s get actually two members as Rosner here
10707s is here to fend for himself theay is
10709s actually still alive it looks like from
10711s Team mudkip and Rosner is going to be
10713s the one to get out and now it's going to
10715s be a minus 500 from VX wait a second
10718s unless Curry finds this unless it's a
10719s 1v3 from Rosner can you even get out of
10722s this one being in trouble I think he's
10725s dead oh able to get one
10728s quite interesting of a love shot there
10730s crucial crucial missed back step coming
10733s through from bum doesn't allow him to
10734s kill Curry but another fight on The
10736s southide Bob MOA getting taken
10737s dangerously low right now a lot of
10739s damage being exchanged from both of them
10740s U's ultimates not really landing on
10742s priority targets right now his gauge is
10744s still pretty good A lot of damage done
10746s over onto yungi is oh wait a second
10749s airine looking for initiation back in he
10751s does land the PO you're absolutely right
10753s that marine trying to do the damage DDO
10755s trying to do the damage too but The
10756s Peacemaker finally comes on
10759s Bob mosa is going to buy a little bit of
10760s time from the backslide but the damage
10762s has already been done the William is
10765s dead minus 500 on the side of sunam Rox
10768s and that is tragedy striking for that
10770s team at day three yeah the eve already
10773s having two four scores to the name doing
10775s so much damage already and yeah that's
10778s going to be Rox losing two members I
10780s mean they still have a lot of credits to
10781s use as well I think they were kind of
10783s caught
10784s maybe you know off guard there as they
10787s want they probably want to call in but
10789s you know there was a team just um on the
10792s on on the the console calling so yeah
10795s they're just going to have to eat their
10797s losses and they're going to lose 500
10799s credits there quite unfortunate quite
10801s unfortunate but the game still again
10803s moves on as always Bob MSA standing at
10806s the bottom side of the map will recover
10808s for the most part right I mean seven
10810s teams up means that the map is a little
10812s bit more open than it usually has been
10814s throughout the course of the series so
10815s far which I'm pretty sure all of these
10817s teams will will take safe for bnk furx
10821s do wonder how safe they are on the
10822s leaderboards right now cuz losing out
10824s like this in game number five is not
10826s exactly the greatest way to go despite
10828s having five kills I don't know I don't
10832s know yeah it looks like we do have
10834s mirang though coming down I think they
10837s do see Mudkip calling in here theana
10839s charging their jump they will not get
10842s the taunt actually I think they did end
10843s up pressing it a little too early but
10845s actually get taunted back from the M
10847s here Curry does actually
10849s hit on two members of Team Mir s and the
10853s Damage coming up from Cella is just
10855s massive is a m going to be able to get
10857s away here Dy going to dash forward the
10860s bu coming forward as well nice slow from
10862s armatic Peacemaker does end up coming
10864s out here but uh I think this is going to
10866s be it for the hard the hard does have
10868s have Dash is going to be enough it's
10869s definitely not and it looks like Mir
10871s song is going to fall in seventh place
10875s with only one Kill ah the cool down
10877s reset to play with us if used on Cilla
10880s herself we've been there we've dealt
10882s with that before and we get to see it in
10884s action as Ma and S will fall to the
10886s Cilla using it over and over and over
10889s and over again quite unfortunate for
10892s romatic but that is just how the cookie
10893s crumble sometimes a beautiful fight
10895s taken and a tight Corridor taken
10896s advantage of by the Cilla as well as the
10899s Rio fleeting soul combo plus the rain of
10901s arrows through dead center by the way to
10904s all the squishy characters with the
10905s Cilla ball coming in too much burst
10907s damage and tyght Corridor for double
10910s squishies to actually deal with but here
10911s we go another fight inside of cemetery
10913s and Chapel as the breath of the Dragon
10915s is going to go wild reinitiation attempt
10917s coming through from the M but there is
10918s no support from the backside as this poo
10921s is just ripping through everybody the
10922s priia is already dead K he is trying to
10925s lock down Don as much as possible but I
10928s think it's the other way around K is
10930s trying to run I don't think he's going
10932s to be able to find is it's pork chop
10939s oh dude it's an enhanc too but a third
10941s part oh wait oh exclusive oh my God and
10946s they're out wow my good that is the
10949s power of my getting that exclusive you
10951s know even if there's a third party that
10952s exclusive can definitely get those uh
10954s get your teammates out of those sticky
10956s situations but we do have team here
10960s coming down probably to look for this
10962s Wick line as it's either going to be in
10964s Cemetery or in fire station and it is
10966s shown on the map now that it's going to
10967s be fire so so so maybe some of these
10969s teams do end up cutting up here for this
10972s quick but we do have Mudkip here with
10975s seven kills looking to take it for
10977s themsel with um I think the Cella was on
10980s five items and
10983s the the Rio was also on a fail not with
10985s four items but we do actually have a
10987s fight here the my B also taking so much
10989s damage from luminal here a third party
10991s might be imminent as we do actually have
10993s Team uh o you
10995s know on the top side maybe they look for
10998s something as uh looks like they do smell
11000s blood in the water here but it is a
11002s corridor and you don't want to fight
11004s Theodore in a corridor yeah Eva does
11007s unfortunately get outrange by a Theo
11009s when the power screen is up at this
11010s stage right so good idea here from Oho
11013s to back away from this fight and yeah I
11016s mean this game right now is just really
11018s really teetering on the edge it's game
11020s number five these teams are desperately
11022s looking for kills and trying not to die
11024s themselves for team Mudkip I mean this
11026s is pretty much the best case to scario
11028s they're sitting in what six seventh
11030s place right now getting another wi for
11032s themselves with seven kills on the line
11034s already they are so strong yeah Curry is
11037s on two four scores of blood now we're
11040s going to have Jung getting his blood
11041s item which looks like a a CER thems the
11045s M proba or yeah the m is probably full
11048s tank build as well yeah I don't think um
11051s there's going to be any team that can
11053s contest Mudkip but we'll have to see
11056s black lotus shuriken with a Cilla this
11058s late into the game will hurt so so bad I
11062s think at full HP free at last will still
11064s do at least either about a third of a
11066s Squishy's HP or in worst cases it could
11069s even do up to half depending on how
11071s squishy really are so really good pickup
11073s coming through from the side of Team
11075s mudkips here but they need to take
11076s advantage of it right now right again
11078s they're in pretty dire straights when it
11080s comes to the overall leader boards at
11082s the moment this Wile line needs to get
11084s fully taken
11086s advantage lumino something BB those go a
11089s little wide here they do smell Asher
11091s they're actually going to rip the
11092s ultimate into them here they do have
11094s console they do actually hit the spark
11096s nade onto Felix here is it going to be
11098s enough damage jumo across the wall
11100s they're getting a nice double Taun with
11102s the quick doing so much damage but
11104s there's a third party as high comes
11105s forward here and it looks like they are
11107s going to reap all the rewards as team
11108s Asher is going to wipe that is very
11110s unfortunate jumo having a fantastic turn
11113s but the third party TB in from high
11116s that's just you know a little a l
11119s oh the Poo getting us double Skyward
11121s pant the two members of Team Asher is
11125s going yeah they will get the reses just
11128s before day five procs right so at least
11130s for team Asher they do recover but not
11132s exactly in the best of spots right now
11134s cuz they are eating timer same thing
11136s here for team Inon they're getting
11137s pushed away by the Ava now oh my God I
11140s mean what do you really doing these
11142s situations for all of these teams it is
11144s looking bad bad bad bad bad and look at
11147s the final Zone super super I
11149s mean do have the cemetery P final Zone
11153s we're going to have to see you know how
11154s these teams play around these jump pads
11155s once again and yeah there are six full
11158s teams alive still so it's really
11160s anyone's game here um timer is
11162s definitely going to be a nice Factor as
11164s you could see you know on team Rox
11166s they're not really on full timer here
11168s and even with the extra 15 seconds
11170s they're not going to have the full 30 so
11172s they will have to look for an angle on
11173s one of these teams it's going to be bad
11176s we saw how bad timers could be in in the
11178s last game where we saw Meen song doing a
11180s little bit of a funny funny moment but
11183s in this one for most of the teams alive
11185s here actually quite honestly all of them
11186s with M and sedon gone these games really
11189s do matter so no funny business anymore
11191s coming out from these guys each of these
11193s seconds in this game counts 15 seconds
11196s or so to go until we are going to hit
11198s night number four night number five and
11200s that's when maybe fights might start
11202s ringing out as nighttime vision going to
11204s be a lot more dangerous for these teams
11206s to walk around in there's still fire up
11208s so we're going to have to see you know
11209s if it is going to be fire station or if
11212s it will be Cemetery Pond like usual and
11214s oh actually will be pwn fire station
11217s it's a little different look at how many
11220s teams are in Cemetery I think five teams
11222s are down here it is only Mudkip on the
11225s top side and that is Wick team so
11227s obviously you don't want to play into
11228s them but all the teams down here means
11231s you know there might be a fight Brewing
11233s very soon on the bright side there are
11236s not that many choke points in Cemetery
11238s compared to Chapel it's a little bit
11239s more breathable in but if you're sitting
11241s in situations like this yeah it's not
11243s really look that good with an AA also
11245s poking out non-stop from the top side I
11247s mean where do you go f i mean these guys
11249s got to go hung Rox you cannot stall out
11252s any longer in a third party actually
11254s coming through from team as trying to
11255s push team ouo out as much as possible
11257s it's going to be a beautiful knockup
11258s coming through from the Felix The
11259s Peacemaker is going to try to stall out
11261s whatever they can but the may already
11263s gets taken down team Asher crucial
11265s mistakes across the board right now
11266s which means they're going to have to
11267s take the jump Pat across but look at
11269s what team is waiting for them right
11270s there it's team Mudkip JY is slowly
11272s starting to push in look at the mini map
11274s look at the mini map RDX RX they got to
11277s take advantage of this but can they
11278s right now there's a ton it's going to
11279s miss straight on toward Wars ubu another
11282s buy about to get taken down thanks to
11284s the Evo or are they look at the healing
11286s coming through from the shukai he's
11287s sitting up the and the birn to a he
11291s cooks everybody let him cook and yungi
11294s will fall my goodness Oho just
11296s sacrifices every to the alter and says
11299s Dear God let us win this game oh and
11302s they're coming they're coming over it's
11303s in red Tim I going to get anything here
11306s jukai does end up going in protocol does
11308s end up coming down is it going to be
11309s enough oh looks like both teams actually
11311s disengage here but is an EVO Evo versus
11314s Theodore in this Corridor but the damage
11316s coming out from Theodore Airline gets
11317s chunk down to half HP or actually only
11320s 30% HP and nice act body block there
11323s from uh umu to prevent any more damage
11325s and to get the shoe guy out of combat a
11327s little earlier
11328s got to push though right team always in
11331s t they have to push 20 seconds until the
11333s temp zone is going to start to pop and
11334s both of these teams are going to be
11335s forced to push regardless of they want
11338s to this Eva is pumping damage out these
11341s spark needs are not resulting in that
11343s much value up coming through and the
11345s evil laser R true again and again and
11349s again a terminate from umu a triple
11352s clean a coming in from this Eva it just
11354s doesn't even matter now they're going to
11356s SL try pushing towards the final Zone
11360s wait a second hold up darvik where you
11362s going to get the kill away to Y there's
11364s so many teams here I think Mudkip does
11367s realize you know they haven't taken the
11368s fight yet and they're actually going to
11369s go back to their Zone as they're not
11370s going to have enough timer for this and
11372s actually give their Zone to uh umu here
11375s a nice Peacemaker the evil laser is
11377s going to be enough the exclusive does
11379s end up coming down but the the theay is
11382s still alive one they go down and the the
11386s oh my God up there does end up coming
11388s down but wait a second can Blaster come
11389s up here Blaster does end up getting two
11391s here and it's going to be aukai versus
11393s tazy I don't think asukai has enough
11395s damage here I don't think so either the
11398s clutch comes in from Blaster he will be
11400s able to pick up the kill everybody on
11402s the side of musk is just going to back
11404s away from this one doesn't pick up a
11405s single Kill from the fiesta that was
11408s this temporary Zone inside of pawn and
11411s unfortunately for team Mudkip three
11413s kills left on the map right now for
11415s those guys they have to finish strong if
11417s they want to get themselves up on the
11418s leaderboard but it's the same case for
11420s team high they need to confirm
11422s themselves in the top four and by doing
11424s this game is going to be a possibility
11428s 50/50 one out by team High a good amount
11431s of poke coming through from the
11433s Cilla ooh this is going to be dangerous
11435s this will really really be
11437s dangerous Blaster sitting on purple or
11439s Blaster sitting on purple weapon I know
11441s he really wants to call in this blood
11442s for his uh go shuriken but uh nice
11446s engage there from
11448s nice exclusive actually on to Curry
11450s there actually get him out of trouble
11452s isaki on HP is sh going to be enough it
11455s is HEI doesn't go down here as Curry is
11457s going to kite
11459s back tank some red here Blaster going to
11462s look oh it's not enough the fle soul
11466s does hit Tria but it's not enough damage
11469s as the fight resets as I think team High
11472s they're going to go call in that blood
11473s going to get that U Tazia their blood
11475s weapon oh my God what is going on what
11479s is going on K is not going to get taken
11481s down here either the team with lower
11483s timer right now is team Mudkip so there
11485s is plenty of time for Team High to play
11487s around with Blaster now going to be
11489s sitting on that black lotus shurink kin
11492s we saw the amount of damage this Tazia
11494s was just doing but positioning wise team
11497s MIP in a little bit of a better spot can
11499s the Cilla get enough poke out can this
11502s Rio get enough poke out let's see who is
11505s the one to get the control so far it is
11507s still team Mudkip their timers are
11509s looking pretty decent right now here we
11511s go the initiation still not coming
11513s through the Rio getting some really good
11515s damage in the Shields coming through
11517s from the Pria is also really good right
11519s now it's a stalemate between these two
11521s teams R of arrows not that bad gaining a
11523s little bit more control again inside the
11524s Zone oh Blaster trying to get this St
11527s doesn't get it Paradiso is also going to
11529s be completely dolify from this team no
11531s it doesn't it actually takes down this
11532s Cilla and now Curry's in trouble he's
11535s going to get taken down and the my will
11537s still get wiped team High it will take
11540s another game 13 kills on hand taking
11543s down mudkip and they will most likely
11545s secure the C in the top four going into
11547s the finals
11549s GG's I thought the combo went a little
11551s wide there he tried going for the real
11553s but just didn't hit but they just ended
11554s up turning onto the Cella the priia just
11556s doing so much damage with you know the
11558s combo from the Tazia the echo of the
11561s earth to just you know locking up that's
11563s aell and they will end up taking it very
11565s very well played from Team High there
11568s dude who cares about the Poke when you
11569s can just infinite regen your Shields as
11571s the pr of my goodness the effective HP
11574s coming out of that character coming out
11576s yeah were
11578s crazy yeah cuz they always had like
11580s about like a 500p shield on each uh
11582s player there I think so yeah very well
11585s played to that team as they do end up
11587s closing that game out well played well
11589s played for both of those two teams I
11591s genuinely thought the mudkips were uh at
11594s an advantage because the ccil Poke
11596s actually did come through in between the
11598s priia shields we saw I think it was
11601s hassi getting taken down to about 2/3 HP
11603s at the start of that fight but they were
11604s able to push it in the Paradiso yeah it
11607s looked bad not Landing anything onto the
11609s Rio but it bought enough of a buffer
11611s space that the Rio's only Auto attacks
11613s could be targeted on towards the mai and
11616s then pushing the cicila in towards the
11618s Paradiso popping it as soon as she lands
11621s from the girl in the bubble yeah that
11623s Cilla is not staying alive when Natasia
11625s has Black Lotus shuriken that late into
11628s the game
11629s too yeah very very well played from Team
11632s High they're going to be able to close
11633s it out I think they did the exact same
11634s thing onto
11636s [Music]
11637s um uh Mar seang right when they did end
11640s up catching one Circle I think in game
11642s it was either two or three but yeah this
11645s my Tazia combo you know showing why you
11648s know it's uh it's really strong with you
11649s know this priia in the back to support
11652s any you know um Dives with deos of dir
11654s to lock down to maybe isolate one of the
11655s members and also and also to provide so
11658s much shield and utility for their team
11660s it's quite amazing to be able to see
11662s Tazia at this level of gameplay outside
11664s of one circle's hands right the only
11666s times we've ever really seen that
11668s character being played to this level was
11670s in the hands of one Circle but Blaster
11672s really stepping up to the plate here and
11673s making sure that the Zone control on the
11675s Tazia very difficult character to Pilot
11678s in chaotic fights by the way as well he
11680s just pushes his way on through
11682s overconfidence isn't the factor when you
11684s got shields for days from both yourself
11687s as well as the as well as the pre I
11689s should say those parados coming in
11692s clutch those you know spot Spears coming
11694s in clutch as well I mean everything just
11697s working in favor of Team High yeah and
11699s then team Mudkip as well you know the
11701s backline is giving so much respect to
11702s you know Taza because you know if Taza
11704s does end up catching you you're probably
11706s as good as Dead with the stun into alt
11709s combo like you just inst still blow up
11710s so yeah this character you know is uh is
11713s quite the threat if piloted correctly
11716s quite quite filthy but what a great way
11718s to end game number five but ladies and
11720s gentlemen we got one more game Left
11722s Right and the scoreboard that is about
11723s to come up in just a moment here will
11726s determine what the game state is going
11728s to look like going into our final game
11730s but super let us talk about our round
11732s results for game number five before we
11734s start looking at the overall results
11736s after game five yeah we have Team High
11739s here with 13 field kills 21 points for
11742s thems team oo with 15 points 11 field
11746s kills MIP with 12
11748s always interal with eight FX with five
11750s Asher with four RX with three and Mar
11752s song with one unfortunately in last game
11756s because but yeah we do have you know um
11759s a leaderboard shift here as um Mar s
11763s obviously still in first place with 69
11765s points high with high in second with 63
11768s FX and Oho with 43 and 42 respectively
11773s and now we have Team Asher on the cusp
11775s of elimination wow wow wow wow wow team
11778s Mudkip also in the cusp of elimination
11780s right now as well they had such a pretty
11782s good early game but after Wick they
11784s couldn't find anything and the final
11786s game just fell short trying to Duke it
11789s out up against team high but yeah I mean
11791s team High same amount of field kills as
11794s Meen song but you can see how proactive
11796s team M andong has been throughout the
11798s course of the night here first place
11800s first place second place second place
11802s second place and then I think it was
11804s just now an eighth for the fifth game
11807s they've been doing pretty good and
11808s they've been eating pretty good in these
11810s games but man you got to give it up to
11811s team high they are really playing
11813s proactively as
11815s well yeah I
11817s mean I think they have about the same
11819s amount of kills as um Mar song right
11821s like like you said so a lot of points
11823s for themsel it's not looking good for
11825s eighth place team I think it might be
11827s doomed for them I think they need 30
11829s points which I think is a little too
11830s much 30 point difference I think you
11832s need a 22 at least a 22 kill first place
11835s at least yeah and on top of that you
11838s need your opponent to go on N so that is
11840s going to be it I think for a police team
11843s but I mean our seventh Sixth and fifth
11846s place team they still have something to
11848s fight for you know they're only about I
11849s think 15 points behind if they get a
11851s nice first place pop off game they can
11853s definitely still make it in yeah one of
11855s the biggest issues with having any
11857s requirements over I think about 10 to
11860s maybe 15 kills is that you're fighting a
11863s little bit too much right you have those
11865s cases where you're winning every single
11866s fight but towards mid to late game you
11869s don't really have transition so no
11871s matter how ahead you feel you still lose
11873s fights and for a team to require 22
11876s kills minimum in order to even I possib
11880s we've really seen a 20 kill game yet or
11883s have we have we seen one in phase two or
11886s sorry in season 3 yeah we did it was
11888s like a 20 I think one kill game coming
11891s through from a team but those are
11892s extremely absurdly rare for valid
11895s reasons yeah yeah because of the level
11898s so high usually you don't have one team
11900s you know completely stomping every Lobby
11902s so yeah 20 kill games are pretty rare um
11905s especially you know in the in the EO
11907s team but who knows you know maybe maybe
11909s they have the miracle run and they have
11912s uh like a 25 kill 26 kill and they they
11914s make it in you know anything is possible
11916s still exactly don't don't end your
11919s dreams just yet that can happen after
11922s the game's actually over right the light
11924s at the end of the tunnel is still there
11925s no matter how faint it is all you have
11927s to do is just keep running after it and
11929s praying that you are able to reach it
11931s but super we're going to start getting
11932s ourselves into our final match of the
11934s night the only ban that we have for this
11936s game will be the ma so a crucial
11939s character that a lot of these teams have
11941s been depending on for the initiations
11943s and the safety net is not going to be
11945s valid for game number six and how will
11947s that shake up the final round oh my God
11952s is that a Charlotte from
11955s the no fr hold up wait a second no yes
11960s yes yes yes come on come on I mean
11962s they're already secured so you know why
11963s not right like might as well will have
11965s some fun here I think they will oh wait
11968s Lenny no no don't do it don't Lenny out
11973s oh hey to another
11977s gen we have one circle on a supports
11980s what happened why is romantic not
11982s playing a range character what happened
11984s like
11987s but yeah we do have how many kennets two
11990s kennets three Eon so if there was you
11993s know another game after this it would
11994s have been another Eon ban but since this
11996s is the last game there will be no bans
11998s after this yeah we also do have a double
12000s Cilla match up here as well right sunar
12002s as well as jeny going to be both playing
12004s that character in our final game we will
12007s see what ends up happening ladies and
12009s gentlemen after this game four teams
12011s will move on into the finals tomorrow
12013s four teams will take the drop in Phase
12016s number one four of these teams this will
12018s be their last game of the weekend for
12020s four
12022s more I don't know how however many games
12024s we have tomorrow it's checkpoint guys I
12026s don't I can't tell you yeah it is a
12028s checkpoint format so it could be four
12030s games it could be 10 games you don't
12032s know stop saying it you're cursing it
12033s already it's
12035s over I mean usually you know if it is
12038s like the I'm actually not too sure yet
12040s we'll have to get back to you guys
12041s tomorrow when it is going to be the
12043s finals which checkpoint format it is
12045s because they did end up changing the
12046s rules
12047s because of the new Final zone changes so
12050s we'll have to see uh if it is going to
12051s be the most points format because uh the
12055s final zone change didn't go through for
12057s phase one yet it will be there for phase
12058s two and three and it will go back to the
12060s normal checkpoint rule which is if you
12062s just win the game and you're on
12063s checkpoint you will win the tournament
12065s but we're not too sure if it will affect
12067s phase one or not as well yeah I would
12069s have to assume that it is going to be
12071s the same checkpoint system right cuz in
12074s the end the checkpoint system was
12075s specifically made for for this purpose
12078s of the new checkpoint system uh not the
12080s checkpoint system but the temporary Zone
12082s thing that zone change
12084s yeah yeah you guys will know tomorrow if
12087s you guys do come out to watch the finals
12089s and one Circle
12091s [Laughter]
12095s isi one CLE down
12098s targets yeah giving a kill over to high
12101s there but um I don't think they really
12103s care too much they're just getting their
12105s build up and then they're going to group
12106s up together
12107s but yeah we do have the we saw this uh
12109s comp as well um in the ercs and last
12112s season right the Lenny or last season
12115s ERM with the Lenny plus double front
12117s liner so support plus double front line
12119s so we're going have to see you know how
12120s it does work over here in phase one of
12123s season 4 I mean we even saw it yesterday
12126s right the Lenny plus the double front
12127s line with the Estelle Eon and this time
12129s around it's going to be yeah the Nikki
12131s as well as the Kenneth you're just kind
12133s of swapping out the the Eon for the
12136s Kenneth which is is a very very good
12138s substitution by the way extremely strong
12140s character in these extended fights and
12142s the Estelle effectively getting
12143s substituted by the Nikki which I
12145s wouldn't be surprised if she runs ghost
12148s Sprite in this game too cuz the main
12150s source of damage in this composition is
12152s going to be the Kenneth so you do want
12154s to get as much potential damage uh
12157s possibility from that character so you
12159s expect things like an elf dress to come
12161s out from one Circle to expect things
12163s like a ghost Sprite to ghost Sprite
12165s dress to come through for danana
12167s that's just classic things when it comes
12169s to double front line in the yeah I mean
12172s Lenny also providing a lot of damage for
12174s herself cuz not only does she you know
12175s do damage with her abilities you know
12177s with the spring trap and you know the
12180s the the q's but you know just in general
12183s she also provides the elf dress
12185s adaptability and the healing Factor as
12188s well so o wow a nice um bookmark from
12192s Roser they're going to be able to pick
12193s up a kill but yeah Lenny just going to
12195s provide you know so much adaptability
12197s extra damage for their
12198s team I'm surprised that those are the
12200s only things you mentioned cuz a lot of
12202s the people that I've casted with before
12203s they always mentioned the level scaling
12205s on although I don't know what that
12207s necessarily does in this case Curry is
12209s just at to R again as soon as it turns
12211s Knights he has no room to breathe aon's
12214s alive but this time around it's going to
12216s be another Bianca coming through from
12218s jumo this is going to be their last
12220s Blitz for team aser their last tah to
12222s keep themselves in this tournament you
12225s know what I like the pick I love the
12228s pick yeah they're trying to be
12230s aggressive here they need points um I
12232s don't know which I don't know if they
12233s were the team in eight or were they in
12235s like we're like sixth maybe seventh yeah
12238s so just playing a more aggressive comp
12241s still because they do need some points
12242s here they're about like 14 15 points
12245s behind so yeah I mean I do like it as
12247s well they do have the Eon Jenny plus
12250s bianka so a more Dives type type team
12254s exactly how the Bianca is going to play
12256s in this match up and we know it is jumo
12258s as well right again guy made his name in
12260s ERM in the KR competitive scene with
12263s that Bianca even during solo days where
12265s you would normally expect a character
12267s like Bianca to have a little bit of a
12268s tough time killing people every now and
12269s then but here we go a blink oh my
12271s goodness yeah umu is you're not
12275s just yeah there's a ultimate into the
12278s springtrap a nice combo there from Team
12280s Mir seong and looks like they are
12282s probably going to kite back there for
12283s the meteorite in up down I don't know
12286s why but that moment just there that kill
12288s onto the Eva really reminded me of a
12290s certain one shot composition where
12292s different where the player that they
12293s target can't really move until they die
12296s but here we go for the fight starting
12297s inside of Hospital bomb a little bit too
12299s far away from his teammates this is also
12301s a weapon Mastery a weapon level weapon
12303s skill level one by the way so the reset
12305s timers are a little bit funky the gain
12306s is also a little bit funky as well he's
12308s getting caught out everywhere cool down
12310s resets not really readily available for
12312s the seon he will get another one but not
12314s enough to get himself further and
12315s further away from the fight will get
12317s taken down sandstorms him up will just
12320s head pop to not give anybody else the
12321s Executioner bonus that's unfortunate for
12324s FX you know sending it there but then
12326s Mudkip actually just teleporting
12328s straight raw into um you know the
12331s meteorites area but uhoh M get kind of
12334s caught in the middle here going to send
12336s it on Curry and walk going to have to
12339s try to get away here the blast plant is
12341s gone does high recognize this as he does
12344s sit in the corner I don't think he does
12346s and looks like bum here trying to get
12349s away here does get the reset on neon so
12351s I think he might get out here nice side
12352s steps but is going to get caught by the
12354s stun from tazan and that's going to be
12356s him droing as well so yeah FX you know
12358s unfortunately going to lose two members
12360s and yeah they're's going to have to um
12363s play a little slower this game yeah he
12364s was just in complete open land with no
12366s animals to reset off of right and one of
12368s the biggest issues with this guy earlier
12370s on in the game is that your weapon skill
12372s used in overflow doesn't really give you
12374s that much right I mean it does yeah give
12376s you cool down back on your dry by but
12379s kind of needed a few more seconds to get
12381s that back instead so here we go Curry oh
12384s my God
12386s Curry now Curry getting hit by the
12389s knockup there from Su getting hit by The
12391s Bookmark as well but uh yeah the St
12394s there just the St just wasn't with them
12396s the entire time so that team was
12399s completely isolated and nice
12401s capitalization from FX going to be able
12403s to get uh one of the backliners there by
12405s the way I don't know if you about this
12407s but I think it might be a damage Lenny
12410s because I saw a dragon fury being built
12413s up by one circle on that character right
12415s now so here we go let's see how it fares
12417s up against these T these characters
12419s absolutely annihilated is going to be
12421s Rosner who needs defense when you're
12423s just going to die like that I think
12426s Dragon Spar is just an like a support
12428s item or it can be it can be both a
12430s support and a damage item but it's just
12432s a nice defense sh for the team so I I
12434s think it's fine like I think it's
12435s standard right I think teddy bear also
12437s proxied if I remember correctly off of
12439s the passive oh really oh I didn't know
12441s about that that does sound really good
12442s that does sound really good cuz it is
12444s skill damage it is skill damage yeah it
12446s is it is yeah uh that's filthy when you
12448s have a double front line your trumpets
12450s are most likely going to hit both of
12451s them your carrot Cannon is also probably
12453s going to hit both of them so like uh
12455s yeah you you just proed that like
12457s infinite on people that you're targeting
12459s down I do like the dragon spy rush cuz I
12462s do think you know Dragon spur is a
12463s really good item on Lenny but um so
12466s surprised if they they ran it over the
12468s elf dress because I think ESS is also
12470s really good but an engage here coming
12472s from basa nice lock down right timing
12476s the totem perfectly with that ultimate
12478s and it is going to be jumo that is going
12480s to be the one default there nice
12482s capitalize coming through from Team Rox
12484s which means Ash going to be down a
12485s Bianca for the next foreseeable future
12488s but they are still keeping their lives
12489s intact a decent chunk of things to do on
12491s the Eastern side of the map for that
12493s team so I think for team Asher they'll
12495s just kind of bite the bullet on that
12496s death and they're moving on unless they
12498s find themselves up against team always
12501s in ch and we'll just keep themselves
12502s safe let's not die yet guys you are
12505s still looking for a position inside of
12506s that leaderboard dying right now would
12508s not do you any good although oh it is
12511s lagging uhoh there we go looks like it's
12514s fine um they do actually get um a nice
12516s RNG off that bear I don't know if you
12518s saw I don't know what they picked up but
12520s yeah always in looking pretty good here
12523s as um they are sitting on a lot of items
12525s one Circle looks like did actually opt
12527s into going to Dragon faury over the
12529s elfus but I think ESS is probably their
12531s next priority item here it's pretty
12533s cheap right just the tree of life if I
12535s remember correctly and getting the
12537s defense shred first might be a little
12539s bit more oh they are sending it here but
12541s wait a second team Asher just took the
12543s console Vision so I'm really surprised
12545s they did end up sending it as they do
12546s end up coming for the third party but a
12548s nice uh cancel from romatic there as
12551s they will be able to get away out of the
12552s r of the vampire queen and yeah actually
12555s no no teams lose anyone in that fight
12559s thanks to the Lenny they're actually
12561s pretty healthy right M and S they didn't
12563s really lose too much health despite
12564s being sandwiching between two teams and
12566s another fight here we go double knock up
12567s going to fail cuz jeny did end up using
12569s the blink out DDO signature Fireball is
12571s down he doesn't have his fast ball
12573s Stacks ready to go now he does but Curry
12575s throwing out Auto attacks like no
12577s tomorrow look at the health on Yi he's
12578s going to get taken down Dio stuck in the
12580s corner he's got to go all in but he will
12582s get taken down Kenneth in the whole heap
12584s of trouble wle chasing this down if a
12586s stun comes in he might be in trouble
12588s white ly oh perfect angle oh my God
12592s getting tagged by the corner is going to
12593s be the estow Bob mosa makes it
12596s out yeah and that will let the kennet
12599s live there and Rox so live to see
12602s another day yeah very well played a nice
12604s white lily there to actually catch the
12606s Estelle onto the wall but also you know
12608s gain some distance uh for the kenet
12611s themselves here but we do have a fight
12613s here bring on our hands as Deon does
12615s just engage onto jumo there they do get
12617s a lot of damage the r of the vamp is
12618s forced out of the or of the Bianca and
12621s it's just not going to hit anyone here
12623s as the St and the Eon just go straight
12627s back onto the Bianca right after the get
12628s of totem and luminal here is actually
12631s playing the 1 V one really well as he's
12633s just able to um live through the Eon
12636s with with the heals from himself quite
12638s unfortunate for Team master narvik
12640s trying to run will not get taged by the
12642s ballistic Advantage maches yeah I think
12644s with that red carpet he will be able to
12645s stay alive minus 250 going towards team
12648s Asher I am honestly surprised that
12651s luminal managed to stay alive up against
12653s that 1 V one but inside a temple there
12656s is a lot of bushes I think it's raining
12658s right now too so the amount of bushes
12660s inside that zone is quite high so
12661s Sapphire protocol easily able to get
12663s proed p in a whole heap of trouble he
12665s just failed to dash across doesn't get
12667s the resets he's trying to stay alive for
12669s himself does have the dash up in a
12671s second spark n not going to get proed
12674s but nyok is still on The Chase okay nice
12677s knock up coming through P how far it
12679s again oh
12682s no wait oh no that's that's going to be
12685s it for p and it will be a another minus
12688s 2504 team Masher so that's going to be
12690s very unfortunate for that team as they
12692s will get H behind quite a bit but wait a
12694s second team ferax is is playit here as
12697s uh the Cella is all the way down in Doc
12701s and mirang they know this and they will
12704s chase this uh
12707s Cella for a kill and it looks like a
12709s nice blink actually going to actually
12710s hit two people p just getting shredded
12713s by DDO and it looks like ash you're
12715s going to lose another 250 credits but
12717s they don't really have any credits for
12719s their name right now so they will have
12719s to farm up a little bit quite brutal
12721s quite brutal Team master they're still
12723s looking for a spot in the top four dying
12726s like this early is not going to be good
12727s and with jumo about to fall here as well
12729s R of the vampire queen not that bad but
12731s peaceful just pushed past it oh it is
12735s devastating is a disaster for Asher look
12739s at their credits they need to buy back
12740s two members it's not looking good for
12743s them really and they've already spent
12746s 500 is it too
12748s late oh because it's the same situation
12751s that we always tell ourselves right I
12753s mean I don't I don't think it's too late
12754s but they're going to have like zero
12756s items you know and yeah every team is
12758s just going to look to hunt them
12760s down it might be it might be it for Team
12763s master unfortunately but who knows you
12765s know Miracles can can happen exactly
12768s we've seen teams stay alive for so long
12770s towards the later stages of the game
12771s that their party might really become a
12773s thing here cuz you know since it is the
12775s final game teams are going to be playing
12777s a lot more safe right maybe we might end
12779s up seeing another game where eight teams
12781s final Zone still could be a possibility
12783s but here we go oh dice is going to land
12785s over on towards nuky does end up getting
12787s the reset blast field actually going to
12788s be forced out DDO mostly untouched
12791s throughout this fight he's going to get
12792s access towards the backline and he's
12793s still pumping out damage one after
12796s going oh my goodness but ends up falling
12799s down Bosa has to run has to run they do
12803s have nimrod's Gates you know what
12804s happened what it was the it was the the
12808s plant because it acts as a ward so he
12809s was actually able to proc his Sapphire
12811s protocol and that gave him enough shield
12814s for him to live with the St Al as well
12817s that's whack man that's how it was yeah
12820s it was the new it was the new plant that
12822s actually made him get that sappire
12824s protocol Pro so a yeah actually played
12827s around it so well that absolutely sucks
12829s another fight on the South Side here
12831s it's going to be between team high as
12832s well as team me and S denana A little
12834s bit too low romantic seeing if he could
12836s get anything done Blaster will just have
12838s to back away from the fight executioner
12839s bonus popping over on towards kqu will
12842s be a res back on towards one Circle so
12845s one for one exchange for now those teams
12848s going to have to Res at least one of
12850s their members
12852s back yeah and it looks like we do have
12854s uh ooh no it looks like like narvik is
12857s caught by team fear X and I think it
12861s might be
12863s it yeah the play that is proed and that
12866s is going to be Asher falling down in eth
12868s place and unfortunately I don't think
12869s they're on you know the top half of the
12873s points so they will be falling here and
12875s we will not be seeing them tomorrow ah
12878s that is such an unfortunate end for team
12880s aser they tried their best today we did
12882s see a first place game for them but it
12884s just wasn't enough the consistency not
12886s there for that team but still the game
12888s must go on FX still looking for their
12891s place in the top four right now as well
12893s hoping to get their secured spot I
12895s should say I think they're already in
12897s top four but they need to secure it at
12898s the stage a little bit more left in this
12901s game that they need to do we are at day
12903s four which means I think we got about
12906s maybe 8 minutes left in this game those
12908s eight minutes will determine the fates
12909s of four of these teams and another four
12911s of these teams and whether or not they
12912s continue to move up or move down out of
12915s the phase number one
12916s series but here we go maybe a fight
12918s being initiated blaster in the backside
12919s he does have the shield going eose of
12921s the earth is not that bad but this Pria
12923s is running circles around everybody it's
12924s a one for one trade so far between these
12927s two teams but this irm is so darn tanky
12929s The Shield from Blaster is so darn tanky
12932s he's holding are trying to run he will
12933s keep himself alive oh my goodness what
12935s the heck was that angle Cilla still
12937s staying alive here but look where she is
12940s will they be able to TP out though I
12941s don't know if they have enough timer
12943s they going to walk down they're going to
12944s use to play with play in a bubble for
12945s the movement speed five
12949s four I don't think she gets it no too
12953s late and that will be a minus one for FX
12956s and a minus 250 once again that is a
12959s little unfortunate but you know they're
12961s they going to still be in the game here
12962s but yeah I mean the Tazia right when it
12964s goes down to the 2v2 situation and you
12967s know VX doesn't have enough damage she
12969s just going to be able to do so much for
12971s her team yeah okay so they're biting the
12973s bullet here for the blood sample that
12976s the Cilla could have called in exchange
12977s for two smaller transitions oh my God U
12979s just stole
12981s that oh you're right yeah umu did end up
12984s getting the wick but obviously they
12985s don't get the items but the wick buff on
12987s an Eva is really scary yeah who cares at
12989s this stage too right for umu he's
12992s probably already sitting on full
12993s transitions oh no he's actually sitting
12995s on the uh he's sitting on the what is
12998s that the imugi Pearl so it's not exactly
13002s the best thing that you could be sitting
13003s on quite surprised about this one I
13006s usually thought that you know uo had a
13009s solid strategy going in towards getting
13011s this Eva the blood sample for the Chaser
13013s but I guess maybe now that they have
13016s enough yeah yeah a bit of PR or they got
13018s like an extra meteorites is my guess so
13021s they just decided to maybe maybe run the
13024s Ami Pearl instead but it looks like yeah
13026s te Mudkip they know there's a team that
13028s has Vision here they're just going to
13029s walk over down into Beach and yeah I
13033s think a lot of teams are playing safe
13034s here cuz they know you know they need
13036s these points to qualify yeah but for UOB
13038s is playing safe the right call here
13040s they're sitting on zero kills and I
13042s think they were the on sitting in
13043s seventh or eighth place right now so
13045s you're right uh I don't know about this
13048s one for that team they got to start
13049s going ham eventually but here we go
13051s another brue force fight this time
13052s around is from Team me and S straight on
13054s towards team high but they go the of all
13057s people one Circle about to fall down
13059s goes the L mayem inside of Uptown ABCD
13064s gaming and now which team is which at
13066s this stage hi losing two members down on
13069s the ground no it's actually one it's
13070s actually B HED on losing two members
13072s down on the ground team always inton
13074s finding a couple kills same thing for
13076s bnk FX they're sitting on six kills
13078s while inton sitting at five timer being
13080s spent by team Meen SED trying
13082s desperately to stay alive same thing for
13084s lumino trying to find kills inside the
13086s Zone 3 2 1 pop goes romatic y runs away
13090s same thing for team always
13092s in yeah very unfortunate team Mir just
13096s sends it onto team high and both of them
13099s uh bite the dust there as uh they gets
13102s third partied from both sides from the
13104s top side from uh FX and from the bottom
13107s side from always inun so yeah a little
13110s unfortunate for both teams as they do
13112s end up losing uh actually M actually
13115s fully wiped and high loses two members
13118s fortunate uh for Blaster he's not going
13120s to be able to Res anymore right it is
13121s day number five oh right you got to TP
13124s out now if you're going to do it
13127s okay I mean not bad right it's not as
13130s clustered as we've seen some of these
13131s games go FX Rosner he's isolated he's
13135s got to leave oh he is dead oh no F Rex
13140s seven kills is that going to be enough
13141s Sol are about to fall here as well down
13143s he goes cila Gonzo from this game which
13146s means yet again we're in a situation
13148s where Aon is the rat on a team but Aon
13152s is the perfect character you want you
13154s know at the very end here cuz he is the
13157s best uh Rat in the game he just has so
13159s many dashes so many resets it's really
13161s hard to catch his character so yeah
13163s hopefully you know he's going to be able
13165s to get another placement for his team
13166s and it looks like Blaster is caught so
13168s FX going to be in fourth place it looks
13171s like uh oh going to get away into the
13174s hands of mip and is going to be the one
13176s to pick that up mud Kip's also looking
13178s for kills right now too by the way so
13181s not that bad of a situation for team
13183s Mudkip five kills at the moment all the
13185s way all the way always in t jeez okay I
13189s am losing my mind right now but here we
13191s go more kills coming in Peacemaker is
13193s actually pretty good here but the Eva
13194s positioning is not exactly the greatest
13196s nyok he's quite tanky at the stage in
13198s the game look at him just freezing
13200s through everybody down goes hard yeah he
13203s just kills Dy there and now umu is going
13205s to have to go into red here uh I think
13208s uh D is going to try look in here a nice
13211s blast white lily going to be able to get
13214s him back in on one one second as ubu
13217s does end up living with a sliver of
13220s timer oh Airline is also going to get
13223s taken down this a third party coming
13224s through from Team Mudkip I'm not sure
13225s who picked it up it's actually always in
13227s no it's actually team Mudkip that picks
13229s it up so six kills for Mudkip seven
13231s kills for always in seven kills for FX
13234s but got a bunch of rats
13237s [Music]
13239s uhoh yeah and it looks like they do get
13241s the evil kill there so they're on seven
13243s kills now so they're looking pretty good
13245s but is that going to be enough uh for
13247s them to qualify here shui not sure I'm
13250s really not sure this final scoreboard is
13252s going to be quite something to look at
13253s at this point but in the end final two
13255s zones is going to be Beach and Uptown
13257s quite unique actually I will say it's
13259s been maybe it's even the first time
13261s we've seen this combination get hit
13264s Curry taking a whole lot of damage right
13265s now he actually doesn't have that much
13267s timer and down goes to Cilla D is
13268s already gone D is just tanking up and
13271s soaking up the damage from Curry wle
13273s trying to salvage us as much as possible
13275s but the is already dead there is no
13278s recovery left for team Mudkip a 2v3 is
13281s going to be so difficult to fight when
13283s Curry's real Nemesis of the Eon exists
13286s on the side of Team o inan Curry Run
13290s Curry Run it won't matter but run run
13292s run down he goes and team fear X trying
13297s to get that third place spot Mudkip are
13298s they going to be able to secure it or
13300s will it be B yeah MIP is in the zone so
13302s he is chilling on the bottom side his
13304s timer isn't ticken so he will secure the
13306s second place for Mudkip as bomb is going
13308s to be the one to fall and I will be
13310s always inchan going to be able to take
13312s out this last game with 11 kills I'm not
13314s sure follow Inon was was already in as
13317s well so maybe they also needed some
13319s points here too we'll have to see I know
13322s the players are already doing quick
13323s calculations in their head right now but
13325s I don't can't do the math at the moment
13326s I don't know what the exact numbers were
13328s for the score sheets but yeah I guess a
13330s little bit of a preliminary
13332s congratulations to team always in kills
13336s for themselves I highly
13339s doubt I highly doubt this Estelle is
13341s going to be able to pick up a kill right
13343s like no yeah still doesn't have enough
13345s damage there's no way like you can try
13347s all they want to try going for luminol
13349s here but yeah they are just going to get
13351s locked down by thetic Mom and it's just
13354s a formality at this point it will be
13356s always in Chun that does end up taking
13357s the last game with 11 kills GG and that
13361s is going to be it ladies and gentlemen
13363s for the Wild Card stage of erm season 4
13366s phase number one as soon as all of this
13368s stuff is over and the score sheet comes
13370s up we will know which four teams will
13372s move on into the finals tomorrow which
13374s four teams are going to drop out of
13376s phase one man what a great series we had
13379s here today following up from yesterday a
13382s beautiful representation of both of our
13384s gameplay styles that was distributed
13386s yesterday the dive compositions versus
13389s the front to back and we saw both of
13390s them here in this Lobby
13392s today yeah I mean it seems like both of
13395s them also Al had a strong showing we did
13396s see you know the dive with the ma and
13399s the Tazia when I win some of the games
13401s and obviously the front to back with Mar
13402s sang when they were playing you know
13404s their uh standard uh comps that they
13407s were running for you know this phase so
13410s yeah I mean both play Styles definitely
13411s do
13412s work indeed indeed I had such a fun
13415s weekend so far but we still have the
13417s finals tomorrow which is absolutely
13418s crazy to me I'm really wondering how
13421s that's going to go after today if I'm
13423s going to be honest with you because we
13424s have some of our uh he funny teams
13426s deciding to play tomorrow as well we
13428s know for sure that high and miden hiong
13431s are two guaranteed teams that will be
13433s seeing tomorrow during the finals
13435s alongside the four teams that made it
13437s out from the stages yesterday but you
13440s know this kind of Lobby was exactly what
13442s I was expecting when it came to seeing
13444s what teams were going to move on from
13446s yesterday as well I think the games that
13448s were played today really did it justice
13450s the teams that played today played so so
13453s well yeah I mean each and every one of
13455s these teams should be proud to make it
13457s up to this point not only you know did
13458s they make it to the group stages you
13460s know from the qualifiers you know they
13462s had to qualify you know with um the cut
13465s off as well but then they always they
13466s all made it to you know the wild cards
13468s as well it's really hard to get to this
13469s point so you know even if they didn't
13471s make it for tomorrow you know I think uh
13474s they should definitely be proud of
13475s themselves yeah but on that note we
13477s definitely had some teams coming back
13478s with a vengeance after yesterday man be
13481s sedong and team High I mean those two
13483s teams at least for team be SED they were
13485s playing really really really really
13488s really consistently and well at the
13490s beginning of the series but for team
13491s high they started stepping up towards
13493s the latter half of the Series game four
13495s five and six team High putting on some
13498s absolutely Immaculate showing on their
13501s characters yeah I
13503s mean it it it it was a fantastic series
13507s shuie I was uh I'm I'm very satisfied
13510s with uh all the games today don't be too
13512s satisfied yet though because we will
13514s have the finals tomorrow man and oh
13516s goodness gracious this final score sheet
13518s is going to be nerve-wracking for some
13520s of these teams and I'll be honest with
13522s you I'm pretty sure most of them already
13524s know what the result is going to be I'm
13525s pretty sure they were already doing the
13526s calculations in their head and quite
13528s frankly we're on a 3 minute delay
13530s compared to like the actual real life
13532s stuff that is happening so yeah for sure
13534s the players already know what the score
13536s is looking like but man oh goodness
13539s gracious how nerve-wracking must have
13541s that game six been after a series where
13543s we saw some of the craziest final Zone
13545s some of the craziest clustered zones
13548s with even five six teams inside one zone
13551s earlier during game three I don't know I
13554s really don't have one single word that
13555s can describe this entire series at all
13559s yeah it's great to see you know how
13560s these teams navigate around these final
13561s zones as well but it looks like we are
13563s going to jump into the round result here
13565s always in Chun coming out on top that
13566s final game going to be able to close it
13568s out with 11 kills 19 points Mudkip in
13571s second place with seven 12 BK FX with
13574s seven with 10 points but is that going
13576s to be enough for these team shuy I don't
13579s know drum roll please we should be
13581s getting the overall results and just the
13583s moment here top four teams is going to
13588s be let's see let's
13591s see thinking a little bit with this one
13594s I
13594s think doing I thought I timed it well
13598s okay there we go my God one point one
13604s point for team always in all right here
13607s we go ladies and gentlemen our top four
13609s teams that are going to be moving on to
13611s tomorrow is going to be miden song with
13613s 76 points high with 72 B and K FX in
13618s third place with 53 and u b 46 points
13623s one point above always in who would have
13626s gotten the win if they got one more
13629s point off of the off of the tier would
13632s have had enough field kills that is a
13635s Heartbreaker to always
13637s in oh yeah I mean maybe you know you you
13642s look back on the game you see you you
13644s think about the time where you know you
13646s got your kill stolen
13647s and yeah I mean it is what it is it is
13651s what it is oh goodness gracious what a
13654s devastating loss here for always in ch
13656s but other than that I mean we have Team
13658s Mudkip that's going to be dropping team
13660s Asher that will also be dropping and
13662s team tnam Rox that will also be dropping
13664s out of phase number one a great Series
13668s played here today for those four teams
13669s and a great weekend overall even
13672s yesterday as well to get into this phase
13675s to begin with congratulations to the top
13677s four teams moving on tomorrow and we
13679s will hopefully see the teams the four
13682s see the four teams that dropped out here
13685s today in future
13686s events and yeah I mean you can just see
13688s how competitive this Lobby is those four
13690s teams they were not um you know teams
13693s that you would be expecting right to
13696s maybe not play in the finals
13698s or like not make it out of the of the
13700s stages so yeah I
13702s mean wow exactly a good chunk of the
13705s teams that ended up dropping here today
13707s during the Wild Card were teams that
13709s played in the season finals and then
13711s don't even mean day one I mean it's day
13713s two teams so yeah we know Season 4 is
13716s going to be quite hectic guys this is no
13718s joke for these players it's going to be
13720s absolutely chaotic absolutely hectic and
13723s we're going to see some crazy results
13725s throughout the course of the season but
13726s ladies and gentlemen the Korean
13728s interview is going on for the winners
13730s team be sedong here today we will not be
13732s doing the translations for that tonight
13734s unfortunately so I believe for you and I
13737s super that is going to mean we get to
13739s have a little bit of an earlier night
13740s off compared to the Korean casters but
13743s for you guys in the chat thank you so
13745s much for joining us make sure you guys
13746s join us tomorrow for the final same time
13749s as today 5:00 a.m. Central Time 6:00
13751s a.m. Easter time and 300 a.m. Pacific
13755s time time going to finally see which
13757s team is going to start the season off as
13759s the best team in Korea to secure those
13762s 500 circuit points with a very very
13764s solid foundation for the season
13767s finals yeah thank you guys for watching
13769s and we will see you guys next time make
13771s sure you guys come out for it tomorrow
13772s because you know it is going to be crazy
13775s with um you know all these teams that
13778s did end up making then exactly exactly
13780s exactly all of you guys thank you so
13782s much for watching here today we'll see
13783s you guys tomorrow have a wonderful west
13785s of your Saturday see you guys back here
13787s for the finals tomorrow have a good
13789s night take care take care