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1089s all right ladies and gentlemen hello and
1091s welcome back it's been not 24 hours
1094s since we ended the stream but it's been
1096s somewhere around there hope you guys had
1098s a wonderful Friday it is now Saturday
1101s for most people maybe it could be Sunday
1103s maybe could still be Friday I don't know
1105s I don't care we're here for the wild
1107s cards welcome back everybody for the
1108s eternal return master season 4 Phase 2
1110s hopefully you guys are having a
1112s fantastic morning afternoon or evening
1116s my name is shuy we're back for cards and
1119s that is mix Speedy he has a different
1121s picture what happened to the the
1122s blackhaired swordman now we have a weird
1125s um week dagger sh Wei have a Wei sha Wei
1132s to celebrate to to honor luminal we got
1136s to honor Lumin to honor luminal salute
1139s 07 07s in the chat everybody yeah 07s
1142s for the chat you know in the patch notes
1145s uh yeah I just felt like switching up
1146s and I like this picture it looks nice yo
1148s somebody in the chat said onk missed his
1150s beds and is now having identity
1153s issues oh God man it's beginning already
1158s yeah we already starting off with the
1159s nonsense do I even want to open the chat
1162s oh
1163s boy well we ladies and gentlemen no I
1166s can't even talk today because my
1167s goodness Ladi gentlem Bo boom um we were
1171s here for the wild cards you guys if you
1172s guys were here yesterday then you guys
1174s know which teams are going to be playing
1175s here tonight yesterday was an absolute
1178s Wildfire set of games for the group
1180s stages if you guys have not watched it
1182s or if you guys just weren't here
1184s yesterday I highly highly highly suggest
1188s you guys go and watch the VOD it's going
1190s to be on this channel of course if you
1193s guys are able to watch it go for it if
1195s you guys aren't able to watch it we'll
1197s be talking about some of that here today
1199s we need to bring of the from yesterday
1202s to even remotely comprehend what the
1204s hell is even going to happen today yeah
1207s the teams yesterday were just absolutely
1210s Bonkers man and if if yesterday's game
1212s show anything mixing those two groups
1214s together today you know wild cards
1217s they're definitely going to live up to
1218s the namesake of being wild yeah oh my
1222s goodness these eight teams yesterday
1223s dude they fought tooth and nail to even
1226s be in the Wild Card stages yesterday
1229s remember that Kung to beat out one of
1231s the teams by one point to make it to it
1234s was a single point difference they beat
1236s um which team was it I can't remember oh
1239s goodness gracious you're right I forgot
1241s what the team is it was Mudkip they beat
1243s Mudkip up by one point poor poor cie
1246s could not make it into the wild
1248s cards and uh you know it's hard to see
1251s but I mean you know gungi is a solid
1254s solid team in their own right with in9
1255s and zero Jin I think they were one of
1257s the highest seated teams coming into
1259s this and yeah now they have to fight
1261s through this grueling Wild Card round so
1264s many talented teams in here exactly but
1267s in the end it is the Wild Card stand it
1269s is the Wild Card stages which means only
1271s four of these eight teams are going to
1272s move on no matter how many good teams we
1275s have playing here today and it's going
1277s to be quite quite brutal although there
1279s are a couple more chances for these
1281s players to get points compared to
1282s yesterday within their own respective
1284s groups because today as it is the wild
1286s cards we are going to have a best of six
1289s today instead of these teams having a b
1291s of four something very similar to
1295s yesterday I see so this group will be at
1298s Best of six
1300s then I told you this
1302s yesterday okay look old man memory all
1305s right you're literally in chat you can't
1308s say that look look look look look things
1312s happen you know when you when you get a
1315s little older the sometimes things go in
1318s one ear and the brain just kind of kicks
1320s it back out the same year it doesn't go
1322s through the brain to come up the
1325s other you're literally setting yourself
1327s up at this point it's early man I didn't
1330s get that much
1331s sleep don't worry I didn't either but
1335s I'm feeling de did you even
1337s sleep
1341s um I was gonna say most people in the
1344s chat would hope I haven't but I did get
1349s I think about an hour maybe I I'll
1351s consider it a nap before we started here
1353s okay a nice little nap MH yeah a nap
1356s before instead of sleeping at all right
1357s just a nap that's it that's all I
1360s got sorry I just got like I opened up
1364s the stream just the chat open and then
1366s the volume on and I was hear you twice
1368s and just like oh God
1371s on H my goodness I believe started soon
1376s here yeah yeah we're going to get
1377s started with the predictions that we're
1378s going to have coming in we saw it
1380s yesterday it's very similar for each of
1381s the individual groups where we saw it
1383s for the seated teams and the qualifier
1385s teams this time around we're just going
1386s to split it up between the two simple
1388s groups that came in to play yesterday
1391s during the group stages that are
1392s qualifying here for the wild cards we
1394s can definitely see that there are some
1396s favorite teams inside this Lobby I mean
1399s cartella was solid yesterday and chusan
1402s acher I mean they're both running the
1404s same comp and it obviously everyone
1406s seems to think that comp's strong cuz
1407s they're pulling in a majority of the
1408s vote on Group
1412s B I mean and that comp was what
1415s Lenny Lenny J it's the classic three
1419s we're gonna have another team running it
1420s today we're see that again well will any
1423s of the group eight teams meshing with
1424s the group B Teams create any bands do
1426s you
1427s think could possibly be the case I mean
1430s cartel Sabers hung rocks as well as tun
1435s cybers they playing any of those three
1437s characters yesterday
1439s maybe Jenny sure yeah maybe Jenny we
1442s might see a my
1444s ban could theoretically be the case we
1446s saw a lot of them yesterday yeah I
1450s believe my was actually banned in both
1451s of the groups right at least
1453s once yeah yeah so we have some
1456s interesting pick and banss that could go
1458s one way or the other today but let's go
1460s straight into the Games Shall We me it's
1461s going to be game number one character
1463s selections are underway and do expect
1465s game number one's character select to
1467s actually be relatively representative of
1470s what we might either see in games 13 and
1473s five or maybe what we could
1474s theoretically see throughout the entire
1476s night because so far I'm not seeing any
1478s bands as of right now we do have a lot
1480s of double picks very similar to what we
1483s saw yesterday yeah really simar actually
1487s no there might be a my ban like I called
1489s the Pang and sattin are both hovering it
1491s and engan already has it locked in in
1495s contrast to yesterday in9 was playing
1496s Theodore right so they've definitely
1498s switched things up for yi interesting
1501s yeah so we are going to have a May ban
1503s in game number one and Satan playing the
1505s mai is a little bit weird to me because
1508s I don't know if you remember from
1509s yesterday but team saber was playing a
1511s lot more of the very squishy let's just
1513s kind of look for opportunities with this
1515s C and burst their team kind of comp the
1517s m is a little bit interesting to me if
1520s I'm going to be honest with you but in
1522s comparison to what we saw yesterday this
1524s is a lot more of a stable composition
1526s mhm oh for sure because yesterday they
1529s were running
1531s Felix yeah fix we saw some other
1535s characters they were definitely you know
1537s very Allin when they try to get an
1539s engage now the seem things are a little
1541s more well-rounded the composition
1543s definitely seems more
1546s standard although I'm a little bit
1548s worried still right cuz yesterday this
1550s team was definitely in Dire Straits
1553s every single game pretty much I'm
1555s honestly quite surprised that they were
1556s even able to B it they were even able
1558s make it to this point because of how
1560s many times this team was denied
1562s literally every
1563s game yeah right but you know maybe bad
1567s luck yeah could theoretically be bad
1570s luck be this could be some bad luck
1572s going on maybe some miscommunications
1574s that they've cleared up hopefully they
1576s can perform to the best of their
1577s abilities today and same to all these
1579s teams exactly ladies and gentlemen here
1581s we go into game number one all the
1583s players are obviously loaded into the
1584s game they are all moving along surely
1587s with no remakes we will just casually be
1590s on our way into the best of six that
1592s we're going to have for tonight for the
1594s Wild Card
1596s stages
1599s I who do you think is going to take game
1602s one I you can't ask me this stuff you
1604s already know the moment I say it it's
1606s they're going to die
1609s first okay well I will oh God he's
1613s getting jumped ncmb actually on Felix
1616s save he was playing heart pretty much
1617s all yesterday now yeah it does seem to
1619s be the case where he is going to change
1621s it up but you also have to remember that
1622s there are two actually J uh not JS but
1625s Hearts being played in this Lobby and we
1628s got a lot of people trying to chase
1629s people
1630s down we'll actually invest to Blink in
1632s does he have the level two blink right
1635s now I think it's still BL one because he
1637s has credits still 73 credits and he's
1639s going to die for it so 3 minute down my
1641s goodness he pick but they pick up yeah
1644s they get a point on the board so I mean
1645s you know all things considered early
1647s lead Dy tying it up not bad it's an okay
1653s investment would have been worse if he
1655s used the blank and didn't get a kill to
1657s show for it right cuz that's one of the
1658s situations that you really hate to see
1660s in a lot of um early gamees things where
1664s you use the blink to try to either stay
1665s alive or you try to use it to chase down
1668s the kill and then they just barely get
1670s away with low HP just straight up die
1672s after blinking you hate to see it but
1674s and that that blink one investment it's
1676s such a long cool down I mean it's what
1679s 180 seconds that's going to last the
1681s whole entirety of night one maybe even
1684s carrying into um first objective
1686s rotation it's definitely something that
1689s you got to be really careful using but I
1691s mean if you get the kill then kill the
1694s kill okay here we go early fights are
1697s actually a little bit more common than
1699s we saw yesterday right happening a bit
1702s more than we saw h on the other hand is
1705s going to be able to get himself on out
1706s of here but look at the mini map he's
1708s getting Coral by literally everybody re
1711s about this one
1712s he down he
1714s goes downi I mean you know it's good job
1717s on the white lily but it's just it's
1718s unfortunate on where they are in the map
1721s there's nowhere he can run okay we might
1723s actually already have the first three
1725s three fight in this game already as well
1727s they cyers they really want to get kills
1729s but we'll just casually back away from
1730s this one does have all their ultimates
1733s but they recognize that um cadm Miss is
1735s half Health already so they're just
1737s going to respect it oh yeah
1741s and Murray and oh controlling gas
1744s station maybe these two teams will run
1746s into each other
1747s here imagine AIA just flew into
1751s CMAs no vision just flies into him oh my
1756s goodness oh no okay he's okay he's
1760s okay yeah to be let's be real here he
1763s doesn't even have his motorcycle helmet
1765s he's also a Jenny right even if he dies
1767s to the dog is going to get played at
1769s anyways now the cool down might not be
1772s the greatest to pop in the world but
1773s they have buff in recent times so it's
1776s it's 90 seconds I'm pretty sure it's
1777s it's not too
1780s bad um sebie on the other hand he's not
1782s really doesn't get his stash reset so
1785s yeah he's just going to go
1786s down for him down he goes KY and eight
1789s picking up themselves a second kill of
1791s the game which means we got two teams in
1793s this Lobby right now that has kills and
1795s they're both on two first objectives
1799s starting we already see cartel rotating
1801s into Temple looking to control that um
1805s but we also got juit I mean they're
1808s waiting for their echon but once he
1810s comes up we'll see what they decide to
1811s hyper looks like they
1813s will meanwhile Hotel saber and Asher
1818s looking to contest over the hotel
1820s tree going to be all over Place great
1823s side step this healing plant going to
1824s bring up the fall and p goes in you know
1827s oh my God p is all over the place is
1828s utilizing the chickens to mobilize back
1830s into the fight after Dina gets zoned out
1833s and Asher's just going to have to leave
1834s this one Dina got completely zoned out
1837s by ped and had to respect the
1840s echon also in archery juit and de junk
1846s cyers yep okay nothing's really going to
1849s happen here's going to back off DE junk
1851s cybers probably going to look to contest
1853s these wolves no these guys are going to
1855s get away with it as a Twan interesting
1858s both of our mirror matchups seeming to
1861s have a little bit of issues in the early
1862s stages of the game one loses their Eon
1864s one is going to lose their Jenny for the
1866s time being of course they're all both
1867s going to come back but this means that
1869s the early game pressure that these two
1870s teams we saw yesterday being able to
1873s apply is not really going to be there
1875s especially for both of these aons that
1876s heavily rely on the tree of life as well
1879s as the four score upgrades they're not
1881s going to have that this time around
1883s early on of course as saw team Asher
1885s losing the fight inside of Hotel not
1887s going to be able to secure the so that
1888s tree Bob MSA he's completely isolated by
1891s himself will take the ball which means
1893s ham rocks loses their positioning inside
1896s of Uptown as well and that's the thing I
1899s wanted to touch upon with these Jenny
1900s teams I mean the
1902s one uh I guess you could call it
1904s weakness of Jenny I find is that her
1906s build is very expensive for transitions
1909s she wants double mythal double Force
1911s core and those things aren't typically
1913s accessible this early into the game
1916s she's going to be on a little bit of
1918s cope towards the middle of the game
1921s especially because even the size from
1922s the Jenny I mean those compositions if
1925s it wasn't for the Lenny right because
1927s she is very low investment we saw
1929s yesterday with the Lenny sitting on zero
1931s transitions I think even until day
1933s number four and they're still able to
1935s get away with it and even if you do
1937s let's say put a transition on the Lenny
1939s realistically speaking with that
1940s composition you really only need the elf
1942s dress on the lenia right maybe a
1945s dragon's Fury if fur want to get her
1947s invested into but if you're going to do
1949s that just give the four scores over onto
1950s the Jenny and all that jazz so yeah that
1954s team very expensive to build since the
1956s Eon also needs four scores outside of
1958s that it's just tree of lives but it's
1960s still a bit of an investment when you
1962s consider it in the long run with h their
1964s starting out here in game might be tough
1966s but here we go neory getting out of the
1968s r of the vampire que m is not going to
1969s find anybody angled on that one but n is
1972s still dead down he goes umu will also
1974s get chased down by Cadmus should be able
1976s to get one more does he he's getting CED
1980s Shield should come up in just a moment
1982s there is knock up and the knock down
1984s goodbye to umu Cadmus is going to pick
1986s that up and goes away to see safety in
1990s the hands of airine as he run away with
1992s the shukai on the other side of the map
1993s we got the alpha being contested by team
1997s as he in the back triple knockup oh it
2000s looked like it was about to happen
2002s really close Yi looking for more though
2005s they're not done scoots up the
2009s yep gets myalon and just jumps out with
2012s the acceptance speech to Zone off yungi
2014s but gungi still pushing forward jumo
2017s looking to heal up noi everybody on this
2020s team is so
2021s ratty yeah they're just so slippery you
2024s know like it's just so hard to catch
2025s this team out Jenny is super slippery
2029s character Lenny same thing and echon you
2032s know probably the most mobile of the
2035s three quite interesting that they
2037s decided to a lot of times teams can get
2039s punished for doing that right the
2041s objective goes down and in a lot ofes
2043s you know exactly where they're going to
2044s go they're going to go right on top of
2046s the objective grab the item and then
2047s start running away and you saw the
2049s shacking anger come down but it was the
2051s immediate call from the Jenny of Team
2054s Asher putting down the acceptance speech
2056s that kind of zoned away a lot of the PO
2057s damage dealers on the side of K inate
2060s not really able to get any lock down on
2062s towards that team and then you have your
2064s Jenny dashing away you have the Eon
2066s dashing away you have the Jenny moving
2068s reload oh maybe you can catch the ly no
2070s she just hops away spring traps moving
2072s re oh she's out of there yeah and when
2075s she hops away she's hopping onto her
2077s teammates who just hopped away and
2078s giving them a speed boost so it's just
2081s yeah it's a lot okay in archery CH SE
2085s just engaging right away rocks in there
2088s Bob MSA with the dend hits the Q3 gets a
2090s little he shield and healed off of sebie
2092s but sebbi is just back here completely
2095s in dominal third party you're right
2096s coming in wo yeah these guys are just
2099s going to split as soon as they see that
2102s and seie actually getting Yi out of the
2104s deal as well so avoiding with thir party
2106s getting a
2108s kill we'll take it I'm seat I will
2110s definitely take it why I value kill
2112s there I'm actually surprised that o did
2114s not decide to push the issue any further
2116s considering they knew that it was going
2118s to be a third party Airline decides hey
2121s burto Chris didn't hit so I'm just going
2122s to back away from this one by time for
2124s sebie actually knock down oh my godani
2127s is just caught oh nice St is to actually
2129s Dodge out on the explosion shot but m is
2131s effectively out of the fight and it
2133s might be bad because down goes the Carla
2135s of revu cancel out on The Peacemaker but
2137s catus may have sealed his own Fate by
2139s doing that 9 trying to chase this down
2141s Kaz is doing the same thing delay should
2143s slow him down a little bit and the tot
2145s comes in down goes Cadmus dark go down
2148s and the car
2149s down magnani just completely caught out
2152s I believe he was trying to finish
2154s crafting um his Pharaoh's artifact there
2158s and yeah he just got completely caught
2160s out he thought they couldn't see him
2161s over the wall but I guess they had were
2163s able to see him through the window or at
2164s least hear him crafting and oh oh
2167s anyways enough talking about that chin
2169s Chapel heading into warehouse we have a
2171s fight saber On The Run oh wait no San's
2176s in the back just whing on
2179s noi and yeah they're actually
2181s winning it's hard to tell no I don't
2184s think they are ped's healing plus with
2187s the Lenny is just be too much to deal
2188s with douchi man's um what's item called
2191s Revenant already
2194s invested but they get the revive The
2197s Cheeky revive they're going to look for
2198s more and duim man is just chilling out
2201s here burning his timer so much 6 seconds
2205s left on his timer he's just going to try
2207s to make his way back in maybe was
2208s looking for a flank angle but with pied
2210s being that high on his gauge of course
2212s he has resets not to find anything but
2215s round two coming in for Deon cyers
2216s versus kill innate all the harpoons down
2219s on the ground but nothing landing at
2221s this point Nani he knows what mistakes
2223s he made in the last fight looking for
2225s maybe a redemption in this situation but
2228s K is a quite mobile team and there's a
2230s lot of interrupts on this side too
2232s explosion shots are good we got The
2234s Peacemaker if tazu really wants to send
2236s it we got in N with the struts let's see
2238s if m is able to find an angle in on the
2241s SP I mean I think so long as in9 doesn't
2245s step up there's not going to be a fight
2247s it's just going to be an endless oh no
2250s there will be a fight there will be a
2252s fight and in9 goes in oh my
2256s God yo somebody pushed Chun
2260s cyers are
2263s going another cancel on The Peacemaker
2265s oh my God what is going on wait Cadmus
2268s is dead right I mean he's got 8 seconds
2270s left on his timer oh he's going to make
2272s it
2273s out is barely making it out the only
2277s remaining teammate alive for his team
2278s they don't have enough credits to full
2280s revive either Yi and is going to be able
2283s to revive their uh teammate actually
2286s kind of looked okay also going to lose
2292s yeah they're not going to have enough
2294s credits to full revive either meanwhile
2295s in Forest umu finding a great angle for
2298s this laser two down for saber this is a
2301s little bit problematic now yeah and I
2303s don't think I don't think saber has
2305s enough to full revive either absolutely
2307s do not it's going to have to revive
2309s douchan I believe and then douchan and
2311s the are going to have to farm up about
2314s 100 Kats worth in order to revive back
2316s to my it's going to be tough look at the
2318s mini Map There's for go yeah they can't
2321s go to hyperloop they have to walk back
2323s into Forest to a team they just lost to
2325s it's yeah they're more or less just in
2329s shambles sting inside this corner did
2331s end up getting the mutant chicken horde
2333s which is a really good spot to be in but
2336s this only puts them about 20 credits
2338s closer to their original goal maybe a
2340s little bit more but yeah across the
2342s board it's not going to be good yeah and
2346s they don't have any Farm rotation around
2347s them everything in Chapel's cleared and
2350s everything in Forest is being cleared by
2352s the team that they know is there so they
2354s they they don't really have any
2356s opportunity to get back into this game
2359s not for a while at least absolutely not
2361s same thing for T cyberus right now as
2362s well we saw cadas farming up a little
2364s bit but look at how down on credits they
2367s are it's going to get even worse if
2369s Cadmus can't even find a place to
2370s resurrect on cuz look at where he is as
2372s well he's sitting in the corner of
2373s Chapel at the moment he sees a pink
2375s everywhere around this Zone and with the
2377s conso being called right now he's going
2379s to buy more time I believe he has vision
2383s of everything going
2385s on he should have vision of he's over
2387s there but maybe he didn't take it cuz he
2389s doesn't want no now he's getting it oh
2391s oh and see this is awful because since
2393s he's taking Vision away from someone
2396s they know that they just lost Vision at
2397s someone 's here so they're likely going
2401s to take a look and see because of that I
2404s think yeah I think cadas misplayed by
2406s taking Vision because now they know
2409s somebody's here they know something's up
2412s and now like the position he's in if
2414s that team runs down he has to run under
2416s Vision alone anyways in
2418s school oh my God all hell is breaking
2421s loose yeah there's so many teams around
2423s this area look at the timer being
2424s invested by
2426s team they can't run away they have to
2429s stay little bit more maybe there's
2432s another team sitting around here too
2433s they're trying to get the rest but it's
2434s going to get by the one day dou man
2437s trying to rest up his entire team
2438s actually has to dodge out on the hel tag
2440s stat in order to do so this time around
2442s Kung they're on the Run sebie taking
2444s down to about two3 two taking down about
2446s a third of his HP I'm sorry tazu taking
2449s a whole lot of damage from sh n he's
2450s trying to chase this down but there's
2451s another third party coming in and we're
2453s seeing again sh the no getting caught
2456s out by a third party by over
2458s by himself down goes to jny and this is
2460s an abute Devastation for that team 556
2464s credits on the Jenny call what are you
2466s guys doing chasing oh my God man what
2471s it's so tough and saber couldn't revive
2474s immediately cuz there was a box already
2476s called so they were just trying to take
2477s the box to get out of the way to revive
2480s and ended up losing another teammate and
2481s I don't think they're going to have
2482s enough time to full revive before day
2485s five ends cartel just gets wick for free
2488s after all of this because there's just
2489s so many injured teams in the area oh man
2493s only just watches old team both
2496s teammates picking up that objective in9
2498s trying to hyper loop on out of here but
2499s the knock up from him Venom is going to
2502s be the calling card for team kungi na
2504s they will be our first team eliminated
2506s off in game number one six kills on hand
2509s quite an impressive number but that's
2510s all they're going to be able to show
2512s here is the except speak going down on
2513s the ground Bob M navigating through this
2515s fight like an absolute Master but he's
2517s still getting hopped around all over the
2518s place bouncy house one after another pet
2521s on the other hand getting taken
2522s dangerously low there is no healing PL
2524s here which means for team Asher they're
2525s going to have to reset trying to get
2527s away from this Pi on exuviation with the
2530s Rockets oh one two three
2535s Lenny those Rockets could have been
2537s certain death if he was any closer cuz
2539s they were trapped in a funnel there was
2541s nowhere for them to run and yeah if
2542s those Rockets were any closer the full
2545s team's getting slowed and just eating so
2547s much damage CH no going to check the
2549s bush with the spotlight okay never mind
2552s we're in hotel another fight going on
2554s Bob MSA on jumo jumo getting dangerously
2556s low might go down here yes oh down here
2560s goes that's a one for zero trade so far
2561s as Ham's about to get taken down but p i
2563s to find a whole different set of
2565s problems if he's not able to get out of
2566s there cleaned up both of them oh you're
2569s right whoa what the heck so H's alone
2572s and doesn't get the oh it's day five and
2574s he gets blocked on the shield too
2576s there's the spring Trap Back In
2578s fantastic play coming through from Cen
2580s they might have not picked up the kill
2581s onto the haze but they might be able to
2582s pick up the one onto the oh my goodness
2585s oh he's I mean he's guaranteed dead now
2587s no try to chase this down 5 seconds
2590s left and pop goes the
2594s weasel pop goes to
2597s yungi okay so all the teams left are
2601s full teams thankfully so at least they
2603s have that sh has 600 credits man it's
2607s time to get the red
2609s shoes holy
2612s God I'm hoping just sitting in the
2615s corner I believe saber's down a lot of
2617s transition so they don't really want to
2619s be found here especially by I mean this
2621s is the last team they want to see is the
2623s wick team cartel going to find him
2627s ncmb it's not bad look this should just
2629s be pure destruction right yeah but it's
2631s not yeah that's
2634s just it's the one for one and down goes
2637s doui man this is one of the issues of
2638s playing Cathy the late stages right if
2640s you don't kill somebody in the if you
2642s don't kill somebody in just one go this
2644s late into the game it's going to be
2646s really difficult for you since you have
2647s to throw yourself into the fight you're
2649s bound to take damage especially up
2651s against an AOE character like the Adena
2654s you're going to take a lot of that cuz
2655s you're not that tanky you're looking for
2657s the burst damage and you don't even have
2658s the safety net of the Cloak and Dagger
2661s since man is playing the dual sword he's
2663s playing sword Rampage yeah and it's it's
2666s it's tough ESP in corridors like that
2668s and your first Target you see is
2671s Felix you can't really focus Felix down
2673s in that situation because he's he just
2675s hop hop hops away and by then you know
2678s the rest of the team's funneled in and
2680s you're forced to play in these in these
2682s tight corridors against something like
2683s adino who just throws a sun down it and
2685s hits everybody even if you do manage to
2687s kill the Adena you're just going to take
2688s too much damage between the wick buff
2690s and the sun pretty much just even just
2692s that we've seen that consistently
2694s throughout the fights that team saber
2696s has taken as well where they actually do
2698s get some really good damage down the
2699s suture landed on a double Target this
2701s time right inside dou yeah inside of the
2704s just felt just felt like they were down
2706s too many items down too much you know
2709s Tempo in this game anyways going into a
2712s seie just flying in recognizes that p is
2715s down on meter oh but
2719s okay oh my it's just like the pure ditto
2723s whoa oh my god look going in yeah P's
2727s already down on the ground as well as
2730s zenine actually had enough damage to
2732s knock down the Eon it was basically the
2735s mere thing happening to each other right
2736s the E tries to Target down the Jenny as
2739s well as the Lenny but in the end it's
2741s going to be team CH that has a much
2743s better setup going into team Asher
2745s they're going to lose two members on
2747s their side the mirror match up again
2748s going into the hands of CH all off on
2751s the early aggression coming in from the
2753s echon and with that this Lenny stuck in
2755s the corner she's going to have to book
2756s herself away
2759s looking back the hotel exactly where
2762s team is going to be Wai for them with
2764s open arms but before that he's got to
2765s deal with o oh no jumo oh oh my
2773s God you hate to see it oh you hate to
2776s see it but you kind of love to see it
2778s too it makes for a fun moment for us
2781s it's not fun for dumo that's for sure
2784s that right there is the reason why
2785s eternal return has the has the horror
2788s tag yeah that is exactly why it has the
2791s horor tag jump scare from the bush okay
2794s they're going to get seen here oh
2797s Airline gets flipped in but nothing
2798s really going to come of it sebbi on the
2800s back just umu just trying to deal with
2803s sebby but he just can't deal with this
2805s ekon but C's already down on the ground
2808s can they actually manage this 2v3
2810s execution bonus is going to come through
2812s remember it doesn't matter how many
2813s people die on your team this late into
2815s the game cuz they will res eventually
2816s but demory is just pumping damage down
2819s onto Seb it's too late for this team to
2821s recover Jenny goes into the play Then
2823s There is the FF eruption down go shom
2826s down goes CH SE UOB is going to be one
2828s of our last few teams alive last other
2830s one is going to be team cartel as the
2833s hotel and fire fire station temporary
2836s zones Clos it will be school for the
2838s final Zone and we saw this one yesterday
2841s will team cartel be able to overtake oob
2843s cuz we saw this team also in this
2845s temporary and final Zone yesterday as
2848s well yeah I mean o oob came out on top
2852s yesterday between these two teams if I
2855s recall
2857s um yeah it was going back on that
2859s previous fight I mean it's it's so hard
2861s for Jenny to deal with something like
2862s har something with such high Mobility so
2864s hard to hit land that carpet and so hard
2866s to have you know as much upfront DPS umu
2869s poking down Pang about a quarter his
2871s health gone already but nuray getting
2874s absolutely chunked and the ghost light
2876s is just lingering on him
2877s yeah I think that was justj too yeah but
2881s they should be able to heal him up just
2883s fine boonga also healing himself
2887s up and I mean you know o definitely has
2890s the range Advantage here with Eva but
2892s it's it's only slight yeah this is going
2894s to be a little bit weird I think for
2895s team oov they're going to try to slowly
2898s push the members of cartel out but they
2900s can only chunk people a little bit at a
2903s time Felix is pretty good at running
2904s away the only real Target that umu has
2906s right now is onto
2908s any good mity and he ising some Dage but
2911s ad is also notorious for being a
2913s character that can suain themselves
2915s pretty well throughout a fight Shai can
2917s do a little
2918s bit that's a lot of damage over they're
2921s both sending
2922s iter but he's isolated alone over here
2925s yeah fantastic
2926s exclusive yeah the exclusive is forced
2929s to be burned though honestly it wasn't a
2930s really desirable usage of exclusive
2933s there it was more get out of jail he
2935s needs to get out cuz ncmp was just in
2937s surrounded by three people Trapped In
2939s The Peacemaker as well it was definitely
2941s going to go down if the exclusive didn't
2942s come out oh wow oh my God U's damage is
2946s just in what the heck happened there
2949s shui think it might have been a little
2951s bit of a ping situation over on the K
2954s it's just one of those situations again
2955s where if you have that range Advantage
2957s it has such a huge impact if you can't
2960s create an engage
2961s immediately and cartel like they they
2964s couldn't find an engage there was
2966s nothing really good the best thing they
2968s got was what ncnb went for the blank Q3
2972s onto nuray into the AL into hopefully
2975s hoping that he can get another one off
2977s and kill him but The Peacemaker is just
2979s such a a great security tool for just
2982s not dying exactly and in the end right
2985s it's again school being a situation
2987s where these adenas cannot really walk
2989s around too much right these containers
2991s being such a threat to these characters
2993s that really don't have that much long
2996s range Mobility right we saw yesterday
2998s where I believe it was team bnk fear X
3001s actually struggling even more up against
3003s punga Zena more so than anything else
3005s because you know they were playing the
3007s roster of Fiora irm as well as the sua
3010s stuck on the top right side where that
3012s container was where we also saw in this
3015s fight the Felix and the Adena stuck
3017s behind they had the exact same problem
3019s where they can't find a way back in
3022s because that container is so fat even
3024s Felix is not able to jump that wall
3026s without something like a blink
3027s which means once you get pushed out
3029s you're
3030s doomed yeah and that that's exactly what
3032s nuray was abusing right he was abusing
3034s the huge container to lay down poke on
3036s the ncmb without any any risk of being
3038s threatened without you know a large
3041s investment um and that large investment
3043s obviously being blank and he just put
3045s down too much damage on ncmb
3048s before before the engage started so ncmb
3050s already engaged around half health I
3052s believe it was and boonga was just
3055s permanently in check for mumu there was
3057s no way for him to try and approach and
3059s help as the carry so yeah they just
3062s really couldn't find any footing and
3063s they don't want to group up in that
3064s situation because then they're eating
3067s AOE lasers from Eva and it's that's even
3069s worse right it's a little bit awkward
3071s too in my opinion that in the end Felix
3074s decided to go for the heart cuz one of
3075s the best ways to deal with that
3077s composition is to force the heart
3078s ultimate out by getting on to the Eva
3081s but on the other side of the heart so
3084s that The Peacemaker actually doesn't
3085s really track you more so than it's
3088s trying to keep the Ava outside of it so
3090s I was actually surprised that the Felix
3092s decided to full send it in towards the
3093s heart cuz you saw exactly what happened
3096s all the Eva has to do is get out of the
3097s range and start poking down the person
3099s inside of The Peacemaker can't really do
3101s anything about it oh yeah yeah there's
3104s nothing you could do about that at all
3105s once it happens it's it's the number one
3107s thing you want to avoid against that
3108s composition is just getting you know
3110s comboed by the by the burnt to a crisp
3114s with the evil laser inside The
3115s Peacemaker
3117s unfortunate but in the end it is going
3119s to be a GG's call to team oob it's a
3121s great start for this team when you know
3123s yesterday it was a lot more of a slower
3125s series I think for that team a lot of
3127s games where they walked into temporary
3129s and even final zones with maybe one even
3131s zero kills and most of the kills they
3133s were able to manage to get in the first
3135s place yesterday was off of the final
3137s Zone 3v3 fight between the final couple
3139s teams so picking up six just off of temp
3143s Zone and the final Zone this is actually
3146s I should say seven because they even
3148s managed to catch out I believe it was
3151s jumo on the Lenny coming down from
3153s school so they picked up a lot more
3155s kills than what they're normally
3156s accustomed to I think in comparison to
3160s yesterday and and I mean they seemed
3163s pretty confident against all the team
3166s comps they had to fight last round I
3167s mean they beat down CH SE and that means
3172s they probably beat Asher as well and
3175s they also won out against
3178s what other teams did they fight other
3179s than juicy Asher they also just I think
3183s it was yeah cartel they've managed to
3185s beat out a lot of teams in comparison to
3187s yesterday at a way faster Pace than what
3189s we expected to yeah they they definitely
3191s I don't know I don't know if they just
3193s got ahead this Lobby and they were
3194s winning off of a lead or if it was just
3197s their ability to play the fights was a
3199s lot cleaner today it might be a
3201s combination of both honestly yeah either
3203s way that is going to net them 18 points
3205s first place 7 point over team ched as
3208s well who's going to be in second place
3209s with 11 points is a great start and
3211s something that I am noticing for this
3213s team that is slightly different than
3214s when we saw during phase number one or
3217s even in in season three I should say
3221s maybe I don't remember if they
3223s specifically did this during phase
3224s number one but in comparison to season 3
3226s at least UOB has changed up their
3229s strategy when it comes to Transitions
3230s because one of the main priorities they
3232s used to put was to try to get the Chaser
3234s onto the Ava somewhere around night
3237s number three especially in the early
3238s stages yeah because you want to get that
3241s transition on the AA right the armor
3243s penetration is absolutely massive yeah
3245s you can put the primordial hex on her
3247s which I think was the option for team o
3250s but you do end up losing some stats here
3251s and there but something that I'm
3253s noticing this time around that has
3254s changed up for that team they're
3256s actually opting to put the heartbreaker
3258s priority over onto the heart and giving
3261s the M giving the the Ava I should say
3263s only an Uki SPL that she actually
3265s carries all the way into the end game so
3268s quite a different way of transitioning
3270s in the situation and it actually allows
3271s nemory to pump out damage like no
3274s tomorrow we saw against team Hotel
3277s there's a lot of fights where nuray is
3279s actually the primary carry and actually
3282s umu switching to Adena maybe trying to B
3285s to
3288s ban no okay so that was interesting umu
3292s was looking at I feel like we just saw a
3294s little mind game in the uh in the
3297s character select here umu hovering Adena
3300s to try and Strongarm Dena off of Adena
3303s to avoid the ban and ends up working in
3305s the last second he switched back to Eva
3308s okay good stuff good stuff but this also
3310s means that it's going to be a heart band
3311s coming through in the next game ncmb
3313s swapping back over from the Felix onto
3315s that character which means where n and
3317s tazu they're going to have to find
3318s alternative picks whereas on the other
3320s hand I will come back in the next game
3323s so these picks are a little bit
3324s stagnated away from one another not the
3327s ban we're going to go into game number
3329s three with so that could be something
3331s that these teams do to consider when it
3333s comes to maybe swapping out some of
3334s these players if they don't think that
3336s with these May and heart picks stagnated
3338s against one another is just Worth to run
3340s God oh my God satin on spear Fiora oh my
3345s God he's bringing back something from
3346s yesterday oh my God we're seeing more
3349s spear Fiora the lowest pick rate thing
3352s in the game is just all of a sudden an
3355s ERM oh buddies these players are cooking
3359s hey we saw this a lot during today in
3362s actually yesterday in erov right police
3363s station is still very very highly
3366s contested oh yeah police station's still
3369s very very hot I find um Warehouse also
3373s is another common start Warehouse dock
3375s routes just so fast so so strong yeah
3379s but the thing is I I you know when it
3381s comes to this area I'm very much used to
3383s Hearts being here I'm very much used to
3385s being you know maybe seeing a couple
3386s assault rifle characters even being
3388s inside of police station I'm used to
3390s Carla being in the zone a little bit
3392s early as well but do these players
3395s expect the spear
3399s Fiora that is the weirdest thing that
3401s these players are probably never see
3404s what are you doing here what are you
3405s what are you even doing in this game how
3407s do you practice against this and yeah
3410s and Sab comp is just entirely different
3412s this game they're using this you know
3414s this bread and butter combo we saw all
3416s of yesterday in group a Theodore Alonzo
3418s just such a strong
3420s combination going to come down to
3422s whether or not
3425s can joining in on the freay did he get
3427s the reset oh he did he actually did get
3429s the reset off of the bear off of the the
3430s reset everywhere my God sebie trying to
3434s jump on in here healing coming in for
3436s tazu se's just holding the line up
3438s against everybody jino's already down on
3439s the ground tazu is on the ground as well
3441s it's going to be one for one actually as
3443s cartel picks up the kill I think over
3445s onto chinho he gets taken down SE on
3448s downtime this is a little bit weird how
3449s many teams are in the zone is also going
3451s to get taken down here which means hold
3454s on a second tazu might have to run
3456s cartel no ncmb sorry he's still on the
3459s air yeah he's still alive and yungi got
3461s dropped down to two people there as well
3463s what is that was kind of scary for some
3466s of these
3469s teams yeah thank God we almost saw two
3472s teams wiped in day one oh my God thank
3476s God was still before well I should say
3479s pre weapon Mastery 5 right cuz if he had
3481s the resets I'm pretty sure seie would
3482s have made the call knowing him to make
3484s the turn around he's actually going to
3486s decide to turn around oh didn't take the
3488s speed gate but he
3489s has sepy is just such a menace in this
3492s early game
3494s satin
3495s yep going to go
3499s down yeah but yeah SEI is just such a
3502s menace in this early game just it's so
3504s hard to deal with echon when you don't
3506s have any damage Dage transitions or
3507s really weapon levels are any form of
3509s scaling online yet and he's just got so
3511s much healing meanwhile in Warehouse
3513s yungi looking to fight cartel here and
3516s cmbb getting brought awfully low but so
3518s is in9 9 using the guard to get out oh
3523s Peacemaker on the top jinu dealing with
3525s the 2V1 on the bottom but ncmb is just
3527s going to get taken down here oh but he
3530s gets one for his troubles not bad
3533s absolutely on cartel I'm taking that
3534s you're already at three team kills early
3536s into this game yeah the fight actually
3538s started really badly for team cartel as
3541s well a lot of damage a lot of pressure
3542s coming through from the Carlo which
3543s means punga was essentially forced out
3545s of the fight and couldn't assist the
3547s heart The Peacemaker seemed a little bit
3549s forc but it was just barely enough
3551s healing just barely enough for that
3553s heart to actually pick up a couple kills
3555s so ncmb yeah not bad of a result I would
3558s say no
3561s I tongue work
3563s please I'm either of those teams I am
3567s struggling I'm either of those teams I'm
3568s definitely taking
3570s that good stuff good stuff three kills
3573s for cartel three kills for tun cyers
3575s this team is actually getting a lot of
3577s kills in the early stages of the game
3578s right tun cyers we talked about this
3580s team or in game number one I should say
3583s in tied with Team Ki in for having the
3585s most amount of kills going into night
3587s number one now it was only two right it
3589s was a lot more of a slower paced game in
3591s game number one during the first
3593s rotation of day and night cycles but
3596s this time around they're tied with Team
3597s cartel three kills on their hands and
3599s with the Darko seems like they are
3601s looking for some of these early game
3603s fights trying to take advantage of this
3605s um I don't exactly want to say a
3608s stoppable force because there are ways
3609s to deal with this character but yeah he
3611s has a lot of ways to kind of lock down
3613s simple characters and then with the
3615s Carla following through with the
3616s shackling anchor yeah you got a lot of
3618s lock down for early
3621s game and something that I find
3624s interesting here is I think oob are all
3628s on level one tack cuz they're 100
3630s credits up on everybody and either that
3632s or their split farming strategies are
3634s just that efficient no one's died on
3636s that team today so far in the early
3638s stages oh he maker forced out Pang is
3642s going to have a good ultimate here oh my
3645s God release from in9
3648s ncmb ncmb is so low he can't contribute
3651s to this fight anymore Pang is just going
3652s to get taken down as well ncmb is forced
3655s to run away and the Tre is going to go
3657s over to G these players are living by
3660s such close margins I'm
3662s surprised once again very very low HP I
3665s think it was about 100 or 200 so
3668s unfortunate for team cartel they will
3670s stay alive but yeah is going to lose out
3671s on the Tre light for that one trying to
3674s get out oh actually gets tagged by the
3675s sameen javelin No cameras going down
3677s shom may be able to get on out of there
3679s but the grappling maneuver it's going to
3681s be enough goes down ju loses to Jenny
3684s for the next 25 seconds
3688s and that 25 seconds is very important at
3690s this stage of the game because if you
3692s haven't called in yet you you're going
3694s to have a tight margin for trying to get
3696s your colins off and making it to the
3698s next rotation of objectives between
3700s battle zones and Alpha at least it was
3703s early enough in the day where you're
3704s still going to have about 40 seconds or
3706s so and they're sitting inside a temple
3708s right now fortunately team Rock seeming
3711s to walk up they're inside a stream at
3713s the moment so K to seat walks over on
3715s the con at a very very awkward time they
3718s could fight up against the team while
3719s they're calling I don't know if you
3722s caught that but uh sunum has holy orders
3724s and glacials
3726s already Jesus my God that's a lot that's
3729s a lot of damage now that's a lot of
3732s damage and I also saw umu yeah he's also
3734s on four score as well I saw him calling
3736s it inside of archery range earlier which
3739s means is it the holy orders Persona or
3743s is it the dragon scales I for what I
3747s don't even know what umu prioritizes
3749s anymore cuz I did mention the transition
3751s swap ups for that team right he
3753s typically tends to call I believe it was
3756s a oh my God wait
3758s a just pure destruction off the spring
3761s trap Ash finding two kills
3764s instantly Jesus now team ched is the one
3767s on the back and is they're not going to
3768s be able to overtake team Asher this
3770s early game is really not working out for
3772s this team they're sitting on what
3774s overall five maybe even six team deaths
3776s right now this is just not a great game
3778s number two yeah but Asher not out of the
3782s woods yet they still have djun cybers
3784s coming
3786s in yeah they're not going to get this
3788s for free they're going to have to is
3789s this Asher's Battle Zone no they
3792s actually couldn't get it because they
3793s were busy killing the members of Team 2C
3795s they try to walk back in they're going
3796s to get a lot of timer if they decide to
3797s walk through this but time how is it
3801s their Battle Zone no one was in it what
3803s did somebody walk in uh uh you
3807s know their batt Zone they're chilling
3810s all right somebody somebody click that
3811s and send it in the chat because I
3813s thought it wasn't going to be a battle
3815s zone for anybody they were so busy
3817s killing the members of Team CH seed I
3818s thought they didn't make it in there but
3821s okay I guess I mean they're chilling at
3822s this point not too worri about and
3823s that's that's massive that's a huge
3826s Tempo Advantage you don't expect to see
3828s the greedy Battle Zone into Alpha you
3832s know rotation in ERM but you know even
3835s at the highest level play it can still
3838s happen team Ash still aggressing over
3840s onto team CHC they're trying to get
3842s revenge over what happened in game
3843s number one from the looks of it right
3845s they do not want to lose this mirror
3847s match up any longer but on the side of
3849s Team Chate again sebie we talked about
3851s this yesterday too he actually does play
3853s a lot more aggressive than pied and it
3855s seems like he's a bit more comfortable
3857s with this composition because as I
3858s mentioned yesterday this team
3860s composition is their bread and butter
3862s they ran this during phase number one
3864s they ran this during season three if I
3866s remember remember correctly they just
3867s know how this composition works such a
3869s big Advantage when it comes to match
3871s they seem very comfortable on it and
3873s they always seem to know when to play
3874s front to back or when to just let sebie
3876s jump on a carry and try to have a split
3878s 1 V one 2v2 they seem to always pick the
3881s right
3882s option good stuff coming for this team
3885s does not mean that oh my God sending it
3888s but he is just dead oh my God that's not
3891s the right
3893s figh Wow it looked like revu was just
3895s going to get burn sit there but he
3897s blinks out and Bob MSA just drops like
3901s instantly that was insane damage
3904s unfortunate for that team H Ros going be
3906s down two members for the next 20 or so
3909s seconds the haze the only one last Left
3911s Alive on that team Bob MOA I saw what he
3914s was aiming for there he actually got a
3916s lot of really good damage down with the
3918s alc compta combo right I think it did
3921s crit so I saw a huge amount of health
3923s bar being chunked out I believe it was
3925s from the Bianca but
3926s you didn't cancel the re of the vampire
3929s queen and also you just got c0 locked
3931s from the Darko knockup and the explosion
3933s shot not exactly the greatest oflo but
3935s here we go cartel versus Team masterer
3937s inside of Hotel Peacemaker is forced out
3940s no taking down the low HP but boa trying
3942s to stay alive he's going to get burned
3944s down by the Overflow burn unfortunate
3947s for
3948s him and saber comes in and cleans up
3951s Peng oh boy it's going to be one of
3955s these games yeah and here comes gungi it
3956s just seems like you can't have a fight
3958s without somebody sliding on in being
3961s like hey it's Mr steel kill back at it
3965s again from yesterday yeah first steio
3968s box now a steio kill what are they going
3970s to take next from us this is bad this is
3972s bad look at their credit count do you
3974s bring back Thea here no it's going to be
3976s the Estelle so this is B but you need to
3979s do this right because here's the thing
3981s you're weighing two different options do
3983s you bring the Adena back and sacrifice a
3985s potential
3986s in order to farm up the Mastery on youra
3988s while farming or do bring back the
3990s Estell and have a chance to at least
3992s stay alive in some of these fights
3993s that's a huge risk taken from that team
3996s but while that was happening Satan falls
3997s as this Fiora not able to withstand the
4000s composition of Team
4002s kung8 yeah but they'll be all right they
4004s got lots of credits to call him back no
4006s problem I mean it sucks that you have to
4008s burn them
4012s but yeah like life could be worse I
4015s guess right yep
4016s this is going be's pretty close to
4018s getting the Colin back for for um
4021s getting their Adena back they're maybe
4023s what 30 credits off 20 credits off yeah
4026s and I did see them having to hyperloop
4028s earlier outside of archery range since
4031s gas station was the closest hyperloop
4032s they had archery range just completely
4034s farmed up so seems like the hyperloop
4036s wherever they went seemed to have worked
4038s out D is going to land the spark on
4041s towards the
4042s Nikki watch out this Nikki's not going
4044s to let it go looking for an angle oh
4047s actually magnetic field is going to
4048s cancel the Heartbreak The Peacemaker God
4051s which means that Dina actually gets the
4052s benefits of the overcharge kungi inate
4054s loses two this time around it's the
4057s Revenge 3v3 it's going to be a one
4060s versus one when it comes to the overall
4062s match up between team kungi andate and
4064s team saber nicely played in a fantastic
4066s magnetic field got really worried for
4069s Dena off on the side he was isolated
4071s alone against Nikki I thought for sure
4073s he was just going to get bursted the alt
4075s came out and we saw heart triple Dash in
4078s to try and capitalize on it
4080s but The Peacemaker getting canceled was
4082s just a fight winning play oh here we go
4085s another fight for team saber are they
4087s going to be able to recover from earlier
4089s no the spring trap comes in and it's not
4090s like the Fiora has play that any longer
4093s Dina's about to fall here as well down
4095s goes the Theo duchan the last one the
4096s line this just waddling away
4099s Ono oh my God they have so many credits
4103s but it's all going to go down the drain
4105s as my 500 team Mage in the chat
4107s everybody oh not here not here no no no
4111s no no and sa eliminated oh no this team
4116s is just four kills though not a bad
4117s count but why is this team so
4121s unlucky it's just yeah like it just
4124s saber has just been even yesterday we
4126s saw them just struggling to get things
4128s together meanwhile in pwn we have
4131s J and again this these fights where
4133s sebie just gets on the backline and
4135s they're forced to E either deal with him
4136s and collapse inward or take a 2v2 with a
4138s separate 1 V one oh my God and SEI is
4141s just pushing forward no matter how low
4143s he gets he keeps moving forward knowing
4146s that his backline is going to
4148s win Bob MSA looking to kill the corpse a
4151s little bit but isn't able to do enough
4152s damage to it oh no he did get the
4155s corpse oh he he popped he popped he had
4158s popped oh he
4159s popped I oh nice blink coming in from
4163s revu is he going to be able to knock
4164s down Pang he does have time Advantage
4166s here P trying to walk back in but it's
4168s only full of green Health marks on the
4171s other side p is going to die fantastic
4173s link coming from RE So Good by revu
4177s that's
4178s filthy yeah but can you expect any less
4181s from someone like revolu with such a you
4183s know prestigious history such a
4185s prestigious history yeah I mean he's
4188s he's he's quite the player he's been
4190s around
4192s for as long as I have I think honestly
4196s he is a name that pretty much everyone
4198s would know as long as you've been
4199s playing eternal return and kept up with
4201s competitive at at one
4203s point yeah he's he's just been around as
4206s long as you can remember even if you've
4207s only kept up with you know KR ranked
4210s like we've seen him climb to the top
4211s many many
4213s times
4215s rocks oh no sebie is just finding his
4217s way on these backliners so easily and
4219s yeah look at this sanam's forced out of
4221s the fight sebie turning back around to
4222s help his teammates Bob
4224s MSA going have to get aled here by the
4228s oh my God triple knck up by hungi but
4231s it's not going to matter oh this might
4233s better now though here we go
4235s sh out the slow coming in from tazu with
4237s the love and peace but they get out look
4240s at how ratty this team is so slippery
4242s man every time they get third parted
4244s they all just jump out there's just no
4246s way to pick them off all of their all of
4249s their Mobility is so low cool down and
4252s noncommittal they could just use it at
4254s any time to get away from a third party
4256s it's so crazy that team has been behind
4259s for pretty much the entire game we saw
4261s how bad their early game start was but
4263s they're playing more confident than team
4264s Asher how is that a thing yeah I comfort
4269s Comfort that's the only they're just
4271s more comfortable on the composition
4274s that's that's the only explanation I can
4276s come up with but this is going to be a
4278s little bit rougher now as team Asher is
4279s going to be able to pick up the wick
4281s line the blood sample going over to
4283s their team the buff also going over to
4285s over to their team which means for team
4287s two SE it's going to be a bit tougher
4289s since you do know that these Eon fights
4291s they're a lot more extended so that
4292s wiline be bleed buff is going to matter
4295s a lot more yeah the longer the fight the
4298s more value it has it's just it's clean
4299s and
4300s simple we will we haven't seen them
4303s really much all game they've been very
4305s quiet I'm kind of curious what their
4307s game State's like right now it's a
4308s standard for them though right this is
4310s why I was super confused as to how they
4311s were able to pick up so many kills by
4313s final Zone in the last game actually we
4315s you could see just there on the bottom
4317s har picking up her blood weapon so they
4320s must be in pretty good shape rocks
4323s looking to get this revive off before
4325s day
4326s five I believe nobody has Vision or they
4329s have vision of Chapel yeah so they're
4333s pretty comfortable just coming in here
4335s oh Bo get calling off but ohob waiting
4339s in the wings and also the wick team
4341s waiting in the wings of those wings so
4345s wings are we looking
4346s at
4350s insect here we go is Team rocks going to
4352s be forced to fight this the stun comes
4354s on to pied he actually decides to reset
4357s overflow although he doesn't have any
4358s resets to do oh this actually puts
4361s everybody into the midst of Team
4364s everybody yeah everybody just you know
4367s rocks
4368s disengaging after seeing the third party
4370s they don't want the smoke out of this
4372s nobody wants to get third pared this
4374s might be a little bit awkward though oh
4375s you will be actually trying to Corner
4377s team chit oh my God umu see this they're
4381s going to check it here we go let's see
4382s the pull back in actually he going to
4384s stun the the heart is this going to be
4386s enough oh The Peacemaker gets canceled
4388s by the EXP to umu isolated at the
4391s backside by se he needs to back away
4392s from this fight okay good he's not sh
4393s the not going to chase all the way in
4395s for funes but Team master still has Wile
4397s line P isn't even close to overflow so
4400s he's not going to be able to chase this
4401s fight U tried to run away from the
4403s situation and team CH seat they're
4405s trying to make a comeback from the early
4406s game oh my God the springtrap just
4410s opening that up bringing hard dead
4414s center that was crazy ah the acceptance
4417s speech was perfectly placed to right
4419s before The Peacemaker came through but
4420s to be fair on the side of uh Team CHC
4425s right I mean it was a really good play
4426s with the acceptance speech but that's
4427s kind of to be expected right if the
4428s heart's going to get p in like that with
4430s a spring trap you know she's going to
4431s immediately pop it so I really like the
4433s call for that team just P send it with
4436s yeah they they've definitely rehearsed
4437s that engagement many times it it it just
4440s shows Asher looking to take down sunen
4443s um
4445s P not able to finish the job Bob mson
4448s out but ju is here and they want blood
4452s they're on the
4453s chase no looked for the spring trap but
4456s it does not land and now Asher is being
4458s the fourth party to their own getting
4460s third
4462s partied this is this is all over the
4464s place seie getting spring trapped into
4466s thereal here everyone's dashing across
4468s the same
4470s thing it's EK on time
4472s baby trying to get away going to enter
4475s exuviation oh no he actually decides to
4478s reset had
4480s enough but look at this he's running
4483s right into dejunk cybers there's a
4485s camera right there too he's so doomed
4488s he's so dead there's no way out of this
4491s oh his team needs to
4493s H can't get out of this is alive there
4496s are no animals in this area there's a
4497s lock down with the sanguin javelin he's
4499s trying to get the reset gets another one
4500s but there's another keep right here he
4501s doesn't have the reset now does he have
4504s the force he does but it's only level
4506s two he's choosing to die to Gangi I
4512s guess look so cool for a second
4515s shackling anchor is going to cancel the
4516s acceptance spe this time no not the
4518s acceptance spe sorry The Peacemaker this
4519s time in N take it down to the ground
4521s kungi in8 down to two members as ton
4524s cyber is picking a mult M kills across
4526s the board sitting on 11 whereas the Egon
4529s he's trying to Res does he actually get
4531s this where's the rest of his team there
4534s no
4535s way I think he's going to get up oh I
4538s think so too the members of T cyber is
4540s very very slow he gets
4544s out D will get taken down another member
4547s down from that team CHC Chom locked out
4550s of the hyperloop they can't leave this
4551s area anymore sebbi he has 19 seconds on
4554s his timer is he going to be able to get
4555s out and maybe join up with his team he's
4557s trying he's trying desperately but temp
4560s zone is going to be a problem for him he
4562s doesn't have
4563s timer oh I think he's going to make it
4565s if he's quick he will but temp Zone it
4568s starts in 10 seconds now he's going to
4569s have one two seconds for temp zones in a
4572s busy Zone he's not going to make this
4573s man it's so it's just not going to
4576s matter unless he's able to push teams
4578s out like they just got a force it and
4579s try to push a team out 11 seconds on his
4581s timer now yeah it's not that bad but she
4583s theom gets isolated down he goes into
4586s the play that nobody's health bar is low
4588s enough for this team to take advantage
4589s of 2 seconds left on sebie pop go for
4592s that team jomi down on the ground 8767
4595s seconds on his timer jinho 5 seconds on
4598s his end and this should I believe
4600s be it off oh Asher's cleaning all of
4604s this up now rocks in complete danger
4607s here ped on the back just forcing Sonam
4610s to just not be able to play the fight
4612s there goes Sonam and Yi goes down too U
4615s here wait U what the heck where did you
4617s come
4620s from yeah Asher just completely cleans
4623s up here and it's funny we talked about
4625s earlier how CH just looks so much more
4627s comfortable in their comp but they felt
4629s too far behind this game Asher if you
4631s look at all their items all of them are
4632s full gold with the exception of no who
4636s has his blood weapon as well yeah this
4637s was actually what was built up earlier
4639s it wasn't the red shoes from the Wile
4641s line it was actually the high noon built
4642s up for went for the high noon yeah this
4644s is problematic the knockup is not going
4646s to land on anybody but this is going to
4647s force the fight team Asher looking for
4649s reset he actually gets one over on
4650s towards Cadmus he actually has dashes at
4653s the moment right now the Vampire Queen
4654s goes down no about to get taken down
4656s there is the play that popped out for
4658s this character juo still alive and the
4659s Harpoon misses oh that's problematic
4662s jumo stays alive no will take the fall
4665s but M he can't stop this he cannot he
4667s has no crow control there's nothing he
4669s could do all he could do is try to kill
4670s him as soon as he gets up again but you
4672s could do it again you just do it again
4674s over over again this
4678s is he's looking for it the heal oh it's
4680s not going to come back but there it is
4681s there's the kill over on to Cadmus can't
4684s stop this so he's not it's not like what
4687s is it it's not like P is just going to
4688s be able to Res him over and over again
4690s but Cadmus his life has a limit and that
4693s limit will come soon there's Dash reset
4695s he gets the shield but it's only going
4697s to be farming man oh he's going can
4702s cadas run away absolutely not
4706s see where the what is he alive he's self
4710s resed I guess I guess he's self reses in
4711s Forest somehow yeah that was hilarious
4715s cuz each of those kills count for a
4718s point correct oh
4719s yeah just farmed him
4722s man I don't even know
4724s what GG's called out the team Master
4727s though they're going to run away with I
4728s think 17 team kills I don't know how
4730s many of those are field kills
4732s but what a roller coaster were they the
4736s team that got the Battle Zone into Alpha
4737s it was Asher right I don't oh but the
4741s Battle Zone was completely open there
4742s was nobody else in there ex all it's all
4745s real kills my God that is so many points
4748s at game two yeah they're definitely
4751s going to shoot up to first I believe
4752s after that performance if they weren't
4755s already right yeah yeah right oh no it
4758s was oob oh o was first yeah was like
4761s wait a minute o was first and cartel got
4764s second last round so
4765s games are too
4772s exting that was um a wild second um like
4777s temp Zone um in Chapel it was just like
4780s every team was just collapsing on each
4782s other but yeah as you saw um sebbi just
4786s had no timer from the situation he was
4788s forced into and that was just that was
4792s the the ignition that set everything off
4795s yeah the biggest problem for him was the
4798s main uh what is it the biggest problem
4800s for him was that he was completely
4802s isolated away from his team from the
4803s GetGo because of the fight that was
4805s taken inside a chapel and from that it
4807s just kind of stemmed it trickled down
4809s into the situation where he did get
4811s isolated he was able to Res yes but even
4815s if he was able to Res he couldn't really
4817s get out of the temp zone of stream right
4820s yeah maybe he could fight it inside of
4821s it but it's still going to be a 1v3
4823s situation his entire team is completely
4825s locked out of the hyperloop because the
4828s temp Zone and Chapel I don't know how
4830s that I don't know how this became to be
4832s but is right next to the hyperloop there
4835s is going to be a team that sits
4837s there oh every time so there's
4839s absolutely no way for a Duo to try and
4841s go to him and there's no way for him to
4843s get to his team because he either has to
4845s run through Cemetery which is going to
4847s burn timer or and he was also forced to
4851s not um be able to do that because of
4854s where he self for he knew I believe it
4856s was was it dejong cybers coming down he
4860s knew that team was whatever team won the
4862s the the fight on the top side of pond
4865s was coming down the bridge so he knew he
4867s had to just burn timer through uh stream
4870s to get to the hyperloop rather than
4872s taking the jump pad he didn't have
4873s enough time to go to the jump pad to
4874s cemetery to try and make it to his team
4876s which I think would have been less timer
4877s burned
4879s but yeah absolute Wild game
4883s honestly course standard compared to
4885s yesterday MH a little more relaxed pace
4889s but the early games in these lobbies
4891s have all been a lot more aggressive a
4893s lot of these teams are also playing the
4894s macro game especially in the temp Zone a
4896s little bit better cuz we haven't seen
4898s any of the solo or even Duos managing to
4901s take advantage of the new temporary zone
4903s system so I do like that right these
4905s teams are kind of taking a look at hey
4907s we do have an advantage inside of the
4909s temp Zone let's just sit inside of it
4910s instead of pushing our way through into
4912s the other side for absolutely no reason
4914s when we don't have control over that
4916s area you don't have control over the
4918s area you have absolutely no information
4920s on what's going on in that area uh it's
4923s these teams are recognizing that and
4924s saying hey let's just sit here we have
4927s we have control we have words set up we
4929s have everything set up and let's just
4932s chill we don't have to take any silly
4934s risks exactly and from that result we're
4936s gonna have Team aser picking up 17 total
4938s field kills first place also means 25
4941s points what a top heavy game yeah for
4944s that team points for team de on saers
4946s both of those teams above 10 when it
4949s comes to the field kills everybody else
4951s right below it which means look at the
4953s leaderboard team Astra and ton cyber is
4955s going to be in first and second place
4957s respectively 20 field kills for both but
4959s the placement points are just better for
4960s team Asher U will be sitting in third
4963s with 23 very close to those two and CH
4966s seat going to be rounding out our top
4967s four after game number two at 19 points
4971s it's interesting because you look at
4972s gungi and eight they have 11 kills same
4975s amount of kills that oob has but they're
4977s they almost have half the points yeah
4979s that's the just making such a difference
4982s yeah oob just has such a consistent game
4985s always finding their way into the late
4986s game always finding those placement
4988s points I mean even last game when umu
4990s was the only one alive he managed to
4991s scoop up third place this is the
4994s greatest part about playing that AA and
4996s shukai comp where you are usually able
4998s to push yourself in towards the end
5000s which means the placement points will
5001s come a little bit easier but Meek that
5004s was game number two and you know what
5006s that means it's going to be time for us
5007s to take a momentary break break number
5009s one exactly break number one out of the
5011s two that we are going to get tonight so
5013s as soon as the replays begin we're going
5015s to kind of think a little bit about for
5017s you and I talk a little bit amongst
5019s ourselves while we are on break for you
5020s guys in the chat make sure you guys go
5022s grab some water go grab some snacks and
5024s go take a stretch because games three
5026s and four is upcoming and I know you guys
5028s are excited for that one so we'll see
5029s you guys after the break hopefully you
5031s guys have fun during that break too I
5034s know I will he
5094s be
5096s together
5153s sh
5183s for e
5243s my
5254s foree
5263s chicken
5273s wow for
5332s yes
5363s uh
5393s for for
5445s foreign
5453s foree
5461s for
5467s speee Fore
5475s spee spee
5492s oh
5529s hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back
5531s from the break we had
5533s fun talking oh we had a blast talking
5536s about Monster Hunter talking about R
5538s we're talking about don't expose me like
5541s that man some of these people in chat
5542s know how much I was addicted to
5544s few ago oh
5548s yeah are they are they rise enjoyers or
5550s world enjoyers I don't know it could be
5552s rise enjoyers or world enjoyers but
5555s we're here because we're eternal return
5558s enjoyers my god that actually kind of D
5560s little what the heck right oh good spit
5564s spitting and rhyming and giving out all
5567s the Vibes guys welcome back from the
5568s break we're here for games three and
5570s four and of course because we just had
5572s our break that means we can have steam
5576s roster substitutions coming in and quite
5579s frankly if I'm going to be honest with
5580s you I think there are some teams who
5582s could really actually be considering
5584s that option because games one and two
5586s some of these teams did struggle
5588s throughout this and it's not the teams
5590s that we would normally think about
5591s because oob yesterday struggled a lot
5593s during the early stages of their group
5595s games but they're actually doing really
5597s good here today during the first stages
5599s of the Wild Card set of games yeah and
5602s we're already getting in the game oh my
5605s God they're not wasting any time do we
5607s see any roster
5610s changes
5611s um sebie still there
5614s Airline still here it looks like yeah I
5618s think everything is the same rosters we
5620s see jinho busting up the subam again it
5622s didn't go quite as planned yesterday so
5624s hopefully it performs better today with
5627s the heart band is going to be a bit
5629s forced out right tazu not going to be
5630s able to CS which means he's actually
5632s going to completely swap the kind of
5634s archetype of character he's going to be
5636s playing away from the heart adcs type to
5638s a control mage of the Cilla and I'm
5641s hoping Wy comes back because this guy is
5643s never here when gets picked guys we were
5648s talking about it earlier but this is
5649s another one this Cho guys like the the
5651s Korean patar oh yeah oh that's right
5654s yeah that's right guys before we started
5656s uh Meek and I were talking about a lot
5657s of these Korean players that are kind of
5659s the the North American equivalent of a
5662s certain player we had like Cadman being
5664s Striker we had now I guess now we can
5667s say jino is a little bit along the lines
5669s of jast even Jaz I was GNA sayar because
5673s he plays heart in subam right true true
5676s and who else do we have umu is gemos
5678s those kind ofos just the one evil one
5681s trick who just refuses to give up on the
5683s character always talks about how she's
5686s weak oh
5688s yeah yeah you had an equivalent as well
5691s actually didn't you talk about that s
5694s yeah yeah there you
5695s go there are a lot ofion of us you never
5700s know Korea is a big place exactly but
5703s guys here we go game number three has
5705s begun character selections are abound
5707s and we do have another May band so these
5710s my and heart bands are very much being
5712s stagnated at the moment of course that
5714s means maybe game number four is going to
5716s be a bit more in line with what we saw
5718s in game number two just now coming back
5720s from the break yeah I I think it it
5723s definitely will be was is there any so
5725s there's a my ban this game yes yeah
5728s there were three my I think it was the
5729s one I think it was team one two and
5731s eight that had it okay interesting so
5734s yeah game four will definitely be more
5736s like Lobby 2 I believe because Lobby 2
5740s also or was it yeah Lobby 2 also had a
5742s my ban yeah no no no no no game two game
5746s two had a heart ban it was game one that
5748s my B yeah yeah it was a little bit
5750s flipped oh okay
5754s little bit of the stagnated bands
5756s cominging in see cartel saber and K8 is
5759s going to force out the my ban for the
5760s next game which is actually quite
5762s surprising that we are only seeing three
5764s teams pick up this character when she is
5765s available know how valuable she is we
5767s know how much the KR teams really love
5769s to run this character and pretty much
5772s any composition that involves multiple
5774s damage
5774s dealers yeah she's had some value here
5778s today right the exclusives haven't been
5780s like massively eye openening where some
5783s giga fight changing kind of composition
5786s exclusives or anything like that but she
5788s still is bringing a lot of value a lot
5790s of small intrinsical things that will
5792s make or break a fight between this
5794s character surprising cont
5797s yesterday um a lot of these teams are
5799s not willing to play front to back so
5802s Maya is definitely good in those
5804s situations right so that's probably why
5806s we're seeing her a lot more today in9 is
5810s going to use the exclusive to dodge the
5812s uh reign of the vampire queen great
5815s timing but oh all of gungi here for
5820s this and C is just barely going down as
5823s well as jho meanwhile in the top side of
5825s stream sebbi on the backside but Pang is
5829s going to be okay with this and CMB
5832s pushing forward to C sh forced to use
5834s the
5835s blink and cartel wants more they're
5838s hungry I mean they're down points here
5839s they're I believe in fifth place so they
5841s definitely are hungry to try and make it
5843s into the top four yeah beautiful
5848s bullet it's not enough and this carpet's
5850s pretty much going to spell the end of
5851s this engagement yeah yeah and this is a
5853s good thing for team CHC right because
5855s sebie is still pre weapon level five so
5858s he actually doesn't have resets going
5859s through for this guy he needs to try
5861s getting this before team chus is able to
5863s comfortably fight this but they're
5865s already losing out on the Bears which is
5867s a massive source of weapon Mastery for
5869s Aon at the start of night number one and
5871s they're going to just have to back away
5872s hope to God that there are some F that
5874s are resetting inside of pawn at the
5876s moment but jinho is just jho with the
5878s damage just pushing forward is the pole
5881s going to hit no dasu still looking but
5884s he's going to get sunned double stun
5885s hitting reset tazu play with us
5888s resetting over and over there's another
5889s one there's a blink
5891s coming and he's oh my God that damage
5893s was insane God the life and death seal
5896s damage at level one is so good yeah I
5899s was not expecting him to Blink forward
5901s and be able to do that like at all I
5904s didn't even realize it was going to
5905s attempt it like yeah
5908s like play it yeah I thought we were
5911s going to see assist pull into into you
5913s know a followup not just youo doing it
5916s alone guy is popping off on the subam he
5919s wants to show us why J
5922s oh okay well you win some you lose some
5926s shukai is quite skinny you know just
5928s kind of we just Matrix the hell out of
5931s that exp known for cooking food not
5933s eating food yeah there you go he's the
5935s one that delivers food yeah
5940s mhm okay everything seems to have calmed
5943s down for now 20 seconds until our first
5946s objective rotation happens um let's see
5949s where cartel wants to go because they
5951s certainly don't want to stay where they
5952s are right now ashers ped on the run here
5957s his teammates nowhere to be seen he's
5959s just going to be taken
5961s down there situation where SEI is just
5965s playing more aggressive than P it's
5966s really unfortunate but this team is just
5968s constantly being outdone when it comes
5970s to the aggression levels of the side of
5972s Team cartel so oh not cartel sorry the m
5976s is on Pang and there's just he's just so
5978s isolated here now he finds his way onto
5981s bngo bangu charge banga has the
5985s meanwhile on the back side of the fight
5987s this Felix is just all alone and his
5989s teammates were just pushed so far out of
5990s the fight from Bob MSA
5994s that us will just turn around and create
5995s that distance a going to get take it
5997s down to n swapping over from the heart
5999s straight over into the a now she might
6002s not have Peacemaker but she does have
6003s blank cartridge and that is still an AOE
6005s Circle crowd control that never will be
6008s able to bring to the table although very
6010s limited on the amount of of course
6012s Mobility she has in comparison to the
6014s heart but with that assault rifle maybe
6017s team o is going to be able to still do
6019s something in accordance with that M that
6021s they have the my and the getting jumped
6025s goodness gracious team sa finding a pick
6027s this is what they need I don't think now
6029s from what we've seen so far their team
6031s fighting capabilities in the lobby like
6032s this seems to be a little bit rough
6034s maybe it's these picks that are going to
6035s allow team saber to
6037s flourish yeah I'm I'm interested to see
6039s how oob does this round because I mean
6041s they've been pretty consistent this
6043s entire series but without the heart
6045s Peacemaker to set up the combination of
6047s burn to a crisp and Eva just lasering
6049s from the outside of it it's going to be
6051s interesting how they function without
6052s that I mean has a lot of self peel and a
6055s very independent character for you know
6057s on the ADC roll of things on assault
6059s rifle so it should be able to self
6061s function but I don't think as a Twan
6064s operation that jukai Eva is the
6067s strongest thing they could lock in
6068s alongside ya yeah definitely is with
6070s heart but I feel I feel like I would
6073s have rather seen something like maybe
6076s 11 yeah no I actually completely agree
6079s with
6080s that the biggest issue here for the Shai
6083s is that he's going to be even more
6084s isolated right cuz as I just mentioned
6086s the a has a lot more of a limited
6088s mobility in comparison to something like
6091s the heart which forces the shuai to
6093s actually kind of be by himself up in the
6095s front line especially when you kind of
6097s consider the fact that she's probably
6098s going to go judgment and the Judgment
6100s gives you attack range oh my goodness oh
6102s here we go Satan actually reating pretty
6104s well he's going to sit inside of the of
6105s the vampire queen but perfect timing on
6107s the shil he's actually going to soak up
6108s a lot of that damage but look at the
6110s damage over toward team sa oh
6114s it's a one for one so far is is dou
6117s going to be able to turn this around is
6118s the question he's actually think so
6120s there's no real angle for a suture for
6121s him here yeah re's actually going to
6125s jump out of this one wait timer they're
6128s going to play the timer game yeah
6129s they're going to prioritize this and I
6131s think it's definitely smart I mean they
6133s know they probably have the exact same
6135s timer so it should just battle Zone yeah
6138s yep it's
6139s over Pop Goes the douchy man it's quite
6143s unfortunate but this is exactly what I'm
6145s talking about from earlier where you
6146s kind of need to do a lot more with the
6149s Cathy rotation especially if you want
6151s some
6154s value
6156s that oh G Miss pigs the that was just
6161s awkward looking y I don't know magnani's
6164s been
6165s looking interesting this series so far
6168s he's had a couple couple plays that just
6171s things just look a little awkward in a
6173s lot of these situations for him CMB
6176s getting a little bit caught out here
6177s trying to get a couple of the spear
6178s reing Stacks with the tempy will
6180s actually be able to get on a there good
6182s Shadow stab in order to push away saan
6184s and douchi man pel pretty split apart on
6188s this team too look at this theay is
6190s going to join them now there goes bonga
6192s here yeah but look at their credits it's
6194s pretty high 400 yeah they could buy
6196s double four score here if they if they
6198s so desired there's a or just a ton of
6201s small colins they could they could
6202s honestly funnel all their credits into
6206s their Adena and have pretty much a full
6208s build Adena with all those credits if
6210s they if they wanted to play that way I
6212s see it I just saw a k being built up I
6215s just saw another Force SC which means
6216s there is the a built up for this Felix
6219s and I'm actually wondering I completely
6220s forgot to check this is ncmb sitting on
6223s crit right now with obsidian Shard or is
6226s he not obsidian Shard obsidian Shard
6229s what the heck is that my diamond Shard
6232s is that a Minecraft item I losing it
6234s right now too I
6238s think I have no idea where did that even
6241s come
6242s from I don't
6244s know wow okay well let's just kind of
6247s move past that one as we have four teams
6248s sitting right around this purple box
6250s these teams are kind of starting to
6252s figure out that that's the case but sevi
6254s playing as aggressive as always will be
6255s able to just move along with this and
6258s that was a small little thing there but
6259s Shon jumped in front of the uh siso to
6262s allow his team to continue opening the
6264s box meanwhile in
6266s School playing aggressive off of picking
6268s up a box yeah sebie is just full health
6271s and here comes Asher with the third
6273s party yes everybody's just going to kind
6276s of disperse here sh May wants to kill
6278s sattin but it's just too tanky and they
6280s don't have enough time with Asher
6281s closing in on them they have to back out
6284s not that bad I wonder what team Chi was
6286s able to pick up from inside the box is
6288s it going to be more value no it was just
6289s the meteorite so in the end it's going
6291s to be about a 50 credit cut off right
6294s trade off for Team 2 but it's not that
6297s bad I mean the meteorite can be utilized
6299s by this team actually can it I just
6302s realized
6304s second yes it can be used for blade
6306s boots on Jenny true we did see that uh a
6309s couple games ago during the group stages
6311s so I guess there is some intrinsic value
6313s to that but it's still at minus 50
6314s credits could be worse P actually
6317s walking in towards a finger point quite
6319s surprised about that pointed at Bob MSA
6321s sees these backliners isolated now and
6322s they're just going to and push forward
6324s onto them and there's the point the
6325s blank Point at that and B also blinking
6328s it as well but the spring peeling both
6330s of them off but it's just not going to
6331s be enough Camilo just too mobile to get
6333s back into the fight I never knew that
6336s interaction was a thing you can pop
6337s spark nade with the ballistic
6341s Advantage yes it's a very rare thing to
6345s see because you typically you know when
6347s you're in range to spark need someone
6348s you don't want to just sit on the ground
6350s and use ballistic Advantage but actually
6354s know yeah it no it's any form of damage
6357s any form of damage yeah it works just
6359s like um there's another thing it works
6361s like it works like cufflinks funny
6362s enough what the heck that's why I knew
6364s that any form of damage oh true yeah
6367s with the dual sword Rampage dude you get
6369s so right with that yeah
6373s uhhuh a lot Sparky works the exact same
6376s way it's very oh my God douchi man is on
6381s ubu and he's going to go down yeah and
6385s nemory is just forced to run away here
6387s and that's one of the situations where
6388s Peacemaker would have been perfect yeah
6390s that's actually so true it's really
6392s unfortunate that the heart was banned
6394s out in this specific situation because
6396s douchan actually missed so many skills
6398s it's just the fact he was able to stick
6400s onto that allowed him to actually get
6402s the kill that's not how slow the ttk on
6405s Kathy should be this L into the game
6406s especially up it should have been
6408s instant that should have been dead Eva
6410s instantly but but yeah it it was def one
6413s of those situations where they they
6416s weren't able to have enough Snappy
6417s reactable cc to to respond to it magnani
6420s finding an angle on ncmb forcing the
6422s blink out of him the exclusive forced to
6424s be burned to get him out of that tight
6426s situation and now revu looking to just
6428s kind of Zone them off and get them away
6431s I don't know why ncmb walked back in
6433s it's going to force out the blink as you
6435s said exclusive is also going to be
6436s forced out from the felic from the M as
6438s well quite unfortunate of a situation
6440s that a lot of our teams are having right
6442s now but another fire in side of fire
6444s station we will be trying to Duke it out
6446s up against team is doing so much damage
6449s man dead Airline is dead U's The Last
6452s One Alive on his team they have the
6453s credits to Res but it's going to take
6455s quite a lot another fight inside of
6457s factory that's just going to be slightly
6460s disengaged by these two members again
6462s digon cyers and team cartel saying not
6466s just yet for for U be it just it feels
6469s like umu has no setup to play off of
6472s yeah it's just you can't find a good
6474s footing to actually sit down and do some
6477s solid damage to any of these teams thing
6479s is blank cartridge isn't even instant
6482s you do have no you can't reactivate it
6485s yeah yeah that was that was a good time
6487s when you could just use it instantly I
6489s hate dealing with that though as a Melee
6491s character it's so St oh
6494s yeah crazy annoying spark barely missing
6497s here we go and blast
6500s field this
6503s Bob MSA is just forging onward and he
6506s gets taken down finally but is it too
6508s little too late or is going to be able
6510s to find the damage here he is and that's
6513s such a good place for them to fight a
6514s tight Corridor where they're just forced
6516s to walk into a evil laser as all three
6519s and then Marie just sat still and right
6520s click he literally just sat yeah he just
6522s he literally just yeah he did the he did
6525s the thing that we all know for the is
6528s trying his best to Kut it out so oh my
6530s God go isolates jumo away from his team
6534s so he can't provide any healing to them
6536s but huh what happened to B did he not B
6540s just died
6541s instantly what is going on he didn't
6543s even St this proc and that's going to
6545s allow the team to see to just pick up
6548s kills across the board sa in a little
6550s bit of trouble as Dena on the backside
6552s Puma trying to turn this around too but
6553s douchi man is trying to look for a kill
6555s onto his former teammate but down goes
6558s the Aden on the side of Team saber they
6559s need to find something now if they want
6561s to go for something but Poma with the
6562s heals on this Adena the stars are too
6565s much for this character yiman is going
6568s to get the suture oh he's going to be
6570s able to get away oh yes get out because
6572s of that suture oh my God but that's
6574s still
6577s A50 yeah and at this stage of the game I
6579s mean they don't have much credits to
6581s spare and they need as much transition
6582s power as they can get these other teams
6585s are already looking so
6587s powerful we cope with this as team sa
6590s they just constantly faring further and
6592s behind
6593s s's caught in the middle he's just going
6596s to get picked
6597s off no he's not he's going to make it
6599s out it's not Shin that was chasing it
6602s was sevy right he's making a little bit
6603s more of a smaller decision here to not
6605s chase that M all the way till the end of
6607s the Earth that's
6609s good Satan he's I mean he's still in a
6612s bad situation he's doesn't really have
6614s anywhere he can go other than maybe to
6616s try and run north
6618s to uh police station that's probably his
6622s best bet
6624s actually no they got their team up he
6625s just needs to regroup yep see yungi and
6629s slowly but surely starting to moving
6632s towards yes there is indeed windy is
6636s still not here in the chat to actually
6637s get witness of this so what point is it
6640s even if the Cilla is doing good in this
6642s game otherwise while that was happening
6644s ju of course picking up the wick line
6645s for themselves is going to be the
6646s complete flip side as Asher picked it up
6648s in game number two now team 2C it's
6651s saying hey we're going to one up you
6652s this time around we're going to be the
6654s ones to pick up that objective sitting
6656s on four kills at the moment and seems
6657s like a fight is starting
6659s out and team Asher blink out away from
6662s revu up against that spring trap but
6664s that's a big investment coming in from
6666s Ted cybers revu going to have to use the
6667s grappling maneuver out but Pi he is
6669s moving he isoing right now he wants
6671s these kills he desperately wants it does
6673s end up using the dash doesn't have the
6675s Overflow reset and the spring trap is
6676s going to miss too so rev should be out
6679s pretty tough as you mentioned yesterday
6680s to chase into a Carlo while she's
6682s running away
6683s oh yeah I mean as soon as those harpoons
6685s get laid down you have you have to walk
6687s around them you're forced to walk around
6689s them every time you're forced to walk
6690s around one of them that's more and more
6691s distance you can create away from you
6694s cuz you also have to remember the
6695s grappling maneuver also gets some cool
6696s down resets if you do and the landing
6698s salvages so over there shinomi this time
6701s around is's going to be the one in play
6702s aggressive what the heck is
6705s this he's still playing it out though
6707s play that actually first popped over on
6709s the side of no from the looks of it Shin
6712s on the complete lip side he is so safe
6714s right now no gets taken down just in
6717s there look at their ERS P trying to
6722s timer oh jumo is going to pop
6724s unfortunately due to timer spring trap's
6726s going to lock him in pop goes to weasel
6728s P just barely gets out with his life 200
6730s Health to his name but that's it that's
6732s the game for team
6734s Asher and yeah shom just completely
6738s manned up and just sent it like he said
6741s I have red carpet ready I have my ALT
6743s ready let's do
6745s it just I can't believe he did that and
6749s Jenny's one of the few carries that can
6750s do that because they have the safety of
6752s play dead the knowledge that hey if I if
6754s this goes wrong and I do get brought
6755s down at least I'm going to get revived
6756s and I have a Lenny to heal me up as well
6759s yeah we give a lot of flack over onto
6761s shinomi for chasing a lot of things but
6762s it's also exactly that kind of trait of
6765s shinomi that allows him to actually do
6767s those kind of plays so really cool there
6769s fushi man's going to get taken down as
6771s his M was taken down earlier which which
6773s means Dina unfortunately sitting inside
6775s of the corner in yeah fire station
6778s having a good time that corner usually
6781s never gets checked especially during
6783s nighttime so if he is able to just kind
6785s of sit in there for a while I don't
6787s think he's going to be in danger there
6789s are a lot of teams hanging around this
6792s area he's surrounded he needs to put his
6794s hands
6795s up oh yeah see look at that
6799s drone yeah they didn't check deep into
6801s the corner it's night time as well
6803s you're completely right yeah he should
6804s be
6806s okay this is going to be pretty
6807s interesting to see how with this
6810s cartel's getting their final cins off I
6812s mean Peng start didn't get some items on
6813s so that must mean [ __ ] was full and
6815s ncmb I just saw was very close to full
6818s so yeah these teams are coming fully
6820s online P's going to get spotted up by
6822s sebie here and I don't think he's going
6825s to get out here he's going to be running
6827s right into the yeah into the loving
6829s Embrace of cartel and he's just stuck in
6831s the middle people are just taking paw
6833s shots at him trying to lasten him and
6835s yeah sen get ends up yeah senine
6838s actually getting the kill interestingly
6840s enough of all the people there from what
6843s I you
6845s know oh that's an awkward fight oh God
6849s down explosion shot pushes him straight
6851s into the wall perfect angle on that ncmb
6853s this fight is over he can't Salvage this
6855s he's trying was over before it even
6857s began as soon as that explosion shot
6859s into the r of the vampire queen
6860s connected it was just over like and
6863s that's the kind of power you want to see
6864s from this team we haven't been seeing
6867s this this team really pop off until now
6869s dejong cyber really coming into their
6871s own in this third Lobby that's
6873s unfortunate din's going to get found out
6875s and of all things it's the vision plant
6877s that is going to catch him out down goes
6879s D unfortunately for some of these teams
6881s I mean they play 20 minutes to fall down
6883s to that I mean yeah right what do you
6886s really say 20 minutes for this yeah
6889s that's brutal it really is but that's
6892s just the the cookie crumble sometimes
6894s which means we are down to four teams no
6897s rats ring this time around and this a
6899s even oh it's actually not a two two
6902s split is very split up and caught in the
6905s middle here yeah they recognize this and
6907s respect it they're going to wrap around
6909s but yungi going to spot that out they're
6911s not going to let them put themselves
6913s into a pincer they're going to kind of
6914s play adjacent to J Jong cyers and not
6916s let themselves get caught in the middle
6918s it's a little bit awkward now for kungi
6920s and a cuz now they see that UOB is
6922s sitting inside inside this area all this
6924s only benefits the side of Team chucas
6926s they're going to be able to kind of
6927s recalibrate themselves while on the
6929s other hand this battle zone is going to
6931s turn into an allout War Zone in a few
6933s seconds here oh you yeah this is just
6935s going to get silly they got to go it's
6937s going to be a timer game and and de Jong
6939s cyers is controlling the center so that
6943s who is the lowest timer I believe it's
6945s Gangi with the lowest by one second from
6947s day Jung yep Airline right now is just
6950s griefing timer on everybody he has the
6952s boast out of everybody here and it
6953s doesn't matter if everybody else pops as
6955s long as Airline stays alive his
6956s teammates come back guys you guys have
6958s to go back in Airline he just needs to
6960s live he just needs to live let's see
6962s what ends up happening he's going to get
6963s taken down down he goes
6966s Advantage oh my God everybody
6969s pumps and that's just the nature of
6971s these B of these these three man zones
6973s is one of the teams commits on the other
6975s one the third one just gets to clean up
6977s and and all of these guys know that too
6979s it's so unfortunate but it's just the
6981s nature of the game at that point it's
6983s quite brutal jinho Last One Alive on the
6985s side of Team Kung 10 seconds to his
6987s timer as well he already used the life
6988s and death seal down he goes there will
6990s be no sus win today as soon as Wendy
6993s steps into the chat sus team dies I
6996s wonder what on Earth is going on over
6997s here C of windy he's bringing he's he's
7001s bringing bad wins quite frankly the
7004s moment he STS where
7007s going where's he going where the heck is
7009s thatting to his teammate yeah oh yeah
7011s he's going to his teammate to a little
7013s Final Call and I'd imagine he's got 250
7015s credits maybe a little tack skill
7017s upgrade or a final upgrade for one of
7019s his teammates I believe Cadmus was only
7021s yeah he's only on two items so maybe
7022s he's going to get something for his
7023s teammate here pites are being called by
7027s both of these characters there is the
7029s blood half did see that earlier it
7031s should be the racing boots I believe
7033s just built up by this Carla should be
7035s able to supplement their attack speed
7037s just a little bit longer and we do know
7038s that for harpoons can crit a little bit
7042s see if this is going to I I think de
7044s Jong has a good chance of taking down
7046s this composition I'd really like to see
7047s Cadmus uses ultimate to try and get
7050s sebbi off of his backline and onto his
7053s own team's backline or yeah just like
7055s that use it to peel get him off of
7056s magnani so magnani has good setup here
7058s and then vampire queen coming out
7060s getting expion shoted and he's down and
7063s yeah exactly as I said the the
7064s intimidation tactic so valuable against
7066s something so hyper mobile it's just
7067s poting click CC but Shino doing so much
7070s damage they have to play this slow
7072s magani finding some damage reu goes down
7074s though no and cadas
7078s oh and oh he miss the oh no and cenim
7084s with just enough healing shielding to
7085s keep shomi alive there Cadmus forc to
7089s take out se's corpse he's all alone a
7091s 2V1 and I don't think he's able to do
7092s this he just doesn't have enough items
7094s here with only the myth armor and dwarf
7096s helmet on him he's just not going to be
7098s able to do enough damage here to take
7099s him down and yeah CH takes game three
7102s team Chi choom as well as senine even
7106s with sebie falling down the springtrap
7109s to cancel out the circulation the
7112s sanctuary literally everything that the
7114s Bianca wants to do and then shom
7116s following up with the damage Genny Lake
7118s game is too good we talked about this
7120s yesterday the Viger Stacks up she goes
7122s pew pew and then your health bar just
7124s disappears Gigi called out to team Che
7126s seed well played and the parts that's
7128s tough is like they have to deal with
7130s sebie and the intimidation tactics was
7133s good it it definitely pulled sebie away
7135s from the targets he wants to get on and
7137s he wasn't left with any ways to use his
7139s Dash to reset to get back on them but
7143s they invested so much into killing sepi
7145s the intimidation tactics use rain of the
7147s vampire queen they used the expulsion
7149s shot there was nothing really left to be
7151s respected for shinan om and he just
7153s activated red dress and just shot people
7156s down see in my opinion it wasn't even
7158s that they had a really good fight and
7161s yes they did invest a lot into sebie but
7164s there was no reason to force it there
7166s was no reason to force it and I don't
7167s know why the Carla walked up so far into
7170s it to try to kill
7173s who yeah yeah that's that's the big
7176s thing once you get once you've downed
7177s one person you can just back off MH just
7180s reset as long as you stay in range
7182s enough to make it so they can't get
7184s their teammate back up you're in an
7185s advantageous position so I mean they set
7187s themselves up for for a win there but
7190s yeah you're you're definitely right with
7192s revu stepping up and just greeting out
7194s to try and close the fight out and just
7196s taking so much damage didn't respect
7198s Shin's um damage enough there at the end
7202s I honestly thought it was dark
7205s but Darko did e in out of the Bush as
7207s well right mhm I thought it was the dark
7210s walking in instead of revu I was like
7212s okay well I can see it but then I saw
7213s the little red gauge of the uh that that
7216s can draw Auto attack like wait a second
7219s that's the Carla why is she so far
7221s walked up instead
7223s Health gets chunk down to what 10% and
7225s it was a trailing Auto attack from Shin
7229s that was also carrying Photon cannon
7232s that killed her when she blinked away
7234s and then from there immediately the
7236s Bianca has to react tries to circulation
7238s in but of course it's a Bianca she can't
7240s sustain the damage so she goes into
7242s Sanctuary but then immediately copine
7245s procs the spring trap cancels it out and
7248s her health bar also disintegrates too
7250s cuz now she doesn't have any damage
7251s mitigation yeah I just went when the
7255s circulation down you don't have any more
7256s healing and when the sanctuary is down
7258s you don't have any more durability Feats
7261s so yeah just drops R vampir already
7264s invested yeah so I mean it it looked
7267s good at the start it really did um I
7270s really I really and and I feel like that
7271s composition is definitely able to deal
7273s with them but I believe they were also
7275s behind in some itemization at the end as
7277s well so I guess they're you know
7280s strongest team one this is one of of
7282s those cases where in VC you probably
7284s hear them hear everybody play Slow play
7286s Slow play slow but then you have that
7288s one person who decides hey maybe I can
7290s play maybe I can be a hero maybe I
7294s yesterday happened to me yesterday in in
7297s EOB I won't talk about it right now as
7298s we have the scores coming up to seat
7300s bringing up 19 points but dejun cyber is
7303s actually getting 17 points that game 12
7305s field kills definitely a solid
7306s performance just going to be that first
7309s place difference and and yeah and like I
7311s said earlier y was in fifth they
7313s definitely wanted points and they're
7314s still in fifth U will be it's only a
7317s Sixpoint difference between the two
7318s teams so things can still switch up a
7321s lot with three more games to go exactly
7324s not expect this kind of scoreboard to
7325s stay as consistent as it is right now H
7328s and cyers playing pretty consistent same
7331s thing for Te Lots yeah same thing for
7333s team Asher oh I don't know if I could
7337s really call it consistent but these guys
7338s are doing something yeah I mean it
7341s looked hard with out the heart last game
7343s honestly it looks like they haven't
7344s rehearsed a situation where heart gets
7346s banned they looked very unfamiliar with
7349s that it's kind of awkward because I
7352s could have sworn they actually had
7353s answers to the heart being banned we saw
7355s it during the season finals but he not
7357s able to deal with it here today
7358s unfortunately they will slowly but
7361s surely take the fall hopefully they will
7363s be able to pick pick it back up with the
7365s heart coming back in game number four
7368s and I guess at this point for team o
7370s they just kind of have to pray that ncmb
7372s doesn't pick the heart and it doesn't
7373s get banned out this time since tazu is
7375s going to be playing that again oh yeah
7378s he's definitely going to go right back
7379s to it should be doing that even with the
7383s May ban coming in in game number four
7384s right
7386s yeah yeah he he should still be going
7389s back to heart I I believe we're just
7390s going to see a heart B every other game
7391s at this
7392s point I'm pretty sure interchange the
7396s May and the Heart bands back and forth
7398s and back and forth but because of that I
7400s think teams are being a little bit more
7402s Rel that they don't have to deal with
7403s the mind the heart composition we've
7405s seen how strong that can be especially
7408s yesterday considering she was banned out
7410s oh man a lot during group a oh yeah
7414s definitely a popular pick I mean
7415s Peacemaker just it's just a one of the
7418s strongest tools in the game period
7420s honestly it it's the longest CC tool in
7422s the game by far
7424s and it's just holds so much power if
7427s it's used correctly and then the m is
7429s just there for even added benefits with
7431s the exclusive we saw the combination
7433s yesterday where we where Ma pulled a
7436s heart that was already Ting at the
7437s moment to reposition the ultimates and
7440s that actually did support the fight I
7441s believe it was team oob that ended up
7444s doing something of the sort when they
7446s hopped over to the at one point might
7448s have been something else I I can't
7450s remember which team it was but there was
7452s a situation where my pulled a heart that
7454s was Ting and it actually did end up
7456s resulting in them winning the fight due
7457s to it but across the board right now not
7460s going to be possible as the ma is going
7461s to be banned of course in this game that
7463s we just saw heart or no har was banned
7467s in the game that we just saw ma will be
7469s banned in the game upcoming we're not
7470s going to see that combo for game number
7472s four at
7473s least yeah I'm interested to see if we
7477s continue seeing the Theodore
7480s Lonzo combination because I feel like
7483s rocks hasn't been able to
7486s find find their game Pace yet Bob mosa
7489s is he's very independent in this com
7492s right he doesn't
7493s really add anything to the Theodore
7496s Alonzo combination but he as it's you
7499s know as a uh what's the word I'm looking
7504s for I'll just say a selfs serving
7507s character I guess yeah selfish you know
7509s camil is a very selfish character so you
7511s know you definitely want something like
7513s Theodore Alonzo a little two-piece combo
7515s that he can just work independently in
7517s with something that I have noticed with
7519s that team as well is that Bob MSA tends
7521s to kind of out Pac energy blast wave
7523s energy blast field yeah and by the time
7525s it's already sent out to the maximum
7528s range he's already out of it by the
7531s other side he's already in there yeah
7534s he's help getting in there looking for
7536s double Al Stacks looking for the
7538s knockback he doesn't even get the
7539s benefits of the movement speed to chase
7541s people down he doesn't need it and we
7543s see the heart band coming back again for
7545s this Lobby
7548s this yeah Hart is going to get shot down
7551s again for game number number
7553s five my heart game again we'll see if my
7556s gets banned out for game number five as
7558s well right cuz that's one of those
7560s things that we have to see whether or
7561s not it just gets kind of interchanged
7563s once again because these teams not being
7566s able to play their bread and butter and
7568s also on top of it neory not being able
7570s to play with it with the AA this might
7573s effectively be one of the last games we
7575s do see that composition coming through
7577s and maybe yeah in game number six it
7579s might not be that bad but they need to
7581s have a performance series in order to
7582s kind of be able to have a chance to even
7584s tank game number five otherwise they
7587s were going to be pressured to do a lot
7589s more than they used to in game number
7591s six yeah and you definitely don't want
7593s that pressure coming into the final game
7595s they're in the safe spot right now but
7598s with three games still to go it's any of
7600s those teams in the bottom four could
7602s easily rise
7604s up see if these teams are able to rise
7607s up as game number four underway of
7609s course again ma was banned this time
7610s around which means the triple heart
7612s coming in heart's going to be banned in
7613s the upcoming game as ncmv decided to say
7616s hey I kind of want to play this
7618s character too Felix pretty good but
7620s heart also really really good and that's
7622s the character I'm much more familiar
7623s with playing in this competitive series
7625s and goodbye there's the blink and CM and
7630s the only Advantage he has this purple
7632s weapon over blue everything else was
7633s identical I'm pretty sure Yi just going
7636s to get ran down by Dena here oh moon
7639s Dorito not finding its Mark good blank
7641s investment from y but it is level one
7643s blank so long cool down it's also the
7646s Alonzo blank most people in na have seen
7650s the
7650s clip
7653s yeah it's it's interesting because a
7656s you're starting to see a lot more of
7657s these frontliners that were that were
7659s initially taking oh my God down he goes
7663s down he goes anyways
7665s you what the hell I just saw that too
7668s yeah the Estelle decided to hop in there
7669s wait there she goes too
7672s I don't think that was the right
7673s decision there from P yeah no I don't
7675s think so Contin you your point mayy
7678s anyways yeah you're starting to see a
7681s lot more of these front liners that were
7682s going protocol that were going force
7683s field starting to take blink um I don't
7687s think you're going to be
7689s able yeah I just I'm not going to be
7691s able to finish this thought ever it's
7693s just non-stop action ncmb goes down now
7696s and just dejun cyber is already at five
7698s kills and they're the first place team
7700s coming into this creating more and more
7702s of a lead for themselves cartel they're
7704s down four deaths yeah good Heavens they
7707s are in poverty all right now you may
7711s continue your thought yeah so tanks
7714s they're starting to run blink over other
7717s tack skills because they're finding it
7718s hard to find proper engage ranges
7721s without it and a lot of these tanks like
7723s Lenox like um like Alonzo they don't
7726s have any Mobility to use so they need
7729s this blank so that way they can get in
7730s or out of fights
7732s you know if you misposition once on
7734s these tanks to a blink it's pretty much
7736s over it's really unfortunate I think for
7738s a lot of these tanks as well as NE Mar
7740s will maybe get taken down there's
7742s knockup there's the intimidation tactic
7743s my God flip straight into WS suplex
7747s straight into the end pop of the re of
7749s the vampire queen yeah kind of going
7751s back es by Point as well the blink is
7754s much more intended for the initiation
7756s purposes right it's a lot more Force
7759s thing you're not really using it as a
7760s lenux or LA Escape out of a fight you're
7763s still screwed if you're The Last One
7764s Alive oh yeah if you're The Last One
7766s Alive at that point your blink's
7767s probably already down because you've
7768s invested it in the fight oh yeah um it's
7771s more of at the start of a fight if
7772s you're like horribly mispositioned it
7774s can be a Saving Grace as well um but
7777s yeah they're definitely trying to use it
7778s aggressive we've seen Lennox blink in go
7781s for a blank uh e into pull combo we've
7785s seen Alonzo even just last game we saw
7787s him blink forward into Point even though
7789s it was a melee range point he knows his
7792s his enemies are just going to use
7793s Mobility away and he needs that he needs
7795s to be in melee range to get a proper
7797s point off exactly we'll see if that's
7799s going to be a factor right these Alonzo
7801s still in the game both of them running
7802s blink at the moment I believe that is
7804s still a level one blink on the side of
7806s hungi is not investing the upgrade into
7808s it cuz quite frankly at this stage it
7809s doesn't matter until it comes back up on
7811s the side of Team Asher though P getting
7813s locked down taking down to about half HP
7814s at the moment is still sustaining back
7816s up Bob mosa on the other hand getting
7818s taken dangerously low jumo looking for
7820s an angle back in Bob m doing the exact
7822s same thing energy Cannon is going to go
7824s down but doesn't really find any Targets
7826s with the spark name which means these
7827s two teams just slowly going to back away
7829s from each other and as jumo revives and
7831s heals up the rest of his team these two
7833s teams are not going to look for a
7835s continuation of that duel yeah and I
7838s mean both of those teams able to sustain
7840s themselves atab so easily between
7841s Theodore and
7843s Lenny um meanwhile in hotel Dina trying
7846s to Zone them off while yeah while sattin
7849s grabs a tree this makes sense because
7851s these two characters Alonzo and uh Adena
7854s are definitely the more threatening
7856s characters that can make you respect
7857s their
7859s ranges so yeah they get the Tre are
7862s better
7864s yeah and Pang yeah Cel is just in
7868s shambles man leave these guys alone
7870s actually no it's actually 2v3 at the
7872s start I didn't even realize and ncmb
7874s just gets bursted down at the start of
7876s the fight Peacemaker forced to be used
7879s anchor coming down but it's not going to
7881s do anything ping in the front pushing
7885s forward another piece maker what the
7887s moon Dorito landed oh my God it was
7890s predicted are we kidding that is
7893s insanity
7895s ncmp okay oh okay now I'm Forest we're
7900s jumping right into another fight Dina on
7902s the backside getting pointed at and
7904s Junk's going to go down here is a little
7909s too squishy at this early stage in the
7911s game he doesn't do have his core I don't
7913s even know if he's running tank items
7914s I've seen him run things like Titan
7916s armor as well as the dwarf helmet but
7918s right now he absolutely does not have
7919s any of those transitions even if he
7921s wants them this guy gets bursted a
7923s little bit too quick and I know a lot of
7926s Camilo players always kind of continue
7928s complaining about the dende and yeah
7930s it's for rightful reasons the damage
7932s reduction on that thing has been scaled
7933s down way way much more compared to when
7936s he actually first got released on the
7938s other side sebie he will actually be
7939s able to get the reset grappling window
7941s over going be there for chinho
7944s Seb
7946s forenom get out delay does he have to oh
7950s my open
7953s aut sebbi he's going to be able to get
7956s out alive with the healing coming in
7958s from that inv
7961s venomized to knock over the M Bianca
7965s drops this guy is just not Happ today
7968s the trademark combo burnt to a crystal
7970s within The Peacemaker the Murray looking
7971s to finish off revolu is his Dash is
7973s going to come back up no they are not
7975s rev is going to make make it out Bob
7979s malsa kind of
7982s looking protol doui man pushing forward
7985s finds this point target onto Bob malsa
7989s struggling to get in oh my God what is
7991s happening are pulling and pushing and
7995s huh did Dena just walk back there and
7997s kill them ah I think it was sa it sat
8001s sat yeah he managed to get
8006s double so B Fiora is just so electric
8009s speaking of electric The Peacemaker
8010s coming out from ncmb he's just kind of
8012s in the middle here and just going to
8014s actually forces it to play dead and
8015s makes it out I stay
8017s uncorrected I don't know why for though
8021s pun yeah
8022s was pink in the bear
8033s so Asher going to be happy about the
8036s outcome of that they're going to clean
8037s up all these hunts here I believe they
8039s got the alpha as well they did Pang
8042s picked up the mythal but then he died
8043s cuz he was tanking the bear
8047s ah did he drop it at least no no no no
8050s absolutely not he died with it in his
8051s inventory oh no which means it goes
8054s straight into the hands of whichever
8056s team is up on the North side there
8057s inside of Valley so good stuff for them
8059s should be able to craft something with
8061s that myth as it is a Jenny or a Lenny
8064s right you got racing helmet options you
8066s got even more options on your arm pieces
8068s if you really chose to do so and it
8070s should allow team masterer to grab a
8072s couple of nice transitions as we start
8074s heading in towards our middle stages of
8076s the game about 45 seconds left to go
8078s until we hit day number three can't see
8080s some of the small faults happening on
8082s the side of Team tongam rocks just a
8085s turn out kill doesn't seem to be enough
8086s for Bob M to keep himself alive inside
8088s these fights but the fight will begin
8090s regardless CH see sitting up in the
8092s front line for field is going to take up
8093s a lot of damage this is a really delayed
8095s Team rocks this is looking bad knock up
8097s over towards ham he's trying to keep
8099s himself alive with the sapphire protocol
8101s but of course in the hands of team to se
8103s not even going to be able to find that
8104s chance and sepi just pushing forward
8107s probably about a full screen away from
8109s his team one V3 and they have to deal
8112s with him and cuz there's nothing else
8114s they can even hit at that point but
8115s sitting on top of the healing plant with
8118s the healing coming through from Lenny he
8119s just he was full health the whole fight
8121s it's actually so bad I think for the
8123s Theo as well this late into the game
8125s because overcharge is really good but a
8128s big part of overcharge is that it gives
8130s you the bonus attack speed guess what
8132s SEI already has he has the guardian Sue
8134s Vanguard cuts that into Smither yeah
8138s it's what 30% I think it is when it when
8140s it activates so yeah and it definitely
8142s activated that fight cuz I definitely
8144s saw him drop down to about half health
8146s and then he just he went back to
8149s full there's no damage coming from rocks
8152s yeah like you just yeah it was actually
8155s insane quite quite brutal this team just
8158s continues to fall further and further
8159s behind hopefully they're able to get
8161s some transitions going cuz they have
8162s about 200 credits sitting around this
8164s area maybe a tree of life call for the
8169s Titan again and again sitting in the v
8172s the Vampire Queen finds the magnetic
8173s field to pull reev in as well he's
8174s forced to jump out and Yeah magnani is
8177s just going to fall and yeah I really
8180s like this composition from I think this
8181s is the composition that Sab played that
8183s I like the most out of any comp they've
8185s played this whole tournament thus
8187s far um Adena uh Adena what is his name
8192s Alonzo Adena Alonzo is very similar to
8194s Theodore Alonzo and Fiora as we've seen
8196s so far in this tournament is a very
8198s powerful pick with just such high damage
8201s output need to prioritize something like
8203s this right in comparison to the Kathy
8205s where it's a little bit more of a hey
8206s it's a one shot thing we got to try to
8209s get the damage in it's not going to work
8211s like
8212s go though the fight begins a sebie
8213s sitting up in the front
8216s lines doesn't find the angle uh-oh P has
8220s access over on to zumu this time around
8222s he's about go into downtime oh he just
8225s overflows reset SE again get a littleit
8228s more jumo down on the ground already
8230s though no completely isolated away from
8232s the fight which means P has to go back
8233s but he already used his weapon skill
8235s he's going to be on exuviation for such
8236s a long time needs to walk through
8238s literally everything to try to get
8239s himself out of this mess is he going to
8241s be able to get out force field activated
8243s but the white lily gets popped too the
8245s white L get activated
8247s by and that was such good presence of
8249s Mind from the Murray to know that the
8251s white lily is his only way out really
8253s and just robs it from him that's got to
8256s suck for team Asher only one kill they
8259s were looking to secure their spot up at
8260s the top of the leaderboards not going to
8262s be able to do that anymore A9 getting
8264s caught out in the early stages of the
8265s fight he will actually get taken down
8267s but the damage from the side of K yeah
8269s in a little bit too much trying to
8271s recover from this the Dorito going down
8273s douchi men's already taken care of in9
8275s will get resed and the purple box goes
8277s into the hands of T
8278s kongi and that's huge for yungi they're
8282s definitely hungry for kills here only
8284s with two kills coming in right now they
8286s need as much as they can get and
8288s speaking of kills I mean saber has
8290s seven still ended up losing when did
8293s this
8295s happen but yeah they they did lose out
8298s there and they're going to have to
8298s invest some credits to get duci man back
8301s but I mean hey they got to be happy with
8303s the outcome to this game thus far I mean
8305s seven kills is nothing to scoff at it's
8307s exactly what they need to and even
8308s better off of that as well they actually
8310s managed to find a mythal from the purple
8312s box so it actually neutralized here the
8314s amount of credits that was
8316s used alls well endswell oh
8321s yeah you seat been pretty quiet this
8324s game I mean this Jenny's already at four
8326s items looking very strong
8330s um we'll see oh okay we're in hotel the
8334s fight is going to begin team has perfect
8336s positioning here he's completely left
8337s unchecked he's pumping out some damage
8339s but
8343s it but is it enough I don't think so
8346s douchan he's trying to deal the damage
8349s full health but he has bobasa on him he
8350s has to deal with this Camilo and without
8352s any Mobility he's going to have such a
8354s hard time yeah he's forced to blank out
8355s s I'm looking but not able to hit the
8357s pulse grenade oh my God
8361s Bob MSA is at huh oh my God the healing
8364s fight Boba
8366s no they got
8368s the they got the rest oh that's why
8372s douchi man decided to walk down he was
8374s trying to rest Satan that's tragic I
8377s wondering what happened oh my God that
8380s that was fast reaction time on that
8381s honestly I'm impressed I think he
8384s canceled an auto attack and also face
8386s planted himself into a wall so he
8388s couldn't get the last Auto attack over
8392s it was DS rampage that clipped just
8394s barely on the fountain in the center you
8396s hate to see it you really hate to see
8398s that oh you know I
8400s do true you know I I casted you face
8404s planting with that thing yes you have
8408s fight's going to begin seie trying to
8409s get access to the backline kunga a
8411s little bit stuck going to get Knocked Up
8412s by the overall and
8415s venomized spe you go completely wide
8417s ping the only Target that seie has at
8419s the stage he's going to have to back
8420s away from this fight C looking for an
8422s angle back in not going to be able to
8424s find it good Retreat from the side of
8426s Team cartel doesn't lose a single member
8428s yeah Bo was positioning there just
8430s absolutely Immaculate just completely
8433s kept copine and Sho MIM a
8436s bay stuff coming in for these teams
8438s they're actually still playing a lot
8440s better I think throughout the course of
8441s the night and of course as you mentioned
8443s earlier I don't think today is as flashy
8445s as yesterday but slowly but surely these
8447s teams are acclimating to this Lobby and
8449s we're seeing the micro a lot lot better
8451s in these fights which is a good thing oh
8453s yeah yeah definitely I mean if you
8455s compare game one to this these guys are
8457s playing phenomenally right
8461s now fny games yesterday today about
8465s skill I like that decision yeah 9 really
8469s good decision hly all on to Satin but
8470s doesn't really result into anything
8472s satin more or less unchecked he's going
8473s to get his full damage out onto the
8475s Nikki in's about to go down
8478s yeah cinaa also down we'll see if sat
8481s will want to turn no I believe he's
8483s already invested his
8485s ultimate the point but The Peacemaker
8489s coming out kind of pushing forward here
8492s which I think is interesting I think
8494s that a no they got the revive off that's
8496s why he's keeps pushing forward and yiman
8499s is going to go down that is
8501s absolutely meanwhile sebie also going
8503s down also Wick Line's taking down the
8505s blood just kind of chilling on her right
8507s now
8509s B blinking to the wickline corpse to
8512s loot it what Deon cyers has to back away
8516s because they were taking too much damage
8518s of course with the wick Line Circle of
8520s Death circle of poison as we might say
8522s for ourselves still kind of tagging
8524s along most of those members and that
8526s actually allows Bob MSA to be full build
8528s now I saw him build a dwarf helmet
8530s earlier now he has the uh what is it the
8533s Scarlet Red sighte I think no what is it
8535s called again the dual sword one uh
8539s Phantom Blade Phantom Blade there you go
8541s good call on that one Phantom Blade and
8542s he also picked up a tree of Light which
8544s means his Titan armor is up and online
8546s so the tankiness that we were talking
8547s about earlier for Bob MSA he absolutely
8550s has it now yeah and Phantom Blade is
8553s just honestly it might be the best blood
8556s weapon in the game it provides so much
8559s value uh especially in the hands of
8561s something like Camilo where he just
8562s needs literally every sort of stat he
8564s can get for damage and that armor pin is
8566s going to pay so many dividends towards
8568s him yeah it's so good on Camilo as well
8571s because he's able to Interchange a lot
8572s of his Combos and you have to remember
8574s that welta does count as an auto attack
8576s as well he can make use of that thing so
8578s so well in comparison to a lot of other
8580s characters like the Jackie like the Yuki
8583s where a lot of the skills that they use
8585s yeah I mean for Yuki maybe his Q does
8588s get a little bit of that bonus coming
8589s from the Critical Strike damage but you
8592s don't really get the added advantage of
8594s multiplying the damage with the the
8596s armor penetration really cuz a lot of
8598s your damage on that character kind of
8600s relies on the damage too yeah a Yuki
8604s conasur I can tell you the value of the
8606s Phantom Blade is the fact that it has
8607s CDR on it and it let you swaps another
8610s slot that's the real value of Phantom
8613s Blade oh
8617s yeah but dejong cyers looking for a
8621s fight here they want to use this Wick
8623s line buff they definitely want to
8624s establish some poke down with it first
8626s hangi eating some damage magnani looking
8629s to find some qes but not finding their
8631s Mark
8633s cadus has nothing to do so he's killing
8635s a
8636s boar he's like yeah you guys play that
8639s range their own you guys have played
8640s your game I'm I'm ready to use my ALT
8642s when yungi goes in the thing is do you
8646s who can even pop yung's Shield here bani
8649s of course with the Singin Javelin can
8651s but it's not really that common that you
8652s get to see yeah double things tagging
8654s and I don't think you want to really
8655s invest the what is it
8658s the the explosion shot trying to get rid
8661s of The Shield since that's such an
8663s important ility trying to push Bob M
8665s away
8666s from the reason why cabus would use
8668s intimidation tactics isn't for trying to
8670s peel hungi off it's because he's a big
8673s body so if he use if he's able to use it
8675s to get on the Theodore it's going to do
8676s a ton of damage and be his ticket end
8678s onto the backline exactly that's what
8680s I'm looking for right now even if the
8682s max HP damage was Nerf this is still a
8684s late game Lonzo he's base Health pull in
8687s it of itself is absolutely insane as
8689s long as somebody is able to break the
8691s shield even if it's himself right even
8693s if he goes in and tries to get the
8695s knockup and with the AOE knockup he does
8697s get rid of The Shield that opens up but
8699s create that creates an opening for the
8701s Darko to maybe try to get the
8702s intimidation tactic off get access to
8704s the back line and starting from there
8707s try to run over whatever this team is
8710s able to do but here we go they might
8711s even not get the chance cuz SE is going
8712s in
8713s first Hing him in trouble utilizes his
8716s passive to find his way behind his
8717s teammates to create distance uses his Al
8720s to go backwards has a retreating option
8722s but here comes dejon cyers with the
8724s third party they're going to find a kill
8726s here parcking play dead yeah they're
8729s just going to invest the intimidation
8730s tactics they don't want any funny
8731s business from chomi that's really
8733s unfortunate it looked so good for team
8735s 2C but the back away was just better
8738s from the side of Team sunam rocks the
8740s angle in which they got third parted by
8741s team cartel was just not that good Chom
8744s already investing pretty much everything
8746s in this kit in in the acceptance spee
8748s couldn't get out of the rotation on the
8750s other side here we go more fights
8752s happening inside of Uptown as douchan
8755s soaking up a lot of damage with the
8756s shields facing up front uh-oh not
8758s looking good there's The Peacemaker
8759s canceled out because hau's just dead
8762s yeah he canceled by
8765s death yeah can't do anything while
8767s you're dead sebie going to be able to
8768s dashing out of there cine keeping
8770s himself alive as well spring traps on
8771s out oh spark n is going to miss all over
8774s the place but there is a ton of people
8775s here senine still trying to stay alive
8777s same thing for sebie he's about to go
8779s into downtime but he trying to keep
8781s himself alive as much as possible does
8782s he even have overflow they don't even
8784s care about sebie they're looking for the
8786s kills on on the team across the board
8788s sebie gets out he's still alive what the
8790s heck are these zones wait a second oh my
8793s God I don't know what this is I this is
8796s new is there anybody inside a chapel I
8799s don't think so I think all of our teams
8801s are in uptown right
8803s now this is crazy I don't even know
8805s what's going on everybody's just
8806s fighting everybody right now there goes
8808s J there goes
8811s and yeah at the end of it all s Rock's
8815s finding a bunch of kills and I believe
8817s de Jun cyers got a good amount of kills
8820s tooer advantage on the side of tun cyers
8823s for a little bit actually most of the
8825s members of there is a team in yeah it's
8827s going to be UOB that's one of the
8828s reasons why a lot of these teams are in
8830s here two tight of corridors up against
8831s the Eva not going to be good Bosa
8833s sitting at 8 seconds they got to find
8834s the kill and they got to do it now 2
8836s seconds left on the side of going to
8838s down there is the intimidation tactic
8839s pop
8841s people cartel still sitting at around 30
8844s seconds f is lower on timer by a
8846s significant amount let's see if it plays
8848s a part I mean this is a really long temp
8850s Zone they can actually just stall out
8851s these timers and wait oh they got to go
8854s the queen their last queen comes out 10
8857s seconds left on the have enough there's
8860s a double knock are they oh Pop Goes to
8862s weasel there goes one their timers are
8864s refreshed and it's going to be The
8866s Peacemaker to say goodbye A fitting
8869s concerto of death on the side of Team
8871s Ted cybers as cartel knocks him down 12
8874s team kills for this team are you kidding
8877s me they've been looking for the points
8878s and it's in game four all along along
8880s and they're finding them now yeah and
8882s oob just you know once again collecting
8884s a bunch of placement points just playing
8887s a nice consistent game I mean they're
8889s all pretty strong here with transitions
8891s yeah you see the double blood transition
8892s over on the Heart full build on Eva I
8895s mean this is definitely You know despite
8897s having a slower paced game they
8898s definitely found their way to a lake
8900s game game
8901s setup but CMP looking to flank remember
8904s it is Forest right the zones were a
8906s little bit funky because all of them are
8907s intersecting each other yo if ncnb is
8910s able to find the flank on this this
8912s could be the flank of a lifetime but
8914s they just found a cam spotted him out
8917s yeah and now they're looking
8921s to what wait he's actually going for
8923s this AR yo this it's about to get
8925s canceled oh there it is oh my god there
8929s it goes Airline that's
8932s what a misplay oh my God I feel like he
8934s could have walked out of that did he not
8935s see the Estel happening ah maybe it got
8937s covered by the paker cuz you know the
8939s graphics are really weird on this there
8941s is The Peacemaker coming in this time
8943s from ncmb this should be a fitting
8945s calling card again on the side of Team
8949s cartel finding so many points this round
8953s the dumu just going to get finished off
8955s here and yeah they've had a rough start
8958s in this lobbies but game four here they
8961s really found their Mark all the things
8964s that allows you to cancel a peacemaker
8966s on the heart it is going to be the hel
8967s tack stat GG well played over onto the
8970s side of Team cartel finally fighting
8972s themselves a game they can proudly say
8974s we are first place 14 or 15 team kills
8977s for that team a massive game to go into
8979s break number two with yeah absolutely a
8983s massive game to go into the break with
8985s um we'll see how they adjust in game
8987s five with the heart band coming up I
8990s feel I feel like Peacemaker
8992s was Monumental very very very Monumental
8998s yes perfect word for it for how their
9001s how a lot of their fights played out um
9003s and what a
9005s flank that was like that was the flank I
9008s wish I got yesterday oh my God man that
9011s was insane I can't believe you wrapped
9013s all the way around they had vision of
9015s them too I feel like they should have
9017s just capitalized on something once they
9020s had vision of them maybe push forward
9022s into umu because I mean they can't
9024s really stop it but how do you approach
9026s Ana yeah I'm not entirely sure it's one
9029s of those things where because of the
9031s flank team UOB actually had to
9034s prioritize multiple different angles
9036s right like if it was the Estelle that
9038s was flanking then yeah your shukai could
9040s just push into the two backline damage
9041s dealers and say hey we just got to push
9043s that and say okay we might as well do
9045s the damage while we can and just deal
9047s with the Stell later but no it was the
9049s other damage deal that split apart and
9051s it's the high priority one as well since
9053s she has the disruptive Peacemaker if she
9056s does end up going in looking for the
9058s backline Triple Peacemaker into AA no
9061s less that's going to be kind dangerous
9063s to deal with especially this late into
9065s the game you had to prioritize multiple
9067s different directions Eva not really good
9069s at doing that yeah no not at all she
9073s definitely wants the exact opposite and
9075s it's funny because we saw uh oob take a
9079s similar fight in school and I think the
9080s terrain played a big part in how the
9083s fight played out this time around
9084s there's no containers this time around
9086s there's no big walls or anything of the
9089s swort it's just a big tree that sits in
9091s between everybody where they were just
9093s kind of doing a little bit of a ring
9095s around the rosie around that tree of
9097s life spawn area yeah Adena is not going
9099s to care about that so is Hart so is the
9102s Estelle and in the end again it it was
9104s the helx stack coming through from the
9106s Estel to knock up and cancel out The
9108s Peacemaker which sets up now for ncmb to
9112s do a counter Peacemaker which was of
9114s much much higher value than the oh yeah
9116s and he definitely got some damage put on
9118s from the knockup as well I mean the
9120s setup was just crazy and at that point
9122s like with the counter Peacemaker you're
9124s in full control your Eva's able to step
9126s up and just or the Eva what am I talking
9132s about I'm dizzy it's okay it's okay take
9135s a breather grab some water you know if
9137s you're starting to get a little bit of
9138s that headache sip the water do not chug
9141s the water but I do understand where
9143s you're coming from as well a lot of
9145s small nuances happening inside of that
9147s fight making it very difficult I think
9148s for umu especially to navigate around it
9151s because unless there is a buff or a mod
9153s or something like that that allows aa's
9155s lasers just like split apart in two and
9157s just kind of shoot out in multiple
9158s directions like you can see in Binding
9160s of Isaac or something like that yeah
9162s that fight was just never really going
9164s to go to the fans of Team UOB but here
9167s we go round results coming through for
9169s game number number four cartel picking
9171s up 15 total fuel kills and getting the
9173s first place means they're at 23 points
9176s saber following right behind with 15 ton
9178s cyber sitting in third place with 12 so
9180s yet another game where it is very much
9183s topit weighted heavy and because of the
9186s game that cartel just had yeah they're
9188s going to be able to push themselves up
9189s into the qualifying section of the
9192s leaderboard at the moment 42 points for
9194s themselves will be sitting in second
9195s place whereas tedan cyers still holding
9198s strong in first place juicy going to be
9200s down in third with 39 UOB in 38 but
9203s ashon now pushed down below the
9205s qualifying Point sitting at 34 points
9207s it's still a very very close series but
9210s games five and six is going to really
9212s really matter for a lot of these teams
9213s now yeah I mean even gungi they're only
9217s they're less than 10 points behind it's
9219s not insurmountable the only team that's
9221s really looking at Dire Straits here now
9222s is sunam rocks and I mean they didn't do
9225s that bad last game and with two games to
9227s go yeah even they're not out of the
9228s running exactly it's a little bit tough
9230s for ham rocks though because we do see
9233s the small holes in their composition and
9235s it's the fact that this Camilo is really
9237s not that tanky of course he does a lot
9239s of damage I talked about him getting the
9242s the Almas welta combo off and chunking
9245s down a Bianca I believe from 100% HP to
9248s maybe around 60% with just one of those
9250s combos but after that he has to wait for
9252s rotations and without the items that he
9254s needs like the Titan armor like the
9256s dwarf fmet he will die
9262s it's a little bit tough yeah I mean if
9264s you don't and and the tough part about
9267s Camilo too is like if you build too much
9270s durability he doesn't need to be
9271s respected because he's not going to do
9273s any damage and he doesn't have any any
9275s threatening CC at least I mean you can
9279s you can use the the E2 to do a little
9281s mini knockup yeah does but it doesn't
9284s really it doesn't really accomplish much
9286s right there's not much your teammates
9287s can do to play off of it so if you if
9289s you invest too much into durability you
9293s you get ignored more or less and if you
9295s invest too much in damage you drop too
9297s quickly so it's hard and you have to
9299s invest in him as well exactly because if
9302s you don't he doesn't do anything anyways
9305s in the end it is Bob mosa though maybe
9307s he'll be able to figure things out maybe
9308s he'll be able to make a comeback in the
9310s next set of games because if he wants to
9311s move on into the finals he will
9313s absolutely have to do so but guys that
9315s was game number four we're going to send
9317s ourselves to a break so grab some water
9318s grab a snack go take a stretch cuz we'll
9321s see you guys back here for games five
9322s and six mhm
9361s spee
9379s speech
9409s e foree
9453s fore spee
9490s spee speech
9528s think
9545s for
9555s chicken wow
9588s for
9618s for for
9654s Fe
9682s un
9739s I
9768s for for
9822s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
9823s back from the bake hopefully you guys
9825s had a fantastic one because I know I had
9828s and I know that meat cuz we were talking
9830s to each other and we felt great but yes
9834s bonding moments between our casters heck
9837s yeah see this is why I sometimes want
9838s like these behind the scenes kind of
9840s things where we're just recording the
9841s entire thing just your voice and ie so
9843s that maybe they get to hear what goes on
9845s in the background but at the same time I
9847s don't want you guys to hear it because
9849s it's our special time to be with but
9851s yeah either way wild cards is still
9854s ongoing we got games five and six coming
9856s up the last couple of games for the Wild
9858s Card stages and after the sixth game
9860s guys four teams will move on four teams
9863s will
9864s drop I'm ready for these games I feel
9867s like these teams some of these teams are
9869s going to get desperate and some crazy
9870s things are going to start happening I'm
9872s hoping that that's going to be the case
9873s because we haven't had her fill of the
9875s chaos that we were able to endure
9877s yesterday but at the same time I want
9880s these teams to just kind of go back to
9881s their their bread and butter since after
9884s yesterday consistent yeah my mental
9886s state needs a little bit of a
9888s break yes yesterday was crazy I can not
9891s believe the things I was seeing from
9893s both groups I thought at least maybe one
9895s of the groups would you know be normal
9899s every game was just abnormal yeah there
9902s was no normal yesterday today is much
9904s more in line with what you would
9906s normally see in these kind of
9908s tournaments but we are already seeing a
9910s change What The Hell Song D rocks
9913s finally deciding to bring back DDO
9915s they're going to go back to their bread
9917s and butter we're seeing the shoe the
9919s William and the Bernice they say hey we
9922s are struggling right now we need a
9924s change of pace William online and ready
9926s to go this guy's playing for the long
9927s run he's sitting on the adrenaline and
9930s that's exactly the desperation I was
9932s talking about suam rocks were they're in
9934s eighth place right now they need to make
9936s something happen it's you know desperate
9939s times call for
9940s desperate what was that what the heck
9943s NCM Kenneth charlot
9946s Charlotte no okay but that comp what the
9949s heck is that cop are you kidding me ya
9951s Eva and the
9953s charot this is what is your goal I don't
9958s no at this point you know ubu is gemos
9964s is too stubborn to switch off a evil
9967s man he refuses this composition is just
9971s from looking at it right is not going to
9973s be enough um there are way too many
9975s people who can force fights in this
9977s composition and if you take a look just
9980s from what we've seen so far I don't
9981s think a Charlotte is going to be able to
9983s sustain her teammates long enough when
9985s there's Eon running around there is an
9988s Alonzo who's going to point his finger
9989s at you there is a Maya and a Kenneth
9991s who's going to run you down for all
9993s eternity and never let an Eva kill her
9995s uh kill the kill either one of those two
9997s there's a Darko who's going intimidation
9999s tactic your entire team back when you're
10001s already playing far
10003s back what is the game what what's the
10005s game plan here I I I have no idea man
10010s somebody in I don't know this Hearts
10013s band copium y somebody in chat said
10016s kitten comp but who are they kiding for
10018s it I mean you know maybe you funnel this
10021s a
10023s and put all your eggs in that basket but
10025s at that point like what's the Eva doing
10027s here yeah and even then even if you put
10030s the assault rifle a with all these items
10032s there's so many front liners that could
10034s interrupt the a there's M there's
10036s Kenneth there's Alonzo Shields all
10038s across the board that pretty much
10040s negates the damage on the side of this a
10043s yeah you can give her items all you want
10044s you can give her judgment you can even
10046s give her the blood weapon give her the
10048s additional range on that thing yeah for
10049s all I care you can go for all that but
10052s when she's not able to do damage
10054s reliably since she doesn't have the
10055s front line to rely upon then what's the
10057s point yeah exactly couldn't couldn't
10061s have said it better myself honestly
10063s we'll have to see if they know something
10065s we don't because I'm not seeing I'm not
10068s seeing the potential poti here for this
10071s composition it's even worse by the way
10073s too because this is a little bit of a
10074s hidden Factor that's not going to come
10076s into play until later but the fact that
10077s sunam rocks brought in ddio he literally
10080s bypasses all needs of a front line as a
10082s William since he can just use signature
10084s Fireball and have access to the backline
10086s he doesn't care that there's a Charlotte
10089s yeah that's something that people forget
10091s about is William and William's one of
10093s those carries that want to get in there
10095s they want to just burst somebody down
10097s with that with the fire into the queue
10100s like it just pumps somebody down see
10103s both both you and I are talking about
10104s that team they're going to now they're
10106s going to C yeah right oh yeah we're just
10109s like we're setting them up we're like
10110s yeah this comp is awful these guys
10112s aren't going to do anything with this we
10114s know they must know something we don't
10116s and then they show up and they're like
10117s yeah we do know something you don't and
10119s just win the no win looking at our
10122s saying like why didn't they pick the
10124s SPI
10126s yeah but realistic speaking that should
10131s not happen with a composition like that
10132s in an ERM this is just more of a filler
10135s that we were talking about already at
10136s the beginning of game number four right
10138s the fact that that team comp is
10140s something that they kind of pick thanks
10143s to the fact that heart is going to be
10144s banned we did see that the a alongside
10147s everything else they were playing not
10148s exactly out to the greatest here we go
10151s another fight happening is tazu trying
10152s to get chased down an auto attack from
10154s shom will be enough as the blink HED too
10156s A lot of people falling inside a police
10158s station but in the end again it's going
10159s to be team CH picking up one and Ki
10162s eight picking up one Ted cyber sitting
10164s on two coming in Sav and overflow
10167s there's D poing the signature Fireball
10169s he's got the signature fireballs going
10171s there's the fast ball going be to knock
10173s set and the meley range of Bernice it's
10176s going to make it's going to make it
10178s really hard for these eons to to want to
10180s go in I mean when you get stuck next to
10182s Bernice and you're not able to instantly
10183s take him down he starts doing so much
10187s damage especially late game when he's
10189s actually going to have even more damage
10190s to supplement those buck shots Eon
10192s sitting in melee range against the
10194s bernes is actually
10195s counterintuitive yeah
10197s 100% so then who do you go for do you go
10199s for DDO but he's going to dash all over
10201s the place what are you doing yeah right
10202s it's like it's like yeah it's actually a
10205s really good composition for this
10207s specific type of Lobby just see that
10210s there are small issues with it
10211s intimidation tactic is pretty good up
10213s against the William sitting right top of
10216s you that's the that's the beauty of
10218s that's Williams weakness dealing with
10220s point and
10222s click and and it's such a strong thing
10225s and you see it over in in multiple moas
10229s I mean just picking things that are just
10230s point and click that can't be outplayed
10232s it's it's so powerful mhm one of the
10234s biggest things I think here for Cadmus
10236s is going to be to wait out the proc of
10239s fast ball right just to use intimidation
10241s tactic and at least eat about a second
10243s or a second and a half during the
10245s animation of it to deny most of the DPS
10247s coming out from that thing
10249s because you most of us know that William
10252s he kind of needs to have up time on that
10254s fast in order to actually kill people
10256s when you don't get access to that well
10257s you're not really doing anything as a
10259s William even with the adrenaline but a
10261s lot of fight starting here again another
10263s one inside of fire station from the
10265s looks of it at the moment and the
10267s vampire queen not bad but it's a one for
10268s one trade as mind will take the fall he
10271s is still seeming to struggle despite ton
10273s cyers across the board I mean they're
10275s doing good but M today has been a little
10278s bit on the questionable side almost
10280s seems like a sacrificial lamb if
10282s anything yeah yeah we we've seen a lot
10285s of um questionable plays I mean even
10288s yesterday we saw him mtime his
10291s circulation with the reain of the
10292s vampire queen as well it's just it's
10294s been an awkward tournament form him I
10295s don't know if it's the the teams they're
10297s playing into or or tournament nerves or
10300s what but things have just been a little
10302s little awkward for him he's looked off
10304s he hasn't looked like his usual self but
10306s he's still in first place so yeah hey
10310s must be doing something right the
10313s sacrificial L part is actually starting
10314s to come in clutch at this point cuz this
10316s guy is making things work he's forcing
10319s people to burn cool Downs on him to try
10322s and keep him out of sanctuary or you
10325s know keep him in check so maybe he's
10327s just drawing a lot more
10329s attention is and he's going draw a lot
10331s of attention from the side of Team CH SE
10333s No actually that's team Asher from the
10335s looks of it ched and here comes our
10337s mirror match up yes indeed spring trap
10340s initially from the side of jumo is going
10341s to miss nice red carpet is going to put
10344s sebie on a long long cool down and I
10346s don't know if he wants to overflow right
10348s now he actually will go yet on the back
10351s side overflow is good but narvik health
10352s bar dropping really low there goes the
10354s play dead and the auto attacks coming in
10356s from shom again team Asher is just
10358s outplayed by the members of Team two SE
10361s and one of the big things that happened
10362s and it felt like a miscommunication and
10363s something that CH see executes way
10365s better on is their Lenny and Jenny are
10368s always on the same P always sticking
10369s together but with Asher they split off
10371s from each other and that was the undoing
10373s of that whole fight I love that call
10375s from you because every single time we
10377s see shinomi going in a lot of times in
10380s in the past in the past a lot of us
10382s casters especially Superior and I have
10384s given Flack over onto shinonome and even
10386s circadia back then as well cuz he makes
10388s some plays that look absolutely
10390s psychotic and yes we can't always fall
10393s back on the fact that he does have the
10394s play that to rely upon but he's never
10397s had somebody that he has this much energ
10399s with zenine has been playing if anything
10402s even more psychotic than sh justs so
10406s well yeah it's perfect it's it's a match
10409s made in heaven honestly they play so
10411s well with each other and sepy is always
10413s ready to go and he's always the first
10415s one to dive in and start things off so
10417s who's the real psycho there yeah really
10420s yeah it's just a team full of psychos
10422s but perfect it works so so well they're
10427s just always on the same page love it I
10429s love it I love it this time around we're
10431s going to be able to see Team oob it's
10433s going to be a bit of a Miss on the
10435s ballistic missile Charlotte find a lot
10438s of time wait a second hold on I think
10442s they knew something we didn't
10447s shoot I mean it was a very ambitious
10449s fight to try and shoot for especially
10451s against a team of triple backland is
10452s going to cut you out but meanwhile in
10456s alley Cadmus is alone
10459s oh his teammates died his teammates died
10462s yeah they had ERS going don't you worry
10464s a trouble okay okay nice taking up the
10468s front line P will get taken down there
10470s we go kungi inate with the subam slowly
10473s but surely scaling themselves up it will
10475s be the mythal picked up for them and
10477s from the looks of it is that going to be
10479s the mythal cuz I saw a needle in their
10482s inventory although could be crop could
10484s be armband as well if you get a bandage
10486s you can make my arm band oh yeah need
10488s could even be used for some of her
10490s weapons cuz she is a shuriken character
10492s so yeah but she already had the pedal
10494s turn online so what's that four them oh
10498s GP it might just be M arm pan yeah
10501s maybe there's a lot of options there's a
10503s lot of ways it could go we we'll have to
10505s see how it pins out and see this is one
10506s of the things that I love about season 4
10508s is that you know I do have to admit that
10511s I did complain a lot about these
10513s additional item skills coming in cuz
10515s there was so many at the beginning of
10517s the season but the more and more I think
10519s about it the more and more versatility
10521s it gives to builds that usually didn't
10523s have that much in the past like these
10524s [ __ ] builds it was so straightforward
10527s back then it was what Fallen Pegasus
10528s Spectre radar or mythal armband and then
10531s Alexander racing boots now you have so
10534s many more options on the helmet you have
10536s so many more options with the
10537s introduction of Gilly suit even on the
10540s chest piece as well it feels so good to
10542s play this game right now even you see
10545s even with the Mages 2 the introduction
10547s of dragon fury the Mage builds have
10548s started to kind of separate from each
10550s other based on what you're playing but
10551s anyways in uptown rocks oh my God Yi got
10555s taken down really fast jinho playing for
10557s the corpse giving his teammates the
10559s execution bonus and Bob Musa is also
10561s just going to get taken down as well uh
10564s DDO just going to walk out of here
10567s doesn't want anymore saw that the fight
10569s was going south for them really quickly
10570s and got out meanwhile over in fire
10576s station I think she set in the advantage
10578s here it's hard to tell Soul sper coming
10581s out what that sound triple knockup
10583s coming through from ncmb not that bad
10585s excepting speech being forced out from
10587s the side of shom he's still duking it
10589s out and the Damage coming through from
10590s this Jenny is insane as Pang will take
10592s the fall straight through the shvil down
10595s goes the mai Dina trying to run away
10597s from this there's the pull coming in
10598s from tazu will he be able to stay alive
10600s The Shield oh
10601s Mya what my God is kungi and they going
10606s to fall to that there's no way they has
10609s no oh there's a blink blink after all
10611s that I'm sorry I didn't realize I didn't
10613s understand this game but he's running
10614s right into uo he should have seen the
10617s Ping from the
10619s bear yeah nope no no no oh on the bright
10623s side the star astral train actually did
10626s allow him to stay alive long enough to
10627s knock down the Cilla I mean they'll take
10629s this minus 250 in the hands of a plus
10631s two kill off on the hands of Dena that
10633s was an incredible fight up against him
10636s yeah that
10637s was that was pure Insanity I was blown
10639s away honestly you and I both thought she
10642s was dead to RS but yeah I thought for
10644s sure like I was like okay he's
10647s dead oh okay never mind there is no hope
10650s jho looking for the revive but Oho is
10653s right here they see the pings for the
10655s revive Shri still coming out jho's aware
10657s of their existence fantastic K chops
10662s yeah begin Das out from here we go
10666s signature Fireball lands onto Satan he's
10668s pumping out the damage one after another
10669s but the stun with the FL is good D he's
10672s pumping out the damage and down goes
10674s much damage from over oh my God wait a
10677s second oh and down goes H as well B's
10680s run he's running is going for this sass
10685s Dash good animal to reset but yeah
10688s there's nothing he can go off of and
10691s that was incredible by DDO he used the
10694s signature fible to go over the wall
10695s baited everyone in towards him and blink
10697s back over the wall and pumped out so
10698s much damage but it just was not enough
10701s sa man these spear fioras are constantly
10703s pumping out these multiple stuns with
10705s the fles I don't know how they're lining
10707s it up every single time we've seen this
10709s F have a good fight it's multiple people
10712s getting stunned by it it's insane it's a
10714s two we've seen
10716s like probably like five or six Twan
10720s stuns from Fior this tournament thus far
10722s it's insane how they're fighing them
10724s meanwhile over in hotel pushing forward
10726s but the Charlotte all offering so much
10728s but somehow still alive after eating
10730s that whole laser nuray looking for more
10733s he's not done here dashes in not able to
10736s get the
10738s box the evil
10741s laser holy crap Airline barely surviving
10744s being able to get the divine
10745s intervention off tazu barely surviving
10748s what the hell where did that come from
10751s okay he stays alive too tazu barely I
10753s think he was living on single digit
10755s numbers there being able to go in the
10756s girl in the bubble and the player with
10758s us to get a shield for himself jinho
10761s doing the exact same thing everybody
10763s living up on just a crutch right now
10766s these fights man are getting close they
10768s are getting so so close re on the flank
10771s o but nothing comes doesn't get any
10773s damage down doesn't really matter jumo
10774s heals up narvi for many damage he did
10777s P's getting kind of chunked here Cadmus
10781s doing a lot of damage I mean the
10782s percentage damage from his Q does you
10785s know it adds up when you get multiple of
10787s them on a on a single Target yeah
10789s thankfully at least p is pretty tanky
10791s Seb is the exact same case here but he's
10793s completely isolated away from his team
10794s the thing Corridor is going to get
10796s completely canceled out nice ping pong
10797s over on towards ncmb but now it's a
10799s third party coming in there's M ra of
10801s the vampire queen is good land straight
10803s onto bonga down he goes SE is also going
10806s to get eliminated and you can see the
10807s members of 2C just running straight
10809s toward the
10810s console junk cyers once again finding
10813s another third party and if you look at
10814s the kill counts they once again just the
10817s kill leaders coming into this early game
10819s they always seem to find a lot of kills
10822s n going in finds the Quake everybody's
10824s locked down but the Charlotte all coming
10826s out they're forced to
10827s disengage and jinho got chunked out so
10831s hard I think they I think they're
10833s cooking be honest yeah I think they're
10835s cooking yeah I think this this is the
10837s comp this is the one di just kind of
10840s alone he is moving is he going to get
10842s sattin here no no okay yeah that
10847s was he was kind of looking a little nice
10849s though not kind of inspirational I might
10852s be playing some William after this this
10854s is why we love DD man this guy always
10856s pulls off the miracle I'll give you a
10857s little bit of background history on him
10859s but it seems like team oo they're
10861s cooking no the ya is down the Charlotte
10863s is down the EA runs out of Gage she's
10866s trying to do damage but it's just not
10868s there and down she goes
10871s oh this is the first time they've gone
10874s eth all tournament yep somebody's got to
10877s do it I guess I mean oh I mean you know
10880s they were cooking for a event I guess I
10882s guess we were right for once the casters
10884s were actually
10885s correct oh my God has been broken is
10888s this the new beginning of my
10890s life my
10893s life sh's new call being rebor they need
10897s to fire me at this point man my my
10899s contract says I need to uh I need to
10901s cter C what's going
10902s on oh I see it's in the contract of
10905s thege
10911s well oh no he's just going to get caught
10914s out here over the wall he goes but
10916s everyone's able to follow up on this oh
10918s my God jinho got annihilated by boonga
10922s there half his health instantly gone
10924s from the Dorito sun and wait Satan sees
10927s us and he's not going to let it go side
10929s step but it's not enough she a so much
10932s damage right now Satan spear fius today
10936s had and yesterday has been an absolute
10937s assass she has been running around these
10940s fights making sure that no matter what
10942s those fent and fles are going to hit it
10944s is insane how much damage she is pumping
10946s out over and over again resetting those
10948s two shave Stacks over and over and over
10952s and over again in these fights I this is
10954s why I want post custom game stats man I
10957s want to see how much true damage I want
10959s to see how much damage is coming through
10960s but here we go de on Cyber is in a
10962s little bit of a situation right now Wick
10964s Line running back just going to pick up
10965s this wick for free baby for that team
10968s she know get the last to come in first
10970s of the wick not bad and they got to be
10973s happy about that I mean they're only on
10975s three field kills right now but they've
10976s got great positioning on the map they're
10978s above every other team there's no way
10979s anybody's going to come behind them once
10981s school closes so they you know they're
10983s in pretty good positioning meanwhile
10985s over in uptown we have three oh no okay
10988s meanwhile over in hotel is what I meant
10990s to
10992s say uh gungi looking to call in but
10997s they're being press by Asher they do get
11000s the Colin off though they're just going
11002s to walk away try to get this craft off
11004s we have a sod fire in M inventory as
11007s well so a lot of crafting needs to be
11008s done on this side of gungi indeed indeed
11010s indeed I did also see a fully built
11013s Carla with the blood half set up but
11015s another fight inside of forest let's see
11016s if this is going to work out for team
11017s AST or if it's going to work out for
11019s team Kung cuz jino is pumping Out Auto
11021s attack ASU gets caught out Sanu Javelin
11023s is going to lock that character down
11025s down he goes third party coming in for
11027s team aser they still have the acceptance
11028s speed but down goes to Lenny they need
11030s to recover now 13 seconds to go until
11032s he's going to be doomed and J for these
11035s teams but they don't have the credits
11037s Jenny has to run darvick is trying to
11039s run there are people everywhere in this
11041s corant of the map darvick is going to go
11043s try to get the res does he have the
11044s credits I don't think so it just turn
11046s day five no team Asher it is a tragedy
11050s for this team and they're so desperate
11053s for points right now too oh it's so
11056s tough maybe they can pull off a miracle
11058s like they did
11060s yesterday they're
11063s dead this is looking bad DDO now stuck
11066s in the middle of everything beautiful
11067s push away with the wind up he's going to
11069s get taken down though and down goes the
11071s price as well these close fights are
11073s going to be determined by just a little
11075s bit but the healing coming from daa is
11077s just barely enough and team saber picks
11080s up their next three they sitting on 10
11082s kills hung nrocks picks up one four but
11085s that's it that's all they have to show
11088s Bina just has so much prowess on this
11090s character he knows the exact limits he
11092s can push it to and jino is just going to
11095s die here there's no way out I mean subam
11098s is slippery but not that slippery not
11101s enough yeah she's not releas
11104s subam
11106s yeah relas subam would actually gotten
11109s out there another cartel coming in a
11110s cartel has zero
11113s kills that is not good for them but I
11117s think for this team it's a little bit
11118s more about the consistency right cuz
11120s they looking to at least get something
11122s out of game number five and they've
11124s scaled actually pretty well looking for
11126s opportuni soul steal are online too so
11128s they can jump on any opportunity as soon
11130s as they find one sitting on zero kills
11132s is actually not the worst thing as long
11134s as they're alive and they're pacing
11135s themselves
11137s correctly yeah well
11139s said thank you yeah no problem good job
11144s and I have some like really good sync
11145s when it comes to thought processes yeah
11148s I just I just like wow that's you know
11150s that's good good
11151s stuff back word backs up man oh my God C
11157s covering so much distance a 9 is going
11160s to get ran down here he can't really get
11162s out with the wild dogs here seie finding
11164s so many resets to just stay on in9
11166s there's no escaping this oh there he
11168s goes back toward he's going to White
11170s Liam back in and that's going to be
11172s curtains for in9 still alive healing
11174s drone not going to be enough that's it
11176s for guni but they're they got field
11178s kills they can't be too upset with the
11179s outcome of this game but they do have a
11181s lot of ground to cover they are one of
11182s the bottom four teams looking to try and
11184s break into the
11186s top and some of these top teams are
11188s still here dejong and Chet still in this
11193s game cyber is holding pretty strong
11196s inside of forest but that zone will
11198s close our two tempt zones this time
11199s around for game number five will as a
11201s matter of fact be Uptown as well as
11203s Hotel only team you see sitting inside
11206s of hotel at the moment all of these
11207s other team starting to file on in in up
11210s town temp zone is slightly far away from
11212s the hyperloop so if these teams do want
11214s to book it out over on toel there is a
11216s possibility in which that can happen
11218s with the camera placed down by team
11220s saber I don't think it's going to be
11222s that easy for this team team cartel and
11224s D cyer still looking to Ego this
11226s positioning but aside of Team saver they
11228s don't know about this right CCTV is
11230s turned off a little bit of the Saving
11232s Grace for
11233s these yeah they're able to fight
11235s completely safe even under an area that
11237s CCTV would normally cover due to the CC
11241s cctvs getting disabled during this phase
11245s of the game um but you know one of the
11249s important things is controlling the zone
11251s and trying to get the timer Advantage
11252s but it's tough cuz they're going to be
11255s saber is going to be forced to be the
11256s team in the middle if they stay in this
11257s positioning because as you can see dejun
11260s cyers is looking for the fat wrap coming
11262s up behind everybody cartel actually is
11265s going to be the one in the center here
11266s magnani to send the re of the vampire
11269s queen looking for an angle no he holds
11271s off controlling the
11273s Zone yeah dejun cyers has the most timer
11275s here cartel they can safely step out
11278s they just don't know that for sure but
11281s cartel yeah punga was just dead and now
11285s yeah they're just they're just going to
11287s die to timer at this bre it's another
11289s BBA situation where I I get it you're
11290s forced to do something here re of the
11292s vampire queen will go down from M the
11294s fight is going to continue but down goes
11295s re already down to the ground douchan is
11298s still alive from this so it's a 2v3 now
11300s M I don't know if he has enough damage
11302s to manage this cat is also dark they
11305s have no way to get through he's just too
11307s big at this point goes unfortunately for
11310s the side of teden cybers they will not
11312s be able to take away the game but 12
11314s kills on hand they're looking extremely
11316s solid and it's the same case for team
11318s cyber sitting on 14 for themselves
11320s looking for their 17 and into and
11323s fighting into that team specifically
11324s douchi man can just step up so safely
11327s because I mean the it's hard for them to
11329s disable his shield and they don't really
11331s have a good consistent DPS that he has
11332s to worry about he's able to and he also
11335s has an Adena behind him that's providing
11336s sustain towards him so he's just able to
11339s walk up against them against this team
11340s things might be a little different this
11342s Jenny able to take him down with enough
11344s time given to it and sebie is going to
11347s make Dina have to play very respectfully
11349s Dina actually splitting up pretty far up
11352s sebie looking to capitalize on it but
11354s it's not going to happen magnetic field
11355s coming out sebie I believe his Dash is
11357s on cool down at this point he's still
11359s pushing no he has more they're still
11362s sending it forward I'm shocked I thought
11364s they'd reset this fight sen completely
11366s split off from his team not able to
11367s provide any utility to anybody and down
11370s go shom this fight looks pretty much
11372s wrapped up the call out there from
11375s shinan I think was right but he got
11376s stunned and pushed away immediately as
11378s soon as he blinked in it's really
11380s unfortunate but the acceptance speech
11382s would have been good if it was followed
11383s through by the red carpet cuz Dena gets
11384s pulled in and then he gets taunt he gets
11386s what is it he gets Charmed
11388s yeah then Seb could have killed Thea but
11391s it's really unfortunate the stun timing
11393s just worked out like that just blink
11395s straight into a moon as well as the
11396s shadow stab coming through from the
11398s Fiora completely misaligning him from
11400s everything he wants to do sebie
11402s unfortunately will not be able to chunk
11403s through as again Adena is really good at
11405s these extended fights and keeping
11407s themselves alive he can try all he wants
11409s but there's another double gutin down
11410s right there doesn't even eat it GG's
11413s called out the team Sabers 17 kills on
11415s hand will take away game number five in
11417s first place
11418s yeah and and senine just got completely
11421s split off from the entire fight and
11423s wasn't able to to Really contribute
11426s towards the second half of the fight at
11427s all and yeah shinan om just went down
11431s due to it stuff good stuff well played
11433s over on the team saber they're finally
11435s starting to step up towards the end of
11436s the series and off of that you know they
11439s might have actually secured themselves
11441s going qualifiers in towards the finals
11443s and that's really good too seems like
11445s they have found their composition that
11447s they can actually play reliably in
11449s comparison to the Kathy com for douchan
11451s and yes it is really unfortunate that we
11453s don't get to see him play the Kathy but
11456s when it comes to reliability yeah this
11458s is just way better oh yeah this
11460s composition worked way better I mean
11462s like Kathy like Kathy can work but her
11466s consistency is
11468s very
11470s inconsistent lack of better words right
11473s I mean you know if the one shot doesn't
11474s happen and you're not able to stick onto
11476s a Target and you get peeled off it's
11477s things just don't work out whereas
11479s running something like this this is a
11480s far
11481s more I guess meta composition is is how
11485s I would phrase it it's things are they
11487s can play things a lot more um by the
11490s book and don't have to look for weird
11493s angles you say meta but that team has
11496s spear
11497s fuel oh hold on appar according to erm
11501s now man I mean we already got a spear
11502s fer waiting in the finals we got another
11504s one finding success in the wild cards
11507s that's
11508s th this spear Fiora it might keep an eye
11511s on the pick rate afterm I'm kind of
11513s interested to see what happens people
11515s catch on to this I'm quite surprised
11518s about this right now as well because one
11520s of the reasons as to why spear has been
11522s slightly dropping off is that of course
11523s when it comes to the two-handed store
11525s you're missing out on the opportunity of
11527s the Parry which is really good and allas
11529s in it of itself is a really really good
11531s weapon because it has delicious grasp in
11533s it and when it comes to spear uh not
11536s spear sir Rapier you have quick cut you
11537s can close the gap and start looking for
11540s FL and go immediately it's not a skill
11542s shot that you have to land like the
11544s attack compos at all it's just just run
11546s in there you go point and click we
11548s talked about this earlier point and
11549s click is pretty good comes to these
11551s games oh yeah definitely especially
11554s especially for these players they're so
11556s good they're always sidest stepping
11557s skill shots and and they're on low
11559s paying so you know something that's
11561s consistent that's Po and click is good
11563s but um I think it's just the fact that
11565s spear it's the raw stats on M bider
11568s right now is so good has the raw stats
11571s and the combo potential his spear skill
11573s just sets them perfectly up for the
11575s Fenty yep yep by the way uh there we go
11579s score sheets for game number five I was
11581s actually going to mention the raw stats
11583s on Cosmic Biden I'll talk about it in
11584s just a moment here the cutoff point for
11587s qualifying is set by team cartel sitting
11589s at 45 points so you will be wow sitting
11592s at 39 right now they will get their
11594s heart back for the final game K na to
11597s Asher and Tung rocks looking to be a
11599s little bit in trouble team Asher has
11601s dropped 10 points below the qualifier
11603s stage when you know after game two they
11606s were in first place
11607s so yeah Asher's Fallen very far I mean I
11611s think sunam rocks and Asher are almost
11614s out of the running I want to say I mean
11616s 10 points is a lot to try and surmount
11618s in one game 10 points plus whatever
11620s cartel makes up or 15 points plus
11622s whatever two set makes up it's it's a
11625s large Point difference but yon and are
11628s not out of it by any means these two
11630s teams can definitely make it back in one
11632s game especially if cartel goes out early
11635s we'll have to see if that is going to be
11636s the case but guys game number six is
11638s about to pop off and after this again
11641s top four teams are going to move on
11642s bottom four teams are going to be denied
11644s entry into the finals and will be the
11646s last game they play in Phase number two
11649s and we will see which team is able to do
11652s that but a real quick thing by the way
11654s before we go over into game number six I
11656s just looked at the numbers and I don't
11657s know if this is fully updated but I
11659s don't think they touched Cosmic bident
11661s in 1.25 it has
11664s 112 amp on this
11667s thing what it's a meteorite
11671s item are you kidding that's even more
11674s than some blood weapons in this game
11676s what that's I was going to say it's more
11677s than a lot of blood weapons what is that
11680s yeah you start combining that in
11682s correspondence with something like a
11684s holy orders or even a Persona that gives
11686s you the additional amplification that's
11688s 140 amp that you get off of that
11690s item Bonkers man what yeah that's the
11694s reason why it's doing a lot and I
11696s believe Shadow stab also has some
11698s Bonkers amp scaling on that scalings
11701s yeah it's it's does a lot of damage it's
11703s surprising amount of damage for a move
11704s that applies CC yep push back when
11707s you're really close and the slow as long
11710s as you just landed yeah it's crazy while
11713s you have the the wiki open if I could
11716s bug you just out of curios how much amp
11718s does blood spear give blood spear spear
11720s longus hasar long uh 118 so Cosmic bent
11726s is like five below it oh my God we're 6
11730s amp Below on 300 credit difference oh on
11735s the bright side right spear of Lous at
11737s least has the the armor pen right that's
11741s true yeah oh it's definitely more damage
11743s yeah but the upgrades on what is it the
11745s upgrades on cos on not Cosmic Bing but
11747s Spear of less is actually kind of bad
11749s it's one of the reasons why star hunter
11752s isn't played as much on the spear Fiora
11754s since it has magnetic bir uh magnetic
11757s midnight what was it it's like magnetic
11760s but I'm forgetting the word it's magn
11762s midnight there we go so I did have right
11763s midnight yeah you're not really Auto
11765s attacking much on the spear uh you're
11767s trying to just keep your distance so you
11769s never really proc to slow it's really
11771s nice you get it but f it that often so
11774s here we go they're going to be running
11776s it again the Fiora back back in online
11777s for saan oob is going to be running
11780s their bread and butter T rocks back onto
11783s their bread and butter here as well this
11784s is literally what we've just been seeing
11786s throughout the entire
11787s week yeah this
11789s is this is their bread and butter as you
11792s said this is exactly what they want to
11793s run douchi man staying with the Alonzo
11796s they like how this composition worked
11798s out last game ncmb back on the heart
11801s yeah I mean this is pretty standard
11804s stuff sonum rocks sticking with the
11807s composition they were in last game I I I
11809s think this composition's good honestly
11811s we will see be enough yeah they have I
11814s mean they have a lot of ground to take
11816s up it's they need like a super pop off
11820s game so they just got to go For Broke
11821s here yeah s n rocks on the other hand if
11823s this comp does work it is insane I'm
11827s just a little bit worried that these
11828s compositions are a little bit too tanky
11830s that even the fast ball itself is not
11831s going to be enough cuz we saw that
11833s multiple times in game number five and
11835s the hits that William has taken as of
11838s late to his
11839s damage gosh it is the direct result of
11842s how good this Bernice William and shukai
11845s combo was in the middle of season 3 I'm
11848s kind of sad that you weren't able to
11849s there you weren't able to watch it but
11852s um this team kind of ripped teams to
11857s shreds yeah I could see it I I I could
11860s Envision it I wish I I caught it when it
11863s actually happened you'll have to show me
11865s that after the cast I I curious there
11867s was something else you wanted to show me
11869s too um I can't remember what it was a
11871s clip of something I think it was
11872s somebody just getting deleted or
11874s something oh that's right the Eon clip
11877s never that yeah let me see if I can find
11879s it now just so that I can at least have
11880s it in the back of my mind right it was
11882s the um Team fairy one-shotting a full
11886s build Eon late game with without the
11888s queen Checkmate without the Checkmate I
11890s should say yeah yeah I'll get that
11892s loaded up for you and I'll show it to
11893s you L after this but you across the
11896s board we will see if if this is going to
11897s be enough for these teams there is no
11899s one shot threat like the one that team
11901s Fury is going to run it's just going to
11902s be a plain ra 3v3 fight that is going to
11905s be extended for the most part looking
11907s for an angle onto ncmd he is full build
11910s maybe but is just going to die no he's
11912s not full all
11914s right it's pretty close I don't know why
11917s this happens it's this happens to me too
11919s where I'm full build someone else is a
11921s full build and they just kill him maybe
11924s kill you yeah I mean yeah yeah maybe
11926s just SU
11928s I you know eon's never really full build
11930s until he gets his weapon and you don't
11931s get that till what
11933s level
11935s n
11937s uh no no no no no it's level seven it's
11940s level seven yeah that's the break off
11942s okay and even then I don't think eon's
11945s value really relies in having the purple
11947s weapon at least one you have to get it
11949s the legendary of course when it comes to
11951s Black M King so you have the flame
11952s barrier and you also need that weapon
11955s skill man otherwise thaton is just p
11957s quite useless yeah the weapon skill has
11960s so much utility and so many different
11962s versatile ways to use it brings the
11964s character quite yeah here yeah really
11968s djong cyers once again like every game
11970s they just have so many kills early
11973s game they always seem to find a way to
11975s just pick people off I don't know if
11977s they have just like three really fast
11978s routes and group up together in the same
11980s zone or or what but they always seem to
11983s have early game kills maybe it's just
11984s the way the lobby is structured and how
11986s people are r
11988s I don't know Darko is also just really
11990s good at finding opportunities because so
11992s many people are moving around there's a
11994s lot of moving Parts at the start of the
11996s game so as soon as he finds an isolation
11998s Target he can immediately jump on him
12000s and buy a ton of time for his teammate
12003s to actually start coming in when people
12005s are moving as a unit there's not that
12006s many pieces moving around the map itself
12008s so pcks are not exactly what you're
12011s looking for as t on
12014s cybers yeah exactly once everybody gets
12016s grouped up usually by the time the
12018s objective rotation spawns everybody's
12020s grouped up miss picking people off
12023s doesn't really yeah that baseball
12026s literally went through the sh I don't
12027s know what
12028s happened oh double taunt coming in I
12030s think actually landed on to Shi except
12033s speech is going to land he's actually
12035s kind of safe there's the play that
12036s coming in sebie does go into exuviation
12039s he does have his resets but it's a
12040s little bit too early on in the game for
12042s him to get his gauge back a bit more
12043s consistently just be a reset coming
12045s through for team 2C one for zero in
12047s favor of Team
12050s cartel yeah and I mean the meteorit
12052s spawning here cartel definitely wants
12053s control over this hospital to try and
12055s get this meteorite for themselves into
12057s the uh Factory wolves rotation
12060s afterwards so yeah winner of the fight
12062s there definitely gets a huge Tempo
12064s Advantage coming into this second
12066s day stuff coming in 35 seconds to go
12069s until we hit day number two which means
12071s fight for trees and meteorites are going
12072s to be bound who is going to be the one
12075s to take away the small advantages in the
12077s early stages of the game right it's game
12079s number six you got to look for these
12080s early on get the kills get the
12082s objectives scale up as fast as possible
12084s so you can at least have a chance to
12086s make it into the qualifiers or quite
12088s frankly knock down a team from
12090s qualifying and send them
12093s into
12096s allegation yeah I mean uh some of these
12099s teams are definitely you know which
12100s teams were in the bottom four it was
12102s gungi Asher obbe and um sunum rocks
12107s right so if any of those teams get
12108s eliminated early here they're out like
12111s that's the end of their run they have no
12113s shot no chance left to try and make it
12115s into the hold onani in trouble J on him
12121s oh huge blink but the sanctuary buying
12124s so much time but not enough oh my
12128s God and dejunk
12131s cyers showing a bit of weakness here but
12134s you know it's it's too little too late
12136s they've definitely got far too much of a
12137s lead to fall behind him the only issue
12139s is they lost a tree of life in favor of
12141s it right getting the two kills on the
12143s side of team kung8 is extremely
12145s important right now that was in cost of
12147s the additional transitions coming in
12149s there's a double ta coming in from the
12150s May ping doing the exact same thing we
12152s saw earlier narvik completely isolated
12154s except in speech is not going to save
12156s you team Asher going to fall down and it
12158s seems like this Eon jeny and Lenny comp
12161s is struggling up against the M but it's
12162s a third party coming
12164s in they have the exact same comp and the
12167s play that's popped already wait a second
12169s this m is going absolutely she's
12172s completely yeah The Shield is a little
12174s bit isolated though they're just trying
12175s to pick up the tree of life and get the
12177s heck out out of here because they know
12178s they're at an advantage but sebie get
12180s the chunk out oh this is go down oh
12185s peaker hitting
12187s chickens
12188s chickens oh my God the tree going over
12191s to cartel sebbi I don't know how oh or
12194s is it o coming in from the rear using
12197s the jump Pad but Airline didn't make it
12200s to the jump pad with his teammates they
12203s saw the Recon drone too so immediately
12204s just going to put it out there instead
12206s of calling
12208s building
12209s meanwhile cartel I don't think they've
12212s used this tree up yet they definitely
12213s don't want to take a fight until they've
12215s gotten their transition value online and
12218s here we go it looks like dena's going to
12219s be the one no not Dena booma is going to
12221s be the one using it should be the
12223s Scotties coming in I believe cuz it's
12225s been split between L's grasp on the
12227s on the arm piece and then the moon for
12229s the primordial
12231s hex pretty good distribution of uity and
12234s damage if you look at the map here rocks
12237s is all alone in this top Battle Zone and
12239s it's this top half of the map in general
12241s they should be able to get this battle
12243s Zone into Alpha huge Tempo Advantage for
12245s them exactly what they
12247s need oh my God jumo no don't do it man
12252s this might actually be the end of the
12253s fight for this team because jumo never
12255s decided to step in there
12257s oh you hate to see it they got to keep
12260s track of
12261s timers wait P goes down there
12264s too I mean it's a to yeah I thought he
12268s was it looked like he was going to make
12269s something happen I don't know I don't
12271s know what my eyes are just hallucinating
12273s at this point
12279s um going in yeah they just have to
12282s leave yeah good play by Cadmus just just
12285s alt in throw yourself a way to get
12288s magnani out it's still day two lots of
12291s lots of time lots of revives can still
12293s happen Yung actually picking up mul
12296s multiple kills against the members of
12298s tun cyers all four of their kills are
12300s from that team they're hungry they
12303s definitely want
12305s to make it into these uh make it into
12307s the finals you can tell just based on
12309s how they're playing they're ready to
12312s take this Lobby and just try to push as
12313s hard of a lead as they can but douchy
12316s man and just holding
12318s forward just the indomitable force that
12321s is Alonzo has to be respected anything
12324s I'm quite surprised didn't decide to pop
12326s the shield with the spring trap but here
12328s we go it's going to be9 going through
12330s finding way finding the TA onto
12333s Bo for out the damage fromc but pull
12336s back in with the play with us oh K in
12338s they're trying to find their life their
12340s breath of life inside this tournament
12342s they're still hungry for
12344s more can chase this down wait a second
12347s that seal does he have
12349s it he forward he's just not barely oh he
12352s finds it damage damage damage going to
12354s go downaz has to find this play with us
12356s oh there is he does oh my God Cel goes
12359s down yungi and a they're looking for a
12361s breath of FR life in this tournament
12362s seven kills on hand they have a great
12364s start in game number six cartel knocked
12367s down but they got six kills they bump up
12369s their points overall a little bit they
12372s were somewhat safe thanks to the
12374s performances in game number four and
12375s five but just because of those
12377s performances does not mean they're
12379s guaranteed into the finals kungi and
12381s eight they are fighting they are
12385s fighting yeah gungi Fighting yungi fight
12390s magnani now what magnani is just awkward
12395s well the reain of the vampire queen
12396s actually did land on the P because of
12397s the blink in from Cadmus but it does get
12399s him killed oh they're still alive no C's
12402s barely making up but no they're
12405s not part P's going to go down here bur
12409s to a Chris going to okay going to take
12413s down I wasn't sure for a second
12416s there I don't know about you but I think
12418s Eva did a lot of work there she kind of
12420s seems oh yeah this character's insane I
12424s don't know we've been dealing with it in
12425s North America forever just dealing with
12427s these Eva they just jump they just they
12430s do so much damage are broken I don't
12431s know why Eva Eva players are coping on
12434s this character man she
12436s Eva players they're all they're huffing
12438s and puffing that good old copium the
12440s moment they try to play Melee character
12442s they'll know the real
12445s struggle yeah but uh good kills coming
12447s through from what is it from oob again
12450s this is another team looking to qualify
12452s into the finals this is going to be a
12454s very close score sheet especially with
12455s card falling down this early it opens up
12458s a lot of opportunities and we actually
12460s have a high density of kill counts going
12463s in towards teams that actually need it
12464s kungi and 8 seven UOB sitting on to
12467s early game this is a team that scales
12469s well into late
12471s yeah yeah for sure and oob is always so
12473s consistent always getting high placement
12475s points almost every Lobby speaking of
12477s oob here they are fighting against uh
12480s Asher ped trying to find a way in but
12482s he's just not really able to narvi kind
12485s of split off and jumo goes down so
12487s they're just going to have to
12489s leave o
12491s just credits are bad B starting to find
12495s something DDO has not activated the fast
12497s ball just yet he's looking for an angle
12499s sat in a little bit tanky double knock
12500s up coming through from Bob mosa magnetic
12503s field is looking pretty good duim man
12505s still alive on this Satan looking for a
12507s way back in but there's just not enough
12509s damage on the side of Team rocks yet it
12511s is really difficult without the items
12513s that this team needs D without the
12516s signature Fireball they're still looking
12517s to go back in does he have recharger or
12519s something oh no there's a oh my God the
12522s damage is God he just dies instantly and
12524s now yungi is just going to get ran down
12526s by the three of the oh oh my God this
12528s Bernice damage is crazy but it's just
12529s not enough three people on him he's just
12531s not able to do enough there
12533s and DDO just went down instantly he got
12536s pointed at and had no way to to step out
12539s of it and just died he just died I don't
12543s know I really hate to be the harbinger
12545s of bad news but I genuinely think that
12547s might be the calling C that might be the
12549s fight that draws the curtains for team's
12551s Tong rocks you saw how much lacking they
12554s are on damage right now this William
12556s even with the fast ball he had 100% up
12558s time on the damage couldn't even chunk
12560s through about what 30% of the health bar
12563s on that Fiora he is lacking severely on
12566s damage at the moment even if he has
12568s diotic even if he has the Vigor he's not
12570s able to get through the health bars of
12572s some of these characters it is a bad
12574s spot for some of them rocks to be in
12576s yeah and to top it all off too they're
12578s sitting at zero kills coming into day
12580s three starting
12582s soon oh wait isn't it already day three
12585s it's three right now oh my God what am I
12587s on about yeah it's already day three and
12590s they had to burn they had to burn
12592s credits to revive and like they just
12594s with no kills no credits no anything
12597s it's looking doomed and I believe they
12598s were the eighth place team on the
12601s leaderboard yeah so it might just be too
12604s little too late for them especially with
12605s cartel already being wiped that's one of
12607s the opportunities that they could have
12609s found on a team that that's killable
12611s just gone Curt are slowly but surely
12614s starting to draw on these teams right
12616s now game number six you've had six games
12618s the past three hours to get the points
12621s you need in order to qualify for the
12623s finals of course you can get unlucky of
12625s course you can just not have a good day
12627s but at the end it is the result that
12629s determines your qualification status
12630s jumo looking to get an angle on toward
12633s he's getting stalled out right now BF
12634s overflow looking to be pretty good P
12636s getting taken dangerously low though num
12638s actually has the damage to knock that
12639s down U not refusing to go down here
12642s either narvi trying to run away from
12644s this aser down to two for zero in favor
12646s OB will be sitting at five kills right
12648s now narvi
12650s narv in down he's going to die Asher
12654s goes down with zero kills as well that
12658s is brutal for them I believe that spells
12661s the end for the tournament
12662s runed indeed unfortunately for team aser
12665s that will as a matter of fact be the
12666s curtains drawn for that team they're
12668s going to end their tournament run with
12670s ER season ERM season 4 Phase 2 in the
12673s Wild Card stages thank you so much for
12675s playing this weekend hopefully we get to
12677s see you guys back during
12682s Face Fight It Out up against team t on
12684s cyers Bob ball already getting taken
12686s down DDO looking for fights back in he's
12687s trying to get the fast balls on he
12689s actually has it activated the stasis oh
12691s my God what the heck happened H oh my
12693s God down he's turning it around finally
12697s he has the damage finally he finds the
12699s target this is a breath of fresh life
12701s now for team song rocks what's going on
12703s they finally are finding their stride
12705s DDO and just so much damage coming out I
12710s mean we saw this yukai go down and we
12712s thought oh my God this is going poorly
12714s they're out of the game and all of a
12716s sudden just two people dropped instantly
12718s round two round two they have the
12719s credits to go for the revive again DDO
12722s oh this is not good Yi actually stays
12723s alive throughout this he's still alive
12726s the auto attacks are chunking through re
12728s and he has the dash
12730s yeah and now cabis is back on the run
12733s and they have credits to revive again
12736s and funny enough but only one person I
12739s believe they're
12740s short yeah they are short just a little
12743s bit but they are short credits so now
12744s they're running around as two de Jong
12746s cyers fortunately for them they they've
12748s already had a solid five games to begin
12750s with
12751s so I don't think they'll be too worried
12754s coming in coming out of here with first
12756s place and five kills first place on the
12758s leaderboards and five kills already look
12760s at how desperate s rocks is right now
12763s they have 500 credits sitting on this
12764s Beres I would not be surprised if they
12767s decide to swap this William onto Chaser
12769s even if he has diic prism right now that
12772s is such a big dam for this getting
12774s caught in the corner everyone's favorite
12776s Forest corner to check the blink fails
12779s as well what a yeah it's Jo
12783s dah but Deon cyers is very safe they had
12786s a really consistent run here today um
12789s yeah it should be completely fine oh
12791s well uo looking to be in a little bit of
12793s trouble as n has been taken down five
12795s kills still their credit counts are
12797s looking a little bit sus and he isolated
12801s away from the rest of his team in a
12804s little bit of trouble can't even hyper
12806s loop on out of here there's so many
12807s teams inside this area sa looking for
12809s kills two seats just going to be able to
12812s dash on out of there it's a close series
12815s me it is a very very close Series yeah
12817s this is this is really close cuz a lot
12818s of these teams that are still alive
12819s right now our hungry omu is getting
12823s yanked what the hell and down he goes I
12827s believe douchi man picked that
12829s up yeah he did manage to get that one he
12832s stole that away from
12834s Chet why are all these people that are
12836s usually not meant to get kills stealing
12837s kills from full team right we saw Lenny
12841s get a kill earlier with six people
12843s wailing on somebody like how did that
12845s happen yeah this Lenny got a kill
12847s earlier when the person they got the
12848s kill on ran into a whole different team
12850s straight into the middle of them I don't
12852s I don't know what's happening today but
12854s you know what it's fun we're watching
12855s some good games of eternal return and
12857s there's still a breath of fresh life and
12859s a hope there is a light at the end of
12861s the tunnel I should say for some of
12862s these teams kungi and sitting on nine s
12865s rocks sitting on seven there's a long
12867s way to go for S rocks but this is the
12869s start that they've been looking for it's
12871s not insurmountable yeah I mean if they
12872s can win this lobby with like I how many
12875s kills do they think they need around 15
12878s quite a
12880s bit3 it's possible is a chance but this
12883s team needs to be extremely proactive
12885s right now with how many teams are
12887s looking to be proactive going to get the
12889s chance third party over on the side
12891s signature Fireball is down third party
12893s looking to go through here comes rocks
12895s with the third part oh nothing really
12898s happens everybody
12900s disengages
12903s oh yungi is looking they have Wick they
12906s really want to make something happen
12908s they need more kills if they want to oh
12910s oh my God he accept be pulling oh my God
12915s Shob
12917s this guy the psycho of Jett so crazy man
12921s MSA trying to capitalize off of this
12923s Dena is the only thing they're going to
12924s find though down she goes this is going
12926s to be a little bit rough on the side of
12928s Team saber have to walk all the way to
12930s the north side they will be able to get
12931s the res
12932s off still I mean oh God CH see having to
12936s Duke it out up against the wick team
12937s does make the distance and will be able
12939s to get themselves on out of here oh but
12941s DDO is right here it's going to be B
12944s looking for the angle there's the shots
12945s coming through from damage going down to
12946s sh oh my
12949s god9 is9 sees shom he dropped the word
12952s down managed to catch him out down go
12954s shom but they do have enough to get a
12956s revive off and they are beining it right
12959s to school five it's night five didn't
12962s they just get wi cuz the wick cuz the
12964s cuz you
12967s sawung oh the curtains are calling yeah
12972s I think that's it
12974s for oh oh will be I think is done Chet
12977s was in the top four they might be okay
12980s it's so hard to tell cuz the the
12983s standings were so tight from third to
12985s sixth it was just nailbiter close I
12987s think there was only a 10-point
12988s difference between fourth and fifth
12990s yungi has 10 kills and between the 10
12993s kills and the placement they they might
12995s have enough Z 10 they're going to take
12997s the white lily across but not that much
12999s time are left on the side of duim man
13000s they have to fight it out here spear fur
13002s is not going to be enough to do a one V3
13005s duim man will take it down here as well
13007s down Yi Gangi finds two more kills
13010s raises their placement points that much
13012s higher and they're just breaking it in
13014s on this last game The Desperate Times
13017s called for desperate measures and they
13019s it paid off they've been playing so
13021s aggressively rocks walking in going
13024s spotted by here in9 sees it looks to
13027s taunt actually ends up taunting Bob MSA
13031s and Bob MSA oh he doesn't actually go
13034s down no nobody getting taken down here
13037s fre at last is going to go through
13038s everything was used from all of these
13041s teams the health bar is looking
13042s desperate tazu is healing back up with
13044s his passive pullback in coming in they
13046s want to find this they want to find
13048s these chances Bob m going to go in they
13050s know this is the last Gambit it's not
13052s going to work play with us is going to
13053s pull back D no fre last right need to
13057s disengage Zen oh my God what the he
13061s almost finds a kill gungi needs to just
13063s play the square because they know that
13065s this team burnt a ton of timer walking
13068s around in fire station they know they
13069s have a timer Advantage they don't need
13071s to do anything Fireball is up here we go
13074s but they're going to aggress and they
13076s are going to actually just wipe them
13078s like clean oh that's
13082s unfortunate and shille just has so much
13084s value against on them Rock what the heck
13087s is
13088s this fight is sebie going to revive his
13091s team yes he is there it is oh my God
13096s the wet doodle fight for the timer scam
13098s on
13100s and what the hell was that ju set back
13103s in this I mean they're down transitions
13107s definitely oh wow shom has a lot of
13109s items actually yeah and they're right
13110s next to console yeah and well they don't
13113s have anything to call in but um well no
13115s you see just called in a a tactical
13118s skill T skill yeah and it's actually
13121s really important here too cuz I think
13123s sebbi was sitting yeah he's full
13124s transitions right now as
13126s that Max bonus it's going to be so big
13129s these guys are stacked actually now
13131s sebie just had three items and I guess
13133s they were able to call in two more here
13134s this is all going to come down to how
13136s chinho can micro through this entire
13138s fire when is he going to use the life
13140s and death seal is he going to be able to
13141s get away from sebie is he going to be
13143s able to withstand the pressure coming
13145s through from Team CHC the shields are
13147s there the heals are there there's a
13148s spring trap
13150s in they need to win this fight in order
13152s to guarantee most likely themselves into
13154s the season f not the season finals but
13156s the phase 2 finals I should say timer
13159s being spent on the side of Team CHC
13161s they're looking for an initiation back
13162s in but with the ccil it's becoming a
13164s little bit difficult here we go overflow
13167s is in he's already used the dash no
13169s resets coming through spring trap is
13170s going to be dodged out by jinho and
13172s there's the ton going in shom is going
13174s to go into the play that there's
13175s exclusive being invested A9 still alive
13177s everybody still alive shom still back up
13179s the full HP sebie looking to get an
13181s angle over on to tazu not going to be
13182s able to find it there's a pull back in
13183s onto jino he's going to use the life and
13185s death steal he's going to get taken down
13186s yes he will but it's a one for one tra
13189s down sebie looking for an angle back in
13191s he's getting taken down too low there's
13192s the auto attack coming from in9 he gets
13194s the kill CI will get taken down by the
13196s drape and it's going to be gungi 8 18
13199s kills in first place to end out the Wild
13202s Card St oh my God Nerf sisa Wendy is
13206s here is he dude he was here earlier
13208s where'd he go where he go where'd he go
13211s where did he go that was crazy though
13213s and 9 took so much heat in that fight
13216s and he managed to find he managed to
13217s sneak away for a little bit while his
13220s teammates Ked back got behind the wall
13222s rested back up to about half health and
13224s re-engaged just as J went down and got a
13228s good taunt off oh dude and that was what
13230s won them to fight if he wasn't able to
13232s to to get away and rest up like that I
13234s they they surely would have lost what a
13237s close fight between the two teams CH
13240s managed to knock down one but it cost
13242s the life of shom he got taken down too
13244s early in the fight
13252s byting to the Zone inside a fire station
13255s cost him his life play dead was invested
13258s and then the cool down even late into
13259s the game is just not enough for that to
13261s come back in time nice attempt from
13264s sebie nice attempt from senim but it
13266s just was not enough just yeah it's just
13268s not enough I mean when when shom goes
13270s down the the composition left at that
13273s point they just they don't have any
13274s damage really not any consistent damage
13276s I mean echon does damage but he doesn't
13280s he doesn't kill things very quickly you
13282s know it's the Slow Burn it's the long
13285s run play that we've been talking about
13286s over and over again throughout the week
13288s yeah I'm so excited to see these scores
13291s I I think Yi made it in yeah they should
13294s have 18 Place 26 should make it in they
13298s only needed they were 10 behind and I
13300s don't think any of the teams made enough
13303s points
13304s to m that Gap but it's who's going to
13307s drop below at that point Gangi goes up
13309s and which team falls out is it it could
13312s even be team
13315s uh o was F coming in I think it's cartel
13319s that's gonna drop out I'm pretty sure
13320s it's cartel because they went out really
13322s early they had six kills
13324s though six it's hard to say the thing is
13329s for team CH seat they didn't get that
13332s many kills but they got the placement
13334s points
13336s yeah yeah I mean second place is worth
13338s more than six points right six field
13340s kills this is going to come down to the
13343s wire for this final score sheet this is
13346s going to be crazy guys I'm super excited
13348s I just want to see the score sheet and
13351s be excited and at the same time
13352s devastated to understand which teams are
13355s going to be moving on and which teams
13356s are going to fall out because this
13358s weekend has delivered on to us one of
13359s the greatest erms in our lives yesterday
13364s chaos today controlled good games of
13367s eternal return that we would see
13368s normally and it's all textbook by these
13371s teams which is exactly what I also want
13373s to see yeah from these
13377s teams yeah I mean yesterday I mean you
13380s know I thought the wild cards would be
13381s more wild than the groups but I stood
13384s corrected these guys uh they played very
13386s consistent games very you know just
13389s solid solid eternal return games and
13392s here we go we're getting into the scores
13394s now oh 26 with 26 and Sonam rocks got 11
13399s but it's not going to be enough they
13400s were too far down o might have actually
13404s stayed in with nine points we'll see oh
13408s this is going to be so close we'll see
13410s where are the overall
13412s results drum
13415s roll building the suspense man like just
13418s show me already man just do it just do
13421s it it can't hold on
13424s anymore let me
13427s all right let's see they are really
13428s holding this out wow this is okay here
13430s we go cartel is the one to oh oh that is
13436s devastating and team Ash jumped up to
13439s Second what oh my God such a rough
13443s series they had such a rough series but
13446s that just goes to show you how good one
13448s game can
13449s be like they got 48 field kills and they
13453s got how many in the last game
13455s 17 or something like that yeah like they
13458s got a third of their field kills in one
13464s game it's crazy and that that's all it
13466s takes though that's all it takes is one
13468s game to turn things around and make it
13470s into the finals so congratulations to De
13472s Jong cybers gang ganate saber and Chet
13475s moving on into the finals round tomorrow
13478s cartel oob suam rocks
13481s Asher you played they played well I mean
13483s you know they made to the wild cards but
13485s it just just it just wasn't enough today
13486s I mean o really struggled off the heart
13489s banss those games where heart was banned
13491s they really just had a hard time no pun
13494s intend
13495s d a heart time yeah heart
13499s time um no cartel I mean cartel had a
13503s solid series they just that last game
13505s they went out early and the cards fell
13507s as they may you know Gangi was just the
13509s team that happened to pop off on the
13511s game they went out
13512s early yeah that was exactly what
13515s happened three kill what six kills I
13517s think it was for cartel it just was not
13519s enough man that's just what happens
13521s that's just the way the cookie crumbles
13522s sometimes hom rocks just completely
13524s ruining the chances for that team in the
13527s end guys we have our top four teams
13529s moving on into the finals tomorrow and I
13532s could have sworn that yesterday it was a
13534s very similar case for kongi and eight
13536s where they managed to do a really good
13538s pop off game and game number four of
13540s their group stages to n themselves just
13542s barely into the wild cards
13545s yeah I mean if they can play the way
13547s they play yeah they they're slow
13549s starters they got their they got the
13551s reggi Rocks assembled but hopefully you
13554s know hopefully tomorrow they can show up
13557s frame one you know just start playing
13560s out the gate with the checkpoint system
13563s it's going to be even more brutal if
13564s this team is not able to get anything
13566s done because tomorrow is going to be
13568s quite a grind ladies and gentlemen uh
13570s one more time to remind all of you guys
13572s in here that tomorrow with the finals it
13574s is going to be the old checkpoint system
13577s right so it's going to be the team
13578s that's in checkpoint and has the most
13582s points going in after the game that's
13585s the way wait is it no it's the first
13587s place team there we go I'm getting
13589s myself mixed up right now you you
13590s literally just s a new one and then yep
13593s let me reiterate myself we're going back
13596s to the old checkpoint system which means
13598s a team and checkpoint has to win a game
13602s in order to fully seal the deal that is
13604s going to be the winning condition for a
13607s team be in checkpoint and then win a
13609s game with this temporary zone system we
13613s have seen some funny things throughout
13615s the weekend Meek there is a world in
13618s which a seated team is down to a solo
13621s member gets the revive and somehow wins
13625s that could be what ends the games
13627s tomorrow that would that would be just
13630s nonsense
13632s honestly I don't even know man if
13635s something like that happens and that's
13637s how it ends I I'll be in shock we've
13640s already seen enough crazy thing we saw
13642s we saw a damn timer Scam
13645s Man we' seen that we've seen teams go to
13648s one member get a Zone Alone full revive
13650s and win multiple times now
13653s actually like it's just crazy it's just
13656s crazy these final zone changes have
13657s shaken everything up so much this
13660s weekend really has delivered onto us
13662s some incredible eternal return games
13665s course the weekend ladies and gentlemen
13668s tomorrow at the same time again as today
13671s again as yesterday the finals of eternal
13674s return Masters season 4 Phase 2 is going
13677s to be online right here on the eternal
13679s return game channels at 5:00 a.m.
13681s Central Time 6:00 a.m. eastern time 300
13684s a.m. Pacific time do come and join us
13687s we've seen the number of people watching
13690s the stream and guys it is amazing how
13692s much interest you guys are showing on to
13694s erm and we wholeheartedly appreciate all
13697s of you guys for it so thank you so much
13699s for joining us so far this weekend let's
13701s end it off with a bang tomorrow the
13703s finals of phase two
13706s yeah exactly well said nothing to add to
13710s that but no this support has been
13712s amazing honestly I mean you know these
13714s casts these games start early and we all
13717s know ER players in early it don't mix
13720s well what do you mean these are prime
13721s time hours to ranked yeah prime time
13724s hours for the people that stayed up all
13727s night but yeah thank you for the support
13730s and uh you know I've had a blast casting
13733s this I've learned so much about the
13734s Korean teams and all the players and and
13736s about the game in general it's been
13738s great I've been loving casting this has
13740s been
13741s great yeah it's a good way for you to
13743s kind of return too A whole fresh face
13745s set of uh players that are going to be
13747s coming in so for you it's kind of like a
13749s New Journey at this point yeah it is
13751s yeah you know it's the old man's
13752s Enlightenment journey is exactly ladies
13756s and gentlemen with ERM done for today it
13758s does not mean that all of eternal return
13760s competitive is done for those you guys
13762s in North America ER OB is going on
13764s tonight at I believe 100 p.m. uh not
13768s central time but Pacific time over on it
13772s might be Pan's Channel I think there's
13773s two different groups or something like
13774s that you'll have to figure it out if you
13776s guys are interested in it check out the
13777s erob Discord server for that one that's
13780s a fun Community event going on and other
13783s than that there is also a community game
13785s game night event happening for some of
13786s our low ELO players they will be able to
13790s idea yeah they're going to have a little
13791s bit of a fun I think a best of four
13794s series I think I might be watching that
13796s on my own stream because they don't have
13798s an official stream for that one so if
13801s you guys are interested in those kind of
13802s stuff make sure you guys stick around
13803s today is going to be full of eternal
13805s return game
13808s content well I think that just about
13811s wraps things up I don't know about you
13813s me but I don't know if I can keep on for
13815s 30 minutes I don't know if I can
13817s maintain 30 minutes of yapping
13820s um I don't know I mean these people do
13823s need their drops we're doing a public
13824s service I guess
13827s but ah I didn't I didn't expect you to
13829s fully go out there and acknowledge that
13831s but uh yeah you know what all of you
13833s guys in the chat you know I'll
13834s acknowledge it because I still need my
13836s drops let's keep you happing a little
13837s long you be you should have been here
13839s kidding I'm kidding okay this guy all
13841s right guys it's been 3 hours and 30
13844s minutes if you guys weren't here from
13845s the beginning well that's your problem
13846s early bird gets the worm I love you guys
13848s we'll see you guys tomorrow for the
13849s finals peace out I'm speed have a good
13854s day bye