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1024s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
1026s back it's been less than 24 hours I said
1028s this yesterday too so you guys should
1030s have a feel for the time stamp at this
1032s point it's not 24 hours yet it was the
1034s wild card yesterday we had more games
1036s than when we actually started so hasn't
1038s been 24 hours yet but we're back for the
1040s eternal return Masters season 4 Phase 2
1043s this time around we're at the end game
1044s we're at the finals my name is shuy I'll
1046s be one of your casters today and to my
1048s left another identity crisis yet again
1052s but this time around he has a different
1053s hair
1054s color yep and I'm Speedy back again with
1059s the new drip got a new one every day
1062s it's been nice to you know have
1065s something new refreshing every day back
1067s to the Yuki today not uh not Shi yeah I
1070s was going to say you're going back to
1071s your roots but you just kind of changed
1072s up your style a little bit maybe you
1074s know going for a little bit more of a
1075s modern look yeah I mean I might have to
1078s might have to Commission some more of
1080s these I might need a spirit Hunter one
1082s as well does that mean you're going to
1083s be officially joining me at the desk now
1086s uh I don't know but officially let's
1088s just
1089s um me is the the the official substitute
1093s maybe see yeah we I mean I've had a ton
1096s of fun with you over the weekend so far
1098s these games have been fun we've had a
1100s lot of interesting things that we've
1101s watched so far and just being in VC with
1104s you it just feels
1105s great yeah I mean same to you it's
1107s always a pleasure I mean we go way back
1110s just it feels comfortable just casting
1112s these games with you and uh you know
1114s it's been a really good experience for
1116s me yeah and I hope it has been for you
1119s and even for the people in the chat as
1120s well I think you've been getting some
1121s pretty good feedback from everybody as
1123s of late but before we dive into the
1125s games let's go over the overview they
1126s actually didn't do this yesterday which
1128s was kind of surprising for me but here
1130s we go yeah yeah it was super weird over
1133s on the left side we got the schedule
1134s over the weekend day one and day two
1136s we're done with that take that out of
1138s the way we are here for the finals price
1141s pool specifically for today overall 5
1143s million Korean one and I know Meek asked
1145s on Friday so I'll give a little bit of a
1148s reminder about 1,400 Korean one is
1151s equivalent to about $1 US dollar so give
1155s or take you can just round it down to a
1157s th000 make it easier on yourself it's
1159s about $55,000 for the overall prize pull
1161s and at the right the circuit points that
1163s are going to be played for here in the
1164s finals
1166s today and unlike the past two few days
1169s we'll be going into a checkpoint format
1172s um and I believe it will be based on
1176s once a team crosses 55 points they will
1179s have to win a game in order to close out
1182s the uh the tournament and take the win
1186s uh last two days we've been doing just a
1188s set amount of games and eliminating
1190s teams now we're finally here at the end
1192s yeah and exactly as you mentioned as
1194s well right we are back to our very very
1196s first set of checkpoint format systems
1199s where a team has to win right in
1201s comparison to before where a team had to
1203s get the most amount of points now that
1205s we have the updated checkpoint and I
1207s should say not the checkpoint system but
1208s the updated temporary Zone and the final
1210s zone system yeah we're going to be going
1213s back to the bread and butter for the
1214s checkpoint system and I'm assuming that
1216s the casters are also talking about it
1218s because they're sticking on this format
1219s a little bit longer than they usually do
1221s they pass this part I'm sure they're
1224s explaining it in great detail so here we
1227s have are the teams on the top four we
1228s have the teams that placed in the top
1230s two on day one Ferry Miron sang bian FX
1234s and Auto Arms they had phenomenal
1236s performances and on the bottom we have
1238s the four teams that made through the
1239s Wild Card round yesterday dejun cybers
1242s kangan saber and chus yeah pretty good
1246s teams pretty good games that we saw both
1247s on Friday and yesterday as well fact
1250s that we get to see all these guys now
1252s here in the finals when we've seen so
1254s much we've seen these teams fight to the
1257s brink to get to where they are here
1259s today dude I'm so excited to be able to
1261s watch these games just combining
1262s everything we saw during the chaotic
1265s mess that was during the group stages
1266s and a little bit more of the controlled
1269s games from yesterday's wild cards I'm
1271s excited to see how I think the teams
1272s from the wild cards are going to kind of
1274s go back into the feed of being a chaotic
1277s system
1279s again yeah I mean it it's going to be
1282s interesting because now we have to mix
1285s all the teams from day one that made it
1287s out and these Wild Card teams and some
1289s of these teams actually haven't seen
1290s each other in the tournament yet so
1291s it'll be interesting to see what kind of
1293s bands come out and how things all play
1295s out yeah that's one of the biggest
1296s things that I think a lot of people
1297s forget during the finals and you touched
1299s on it perfectly is that some of these
1301s teams still haven't really seen each
1303s other in the game yet right I mean of
1304s course you're going to be watching the
1306s previous days kind of trying to study up
1308s on some of your Rivals maybe some of
1309s your enemy teams but watching things and
1312s analyzing it is completely different
1314s than actually playing it out so very
1316s excited to be able to see whether or not
1318s some of those teams are going to be able
1319s to deal with that well but on the flip
1322s side Meek both groups during the group
1324s stages had absolutely chaotic games
1326s within their own rights so I don't think
1328s this is going to be a completely new
1329s picture for them they're going to be
1331s used to this kind of environment all it
1332s just comes down to is acclimating into
1334s it as soon as possible oh yeah and I
1337s mean you said it perfectly as well these
1340s these players these teams they aren't
1342s unfamiliar with these situations this
1344s isn't their first ERM for a lot of these
1346s guys and it isn't even their first ERM
1348s finals for for a lot of these guys uh
1350s the talent pool in this in this Lobby is
1353s just absolutely insane yeah 100%
1356s something that I do want to mention
1357s about the teams that are playing here
1358s today we've been talking about this over
1359s the weekend Meek one of the teams that
1361s I'm specifically going to be looking at
1363s on whether or not they can rev their
1364s engines at the beginning you talked
1366s about this yesterday too but kungi
1368s innate that team has been on a very very
1371s rough ride for the first couple of games
1373s on each individual day we've played so
1376s far if they struggle like that here
1377s today in a checkpoint system system they
1379s might get wiped out really really
1381s quick yeah and I mean with the
1384s checkpoint system too it it definitely
1386s favors the fastest team to to get up
1388s there I mean the earlier you can cross
1390s that checkpoint the more opportunities
1392s you have to try and win a game and close
1394s it out I mean once you cross it people
1397s definitely you know do a little bit of
1399s metag gaming to try and keep the series
1401s continuing some some things happen you
1403s know but that's just the nature of
1405s nature of the format um but for gungi if
1409s have another slow start again and
1410s they're not able to cross that
1411s checkpoint
1412s threshold and you know four other teams
1415s are already there their chances of of
1417s winning even if they do get going later
1419s on
1420s are it just gets so slim so I'm hoping
1423s to see Gangi really just come out right
1426s out the gate ready to play Because all
1428s weekend long they've they've been
1430s they've been a slow starter they almost
1432s always perform really well within the
1434s late stages of the tournament day
1438s usually what was it round six like the
1441s very end they they turned up completely
1443s and managed to make it out yesterday and
1446s the same thing with the day one they
1449s barely made it out um I think they I
1452s think again it was the last game in day
1454s one as well that they scr you know
1457s scrunched up what they needed to get
1458s into the wild cards yep I believe it was
1461s last place as well for kungi and 8 on
1463s day number one so we'll see if they're
1465s going to be able to turn things around
1466s as we're going to go into our AFA TV
1469s predictions from some of the members in
1471s the chat and it does seem like of course
1473s for the group stage teams this is a
1475s little bit on the obvious side M said
1477s going be getting a lot of attention as
1479s they're going to get over 50% of the
1481s votes from the chat right now but on the
1483s Wild Card teams kungi and eight actually
1486s overtaking all of their other
1488s adversaries with
1490s 38.9% so a pretty big expectation I
1493s think going into the finals for this
1494s team compared to how they've been kind
1497s of Performing throughout the course of
1499s the
1500s weekend yeah I mean coming into the
1502s tournament gungi and8 was one of the
1504s favorites to win no yep one of the
1507s seated teams one of the highest seated
1508s teams as well so yeah it's it's no
1511s surprise that they're getting a lot of
1512s votes I mean and with the past two days
1514s going rather not up to par for them you
1518s know people have a lot of expectations
1520s for them coming into this final day yeah
1522s 100% and it's not even just this vote
1525s predictions that comes through it's just
1527s I think from their performance this week
1529s for themselves right the players
1530s themselves I think have really big
1532s expectations of themselves really big
1534s goals they want to set for the series
1536s because we've seen them getting really
1538s ansy towards the end of the series and
1540s the result of game six from yesterday is
1542s exactly from that antin gameplay that we
1544s saw a lot of skirmishes they took
1546s throughout the entire course of the game
1548s when in comparison to all the other
1549s games they were playing very slowly a
1551s little bit more methodical but they knew
1554s in game number six yesterday they had to
1555s get those points and they got them
1559s yeah exactly and I mean coming in from
1561s um the group stages I mean 50% for Mir
1564s and song against those
1568s teams that's overwhelming in line with
1571s the fact that they won phase number one
1574s and quite frankly with the new
1576s checkpoint system this is something that
1577s a lot of people might have forgotten
1578s since we've been running the
1580s old checkpoint system now I guess cuz
1582s we're back to the actual old one the
1585s fact that MAA and song I don't think has
1588s ever won a tournament with this specific
1592s checkpoint format interesting yeah they
1595s might have won one maybe two but
1599s considering this is a team that always
1601s consistently gets into the finals the
1603s fact that they have this weird curse
1606s around this checkpoint system of having
1608s to actually win a game after getting
1610s checkpoint this team has been at
1612s checkpoint as the first team there
1614s numerous numerous number of times but
1616s they can never close it out are they
1618s good going to be able to turn their fade
1619s around in the first iteration of this
1622s checkpoint system coming back guys we're
1624s going to see whether or not that's going
1625s to happen cuz we're going to load into
1626s the character select for game number one
1628s I'm so excited for it today yeah you and
1631s I both and getting into this we already
1633s see fairy going for their trademark
1635s Hayes Lenox
1638s um brain fart Carla ha Lenox Carla
1642s composition and CH seed also just going
1645s for their bread and butter composition
1647s we're going to have a carban no alto's
1650s actually going to go Jenny they're going
1652s to flex their composition to make sure
1653s the car band doesn't happen oh or oh
1656s wait who okay they're going for the one
1659s shot comp game one actually I guess they
1661s see that there's only one my so the
1663s counterplay is rather lad to the
1665s composition so they're going to you know
1667s gravitate to this Mir and song running
1669s their normal stuff Auto Arms yep
1672s everything else looks prettyy standard
1674s for what we've been seeing so far this
1676s tournament exactly's on you
1679s yeah that's the one small change up but
1681s because this Lobby is exactly the way it
1683s is right now when it comes to the
1684s character selection I don't know if
1685s you've noticed it me but we got two
1687s bands this time and it's actually bands
1689s that we haven't seen this entire weekend
1692s it is Carla and
1695s Fiora yora is B I completely
1699s forgot that we have two spear Fior in
1703s this Lobby J is here as well this yeah
1706s wow I can't believe F's been
1709s this is so weird usually f is not a
1711s character that you typically tend to see
1712s ban and it might just be the fact that
1714s this Lobby is set up the way exactly
1716s that it is these are the only three
1718s Fiora players throughout the course of
1720s the weekend that we've actually seen
1722s play Fiora so maybe there's something
1725s that says you know Fiora might be good
1727s no it's just the players that are crack
1728s these guys have shown us a massive
1730s amounts of with this Fiora pick and I
1732s mean these these players definitely have
1734s a history on Fiora I mean well I don't
1736s know if Satan has a big history but sat
1738s has a history of being a completely
1740s amazing player JCP you know he's the
1743s Fiora and bum I mean we've been seeing
1745s him perform all weekend on this Fiora
1748s pick me just absolutely blowing our
1750s minds on spear Fiora and I think saan
1753s has something to prove to himself up
1754s against JCP after that 1 V one yesterday
1757s completely went into favor of jcp's hand
1760s but you know this man for those you guys
1762s who don't know jcp's actual in-game IGN
1766s is
1766s literally Fiora that finds enemies that
1770s that's what it
1771s is right so the JCP part it's the
1774s pronunciation of his in-game name just
1776s shortened it's an abbreviation of what
1778s his actual in-game name is except in
1781s Korean you would say Fiora and it's very
1783s similar to uh a p sound that's why it's
1785s a p instead of an
1787s F
1790s so yeah exactly peora peora so it's not
1796s it's not Satan's fault jcp's on this
1798s been on this character for pretty much
1800s his entire eternal return career so it's
1803s not that bad and it was a pretty close
1805s fight but I'm pretty sure today in the
1807s final Satan does want to prove something
1809s for himself especially up against JCP
1812s because these guys want to show us that
1815s these guys are belonging in the
1819s finals and Bs are kind of looking for
1822s the smoke in Chapel I
1826s mean oh no what is going gone everyone's
1829s just kind of getting zoned out by Dina
1831s yeah Chapel is just I mean oh Chapel's
1835s just always been like this right it's
1836s just always been one of these spots
1838s where people
1839s die like
1841s historically yeah like I I remember back
1844s in the solos days too Chapel was always
1846s just that hot spot for just early
1848s fighting and inine is also going to go
1851s down in the chapel kind use quite a lot
1854s of their skills to try to keep
1855s themselves alive but this early in the
1856s game I mean irm as well as the Y is just
1858s going to slow you and root you to
1860s Oblivion so no matter how much you try
1862s to run she's just dead oh yeah and I
1867s just you know notorious for her ability
1869s to Chase and run away stuff coming in
1872s but still low amount of kills in
1874s comparison to Friday right we've only
1877s got two so far and I got about uh 30
1880s seconds until we go into night number
1882s one I'm kind of expecting a lot of these
1884s teams to actually fight during night
1885s number one because these teams have
1887s really good pick potential and those
1889s pick potentials come from very very
1891s close range when it comes to the vision
1892s check Satan trying to get away from this
1894s one but he's not going to have the
1895s resets to get himself away so
1897s unfortunate for saan going to feed
1899s another kill into bmk FX that's going to
1901s drive our kill count up to four with
1903s this Adena going down as well jino about
1906s to get taken down JCP on The Chase he
1907s will get it with the attack from and one
1911s more kill oh tazu actually managed to
1913s knock down the car like JCP on the chase
1915s Dau with the Cilla trying to get himself
1917s away here as well out on the Fenty is
1921s enough JCP with the quick oh actually
1923s targets down tazu down he goes there
1926s goes JCP it's a two for two so far
1928s between these two teams trying to
1931s get thir team slowly coming back up
1934s chinho is alive so even if in9 dies it
1936s is okay and he will get himself out
1938s alive so in the end overall two for two
1940s in favor of both teams actually
1943s something I just noticed now jcp's also
1946s onp and playing Rap here all weekend
1948s really it's a triple spear Fiora Lobby
1951s triple spear Fiora all right guys we
1953s might have a Mickey Mouse that can't
1955s cope on this anymore we got we got
1956s evidence we got the
1959s receipts is so bad I can't play her yeah
1963s yeah yeah nice
1967s cope but again you know de Jong cybers
1971s even before this they group up so early
1973s and they still managed to find less
1975s kills than they normally do but still
1977s they managed to find two kills coming
1979s into this early game they always seem to
1981s find a way to get kills early game
1983s exactly looking is just getting blown up
1986s forc to use the r of the vampire queen
1988s very early bser actually miss times the
1991s Parry on it oh he didn't even use the
1993s Parry on it at all my God the shields
1995s are so good coming through from Dena as
1997s well beler actually ends up staying
1998s alive but with Dina not having any
2000s Mobility skills up against a subomi
2002s you're just not going to be able to
2003s survive there Ru trying to get himself
2005s away overall it's a one for one exchange
2007s with the Third party getting one of them
2009s ju starting out early a Seb trying to
2011s get some of these kills he does not want
2013s what happened in that clip starting out
2015s this time around G work trying to land
2017s the queen is going to miss still quite
2018s early game no damage to actually one
2020s shot everyone right now one tool gets
2022s taken down and this is really big cuz
2024s treat comes up chus is going to lap that
2026s tree of life up with that black mama
2027s King upgrade yeah so so in Temple what
2030s happened there and the reason I thought
2031s it was you know rather poorly structured
2033s was the one shot comp got very split up
2036s and that's a comp that definitely all
2037s needs to be on the same pitch coming
2038s into Hotel though the hotel you're going
2040s on great exclusive to get jinho out of
2042s that burst combination of Nikki Fiora
2044s but he's still going to go down anyways
2047s and
2048s now gungi actually winning this despite
2051s everything they actually had to commit a
2053s lot to get jinho after the exclusive and
2057s yeah they're going to get this tree
2059s really good way to lock it down right I
2061s mean Gino managed to keep himself alive
2063s for quite a while to actually dish out
2065s the damage same thing for tazu as well
2067s he blinked away trying to Dodge out on a
2068s lot of these skills and yeah he bought a
2070s ton of time good damage going out from
2073s the Fiora of saan to try to maybe
2075s confirm a couple more of these kills
2077s towards the end of the fight but only
2079s can find one it's a one for one trade
2081s between the two teams one gets secured
2083s one gets picked back up but overall I
2085s mean Kung picking up that tree of life
2087s this is going to be a huge start for
2088s these guys oh definitely and and it's
2091s exactly what they need I mean they're at
2092s four kills they're getting for
2093s subjective rotations they're going to
2095s get their cins off I already see that J
2098s know has spent his credits and got his
2100s pedal torrent online so they're in great
2103s position Tempo wise for this Lobby good
2106s stuff good stuff it's going to be even
2107s better once the battle zones start
2109s popping up because these teams you
2111s absolutely know if they're in the finals
2112s they can start getting their Pace up
2114s really really fast and those small
2115s additional transitions it's going to
2117s mean a lot of power spikes going for
2119s these teams especially when we know
2121s these fights are going to be determined
2123s by very very close margins those each
2125s transitions are going to matter so so
2127s much
2129s yeah definitely and yeah here we have
2132s sattin doing a Colin everybody's just
2135s trying to get their Colin in before
2137s these battle zones and Alpha spawn so
2139s that way they can try to use their
2142s objective um transitions to to snowball
2146s they don't want to go into these battle
2147s zones without their transitions online
2149s with other teams having them and losing
2151s due to just being outed and the only
2153s issue with being up in police station at
2155s this time though is that there are no
2156s hyper Loops in that area it's almost a Z
2158s if you can't find any animals around so
2161s think for team saber they might kind of
2162s call out on grabbing a battle zone for
2164s themselves as they are going to begin on
2167s the bottom side we do have two teams
2168s toing it out it's going to be kungi and
2170s eight versus Team Auto Arms the top
2171s drone is going to pop the bottom one
2174s will begin to get contested but on the
2175s North side this is an early game one
2178s shot comp they don't have the damage to
2179s necessarily knock down SEI just yet you
2181s can see gor trying to keep himself alive
2183s alive On The Backs side but cen's got
2185s the Chase he may not have damage but he
2187s has the crowd control sending it
2188s directly back into his team G will take
2191s the fall 1 for zero on the side of Team
2193s CH on the bottom side Uptown going to be
2195s D out between these two teams kungi and
2197s a trying to get the kills will get one
2199s onto WBT this means their timer has
2201s reset a little bit but the control on
2203s the side of this Carla pulls back in
2205s with tazu no one is dare to intercept
2207s though but the Drone moves in towards
2210s Gangi and they just push forward running
2212s over the rest of Auto Arms securing the
2215s Battle Zone stuff good stuff I mean this
2217s is what you want to see from these teams
2219s right as soon as the small advantages
2220s start stacking up those fights are going
2222s to immediately turn into turmoil for the
2224s teams that don't get those advantages
2226s for kungi andate going to pick up a lot
2228s of objectives for themselves sitting on
2230s four kills seven overall picks up the
2232s mythal from that Uptown Battle Zone as
2234s well just an absolute great start for
2237s gungi meanwhile in hotel we have two
2240s seat and saber huge spring trap pulling
2243s bser in and B's all only finds one
2246s person they're just going to disengage
2248s on this I
2250s believe they she see doesn't oh my God
2254s on and he's going to go down yes he is
2257s and Sh noade pushes forward sebie goes
2258s in saten though is doing a lot of damage
2262s you got to respect the spear F we've
2264s seen it time and time again and they do
2267s find a way to avoid taking too much
2269s damage from it bser just has going to
2271s walk this out and keep this team alive
2273s it's another day where senine is going
2275s to be the hero of this team bumping back
2277s Adena this time around and then
2279s forcefully feeding the Fiora back into
2281s the team two because she knows she has
2283s to go for something but the play that is
2284s just way too good of a resource FDX
2286s trying to deal with the one shot comp
2287s there goes the Checkmate it is gone one
2290s to is going to have to back away from
2291s this one because I believe the Carla is
2292s already dead but there is nowhere she
2294s can go and look at the timer there's
2296s about 7 Seconds Yep they're just trying
2298s to wait G work trying to salvage this I
2300s think one 12 might just barely get on
2302s out of here but I don't know gner
2304s reverse it's day three now and she's
2306s stuck in the middle of everybody down
2308s she goes Roos down gor they definitely
2311s want more right now can gor get away
2313s from this sua it's going to be big walls
2315s as she needs to take advantage of I'm
2317s not
2318s sure oh no she's really going for got
2321s the cut off too and gwor knows it he
2323s doesn't have timer to get all the way in
2324s I don't think he just needs to live one
2326s more second
2328s oh Al spawn Alto spawn okay Al's up he's
2332s gor's okay he can die now in
2335s peace at the very least this team's oh
2338s he popped the timer because he didn't
2340s take damage cuz of Checkmate that's a
2342s minus one oh my God Fair's at minus one
2345s points right
2350s now whoops another F begins inside of
2354s Hotel though one Circle trying to get
2356s himself away but it's not going to be
2357s enough as a subam will cut him down
2359s immediately danana now stuck in the
2360s middle of nowhere it's up against a
2362s Cilla there is the pull back in but
2364s blinks away it's the blink Alonzo that
2366s we were talking about yesterday
2368s there's the slow coming fromy and I
2371s don't know this going to what did he
2374s Auto what did he Auto he just whed he
2376s just
2378s whiffed what did he do I don't know he's
2381s going to get pulled back no tasu is
2382s going to pull himself back in he knows
2384s that danana is good at dodging skills he
2386s pulls him back in gets the agne stack
2388s again and down goes danana well played
2390s over on to kung8 minus 500 on the side
2392s of me's HED like was there a bug and he
2395s autoed Wilson like there's nothing else
2397s there
2398s yeah maybe a camera but I didn't see any
2401s I didn't see any cameras that was so
2403s weird maybe he just like canceled his
2405s Auto early I don't know that'd be
2407s devastating weird that was really weird
2409s like I've never seen that yeah you saw
2411s the auto attack going through as well it
2412s looked like the full animation yeah
2414s right
2417s yeah there's no that was just like
2420s spectator bug or something I don't know
2422s like that was weird yeah cuz there's no
2425s se shields on the team either right you
2427s can't make him do make him Miss Autos or
2429s anything of the sort yeah yeah whatever
2433s he just died there we go oh you know
2435s what die when they're killed what no the
2438s white lily St I was going to say maybe
2439s his shield came back up cuz he was
2441s dodging a lot of good amount of skill so
2442s maybe his shield came back up but n it's
2445s what it this the white lily stayed and
2446s we saw tazu actually eating that too so
2448s that was not the case now I'm even more
2450s confused yeah just really weird
2453s interaction you see just going to get
2455s Omega completely uncontested which is
2456s huge because this Jenny definitely wants
2459s their tillan time Piece
2461s online such an expensive character to
2463s build but boy oh boy does do a lot of
2465s damage when you get there it's quite
2467s interesting that they actually haven't
2468s gotten contested though because I
2470s haven't seen any red swords coming
2471s around them so it just means that they
2473s weren't contesting against any team
2475s quite frankly they haven't seen one in
2476s quite a while jeez no teams we're
2478s actually actively looking to try going
2480s for the Omega we go is this the right
2483s pick here Tech ba hasn't been popped yet
2485s there it is it's forced out JC getting
2487s taken dangerously low it's a one for one
2489s trade so far yep but one tool is kind of
2492s low WBT about to get taken down he
2494s actually will one tool trying to stay
2496s alive here Garner reverse is good it's a
2498s one versus one but
2499s also guys the Carla goat yeah
2503s he's world famous Carla they're both
2506s just gonna pick up and
2508s disengage go for a quick little rest
2511s little cheeky rest see but I think JCP
2513s brings so much more value to this fight
2515s than one to oh yeah definitely I mean
2518s and I believe
2520s jcp's F's ultimate is a shorter cool
2523s down but one Tool's looking to get the
2524s revive off before anything
2526s happens I believe Auto Arms is aware of
2529s this so they're just going to walk away
2531s good decision coming through from Team
2533s Auto Arms this is a great time to
2534s disengage for this team they's still
2536s animals alive in pond as well so it's
2537s not like they're losing too much but
2539s they have to get to a rest station
2541s extremely quick about 20 seconds to go
2543s before the zones they're in right now
2544s closes I don't know if they're keeping
2546s track of that time
2548s Long Way yep they are going very very
2553s deep I don't know about that one
2560s um yeah that's not what I would have
2562s done but it's definitely the safer play
2564s I mean you're not going to get contested
2566s over getting a revive anyways seie or no
2570s sorry yeah seie was going in but copine
2574s is now caught in the wait where is Alto
2577s you got way too low by sebie he had to
2579s immediately leave the fight early on no
2581s actually it wasn't by sebbi it was
2583s actually Shin it was Shin yeah cuz I saw
2586s Alto was going in on gwor so I was going
2588s to say I was like wait a minute but yeah
2590s Alto getting completely split and now um
2593s fair is forced to run down oh they hear
2596s the footsteps though they hear the
2597s footsteps sebie still on the Chase and
2599s now seb's over the wall this is so bad
2601s for both teams but sebie can get back
2602s over relatively easily he just needs to
2604s get his meter up and he does and is
2607s going to be the only one going down duee
2609s to this and all they had to do is use
2611s the white ly towards Alto but without
2613s having any knowledge of what's going on
2615s in this Zer who's in there they choose
2617s to go over the wall and it just ends up
2619s being a fatal mistake yeah they heard
2621s the footsteps but it wasn't enough right
2623s throwing down the pond to get a little
2624s bit of information but then sebie jumps
2626s the wall and I don't think they expected
2628s that they weren't really looking at
2629s their backs or even had any Vision on
2631s the backside so a little bit unfortunate
2633s for them Dina had the taste of that
2634s springtrap earlier was going to
2635s immedately Blink on out of there for
2637s themselves keep themselves alive a
2638s little bit longer and just real quick
2640s while all that stuff happened between
2642s the two teams that we were watching for
2644s the past maybe what 2 minutes bnk FX
2646s also got taken out by saber on the south
2648s side we saw it in the picture and
2649s picture mod down in beach so nine kill
2653s team actually taken out by a team that
2655s quite frankly doesn't really have that
2657s much to begin with so an incredible
2659s fight coming out from that team and
2660s maybe even it might not be that team cuz
2663s I don't think two kills yeah I was going
2664s to say what's interesting is they have
2666s two kills so how did they do that one
2669s go he fight so far is not looking that
2672s bad beler is still holding really good
2673s up in the front
2675s line and Perry down go Perry as well he
2678s can hold this for a little longer JCP
2681s still doing whatever he can Cinema
2683s trying to get away from this fight
2684s otherwise he's trying to get the
2685s harpoons down but remember satin is
2688s already down on the ground JCP takes
2689s advantage of this will take down the
2691s corpse that means it's a one for zero
2693s cleanly going into the hands of Team
2694s Auto Arms yeah sattin not not quite
2698s getting the Revenge match he wanted
2700s against JCP he's going to have to wait a
2701s little longer for that um yeah that was
2705s just crazy I mean you know the Nikki one
2707s shot combination with Fiora is just so
2709s patented if you can get in range to
2710s execute it it's just so much damage and
2713s so unavoidable this is awkward for alto
2715s it's still night vision one tool going
2717s to get found out same thing for alto oh
2719s my God the grappling maneuver gets him
2721s out but the bear is right there and
2722s there's so many teams hanging around
2723s this area sebie doesn't have the reset
2726s he's just going to casually back on out
2727s of there good stuff coming for team 2C
2729s they're not over chasing sebbi as we've
2731s seen time and time again throughout the
2733s weekend is not shom Bar's going to get
2736s the revive off yeah I was just going to
2737s mention that they just got enough
2739s credits just barely meanwhile up in Arch
2741s range Auto Arms the Nikki engag jino
2744s completely unchecked this fight he's
2745s just pumping out so much damage on
2747s anything that he can touch and in he
2748s goes and Cinema's going to go down as
2750s well oh no Z's going to be able to take
2753s this out but just so much damage but who
2755s is going down gwor over in station one
2758s tool looking to kite back but C wants
2761s more of the smoke get the spring trap
2762s almost takes down Alto Alto so low s sh
2766s can you get one cut off and there only
2768s he goes dude senine is just an actual
2771s letting go this guy just cannot missed
2773s his spring traps it's actually insane
2775s all the any throws a spring trap it
2777s either use Mobility or it's hitting you
2779s it's always on its Mark it's insane this
2782s guy is just like ly incarnate at this
2784s point for team two SE they understand
2786s they're in a little bit of an awkward
2787s position right now but with the
2788s Executioner bonus maybe they're
2790s confident to fight the shom putting out
2791s the damage he has the acceptance speech
2793s he still has the play that it was not
2794s invested in the last fight SEI takes a
2796s huge amount of damage from the kudagra
2798s but still he's standing in the middle of
2800s the fight force field is going to come
2801s out he's trying to heal up as best as he
2802s can will be taken down the auto attack
2805s from Shin is not enough bzero is going
2807s to stay alive but Satan gets taken down
2809s walking up in front of everything he's
2811s still going to get taken down to shoob
2814s and senine the goats the duo of all time
2817s they always pull through as a Duo and
2821s shom had such a hard time that fight
2823s Yuki actually providing so much value
2825s with this disarm double disarming Shin
2828s really cutting down that team's damage
2829s but once that was over the floodgates
2831s open and shin
2834s just they're so good as a do it one tool
2836s is just going to get taken out here
2838s nothing nothing crazy happening oh no
2841s listen you can't cosplay as a dog over
2843s there
2844s okay oh man you're waiting a little bit
2847s too actually we haven't talked about
2848s gungi in a while but they're had 12
2852s field kills I mean they're having a
2854s dominant performance yeah I think ever
2857s since the the Battle Zone they won
2859s they've been constantly on the rise
2861s throughout this course of the game so I
2863s guess team kungi andate their engines
2865s are rev from the early stages of this
2868s series and that is a really really good
2870s sign for people who want to see this
2872s Cilla succeed but you know who's not
2874s here while this sucilla is Cilla is
2876s succeeding where's
2878s Wendy yeah this guy's still not here I
2881s swear why do he never here what's going
2883s on with this guy I swear he was here
2885s when the timer was going before we
2887s started where is this guy again and
2889s what's interesting to me is Mir and song
2892s they only have they just got their first
2894s kill of the game but like item wise
2897s they're stacked out like both um romatic
2900s and one Circle are completely full bu
2902s and Don looks very bulky so like they
2906s made it to this point you know the
2908s scaling team has made it um let's see
2911s what they can do with it they they might
2914s still win this game the our favorite to
2916s win the tournament I would say uh at
2919s least from the voting perspective M only
2922s has one kill so even if they win this
2924s game they're not going to have a ton of
2926s points compared to Gangi and jued you
2929s never know maybe there there is a world
2931s in which these two teams can still do
2933s get out right especially for team muten
2934s Hong they kind of understand their
2936s position in the game they've seen most
2938s of the teams right now if not all so
2940s they know that they're going to be
2941s behind when it comes to the amount of
2942s points they have but it's still the
2944s safety net of the fact that placement
2946s points will still give you a massive ton
2948s of points as long as you get there so
2950s it's a it's a long game for these guys
2952s sebie thinking of going in jino on the
2954s backside doing a lot of damage over onto
2956s the zon he's getting taken dangerously
2958s low right now R last is still available
2960s sen is going to get pulled back in no
2962s healing win available anymore for this
2964s team shom actually looking to go back in
2966s on this fight getent into the play dead
2968s I'm not entirely sure if that was the
2969s right Callo is going get P communication
2972s what yeah but Shin got taken down and
2975s that's going to be the end of the fight
2976s team Chi their initiations were a little
2978s bit stagnated and good attempts coming
2980s in from Shin but taken out of the fight
2982s a little bit too quick with the play
2984s that activated so nicely done from Team
2986s kung8 sitting on 14 field kills now
2989s sebbi should account for their 15th of
2991s the game it it just felt like no one was
2995s was on the same page as sh either
2997s got a little too
2999s crazy we talked about this yesterday too
3002s go in and drop to this team he doesn't
3004s want to minus one his team a point so oh
3007s wait he they actually can't kill him in
3009s time
3011s oh but the kill credit still goes over
3014s Yi finding their own kill Mir said Jong
3016s finding their own kill on the last
3017s remaining solos and here we go they will
3020s now face off in the finals gungi I mean
3025s what a dominant performance this game
3026s won I mean
3028s definitely revved up the engines to you
3031s know to play I don't know how else to
3034s phrase it they they're here to play all
3036s right here we go windy is here that
3038s means Cilla team is about to lose kungi
3040s in are going to
3043s continue what the hell man like it's
3045s just like if there's anything worse than
3047s Caster curse it's windy curse yeah let's
3050s see if it can happen though right cuz
3051s we've been talking about MAA and S
3052s composition this entire time it all
3054s comes down to whether or not I think
3056s team Kung and it fights into the
3058s overcharge or not right chinho exactly
3060s is going to be found out by team be they
3063s know what the fight is going to look
3064s like right now the spark nade is
3065s actually going to push him even further
3067s away the Poke so far is actually not
3068s that bad there's the blink coming in
3069s from in9 trying to look for a reposition
3071s inside of this fight but one Circle Tak
3073s dangerously low at the moment goo with
3075s the blink in is going to be able to get
3076s the kill but there's the one for one jho
3079s will be able to secure one Circle
3081s getting taken down romatic is going to
3082s get the execution bonus here we go J is
3084s just pumping out damage one after
3086s another rtic there's the point finger
3089s point the exclusive comes out as well
3090s Gino still pumping out the damage Nana
3092s does not have the wall he's going to get
3093s taken down and romatic goes down too
3096s Wendy is here Cilla wins the curse is
3098s broken GG's to K in Cilla still died so
3102s does it really count ah you know but
3106s yeah jinho doing so much damage and at
3109s the end they had a huge Health Advantage
3111s and so long as jino Just Hits what's in
3113s front of him and doesn't get you know
3115s ganged up on with doing like nothing or
3118s something it should just be a win at
3120s that point well played from Yi I mean
3122s they played so well the whole game
3125s that's such a good comp to play into a
3127s Jenny and Alonzo final Duo as well right
3130s the mai as well as the Jenny the
3132s exclusive just cuts down the damage from
3134s the Jenny and you saw how kind of
3137s panicked I would say and a little bit
3138s hesitant romatic was going into the
3140s fight shail over and over and over I
3143s it's it's just so tough and I mean with
3145s something like suame
3147s like a a true tried and true ADC
3150s character with just you know burst
3152s potential as well it it's hard because
3155s Jenny just she needs some rev up time to
3157s really get you know the damage going for
3159s her whereas suame can just out the gate
3162s start pumping damage and that's the kind
3165s of lead you need with the Health
3166s Advantage as well and you know the
3168s matchups just being the way they are
3171s this is this is such a master class
3173s coming in from kungi and they just
3175s completely flip around the composition
3177s that they decided to start out with
3179s throughout the entire weekend I don't
3181s think they've ever started out with the
3182s superame in a single Series so far
3185s during the wild cards or the group
3186s stages they just said you're right they
3188s haven't yeah hey in the finals I think
3190s subam is the play and it absolutely was
3192s chinho did so much work on this
3194s character and again this is one of the
3195s reasons why I want to see postgame
3197s custom stats because I wouldn't be
3199s surprised if the subam this game with
3201s how much he was doing consistent damage
3202s throughout these fights 30 40 50,000
3205s damage it would have been easy
3207s you see what's going on right now with
3209s these
3210s casters y they're doing some yeah
3212s where's ours man where's ours where's
3214s our Fried Chicken what the I want some
3217s Korean Fried Chicken this looks good
3218s they're zooming in on everything all
3220s these sauces I'm just so jealous man oh
3224s my God see we're casting here too I'm
3227s surprised they're not sending us these
3228s chickens as well we could advertise it
3231s or at least some like chicken pgs for
3233s you to slide to our to our little
3235s reactive images that pretty good
3238s yeah I mean listen we've been having
3239s some Bonkers viewer levels in the past
3241s couple days I think they could I think
3242s they could invest a little bit more on
3244s the they got they got a couple couple
3247s dollar dues that could toss to my you
3249s don't need a couple dollar dues because
3250s it's only 30 credits like I said dollar
3253s du dollar
3257s dues they could toss 30 credits my way
3260s exactly all they need to do is wait
3261s about what 40 50 seconds of natural gen
3265s mhm
3267s H but still what a great game coming
3269s through from Team kungi we've been
3270s talking about this the entire weekend
3273s and we also mentioned it at the
3274s beginning of today as well but this team
3276s has been struggling at the beginning of
3278s the series so the fact that we were able
3279s to see 18 kills coming through for this
3283s team at game number one they're going to
3284s be at 26 they're already nearly halfway
3288s to the checkpoint marker after game
3290s number one that is crazy to me I mean
3294s how insane would it be if they just
3295s dominated like three four games and just
3298s one like that would be nuts but you know
3303s we'll see if they can keep up that
3304s momentum they definitely had a strong
3306s start to the last game with the Battle
3309s Zone win with the early Collins with the
3312s early kills they definitely had a huge
3315s Tempo advantage on the lobby and it
3317s carried over like just massively so here
3320s we have the scores Gangi in first CH
3322s seat taking second actually finding
3325s eight field kills b k FX bringing up
3329s third they actually got wiped a little
3331s earlier before even the final Zone
3334s started so a lot of their points in fact
3335s all of their points are from their field
3337s kills Auto Arms bringing up fourth tied
3339s up with bnk FX Mir song getting second
3343s last game but again you know not having
3344s a lot of field kills they really found a
3347s saing Grace and um all the placement
3349s points absolutely which was the team by
3353s the way that got the minus one earlier
3354s at the beginning of the game do you
3355s remember which one was
3357s fairy it was gwor head popping in the
3359s Checkmate okay so they did get a
3361s placement point at least to kind of
3363s compensate for that but yeah two kills
3366s off of game number one not exactly going
3367s to be the most optimal situation of
3369s course to be in when it is so hop so top
3372s heavy I should say with Team Kong taking
3374s away 26 but you already know how it goes
3377s with this one shot composition sometimes
3379s it works sometimes it doesn't and you
3381s pointed it out perfectly throughout some
3382s of these fights that team was a little
3384s bit too spread out in a lot of these
3386s cases and that's snowballed a lot really
3388s really fast where they fell behind over
3389s and over and over yeah it just it just
3392s felt like a lack of communication from
3394s them or just a lack of
3397s um something that I like to call is just
3399s um map positioning where you how you
3402s position as a team as you move
3404s throughout the map it just felt like
3406s maybe they just weren't structured the
3408s way they wanted to be when fights broke
3409s out for them and things just got really
3412s split up and they weren't able to all
3413s hit the same targets at the same time
3415s yeah and actually throughout game number
3417s one it almost felt like they were the
3418s reactive team right they weren't the
3420s ones jumping on different teams we saw
3422s that maybe once or twice but for the
3424s most part I think the result of them
3426s being the one that has to react to other
3428s teams jumping in on them is the reason
3430s why they were so split apart I mean we
3431s saw it in ceter gor got jumped on and he
3434s had to forcibly use his Checkmate before
3437s he got instantly eliminated but there
3438s was no setup behind it there's no
3439s additional pieces on the ground to
3441s additionally amplify that bonus hp%
3444s damage that just happened over and over
3446s again
3447s yeah and it's interesting because we
3449s have two Nikki compositions too and
3451s that's what happened when they you know
3453s when they fought another Nikki comp it's
3454s it's you know first to take initiative
3456s there and Adela is just one of those
3459s characters that needs time to set up in
3461s order to to do something whereas on the
3464s other
3465s team they could just send it it's Fiora
3468s you know like as soon as Nick yel hits
3470s Fiora flies in does her thing and people
3473s can get one shot in that Niki all window
3475s the knockup window from Fiora exactly
3478s and with game two character selection
3480s going in of course you guys can see at
3481s the bottom right Carla as well as Fiora
3484s is going to be banned they were both
3485s picked three times the first time these
3488s two characters have been banned
3489s throughout the weekend which is just
3491s mindboggling to me but this Lobby in of
3493s itself again as I will mention is just
3495s perfectly set up that we have our three
3497s Carla players and our three Fiora
3499s players for pH two all sitting in one
3502s lobby and is there any bans coming out
3505s for this round I Double
3509s J think so three M so there is a May bin
3513s that's that's something we've seen a lot
3515s of this weekend a lot of this weekend
3519s but what's interesting is everyone put
3521s their Nikki away yeah it would seem like
3523s it especially considering the fact that
3525s team fairy is just going to be running
3526s their casual team comp right the one
3528s that doesn't run this one shot rotation
3530s yeah I don't think there's really any
3533s for nikis to come in and again we've
3535s also seen with or ban yeah viora band is
3537s gone my exists there's three m in this
3539s game Nikki valy just kind of dropped
3541s significantly yeah Nikki stocks are down
3543s this Lobby
3545s 100% And
3546s bkx opting for the echon is this
3550s something they've run traditionally in
3551s the past I mean it's pum right yeah this
3555s guy is a this guy is like the Eon in KR
3557s his YouTube channel his TT his well not
3560s not twitch anymore but CH profile icon
3562s it's all Eon man all Eon out okay great
3565s great great cuz I'm I I'm less familiar
3568s with these teams right so every time I
3570s see something I haven't seen this
3571s weekend it's it's always a question for
3573s me for for uh for me to ask you so it's
3576s it's good to you know get filled in oh
3580s another ban actually I just noticed this
3582s as well before the banner started coming
3583s up there's a Jenny ban Jenny ban yeah
3588s because we have to remember that shinomi
3589s was playing it and what is it I believe
3592s this time around we're actually going to
3593s see Team fairy pick it up since Alto
3595s lost his Carlin time around right so he
3597s swapped over onto the Jenny because gwor
3600s is going to be on the haze of course we
3602s do see I think it was one Tool playing
3605s the lenux this is a comp that we saw
3607s throughout the
3609s weekend what is what am I watching right
3612s now to
3615s die JP got
3618s it what did he oh no he didn't the auto
3621s attack didn't go through in time it's I
3623s swear it looked like
3625s it Elser on the run but he's going to
3629s make it out just
3631s fine saber OHA Bar's finding saber
3635s Dina's going to get caught out but FX is
3637s also
3638s here the not the full team of FX so it
3641s is a 2v3 and it just looks like they're
3645s like they have items built and Fairy
3647s doesn't honestly that's all this looks
3649s like this is the strength of bnk FX
3652s inside a cemetery and such a great spot
3653s to be all grouped up and built out at
3656s the same time cuz there's a lot of amp
3657s character bills that actually do end
3659s Cemetery nowadays and they're taking
3660s full advantage of that right now sitting
3662s on two kills at the moment E8 looking
3664s for a third but of course as a gen the
3666s red carpet is going to buy them enough
3667s space to get away and with Dena this
3669s could be their third death already in
3671s the game they're sitting on two at the
3673s moment oh my God speaking of sitting on
3675s two item completed
3678s oh down he goes it's going to be the
3681s third death of the game for that player
3683s and I believe everybody else just this
3686s area about to get taken down to there's
3688s the kill over onto Roser cominging
3689s through from Chino as the dash comes in
3691s and he will execute that sua down to the
3695s ground a lot faster of a game Pace than
3697s we've seen so far Meek and Gangi finding
3700s two kills widening their lead further
3702s and further getting closer to that
3704s checkpoint yo it's Sidewinder pen what
3708s on Earth is that wait a second yo this
3712s isn't this is not what we've been see
3716s all weekend from
3718s everybody oh getting his broadcast and
3721s then he's just going to get some damage
3723s down and dip see you unfortunately that
3727s rewind was not used while he was in
3730s overflow Sidewinder damage is kind of
3733s crazy though what the heck was that yeah
3735s revu also was not in his broadcast form
3738s when he initially casted the rewind so
3740s when he went back it actually didn't
3741s stun anybody unfortunately he didn't get
3743s the stun at all yeah I think K the
3750s did maybe go then you CAU out down he
3755s goes no chance of survival there it's a
3758s lot of picks definitely a lot of picks
3760s in this game everybody getting picked
3761s off he's also trying PX is actually at
3764s five kills already oh my God these guys
3767s are making up finding his mark on the
3769s cinema The Peacemaker comes out but oh
3773s for a second there Rosner had his uh CC
3775s immunity Shield was just kind of going
3776s off oh my God but 9 is here but where's
3781s his team oh he's by himself he was
3784s looking for something there's Gino
3785s coming in now looking for a possibility
3787s pom with the Sidewinder he does not have
3790s his M upgrade yet of course he does it's
3793s number one we get taking down E8 just
3795s booking it but this team already on six
3797s kills they are about 2/3 the amount of
3800s kills they had in the previous game
3801s already within the first five minutes of
3803s the game
3806s yeah I mean it's just nonsense this is
3809s such an like electric early game
3811s compared to last game like everybody's
3813s just non-stop fighting and finally we're
3815s going to have a bit of unironically a
3817s bit of downtime on the
3819s objectives seems so no teams are nobody
3823s yeah everybody's just kind of been
3824s floating in Chapel area for so long now
3827s that all these objectives that spawned
3828s are just kind of open to the teams that
3830s weren't around and were ready to contest
3832s yeah uh just a little bit of a trivia
3834s here for you as well and for people in
3836s the chat they might notice this as well
3839s bom I think is going to be our first
3841s Sidewinder Eon player to play this
3844s specific weapon of eon ever since bjo
3848s decided to play Sidewinder Eon that guy
3850s is like The Sidewinder Eon in KR he
3853s almost every single ERM performance he's
3855s actually had never deviated away from
3858s anything but Sidewinder bomb I think is
3860s going to be our only other player that
3862s has ever picked up that specific weapon
3864s on the Eon
3866s wow
3868s that that's a fun fact for the people at
3870s home yeah I was going to say when I saw
3872s the side Winder I was like wait that's
3874s not young Joe hold on a second who's
3875s playing this game what's going on here
3877s who's got the the blue Kool-Aid on their
3880s hand what's going on this is bizarre all
3885s we've been seeing is that red drink we
3887s this guy's got the blue stuff yeah
3889s where's the purple drink man that's the
3890s one that I like playing so has anyone
3893s ever played that inm yes Yes actually
3895s bum has yeah he played the full it was
3898s during
3900s iason maybe season 3 early phases that
3902s we did see
3904s it interesting yeah I mean purple is I
3907s know that's your uh that's your baby oh
3910s Cadmus going in but the re-engage or the
3913s the counter engage rather from Belzer is
3915s huge magnani getting brought really low
3917s R the vampire cre procs and he gets his
3919s heal off dejong cyber is looking for
3921s more but dena's just going to kite this
3923s out and keep Cadmus at Bay Ru looking
3927s for something they want blood they've
3929s have got a bit of time magnani oh almost
3932s finds the route but just
3934s short it's a little bit close too close
3936s for comfort saber their Felix was a
3939s little bit isolated and the Felix cannot
3941s kill thean this early in the game by
3943s themselves instead of the rain of the
3944s vampire queen here's the 1 V2 coming in
3946s from the backside maybe danana is able
3948s to find something on this end and
3950s everyone else joins in on The Fray
3952s there's romatic consistently pumping out
3953s the damage WBT will also take the fall
3956s which which means JCP The Last One Alive
3958s on Team Auto Arms we get taken down that
3960s should be a battle Zone going in favor
3961s of Team M anded I believe unless there's
3963s another team in there multiple fights
3965s across the board as the one in Temple
3967s sebie about to get taken down he does
3968s not will reset as he goes over on
3970s towards the Omega shom holding the line
3972s it will be good but inside of Chapel
3974s another fight as two teams are duing it
3976s on the bottom side Felix gets taken out
3978s I believe I see some characters starting
3980s to take on timer 5 seconds left for the
3982s blue team they just get a kill but it's
3984s just not going to be enough timers are
3986s said everywhere but M of course is not
3987s going to be able to do anything up
3989s against chin Hill that fight up in
3991s Chapel is going to
3992s end and you SE looking to re-engage on
3996s this Temple fight they really want to
3998s try and find some kills here on fery I
4000s mean there's nothing to really contest
4001s over and they're going to see pings on
4003s the um West no Eastern side of
4006s temple and that's going to be fear X to
4009s see they look they really want to fight
4011s like they're they're kind of hungry for
4012s a fight sebie doing a driveby I guess
4015s roll down the windows hit up everybody
4017s on FX and now they're just going to walk
4019s away but most of the time when it comes
4021s to a lot of these Eon mirror matchups
4024s typically the one that will win out in
4026s the long run is going to be the Black
4028s Mamba King most of the weapons on the
4030s side of eon especially the death outer
4032s one usually Eon can kind of sustain
4035s himself throughout the entire burst
4036s rotation of those two weapons especially
4038s the Sidewinder to cuz most of his damage
4040s from that kind of comes from his
4041s overflow and veniz if he does decide to
4044s go in there but look at this up against
4045s squishies he doesn't care about the
4047s black mamb king he's going to overflow
4049s again reset his timer denana being in
4051s very big trouble bom will actually knock
4053s down that Jenny as well this Estelle
4056s needs to immediately book it and he will
4058s get out yeah and I mean I think EA could
4062s have finished chasing that but he didn't
4064s want to extend too far away from his
4065s team making a a consistent decision to
4069s just back off quite quite dangerous of a
4071s situation M HED has put themselves under
4074s two kills in hand but their timers are
4076s starting to tick as about 10 seconds to
4078s go until one circle is going to come
4080s back revu R's got this nasty little
4084s flank M damage he's going to find Cen
4087s alone here oh but he misses the
4090s route and he doesn't get the stun either
4092s oh no
4095s revu oh no oh no this is so bad for djun
4100s cyers this is out on revu catmas and
4103s Mong will be able to get out on the
4104s fight but that was just really good
4106s reactions coming through from Team CH
4107s essentially everything on the side rev
4109s just completely countered out senine
4111s reacting perfectly fine I'm pretty sure
4113s his camera was actually away at the
4115s initial part of the fight right unlocked
4117s cam trying to help out his team but he's
4119s able to react to everything perfectly on
4120s time R not able to get anything done to
4123s this team as the stun is going to miss
4124s from the broadcast even the rewind is
4127s going to miss as more teams looking to
4128s fight beautiful snake bite across the
4130s wall but it's not going to find anything
4132s as everybody on the side of team fery
4133s just looking to get away from m s and
4136s den able to just charge forward of that
4138s Corridor with complete confidence
4140s knowing that he has the heal drone
4141s knowing that has a Theodore healing
4143s behind him and just you know they're
4146s still pushing forward they want more
4147s they want to kill fery here one two o
4152s wait a minute I didn't realize jued was
4154s also still in the area so one tool is
4157s completely split off he's just kind of
4160s tra what
4163s the he just ped over
4167s what how did that work what I don't
4171s know well gor now getting chased down by
4174s most of the members of ton cyers re is
4176s going to pull back because of the rewind
4177s but there's the intimidation tactic
4179s punch slamming that down to the
4182s ground goodness gracious also gone too
4186s I'm still not over him just looking over
4189s the wall and walk that's actually wild
4192s that was just like I just got to witness
4195s what AA was was like I'm 30 I didn't
4197s think I'd learn what that
4199s is oh Belzer I don't think that's
4201s exactly where you wanted to go going
4202s into a tight Corridor up against an
4204s Adena oh not an Adena sorry a heart as
4206s well as a Seline to slay into the game
4209s absolutely not the best choice of action
4210s that thunder strike is actually going to
4212s result in the death of the Felix which
4214s means minus 250 you do have the credits
4216s to Res o the blast is going to miss
4219s doesn't hit so they do get the revive
4222s off and now they're looking to re-engage
4224s but I don't know if they should I mean
4226s that's pretty scary team to try and walk
4228s into ju SE and Mar song sebbi going in
4231s finding his mark on vertic but the blast
4234s we they're just going to K this out oh
4236s my God he got BR so
4238s low he's still alive wait sa still alive
4241s which means now it's shom's time he's
4242s trying to pump out the damage oh senine
4244s actually decides to go into the fight
4246s too he's invested a lot of cool Downs
4247s trying to get himself away oh the spring
4249s trap is actually going to tag danana as
4252s well this Lenny trying her best to get
4253s away but the shield Bion it's not going
4255s to be there in time I think that was
4258s actually the ballistic advantage that
4259s managed to knock her down unfortunate
4261s for team chus as they're going to lose
4262s out on kills one for zero in favor of
4264s Team me song Down goes to Heart of JCP
4267s as well Auto arms and shambles is two
4269s for zero in favor of Team ton cybers but
4272s on the bright side Auto Arms does have a
4275s actual ton of credits yeah so they'll be
4279s able to get these revive revives off
4281s hopefully no problem I believe 9 will go
4284s and do it in school
4286s yeah but it's night three I mean you're
4287s looking for Chaser and Heartbreaker
4289s right gosh yeah it's it's really
4295s tough so de junk cyers looking to get
4298s control over Pond ju seat looking to get
4301s their teammate back but I think the Eon
4304s has enough credits yeah he just barely
4305s has enough credits so they should be
4306s able to get that off no problem inside
4309s of police station M taking a lot of poke
4311s damage those Rockets are going to hurt
4312s at this stage in the game team fairy
4314s trying to get animal control contr
4315s inside the Zone ton cyber is not even
4317s looking to entertain that fight yeah no
4321s it it's just too hard of an area to try
4322s and fight Hazen into especially with the
4325s range Advantage they have over them it's
4327s it's just not going to go well if they
4328s get poked out too far but meanwhile in
4331s dream FX finding their mark on alto and
4335s alto's going to Al's going to get
4337s brought down yes he is and meanwhile on
4339s the North side bum is just running down
4341s gwor this Sidewinder Eon doing so much
4344s damage and rosner's just going to finish
4346s this off I don't think Lenox will be
4348s able to kite this out these two
4350s characters are far too mobile with far
4352s too much CC and yeah that's going to
4354s spell the end for Fairy a zero kill
4356s eighth place just not what you want to
4359s see when you're going into this second
4360s game especially with how their first
4362s game went fantastic fight coming in for
4364s Rosner as well tagging up the Jenny at
4366s the beginning of the fight with the mark
4368s right on the Odyssey and then
4369s immediately following up with the St
4372s with the knockup actually I think from
4373s the donot locking down that gen and yes
4376s she managed to get the acceptance speech
4378s down but by the time she already went
4379s into play that the fight was already
4381s over the entire team was on Escape but
4383s here we go another fight going in bomb
4385s resets over on the side re actually
4387s knocks down the down he goes the Martina
4390s is also going to get taken down Rosner
4391s stck in the middle of nowhere he will
4392s get taken down as well but another third
4394s party coming in as team kungi doesn't
4397s care
4398s that the the don't care team to thirdy
4403s no get that out of here know's going to
4406s beat some
4410s butt going in so much
4414s damage team 2C they managed to walk out
4417s of I think that was a fifth or sixth
4420s party even by themselves they chunk
4422s through everybody I think they walked in
4424s as the C came out as the victors in the
4426s end even despite the D and E coming
4429s in it was just crazy they just stayed in
4432s the center and killed everyone who ran
4433s at them sebie going in finding his mark
4436s on bum and E8 bum at his half meter he's
4440s looking to try and get a little bit more
4442s damage out of a q before he goes in this
4444s armor pen Eon I mean I've seen what kind
4447s of damage it can do now I kind of
4449s understand it a little better
4451s now to the go in gets down some damage
4455s bup justun and doing yeah shom is going
4459s to go down the heal comes up and the
4460s play dead but he's just going to take
4461s him down again cine goes down too and
4464s now sebie is on the Run of any character
4466s can get out of this kind of situation
4467s this Eon but I don't know about that one
4469s I don't know if it's going to happen
4472s especially with another EK on chasing
4474s him and it's not they're going to take
4475s him down and Wick is right there for
4477s them to take as well cuz you also have
4479s to remember that the upgrade with myth
4481s Ru lowers the time of exuviation so no
4483s matter what downtime Advantage actually
4484s goes in favor of bom more so than SE
4487s that's true actually yeah yeah that's
4488s really brutal on the side of Team Chui
4490s five kills on hand and zero placement
4492s points is all they're going to be able
4493s to get out of game number two but here
4495s we go maybe a potential another fight
4497s beginning between team bnk FX and kung8
4501s FX just deciding to walk away Wick line
4503s just hanging around this area going to
4505s get started up by team and song nobody
4507s else entertaining this they're going to
4508s get a yeah no I mean Wick was running up
4511s towards police St police station so all
4514s the teams gravitated to there and then
4516s it ended up just going the other way and
4518s going into a gas station of all places
4521s and Miro song just you know by happen St
4523s are the only team in the area for it and
4525s what also happened which wasn't caught
4527s on camera There Was Fear X actually had
4529s to burn a lot of timer they got gayt by
4532s dejong cybers and then went into the
4533s other entrance and got gatee kept again
4535s we're in song finding the last remaining
4538s member wait what am I talking about
4540s that's not the last remaining member but
4541s one of the last remaining members of
4542s Auto Arms as they are still missing one
4544s of their teammates oh look at the credit
4546s counts look at the timer can they get
4548s both
4549s three one maybe just one more oh gets it
4552s out in time oh he
4556s but it's just not going to matter FX
4559s waiting in the wings here coming in bum
4561s wants some of the smoke oh my
4564s God that wasn't even in veniz that was
4567s just a crescent
4569s strike what was that what the heck okay
4573s so farad sidefinder is the truth wait
4576s Cinema gets taken down though right I
4578s mean this is actually not that bad on
4579s the side of Team ton cybers right now
4581s cuz this m cannot stop this the tongue
4584s comes in but she has no damage to follow
4585s up M will get taken down again but it's
4587s just a 2v3 situation it does not work in
4590s favor of Team Auto Arms down they go
4592s nice and beautiful attempt but another
4594s fight inside of archery range is M
4596s sedong trying to Duke it out up against
4597s the members of Team saber the wick line
4599s buff is a little bit too much the item
4601s difference is a little bit too much down
4602s goes one down goes two Dina trying to
4604s stay alive but of course the final shot
4606s oh it's going to miss but danana will
4608s get it with the Maleficent Helix down
4610s goes team saber three for zero in favor
4612s of me and S Mir s map positioning now
4616s because of killing that team off is so
4618s good they're not going to have anybody
4619s flanking them or coming from behind them
4621s to third party so they'll have complete
4623s control over every fight they take at
4624s this point but meanwhile de junk cyers
4628s on the Run they're going to white lily
4630s right into guni and immediately comes
4632s the free at last and gungi is
4636s just not able to capitalize on this
4639s entirely and I'm sure they're aware that
4640s there's another team you know waiting
4643s around the corner so they don't want to
4644s position themselves to get pin
4646s this is tough this is tough for every
4647s single team right now poke is looking
4649s good but these initiations are just not
4651s sticking lot of timer being lost for the
4653s members of team so much timer and it's
4656s important at this part of the game where
4658s it's hard to find kills easily to reset
4660s that timer and timer BEC so important in
4662s this late stage of the game yeah but
4664s look at the map right now I mean team be
4666s song is actually deciding to walk up
4668s over towards alley cuz they've cleared
4669s out the entirety of AR true range
4671s there's they know there's no kills there
4672s they know they're behind the kills right
4674s now because or not even just kills but
4676s points overall because of that game one
4678s performance they're looking to Pat that
4680s up with just pure aggression they take
4683s Vision they don't see anything going on
4685s they don't see any third parties and
4686s they do see ping going into archery so
4688s they're going to rotate back they really
4690s want to find a team to kill and knowing
4692s that there's pings coming from archery
4693s they're going to have a team cornered
4694s and they definitely want to push this
4696s Wick line advantage while they still
4697s have it trying to push to sim Meen song
4700s bnk furx this is the team with the most
4702s amount of kills right now but of course
4703s for Meen song this is one of those teams
4705s that can heavily punish a team that
4707s decides to go in E8 sitting on next to
4709s no transitions danana is full
4711s transitions romatic is full Transitions
4714s and I saw one Circle having full
4716s transitions too oh yeah this is a
4719s stacked Mir and S Jong and FX sees this
4723s and they might even just run red and
4725s leave these guys alone up here meanwhile
4727s over in Aly we have a fight breaking out
4730s the J cyers re blinking forward actually
4732s and he's just going to go down for that
4734s what a greedy play and magani yeah
4736s everybody's just gonna go down really
4738s tried to make something happen and it
4740s just didn't pan out yeah I'm not
4742s entirely sure what's going on right now
4744s with these teams they're playing
4745s unnecessarily aggressive at the moment I
4747s mean bum trying to get a little bit of
4748s poke in but there's so much healing on
4750s the side of Team me seding it is just
4752s not working out for these guys they need
4754s to find some positioning but poke is not
4756s going to work up against a character
4757s like this Theo looking to go for an
4760s initiation back in this sidewind Reon
4762s taking down so dangerously low right now
4764s already in the fight trying to get some
4765s more damage off overflow is going to do
4767s quite a lot of damage but down goes the
4769s sideon this character is just way too
4772s difficult to play when not dealing with
4773s any poke down goes romantic but E8 is
4775s The Last One Alive wait a second the
4777s damage is
4778s actually one circle with the auto attack
4781s for a second and one circle at the back
4783s end of that fight was left unchecked for
4784s just a little too long and by the time
4786s they got onto him his he was all set up
4788s everything was exactly where he wanted
4790s it he was healing himself through E8
4792s damage by standing on the opposite side
4794s of his gate and just doing so much
4797s damage for us we actually don't even
4799s have to wait for the temp zones to
4800s finish because they man to get the kills
4802s right before that happen so good stuff
4804s coming in for these teams it will be Ali
4806s as one of our final zones we saw this
4808s Zone yesterday and it turned out into
4810s something funny actually not even
4812s yesterday it was Friday it's the same
4815s final two teams in the same final Zone
4817s area no no I don't think it is cuz it
4819s was team uh it was guny and msj last
4822s game oh last G and they definitely yeah
4824s last game not yeah anyways getting into
4826s this fight Gangi in finding the TA onto
4829s danana looking to try and play a front
4831s to back fight here but jinho keeping the
4833s backline in check they're not really
4834s able to step up to punish anything in
4836s had gone for there without taking any
4838s damage but they're looking to sustain
4841s through with the Theodor theistic
4843s Advantage coming out stopping in9 from
4844s healing but meanwhile on the side jino
4846s finding the one one against romatic and
4848s romatic actually takes him down the
4850s Jenny doing too much damage the hell
4852s attacks that providing too much
4853s durability for J to get through and this
4855s is just going to be a clean three for
4857s Mir s cut the VOD cut the VOD wy's here
4859s wy's here cut the VOD cut the VOD it's
4862s j
4864s lost it and SED picking up 14 kills for
4867s themselves will take away first place as
4869s you said a clean 30-0 GG's called out to
4872s this team as they're going to start
4873s ramping up in the amount of points as
4875s well but not a bad game for the side of
4878s Team Ki and right I think it was about
4880s eight total fuel kills themselves with
4882s the first uh the second place placements
4884s both points not that bad of a result for
4887s that team at all and you saw the power
4890s of the Estelle ultimate that fight the
4891s hell attack stat providing that Shield
4893s that hermatic needed to win that one V
4896s one against
4897s jinho it was huge it was the fight
4899s decider really because if jinho wins
4901s that 1 V one thinks go the complete
4903s other way well I'm not entirely sure if
4905s that actually would have been the case
4907s right because chinho was actually taking
4909s about the same amount of damage as
4911s romatic was but romatic has the fallback
4913s of the play dead
4916s and Chino doesn't I mean yeah he can
4918s maybe knock down the the what is it the
4921s Jenny and run away but then he's
4923s effectively out of the fight from there
4925s and I don't know if you caught
4927s this but the ma on the side of kongi
4931s inate actually got tagged by a ballistic
4933s Advantage from one Circle so while they
4935s were trying to heal themselves up by
4936s resting yeah I did I did actually point
4938s that out funny enough yeah the ballistic
4941s Advantage came out and it stopped in9
4943s from resting too good too good yeah too
4947s good that's the power one Circle it's
4949s just a one Circle Gap out here man just
4952s that's just all it is we're just we're
4955s just two North American casters living
4957s in a one Circle
4959s world yeah exactly but still a great
4962s game I think played by multiple teams
4964s across the board here CHC still looking
4966s for opportunities of course to fight up
4968s against bnk FX didn't exactly go too
4971s well in their favor but it does allow
4973s bnk FX to even stabilize themselves in
4976s the score sheet again as they're going
4977s to get a ton of kills in this game with
4978s that sidewind their Eon variant coming
4980s in from bum do seem to be working so
4983s maybe we could see it a little bit more
4985s throughout the course of the series yeah
4987s I mean if the uh Fiora bands keep coming
4989s out I think we'll see him go back to it
4991s it definitely you know he definitely
4994s performed well on it and the damage on
4995s it just looked absolutely Bonkers in
4997s some situations the Q damage just like
5000s was what I was surprised about most
5002s honestly yeah it looks pretty good so
5005s far and hopefully it's going to look
5006s good for the remainder of the series but
5008s that was game number two which does mean
5011s that we're going to have a little bit of
5012s a break of course going into this yeah
5015s what are you doing woo for what do you
5016s mean you don't want to keep watching
5018s these games Non-Stop and over and over
5021s and over again Meek what are you doing I
5023s do but I got like a half bag of Doritos
5025s kind like looking at me and if I open
5027s them now it's just going to be loud
5029s crackly noises but if we open them on
5031s break oh yeah yeah the sun is shining
5034s down on my face right right now through
5035s like the cracks of the blind so I need
5036s to readjust this as well I need a break
5045s too well I don't know what the Korean
5048s casters are talking about they're
5050s talking about something
5052s uh they're doing more of the the Korean
5055s Fried Chicken Shilling oh my God they're
5058s just Shilling this chicken I want
5060s chicken I might just go get some fried
5062s chicken on the break I don't even know
5063s where I'm going to get fried chicken
5065s the morning yeah five minutes 7 in the
5068s morning Fried Chicken speedrun
5071s but and then you're going to eat it all
5073s within the five minutes as well yeah
5075s right yeah I imagine they're just like
5078s eating in front of me and it's making me
5079s mad man yeah I know no joke for if there
5083s if any nibble neuron workers are out
5084s there right now watching this yo if you
5086s guys actually send this chicken we'll sh
5088s the heck out of it no joke any sponsors
5091s like they've had SSD sponsors they've
5093s had you know Reg sponsors before they've
5096s had this chicken before they've had
5097s pizza sponsors send it to us we will Shi
5100s the heck out of it don't you guys wor I
5102s will be such a Salesman for this I'll
5104s have half the chat find a Korea to go
5106s buy some off the street like I just like
5108s okay like we will get you some business
5111s here please hook hook me up you won't
5114s regret us up what are you doing just
5115s isolating your this guy just I'm only
5119s thinking about my Hunger I'm sorry I
5121s didn't I didn't consider your hunger too
5123s it's all right Meek I believe we're
5124s going to be going into the round results
5126s for game number two in just a moment
5128s here so let's see what ends up happening
5130s cuz this game was definitely a top heavy
5133s weighted rotation although I see
5135s topheavy multiple teams were top heavy
5138s this time around yeah I mean you see
5141s here Mir and sjong popped off they had
5143s such a strong showing that game compared
5145s to the first one lots more field kills
5148s and taking the win 22 points being get
5150s FX I mean they didn't get second but
5154s they did get second with how many kills
5155s they got 15 field kills actually getting
5158s the most kills last round overall and
5160s gungi another solid performance our um
5164s leader coming into to game two they
5166s should be able to maintain the lead I
5168s believe should be and D Jun cyber is
5171s always finding a lot of kills as well
5172s yeah this is super weird ton cybers is
5175s just doing exactly what they did
5176s yesterday the staro composition is
5178s finding results but we're also having
5180s the similar situation as yesterday where
5182s mang is getting caught out a lot of
5184s doing some really weird plays and I
5186s can't tell now at the stage if it's him
5189s making mistakes or if it's other teams
5190s actually poking him out before he's able
5192s to find an angle but either way this is
5195s the total leaderboard right now team
5196s kungi and it sitting at 39 points
5198s they're about 16 points away from that
5201s checkpoint marker which is easily doable
5203s with this team by the way oh yeah 100%
5207s Miran sang is not far behind them either
5209s neither is bnk FX I mean these top three
5212s teams are very close by to each other
5214s they they could hit checkpoint within
5216s the next two games very easily any three
5218s of these teams if they keep having good
5220s games good stuff good stuff super
5223s excited to see what's going to come up
5224s after the break but you know during the
5227s break I wonder if these teams are going
5228s to change things up fairy is looking a
5231s little bit desperate with just two
5232s points after game number two of course
5235s but these guys haven't really found
5237s their I don't know I don't know how to
5239s say this they're Mojo yet is that is
5241s that a good way to put this yeah the
5245s yeah it is Austin Powers they haven't
5247s found their Mojo yet um fairy I'd really
5251s like to see a lot more from them because
5253s I mean the talent on that team is so
5255s good and for them to only have two
5257s points it's it's a travesty hey we know
5260s this team has the possibility to do so
5262s cuz you saw the clip with thaton
5263s yesterday I sent it to you in the DMS
5266s you know exactly what they are capable
5267s of but ladies and gent was nonsense
5270s exactly guys we're going to go on a
5272s break for a couple minutes to give our
5273s players and ourselves a little bit of a
5275s break so grab some water grab some
5277s snacks and go take a stretch we'll see
5278s you guys back here for games three and
5280s four Lord knows I'm doing all three
5333s spe for
5384s com
5411s spe
5415s speech speech
5434s spee speech
5464s chicken
5473s chicken wow
5513s oh for
5573s content
5603s uni
5633s cont for
5693s why for
5742s I'm pressing the wrong buttons hi hi
5744s there we go you guys saw our little
5745s reactives pinging up for a second
5747s because I was pressing all the wrong
5748s buttons my mouse sensitivity and
5750s accuracy is kind of bad that's actually
5752s why I don't really play that many FPS is
5754s and that's also why I'm kind of washed
5756s in eternal return but guys we're not
5758s here to play the game we're here to
5759s watch the game hopefully all of you
5761s guys' intermission and breaks went
5763s pretty well we're still here for the
5765s eternal return Master season 4 Phase 2
5767s finals we are just about to step into
5769s games three and four because we watched
5771s games one and two in the past couple
5773s games before the
5774s break yeah exactly and I'd love to see
5777s some of these
5778s teams kind of step up to the plate a
5780s little bit I mean you know it just seems
5782s like uh Fe
5784s Mir song and Gangi are very dominant so
5788s far in this uh final or ERM finals I'd
5792s love to see some of the other teams Step
5794s Up chus is performing pretty well
5796s overall but the other four teams are
5799s struggling to find their Mark in the
5800s lobby yeah it does seem to be the case
5802s we've seen a lot of these lobbies
5804s actually ending up being top weighted
5805s heavy for some of the points which means
5807s it's just going to only become tougher
5809s for the teams that are sticking towards
5811s the bottom of the leaderboard to
5812s actually eventually catch up down the
5815s road and yes the caveat to that today is
5817s the fact that it is a checkpoint system
5819s but once the team goes into checkpoint
5820s you know the pressure is going to be at
5822s an all-time high for all the other teams
5824s that aren't at that point
5827s yet here we are getting into game three
5829s they're not wasting any time at all
5832s looks like gorks going back to the Adela
5835s they're going back to their one shot
5836s composition now that Carla's back open
5839s we do have a mai and Jenny Ben so this
5841s is going to affect a lot of these teams
5843s significantly tun om going to the
5846s subam and what else do we have fiora's
5849s back on the table is anybody going back
5851s to Fiora we see if bum locks it in no
5853s he's actually opting towards the echon
5856s hovering it just for
5860s now and interestingly enough gungi is
5863s playing the fairy
5864s comp let's see gungi yeah you're
5867s absolutely right which means with that
5869s we got a triple pick for the Carla
5870s triple pick for the Nikki guaranteed
5872s there's actually four Carla in this game
5874s as revu is going to pick that one up as
5876s well so a heavy heavy priority on that
5878s Carla character the shackling anchor as
5880s well as the Harpoon seeming to be a very
5882s very big priy for these guys and wait a
5884s second wait are you seeing it are you
5886s seeing it the accelerator are you seeing
5889s it the death what are you talking about
5893s what are you talking I'm talking about
5894s Abigail c on Abigail listen you cannot
5897s Crush my dreams of seeing a Death Adder
5900s in eternal return Masters my friend I
5902s know Abigail sounds cool on Death Adder
5905s he's on death ater he's playing
5907s accelerator this is going to be the crit
5909s Death
5910s Adder no way this is this is a cook this
5914s is an eternal R Masters that we I think
5916s deserve after that chaotic of a mess
5918s this entire crazy man Yuki in the finals
5923s Abigail in the finals Death Adder in the
5926s finals everybody is everybody's eating
5929s except for the except for the casters
5931s where's our Fried Chicken true
5934s we're being left in the dust right now
5936s man we're only eating good virtually
5938s like what's going on over here tazu is
5940s also on odella too what yeah yeah like I
5944s said they're on they on the Run yeah
5946s they're on the fairy comp which is super
5949s interesting okay yeah there it is bum
5951s he's on the on the high heels at the
5954s moment this is absolutely going to be
5956s the Death Adder version of the black of
5958s the not sorry the Death Adder version of
5961s the crit build I will say he's going to
5963s be running an older build cuz it is
5965s still 1.24 right that's been the patch
5967s these guys have been playing the
5968s entirety of the weekend it's still going
5970s to be the factory Hospital into Cemetery
5972s you can kind of mix and match the
5973s rotations but the Eastern side of the
5975s map is not that contested on 1.24 so
5978s there's no reason for and actually
5979s switch things up and just kind of go for
5981s the regular setting that he has built
5983s into his
5985s kit and if you guys didn't know it's
5987s Eternal returns first anniversary
5989s there's an ad on the side there make
5991s sure you get that sua and hay skin
5995s these guys they don't pay me enough to
5997s do their ads I guess
5999s huh yeah if we got the chicken maybe
6002s would do it a little bit more there's
6003s also the hot Time Event if you've been
6005s logging on then you just keep getting
6006s them in your mailboxes so yay you guys
6008s are participating wow speaking of
6011s participating you're in the Stream make
6013s sure you're collecting those drops as
6015s well true huge rewards all given out for
6018s free Nimble nuron ever so generous guim
6021s man going to get taken down way wait a
6024s minute Gangi also losing a nine here
6027s some early kills happening again in this
6029s chapel side of the map it's just such a
6030s what just happened there anyways manani
6034s finding his mark on
6035s E8 but doesn't find the route to follow
6038s up so Brandon Empire does miss the
6040s second hit wait we actually have a full
6042s on team fight here in Chapel with Dina
6045s kind of chiming in satin also getting in
6047s there Rosner should be going down here
6051s no go down everybody's
6054s yeah yeah yeah wait hold on a second
6057s overflow just on for bum right now this
6060s is yeah I think that can kind of win
6064s that's crit death at for you you leave
6065s that thing alone with somebody that
6067s can't necessarily burst him down or has
6068s crowd control you will kill things Dena
6071s in a whole deap of trouble too down he
6072s goes E8 is going to be able to pick that
6074s up and now douchi man is on the back end
6076s of this fight bom is coming back in here
6078s he's trying to go into overflow but he
6081s doesn't really need it cuz he is running
6082s the crit each of those autos are going
6084s to hit for a truckload of damage there
6086s is a lot of picks going on four kills
6089s already for bnk FX they're starting out
6091s strong once again yeah I mean they them
6095s and dejong cybers have always managed to
6097s get a ton of kills early and bnk FX
6100s really cleaning up though oo a little
6102s ambitious blink Queen attempt from duu
6105s but revu reacting perfectly to it and I
6107s thought that was gwor for a second with
6109s how aggressive that was but tazu also
6111s stepping up to the
6112s plates yeah I was I had to actually like
6115s take a double take and read the name
6117s before I decided to say
6122s anything Jun cyers looking blink oh onto
6126s rev but rev is going to jump up but he's
6128s too far to contribute to the rest of
6129s fight no they're just holding forward on
6131s him they really want to kill REO they
6133s hate this guy or something and they do
6135s find him but is it too little too late I
6138s think it is the white lily will allow
6141s people to stay alive quite interestingly
6143s enough revu used the explosion shot on a
6145s checkmated version of an Adela pushed
6148s her straight back into the rest of his
6152s team a little bit of a grief moment
6154s there but of course the rest of the team
6156s wasn't really that low so the checkman
6158s actually not really going to result to
6159s anything as it is still early game as
6161s well she needs some
6165s items and the rest of the team's just
6166s farming up 20 seconds until the
6168s objective rotation spawns looks like
6170s Fair's going to get the tree for free
6171s but this meteorite might be a little
6173s conf tested as saber and auto arms are
6175s both hovering it they are going to use
6178s this plant but they're going to use it
6179s the opposite way they're not going to be
6180s able to scout out the Auto Arms is
6182s hovering here but they will get a day
6183s skin in a second so all these teams will
6185s have information of each
6187s other meanwhile up in police station Mir
6191s and sjong finding a nice little funnel
6193s for one Circle to try and play into the
6196s AL goes out focus is all on Don but he's
6200s just not taking that much damage one
6201s Circle providing so much healing on the
6203s side
6204s and is just going to have to go down the
6205s one shot comp did not find their one
6207s shot so going to fall apart here oh
6210s that's a snipe over on towards tazu he's
6212s going to get taken down jinho also going
6213s to get taken down as well interestingly
6215s enough tazu taking that white lily
6217s actually sent the Estelle straight over
6219s on towards a caros so it's a two for
6220s zero in favor of me and song they will
6222s pick up the meteorite but on the south
6224s side two members getting taken down it's
6225s going to be saan and Cinema with the
6227s advantage going over onto the members of
6229s Team saber as they will be able to
6231s secure the resurrection over onto seon
6234s oh my goodness what a game so far now we
6237s are starting to get the kill counts
6238s rising up early on the and everyone's
6242s getting a piece except for CH SE
6244s they''re been they've been pretty quiet
6245s so far I'm not sure where they are on
6247s the map right now oh funny enough
6249s they're checking up on them it looks
6251s like they're doing a little bit of split
6252s farming strategies trying to get that
6254s Force core Spike online for the
6258s subam and the Abigail for that matter so
6261s we might see the Revenant come online
6262s for abig shortly yes they do call in the
6265s force cor so it'll likely be a Revenant
6268s Rush Oh yeah there it is the force cor
6270s being handed over on towards the Abigail
6272s but the fight inside of Warehouse going
6274s to be moving on Revenant was just
6276s confirmed so there we go the enk FX
6278s looking for an angle back in buom
6280s looking for an angle back from the flank
6282s side if they take this jump pad they're
6283s going to have to deal with bum but he
6285s also isolated jumping over uh-oh this is
6287s not looking exactly the greatest of all
6289s time but he is still dealing damage M
6291s taken dangerously low E8 also k be able
6294s to give a little bit of the healing on
6295s the side of that character bomb jumping
6297s over he will be able to keep himself
6299s safe seems like for the most part Deon
6301s cyers are going to be able to get out as
6303s the Eon goes into exuviation revu in a
6305s little bit of trouble white lily Left
6306s Alive for his team there we go beautiful
6308s communication coming in from Deon cyers
6310s to keep revu alive as well
6314s mhm yeah
6316s exactly there's nothing else I could
6318s really even add to that at all perfectly
6319s said meanwhile down in Beach we have fa
6322s and savers getting pointed at Nik goes
6325s in on Dena but there's just no follow up
6327s at all gor just taking so much damage
6329s and getting locked down by douchi man
6331s and now one tools on the Run Alto
6334s providing the harpoons to allow him
6336s escape to get away gor pops The Shield
6338s to doui man so now that's down sattin
6341s completely zoned out the SS kind of
6343s split up gorks manag to heal up quite a
6345s bit the queen misses on satin and I
6347s think gorks are going to go down here
6348s and so was one to at the same time and
6350s now there's not much Alto can really do
6352s to secure this battle Zone's running out
6355s of timer yeah just being pointed at and
6357s down he goes no terminate cool down
6360s bonuses that is going to be the end of
6361s that team inside the Battle Zone Chapel
6363s still going on as Cinema getting chased
6365s down by Revol Resurrection over on WD
6367s not going to happen cuz he decides to
6369s head pop right in front of his teammate
6373s instead but this Chapel battle zone is
6375s not entirely finished yet Cinema and JCP
6378s still here they get the revive off on
6380s magani but that might be a mistake as
6382s it's going to reset timer but I don't
6384s think he's able to do this no revu CAD
6388s is cleaning up that Battle Zone and they
6389s are going to get their mithil it really
6392s does end up feeling like H for the most
6394s part is the sacrificial lamp for that
6396s team he just keeps getting taken down
6398s over and over again this poor guy he
6400s just can't catch a break
6403s man he's in the struggle kind
6406s of I don't know if you knew about this
6409s but there is one of the one of the
6411s Japanese kind of a scrim managers and a
6413s big Community member over on that side
6415s he actually keeps a Wiki that keeps
6417s history of a lot of the tournaments that
6420s happen in the KR side of things M I
6423s wonder if remember this yeah yeah yeah
6425s Yuzu right I wonder if we're going to be
6427s able to keep track of how many deaths M
6429s he actually has had in this phase alone
6431s cuz we've seen a ton of it throughout
6433s the weekend no and it's not even like oh
6435s he's doing bad or anything yeah it's
6438s just the fact that he's died a lot and
6439s again it's the sacrificial lamp theology
6441s wow G just gets obliterated all right
6444s yeah they tried to one shot danana there
6447s but they didn't have Alto to really be
6449s there for the followup and they didn't
6451s really have enough damage to cut down
6453s Don before the Theodore healing really
6455s became a huge Factor unfortunate for
6458s them it's not like the clips that we've
6460s been seeing just now gwor doesn't have
6462s all those items yet especially the armor
6464s penetration the amplification increased
6466s percent items are very very important
6468s when it comes to actually knocking down
6470s that tank in one go you see JCP hang
6472s around on the backside but this could be
6474s a little bit dangerous cuz bomb again we
6475s saw this character doing a lot of work
6477s there's a blink out coming through from
6478s Cinema trying to stay alive as long as
6480s possible but the fight not looking the
6481s greatest on the side of Team bnk FX
6483s health bars disintegrating down go
6485s Cinema there's the accelerator crits
6487s coming in jcp's going to get taken down
6489s as well WBT I don't think you're going
6490s to be able to get out of this one cuz
6492s there's the Overflow reset he's trying
6494s to bait things out but WBT down he goes
6497s scored in Reverse canceled out this is
6500s the bum that we know this is the Death
6502s Adder if you leave this alone he will
6504s run your team
6505s over yeah I mean bum just blinked over
6509s to cinema and just like autoed him twice
6511s and he just died heck yeah man just
6514s exploded oh my God that damage was
6516s insane and he baits out the garden
6519s reverse at the very end perfectly
6520s probably almost
6522s unnecessarily because he just yeah bum
6525s just completely took over that whole
6526s fight it that fight Was Won
6528s single-handedly by him almost it's
6530s almost so weird seeing a death out Eon
6532s getting such a free initiation to The
6534s Back Lane where there's so much CC and
6536s pointed click cc to actually deny that
6538s but either way another fight up towards
6539s the north side of the map as a one shot
6541s holy crap going to be sent over to 89
6544s but gwor is down here too Alto down to
6546s about half HP jinho is actually going to
6549s be able to best Alto when it comes to
6550s the Nikki 1 V1 not the Nikki 1 V1 I
6553s apologize sorry
6554s the can't remember that Char's name wow
6557s that from Basu was amazing on one Tool's
6560s stun but it's just not going to be
6561s enough he doesn't have the mobility to
6562s keep up oh do I stand corrected surely
6566s not he's out yeah he should be out I
6569s don't think in but he is running into a
6571s corner he's going to have to burn some
6573s timer dusu keeps up this Chase oh look
6575s at the TP one to saw the TP devilish
6579s yeah he saw the Ping and now he makes a
6581s little turn to try and evade duu but
6585s du's finding his Mar by oh but the guard
6588s in Reverse oh my God that interaction
6590s was so good from both players in the
6593s police car I guess he's alive and he's
6596s alive yeah he's actually going to get
6597s the jump pad out but he's not out of the
6599s woods yet as they cyber are in cemetery
6602s and he's more or less cornered he
6604s doesn't have enough timer to really run
6606s into Research Center he's got to run
6607s down through these cameras they are
6609s going to see him but they're not going
6610s to be able to capitalize but he's still
6612s not out of the woods as [ __ ] is also in
6616s Forest he just can't catch a break and
6618s find some good footing to just get these
6620s reives off are they going to see him my
6623s God one tool is
6624s terrified he's just outside of the
6627s vision but this is so good for one tool
6629s right because even if he's not able to
6631s actually get the reses off even if he's
6633s in a lot of danger he's coming into
6635s zones exactly as teams are actually
6637s looking to get positioning or are
6638s getting animals he's getting PS
6640s everywhere he knows where everybody else
6642s is the objective of Omega right there it
6645s made it so one to you he had to
6646s immediately book it he took the one
6648s route nobody was coming to this guy is
6651s living on life support right now but he
6653s is live he is taking that life support
6655s and using it all the
6657s way yeah and as he said he he he has the
6659s right amount of information to make
6661s these plays with Zone uh teams coming
6665s into zones coming into zones and doing
6666s hunts and making pings he's able to play
6668s off those pings and make their right
6670s choices sir yes sir here we go sebie
6673s looking for the initiation senine going
6675s in with the Abigail trying to get some
6676s angles in it's only going to be over on
6677s towards duim but he's got the resets
6679s coming in maybe getting the damage down
6681s the damage coming in from shinomi who's
6682s going to be on the subam this time
6684s around s if on the backside will
6685s actually be able to get out of the
6686s finger point so he's a little bit safe
6688s health bar is not exactly looking the
6689s greatest on the side of Team CH SE
6691s though will reset the gaug on the
6693s Overflow he uses the force field he's
6694s actually forced to is going to be able
6696s to dash on out of there down time for
6697s sebbi though he does not have his weapon
6699s skill to try to reset it but the White
6700s Lies are available and he gets tagged by
6702s the corner he doesn't have the resets
6704s he's trying to Shield himself back up
6706s but that's going to be useless as he
6708s will get taken down team saber with a
6710s one Zer kill feed going over on their
6713s sign team 2C just does not have enough
6715s damage just with this abigil but they do
6718s get the revive off pretty much
6720s immediately so H just a little minus 250
6723s nothing too detrimental to their game
6726s pacing I'd like to see what the
6727s Abigail's itemization is right now I'm
6729s kind of curious triple items triple
6731s items it's the Revenant I think Astro
6733s helmet and the nightmare nail so she's
6735s technically on all of her
6737s bios oh my God zenine forced to use the
6740s ultimate to avoid the night Fork knockup
6742s one shot
6743s combination and queen now C's looking
6747s the queen connect sen gets chunked but's
6750s at risk here and here comes saber with
6751s the third party and it just seems like
6753s juc can't just they just can't catch a
6756s break man yeah sebie he's not really at
6759s the point where he can just one V3 all
6761s these teams and senine yeah he's got the
6763s Revenant he's got the astr home he's got
6765s the nightmare helmet but the nightmare
6767s Nails I I apologize but there's just no
6769s damage on the follow side there is no
6771s Scarlet tythe on that character just
6776s tournament those it
6779s just I got worried there because I saw
6781s Abigail trying to run away from Fiora
6783s and I just I just heard it in my head
6785s man him complaining about how bad
6788s Abigail is at running away from
6790s characters I can hear him voice in my
6794s head hey he did she did manage to get
6796s out of a finger point in hotel though
6798s right with dimensional not dimensional C
6801s I apologize the Q but
6804s that's true did manage to escape that at
6806s least but this fight is oh does the one
6810s shot follow up happen no sattin gets out
6812s of that nikiel completely unscathed
6814s really and here comes the damage oh and
6817s yeah in is just going to get dropped he
6819s just went in without any real followup
6820s Potential from his teammates and yeah
6823s they're just going to take the corpse
6824s and douchi man on the cut off here he
6826s might find something the Queen misses
6829s suim man pushing forward these guys are
6831s going to have to run red they don't have
6832s red
6834s isely out of timer from that chase
6835s earlier and he's just going to pop and
6837s that's the end ofi this game the one not
6841s working out for them when that the
6843s andong die wait wait what when did Auto
6847s Arms die what wait what is going on
6851s we've only seen one team wife why your
6854s team's dead well how does saber have 11
6857s kills when did this happen oh my God I
6860s just looked at the scoreboard now things
6862s have been crazy this game these fights
6864s have been going on for so long but here
6865s we go beautiful Shield coming in from
6867s Roser he's actually keeping himself
6869s alive and now the one shot combo is gone
6871s bum is activated he's got the resets
6873s he's getting the kills he's got the
6875s queen set up this could be a little bit
6877s of a turn but he doesn't have the skills
6878s to comp and play for it bomb he's got
6880s the resets he's dodging all these
6882s harpoons Alto he's trying to get himself
6884s on out of here but bom still on the
6885s Chase he wants this kill so bad right
6887s now he doesn't have the resets he's
6889s trying to get the dashes he's trying to
6890s get the move speed and he gets it team
6893s fairy is going to die bnk F sitting on
6896s 10 kills right now they were well making
6898s their way towards checkpoint this is the
6900s perfect storm for FX as well in the
6902s leaderboards cuz Gangi and Mir and sjong
6904s are both eliminated both with low kills
6906s this is their chance to take the lead on
6908s the scoreboards this is incredible this
6911s is incredible Meek this black mamba King
6913s usually is the one that of course bum is
6915s going to go for but the de view of his
6917s Sidewinder and death outer play is the
6919s one that is actually seeming uh to quite
6922s frankly be the most successful Eon you
6924s seen this entire weekend cuz he only
6927s played Fiora on the group stage death
6929s this death ater game is Just inspiring
6931s the damage that's coming out the
6933s positioning he's going for it's just
6935s looking so good I mean they're going to
6939s hopefully Nimble neuron wouldn't Nerf
6941s this surely not right surely we'd
6943s haven't been playing a sleeper pick this
6945s whole time but to be fair on the side of
6947s team bnk furx they have so many ways to
6950s actually follow through on the Egon they
6953s have the range to follow up on it that's
6954s the crazy part about this compeition
6957s they have all the tools to actually
6959s enable death ater the irm has so much
6962s set up the spell shield from Su I mean
6964s we saw the value of it in that fight
6966s it's just it really makes this pick uh
6968s shine more than it it really should
6970s honestly yeah it's actually allowing him
6972s to run into these fights without having
6974s to be worried about a lot of these tanks
6976s crowd controls right because tanks AR
6978s going to kill that Shield that quickly
6980s and even if they do it's at least going
6982s to eat up one source of the crowd
6984s control and that's typically the one
6986s thing that is going to kill these death
6988s outer eons it's just really difficult to
6990s lock this down when the shield from Su
6992s comes in and just now in the fight sua
6995s using the shield on herself completely
6997s negates the entire combo as the P rage
6999s uppercut goes straight into a shielded
7001s character CC immunity comes in Rosner
7004s just walks and out of there and starting
7005s from there it's just a bum
7007s show it's just
7010s a got there you go to say without
7014s context I know it's going to
7017s get for the bum show saber's actually
7020s going to run red here they realize
7021s they're pincer between two teams and see
7023s pink from another team on the South Side
7026s so they're just going to get out of here
7028s they realize pretty much every team's
7030s there and their positioning is
7031s unfavorable so they're willing to burn
7033s the timer and get some favorable
7034s positioning they're actually by
7036s themselves inside a forest and look at
7037s the positioning of the rest of these
7038s teams no one's really interested in
7040s walking across Uptown right now unless
7042s yeah this is like the this is like the
7044s Spider-Man meme where everyone's just
7046s pointing at each other yeah but T cyers
7049s might not have the option M has no time
7051s five four three if yeah there we go 5
7054s seconds left on
7059s dark gone that could be the sign for
7062s maybe Deon cyers to say hey screw it we
7064s don't have time or we got to send we got
7065s to flip something here oh
7068s rer that R the Vampire Queen could have
7070s been way better this is probably going
7072s to be yeah one fight on the side of Team
7074s bnk FX wait bom's dead wait he just got
7076s disintegrated by the multiple harpoons
7078s that were on the ground but this sua is
7080s alive is too much to deal with they
7083s don't have the damage to cut through the
7084s healing that sua has the shielding that
7086s Su has and just the damage that ir's
7088s going to put out
7090s here yeah I don't know if you saw what
7092s Rosner did at the start of that
7095s fight he landed his Q on revu E right
7098s towards him and as his e was about to
7100s hit revu the boore knocked him over the
7104s wall it was so goofy looking but ju SE
7109s their last remaining member sen on this
7111s very very weak character as we all know
7115s um yeah he's just going to die saber is
7117s going to clean up another kill off of
7119s him just doesn't seem or he'll choose
7121s the minus one but I don't think that'll
7123s happen yeah and this is really brutal
7125s for I think team CHC because they
7126s invested the force cor early over onto
7128s the Abigail and usually Revenant is okay
7132s at the early stages of the game but it
7134s doesn't just doesn't seem to be enough
7136s with the compositions that are going in
7137s right now really really tanky characters
7139s very good sustain across the board in
7142s this game you have things like the Adena
7143s Carla with the escapes on the on the
7145s grappling maneuver Theo with the heals
7147s on himself ekon that just straight up
7150s refuse to die Nikki is all over the
7151s place as well there is no target for
7154s this AB to kill absolutely nothing yeah
7157s no it just seemed like a total mismatch
7158s of a pick for this Lobby and yeah just
7161s there's nothing you can do here God his
7163s entire combo just did what 500 damage to
7166s the
7168s fura
7170s yeah yeah you know it's yeah it's a sad
7175s State of
7177s Affairs
7179s yeah all right well we are down to our
7182s final two teams and this time it is
7183s going to be the Uptown final Zone look
7186s at the items on EA Revenant stocked up
7188s with the primordial hex on that Chaser
7191s the Poke is going to be Mass massive I
7193s couldn't catch if it was Strider level
7195s three did you see that no I didn't I'm
7198s so happy to see saber find their Mark in
7200s this uh finals zone now like this is the
7203s needed to get and same with FX like this
7206s is the game they definitely needed to
7207s try and take the lead from Gangi yeah I
7210s think they need to win this game in
7211s order to actually actually they need to
7213s kill a couple people they just need to
7215s get two kills and then maybe first place
7216s in order to get themselves up there I
7218s don't remember what their points were
7220s but they're pretty close they get first
7222s play there is a world in which they can
7224s just qualify straight into the
7226s checkpoint Mark they're trying to look
7227s for Theon right now cuz you 100% know
7230s Dena is not going to be able to do
7232s anything assuming the shield goes
7235s on yeah they're terrified you can see
7237s dena's positioning absolutely terrifi
7239s but the mark on rner but the buffer
7242s using the CC immunity from the buffer to
7244s get out of that point douchi man a lot
7247s of space their Team Angle oh my god oh
7251s 10 is just oblit
7252s sa is just gone it wasn't even Dena that
7255s they were looking at it was the Fiora of
7257s Satan just getting Thanos snapped and
7260s down goes douchi man too he does so much
7262s damage to tanks as well you can't let
7264s this pick get unchecked and unccd
7267s because it will just
7269s shred oh my God 16 kills and first place
7274s bnk FX bum is activated today man I
7278s can't wait to see the Discord of bnk FX
7280s after this cuz they have got to be going
7281s absolutely wild right now it is
7284s just and you guys can clip this it is
7287s just a bum show that is all it is
7292s bum I Hey listen it it is it is I can't
7296s say anything else about it gotta get
7299s that
7301s out it's not my fault that that's that's
7303s the IGN you chose okay what do you want
7305s me to say keep going to we can't keep
7307s going to the bum show
7313s multiple meanings that are horrible cuz
7316s I don't even want to go into detail onto
7317s what those meanings could be I don't
7319s even know what you're thinking about
7321s because I'm only thinking about the fact
7323s that our player bum is doing good I
7325s don't know what you're thinking about I
7327s don't know what think about what I see
7329s frequently in downtown Toronto at works
7331s we won't we won't talk about that at all
7333s it's a crazy place up
7336s there but seriously though bnk FX they
7339s are doing so good here today the
7341s combinations of swapping these weapons
7344s around and this is one of the craziest
7346s things by the way about echon it is
7348s really difficult to adjust your gameplay
7350s style to fit in line with every single
7352s type of eon because they all play so
7355s individually different but the rest of
7358s the members of bnk FX Rosner as well as
7360s EA they are incorporating their gameplay
7363s alongside the ekon so well right now
7365s that it just seems like this team is
7367s Unstoppable death ater untouched till
7369s the end of the fight he finds angles in
7371s Sidewinder he gets the Pok in and then
7373s at the end Sidewinder overflow in
7379s venomized and you saw that he used the
7381s white lily once he was comfortable going
7383s in realizing he wasn't going to get cced
7384s by douchi man and found an angle on
7387s sattin alone and that's exactly what you
7389s want to avoid from this death out Aon is
7391s leaving him alone with anything that
7393s can't burst as hard as he can or block
7396s something down if he gets an isolated
7398s Target alone it doesn't matter who it is
7400s it could have been douchi man just being
7401s all alone he will just cut them down
7404s this is this is wild it is gratifying
7407s for me to be able to see death out being
7409s played here because I did hype it up
7410s yeah right during game number three it's
7412s the fact that that that in of itself is
7414s a very very risky style of game play at
7417s least on The Sidewinder side you can
7419s just keep throwing out your Q the
7420s Crescent Viper to poke at least but on
7423s the side of death outer you actually
7424s have to get in there to deal the damage
7426s you're all you you've invested your stat
7429s lines into crit which means you know
7431s Auto attacks are going to be your form
7433s of damage and I
7434s mean for most characters that want to
7436s Auto attack as their form of damage
7438s they're ranged generally speaking to do
7441s it on a melee it's it's a lot harder but
7444s I love the fact that especially in the
7446s last fight there I think a big part of
7448s that fight was the simple fact that
7450s Rosner was able to buffer the finger
7452s point into the donot and because what
7455s that means is like he's actually not
7457s forced to use the shield on himself and
7459s that allows that Shield to actually be
7460s utilized on somebody else throughout the
7462s fight I think I saw it on E8 which
7464s actually did help cuz a lot of crowd
7466s control from Dena was actually landed
7468s onto E8 but the shield ate
7471s it and one thing I'm glad that you
7473s mentioned earlier was adjusting to the
7475s different styles of eon I mean
7477s throughout this whole weekend all we've
7478s seen is Black Mamba all everyone's
7480s played against is Black Mamba so all of
7482s a sudden when Eon jumps in you're used
7484s to them you know doing the Black Mamba
7486s thing and just being obnoxious and
7487s sitting on you and all of a sudden he
7489s jumps in just instantly kills you it's
7491s like whoa that's different we need to
7494s adjust to that I am loving this right
7497s now wow wow wow wow wow we will see
7500s whether or not bnk FX after that game
7502s performance is going to be able to get
7503s themselves into checkpoint guys here is
7507s the round results 24 points and be think
7511s that's enough I think short by one point
7514s yep I think I saw short by one point I
7518s recall they were at 30 points so they're
7520s off checkpoint by one point which is a
7522s heartbreaker for them saber having a
7525s phenomenal game though and I I don't
7527s remember how saber did in the first two
7528s games but it wasn't a breakout
7530s performance like this so they're
7531s definitely going to Skyrocket in the
7532s leaderboard especially with Miron sjong
7534s and dejong cyers not really garnering a
7536s lot of points this round first time in a
7539s while that we haven't seen ton cyers
7540s picking up a ton of kills at the earlier
7542s stages of the game and it no it's going
7544s to be 52 on the side of bnk FX of course
7547s still not good that they weren't able to
7549s hit checkpoint but better than 54 cuz we
7551s see those too often in your own for some
7554s reason yeah and it's such a heartbreaker
7557s when you're one off it's just like man
7559s can I please just get
7561s there but Gangi is at 43 they're only
7565s down by nine points if they have one
7567s good game here they could just pull out
7569s into checkpoint we should be seeing a
7571s couple teams get into checkpoint after
7573s this game Mir and sjong they're going to
7575s need a win to get into checkpoint I
7577s believe or at least a very strong
7579s performance next game and saber not far
7582s behind them either this is a really
7585s really close Series right now already
7587s and we're only in game three
7590s yeah and it's it's and and yeah I'm
7594s again it's fairy I'm just I'm just so
7596s sad to see their team not find the
7599s success that they've been finding
7601s throughout this weekend I mean they they
7603s didn't even play yesterday they weren't
7605s even in the wild cards because they were
7606s such a dominant force in the group stage
7608s yep the team that walked away with
7610s higher points than team m s half of
7612s group a so this kind of performance is
7615s probably it's not even just us right I'm
7617s pretty sure the players themselves are
7618s kind of kicking themselves over it at
7620s the moment it just seems like the mirror
7622s matchup of tazu was actually playing
7625s even more aggressive than gwor was which
7627s is not something that I absolutely
7629s intended to say from I think the
7631s beginning of the game but we saw it that
7632s was just the results that we saw it's
7634s just facts yeah exactly and gwor is just
7636s known for his confidence you know being
7640s able to perform and execute
7642s flawlessly whenever he needs to and it's
7644s just we haven't really been seeing that
7645s today not at all but here we go let's
7649s see what ends up happening as Satan he's
7650s hovering the Eon I don't think he's
7652s playing Eon if I'm going to be honest
7654s with you bum is also hovering the Fiora
7657s if Satan does end up picking this Eon
7659s and bum decides to go here as well then
7661s we are going to be seeing an eon ban but
7664s oh
7666s bum what a mind game that was pure mind
7669s games happening
7672s sattin hovering ekon to try and strong
7675s arm bom from a eon B cuz you know seb's
7677s not going to switch but then last second
7680s both of them switch back to Fiora and
7682s jcp's on Fiora which means we're going
7683s to have a Fiora B in game five so FX can
7687s get into game five with a Fiora ban
7690s happening on checkpoint that's huge for
7693s them H these fioras were actually I
7696s think one of the biggest issues that the
7698s at least the signwinder version of Aon
7700s was dealing with so the fact that the f
7703s is going to be banned for a game that
7705s quite frankly at this point should be a
7706s guaranteed checkpoint for team bnk FX
7709s especially considering how their early
7710s game goes wait wait wait wait wait wait
7713s wait all three fioras are off spere and
7716s on two-handed how do they all go the
7719s same weapon consistent like is this
7720s coordinated do they have like a Fiora
7722s Discord they're like this time we go
7724s two-handed guys are they all actually
7727s cuz I thought I saw one on Raper no
7729s they're all two-handed jcp's two-handed
7732s S's two-handed and bum is
7735s two-handed okay then this actually kind
7738s of makes it interesting I'm wondering if
7740s a lot of these teams are actually going
7742s to opt to go I I don't remember what the
7743s team compositions were but there's two
7746s ways that this can go if there are any
7748s arcas on the sides of the FES then for
7751s example like the Adena they can run
7753s empress and I know a lot of the adenas
7754s in these games have been running Empress
7756s or even at least AES grasp off of the
7758s Scotties so there is no point in running
7760s allas then what's left the chained
7763s nightmare that's a weapon I have not
7765s seen in a long time on Fiora but it is a
7769s possibility nightmare BR it could happen
7773s what is it I think that one has focusit
7775s what is it on
7778s it gosh I haven't seen it in so long
7780s that I forgot what it's actually on it
7782s I'm gonna guess I'm going to say heel
7784s cut but I don't know for sure no it's
7786s definitely not heal cut it's actually an
7788s active maybe it's like magnetic midnight
7791s or something Sil I don't
7792s know gosh or maybe it's hex it's hex
7797s isn't it I'm pretty sure it's hex it is
7798s hex it is hex I just checked it see no
7802s even nobody in chat usually by this time
7804s somebody would say something in chat but
7806s nobody uses that weapon to the point
7808s chat was say about it and Isaac is just
7812s such a menace the build fully online
7815s what okay goes down that was a little
7819s interesting how that played out but JCP
7822s doing damage but this is the full team
7824s of saber they should be able to clean up
7825s both of these
7827s kills wait who's that guy never mind I'm
7831s losing my mind anyways there's also a
7833s nathapon in this
7835s game there is a napon in this game
7839s that's not something we've seen all
7840s weekend honestly yeah quite interesting
7843s that they're actually bringing it out
7844s now but if you're going to try changing
7846s things around since Auto Arms has been a
7848s team that H I don't know I don't know if
7851s they were necessarily struggling cuz
7852s they have found some of these games
7854s where they have had a good amount of
7855s Team fights and kills going around but
7857s of course changing things up like this
7859s makes it so that all these teams are
7860s going to have to readjust to things
7862s coming in and with all these teams
7864s grouping up already we might see a fight
7866s Martina still not in broadcast form him
7868s just yet going to be chased down by the
7870s members of Team hedone you just need one
7873s more St cuz I saw four lined up for him
7875s sparkk land my got the
7879s Char what an amazing BL think one Circle
7883s finding the route and creating the kill
7885s for his team just wow that was crazy
7888s yeah and that right there is also
7890s another added benefit of using the
7892s energy blast field it's that while
7894s you're in overcharge energy Cannon
7896s actually loads faster and I think that's
7898s right yeah the max range to come through
7900s so huge kill going over into the hands
7902s of Team M Sig which you were mentioning
7904s before we started the game here they
7906s actually do need they're 25 points
7908s behind checkpoint at the moment right no
7910s no no no it's not 25 it's 19 so each of
7913s these kills mean a lot more for that
7914s team right now oh yeah and 19 points is
7917s not an impossible feat for that team
7919s senine just going to get caught out bum
7922s just poke poke poking oh wait bum is on
7926s spear never mind yeah you it it's not
7928s all two-handed SW but I was also wrong
7930s too I thought it was Raper so yeah I I
7933s it looked like he was on two-handed when
7934s he picked it I don't know maybe that's
7936s what it defaults to I'm pretty sure it
7937s defaults to Raper but H who knows you
7941s should be able to see Cosmic bident then
7942s right we talked about it yesterday oh
7945s yeah that that weapon's I didn't realize
7947s how sted it was until he pointed out
7949s yesterday that's
7950s absolutely just Insanity like I think
7954s it's for both Spear and Hammer they tend
7958s to have like an overloaded amount of
7959s stats in comparison yeah for of course
7962s for Hammer it's lower attack speed I
7964s actually don't know what it is for spear
7966s but it is what it
7968s is it do be what it do be n spawn combo
7972s not finding its
7974s Mark very looking to find a fight here
7978s Alto blinking in finds the carpet pole
7980s but the Parry from JCP negating the
7983s charm and
7986s wey he's just kind of alone up here
7989s holding the line for his teammates and
7991s he's going to get brought down by Alto
7993s and yeah they're going to be rewarded
7995s with the hotel tree for their efforts he
7997s can buy all the time he wants but you
7998s know for nathapon who needs to rotate
8000s through cool Downs this early the game
8002s not going to be able to buy enough time
8004s for himself another fight inside of
8005s cemetery as well as chap the tree of
8007s life is going to get contested over by
8009s three different teams actually with bnk
8010s FXX joining The Fray somebody is looking
8013s for that right now irm trying to chase
8014s down the subi but she's got the white
8016s lily should have the escape with the
8018s jump pad over E8 is not going to make it
8020s on time so not exactly sure who has the
8023s Tree of Life inside this area I don't
8026s think bnk FX managed to get there on
8029s time I think the teams that were
8030s fighting there before we to that to
8032s spectate was already duking over it
8035s after the objective was over yeah I
8037s think you're correct with that BK FX
8039s finding one kill only two more away from
8042s reaching that checkpoint
8044s status so yeah I mean we're at that
8047s point where teams might start kind of
8050s thinking about trying to get bnk FX help
8053s but Cadmus kind of caught out aone here
8056s on
8057s Isaac seb's just kind of wailing on him
8060s he's going to go down CH n on the other
8062s side pretty much left untouched de Jun
8064s cyber is not really able to capitalize
8066s on him and reev is going to go down as
8068s well by pick of a kill Cadmus getting a
8070s little bit of a taste of his own
8071s medicine from back in pre-release where
8073s he used to play a lot of eon but another
8075s fight coming in Lonzo completely
8077s isolated away as the team abandons him
8079s with the overcharge being activated for
8081s one Circle he is level 11 which means
8084s energy blast wave is that level two not
8087s sat's on Rapier so we have all three
8089s types of fura oh so they did
8093s pre-plan yeah okay yeah it is planned
8096s Discord message is blaring right now
8098s satten is typing bum is pipe bum is
8101s typing oh yeah everybody's typing I'm
8104s going Rapier I'm on two-handed that's
8106s skp I'm on
8108s spear that is Skye how did you know I'm
8112s glad you got that what the
8116s heck goodness gracious oh yeah my age is
8119s showing
8121s oh my God all right well battle zones
8123s are about to pop Alphas are about to pop
8125s bnk FX actually the Revenant has been
8127s activated already it's a 3v3 no it's a
8129s 2v3 inside of Warehouse it's actually
8131s looking not that bad but JCP will get
8133s taken down WBT also isolated at the pawn
8136s nowhere to be seen just about to join
8138s the party but absolutely not cuz he's
8140s The Last One Alive on his team this will
8142s be the alpha picked up for the side of
8145s Team PK furx but on the North side
8146s battle zone is reing supreme said trying
8148s to keep himself alive down goes the
8150s Estelle 9 down Jenny is going to go into
8153s the play that unfortunately the
8154s investment just not looking to be enough
8157s coming in from jino but I don't think
8159s it's going to be good enough as the
8160s timer is going to get reset on the side
8161s of Team CH SE tazu gets taken down I
8164s believe the suam is dead battles on one
8166s for the side of Team CH seat that will
8168s be I think a myth BR coming in for the
8170s team should be yes it is there's a
8173s racing helmet yep and you saw in that
8175s fight eg9 just kind of taking too much
8178s damage forced to use the exclusive on
8180s himself to dodge the acceptance speech
8183s charm and gets taken down anyways for it
8185s as well it just I don't know things kind
8187s of just fell apart for them that fight
8189s good stuff but for Team 2 SE it's
8191s working out right this this team has
8193s been looking a little bit difficult I
8194s think to maneuver around they're not
8197s really fighting a lot of teams that are
8199s looking for extended fights this is a
8201s really different Lobby compared to what
8202s they've been exposed to throughout the
8204s course of the weekend so this extended
8206s fight composition of the Eon Jenny and
8208s the Lenny is not exactly I'm against
8212s Fiora specifically in Fiora like because
8214s Fiora just has so much upfront first
8216s damage you can just drop someone so fast
8218s before Lenny can rotate multiple cool
8219s downs but douchi man going to get
8221s abandoned Again by his team poor douchi
8224s man he just oh but fear X picking up
8227s that kill actually I believe the irm got
8229s it we'll see but I'm pretty sure they
8232s did get that kill they're looking for
8234s more But Here Comes The Hook from one
8235s tool Roser is going to get brought down
8238s E8 also going to get chased down here
8240s sattin actually back and it's going to
8243s be Sabers finding the kill on
8246s E8 and yeah that was risky but
8250s fortunately for FX they're in checkpoint
8252s meanwhile over in school Mar song
8254s fighting deong cybers bre's Al not
8257s finding his mark on romatic revu also
8259s kind of split off from his team here
8260s taking a lot of damage from rtic who's
8262s going to come out on top romatic is the
8264s hellack stat giving him romatic the
8265s confidence to keep that fight going and
8267s Cadmus is just going to have to run away
8269s here is also swapped over on towards sua
8271s by the way this is his trusty pick
8273s coming in times of clutch but that fight
8275s definitely not a clutch moment for that
8277s sua tazu being pulled just barely in
8279s range for the exclusive but getting
8280s stunned up by something down goes to
8282s Cilla this is a day three death so minus
8284s 250 J about to get taken down SE looking
8287s for the reset just one more
8290s venomized to run but there is set
8293s jumping wall V with good Lord all right
8298s minus 500 so bad for gungi because they
8301s really need to try and push into
8303s checkpoint here and try to get closer to
8304s it at the very least but now they're
8306s down a bunch of credits they have no
8308s kills to their
8309s name compared to game one where they had
8311s all the tempo Advantage this game
8313s they're just struggling to find anything
8315s this is actually a worse situation for
8316s them right now too because look at who
8318s you have to Res on the side of kungi
8320s it's going to be the Cilla you can't
8322s farm that fast with the Cilla in
8324s comparison to the suami because you
8326s don't have the single Target damage that
8328s team is going to be on cope levels of
8330s survival for quite a while now unless
8332s this unless the ma decides to Res yeah
8336s Absolut I was going to
8338s say cuz the my can't really farm credits
8341s at all like it's just not
8343s feasible oh we'll have to see what ends
8346s up happening J fighting in the gymnasium
8349s douch man once again abandoned hey we
8353s got a new scapegoat in town and it's
8355s douchi
8357s man sattin just on the run here I don't
8361s think he's going to find any more
8365s trouble coming his way so he should be
8367s fine does he have credits to get a
8368s revive off yes he does he will be able
8371s to get at least one revive off yeah it's
8373s actually pretty close I think they
8374s should have enough to Res everybody just
8376s hanging right above the edge it's
8378s actually just on the cusp but this is
8381s kind of rough I mean for team saber yeah
8382s we say douchi man's esape goat but the
8385s Dina died there as well oh oh the spring
8388s trap where you jumping over here s dude
8392s this guy is too good guys if you guys
8394s want to learn how to play Lenny that
8395s right there that I mean that is just
8397s straight up the textbook of how to play
8399s Lenny we've seen it throughout this
8400s entire weekend he is insane on this
8403s character yeah I mean he's just been so
8406s consistent this whole tournament series
8408s these spring traps just always finding
8410s their Mark I
8411s mean that one was a bit of a honestly
8414s that one was actually one of the less
8416s impressive ones he's been getting and
8418s even that one was just solid yeah more
8421s tragic right now for team kungi and cuz
8423s they just resed the Cilla and she's
8425s going to get taken down again so that's
8427s another minus 250 which means just right
8429s now minus 750 for that team already and
8433s we just did night three that is not good
8436s de on cyers wanted to contest that Omega
8438s but Mir song pulling the Omega into that
8442s tight Corridor with the Theodore gate up
8444s it's just not even remotely feasible to
8446s approach all it takes is one grenade
8449s bounced off the Omega onto the whole
8451s team and a whole team WIP Could Happen
8452s meanwhile down in Beach Auto Arms wa
8456s getting caught
8457s out yeah FX is just going to kind of
8460s sweep this fight bomb catching up to
8463s cinema cinema looking to find side steps
8465s on the shot they're all just finding
8467s their Mark and they just get wiped Auto
8469s Arms out at e zero kills not getting
8472s anything out of this Lobby how those
8475s buom D it he has not lost a single
8477s mirror match up this entire day so far
8480s no matter what character he playing Bora
8482s Eon death outter Sidewinder you name it
8485s he is beating everybody at their own
8487s game JCP taking the fall this is
8490s something that saen couldn't even do on
8492s the group stages yeah I mean bum just
8494s woke up on the right side of the bed
8495s today he's just playing phenomenally
8498s honestly all series long meanwhile over
8500s in school n s Jong finding their way
8504s onto Dena Dina getting chunk to about
8506s half Health but there's just not enough
8507s damage or followup he's going to heal up
8509s all the damage that D have put down
8511s sattin On The Run bringing bringing all
8514s of MSG with him and douchi man going to
8517s hold the line I think we're just going
8519s to all disengage here no rodic wants
8521s more he wants to find a kill but he's
8523s just going to have to respect douan
8524s pointing at him Dina on the side with
8526s one Circle let's see who can take this 1
8528s V one one circle with great side steps
8529s on
8530s Dina gets the gate up puts some damage
8533s down great link over the wall by one
8535s Circle he's able to still out put some
8536s damage from this side
8538s too D going in but he's getting off
8541s awfully low he might get brought down
8542s here and he does that and finds the kill
8543s but goes down for it as well douchi man
8547s looking to try and get his teammate up
8549s but they just don't have enough Health
8551s here one Circle just doing too much
8552s damage proving too much healing and here
8554s he comes he's ready to kill they just
8557s don't die I mean Dena playing this ad
8560s Dena character is really good at keeping
8561s her teammates alive but one circle is
8564s doing it even better right now it's just
8566s way too difficult to deal with this team
8568s in an extended fight one circle is able
8570s to just rotate in and out and in and out
8573s of these fights it is ridiculous how
8575s tanky it feels for this steo when we're
8579s not the on playing even if they even
8581s yeah right and even if they pop the play
8583s dead on rtic all it takes is one Q from
8585s Theodore while you're in play dead and
8587s romatic just gets up with full health
8589s after play dead yeah this is absolutely
8592s insane team Meen hedong is starting to
8594s actually you know play for Real's now
8596s they want to get in the checkpoint
8598s making pretty good progress towards it
8599s seven points for then right now just off
8602s of kills alone they are looking for 19
8604s which means at
8605s least 11 kills first place is the
8608s numbers they're looking for they're well
8609s on their way
8611s there D needs to get out of here to se
8614s also in Waiting the wings everybody kind
8616s of spotting each other out with vision
8618s nobody really looking to take a fight
8619s but you see really wants to bring it to
8621s here in sub one Circle looking to get
8623s his team out of this horrible Corner
8625s that they're trapped in now finding his
8627s mark one Circle kind of left uncheck
8629s this F and the a completely breaking as
8632s well yeah one Circle got completely
8634s uncheck that fight and just got to do
8635s exactly what he wanted's just going to
8637s go down near seby On The Run no they're
8640s not going to invest any more into that
8642s chase going to let sebbi go but they
8644s come out with two kills and sebie is not
8648s in a good position here I mean they're
8649s going to see the revives are happening
8651s above them it's tough but a battle over
8654s the wick line double stun coming in from
8656s not Romantics or revu they got a lot of
8658s roots down kmas is still alive
8660s throughout end of this fight but down
8662s goes Revue it's a third party coming in
8663s from bnk FX who actually picks up
8666s literally everything they get the items
8668s and they get the buff as well bnk FX is
8671s just on a mission to stop any other
8672s teams from getting into checkpoints they
8674s took the house they took the car they
8676s took the kids everything fear X just
8680s cleaning
8682s up it's 250 coming in for team t on
8685s cybers it was a really good fight taken
8686s from revu he actually I thought he was
8688s going to go and prioritize the wick line
8690s first but he found an angle onto
8692s stunning two people with the broadcast
8694s so the fight actually went a little bit
8696s better on the side of Team T cyers the
8699s third party coming in was really good
8701s bnk FX they built themselves up another
8704s blood sample I believe they found one
8706s off of the body of wik Aline what is it
8708s going to be did you catch E's build E8
8711s already had blood weapon and offer mask
8714s o That's filthy he's already stacked and
8717s they're getting another one does he have
8719s Strider level three though I can't can't
8721s seem to have remembered if he's ever
8723s been on that this entire series I'd like
8726s to think he does it's definitely one of
8728s those Tech skill upgrades that a lot of
8730s people even prefer rushing yeah so I'd
8733s like to think he's got it by now yeah if
8736s anything I I could have sworn that the
8738s usual leveling stat leveling scheme of
8742s of E8 is that he just rushes Strider
8743s before any transition so you're probably
8745s right
8746s probably it would make sense this is
8751s going to be interesting here because if
8752s you has to run up there is a chance that
8756s dejon cyers finds a third party
8759s depending on which direction this fight
8761s goes send it here we go seie going in
8763s sending it he finds his Mar dashing all
8765s over the place the spring trap hitting
8767s one tool but sey taking so much damage
8770s one tool holding the line and gor
8772s looking to find some more damage but
8774s he's not going to be able to both teams
8776s going to disengage copine either landed
8780s every single one of those spear those
8782s spring traps or somebody blinked out of
8784s it this guy is just way too good on this
8788s character eliminated eliminated one kill
8791s now to their I are just on sync Jesus
8794s yeah that was yeah on
8796s point good stuff and now you Sean fery
8799s looking to get the run back here sebie
8802s looking once again he's always the first
8804s Das loses half his health instantly but
8807s Paul
8809s know or sorry
8812s Alto fre crap finding its way under gwor
8815s he's going to go down one tool he's on
8817s Lennox he's not going to be able to
8818s Runway and you see just clean sweeps fa
8821s see but that's a shinomi moment right
8822s there and Alto just kind of ate the
8824s entire of it I know exactly why you said
8830s she but this does mean by the way we
8833s were talking about how CH seed is
8834s struggling with a Lobby like this they
8835s actually overtake oh my God the BL outo
8838s what is going to happen just outs side
8841s of this they see all of it going on
8842s they're going to get the third party
8843s rights on this de Jun cyber trapped in
8845s the corner they're just going to take po
8847s shots at them and revu is going to go
8848s down quickly my God and magnani is also
8852s going to go down dejong cyers gets wiped
8854s But Here Comes the third party from ju
8856s FX looking to take it to them though
8858s down go sh play dead but sh get back up
8862s but EA is on him takes him down but ju
8866s is too far ahead of this fight can EA do
8868s it he's got all the items he's got all
8869s the power but can he take them there's
8871s just might too much the F oh the force
8874s field is just too much and is coming
8877s through the healing oh what is going on
8880s man e he's still trying he's getting the
8882s shield resets coming through for this
8883s character but it's too much the healing
8886s is there and shin is also not confirmed
8888s 14 kills for team Chi they're finally
8891s finding an angle back in on this game
8893s but the final boss Meek is there this
8900s lost Circle rank one gamer approaches
8906s they can buy a lot of blood samples
8908s though there is one for CH see on the
8909s side of copine they can buy another one
8911s with the Eon if they really chose to do
8913s so final Zone will be school which uh
8917s quite frankly up against the Theo is
8919s going to be hell for oh yeah I mean
8922s fighting around all those containers and
8924s everything it's going to be a lot and
8926s here and song actually opting to get
8928s some early positioning here in in school
8931s they're going to be first to the Zone
8933s they're going to be able to set up nice
8934s and
8935s cleanly we'll see what two set decides
8938s to do yes they're going to go for more
8940s Collins they waited till the Zone swaps
8942s so they have more time to play with to
8943s do
8944s it and yeah we're just going to see like
8947s I I don't know Korean but I know what VF
8949s means in that chat box triple BF called
8952s for this team across the board Ru is
8954s going to be selected here for seevi here
8956s already has a high noon on the side of
8957s shinan another red shoes on the side of
8960s and that's over a th amp on that Jenny
8963s it's pump so much damage if it doesn't
8965s get checked yeah we have Eon I believe
8968s sitting on was it the just I think it
8971s was just the tree upgrade they have a
8972s total of three blood samples copines
8974s went over on towards high noon and then
8977s the other other blood samples called by
8979s this team went into the red shoes Theo
8982s is not going to have the greatest time
8984s healing it's actually really good on the
8986s side of Team CH that they managed to
8987s call those Ru in the 60% is matter a lot
8991s here it's going to matter a ton
8993s especially with the play dead healing
8995s and the healing drone healing from
8996s janana as well it's just a huge value
8998s pickup for them okay you see working
9002s their way into the Zone msj kind of
9004s forced on the backpedal here actually
9005s respecting this composition Waiting Here
9008s Comes the route big damage put down on
9010s sh but down a holding line sebie going
9013s on the back on one Circle but one
9014s circle's going to get away and push this
9016s back towards sh and ser Cen but
9021s sebie is just
9023s taking tried to make something happen
9025s but it's just not quite enough they're
9026s going to have to disengage and burn some
9030s timeit hold but notic is really healthy
9034s this yeah no they you can't compete with
9037s Theo's healing Theodor doing too much
9038s damage in you healing romatic stepped up
9040s and just kept the damage down didn't let
9042s them get a backpedal on things and msj
9045s takes the game but here's the thing
9047s though one of the biggest issues of this
9050s final Zone and actually I believe s got
9053s 12 kills they're also in checkpoint by
9054s the way so good stuff coming in for team
9057s before yeah I say anything else we're
9059s going to have at least two teams in
9062s checkpoint after this bnk FX guaranteed
9065s they were only three points away they
9066s got I think around seven kills so
9068s they're 100% guaranteed and then maid
9070s and song they just needed 19 points they
9072s got 12 kills in first place which means
9074s they got 20 they're right there at the
9076s checkpoint marker as well so really good
9079s job for both of those teams but but
9081s something I do want to mention about
9082s that fight another interaction that a
9084s lot of you guys might not know in the
9085s chat but that Sandstorm well not the
9088s sandstorm but like the the the cloud the
9090s sand Cloud plant Theo get Sapphire
9093s protocol off of that yes he does he gets
9096s his passive off of running out of that
9098s and um you know what better two teams to
9101s make it into checkpoint than Miran song
9103s and bnk FX the two the two um the two
9108s Titans of Korea I'd say as far far as
9110s their competitive Scene goes these are
9112s just you know if you're going to pick
9114s two any of two teams to win a tournament
9116s it's going to be one of these two guys
9118s exactly bnk FX the champions of the
9120s season 3 season finals and then me and
9122s song the champions of season 4 phase one
9125s both of those two teams are going to be
9127s sitting in the checkpoint spot but again
9129s guys remember first place they have to
9131s win the game but benen seong and bnk FX
9135s those two teams have been very
9137s consistent and another thing you have to
9139s remember Fiora is banned for the last
9142s game not the last game I can't say that
9145s yet I'm sorry script's not it's not the
9147s last game yet but and but you know for
9149s Mir and sjong they don't run Fiora
9151s anyways but for bnk furx they do
9156s typically run this Fiora but bum's going
9158s to be going back to this ekon as he
9160s planed and it's going to weaken down the
9161s rest of the teams that were running
9162s Fiora JCP going to be forced off f as
9165s well as satin yeah but here's the thing
9167s though I'm wondering we're on game four
9170s right
9171s the thing about black not not even black
9174s Mok King Aon but for Sidewinder and
9176s death outter one of the biggest things
9177s about wend those are when those get
9179s played is that it takes people by
9180s surprise because they don't expect it
9182s right they've only been seeing black
9183s mamba King this entire weekend but now
9185s that they've been exposed to both
9187s Sidewinder and death out I think teams
9189s are going to be a little bit more wary
9190s about which version of echon bum is
9192s going to be playing but we've seen that
9194s black mama King is just not working team
9197s 2C cannot burst through the sustain
9199s coming in for team
9201s seong I actually don't even think it's a
9203s bad idea for them to sub out bom and put
9207s in Hur instead just to completely flip
9210s things around and maybe be that X Factor
9212s coming in to win them phase number
9216s two yeah and I think it would work
9218s really well honestly especially with the
9220s bands that have come through um here we
9222s have the scores Miran s Jang coming in
9225s with 20 points they're going to push
9226s into checkpoint with that ched actually
9228s having a really solid game probably one
9231s more good game away from checkpoint so
9233s so long as you know ban FX andir and
9235s song don't win one of these next two
9237s games the you know giangi or ju could
9241s easily join them in checkpoint even in
9243s just the next game saber not too far
9246s behind they could also have another pop
9248s off game like they did and find their
9249s way into checkpoint exactly all teams
9252s aside from Auto arms and fairy even ton
9255s Cyprus has a little bit of a chance but
9257s 29 Points is a bit of a too farfetch so
9259s I'll give give them a little bit of Hope
9261s but the light at the end of the tunnel
9262s is really really far away in the Horizon
9265s for that team saber chit kungi andate
9268s all three teams could be looking to get
9270s into checkpoint in the next game but
9272s that only happens if bnk furx or Meen
9276s Tong don't take away the next game with
9278s the most amount of points they need to
9279s somehow prolong these games but those
9282s two teams have been so so dominant 51
9286s field kills for bnk FX how do you stop
9289s this team yeah it just feels like
9291s they're Unstoppable their early game has
9293s been so strong in that Chapel area
9295s always finding points there always
9297s finding kills and just converting it
9299s into more and more and they just have
9301s been so dominant same with Mir and sjong
9303s these two teams have just been so so so
9306s consistent in these lobbies exactly
9309s exactly exactly ladies and gentlemen
9311s that right there was game number four
9313s and you guys know what that means we are
9314s about to go into our second break
9317s wondering again Meek if any of these
9319s teams are going to be flipping any of
9320s their players around the roster change
9322s is coming in now that some teams are in
9323s check point but wasn't it Auto Arms that
9326s had sad hand but anyways yeah let's go
9328s to the break exactly grab yourself some
9330s snacks grab yourself some water go take
9332s a stretch we will see you guys back here
9333s for game five and a potential game
9335s number six
9367s speech
9398s coming
9421s spee spe
9469s don't
9496s for coming
9501s than
9552s spe
9568s chicken wow
9618s so for
9678s hello
9696s speech
9700s fore
9708s fore
9714s foree
9718s spee
9720s fore
9738s spee
9768s for for
9829s uh
9835s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
9836s back from the break it is time for games
9839s five and a potential game number six we
9842s are not guaranteed that game just yet
9844s the result of whether or not we are
9846s going to even get a game number six all
9848s depends on the teams that are not at
9850s checkpoint right now guys welcome back
9852s I'm still shuy guy to Left of Me still
9855s Meek and we my friends are excited for
9857s the rest of the games and the series
9860s first name Meek last name Speedy but
9862s don't capitalize the S because otherwise
9864s I will hurt you um yeah it's gonna be
9867s it's gonna be some exciting games or
9869s maybe even just
9871s game I'm
9873s really I don't know it's gonna be it's
9875s gonna be interesting we'll see if these
9877s teams kind of metag game and try to you
9879s know take out bnk FX or and or Miran
9883s sudong I mean Mir song's been pretty
9885s quiet in the early game but bnk has
9887s always had a very exciting early game in
9889s Chapel so we'll see if it actually comes
9892s to haunt them this game yeah one of the
9895s big things that I'm going to be looking
9896s at here for both of those teams is
9898s whether or not they actually can do it I
9901s mean that's the overarching story that
9902s we're going to be looking at for this
9903s game but if one of those two teams are
9906s able to do it we will tie for the
9908s shortest final series we've had ever
9911s five games is the shortest series that
9913s we've had with a checkpoint system added
9915s in and it's only happened once you see
9919s this Fair team fairy team let us see
9922s what are they cooking right now what bro
9926s that is an absolute C they're running
9928s Frailty on the a to it's not even
9931s accelerator or even the adrenaline I
9933s don't
9934s know this is a this is a chef's kiss man
9939s double super I mean they got to try
9940s something I guess and you were right
9941s look at I knew the substitution on the
9945s game that fur is banned that is so big I
9950s okay you and I were talking about this
9951s right before right right after we went
9953s into the break but if the only option
9955s for bnk FX asides from the Fiora was
9958s something else it was probably going to
9959s be the Aon for bomb the only real option
9962s cuz they're going up against team me and
9964s seding in the end to try to get first
9965s place in this game um you need to run
9968s death ater on Eon and yes it did look
9971s really good during that one game but
9973s playing death ater always comes with its
9976s risks if you're not able to snowball if
9977s you play the fight wrong you're team is
9979s just going to get slaughtered because
9981s you're going to die super fast so I like
9984s the fact that they're bringing in sard
9985s here it does bring a little bit of that
9987s X Factor change in I'm a little bit
9990s worried because sometimes pick
9992s composition just doesn't work when the
9993s range Advantage is on the side of the
9995s other team and with miden song Running
9998s the suame on romatic I think that could
10001s also bring an interesting team fighting
10005s angle for that team up against bnk FX
10008s but another thing subam is
10011s banned yeah there's three subam in this
10013s Lobby which is that's a first this the
10016s first time yeah I think this the first
10017s time we've seen subam banned this
10019s weekend I think as you see on yeah ever
10023s yeah ever that's has she ever been
10026s banned in
10027s na I don't think so no this might
10030s actually just straight up be our first
10031s ever subam ban in a tournament ever yeah
10035s that's kind of crazy actually
10040s um yeah I'm kind of disbelief well early
10042s games happening nothing really crazy
10044s happening right now everybody just
10046s getting their builds
10048s online I I still can't believe this Fair
10051s composition did he stick with Al on is
10054s it Alto on Marcus and Frailty
10058s AR what is that man oh no no he did
10062s change over to a gental we can see it
10064s right there in the buff status I was
10066s gonna say because if he's running
10067s Frailty now it's not
10069s horrible I'm I'm kind of coping here
10071s it's not horrible because he's running
10073s with a Marcus and a Yan he doesn't have
10075s to be the sole damage dealer right but
10078s you still want to run a Dr that's just
10079s going to be what you run or even
10081s accelerator I've seen a lot of assault
10083s rifle isos running that nowadays but um
10087s yeah they kind of moved away from it cuz
10089s the initial burst damage with assault
10090s rifle is usually not worth unless your
10093s main idea is to charge your overheats
10096s and then proc that yeah cuz that's EX
10099s you mentioned exactly what I was going
10101s to point out with ar characters you want
10103s to Stack up that overheat before you
10104s really start putting out that big damage
10106s so they do have a bit of a slow ramp
10108s time at the
10110s start it's looking pretty slow for this
10114s game though pretty much the entire
10115s series we've seen teams just colliding
10117s with each other and as soon as I say
10119s that well uh there goes there goes that
10122s and it's interesting to see how their
10124s play will change now they're in
10125s checkpoint for me seong and BK PRX
10128s because now there's no there's no push
10131s to get kills all you have to do is win
10133s you don't have to get all the kills you
10136s don't have to chase down people and take
10137s risks so we'll see if that affects their
10140s game play is changing up the way that
10142s other their teams are playing though
10143s they're getting really aggressive for
10144s some of these teams oh yeah duim man is
10146s going to get himself on out of course
10147s denana not going to have enough damage
10149s to deal with any of this but he TPS
10151s straight into multiple teams team fairy
10153s looking for a third party did manage to
10155s pick that one up it actually goes in the
10156s favor of team kungi
10158s in8 oh man all right this is a this is a
10161s game and a half for some of the teams
10162s being in checkpoint now yeah I mean BK
10166s FX I mean in most of these games by this
10168s point they've already gotten three four
10170s kills this game with the roster change
10173s they've completely changed up their play
10175s style they're not in Chapel anymore
10177s looking for kills they're just looking
10178s to close this game
10180s out this is going to be interesting team
10183s CH see also getting really close to the
10185s checkpoint Mark team fairy of course
10187s looking to get into the check point mark
10189s but with this kind of comp I mean you
10191s have a fairly interesting team fight
10194s roster Yan we haven't seen this
10197s character in actually quite a while in
10199s ERM either I think the last time we may
10200s have seen it was when casy w used to
10202s play that character back in like phase
10205s one yeah pretty big interesting
10208s characters coming through in this Lobby
10209s and the bands of course as well gwor
10211s going to have to back away from this
10212s fight E8 trying to push it in but the CC
10214s Shield actually disappearing as soon as
10216s he wants to try fighting this out Al
10219s just not able to contribute to this
10222s fight oh
10224s no super early on this comp and huge
10228s flash I didn't know you could go over
10229s that wall rosner's chasing this J but
10232s the death timers are pretty low here one
10235s tool dodging out on something the bats
10237s kind of ruining chances and he will live
10239s so team Ferry keeping themselves alive
10241s and in this game
10243s still that was a crazy flash
10246s I I don't think I have the confidence to
10248s go for that flash cuz I'm pretty sure
10250s I'd Bonk my head you'd have to have that
10252s perfectly lined up to go over and you
10253s could see him pause for a moment and
10255s when he got up against the wall and
10257s thought no I I can't mess this up man
10260s yeah so big there too okay Rosner kind
10263s of intimidation tactic in the entirety
10265s of uh bnk FX straight in towards the
10268s members of his own team but Roser is
10270s still alive Bing oh donot straight into
10274s the sangu javel and the second proc
10275s actually kills him that's the first time
10277s I've ever seen a su do that
10280s yeah right that was different oh my God
10283s all the Seline alss everywhere M song
10285s Looking For the Kill against Auto Arms
10287s we looking for the fight against oh
10290s and D just kind of
10293s drops trying to utilize the passive give
10296s blanks to the white lily and manages to
10298s get out rtic actually going the opposite
10301s direction we'll see if Auto Arms chases
10303s him down for the point oh wait roster
10309s all alone we're we might see a little
10311s one V one action and we oh what just
10313s happened oh my God he's trying to fight
10316s it he's trying to fight it he's got to
10317s get the resets on his memory donot is in
10319s he's not going to get the heal that's
10320s going to be a one fight from romantic oh
10322s my God whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
10325s whoa whoa whoa Sor is going to hyperloop
10327s in does he get the kill no the healing
10329s drone pops is
10331s enough just barely not enough the enk
10334s furx loses out on the sua again and the
10336s death timers are stagnated for both of
10338s our checkpoint teams here as bnk FX lost
10341s two members earlier that's another death
10343s being Ted up for Rosner be hon losing
10346s two members earlier on as well both of
10348s our checkpoint teams kind of struggling
10350s but me didn't SED they want these kills
10351s beautiful pull over onto one Circle it
10353s will deny the initiation the wolves are
10355s also going to deny theana from finding
10358s an initiation as
10359s well meanwhile down in uptown or up and
10365s downtown Fair's just going to walk away
10368s it looked like a fight was about to
10369s happen so Rosner got he dashed in and
10376s romatic hit the white lily which pushed
10379s Rosner into the
10382s sandstorm and it just kind of made me
10384s break I lost my mind Alto getting pulled
10387s in but he's on Marcus quite tanky he's
10390s not going to have any problem getting
10391s out gwor getting stunned half his health
10394s more than half his health gone and yet
10396s again another fight where he's not
10397s really able to contribute and they're
10398s just going to kind of get walked over
10402s here my God teams are getting antsy
10405s teams are really really getting ansy
10407s weak we might not have that many kills
10408s across the board but fights are abound
10410s dark go straight up in the middle of
10412s everybody Cadmus is going to get taken
10413s out he already invested his blink which
10415s means the fight is over Peacemaker
10417s online but it gets canceled and the stun
10419s from the bear double coming in oh my God
10422s the heart taking all the stuns in the
10423s world but douchi men sitting on the
10425s backside the Bears are dead the Battle
10427s Zone has begun and that's going to be a
10428s little bit of of a Saving Grace for Team
10429s Auto Arms otherwise they would have had
10431s to deal with that mutant bear just
10432s puming the front
10435s line yeah I
10437s mean I uh I wasn't sure what the
10439s interaction was on pce oh never mind
10442s forget all that saten on the Run he's
10445s going to get taken down by JCP douchi
10447s man left alone here there so much damage
10449s from Seline is this a damage Battle Zone
10452s I
10453s believe and Dena is just going to die
10456s here there's not really much he can do
10458s he tries to get the Revive on sattin but
10460s it's just not it's in vain it's going to
10463s be in vain Battle Zone one out by that
10465s team inside it will be Team Auto Arms
10467s another team that's looking for kills
10469s and points right now right Seventh Place
10471s team at the moment just barely above
10473s team faery these guys needs to catch
10476s up oh yes they do they have a lot of
10480s ground to cover almost an insurmountable
10482s amount of ground but as you said I
10485s mean you've had finals where literally
10488s all eight teams are on checkpoint it's
10490s not completely infeasible it things
10493s could happen to make this go another
10495s five games if it had to or even more
10498s depending on how slow some of our bottom
10500s teams start moving up and you know even
10502s if we have this many kills it doesn't
10504s confirm that it's going to always be the
10506s case there can be games where the scores
10508s aren't really that topheavy which means
10510s you still have a potential few games
10513s Ahad of us ladies and gentlemen Buckle
10515s in because just looking at how Team Auto
10517s arms and team faery is playing right now
10520s there is a possibility in which we can
10522s see more games in the near distant
10527s future okay FX finding a little RNG on
10531s the wolf it's going to be a tree in the
10534s hands of
10535s Rosner finding another one on the bear
10539s what is going on for fix they're just
10541s hitting meanwhile speaking of hitting
10543s satin getting pushed back by Seline but
10546s nothing's really going to come of this
10549s saber looking to re-engage while Estelle
10552s still needs to heal up from resting but
10554s she manages to get it off and I don't
10557s know what just happened there
10560s anyways Cinema looking to lay down some
10563s poke but Dena with the best range
10565s Advantage here out of everybody he's
10566s going to be the one finding the most
10568s poke down onto Auto Arms they don't
10570s really have a good way of pushing
10571s through this Corridor douchi man kind of
10574s just a wall sitting in front of Dina
10576s who's just going to keep throwing Suns
10578s and
10579s moons and all sorts of constellations
10581s down this Corridor oh this is crazy
10585s Estelle going all the way into the back
10586s line she's completely isolated away
10588s Peacemaker is actually going to buy a
10589s lot of time for the backside but you
10590s know exactly what's coming but it gets
10592s canceled by the
10594s moonar that's crazy so good at that
10598s we've seen Dena do that time and time
10600s again this weekend just caning maker oh
10604s zinema needs to get another blast weave
10606s in right now he needs to get this
10608s beautifully done he will actually be
10609s able to buy himself a little bit of time
10611s WBT he's going to get the off he's going
10613s to get the res off first finger point
10614s comes in cinema in a whole heap of
10616s trouble he doesn't have the blast wave
10617s will get taken down but jcp's on the
10618s chase this should mean simma gets the
10620s res back up line line and the Dena is
10623s starting to move towards the console as
10628s well wait they don't have enough to
10629s revive saber doesn't have enough oh oh
10632s no oh no they're about 20 away 10
10634s credits off yeah
10639s it's a little bit awkward On The Run ju
10642s looking ju actually bringing I didn't
10645s even notice Abigail's back out um you
10649s know when the Jenny man hits is what
10651s they do oh huge engage get your Patty
10654s flipped taking so much damage but down
10656s he goes 2v2 Alto gets taken down rtic
10659s pushing forward and Fa gets eliminated
10661s despite having such a good engage from
10663s alto it just isn't enough because the
10665s target he found was danana with his
10667s Patty flip see it would have been good
10670s but this happens all the time in Solo qu
10672s the Marcus flips somebody backwards like
10674s that but you don't expect it and you go
10676s in they're they're gone from the place
10679s where you initiated one tool sent it but
10682s the she was gone Estelle was gone there
10684s was no one to be seen inside the
10687s tetragon
10689s yeah hate to see it they had to make
10692s it this composition too it just seems
10695s like fairy is they're just in bits today
10699s you know everybody has bad days for for
10701s tournament runs and it's just not their
10702s day today yeah and this feeds even more
10704s credits over on to ven I'm not even
10706s going to count kills at this point for
10708s that team they're not looking for point
10709s but they're looking for advantages in
10711s this game alone now I don't know how
10713s many credits would have dropped from the
10716s side of team fery I have no idea how far
10719s uh how far ahead they were from points
10721s or not points sorry transitions but you
10723s can see romatic already sitting on four
10725s transitions as the subam we've seen her
10727s just kind of ripping through teams
10728s throughout the course of the night so
10730s that's a little bit
10732s problematic oh the intimidation tactic
10734s is good look at the health bars
10737s on is just dropping one at a time EB
10741s finds the kill but he needs to get out
10743s rev pushes forward but the knock up from
10745s EA is going to keep him alive just
10747s barely and they do have enough credits
10749s to get these revives off but oh my God
10752s that was very very close to losing their
10755s checkpoint match here and Mir and sang
10758s is just they've been having such a solid
10761s game overall I imagine they're all on
10763s very strong transitions Auto Arms oh JCP
10767s actually has four items already yeah it
10769s is really good right now nice punch into
10771s the
10773s wall Dina look at this Dina flank he's
10775s looking for an angle to try and throw
10777s some skill shots but doesn't Find the
10779s Mark Auto Arms just backs out they don't
10781s want to fight in this Corridor against
10783s Seline and Adena it's just too hard to
10786s try and push through they're just kind
10787s of posturing
10789s oh second finger point actually going in
10791s on towards W go on yeah wdt geted really
10795s hard oh my God the blast wave the heart
10797s back in yeah weird trying to reset now
10801s doui man really split off from his team
10803s we'll see if the Seline damage is enough
10806s no it does not seem to be JCP dashing
10807s forward towards Dena Dina forced to
10809s Blink out JCP blinking after him but
10811s it's just not going to be enough he's
10812s grouped up with his team JCP needs to
10814s peill back towards his teammates and
10816s they just need to disengage here gosh
10818s this is bad E8 he's lost his teammates
10821s down he goes de on cybers bnk FX will
10824s not be able to end this series off on a
10827s game number five that responsibility
10829s comes down to M sigong are they going to
10832s be able to destroy the curse that's been
10835s be getting them this entire eternal
10837s return Masters rotation with these
10839s checkpoint systems where you need to win
10841s a game they have never been able to do
10844s that but with this temp zone system with
10847s the transitions they have they're full
10848s transitions on romatic and one Circle
10850s waiting on blood transitions for the
10852s Widowmaker and the Black Lotus shuriken
10854s Peacemaker canel out for S holy crap
10857s down he goes where did his health bar go
10859s straight into the
10861s dirt straight into the dirt I love that
10864s that was awesome yes that cancel on The
10868s Peacemaker absolutely detrimental and
10870s meanwhile over in school Ru forced to
10872s jump out pretty much forc out of the
10874s fight anani looking for reengage looking
10876s to buy some space for his teammates so
10877s they can all get out and he succeeds at
10879s doing that in looking for more but
10881s there're just too much distance
10882s meanwhile over in Chapel as well The
10884s Peacemaker making Dina unable to play
10886s the game for now JCP blinks out of
10888s Dina's combination of buttons AB satin
10891s getting blown up oh my God but the moves
10894s he's got the moves he's got the damage
10895s and oh my God it's down to a One V one
10897s Dina Cinema who's got it Cinema out of
10901s Minds right now I think can heal oh oh
10904s the
10908s Sun the thing is it moves so slow but
10911s the impending doom you can just kind of
10913s feel it on the side of the Seline R
10916s getting chase down team kungi and8
10918s they're also looking for it down goes
10920s revu eighth kill of the game for kungi
10922s and8 seems like SL is eating good this
10924s game too oh yes they are and Wick going
10930s over to gii who is also very close to
10933s checkpoint honestly so this is huge for
10935s them if they can win this game deny
10937s better and song their checkpoint Victory
10939s and make it into checkpoint themselves
10941s that's exactly what they need and
10943s they're slated to do it oh my God this
10946s game this series is going to come very
10948s very close of course again for meid
10950s hedong they don't care about points they
10952s just have to win the game but the rest
10954s of the lobby knows this right this is
10956s not a comp that anybody else has been
10958s running they should have an idea that
10960s MAA and seong is still built up they're
10962s building their way on towards these
10964s blood weapons
10965s 324 credits on the side of one Circle
10968s two 298 on the side of romatic as soon
10971s as the Widowmaker and the blood uh Black
10974s Lotus shuriken comes up that team is
10976s going to be nigh Unstoppable if another
10978s team isn't able to third party this team
10981s CH looking to intercept this team up on
10983s the North side SE sees the Estelle but
10986s doesn't have the range to actually
10987s actively Target this team down you
10989s didn't said you know survivability is
10992s just the number one goal in their mind
10993s right now yeah they don't want to take
10996s any in thisis and walking into an
10997s unfamiliar Zone like stream they don't
10999s know what other teams are here they
11000s don't want to take any risks at all they
11003s are slated to win they have all the
11004s advantages they need to win they don't
11006s need to do anything special and you can
11007s see them just posting up here on this
11009s top side of stream using the ballistic
11010s Advantage for information to gain vision
11013s and see what's going on the way that
11015s this game is going right now I think Ma
11017s and seong as long as the zones allow it
11019s should be able to get enough credits
11021s even through natural region for the most
11023s part to be able to get those blood
11025s weapons there is no risk that this team
11027s needs to take until these temp zones or
11029s even final zones they're going to look
11031s for control over these zones as well to
11033s the point where you know they're going
11034s to be considered quite safe sitting in
11037s there maybe by themselves even other
11040s teams needs to stop that two transitions
11042s on the side of danana but he has the
11044s Commander's helmet we've seen this in
11046s conjunction with the Theo the healing is
11049s insane can other teams actually deal
11051s with that right now we will have to wait
11054s and see I mean it's it seems like a lot
11057s of these teams have found their
11058s transition value and have a lot of
11060s strength so it'll be interesting to see
11063s what comes of it sebbi stepping forward
11065s looking for something perhaps against
11067s the team of Mir and seong but saber also
11071s in this Zone just kind of on the South
11074s Side
11076s chilling they'll just wait it out and
11079s yeah both teams know they're down there
11080s CU dena's over there making ping so
11082s everyone's aware that there is a third
11083s team in the
11085s area you see going to walk away no
11089s they're coming back in actually they
11090s want to see if they can find it their
11092s party is just waiting
11094s huh okay sebie is
11098s just taking shots in his back yeah sebie
11101s going through the shinomi syndrome right
11103s now like this guy is yeah I mean like
11106s you said yesterday this team's a match
11108s made in heaven
11110s y oh God everyone is playing safe they
11113s know meong cannot be allowed to win this
11116s outside of meong every body else is just
11119s waiting they want to get
11120s their find the TA no he's not and
11124s they're running right into two SE cadas
11126s is just going to take a lot of damage
11128s here magnani popping the AL to try and
11130s buy his team some space re only has 3
11132s seconds
11137s to that sigh of relief y but I don't
11141s think that's oh my God the
11144s board not enough and there's nothing his
11147s team can do to help reer the Vampire
11149s Queen still on cool down and cadas just
11151s way too low to do anything they're still
11153s on the chase in N pops the Quake
11155s confirms the taunt has him taking damage
11159s in N the wick buff is worn off so he's
11161s not going to be able to sustain much
11163s damage as a my solo hitting Cadmus but
11166s we'll see if he's able to buy his team
11168s enough time to get over here the white
11169s lily going to get Cadmus out but he has
11171s no timer he's just going to have to run
11174s back in here and there's only 10 seconds
11177s left on this Zone he's dead yeah he's
11179s got to walk he just has to run right
11181s back into the loving Embrace of the team
11183s that's trying to kill him all right here
11186s we go inside of stream though this is
11187s another one of our beened forever yep
11190s these two teams are proxying M and Hong
11192s right now they are not allowed to escape
11194s this area at all this team is under
11197s threat of being sandwich I think team
11198s saber and team CH seed is playing this
11200s out so so well to the point where even
11203s one circle is not able to find himself a
11205s way out Dena positioning perfectly the
11207s stun actually coming in
11209s will land they're going to have to back
11210s away into the little cuby on theeast
11212s side but look at the positioning of Team
11214s saber and they still refuse to
11217s push yeah they're waiting for these
11219s final zones to start I think we're going
11221s to see a little white flag action on
11223s against Mir and song both these teams
11225s aware that n and song is here and that
11227s they're in checkpoint they don't want to
11230s cadmos that's a little bit of a weird X
11233s Factor
11236s he's God
11238s what just happened all right here we go
11242s timer's not looking good on the side of
11244s Team sa but catmas gave a kill to Miron
11246s song which gave them a little extra
11248s timer to play around with here it's so
11251s okay s is going to send it here we go
11255s watch the corner Mir and song and make
11256s sure that they die both teams are just
11258s going to G popped oh my God sebie
11262s W he dashed through the wall Circle has
11266s all the Time in the World to do is
11268s enough to see it's on him but no no
11271s sitting here actually he need to kill
11274s the bodies he need to kill the bodies
11275s right now he needs to kill the body need
11277s to kill the doesn't
11281s have oh my God down he goes he needs to
11284s just keep killing he need to just keep
11286s killing oh there's one okay there's one
11288s goes down timer Advantage timer
11289s Advantage set needs to do this set he
11292s needs to do this danana will take the
11294s fall he's almost there dimensional
11298s that's it ju knocks down the raid bosses
11302s be and S will not be able to end it in
11304s game five we are going to get a game
11309s six we were so close but this weak
11312s Abigail character perseveres and finds a
11316s way if Abigail wins a game in the finals
11319s of
11320s ERM I'm going to have to do a phone call
11322s after the I'm done casting oh yeah we
11324s might as well bring him on here
11326s like I'm going to have a phone call to
11328s make yeah just bring him here for like a
11330s quick second he gets one word and then
11332s we immediately boot him from the
11336s call he gets a platform but for one word
11339s one word you have one word use it wisely
11342s see but this is the point that we were
11343s talking about earlier with the with the
11345s Abigail she has the the Scarlet scythe
11348s and she's upgraded to the dawn one so
11350s she has the um additional damage coming
11352s in with her Auto attacks of course she I
11354s saw a prominence on her 40% CDR is so
11358s massive for aniga who looking to rotate
11360s through hers I don't even know what her
11362s actual augment is right now so maybe if
11365s she's even running Stellar charge that's
11366s even more Cedar for the re uh for the
11368s rotations Z's going to go in taken down
11370s dangerously low he's going to have to
11371s look for a reset the Abigail is going to
11373s be the next Target ultimate's actually
11374s going to be forced out look at the
11375s health bars on the side of this team oh
11378s shly low it's another
11380s exchange down goes to May though cine is
11383s going to be able to turn it we're going
11384s to get an Abigail win inm oh my my God
11390s Abigail one again and Wendy's here too
11393s yo he cursed the Cilla I don't
11396s know what the hell man and in fitting
11401s action in The Fitting end we are going
11403s to get the Abigail Victory post to end
11405s it out copine being remembered as I
11410s guess the Abigail goat at this point
11412s like who do we consider this gu this
11415s guy's the Korean gazer he likes g likes
11418s Lenny and he likes Abigail just needs to
11421s pick up Fiora now and I guess we're
11422s chilling yeah that's all yeah it's all
11424s it's left spear Fiora question
11428s mark oh wow but what what a temp Zone I
11431s mean a great that was crazy yeah a great
11434s call from danana though and the the and
11437s the the super detrimental thing is the
11440s new zone changes block off the zones so
11444s M song doesn't have any more room to
11446s kite back when they run up there they
11447s get completely cornered and both teams
11450s just funnel in on them and just make
11452s sure that hey this tournament doesn't
11454s end so long as this team goes down can I
11457s just say second time sebie has dashed
11461s across yeah a final temp Zone wall and
11465s he has popped it's the second time
11467s that's happened this weekend he did it
11469s once in the group stages we went Bonkers
11471s it happened again at such a crucial time
11474s if it wasn't for senine this series
11477s could have gone sideways we saw how I
11480s don't think I want to say behind but we
11482s saw the holes that the side of Team Ki
11484s inate has on that team composition it's
11487s very difficult to lock a certain team
11488s down especially if one they just
11490s straight up barge in towards you two
11493s they have really easy ways to access the
11495s Cilla Abigail or three they just out you
11498s all together yeah and and and that's
11501s exactly what we had seen oh man that was
11505s crazy Dena getting the Revive on on one
11508s Circle it really looked good but
11510s Theodore is just one of those characters
11512s that just has no mobility and no ways to
11515s really do anything when someone's
11516s already in melee range of
11518s them oh my God oh my God we get a game
11523s six we get a game six Meek I'm kind of
11526s conflicted I kind of want to have just
11527s the five game series just to kind of
11529s make some people in the chat mad that I
11531s get to get a little bit of a more break
11533s myself but after game five how do you
11536s not want to watch more of this series
11538s what a great way to deny a checkpoint
11541s team from winning but off of that game
11543s Meek we might have another couple teams
11545s joining that
11548s party and I wonder
11551s if Maron song knew the team was below
11554s them forever like they they' been
11556s posturing against each other for so
11558s long I wonder if there's a world where
11560s Mir and song should have just went to a
11563s different Zone yeah but they were locked
11565s in right they were so locked in again CH
11569s SE and saber played that so well they
11573s never regressed yeah they just they knew
11576s they knew the mission they knew the
11578s mission you don't need white flags to
11579s know the mission you just need to know
11580s if someone's on
11582s checkpoint here we go round results for
11584s game number five Chu SE coming out on
11586s top 19 kills in the end 11 total field
11589s kills it's going to just barely net them
11591s over into checkpoint we have our top
11594s four teams sitting at that Mark bnk FX
11597s sitting at 70 points maida and Hong
11600s sitting up there as well 66 points or 68
11603s I can't tell 61 for kungi and8 and CH
11606s seat sitting at 60 my goodness this
11609s could be our last game I mean these
11612s bottom four teams they've they've been
11614s struggling I mean saber had one really
11616s strong showing they could have another
11618s game like that where they win and
11619s squeeze into checkpoint dejong cyers has
11621s been consistently getting a lot of kills
11624s all it takes is for them to have one
11625s little breakout performance get a win
11628s and also make it into checkpoint so we
11631s could see two more teams get into
11632s checkpoint after game six as well yes
11634s sir yes sir we will have to see Team fa
11639s has to absolutely start stepping up here
11641s if they want to prolong the series any
11643s longer are they going to start busting
11645s out some weird compositions again or are
11646s they just going to go back to their
11648s bread and butter we know that one shot
11651s composition works it's just they've
11652s never been able to execute it correctly
11654s throughout the series so far and I can't
11656s tell again if it's their fault or if
11659s it's all the other teams just reacting
11661s accordingly either way they got to come
11663s up with something quick yeah I mean I
11666s don't know it seems like in the group
11668s stages the one shot composition looked
11670s really good and then yesterday in the
11672s wild cards there was a lot of moments
11674s where you'd see the Nikki Al come out
11677s and there just there wouldn't be any
11679s followup they would they would find the
11681s Nikki Al but it it would just bring
11685s Nikki too far away from her teammates
11687s due to to the enemy team reacting
11690s properly so I think it's more on the
11694s teams reacting properly rather
11697s than the composition
11700s itself to be honest with you I don't
11702s even know if it's a enemy teams reacting
11704s properly there's just the one sending it
11707s yeah so they're not reacting correctly
11709s the ones that have sented yeah the
11712s they're they're pushing the one shot
11714s comp on the backp pedal and forcing to
11716s forcing them to play react which is a
11718s lot harder when you're trying to do
11719s something that requires so much
11721s coordination yeah one of the biggest
11723s things that I really liked about team
11725s aser and their actual execution of that
11727s one shot composition is how they're able
11729s to play around Vision to buy themselves
11731s time for them to try those initiations
11734s but this series entire time every time
11736s they've been running that one shot
11738s composition they've never had that
11740s Vision Advantage all the other teams are
11742s the ones that has it they're the on that
11744s initiate and yeah there we go this is
11746s going to be the first time ever I think
11748s gworks Arta debut in ERM Alto going to
11752s be on the Nadine as well he's going to
11754s be sticking in line with the crossbow
11755s skill right he's going to have access to
11757s that but this time instead of um gosh
11761s I'm forgetting what the weapons for
11764s crossbow is give me one quick second
11765s here I need to remember this ballista I
11767s think it was for the purple one mhm
11770s instead he's going to be going for the
11772s legend of the general or something like
11774s that oh my goodness I'm forgetting all
11775s the names yeah I'm not not as familiar
11778s with crossbows like at all oh it is the
11781s legend of the general wow look at that
11783s wow damn he's good oh
11786s yeah I don't think there's any bands
11790s this game just kind of scanning through
11793s trying to
11794s see yeah I think everything is going to
11797s be unbanned if this goes to a game seven
11800s so that's pretty interesting we do see
11804s the Fior coming back out on the hands of
11806s sattin and JC
11808s p and and yeah Auto Arms has definitely
11810s been way more comfortable on the one
11812s shot comp with the Fiora setup rather
11815s than fairy with the Adela setup it just
11819s seems like the burst
11822s is quicker not sure or rather that Fior
11826s is able to position alongside Nikki a
11828s lot easier than Adela
11829s is wait a second I just realized this as
11832s well kungi inate is actually going to
11834s swap over onto the Nadine too cuz goo
11836s losing out on the B you got two crossbow
11840s Nadin all of a sudden yeah that's new we
11845s haven't seen the dean all weekend ROP
11848s blinking over the wall the Mad Dash to
11851s try and get this loot distribution I
11853s believe both of these characters look
11854s for pretty similar things but yeah revu
11856s finding what he
11859s needs
11861s jino not sure a level one blink D yeah
11867s um okay I we'll have to see what these
11869s nadines end up building right because
11871s they are running crossbow we should be
11872s able to see those Auto attack builds
11874s coming through cuz when you're running
11875s the amp version it's still going to be
11877s the bow I think you're going poison
11879s crossbow stay the crossbow Nadine at all
11882s this should be the auto attack version
11883s but I do note that both of those nadines
11887s are not running the exact same build so
11889s it's going to be slightly different for
11890s both of them kind of interested to see
11893s what those differences will
11895s be yeah we'll just have to wait and see
11898s um Jung cyber looking for their
11901s trademark Little Chapel griefing and
11903s they're going to find it on Dena he's
11905s going to go
11906s down meanwhile over in
11909s Forest Don going down to Auto Arms I'm
11913s going to be honest with you I think it's
11914s actually kind of brutal for Dina right
11917s now um I know you haven't really been
11919s here for previous phases but whenever it
11921s comes to early game actually it was Dena
11924s that started it out cuz he finishes I
11927s think about two three items on his
11929s second Zone which is Doc really really
11931s early and starts looking for kills when
11934s characters like charlot was being picked
11936s a lot he always killed the charlot cuz
11938s they start down on the south side of the
11939s map but this time he's the one that's
11941s getting picked out really early on in
11943s the
11944s game yeah it's certainly a change of
11946s pace and part of it is just a junk
11948s cybers they're just they're grouped up
11950s every game super early in that Chapel
11952s area which is exactly where Dena is
11955s trying to finish this build ver mtic
11957s getting ganged up on again dejon cybers
11959s they
11960s just they're down here man don't come
11963s down here alone unless you want the
11964s smoke kmus is really confident on the
11967s staro early game it's really nice to be
11969s able to see him pick up something else
11970s other than the Isaac
11973s mhm it's feeling good it's feeling
11977s good and now 9 walking
11981s into you know dejong cyber's favorite
11984s place to be but ooh grabs in9 dunks him
11987s right onto dasu dasu losing half his
11990s health instantly this fight breaking out
11992s complete 33 dejun cyber getting
11993s challenged on their Zone and revu going
11996s into the backline trying to take on dasu
11997s but he's not able to pump out enough
11999s damage magnotti just going to have to
12000s run out and keep his team alive here
12003s long then you not keeping track of
12004s tactical skills the blinks over the wall
12006s the reain of vampire queen would have
12008s been incredible if the blinks weren't
12009s there yeah it would have been awesome oh
12011s my God jackling anchor going to be
12013s completely dodged off by saber but oh my
12016s God
12017s just going to be the end of Auto Arms
12019s sattin just lining up his skill shots
12022s perfectly to hit both members of Auto
12025s arms and WBT is just not going to be
12028s able to get out of this Auto Arms oh
12031s wait Cinema lived what oh the revive
12033s times are short right now right oh cuz
12035s he's level seven yeah he didn't hit the
12038s break point of level eight where your Co
12040s where your death timer starts going up
12041s into the 20s I thought for sure they
12043s were wiped there okay well oh wow
12048s what
12049s a I don't surely that wasn't intentional
12052s but anyways we have another fight to
12056s seat the springtrap hitting one tool
12059s pushing him back in but it is an Alonzo
12061s he's not going to take much damage the
12062s magnetic storm pulling it already in but
12064s it's just not going to be enough gwor
12067s just going to
12068s run nobody's going to chase him here
12071s we'll be all right and bought a lot of
12073s time but this is still an early game to
12075s De yeah her Stacks might have been count
12077s with some of the recent changes to her
12079s but here we go JCP trying to nuk it out
12080s up against romatic on the back side does
12082s he get the damage off absolutely not
12084s Jenny is going to move in try to get
12085s that done one Circle going to get taken
12087s down here as well Cinema taken too low
12089s will get taken down WBT says hey one for
12091s two not that bad I'm just going to get
12093s on out of here and that's something we
12095s didn't discuss Jenny back to being
12097s unbanned ver mtic looking so comfortable
12100s on this pick and just just the
12103s combination that they've been going for
12104s with the hell attack stat onto dramatic
12107s as he's going in it's just allowed him
12109s to play the game exactly the way Jenny
12111s wants to
12113s play good here we go another fight team
12115s Ferry looking for points going to jump
12117s it on over onto team gungi in tasu
12119s Booking it away with the sandstorm it's
12121s not going to be enough for him to get
12122s away from the finger point range of one
12124s tool figh ins set of Hotel over the Tree
12126s of Life One going to get taken down
12128s douchi man about to absolutely not he's
12130s staying alive will get taken down now
12132s turns into a 2v2 but Satan still alive
12134s on this character that Fiora the B of so
12137s many teams in the series so far I don't
12139s know if they want to try fighting it
12141s right now they will actually looks like
12143s sattin is kind of isolated here but
12146s that's because Dino went for the revive
12148s instead of prioritizing helping sattin
12149s sattin buying enough time for them to
12150s catch up and they are going to be
12151s rewarded with another kill saber looking
12154s really good in this game five kills
12156s already they're starting to step up for
12157s themselves really needs these points
12159s really needs the early leads to deny
12161s half the lobby from finishing in first
12162s place very very solid star we saw how
12165s good this team can be as long as they
12167s can make it to the end game with these
12168s early starts I think it's going to be a
12170s very very okay chance for them to
12172s actually do that yeah I mean saers
12175s racking up the points I mean if they can
12178s get a good handful more kills and close
12180s out this Lobby they might also slide
12182s into checkpoint
12183s range which would be something special
12186s we'd be going into a game seven at that
12188s point four teams on checkpoint right now
12191s so it's going to be tough we're going to
12194s see a lot less metag gaming because all
12196s these teams are on check Point together
12198s to set looking for a fight Cadmus taking
12201s some damage from sebbi sebie waiting his
12205s meter's running awfully low he might
12207s enter exuviation this fight yes he's
12209s going to no not quite yet sebie barely
12212s surviving my forward and he dies too oh
12217s no how does sebie live he's just a I I
12221s don't know man dud shinan and senine is
12224s just a goat 100% there's no way sebbi
12228s should have lived that if it was anybody
12230s other than shin and copine G reverse is
12233s going to miss from WBT this is going to
12235s stunt the fighting capabilities of Auto
12237s Arms just a little bit but they're still
12239s forced to go in it good damage onto
12241s romatic as two harpoons are going to
12242s land the fight on the backside WBT
12244s absolutely in there Jack Anor going to
12246s tag onto two one Circle going to get out
12248s of that fight same thing for WBT same
12251s thing for Cinema same thing for JCP it's
12253s a battle zone for team
12255s s and that's h huge I mean radx already
12259s got his double mythal Spike so this
12261s mythal will probably go over to one
12263s Circle not quite sure what he's going to
12265s build with it probably a similar
12268s item we have to wait and see what he
12271s decides to do with
12274s it just yet for that
12277s team it's really funny because that team
12279s is actually kind of mythr heavy but
12281s can't really use any
12287s finding his Mark with the box they're
12290s just going to get this freebie on
12294s WBT oh man JCP having a a bad time with
12297s the Bears this is Bad News Bears over
12299s here and yeah he's just going to get
12301s taken
12302s down just means that the Last One Alive
12304s on Team Auto arms right now is going to
12306s be the Carla 34 second death timer on
12308s that Fiora will only revive with about
12310s 20 seconds left of night number two a
12312s lot of time being spent for this team
12314s Reviving means that is just a ton of
12315s time not getting m
12318s magnani popping the all getting the
12320s circulation cancelled from E8 but E8 in
12323s a whole lot of trouble intimidation
12325s tactics pushing him in he's going to
12326s retreat back but on the tail end of
12328s things revu getting chunked out really
12330s hard Rosner looking for more not able to
12333s find his Mark with the Q but E8 on The
12336s Chase and this IR character so good at
12338s chasing people down but they're just not
12340s going to be able to find anything
12342s Carla's good at chasing Carla's good at
12344s running away from people I good at
12346s chasing people but in the end E8 on the
12349s is mostly going to be on the melee side
12351s of things when she's trying to chase
12352s things down and you know how car is up
12354s against melee characters trying to chase
12355s her in a straight straight line cyers
12358s forcing fight gets angle onto the back
12361s line fortunately rooted down from
12364s M shot
12366s missing and yeah wow Ru good reaction
12370s time to just jump out of there after
12372s getting knocked up you did not want to
12374s get any more followup from that cuz it
12376s would spell certain death now day three
12379s activated revives are gone what were you
12380s going to say sh sorry I'm a little
12382s worried because just from that fight I
12384s don't know how their communication like
12387s why did Cadmus step away from danana
12389s when and it allowed danana to actually
12391s get a straight beine on towards the back
12393s that should never happen as front to
12396s back cop that was just really I don't
12399s know things just look kind of bizarre
12401s there t work going to pick up the
12402s meteorite Nimrod activate
12407s oh this is still prebuff nimrod's gate
12410s right so you only get I think five me at
12412s level three but it's there so it's like
12414s four
12416s meters oh Nimrod why couldn't you make a
12419s bigger
12421s gate well unfortunately yeah 's going to
12424s have to deal with that for now hopefully
12426s Arta does do good right this is the
12428s first time I think we're seeing Arta in
12429s this entire tournament this weekend
12433s would be correct it's actually pretty
12435s fun
12437s oh satin's looking for something pops
12439s the ultimate the Amron activated luian
12442s Landing the stun the magnetic stor
12444s pulling revu and revu is just taking so
12446s much
12447s damage but sattin going down it's now a
12450s 3v2 but the Health Advantage still in
12452s the hands of saber meanwhile over in
12455s Cemetery we do have another fight
12456s between fairy and
12459s gungi oh my God the Sue just gets blown
12463s up but so does g work in nine Maybe look
12466s for something but here comes aut arms on
12468s the tail end of things where the heck
12470s did these guys come from JCP looking to
12472s finish the job
12474s in9 is just going to get out okay it's
12477s one of the Checkmate checkpoint teams in
12480s a lot of trouble right now minus 250
12483s towards this team they have credits for
12485s it but four kills only for team kungen
12488s this is not the usual game where they
12489s have access to the subam either it's a
12491s nine much more susceptible to the burst
12495s damage and the Damage coming in from
12497s these backline Mages I don't know about
12499s this one a lot of the checkpoint teams
12501s are actually losing credits left and
12504s right yeah I mean if you look at the
12506s bottom a lot of these teams if they're
12509s low on credits if you know even M and
12511s song If they manage to have two people
12513s died they won't be able to revive both
12516s what I think about to turn into Knight
12518s three they still have a lot of time I
12520s think with 370 credits on the side of
12523s Roser I think they should be okay as
12524s long as they don't call anything you see
12527s it again uncontested on the Omega side
12529s you mean romatic oh yeah yeah sorry uh
12531s romatic my bad yeah you're right wrong
12534s there's a lot of R names over here yeah
12536s their names start with the same letter
12538s it's it's it's passable I'm losing it
12540s too I guess this the dragon fury oh okay
12545s an uptown sattin eating these
12548s uh eating these CS for breakfast I hate
12551s C drops it's it's just stepping on Lego
12554s man it's awful slowing them a lot bigger
12558s than I think people anticipate yeah
12560s sometimes you think yeah I can step
12562s through it and maybe still try to choose
12564s n it's like a 60 70% slow it's
12567s filthy and we've seen this time and time
12570s again teams posturing through this
12571s little
12573s Corridor every time we've seen it no
12575s fights actually happened yeah Fair's
12577s just going to walk away but they are
12579s forced to go
12580s somewhere and gungi is aware of it
12583s they're going to use the nimrod's gate
12585s to just run through here also using the
12588s move speed from this what is that the
12590s Tailwind I guess it's called I like
12592s calling it sandstream it's a cool name
12594s sand sand stream I like the sound that
12598s sounds bad as hell needs to knock
12601s finding the E8 getting blown up that
12604s doing so much
12605s damage
12607s and looking up but he got the stun and
12609s here comes oh he buffers it again but
12612s it's just not enough Rosner going
12615s down and CH that's how you pronounced
12617s that right his name he's just on the Run
12621s there's the pull back in melee
12622s characters chasing ailla nice joke
12625s another fight inside a police station as
12626s down goes one m s on the back is gone
12630s one Circle trying to go into a bush he
12631s does have the safire protocol will blink
12633s over the wall it's a one for zero in
12635s favor of Team CH seat we're having a mix
12638s and match of some of these non
12639s checkpoint teams and some checkpoint
12641s teams having success in these fights
12642s with another one on the South Side 9 in
12644s the whole heap of trouble exclusive is
12645s going to be forced out no chance in hell
12647s he's going to live team fery picks up
12649s another one kungi and in a whole heap of
12651s trouble team faery are looking for a
12654s breath Fresh Life the Nimrod into the
12656s the magnetic field but it's just not
12658s enough there's no follow nobody else
12659s took the nimrod's gate to go in with
12660s them oh no
12662s the they're looking they're looking
12664s they're looking it's going to be the
12665s dice that's going to miss a lot of
12667s damage dealt over onto the members of
12668s Team fairy they will just back away from
12670s that one but it seems like I guess uh
12673s you know gwor as well as uh who was was
12676s it my goodness I'm forgetting who the
12679s dean is they just weren't on the same
12680s page one yeah Al was it no no no no it's
12683s not Al yeah team fairy yeah it's not
12687s Alto because they used to be they're ex
12689s teammates now oh now I'm am I like
12692s losing my
12694s mind what's going on here we'll figure
12697s it out later on there goes an irm kungi
12701s inate was it an RM no it was an theine
12703s look at us go we are actually using our
12705s lines right now what is happening right
12707s now you've got me so
12710s confused Chun in a whole heap of trouble
12713s another Checkmate a checkpoint oh my
12716s God yeah another Checkmate on
12720s checkpoint oh the brain rot begins oh my
12723s goodness yes it does oh
12726s no Jesus man okay well kungi and eight
12730s checkpoint team will be on cope as this
12733s Cilla is The Last One Alive on that team
12735s they have an okay amount of credits an
12738s average of about 150 credits per person
12740s 450 they should be pretty close to rest
12742s somebody else but fairy loses out down
12746s yeah also not quite able to group up
12749s with
12750s them and CH SE is looking so strong this
12754s Lobby they might win the tournament off
12755s this game ah they're actually looking
12757s good uncontested Wick line this has been
12759s a pretty common theme for team CH SE a
12761s lot of the objectives they actually go
12762s to always uncontested for some reason
12765s they managed to get away with this for
12767s absolutely
12768s free and that's huge I mean this Jenny
12772s picking up the high noon such a huge
12774s damage Spike for
12775s them uh do you work he's
12779s fine they're going to regroup yeah
12783s that's exactly what I was worried about
12784s him Nim roding away and not removing the
12786s white lily but good presence of Mind
12788s from Ze flying in and Alto force on the
12793s backpedal the force field buying a lot
12795s of time for sebbi gwor goes down and now
12797s we have a 3v2 Alto looking to push
12800s forward he doesn't have enough time here
12801s to wrap around and yeah he's just going
12803s to go
12804s down it's actually looking to find an
12807s area he just needs to hyperloop
12809s somewhere to revive his teammates quick
12811s Rapido seconds left and oh no this is
12815s the worst Zone he could have picked to
12816s try and get this off and he's just going
12818s to get taken down M sedon finding
12820s another kill here getting a couple more
12823s credits bring back in the game but Yi
12825s waiting in the wing finding the third
12827s party the taunt misses from 9 so much
12829s damage coming on these front liners
12831s front to back fight going in a disengage
12835s and now dejon cyers finds the third
12837s party the perfect vision angle hiding
12840s behind the wall no Wards put down either
12842s so they just played off of footsteps oh
12845s my God how many team are here fighing
12847s the 4 part it's just a spiral of death
12851s bani going in trying to do anything to
12854s help his teammates but now M song
12856s finding the third the the eth party or
12858s whatever we're at at next Point there's
12861s all these bodies oh my God everyone's
12863s just hiding in areas and finding kills
12865s and now we have injured teams on day
12867s five Gangi down there
12869s Nadine FX down there I these two teams
12873s in checkpoint
12875s effectively losing their chances at
12877s finding anything they're not they're
12879s down but they're not out Auto Arms going
12882s in b n taking a ton of damage uses the
12885s exclusive to try and Dodge the damage
12887s he's just getting chased down the Quake
12888s slow a little more time but it's just
12891s not enough oh my God and with that two
12894s checkpoint teams are in a whole heap of
12896s trouble two non checkpoint teams are
12898s taken out though oh my God that's a lot
12900s of
12901s damage rtic is down he did not find his
12904s way onto a Theodor Q well and play dead
12906s he is chunked out but one Circle
12908s completely unchecked these are the
12909s corridors that you love to fight in as
12911s Theodore so much damage coming down so
12913s much utility and healing coming back
12915s onto the team of msj
12917s full health again wait Auto Arms finding
12922s thema oh no oh oh my God sattin just
12926s blows up JCP and now Cinema trying to
12929s contribute to this fight he's alone
12932s awfully low but here comes msj with the
12933s third party again that's it oh my God I
12937s think that's it me both of the non check
12940s point teams just griefed each other into
12942s Oblivion and that's it these are all
12944s they have left unless these teams are
12946s are able to find a free check a free
12948s open zone for themselves when it goes to
12951s the temp Zone phase I mean that that's
12952s gone oh no C is's going to miss that
12956s down he goes now the Nikki trying to Sal
12959s this there's teams there's teams in
12964s entrance he's just praying that they
12966s have low timer and that he can fly it
12968s out but it's just not
12970s enough but even still saber despite
12973s picking up those kills they're still in
12974s shambles here I mean and there're the
12976s only non- checkpoint team left in order
12978s for the series to continue they need to
12980s find a way to a Zone alone or win a 2v3
12983s and I it just doesn't look feasible at
12985s this point yeah how do you do that ven
12987s song they know this is one of the open
12989s zones right now they don't know that
12991s it's a 2v3 just yet but there is no way
12993s in hell and Adena is going to be able to
12995s out damage the healing coming through
12997s from one Circle when Commander's helmet
12999s is just being proed over and over and
13001s over and over again from danana Dina
13003s standing in the corner getting tagged by
13005s the auto attack romatic just pumping
13007s damage one after another energy blast
13009s field comes
13010s in okay there's a play dead doui man's
13013s still alive wait this is
13015s actually no down
13017s goes from one Circle taking out daa and
13020s douchi mid is not going to be able to do
13022s anything FX though they are Duo but this
13024s is an opportunity for them they're
13027s freshed off a fight for msj but they're
13028s already healed up I think that's it
13032s me yeah I think this is the end I don't
13035s this is the the end Fe X stepping up msj
13039s under the impression that fear X is a
13040s thre man right now they're really giving
13042s a lot of respect they don't want to make
13044s any mistakes here all it takes is one
13047s good pull from sisila and Rosner could
13049s combo into it and create a one shot onto
13052s either one Circle or romatic romatic I
13053s think his play dead is still down from
13055s the earlier fight so he has to be
13058s careful here and a good old magnetic
13061s storm goodbye and now we only have
13063s checkpoint teams left this will be our
13065s last game
13067s trying R not hitting any of his dashes
13070s he's just going to go down CH and unable
13074s to run away from danana and now all we
13076s have is chusid PIR and saang one of
13078s these two teams will be ourm Champions
13082s let's be real here we've seen the
13084s results of these two teams fighting and
13086s of all things it's a school final Zone
13090s again the pane of existence for team CHC
13093s these guys
13096s presence of Mind from sh Mo to get rid
13097s of the sand plant removing that option
13100s for one Circle cuz last time they fought
13101s one Circle used his passive to escape
13104s sebie and position himself perfectly for
13106s the fight completely here we go going in
13110s sebie on one Circle one circle using the
13112s energy blast field to get away the
13114s cannon the field coming out so much
13116s healing coming down but romatic
13118s completely all alone isolated in a 21
13120s one Circle not able to really do much
13123s rtic pumping down damage onto SEI oh he
13126s going to stay alive buying enough time
13127s and Mir looking to disengage here and
13130s heal
13131s up such a good engage from ju but it
13134s just wasn't enough romatic down his play
13136s dead though that is huge Shin still has
13139s his one Circle about 20 seconds away
13141s until his energy blast Cannon is going
13143s to start coming back alive they need to
13145s go now to se oh my God the red carpet is
13147s going to buy extra time spring trap is
13149s going to miss sebie knows he needs to go
13151s he needs to go right now force field
13153s still on cool down he's going to use it
13154s in just a second one Circle is the
13156s target they need to get this before the
13157s crash land comes but the crash land will
13159s come they're still waiting energy blast
13161s field is up they're trying to buy time
13163s as much as possible romatic trying to
13164s heal himself back up 45 seconds on his
13166s timer SE healing himself back up right
13168s now too me on full blast except for the
13171s hel attack
13173s that coming back huge spring trap onto
13176s one Circle one Circle taking so much
13178s damage but he's not going to go down yet
13179s G it's
13180s gone they're fighting into it one Circle
13183s can he get taken down yes he can yes he
13185s does but romatic doing so much damage
13187s the force field the healing when seie
13188s stays alive and this going to be CH
13191s taking finals that is crazy V song
13195s Staying within their cursed real of not
13198s winning on this
13200s format The Curse still continues as me
13204s and S losing it team two seat will be
13207s your season 4 phase two ER Masters
13212s champions sine shom and sebie the
13216s psychos all collided into one team a
13219s match made in heaven will be the victors
13222s of the weekend and what a tragic end for
13226s MAA and seong they won the last
13229s checkpoint system that wasn't winning
13232s first place they had a chance to do it
13235s but team CH is able to overcome the
13239s Unstoppable brick wall that is miden
13241s seong and ju played it perfectly shom
13244s taking up they played the plant so well
13247s they took out the option of the sand
13249s plant so that way one Circle did not
13251s have that as an out and then they also
13254s oh man they also used the white lily to
13257s create an engage sebie finding his way
13259s onto one Circle all the important
13261s cooldowns burned play dead burned the uh
13264s Theodor all burned so on the reengage on
13266s the second fight they just had a
13267s complete advantage and then by the time
13270s the third fight R came around because
13273s that's how that actually ended up
13274s happening theodor's all back up but he
13276s was forced to use defensively and sebie
13278s was able to take him down and just wow
13281s just amazingly played by CH said
13285s shinonome and senine are just so crazy
13289s when they play together and today they
13291s just brought the Synergy I don't even
13294s know if this was intended from chinu SE
13296s I don't know if anyone even in chat
13298s noticed this one Circle never got an
13303s offensive Sapphire protocol that entire
13305s fight because he was pushed to the left
13308s side of the temper of the final Zone and
13312s yes there is a bush right near the
13313s entrance of archery range but no fights
13316s ever happened even remotely close to
13318s that bush and I think once one Circle
13322s took a sapphire protocol from the big
13324s bush right next to the right underneath
13325s like the car loot box but he had to use
13328s it to run away he wasn't autoing with it
13330s he didn't use the shield offensively and
13332s as soon as the sapphire protocol came
13334s through the entirety of Team CHC backed
13337s up they were all waiting because the
13338s energy blast field was used for one
13341s Circle to get away they backed up waited
13343s a little bit I think went in a little
13345s bit prematurely so that's why sebie
13346s almost got 1 V one by one Circle but he
13349s had just barely enough damage to knock
13352s down one circle with the inv
13354s venomized on out of there with the
13356s resets reset himself and then take care
13359s of the rest as denana Falls
13361s correspondingly romatic what a fairy
13364s tale ending for team ched who had such a
13367s struggle at the beginning of the series
13369s here today but built themselves up got
13371s into checkpoint the lowest point
13373s checkpoint team by the way out of all
13375s the other checkpoint teams we've had
13377s today in this uh
13378s series but they still Abigail Abigail
13381s won
13382s ERM they did indeed Abigail team that's
13386s crazy an AB a team that ran Abigail won
13388s ERM that is absolute nonsense and I mean
13391s chus has been playing so so well
13394s throughout this whole series they had to
13395s go through the Wild Card format as well
13398s so you know this was a hard-earned
13400s victory has has chit won inm before nope
13403s this is a new roster that started F in
13405s from W that is huge for them then
13408s congratulations to these guys that is
13411s that's
13412s insane God what a weekend that you and I
13416s witness yeah my God so many records
13419s being broken so much history being made
13421s and so much fun we have had watching the
13424s eternal return master season 4 Phase 2
13427s guys again I want to show you guys the
13428s appreciation for dropping in and
13430s watching with us as well we always keep
13432s track of chat so always love the
13435s interaction you guys give with us and
13437s also got to love the fact that some of
13439s the curses that comes through with Wendy
13442s was also here gemos was here with some
13444s of those
13445s AAS gazer was here for the abigailes
13448s dude we're living life uhuh breathing
13451s life into the Champions themselves Gala
13456s you're just gonna have to play Abigail
13458s man stop coping out on that as stop
13460s coping out on whatever the hell else
13462s you've been busting out Abigail was the
13465s reason why this series didn't end right
13467s prematurely yeah yeah yeah this series
13469s would have been over had mean song won
13474s that um stream temp Zone yeah that's the
13478s I'm looking for decision makings there
13481s and again I'll say it again I think Den
13483s made the right call of trying to look
13484s for a trying to look for a revive cuz
13486s one Estelle can revive a lot faster and
13488s two I don't think an Estelle is going to
13492s be able to beat out a Abigail in terms
13494s of raw damage ever I wonder if there's a
13497s world where romatic could have self-
13500s revived maybe but they were all within
13503s Vision range and you have to remember
13505s that self- Reviving takes what like 25
13507s seconds and everyone's TIR was starting
13509s to take down at that point too yeah
13511s that's true yeah it's it's hard to say
13514s it's one of those things you'd have to
13516s really look back and analyze and when
13517s you're in the Heat of the Moment as
13519s these players are
13520s it's it's hard it's so hard it's near
13524s impossible if anything and the fact that
13525s some of these players are able to find
13527s those little the needles in the hay
13529s stack moments right like senine finding
13532s that kill and quite interestingly enough
13534s that play from copine is what allowed
13536s them to win the series now that I think
13538s about it exactly yeah oh
13541s 100% wow they they wouldn't have even
13543s made it into checkpoint I'm pretty sure
13545s had they not won out in that
13548s game with this win now we are done with
13552s the weekend now we can start looking at
13554s what's actually coming through because
13557s of this result team CH seed I believe
13558s they actually had a pretty good result
13561s even during phase one I can't promise
13564s that I can't remember if they actually
13565s made it into the finals maybe they got
13567s into the wild cards and just barely
13569s didn't make the cut but if they did get
13571s into phase number one finals I think at
13573s this point they might be guarant to go
13576s to season finals usually teams that win
13578s a phase and then have another
13579s performance they get a direct pass at
13581s least in day
13583s one that would be nice to see I mean
13586s they've certainly earned it oh yeah
13588s absolutely especially with this
13589s weekend's performance they played Just
13592s phenomenally and we saw multiple teams
13594s on that composition and we we saw I
13596s believe it was Asher running the exact
13598s same composition and they just they
13601s didn't look like CH you know what I mean
13604s yeah they just didn't look like they had
13605s the same level of comfort on the
13606s composition that the way that CH does
13608s they seem so rehearsed and so
13611s comfortable on this composition and
13613s they're all ready to just go in at the
13615s same time almost like they don't even
13617s need communication to do it anyways here
13619s we have the scores ju seed the champions
13622s of today with without even having the
13625s most points actually Mir and sjong
13627s having more points
13628s overall but that's the way the cookie
13631s crumbles with this format yep and this
13634s what this means is that SE will take
13636s away the 1 million Korean one priz pool
13638s section of the Champions they actually
13640s won but they'll also take away I believe
13642s it was
13643s 800,000 Korean one for the second place
13646s Point placement price pool as well
13649s whereas M and seong they're going to
13650s take away 1 million quaran wand for
13652s taking away the first place when it
13653s comes to point placements alone so not
13656s that bad of a series for meong but yet
13658s again the curs strikes for this team and
13660s I've told this to multiple teams
13662s multiple people actually before that
13664s I've always told you know they only
13667s prefer this final this this checkpoint
13670s system I think that this checkpoint
13674s system yes it's absolutely fantastic but
13676s the teams that definitely deserve it are
13678s always always cut short by something
13681s Happ yeah always the first point to the
13683s first team to hit checkpoint always gets
13685s metagame on yeah and that's exactly what
13687s happened actually now that I think about
13688s it me actually no they joined with Team
13692s um Team bnk FX now that I think about it
13695s so technically yeah same thing whereas
13698s in the previous checkpoint system with
13700s the whole you know get the most amount
13701s of points we saw a lot of teams that
13705s definitely deserved it take away the
13707s victory so I'm still conflicted here I'm
13710s not sure which one my preferred
13712s checkpoint system is but it's what we
13714s got it HS to it hurts to see a team get
13716s robbed like this especially something
13718s like M sedon here I feel played the best
13721s in the series overall right soyas
13725s say they played so well every single
13727s game outside of the first one the first
13729s game they had a bit of a a slow start
13732s but outside of that they had just they
13734s just look so dominant today but you know
13737s that's you know this format it creates a
13739s lot of hype because things like this can
13742s happen I think from a player point of
13744s view for my from my you know if I were
13747s playing in it I would prefer the other
13749s stand or the other um checkpoint format
13752s but from a spectating point of view I
13754s definitely would prefer this one
13755s indeed indeed indeed Meek but with that
13758s my friend I believe our weekend of
13761s eternal return Masters is over guys that
13764s means in two weeks we will have phase
13766s number three group stages it's going to
13769s be still right here on the eternal
13770s return game Channel 500 a.m. Central
13772s Time Of course before that there is
13774s still going to be qualifiers next week
13776s but those qualifiers are not going to be
13778s streamed on this channel I believe
13780s there's a lot of Korean channels that
13781s might be streaming each of the
13782s individual groups in order to figure out
13785s how that's going to work just keep up to
13786s date with some of the um sports news
13789s posts that gets posted on the internal
13791s return website otherwise maybe ask
13794s around maybe I can give you some answers
13796s in regards to who is streaming it I know
13797s circadia was also doing a watch party
13799s for one of the GRS for phase number to
13802s there's a lot of different ways to get
13803s access to all that kind of information
13805s so make sure you guys keep up to date
13806s cuz eternal return Masters is not done
13809s yet group stage is still online ready to
13811s go for phase number three and that right
13813s there will be the last last chance for
13815s some of these teams to try making it
13818s straight into days one and two of the
13820s Season finals of season 4 that'll be two
13823s weeks from today on the 19th that'll be
13827s crazy to see I mean the group stages are
13829s just insane I mean we saw the group
13831s stages from this weekend were just
13835s absolutely unbelievable unprecedented
13837s things happening these teams just
13839s willing to take so many more risks in
13842s these group stages so many more crazy
13844s things happening so much different
13846s decision making the group stages are
13847s always so much fun make sure you catch
13849s them yes sir yes sir other than that
13852s guys of course the one-year anniversary
13853s event is still ongoing make sure you
13855s guys partake in it log in into eternal
13857s return every day to pick up those hot
13859s Time Event pickups as well check your
13861s mailbox in order to pick those up other
13863s than that North America ER o finals is
13866s going to be later on tonight so make
13867s sure you guys drop in if you guys are
13869s interested in watching more competitive
13871s eternal return cuz I heard the teams in
13873s the finals are going to make it a banger
13876s oh yeah very competitive teams playing
13879s today for the North American region and
13881s the weekend after this we also have ercs
13883s coming up so there's just non-stop
13885s action every single week or weekend
13889s rather for competitive ER it's going to
13891s be a
13893s banger I'm so excited what a great
13895s weekend we had I'm hoping all of you
13897s guys had a fantastic weekend but from us
13899s from me and meek thank you so much for
13901s joining me by the way this weekend when
13902s super was not available I had so much
13904s fun with you man this is a blast man I
13906s mean I I hope I get to do it again if
13908s super ever wants to take a plane to
13910s California again I'm I'm willing to do
13912s this this was awesome yeah make sure you
13914s leave him a DM about that maybe he'll
13915s take extra trips yeah you know maybe or
13918s maybe if he just wants a break one day
13919s or if he sleeps in and I'm awake you
13921s know just things could happen I could
13922s just show up again randomly you guys
13924s never know yeah the identity crisis will
13926s continue down in the future of eternal
13930s return Master's casts but outside of
13932s that guys thank you so much for watching
13933s we had an absolute BL CL this weekend I
13935s hope you guys have a wonderful rest of
13937s your Sunday and we'll see you guys back
13939s here on the eternal return channel for
13941s eternal return Master season 4 phase
13943s number three we'll see you guys later
13944s have a good night don't forget to claim
13947s your drops afternoon what the heck yeah
13949s after night you haven't gone to bed you
13951s were up all night know God bye goodbye

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