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327s ladies and gentlemen and it's been a
332s month month and a half how long has it
334s been dude it's been so short I can't
336s even tell track of time anymore hello
338s everybody and welcome back to another
340s season of you guessed it well I mean if
342s you're awake at this time I would hope
344s that you you guessed it eternal return
346s Masters we're back here for season 4 it
348s is Phase One welcome welcome welcome my
351s name is shuy Senpai I'm back for season
354s 4 and this guy on the left is here back
357s yes I am back as well I am so excited
360s today shui there have been so many
362s changes in a new season you know we have
364s the new Final zone change we got weather
366s I don't think we had um a tournament yet
368s with you know uh the new weather update
370s so going to going to be able to see you
372s know all these teams come out and uh and
374s see how they adapt to all these changes
376s but um yeah we also have I think seven
378s sponsored teams now uh that actually
380s qualified uh for the qualifiers today o
384s baby baby baby my goodness my heart is
387s shaking man dude so many things have
389s changed ever since season 3 finals ended
391s and season 4 has started in the game
393s itself teams team characters team
397s players team names sponsor teams what
399s the heck it's all out there yeah it is
402s oh my God it is crazy it is crazy
404s because um yeah I mean so many roster
406s changes as well and I think you know
408s because of the new uh final zone change
411s we're actually also I think going to go
412s back to our usual checkpoint format
414s where you know the team that wins the or
416s has the most points and is in checkpoint
418s they will have to win again but we'll go
420s straight into into the overview shy
421s would you like to take it away exactly
423s sure sure sure we got the regular
425s schedule you guys know exactly what it
426s is if you've been here before otherwise
428s we got three different days for the
430s weekend day one that is today we got the
432s group stages wild cards are tomorrow
434s finals on Sunday at the exact same time
437s here 5:00 a.m. Central 6:00 a.m. eastern
439s priz pool in the middle it's all in
441s Korean one it's a lot of money I don't
444s want to go into specifics because I
445s don't want to do the math but there it
447s is the numbers and the circuit points
449s with all of these teams teams are
450s playing for going towards the end of the
452s season for the season finals that I
455s don't think I have that much information
457s yet if they've released it I haven't
459s read it yet which is a bad thing on my
460s end I apologize for that but that's what
463s they're playing for circuit points of
464s course going to be massive when it comes
466s to the end of the season we just had
468s about a month and a half before this our
471s season final as well for season 3 so
474s really excited for this season
475s too you guys have seen it time and time
478s again the format is going to be the same
479s thing
480s uh the group stage we're going to have
482s uh eight games today so there's going to
484s be two groups we're going to have group
485s a and Group B they're each going to play
487s four rounds each and the top two will
488s make it straight to the finals which
490s will take place on Sunday and the the
493s middle of the pack so ranks from two to
496s six will have to play in the wild cards
497s tomorrow and the bottom two will be
500s eliminated yeah there is a risk today
503s right that's one of the biggest things
504s that we've been talking about for the
505s past few seasons of ERM group stage just
508s because you get here doesn't mean you're
510s safe anymore you still do need to play
512s well and that'll be it it's not like
514s super super well right top six is a
516s pretty lenient positioning when it comes
519s to some of these games but the fact that
520s the seventh and eighth place teams are
523s eliminated it does hurt to see some of
525s these teams go sometimes and with all
527s the things that we just mentioned before
529s going into the format with all these
530s sponsor teams coming in new teams new
533s players new rosters it is going to hurt
536s a lot at least for us I think just for
538s us I mean right the players will also
540s hurt a lot but for us it's going to hurt
541s to see these quality teams dropping out
544s after day number one but super I believe
547s we're going to talk about some of the
548s teams that are coming in here in just a
550s moment yeah there it is group a there is
553s a lot of different new teams bnk FX this
556s is a team we've seen always in Chun look
559s at the Players I mean it's just the
561s teams that we've seen before branding
564s under these new organizations so
566s absolutely amazing there we got team
568s Asher with their new roster
570s slasher which I believe was prey they
574s just rebranded like an hour or so ago we
576s got the notification of that one so
578s that's another new team name O we see
581s umu in there nemory in there as well
584s Airline is going to be joining them this
585s time around saber chit and team speaka
589s for rounding out our group a
592s teams yeah so a lot of familiar names
595s and yeah we do see you know two of these
597s teams haven't been sponsored before you
599s know now they're on
600s a city in Korea very excited I think a
603s lot of the Koreans are probably excited
604s as well you know maybe they could cheer
606s on you know the the city that they live
608s in so yeah it's great to see you know
611s the Esports scene grow to such a a
614s degree yeah it's absolutely amazing in
616s my man it's finally here I've been
619s waiting for this for three years Super
622s three years I've been casting eternal
624s return Masters you know I'm going to
625s personally count the times that I did it
627s myself outside of Nan but three
630s years I've been waiting for this moment
632s and I finally get to see it a regional
634s tournament inside of KR a bunch of
637s Esports and Korea does this too by the
639s way it is absolutely amazing to be able
640s to see this happening in eternal return
642s Masters but for now you got to step it
645s back a little bit right that's still a
646s little bit of a ways away we're here for
648s phase one and that's what we're here to
650s see yeah I'm very very excited again
653s chuvie so many new changes we're going
655s to have to see you know how the teams
657s kind of shape up to the meta as well you
658s know I'm also interested in like the
659s character picks you know tack skills are
661s going to run augment choices there's a
663s lot of new changes into the season and
666s I'm really excited to see you know how
668s these teams kind of spice it up what
669s these teams kind of adapt to and how
672s they you know change their Arsenal
674s because a lot of these teams you know
675s like some uh some of these some of these
677s uh players I would like to see you know
678s maybe try swap into you know maybe a
680s character they're not really comfortable
681s with yeah absolutely there's been a lot
684s of things that have changed up a little
685s bit right throughout the past couple of
688s months when it comes to character
690s meta as well we're not seeing stuff a
692s lot actually we if anything there's a
695s lot of things that really did change and
697s I think a big part of that was all of
699s the new items that were introduced with
701s season 4 it just created a whole new
703s wave of these characters who was able to
705s optimally use those items and honestly
708s just kind of trailblazed their way all
709s the way into the game as well it is
711s incredible what these items have done
713s now I have some personal thoughts about
715s it but that's not what I'm here for I'm
717s just here to see some good games of
718s eternal return man
720s yeah new items a lot of changes on the
722s characters as well um like we saw how
725s Bianca you know kind of lost her
727s ultimate range but also got you know and
730s I think our alt just popped a little
731s faster we also have um I think new
734s augment choices we had the whole purple
736s tree Edition as well so you know kind of
738s interested to see you know what these
739s teams take and you know if that meta you
742s know sort of maybe comes over to na side
744s you know for the ercs because obviously
746s you know I am a I'm also a player so
748s we'll have to see you know um how these
752s teams in Korea really shape up yeah one
754s of the big things that I also do want to
756s mention here is that it has been a very
760s very very long time a little bit of a
762s history buff for those of you guys here
764s if you've been watching Eternal ter
765s Masters for a long time you guys will
767s remember this name Satan he has not
770s played yeah in an ERM on the group
772s stages or in any official I should say
774s stages anything past the qualifiers in
777s quite a while but he is back here now as
779s well well so we're seeing a whole again
781s a whole wave of things just changing
784s with season 4 and this is the reason why
786s I'm super excited about this tournament
788s and this season as a whole because it's
791s an introductory factor for all of us for
793s Esports again we're just kind of getting
795s a whole new playing Ground at this
797s stage yeah you know like again so many
800s teams have gotten sponsored it's great
802s to see you know like the the Esports
804s scam
805s grow and yeah I mean there's just
807s there's just so much at stake here for
808s these teams absolutely let's take a look
811s real quick before we start going into
813s the game some of the teams again I mean
815s I'm I'm sure a lot of you guys are kind
817s of baffled at this as well there has
819s been a lot a lot of changes developing
822s throughout the preseason up until ERM
825s has started there have been pictures
827s going all over the place there's a
828s spreadsheet somewhere that someone kept
830s sending me uh pictures of thank you so
832s much for that by the way because it was
834s amazing just kind of keeping track of
835s what changes these teams were able to do
838s but yeah I mean there it is it's just
840s right there these incredible teams just
842s going to be duking it out here today for
844s the first four matches to try to get
846s those spots in the finals and something
848s that I'm wondering here is Will bnk FX
851s be able to perform again as they did in
853s the season finals because they are after
855s all the season of three season final
859s Champions yeah they are back here to
861s Defender title I'm excited because
863s obviously you know I'm I'm a big Rosner
866s fan you know cuz he he does play SU but
868s we have to see if they are going to be
869s able to come out here and defend their
872s title but I mean you know we have so
874s many of these other teams as well you
875s know team Asher a lot of notable names
877s on there I think they did end up
879s switching to roster this time around I
880s think magnani and gor ended up moving to
883s two different teams but um yeah I mean
886s the other team members I did end up
887s replacing them are definitely some
889s strong powerhouses yeah I will mention I
892s will say though it is definitely a
894s little bit sad watching one of our
896s favorite
897s yanpo player not being on the side of
900s Tona as well as luminol but again new
903s roster cherry and narok also going to be
905s joining them which are two different
907s players that I think can perfectly slot
909s in exactly the type of gameplay that
911s taken was able to do I'm just hoping
913s that you know with the limited amount of
915s practice that maybe these players had
917s with this roster in comparison to T
919s young they're able to step things up
920s from the beginning because we did see in
922s season 3 that it does take a little bit
925s for maybe that team to start stepping up
927s into the ranks of how aggressive they
929s can but once they get that going they
931s will take that all the way as well yeah
933s I wonder if lumo will actually play
935s today because um I think recently Shi
937s hasn't been in too good of a spot this
939s season but you know who knows maybe
942s maybe luminol can definitely pull
943s something out here as uh I I'm kind of
945s curious to see you know who they are
947s going to play and if lumo will actually
949s end up playing to shuchi or if he will
951s end up pivoting to to another character
953s exactly and Asher with no gwor as well
955s right another change that's coming in
957s there's so many changes man I think we
959s could just sit here and honestly do a
961s podcast about all these changes
963s eventually too but uh yeah there has
966s been so so many changes guys so so many
969s changes it's going to take a little bit
970s of time to acclimate to all these new
972s teams that's just what happens usually
974s at the beginning of the season so take
976s it slow phase one is not the end all be
978s all when it comes to season 4
980s competitive so make sure you guys are
981s joining us for every single phase if
984s possible of course cuz first of all you
986s guys want to hear our voices you guys
987s want to be here with us I'm pretty sure
989s that that's the main reason you guys are
990s here anyways who needs to watch eternal
993s return when you can hear me and super
994s that's all you
996s need yeah I mean it is still the group
998s stages too so uh you know these teams
1001s will start getting filtered out here but
1003s um yeah I mean everyone who did end up
1005s making it to you know the Finals should
1007s definitely or to even the group stages
1009s should definitely be uh proud of themsel
1011s cuz um I don't know if you heard but the
1014s cut off I think to even play in the
1016s qualifiers was like 7,500 RP so yeah it
1020s was really
1021s high yeah and then obviously they have
1023s to top two in the qualifiers and then
1025s they have to make it here right so yeah
1028s it it was quite the journey for these
1029s teams yeah absolutely which is the
1031s reason why I think phase one in of
1034s itself isn't even going to be an
1035s introductory tournament this is going to
1037s be the best of the best remember guys it
1040s might be a little bit artificial but
1042s they did end up raising the RP caps of
1044s how to get into a specific rank so the
1046s fact that you know even the it was
1048s really funny because in the ERM server
1051s they even mentioned that as well I think
1053s that's why you're able to bring it up
1054s that the Aver not not even the average
1057s but overall the lowest team to try
1060s qualifying into the qualifiers for ERM
1063s was Immortal plus that's where the 7500
1065s plus comes from for you and the fact
1067s that the nible neuron staff even
1069s mentioned that that's crazy that's
1071s absolutely
1072s crazy yeah it was really really
1075s competitive I don't think it was
1077s Immortal but it was definitely close to
1079s imortal at least like maybe top 400 or
1081s 500 that you had to be in because
1083s obviously there there are like a lot of
1085s teams but yeah it's um it was still like
1088s ridiculously high I'm pretty sure so
1090s yeah looks like we do have the arria
1092s predictions if you do want to uh go over
1095s to those for sure for sure for sure yeah
1099s looks like we do obviously have fear X
1102s you know going to be taking over 50% of
1105s the votes in uh the group a for the c
1108s teams obviously because they were you
1110s know IR winners from uh season 3 yeah
1113s it's amazing how they were able to just
1114s completely overwhelm even all of the
1116s other teams and yes of course for team
1118s aser they did loose GW work that's where
1120s a good chunk of the team's fan base is
1122s and even for always in as well that is a
1125s team that a lot of people have always
1126s been excited about so you know for sure
1129s that bnk FX has a lot to prove here
1131s today these numbers do show good things
1134s for the team of course but behind that
1136s is going to be the pressure to perform
1138s so I'm hoping bnk FX is able to
1140s outperform that and then of course for
1142s the other team as well it's going to be
1144s the exact same thing these votes are
1146s arbitrary performance is all that
1148s matters and these guys have practiced
1150s all the way here to make sure they show
1152s us what they have got I'm sure fix has
1155s got it you know they got sponsored
1157s before they ended up uh winning so they
1160s definitely you know already they already
1162s have you know one win under their belt
1163s under under the name FX but you know um
1166s inan is definitely not the same uh they
1169s get they just got sponsored so you know
1171s hopefully you know the pressure doesn't
1173s get to them and they will be able to
1175s perform today yep absolutely man I'm
1177s really wondering what kind of characters
1180s are going to be played here today there
1181s were so many things that I could talk
1183s about man I mean we already slightly
1185s mentioned a few factors as to why these
1188s character changes even roster changes
1190s even composition changes could come
1193s through here today but for us to talk
1195s about that I mean there needs to be a
1197s certain platform for us to go by
1200s again again we might have need to have a
1202s podcast to do that one so yeah we're
1205s just G to we're just going to wait until
1208s you know what I'm doing you know what
1209s I'm doing yeah yeah we'll have to wait
1211s until you know the lobby does end up
1213s starting here
1214s but yeah I mean I'm excited team comp
1217s changes roster changes that means we're
1219s going to get different team comps as
1221s well especially with luminal um because
1225s you know shuchi is weak and then the St
1228s they don't really have that Stell
1229s anymore with the with the team comp that
1231s like the like dive team comp so kind of
1233s wondering how they're going to play
1234s around lumino he does end up staying on
1236s a shuichi and all these other teams as
1238s well we did see uh umu um great Evo
1241s performance he had last
1243s season back again we're going to have to
1245s see you know how he does perform here
1247s yeah honestly though I'm going to add a
1249s little bit of Caster bias here I've been
1251s casting for three years I can get this
1253s let let me have this moment team saber
1255s man beler Satan Dina and dou are you
1259s kidding me are you kidding me that is
1262s literally the team that you have to be
1264s rooting for if you've been watching any
1266s Korean in uh Korean competitive for a
1269s long time these are some very very very
1272s standard names that you've seen in a
1274s very very long time through a long time
1277s of KR competitive and the fact that
1279s they're all playing together just really
1280s goes to say that this season is going to
1283s be extremely competitive duim man of
1284s course the lead ising guy from way back
1287s way back way back in the days for you
1290s know even like pre-release stuff before
1292s he went to the military he is back he's
1294s been playing but maybe this is the
1296s season where he's able to perform a lot
1298s better as well because even with his
1300s previous compositions of course the
1301s player roster was good but then you
1303s start thinking about the compositions
1305s they can potentially start bringing in I
1306s believe duim man has been playing a lot
1308s more Kathy recently which is why his uh
1312s appropriately his IGN his IGN in game is
1315s Kathy man not douchi man anymore but you
1317s know Satan he's the H in of fici andado
1320s he's been playing Fiora a lot recently
1322s Dena the Mage player as well like there
1325s are so many kind of catch out potential
1328s coming through I think for team saber as
1330s long as we do see the characters that we
1333s should theoretically be seeing from them
1335s but here we go we are jumping straight
1338s into it and I think we have an echon bad
1341s four eons wow what whaton is the pick it
1346s looks like right now in KR it is the hot
1350s um the hot all black Mok King
1353s too yeah I mean we did see the eot Nerf
1356s last patch as well they just did end up
1357s nerfing all his weapons or all the black
1359s black mamba weapons by I think two HP
1362s per level so in total about I think 40
1365s HP so I think in a world right now where
1370s there are so many things to keep track
1372s of right I think that's one of the
1373s biggest things that I do want to mention
1374s about all of these um you know item
1376s skills is that there's a lot of stuff
1378s for you to keep track of of course one
1380s of the biggest things that you do have
1381s to do if you're playing at this stage in
1383s eternal return is keeping track of what
1385s kind of items your enemy has and you
1388s know yeah you can check it but would you
1390s look at how many items were added into
1392s this game on top of the fact that there
1394s are so many items skills unique item
1396s passes and all that stuff there's a lot
1397s of things that you need to mention but
1399s with echon because of how much Mobility
1401s you have you have the opportunity to
1403s sometimes just dodge out on that his
1404s pressure is still immense as long as
1406s you're able to play it out well but
1408s seeing four and one game is not what I
1410s anticipated an eon ban in season 4
1412s that's our first character ban are you
1415s serious yeah it's very surprising it me
1417s too cuz I didn't really think uh Eon was
1419s that strong but you know I think it sort
1422s of makes sense because of how strong
1424s adcs are you know Aon just has free
1425s reain you're just able to kind of get in
1428s get like in in front of them and just
1430s able to take so much damage while also
1432s you know doing so much damage uh into
1434s them as well so not too surprising since
1437s you know adcs are you know really strong
1439s at the moment but um yeah aside from
1443s that we actually only have I think maybe
1446s 38c teams or maybe maybe only two
1449s here yeah it does seem to just mostly be
1452s a you know either double front line
1454s damage dealer those kind of things these
1457s these four eons are throwing me off man
1459s Jesus Christ I can't I can't see
1461s anything else than these eons because
1463s they're just taking up so much space in
1465s the map right now and it is nice it is
1468s pretty convenient that there are a lot
1469s of builds out there for this guy so it's
1471s fine for them but because there's so
1473s many I think the compositions are going
1475s to be I I don't want to say this word
1477s because it sounds bad but a little bit
1478s stale you know for the most part what
1480s black boming aon's going to do and
1483s slapping in a couple other things on top
1485s of it isn't necessarily going to change
1486s the composition a little bit too much
1488s just being that you have to follow
1490s through with thaton a little bit so um I
1492s saw a lot of double front line right
1494s there was like a
1495s shukai echon there was a my eon bsp
1499s getting taken down is the first Blood of
1501s season 4 already grouping up for these
1503s guys like see this is what I'm saying
1505s team saber look at that yeah they're
1507s level three and they just catch out the
1509s prio looks like the prio does end up
1511s respawning in Warehouse so yeah nice
1513s early pick up from saber that's pretty
1514s nice but like you said yeah I mean a lot
1517s of eons here Eon you know not
1520s really uh like it's kind of weird what
1523s his role is because he could he could
1524s dive in and out he has so much Mobility
1526s but he's not really
1528s like a damage dealer he's more of like a
1530s Bruiser like fight yeah extended fight
1534s character and it looks like we do have
1535s another fight here s going to try to get
1539s uh narumi here and uh hard com through
1544s and umu just lasers him down it looks
1546s like he's going to fall here wait a
1548s second nice heal actually yeah from the
1550s Lenny actually going to be able to keep
1552s them alive so yeah they're actually not
1554s going to be able to lose Theon there
1556s yeah a copine by the way um absolutely
1559s no relation to another game that we
1561s potentially could know about but yeah I
1563s mean keeping the ekon alive not bad here
1565s right especially considering the fact
1566s that they are all grouped up they're
1568s post level six as well so death timers
1570s are going to be a little bit longer than
1572s you would normally hope to be at this
1574s stage in the game but it seems like
1576s everyone has stabilized look at the mini
1577s map right now everyone's just in their
1579s little quadrants of the map no one
1580s really seeming to be super close or at
1582s least in contest for any fights except
1586s for duim man oh my God that
1590s are you kidding me well Kathy man comes
1592s back to the fight and another kill going
1595s in the hands of Team sa they're the only
1597s ones with the kills in this Lobby right
1598s now yeah team sa with the Adena Cathy
1601s looking strong already at the start of
1602s the game number one yeah great flash
1605s through chair there from the Cathy just
1606s able to catch him out and oh a nice
1608s engage from yan yan uses their ultimate
1610s is that going to be enough no it looks
1612s like the protocol and does end up coming
1613s down not going to be able to anyone
1614s though and looks like team uh speaky
1618s here actually going going to oh does end
1620s up coming through but the ultimate from
1622s priia is going to be able to actually
1624s kite back here and peel really well
1626s looks like the Nikki is going to fall
1628s expoy does end up falling as well and
1630s yeah Felix down one HP and nice two
1632s kills for team Spa here I thought that I
1635s was actually going to go really bad for
1636s team Spa cuz that was a really good
1637s angle for the reign of the vampire queen
1639s but another fight towards Pond and
1641s Temple or should say stream and temples
1643s S standing up in the front that's a
1644s beautiful spring trap to deny an isolate
1646s a lot of the damage coming through from
1647s luminol he has a really been able to do
1649s much but now he's at the back end of the
1650s fight but look at the positioning of
1652s team inton it's all over the place
1654s they're just trying to get damage down
1655s and a potential third party no
1656s absolutely not it's just the Jenny
1658s coming back to fight it out this is such
1659s an extended fight lumino about to get
1661s taken down by a just one more shot not
1663s going to be able to get it no one's dead
1665s yet super nobody is dead yet T just
1667s barely living on a silver Edge at this
1670s point sh n trying to chase this down n
1672s is going to go on downtime ceni looking
1674s for this spring trap where is it a
1676s little bit of that spring trap there's
1678s the done I pull back in no not just yet
1680s it's only level one still looking for
1682s the angle not going to be able to find
1683s it the speaky comes in the stun comes in
1685s as well ARA gets the reset and he's out
1688s what wow wow yeah looks like H there
1692s actually does end up escaping that
1694s spring TR was really good at the start
1696s there but yeah it just wasn't enough and
1697s the Damage you know from inan just not
1700s enough there you know shichi kind of
1702s need some items to do a lot of damage
1704s and looks like we do actually have
1705s another fight here team speaka versus
1707s Asher Asher going to try maybe looking
1709s for this meteor we do have p on the top
1711s side look for a flank here jumo actually
1713s from
1714s behind coming through does end up
1716s hitting the William but the the Q
1719s doesn't really it goes wide so yeah
1722s looks like William is just going to be
1723s able to kite back from himself the fast
1725s balls do end up dropping so there's not
1727s actually enough damage on the side of
1729s Team Spa here but a third party does end
1731s up coming and looks like team Spa will
1733s actually have to give up this meteorite
1735s in the end team MCH is going to win out
1737s on that one perfect timing by the way of
1739s joining that fight too right at the end
1741s of it so they're able to just cleanly
1743s take away that meter exactly as you said
1745s but for team Asher they do mainly get
1747s control over the south side of archery
1750s range when when you do have the mutant
1752s wo spawning in that area not a bad spot
1754s to have control over but another fight
1756s dude these eons are going absolutely
1758s crazy right now just looking for fights
1759s over and over again team Spa they had
1761s success up against one Eon but this time
1763s around they're not going to be able to
1764s find it down goes jbp and sgn about to
1767s get taken down here as well and trying
1769s desperately to stay alive but not going
1770s to be able to find it he will get taken
1772s down two kills in favor of Team bnk FX
1776s and another great start for another star
1778s spotted team team Spa down two members
1781s but they also have two kills as well
1783s this is this is
1785s exciting yeah FX picking a nice two
1787s kills for
1788s himself that is going they are going to
1791s be in a really nice spot so it looks
1793s like uh luminal Team inan actually going
1796s to TP down to Chapel here they do
1798s actually end up finding slasher but
1800s slasher is just going to walk away looks
1801s like the Collins are going to come in
1803s from this team the Nikki sitting on 370
1805s credits so they definitely do want to
1807s call before the Battle Zone starts mhhm
1810s but there's plenty of time at this stage
1812s in the game 40 seconds is a lot it's
1814s honestly feels like it should be a lot
1816s further into the game considering how
1818s much action we've seen so far but this
1820s is just to be expected with Eon he's
1822s always going to look for a little bit of
1823s that initiation right looking for the
1826s gauge setup at the beginning of the
1827s fight try to go in and look for an
1829s opportunity if everyone else on the team
1831s wants to go for it then they will and
1833s the potential of having the Eon actually
1836s allows for that to happen so all these
1838s fights coming in from Eon teams not a
1840s surprise at all all of these other teams
1842s being able to deal with it on the other
1844s hand that's definitely got a hurt for
1845s some of these Eon teams as well but a
1847s flank here we go umu a little bit
1849s isolated Seb is completely isolated for
1851s himself as well but he's got access onto
1853s the backline trying to get the resets
1855s taken down to about half HP but n now in
1857s a little bit of
1859s Dage is still there uhoh this might not
1861s be looking goodu does he have enough no
1863s be able to Blink on out of there neory
1864s still alive here as well and Su stain
1866s coming through from the shuai spring
1867s trap does land onto the shuai too but
1870s that's only the tank there is The
1871s Peacemaker coming through oh my God it
1874s is the grinding machine down go holy
1878s crap team Oho just obliterates the
1881s members of Team
1882s CH yeah we've seen it time and time
1885s again the hard Eva combo you know both
1888s characters are actually in a pretty good
1889s spot right now as well they're just
1891s doing so much damage H is able to find
1893s that Great Peacemaker onto the two
1895s members of uh she she sweet right is
1899s that you pronounce it don't even know
1901s [ __ ]
1903s I ju sight okay yeah but uh yeah able to
1907s able to to to kill both of them there
1909s and yeah looks like they will actually
1911s have to reset there but um I think
1913s that's our first blastone play we have
1915s seen so far and yeah you know like all
1918s these new hazards around the map you
1919s know these teams will have to learn how
1921s to play around them it's actually um
1923s white lily
1925s super oh yeah sorry it's it's all good
1928s we we know exactly what you're talking
1930s about don't worry about it but you're
1932s right I mean that's the kind of
1933s potential play that we do want to see
1934s with the introduction of these plants
1936s sebie looking to fight something again
1938s as well but his gauge look at the gauge
1939s look at the gauge he's on downtime at
1941s the middle of a fight right in front of
1942s a William of all things as well cine
1945s about to get taken down down they go she
1947s know getting ran down yet again the zon
1949s is going to stay alive but play dead o
1950s actually is available lower cool down
1952s early game makes it available but it
1954s doesn't matter will get taken down again
1956s CH SE down two members again still
1958s sitting on zero kills team speaka on the
1961s other hand Mama looking good right now
1963s with this William a bunch of kills 383
1966s credits to his name he's saving that up
1968s either for a blood sample or he's about
1969s to call that radar I'm going to guess
1972s he's going to go for the radar here the
1973s radar pretty big spike you know it is
1975s also a four score too so might as well
1976s just call that in but but um yeah team
1979s Spa here already on four field kills for
1982s themselves so they're sitting in a
1983s really nice spot and yeah I mean these
1985s teams just have to top six right to
1988s qualify they just have to avoid the
1990s bottom the bottom two here yeah let's
1992s take a look now as day three is going to
1994s hit Tree of Life inside of forest has
1996s spawn pet already sending it look at
1998s that this is exactly what I mentioned
1999s earlier right now B going back towards
2001s the back line as well Noe actually gets
2003s taken down the Ry is dead up against the
2005s hands of the Bianca as well as the yo
2008s this is tough The Jetty you can't really
2011s help with that but p is already out
2013s Asher down two members and at The
2015s crucial time of day number three and
2017s he's about to just face up against
2018s another whole roster of players he's on
2020s downtime right now can he get out does
2021s he have the resets oh just a little bit
2023s longer just a little bit more but he
2025s doesn't get the reset I think he's going
2027s to die I think that's a f team team
2030s Asher they're going to die and there's
2032s the gone Asher eliminated it's going to
2035s be into the hands of Team slasher but
2036s the one that fully set it up bnk FX that
2040s is so unfortunate team Asha will be our
2041s first team to fall in season 4 but uh
2045s yeah I mean FX played that so well you
2047s know bomb finding that angle onto the
2048s Ros just able to kind of shut them down
2051s there wow very very well played from uh
2054s VX just able to get you know a nice two
2057s kills they were able to grab the tree
2058s for themselves as well so they're
2060s sitting in a really nice spot yeah quite
2061s funny how both of those two eons played
2063s by the way one dashes to your backline
2065s well who cares I'm going to dash to your
2067s backline instead a beautiful knock up
2069s coming through from EA Kathy man is
2070s actually going to I should say douchi
2072s man is actually going to just pop
2073s everything too gets taken down first
2075s about get take it down here as well it
2077s is a one for one trade Felix versus in
2080s Eon as the bruisers they're both not
2082s going to take it just going to get those
2084s kills and get the heck on out of here
2085s but look at the bottom side of the mini
2087s map as well this might be a little bit
2089s problematic for for team saber they just
2091s hear all the combat right outside of the
2093s vision range of Team slasher so they're
2095s going to be able to get away but this
2097s puts a really big delay on when they're
2099s able to resurrect their teammates
2101s although Chapel seems to be a little bit
2103s open this is going to be perfectly
2104s fineus 250 150 gone from the Kathy and
2108s 100 coming back from the Adena flasher
2111s was looking though they were pretty uh
2112s close um but yeah looks like we have uh
2115s oh another fight here actually inin
2118s maybe going to catch bom here there is
2119s the blast cone oh actually the M does
2121s end up hitting it and bum will be able
2123s to get away and yeah looks like they
2125s actually might just go over to hotel to
2126s call in but um might be a little risky
2129s there yeah the bottom left side quadrant
2132s of the map is where Omega is spawning
2134s it's actually in hotel too so any teams
2136s that are down towards that side going to
2137s be looking in great position here cuz no
2140s one's actually on top of that objective
2142s right now it's not something that any of
2143s these teams were looking to just
2144s immediately burst from the ge-o but
2147s because of that everyone's starting to
2148s Cascade into this area bnk FRX in
2151s optimal position to try to burst that
2152s down from the start but we can see that
2154s team sa slowly creeping in look at this
2157s go EMP drones starting to flood in Recon
2160s drones on top of it as well P will be
2162s able to pick that up the stun comes in
2164s with the moon Dorito Bower looking for a
2166s kill on hun does get the blink doesn't
2168s really get the kill but it is going to
2170s be everything into the Arsenal of that
2172s Jenny they will get taken down they
2173s might have gotten the Omega but they
2175s will lose the Jenny as a result are they
2177s going to kill him already wait a second
2178s he's going to pop get the res off douchi
2180s man's going to go and try to stop it
2181s he's trying he's trying yeah looks like
2184s vrex do know and they are going to just
2186s give up the res going to be able to run
2188s away so anotherus 250 for FX here but
2191s yeah Bell are playing out of his mind in
2193s that fight I don't know if you saw but
2194s they end up flashing out of that Jenny
2196s alt was end up a little too far in and
2199s did end up getting caught there but just
2201s able to just solo the Jenny down all the
2202s way from 100 to zero it was a good
2205s reaction coming through from the geny as
2206s well I mean it was a blink trade from
2208s both of them but I think it was the
2209s diamond Shard popping as soon as the
2211s blink ended from both of them that did
2213s end up causing the Gen to die granting
2215s her a little bit of that slow of course
2218s allowing the Felix to get in getting
2219s those spear reaving Autos in but in the
2221s end it is still a net benefit right you
2223s do get the four score you might have
2225s lost a you might have lost 250 credits
2228s for that but a force score is still
2230s worth 350 that is true mhm and I do get
2233s that drink as well so yeah I mean
2236s overall they do end up actually
2237s profiting off you know that trade but
2240s you know minus 250 always you know does
2242s end up stinging a bit because you know
2243s maybe they could have gotten
2245s the the Omega and you you know lived as
2248s well but ooh yeah Perry does go a little
2251s wide but looks like they will end up
2253s giving up the chase here but uh nice
2255s done from Dina able to do so much damage
2257s on to the ma But luminol Here full
2260s comboing is not doing enough damage it
2262s looks like Chi just unable to kind of
2265s combo oh wait a second lumo actually
2268s does end up shutting down Bower oh my
2271s God and he is back in business shuy he
2275s just oh my God is going to be able to
2277s jump back in actually go
2280s jumping around going to be able to
2281s actually get Kathy as well and oh my God
2286s Dina he's got to run he's got to run
2288s does he have enough time to get out
2289s though does D no he knows he's got the
2291s reset does he get the kill oh what what
2295s how does he get out of that alive but
2297s look at the credit cow what the heck
2299s okay it's really close daa is able to
2302s Res at least douchan in just a moment
2304s here right but another fight coming in
2306s lumino he's still down member on this
2308s team down goes to shuichi they might
2310s have gotten the kills they might have
2311s gotten something out of school or a
2313s hotel I should say but they're going to
2315s lose out on a lot on their end as well
2317s but look at the map again more fights
2319s happening it is Dawn stop in game number
2322s one yeah looks like we have f x versus U
2326s here and oh wow look at the damage
2329s coming up from Evo U just going to be
2331s able to deal so much in the heart does
2332s end up just dashing in and the Heart All
2334s comeing In out as well are they going
2335s toble to take down the Jenny and just
2338s not enough and yeah looks like bomb is
2339s just going to run away as well so FX
2341s losing another 250 credits here oh wait
2345s a second you end up getting the rest but
2346s the play dead does end up popping and I
2349s think they will be able to get away here
2351s but team spea is in the zone it's not
2353s looking good oh my god dude this is so
2355s exciting and another team joins the frey
2357s as wickling doesn't even spawn here so
2359s there's a lot of teams in this area it
2361s is going to be for the red box sgn will
2363s stick it and does end up securing
2364s whatever was in there not sure what it
2367s was but cool things happening team
2369s slasher going to be the only team on top
2371s of the wickle line this time around so
2372s we'll be able to pick this up the blood
2374s sample going to go into the hands of x
2376s boy and looking at the items right now I
2377s think might be Queen of Hearts no oh
2382s douchan oh my
2384s God I mean he was on a um Commander's
2388s armor so I'm guessing he might run
2389s bikini cuz I think you know bikini with
2391s the new with the new I think it just got
2395s recently buffed no no it's I think it's
2398s Tranquility now so just get a shield
2401s yeah so new changes I wonder if they do
2404s end up making it or if they will end up
2405s just giving the blood over to one of
2407s their teammates but yeah we have seven
2410s teams uh day four oh wow it looks like
2413s bomb is just going to go straight in
2415s onto the William William taking so much
2416s damage and nice double stun but it's
2418s just not enough as the William just goes
2421s down and they don't have enough damage
2422s here now so it looks like it's just
2423s going to be a nice clean up from FX here
2426s as yanf and I don't think this per will
2429s be able to get away the team does have
2431s enough credits here so maybe they could
2433s go res in Temple and TP out I don't know
2436s if if they have enough time though yeah
2437s I don't know about that one priia does
2439s have a lot of really good movement speed
2440s she is moving on her way over there
2443s right now yeah she has to do this right
2444s she has to do it 15 seconds left rest
2447s timer about 5 seconds left they should
2449s be able to get the second one as well so
2451s William comes back comes back jbp this
2454s is Pria benefits man you get so much
2456s movement speed buff but where are they
2457s going to go it's going to be into fire
2459s station right on top of another team but
2460s do they know about this yet not just yet
2462s not in position to take advantage of it
2464s but
2465s the insane mama trying to recover from
2468s this one oh Peacemaker gets canceled
2470s mama's still alive wait a second Airline
2472s trying to do as much as he can mama
2474s trying to do the damage they get the
2475s kill do they get the kill no not enough
2481s executioner aen almost had iten jumped
2485s behind the Eva but yeah I think the
2486s execution B just kept the evil alive and
2489s yeah looks like Team U they're just
2492s going to be able to clean that one up oh
2495s dude I thought he was going to be able
2496s to get the heart down right to get the
2498s Executioner bonus and maybe try to
2500s survive a little bit longer but his fast
2502s ball ended William's corpse killing
2505s potential comes from the fact that he
2507s does have access to the fast ball but
2509s he's not going to be able to do it oh
2510s this is not looking good duim man he's
2512s going to be isolated by himself no teamm
2514s whatever to speak of will get taken down
2516s by the hands of team you see their first
2518s kill of the game by the way very slow
2520s game for those guys but you know
2522s considering it's day five there's still
2524s a bit left in this game and you'll take
2525s a kill at this stage no matter what ends
2527s up happening yeah spring trapped into
2530s the wall there very unfortunate but yeah
2532s I mean five kills for themselves isn't
2534s too bad speaka as well also having five
2536s kills not too bad for themsel even
2537s though dated it I'm going down I think
2540s seventh but um yeah you'll take anything
2542s you can get at this point you just got
2544s to get as many points here as possible
2546s try to secure you know that top six spot
2548s yeah considering the amount of combat
2550s we've had though this is definitely not
2552s the highest kill count we've ever
2554s seen yeah but it's getting it is getting
2557s to that time shui it is day five the
2559s final zone change I'm really excited to
2561s see how these teams play it oh yeah
2565s really excited ches yeah so I saw a lot
2567s of people asking whether or not we're
2569s playing on the new patch well the new
2570s patch Dro like a couple days ago and the
2572s biggest change from that one is the new
2574s Final zone so yes indeed we are actually
2576s playing I believe on the new patch we'll
2579s get the guarantee on that right as soon
2580s as the final Z actually ends up final
2583s they said in the patch that the final
2585s zone changes were only on the tournament
2586s client so it's not in ranked but it is
2589s going to be in these games um it will
2592s come to the live server I think in the
2595s next big patch so in two weeks yeah all
2598s right yeah I'm really excited I'm really
2600s excited let's take a look at how we will
2602s see yeah how um how the Zone show up as
2605s well like on the mini map right so
2608s cuz they there should be three zones two
2611s um and and the two Zone the two
2613s temporary zones should be not adjacent
2615s to each other it should be one zone
2616s apart so I do kind of want to see you
2618s know how the map changes here I think it
2620s might be where the yellow team is like
2622s where the yellow zone is maybe I mean
2625s let's see here no it's still the final
2627s two zones that looks similar okay I
2629s can't tell either way well I mean yeah
2631s it's whatever is there another Zone on
2634s the south side where Forest is I don't I
2636s I don't know if we're actually playing
2637s new
2638s thing maybe maybe yeah maybe it's not in
2641s the server yet not just yet although I
2643s don't see a temp Z thing on Forest
2646s unless I'm blind so if it's not then
2648s that's fine we'll start on phase two
2649s which is okay right just giving these
2651s time a little bit more uh time to
2653s acclimate cuz I think another change
2655s that they're doing is giving the regular
2657s players a tournament client key just so
2660s they can practice and scrims as well I
2662s see I see yeah so we'll see what ends up
2664s happening but for now temp Zone inside
2666s of school as well it's Forest a lot of
2668s poke going down 15 seconds until these
2670s teams are going to be forced to do
2672s something and we know that a lot of
2674s these teams have known have been known
2676s to play around timer a lot they're going
2678s to have to do something quick though cuz
2680s with these eons very difficult to
2682s execute teams because of how tanky and
2683s mobility and fast he is see how it goes
2686s let's see let's see HS are about to get
2687s taken down man to get on out of there
2689s yeah but this Jenny is effectively out
2691s of the fight for a few extra seconds
2693s down goes the irm and now P trying to
2695s stay alive by himself it's a tight
2696s Corridor of these e all trying to Duke
2698s it out inside of it but soner is back in
2700s the fight no pum gets taken down now
2702s soner alone in the fight oh this is not
2704s looking good the timers are looking dire
2706s for all these teams but Soler will get
2707s taken down and the Executioner bonus
2709s comes in a lot of kills on the bottom
2711s side as well School final Zone looking
2714s to get contested Airline about to get
2715s taken down shinomi chasing a couple more
2717s hits should do it but not going to be
2718s able to get that one but look at his
2720s timer it is not good a third party comes
2723s in N trying to fight a fight n trying to
2726s find the fight umu is already he popped
2728s the timer look at the timer look at the
2730s timer n's about to pop one and the two
2732s and the pop pop pop oh my God it's not
2735s looking good at all T goes down as well
2737s it's to clean three for zero in favor of
2739s Team two seat how does this team go from
2741s zero kills to seven within a span off we
2744s have a third party yeah looks like
2745s slasher here is coming down for the
2747s third party I think uh CH you know they
2750s were able to win a 33 in their temporary
2752s Zone and then because they got so much
2754s timer back and they were just sitting in
2755s the zone they were just able to
2756s capitalize saw other teams not having
2758s enough timer and looks like everyone
2760s else exploded to them so yeah they're on
2761s seven kills now nice good showing for
2764s them and it looks like they do want to
2765s call in because yeah I mean if you look
2767s at their items they don't really have
2769s anything to show for here so they're
2771s actually going to come at the archery to
2773s get some items for themsel as yeah if
2775s you look at zon he only has uh three
2777s items I think it's the same for the rest
2779s of his team I think it looks like the
2781s Lenny is going to go as well no actually
2784s just going to be um
2787s the Eon just dropping items for them
2789s yeah stacking the items I just saw the
2791s motorcycle Helm falling down so that's a
2792s racing Helm picked up for the genu which
2794s is a massive add Dage I see now I see it
2797s looks like it's in the tournament client
2799s but I think they're playing the
2800s tournament on the previous patch cuz you
2801s see the experation mark uh teams at the
2803s top still so yeah they're just playing
2805s the these games on the on the last patch
2808s so that's why uh it's not in all right
2810s let's see if those items are going to be
2812s enough do these guys know where xboy is
2814s that's the big factor here can spanca
2816s get the jump in or is it just going to
2817s be these players the white lily has been
2819s used and the jump has been set this is
2821s all in from Team slasher they do get the
2824s play that available but look at the kill
2826s look at the knock coming through from
2827s the Felix and the Jenny is down the
2830s damage is still coming through but it's
2832s going to be wait a second oh the
2833s Executioner buff does allow this Bianca
2835s to stay alive a little bit longer but we
2837s know how beneficial this character can
2839s be lety trying to keep this Eon alive
2841s but look at the sustain coming through
2842s from both of these teams Seb this is Max
2845s weapon level he's trying to do damage
2846s he's trying to get Burns he's trying to
2848s do the everything he can yo was about to
2849s get taken down but the roote coming
2851s through from the from the Bianca sebie
2853s he's still trying to do the damage the
2855s Overflow res no he's on down time he's
2859s on
2859s down he's get to in red where they
2864s they're looking for something looking
2865s for something oh no I desperate oh wait
2869s a second they might get Expo if they do
2871s get XO here they'll get some timer back
2873s looks like they do so they do get 10
2875s extra second seconds 18 seconds
2877s yeah I don't think there's enough time I
2879s think if slasher realizes this they can
2880s just walk away here but now it comes
2881s down to 2v2 Lenny back in zon just doing
2886s so much damage here but the lock down
2888s onto this Lenny does end up falling here
2890s and I think that's going to be it I
2892s don't think this Eon has enough sustain
2894s anymore and yeah looks like slasher a
2897s great game here seven kills is going to
2898s be able to close it out GG's to team
2900s slasher seven kills for themselves but
2902s you still have to give credit where
2904s credit is due to seed sitting on zero
2906s kills for of the game bringing it back
2908s eight kills at the end of it all as well
2910s second place not a bad result for them
2912s but what an exciting game number one
2914s what an exciting way to start the season
2916s super oh my goodness what an absolute
2919s Fiesta for game
2921s one yeah we had I think five teams in
2923s that final zone two teams are fighting
2925s outside of the temporary Zone and then
2927s you know uh I think that last team that
2930s did end up winning I think it was inch
2931s they did end up funneling in uh CH just
2934s able to capitalize on that because they
2935s were in you know their own Zone they
2937s were able to get store so much of their
2939s timer just going to be able to pop that
2941s other team and then I think what it came
2943s down to actually was the shoai that did
2945s end up staggering in by himself because
2947s he did chased out I think in Chen or
2950s sorry not in Chen uh CH they were able
2952s to pick up that kill they got an extra
2954s 10 seconds of timer and that was just
2956s enough to uh for them to close out that
2958s fight yeah that's quite brutal for that
2960s team but man oh man oh man what an
2963s amazing game to start our season 4 KR
2966s competitive side of things ZM is going
2968s to be looking good if these are the
2970s games that we're going to be getting but
2972s game two will not be so chaotic cuz we
2974s did have four echon picks in game number
2976s one which means he will be banned going
2978s into game number two and there is not
2981s really that many characters in eternal
2983s return that fits the role of the echon
2985s so I'm very excited to see what's going
2987s to come through I wouldn't be surprised
2989s if he start seeing more Felix's cuz I
2991s think that's like the closest thing that
2992s we've seen in this Lobby kind of
2994s comparing it to the Eon in lobby one we
2997s saw they Felix doing a lot of damage at
2999s the start as well and in the final fight
3001s his extended fighting capabilities is
3003s definitely kind of turning up there at
3004s the end because the double knockups the
3006s triple knockups coming from the Felix's
3008s wind scar you definitely needed those to
3010s win those
3012s fights yeah I don't know if um Eon if if
3017s if it's because we all the Eon players
3018s in this um group or if he is meta but he
3022s did look really strong there with that
3023s Lenny you know just able to kind of out
3026s sustain and just live through all the
3028s damage and just able to do so much
3029s damage as well so yeah Aon is looking
3032s pretty strong for this patch we're going
3034s to have to see you know um what those
3036s players actually have swap to because he
3037s will be getting banned yeah and it is a
3039s little bit unfortunate in that final
3041s fight for CH as well and that you know
3044s they put so much effort into getting
3045s those double Mythril transitions onto
3047s both the Jenny as well as the Lenny and
3049s for the Lenny she actually managed to
3050s make a lot of use out of it yeah but the
3052s Jenny was just insta popped at the
3054s beginning of the fight too right the
3056s play dead was popped in instantly try to
3058s keep them alive I think using healing
3059s wind and the heal from the rocket which
3062s quite funny enough it actually landed
3064s onto the echon but the AOE healing
3067s effect did heal the Jenny as well she
3068s got brought back up to like 2/3 HP but
3071s then also got again got insta pop by
3073s another double knockup coming through
3075s from the Felix so the mythal not really
3077s having that much value on the Jenny like
3079s in hindsight yeah maybe you should have
3081s just put it on the Eon instead cuz you
3082s know you could go for something like the
3084s mythal shield mythal boots or something
3086s like that and try to Brute Force as much
3088s damage as possible towards the end by
3090s sustaining but that wasn't the case
3092s necessarily at the end right we got what
3093s we got Jenny fell down at the early
3095s stages of the fight it was just a good
3097s catch from the Felix I believe yeah you
3100s kind you kind of have to sort of think
3101s like what if they gave uh you know Deon
3103s like red shoes or something would they
3104s have uh would have played out any
3106s differently right because you know Theon
3107s was The Last One Alive it's able to you
3109s know deal so much damage to their team
3111s so yeah I mean it's it's unfortunate but
3114s it was a great um from Team
3117s slasher they're just able to capitalize
3119s nice R of Vampire Queen in with you know
3121s the Felix jumping in as well he's able
3123s to lock down that Jenny just able to
3124s shut her down and yeah that is the
3127s result and yeah we do have the round
3128s result here as well slasher coming out
3130s in first with seven field kills 15
3133s points for themselves uh chit with eight
3137s kills thems with the second place so not
3139s too bad performance from them with 13
3141s kills and in FX with 10 yeah quite
3143s surprising that pretty much the add the
3145s lowest kill if we exclude BL team Asher
3148s in this Lobby was five kills I think
3150s it's been quite a while since we've seen
3152s the minimum amount of kills in the lobby
3154s be that high most of the time we see a
3156s couple teams playing very very
3158s aggressive and it takes some time for
3159s all the other teams to ramp up but
3161s because of the total kills that were
3163s distributed to most of the teams in this
3165s Lobby it's going to be really close I
3167s think going all the way to the end of
3169s the game and you know or I should say
3171s the series and we know that this is
3172s going to be a very there's going to be a
3174s very similar Lobby probably in game
3175s number three the on preference coming
3177s through from a lot of these teams means
3179s we're going to get something like this
3180s again sometime in the series whether
3183s it's a little bit stagnated or whether
3185s it's just combined and pushed all
3186s together in game number three we will
3188s see this
3190s again yeah I mean they were I I was
3193s picked four times it looked pretty good
3195s so yeah I mean I'm I'm kind of curious
3197s if they do end up picking in other group
3199s as well um but you know we'll have to
3201s see but um yeah I mean what a great
3205s first game should be what a great first
3207s great first game dude oh my God I don't
3208s think I don't think those set of words
3210s can completely Encompass how I feel
3213s about that game already it it seems like
3215s the best thing I can say but it's even
3217s more than that how am I supposed to
3219s expect that season 4 phase one the first
3222s game of season 4 competitive yes I know
3225s there's a lot of exciting things that
3226s were added into the game yes I know
3228s these teams were using it to the maximum
3230s potential you saw the White Lies being
3232s used and all that stuff too but how do
3234s you expect that now as we start going
3236s into game number to we see the weather
3237s it's sunny and lightning so do expect
3240s those lightning clouds to start flashing
3242s down and one thing that I do want to
3244s mention about the lightning stuff is
3246s that you do get movement speed out of it
3248s so maybe you can see teams yeah using
3250s that but other than that character
3251s selections already go Eon is not banned
3255s uh he's banned don't worry guys yeah
3258s yeah he is banned I don't think any
3260s person is playing Aon I think it's just
3262s you know it's just not showing but but
3263s it is there um do we have any other
3266s bands here doesn't look like we do have
3267s a lot of duplicates we do have two
3269s Jenny's two
3271s M uh two Felix's but actually three
3274s Felix's so we we will have a Felix pad
3276s yeah and it's exactly as I was
3277s mentioning as well right like one of the
3279s best ways to kind of add on to Extended
3282s fights is the Felix right now they're
3283s all going to be running the diamond
3285s Shard as well so kind of substituting
3288s what the ekon is able to do not exactly
3291s right but just the fighting capabilities
3293s with the additional mobility and the
3294s sustain as well being Ted on with the
3297s Felix here otherwise we do see Kenneth
3299s coming back here for nyok P's going to
3301s be on the Isaac this time around as well
3304s so quite an interesting roster of
3306s characters we're going to have double m
3308s double Nikki a lot of things changing up
3310s in this game for obvious
3313s reasons yeah double Bianca too so kind
3316s of want to see their augment choices as
3317s well we do have I think four protocols
3320s so you know protocol definitely showing
3321s you know a strong showing once again no
3323s such a good augment if you are able to
3324s utilize the full value out of it so I
3327s really surprised to see you know these
3328s teams end up taking that but um yeah I
3332s mean now you know we do have Theon ban a
3334s lot of the picks it looks like some some
3337s players are pivoting over to the Felix
3338s Felix will be bad now and then like you
3341s said we did we did have bomb um pivot
3343s over to Isaac yeah which means uh for
3345s game number three if all these players
3347s do up to go back onto the Eon right I
3349s think one of the biggest um counters to
3352s the Eon that we saw in game number one
3354s was the Felix he was actually able to
3356s kind of halt the rotation of what the
3360s Eon wanted to do a lot of times in those
3362s fights I think multitudes of times I saw
3364s those Felix's With the Wind scars
3366s actually canceling out the dash from the
3368s Eon which means his reset isn't going to
3370s be available through those fights as
3372s well and that's really big for the eon's
3374s fighting capabilities to just kind of
3376s stick uh U just barely getting out that
3379s one man uh but yeah overall I think it's
3381s a little bit difficult for the Felix
3384s player cuz I think next game would have
3385s been a big opportunity
3388s n cool comment collector right yeah
3390s looks like he's just going to TP out
3392s yeah Felix being banned next game is
3394s going to hurt a lot I think for the
3396s people who love playing Felix because
3397s it's a really good way to kind of halt
3399s the actions of the Eon
3401s sometimes yeah yeah and you know Felix
3404s is one of those characters that you know
3406s if you are able to you know dive on the
3407s backline you're able to do so much but
3409s looks like uh here going to be able to
3411s actually kill the the Nikki it looks
3414s like yeah oh wait actually
3417s great protocol and stun from the Nikki
3420s here going to try returning the one for
3422s one oh a great stun from the Len to
3425s cancel The Peacemaker instantly and yeah
3427s looks like they will actually end up
3428s treating FX going to be able to maybe
3431s kill the Kennon from inun here the
3433s ultimate does end up coming through and
3435s yeah looks like they will be able to
3437s clean that up as well but yeah I would
3438s like to apologize guys um it looks like
3442s the tournament is actually played on the
3444s previous patch I actually know that so
3447s yeah we don't have the new Final zone
3448s changes but it is in the tournament
3449s client which is why I thought it would
3451s uh be uh in the tournament today CU they
3453s do play these tournaments on the
3455s tournament client but it looks like
3456s playing this on the one patch uh in our
3460s defense the fact that there was a
3461s maintenance to begin with on Thursday
3464s this week also threw us off guard
3466s because usually you know they don't do
3468s maintenance on the week of ERM so we
3470s weren't really sure what was happening
3472s the um the what is it the Esports change
3475s notice at the beginning of the Season as
3477s well or I guess it was the introduction
3479s to season 4 Esports and KR that was also
3483s a little bit long so stick with us and
3485s hang with us for a little bit right just
3487s we're also getting our little Minds
3489s prepared for season 4 it's just a start
3493s where we we'll figure things out as we
3494s go all together yeah but we will have
3496s the def fil zone change for the next
3498s phase so you know make sure you guys do
3499s come for that but looks like we do
3501s actually have a fight here oh and great
3503s flash um knock back from the ywn here
3506s going to be able to shut down Bell here
3508s but uh actually dodging out on the Autos
3510s here so he actually will be able to get
3512s away wait a second nice slow from ooh a
3515s nice guitar skill as well from the PRI
3518s actually able to slow the Felix down
3520s there and they will actually be able to
3522s kill him uh but wait a second Thea
3525s actually just going to abandon oh wait a
3528s second the Katy just alss in here and
3530s Dina over the wall yeah I mean going to
3534s be able to deal so much damage over the
3535s wall as well will be able kill this y y
3537s on one HP here but duim kind of stuck
3540s The Shield isn't enough and it looks
3543s like yeah Team Speed here going to win
3546s the trade going to get the Felix and the
3548s Katy and the William only dropped but
3550s you kind of you kind of have to wonder
3552s you know if Dina didn't flash over the
3553s wall there maybe maybe they maybe they
3554s could have turn ah I don't know about
3556s that one because then it would have put
3558s double Mages especially for Dena who is
3560s very immobile I think that kind of
3562s worked just because of Kathy's Mobility
3564s right just throwing off a lot of those
3565s skill shots if Dino was there then I
3567s think Adida just dies cuz of the yam but
3569s you're right uh the capabilities were
3571s there but it was just super close I mean
3573s duim man was just all in at that stage
3575s he could have double bypassed over the
3576s wall if he really wanted to but not
3578s going to be the case r of the vampire
3579s queen is perfect so far always in in a
3581s little bit of trouble will not get
3583s tagged I think everyone with the ra of
3585s the vampire does get one will be able to
3587s pick up one
3589s DOD yeah he's trying to look for
3591s something he does have the reset but
3592s it's a little bit too much Team master
3594s will be able to pick up two but one
3595s Exchange coming through from Team always
3597s inchan all in the hands of Team well I
3600s was about to say team lumino but that's
3602s not it
3604s lumino yeah luminal there almost able to
3606s clutch it up there but just not doing
3608s just not having enough damage was able
3610s to actually uh clean up the m so they
3612s were actually able to get one kill but
3614s um yeah looks like the two members will
3617s actually have to split off or the Ken
3619s will have to actually run and yeah looks
3621s like they won't be able to actually get
3623s anything on on this um objective or this
3626s uh pycho as well yeah it's all good
3628s though right it's still the early stages
3630s of the game it's just state two so Lum
3633s just going to be isolated completely
3635s away from his team all right look at him
3636s go he just wants to farm that mutant
3638s bear boore I guess his teammates around
3640s the fire station at the moment but with
3642s all these early game objectives starting
3644s to come through for these teams I
3646s suppose now we just kind of take the
3648s moment to take a breather finally all
3650s right since these past couple G this
3652s past couple games so far have been
3654s pretty action-packed and I do require
3658s unless hold up hold up okay nor here
3661s kind of split off from his team he is
3663s nowhere near any team members
3666s from but looks like he's just going to
3669s be able to walk away here looks like his
3671s team members are in the police station
3674s and he's probably I actually wonder how
3676s he's going to get over there there's no
3678s TP nearby the next objective is about to
3680s spawn soon as well looks like they're
3681s just split farming just going to try to
3683s capitalize on you know as much credits
3685s as possible
3687s yeah all right well we got a minute
3690s starting to go into Knight number two we
3694s got a four score already set up for team
3696s aser too what is that going to go into
3698s oh c oh I mean okay not that bad right
3701s because the I okay you're going to have
3703s to remind me about this one CU I'm
3704s completely blank in here is the C change
3706s coming in with 1.25 or is it in 1.24
3709s yeah I think it was 1.25 so C still has
3713s a cool out right now oh on nice stun
3717s from the is able to do so much here oh
3721s my Goden just gets another double stun
3723s onto both luminal and to the ma here and
3726s luminal is just going to have to run
3728s away wow okay okay that scared me for a
3730s second but luminal with the resets were
3733s at the right spot at the right place was
3735s able to get the jump over the wall too
3737s so no danger there for the shuichi
3739s chasing capabilities not enough for the
3740s Yan to come through but wow what a great
3743s fight coming through from Team speaka
3745s you know you might have gotten your
3746s peria taking down pretty early on in the
3748s fight and jbp he greeted the Battle Zone
3751s I mean I get it man but you kind of need
3753s your team in order to do that maybe he
3755s was looking maybe he was hoping that it
3757s was yeah yeah but does end up giving
3759s away a mythal because of it so a bit of
3761s a slight upgrade going through for that
3763s team down there in in Doc it's not too
3766s much you know you're giving other team
3767s it's only 50 credits but uh yeah you do
3770s set your Tempo Bond a little bit but uh
3772s yeah he's just going to respawn but yeah
3773s sgn coming out big for team speakers
3775s able to get the you know those two to
3777s three man wall stuns on that Yan very
3780s very well played and it looks like oh my
3782s God D just getting shredded by team FX
3785s here it's just getting just died in like
3788s two seconds yeah team always in turn is
3791s trying to spread their influence a
3792s little bit I you can look on the menu
3794s map right
3795s now darok was a little bit far away
3797s right the Kenneth was sitting inside a
3799s temple shuichi was right around where
3801s the mai was but he wasn't with the May
3803s and and to be fair in that case if he
3805s was with the m he would have died as
3806s well but uh quite split away our team
3809s always into and it seems to get them in
3811s a little bit of trouble here and there
3813s maybe they're just trying to get as much
3814s of the map while they are able to do so
3816s get themselves to the mid to late game
3818s once that happens maybe they'll start
3820s looking for a little bit more fights
3821s down the road but at the moment both
3824s teams looking for positioning looking
3825s for vision camera is always important at
3827s this stage in the game white lily going
3829s to be used by the beona to get on out of
3831s there because another team was coming
3832s around I this is classic ER
3836s yeah so many teams nearby but you know
3839s teams know they need Vision here before
3841s they take these fights they don't want
3842s to get third partied and yeah the next
3844s objective is spawning in 40 seconds as
3846s well so these teams definitely will have
3847s to start routing towards them to uh try
3850s to snowball this game yeah on the bright
3852s side no teams are fully out by this
3854s stage in the game yet team Ash are alive
3856s this time around with two kills they're
3857s trying to turn around the performance of
3859s themselves in game number one and of
3861s course all the other teams looking to
3863s add on to their performance of game
3865s number one again and five minimum kills
3867s for all the teams except for team Asher
3870s means that there is a long way for these
3872s teams to go Al that's awk teleport and
3874s the sitting around R the vampire queen
3876s is actually pretty good but P back in
3879s into the accepted speech what was that
3882s yoa going to get executed here too
3884s they're waiting they're waiting oh my
3886s God this PR trap is good to and they
3889s kill him Aus 250 for last year no
3896s can't do that dude this is ERM you can't
3898s do that to him Oh my he can't they can
3901s but wow that's got to hurt for team
3903s slasher ain't no
3905s way yeah the Bianca you know it was a
3909s good look over the wall but you know the
3911s turnaround from that team just able to
3914s just shut them down oh my god really
3916s really really well played the timing was
3918s impeccable there too the Bianca rated
3920s the vampire queens in a lot of times
3922s people are going to panic but
3923s immediately the Jenny sets down the AC
3926s speech and the red carpet that's what
3929s pulled the Jenny otherwise she would
3930s have gone in the stasis and all would
3932s have been fine but no it's the pole that
3934s brings her straight into the acceptance
3936s speech and by then she's too crowd
3938s control stacked to even have a chance to
3940s stasis like yeah it was it was crazy
3944s yeah oh oh we are not chicken bushes
3948s that is not what you want to see in ER
3951s but it looks like PRI just going to get
3953s instantly shredded here oh no and I
3955s think as will end up falling to there's
3957s no way for him to go maybe's maybe he
3959s could tank red in the archery nice knock
3961s back he's trying he be able to get away
3965s here he's going to have to go a nice
3966s knock back again but yeah we'll actually
3969s we'll actually have to invest The Flash
3971s and we'll walk all the way to gas
3975s station and I wonder if the team will TP
3978s over or not well even if they do it
3980s doesn't matter look at their credit
3981s counts oh they just finished calling in
3985s hotel disaster for
3988s team it is a disaster there's nothing
3991s left on the team of spea they will have
3995s to farm up over 150 credits but oh no
3998s this is bad it's a William he has no
4001s Escape wow I'm actually surprised I
4003s don't chase here yat going yat going
4005s look right above them too there's
4006s another team in Forest where does this
4008s William go oh my God okay E8 for now is
4011s going to let off on the chase cuz
4012s William is able to at least just walk
4014s away from that one but yeah team speaka
4017s they may have had some really good early
4019s game kills but their mid game right now
4021s looking absolutely devastating they uh
4023s quite literally don't even have a mid
4026s game if you want to really put it that
4027s way their credit count still looking
4029s dire at the moment as well yeah and
4031s William is kind of stuck in force so
4034s he's just going to have to sit there and
4036s yeah Dina actually going to get a lot of
4038s damage onto NY here nice sanguin Javelin
4042s from jumo so that looks like team team
4046s saber will just have to walk away okay
4049s all right all right all right let's take
4051s a look at the map State as it is the way
4053s that the zones for the moment is looking
4056s to be if you're sitting inside of police
4059s station there's a benefit and there's
4061s also a negative you're kind of isolated
4063s far away from the map cuz all of your
4064s hyper Loops are super far away but at
4066s the same time you're never going to have
4068s to watch Your Flank which is the slight
4069s benefit it seems to be a bit of a u
4072s shaped Zone opening right yeah this
4074s one's uh pretty unique
4076s um final Zone oh no I the Y will end the
4080s falling as well sa going to be able to
4082s pick that one up fromen but yeah it's
4084s not looking good for team speaka Yan
4086s only on 140 credits William only on 130
4090s and we only have the William generating
4092s uh passive uh credits now and I think
4094s he's still stuck in Forest I'm not sure
4096s if he if he's moved out of that Forest
4097s Spot yet but yeah it's not looking too
4100s good for that
4101s team oh there he is he's he's moving
4104s down can see te yeah he's coming down to
4107s the chapel but like you said this is the
4110s unique um like U type shape um map so
4114s yeah we will have a lot of zones that
4115s are isolated on the on the top side yeah
4118s even asides from that as well I mean
4119s once you get stuck in a corner like this
4121s you're not safe down goes Mama down goes
4123s team
4124s speaka yeah team speaka unfortunately
4126s falling out eight but I mean four kills
4128s is not too bad getting four kills four
4130s points to himself I don't know how they
4131s did in the previous game or I I don't
4133s really remember but um yeah that is is
4136s that that has got to hurt you know that
4137s has got to hurt yeah they did get a lot
4139s of kills I remember there was that was
4140s the team that won battles but they had
4142s like a really disproportionate about of
4144s of actual kills and Battle Zone kills
4146s was like 7 eight or something so not a
4148s bad spot for them to be in necessarily
4150s right although game eight uh game two I
4153s should say it looked pretty bad I don't
4157s I'll be I'll be a little bit pessimistic
4158s here because I kind of want to be
4159s realistic when it comes to ER we've been
4161s there before this is just the worst
4163s place to be in right you just don't have
4165s a mid game and even if you do get the
4166s resurrect back I mean what are you
4170s really I just have to play for third
4172s party at that point and kind of let the
4173s game play for itself y can't really you
4176s know fight other teams but unfortunately
4178s they even get the opportunity to do that
4179s as you know they all end up
4181s falling but uh yeah we have two teams
4184s here team inin versus Team Asher luminal
4187s maybe going to look for an angle here we
4189s do see P's item he's on four gold so I
4193s think both teams are probably around
4194s equal items as they are are both
4196s postering up here but the rain of the
4197s does end up going through sh taking so
4199s much damage does end up going through
4201s and the Lenny is the one who actually
4202s falls a great lock down from the Felix
4204s and the Nikki I think they both ended up
4206s jumping on top and is the one to drop
4209s there and on the other side we do
4211s actually have Team Asher coming out on
4212s top actually taking two members from
4215s Team inin here and the Kenneth is going
4217s to walk up into Temple to call them back
4219s in yeah they will end up losing 500
4221s credits and we have another fight here
4225s you know actually flashing forward here
4226s the ultimate does end up coming wide
4229s going to try doing some damage but Dina
4231s actually going to kind of deny that and
4233s the Eva does actually get shut down from
4235s the Felix and do actually end up trading
4238s douchi man though oh wow the the dashes
4243s the ease coming out from Felix is that
4244s it's not going to be enough though as uh
4247s Bowzer is going to has super yeah going
4250s to have to look for something here does
4252s getting does actually get a lot of
4253s damage oh my God trying Force this he's
4256s trying to force it I mean he has to
4257s right neory is just barely getting
4259s enough Health here as well buta he's on
4261s rotation he's trying to get the Stars
4263s those end up getting you wait he gets
4265s the kill oh my God wait airine is going
4268s though daa he doesn't
4271s know oh I think he does and he is going
4273s to actually have to get away here but
4276s there's nowhere to Res he's going he's
4277s going to have to Res school but I don't
4278s think they have enough credits to call
4279s everyone actually I think they do have
4280s enough credit just to call Bar yeah yeah
4283s I think I think they're going to be able
4284s to get all of them back in oh my Dina
4287s has bought enough time though right and
4289s another fight this time around it's the
4290s wick team uhoh not looking good where is
4293s the IR she's coming in a little bit late
4295s but down goes the heart okay play is
4298s available Isaac is dead umu has to do
4300s something Giga here but doesn't able to
4302s get it solar is still dishing out damage
4305s nemory is about to pop 40 seconds for
4307s team Oho to try to get resurrect back
4309s but look at the mini map there were
4311s pings made by the team already res team
4313s sa now look they have the camera
4316s wait a second go to go now what is this
4322s game wait there is going to be Pig
4323s though I think maybe saber knows yeah
4325s saber does end up hearing the pings and
4327s they will walk over oh God aine going to
4329s try to do something here going to take a
4331s lot of damage the protol does end up
4333s coming down going to try looking for an
4335s angle here and looks like yeah they're
4337s just going to run away and everyone is
4339s still back
4341s up oh team saber saying hey we're not
4344s going to try that again a little bit too
4346s risky at the stage because we don't have
4347s any resurrects available now that we've
4349s hit day number five but this does put a
4351s big damper onto team bnk fx's
4354s aggressiveness right with two members
4355s down on the W line now that's pretty
4359s big yeah but the Jenny still has it and
4361s it looks like I don't think team FX
4364s knows there's a third team uh in the
4365s area yeah looks like yeah Sabre does end
4369s up showing themselves so they don't want
4371s to take any fights here as yeah there's
4372s just too many teams it's too risky to
4374s take fights but um the Zone's closing so
4377s these teams have to trickle on in are
4379s you going to eat red or you going to
4381s just brute force your way in and if you
4382s do who's going to be the team that get
4384s sandwich and who's the one that can
4385s actually deal with this I love the
4387s positioning right now from Team saber
4389s and I love the decision coming through
4391s from FX right this is exactly what you
4392s need to do just make the decision and
4394s you have to leave that Sandwich Spot cuz
4396s you cannot risk getting third partied
4398s and sandwiched by an Ava and a Cathy no
4401s less right like those two are probably
4403s some of the worst characters to get
4404s sandwi with because the capabilities of
4406s those two bursting you down
4407s instantaneously is way too
4410s big yeah but I think it looks like saber
4414s might hold the choke no I think they do
4416s realize there's two teams behind them so
4417s it actually end up you know giving up
4419s the choke but uh yeah we have four teams
4422s actually here in this Chapel final Zone
4425s Asher does end up seeing you know they
4427s should see on Console there is like a
4429s lot of teams you know trickling in and
4431s yeah looks like they are going to walk
4433s together maybe down to factory
4436s okay all these teams just looking to get
4438s into final zone right they're just
4439s planning on waiting it on until the end
4441s our final two zones will as a matter of
4443s fact be chapel and Factory for game
4446s number two um quite an interesting set
4450s of final zones right I mean it's not too
4452s close but the addition of factory makes
4454s it a little bit more breathable for a
4456s lot of these teams we have six teams
4457s left and it's a huge Zone there can be a
4459s lot of teams sitting inside that zone
4461s without necessarily having to fight each
4462s other but what that means is that the
4464s team inside Chapel as long as they're
4465s able to hold it they don't have to deal
4467s with a lot of those teams that are going
4468s to be sitting there yeah Jenny still has
4471s Wick so you know getting any amount of
4472s poke damage here will be a lot I don't
4475s know I don't know who has a console in
4477s the zone is it FX it looks like oh I
4480s think they see Asher could of tried to
4482s come grab I think it is fix that does
4484s end up controlling the console so they
4485s could see a lot of these teams sa on the
4487s bottom side they're actually staying out
4488s of vision making sure you know they're
4490s in that blind spot of the console going
4492s to be able to take down some cams here
4494s clear out some vision
4496s but yeah six Team final Zone final
4499s temporary Zone it is going to be actic
4500s yeah now just looking for their
4502s individual Corners to sit in right and
4504s exactly as I said Factory going to be a
4506s little bit of a safe haven for these
4507s teams going into our temporary zones but
4510s there's only two at the moment it seems
4512s like a lot of teams sitting inside a
4513s chample right now because they know how
4515s important that zone is going to be and
4517s there's a lot of a choke points inside
4520s of factory to get into that temporary
4522s zone so it's a little bit more dangerous
4523s up against these very very um dangerous
4525s Mages control Mages let's just say but
4528s yeah they're starting to trickle on into
4529s Factory now because there just isn't
4531s that much space to work with inside a
4532s chapel this makes complete sense yeah we
4535s might have another situation where you
4537s know teams just fought outside of the
4539s temporary zone taking a
4541s 3v3 uh because you actually don't really
4544s risk anything cuz if you do end up
4545s killing the team you do get 30 seconds
4547s back and then you could come contest for
4548s you know the final temporary Zone but um
4552s yeah I don't know if uh I don't know
4554s which team will be the one to control
4556s the Zone but I think if the one that is
4558s going to control the zone is going to
4559s lose because look at how many teams are
4561s over it look at how many teams over it I
4563s think what you do here is you control
4565s the zone for like 5 to 10 seconds and
4566s then leave right just so you have timer
4568s advantage and then look for a third
4570s party cuz otherwise you're just on every
4572s side there's one to there's one above
4574s them there's one to the left and there's
4575s one to the right and if they all come
4577s together uh it's not going to look good
4579s for FX but um they have a way out right
4581s now there you go the temporary Zone does
4584s end up hitting here FX is does hold the
4586s zone for 5 seconds so they do have timer
4587s advantage over the other teams they're
4589s leaving and good yeah yeah that is what
4591s you want to see you know they have the
4593s full timer here and all the other teams
4595s now are forced in because they're the
4597s ones that don't have the full timer and
4599s the timer is is full red so all the all
4601s the teams are taking timer right now Y
4603s and all the fights are happening all at
4605s the same time there are total of what 12
4607s players inside of this area about a POP
4609s down goes x boy down he goes kill
4611s credits are going to be important here
4613s it's going to be team CH SE picking up
4614s all these kills look at the timer on the
4616s side of bnk 8 seconds left on the side
4618s of the Isaac down he goes down goes the
4620s irm as well s are going to try to do
4622s damage but it's not going to work and
4624s again CH is going to be our two teams
4628s left and saber down two members so CH is
4631s going to be able to close it out here
4633s but yeah looks like they were able to
4635s get the last hits on all those players
4637s just going be able to farm so much timer
4640s and yeah that's going to be it I don't
4642s think saber here is going to have any
4644s chance it's going to be a 23
4646s but you know if there's anyone who could
4647s do it it's Dena on this on thisa
4649s character yeah and bzero I think is
4652s actually a really good match up into
4654s whatever team CH SE has at the moment
4657s right because the Felix is going to have
4659s a good amount of control inside the
4661s fight but the priority for this team has
4663s to be killing the Jenny as well as the
4665s Lenny is it going to be the Lenny First
4667s or is it going to be the Jenny first if
4669s you kill the Jenny then there is not
4671s that much damage left on the side of
4672s Team CH yes but the annoyance of the
4674s Lenny m give enough time for whether the
4676s Jenny to sell fres or the Nikki to get
4679s the resurrect off who do you opt to go
4681s for they do end up I think losing I like
4684s this they actually no no no they won the
4686s 5050 but they came in the bush for a
4689s vision play here I really like this yeah
4691s cuz I think this team will end up
4692s walking in they did C see the call in as
4694s well so kill the kill the I wonder if
4696s they will they're the wrong things they
4698s don't check the bush and down to half HP
4700s they will they get here oh my God the
4703s sustain from Lenny it's way too much the
4705s play popping here oh but the stun from
4709s Lenny yeah the play dead is just too
4713s much for team saber and you see here
4716s going to be able to close it out but
4717s yeah very nice attempt from saber
4719s actually was able to pop uh the play
4721s that at least from JY oh my goodness GG
4724s is going to team 2C they're going to be
4726s able to make up for that second place
4728s spot in game number one by coming back
4730s and saying hey we deserve that first
4732s place spot 14 kills for that team as
4734s well G is called out to them but can I
4737s just say that trumpet from the Lenny
4740s absolutely saved that fight because if
4742s the Jenny Falls there there is no damage
4744s and we know about the fighting
4746s capabilities of Adena with her healing
4748s Stars over and over and over again
4750s extend the fights working out in favor
4752s of that character too so what a great
4754s trumpet coming through from was it
4757s senine I think was their name so
4759s absolutely incredible game that we saw
4761s from both of those teams I mean that is
4763s exactly what saber needed to do and in
4766s hindsight maybe it would have been
4767s better if they waited for the Lenny but
4769s they just took the opportunity as soon
4771s as they saw it right tried to burst down
4772s the Jenny but the healing was there the
4774s pull was there like yeah it probably
4777s could have gone a bit better but that's
4779s as fast as you're probably going to get
4784s yeah I'm surprised you know the Jenny
4785s did it up I think she threw the queue
4788s but still walked forward so wasn't
4789s really cautious about the bushes I think
4792s in those uh scenarios because of how you
4794s know
4796s um you you play those final zones right
4798s a lot of teams you know they will end up
4800s you know giving up the final Zone tank
4801s red timer to got to get these Vision
4803s plays got to make sure you know you're
4805s always you know aware of these s of
4807s vision plays especially since they did
4808s end up actually walking over to hospital
4810s to call in so they actually gave up
4811s their position to the other team yeah
4813s they were checking a lot of places that
4815s weren't that bush I don't know if you
4816s saw it but there was a Recon drone
4818s thrown into the mutant dog pit inside a
4820s cemetery so they were trying to check
4822s for things but it just wasn't the
4824s correct place
4825s to check and even if that was coming
4828s through from the side of Team saber
4829s right maybe they were the ones that
4830s threw it just to see if that team
4832s decided to walk through Cemetery instead
4834s you can still see that right from the
4836s side of Team two seat so maybe playing a
4839s little bit more off of vision if that
4841s was the case would have been or
4842s information I should say not Vision in
4845s that case would have been a bit of a
4846s smarter player there but in the end the
4847s result still goes in favor of Team CH SE
4849s and they don't even lose a member for it
4851s so team saber just going to fall down
4853s two Z in favor of team to see they don't
4855s lose anybody don't give away any points
4857s 14 kills first place they're going to be
4859s comfortable riding in the game three
4861s four yeah they are in a really nice spot
4863s for themselves especially since they did
4865s have a nice uh showing in game number
4867s two as well you know they didn't really
4869s have any kills until the very end but
4871s they did end up securing seven kills I
4873s think and you know second place as well
4875s so yeah they are going to be in a
4877s fantastic lead forsel maybe even almost
4880s securing them spot uh themselves you
4882s know at top two or even at least in the
4884s top six right just as top for sure top
4886s six for sure top six for sure at this
4888s stage unless something completely
4891s interesting happens cuz as we know from
4893s games one and two so far is that these
4895s teams really like to fight and with the
4897s reintroduction of eon coming through in
4899s game number three and Felix being banned
4902s right we talked about this at the start
4903s of game number two Felix was the biggest
4905s Crux of of eon in game number one with
4909s his cancels on a lot of the dashes
4911s coming through and his resarch just
4912s getting canceled out so we'll see if is
4915s the Eon going to be a little bit too
4917s difficult to stop in game number three
4918s but for now let's take a look at the
4920s scores after game number two 22 points
4923s for team CHC just off of this game alone
4927s miles ahead of all the other teams a
4929s saber sitting in second place with 12
4931s not a bad result from them as well but I
4933s mean CH see this is just a whole
4934s different story a team that went from
4937s zero to seven kills in a matter of
4939s minutes in game number one to a team
4941s that just completely dominated and
4943s played the macro fight well at the
4944s finals Zone in game number
4946s two yeah 10 points above second place
4949s you know just able to just collect so
4951s many kills in that final Zone cuz they
4953s were able to you know get the last hits
4956s on you know all those players that were
4958s exploding very very nice for them to be
4961s in this position and yeah we I mean we
4963s also have Asher in third place as well
4965s with eight kills you know Asher we did
4967s see you know in the first game they did
4969s end up you know placing last but you
4971s know them coming out in game number two
4974s getting eight kills for they will have a
4977s nice 10 points and yeah looks like
4978s they're only one points behind um inan
4980s here as uh yeah ju SE with 35 points and
4985s FX with 19 but if you look at third
4987s fourth and fifth 18 points all tied
4990s together so you know the second place
4992s spot is still open for anyone to take
4994s it's too close for comfort for any of
4996s these teams really for CH seed of course
4998s they're going to be relatively safe when
4999s it comes to at least the top six spots
5001s but I don't think they can at least
5002s breathe easy just yet for the top two
5005s we'll wait on what the result of that's
5007s going to look like but for everybody in
5009s second to sixth place you need to have
5013s decent games three and four otherwise
5015s you are going to be at the brink of
5017s elimination 18 to9 is definitely not a
5020s big score difference especially if these
5022s games are as volatile as we have seen so
5025s far yeah I mean still anyone's game to
5028s qualify it's only I think a two-o
5030s difference from last place to sixth
5032s place so yeah I mean any team team can
5035s still qualify here there's still two
5037s more games two more games is plenty as
5039s long as you have like a nice pop off
5040s game you will make it into top six but
5042s um yeah what a great first two games so
5045s far should be exactly we're going to go
5046s to a break here ladies and gentlemen
5048s we'll let these players get a break so
5049s for you guys out here go take a stretch
5051s grab a snack grab some water we'll see
5053s you guys back here in a few and see if
5054s any characters or players have changed
5056s in the meantime thank you thank care
5093s for
5097s fore foreign
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5303s foree
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5321s fore fore
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5351s youe Fore
5363s spee
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5393s Fore
5423s fore
5435s foree foreign
5453s foree
5455s fore
5460s foree
5471s fore for Fore
5507s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
5509s back to the turnover return Masters
5511s season 4 phase number one hope all of
5513s you had a fantastic break we were just
5516s talking we were having a little date to
5518s ourselves while we were on break so uh
5519s yeah you guys don't get to hear all that
5521s stuff it's just
5522s ours yeah I mean two games already done
5525s shui two more games for this group and
5527s then we have Group B you know msj's
5529s another group kind of excited to see you
5531s know what they're cooking up and you
5533s know all the other teams on that side as
5535s well yeah absolutely we're just slowly
5537s going into the I guess the end game for
5541s group a at the stage after these two
5543s games we will see which teams are moving
5544s straight to the finals which teams are
5546s moving into the wild cards tomorrow and
5549s which teams are going to be eliminated
5552s after the group stages for group a two
5554s teams will fall and we did see that I
5557s think it was team Asher and I actually
5559s forgot what the other team was for now
5561s but yeah either way two teams will fall
5563s two teams will move on to the finals and
5565s the rest is going to be moving on into
5567s the wild cards but super I believe we
5569s should just start getting into the game
5572s now so let's see what ends up happening
5574s for game number three yeah I'm excited
5577s to see you know if there are going to be
5580s echon bands again and oh it looks like
5583s Roser is going to be subbed in with the
5585s sua sua coming back it looks like they
5587s will be you know playing their winning
5590s comp that that they did end up winning
5592s on last season actually it looks like
5593s it's going to be Jenny instead oh wait
5595s no they are going to pick the Cella yeah
5597s okay that's an interesting take on this
5600s so quite interesting that we are going
5602s to see something like this right because
5604s henar of course is like the Cilla
5607s fishing AO as I've mentioned several
5608s times in the past you've been playing a
5610s lot of different characters as of late
5611s as well this is a bit different than
5614s what we've seen so far in this uh in the
5616s series for SAR does seem like we're
5619s going to see a little bit of a lasted
5621s pick rate on that Eon from the looks of
5623s it as well look at that oh Satan is was
5627s he playing before or no it's not Kathy
5629s man's going to be or douchi man I should
5630s say is going to be SED out for s satin's
5633s coming in with hen as well I don't I
5636s don't we haven't really seen heden that
5637s much in ERM so I'm kind of excited for
5639s this yeah remember that five Omens
5641s doesn't hit animals anymore so the
5643s fighting capabilities of heden up
5645s against actual test subjects has gotten
5648s instrumentally so much better I should
5650s say with that but a lot of people have
5653s said that it's very difficult to get
5655s used to right because it's been in the
5656s game for so long the five wom and
5658s animals so if saan is able to get
5661s adjusted to this I think his team should
5663s be fine it's it's essentially the same
5665s thing as Cathy but you're never really
5667s in any danger necessarily as the hon
5669s unless you full send it in and it's been
5671s a while since we've seen Satan in a
5673s competitive setting so I'm really
5674s excited to see if he still got what it
5676s takes to you know what he what he needs
5679s to do on the
5680s head yeah looks like we I don't I don't
5682s think we have actually any banss here
5684s since bum did end up subing out you know
5685s we do have Ros or yeah Rosner coming in
5688s playing Su instead so only two eons so
5691s maybe it was just a fluke you know maybe
5693s uh maybe all the Aon players are just in
5695s group a sh be yeah it does seem to be
5698s the case here but that does mean going
5701s into game four we won't have a single
5703s ban actually right so that's very fun to
5706s see we're going to be able to see a
5707s completely open Lobby Felix is going to
5709s be able to come back which I wouldn't be
5712s surprised if he does end up actually
5714s seeing at least one or two character
5716s right oh my God already yep yeah we're
5718s like 10 seconds into this game and x boy
5721s here already taking half his HP nice
5723s Jukes there s going to be able to root
5725s up the Dina and yeah looks like Expo
5727s just going to be able to walk on out of
5729s there but yeah we're like 30 seconds Ina
5731s only has purple or yeah blue weapon and
5734s a purple helmet and wow we already
5736s dealing so much damage onto xboy I mean
5739s you know Bianca also taking a bunch of
5741s HP just from using their abilities as
5743s well so yeah trying to look for that
5745s early game kill but just not able to
5747s find it yeah I think early on though
5750s Adena if I remember correctly is
5752s guaranteed at least a certain set or a
5754s certain
5755s number yeah luminal oh wow he's on that
5759s that we'll talk about that later but um
5761s the star conun oh not star conun but sun
5764s conjunct does a lot of damage even at
5765s level one so not too surprised to see
5768s that Adena be aggressive but yeah can we
5770s talk about luminal Theo first
5773s time he has never played not shichi I
5776s don't think right so it's very
5778s surprising but you know shichi just not
5780s being meta right now you know he's
5781s basically kind of forced to swap and
5783s adapt to his team so yeah I mean
5787s sometimes you know you have to make
5788s these sacrifices especially when you are
5790s playing professional so yeah I mean it's
5793s good to see you know lumino play a
5794s different character but it's also you
5795s know kind of sad at the same time right
5797s because you know he is like like the
5799s shuichi player in Korea but you know
5802s when times are tough uh in the meta you
5805s know you got to do what you got to do
5806s especially if you want to compete at the
5807s very top yeah the thing that I'm much
5809s more worried about that team as Airline
5811s will probably get taken down here is
5813s that without the shuichi and putting the
5816s theor in play here instead the way that
5819s team always int is going to want to play
5822s fights drastically changes of course
5825s Theo's still really good in fights
5826s especially post level 60 when you do
5828s have the level three um energy blast
5830s wave but even then it's not shichu right
5834s the out playay capabilities aren't
5836s necessarily going to be there as a
5837s crutch for that team it's going to be a
5838s lot more of the standard front to back
5840s as the Kenneth I think is going to be
5842s the bigger star in this team composition
5844s position more so than the
5846s Theo yeah but um you know we've seen
5849s this comp you know time and time again
5850s you know double front line plus the Theo
5852s definitely works wonders here if they
5854s are able to you know peel this Theodore
5856s really well and they are able to get
5858s some nice engage here the Stella
5859s actually going to Al in from uh far
5862s luminal does end up hitting the sex bomb
5864s here going to be able to try to keep
5866s their front liners alive going to be
5867s able to deal
5868s damage does up getting hit but the cut
5871s the Cuda coming out actually going to be
5873s able to land on the two front liners
5874s here and looks like the kenet will
5877s actually end up dropping here and the
5879s Stell as well so wow very very well
5881s played from Team saber actually you know
5884s the Yuki coming out big for that team
5886s yeah but this doesn't really spell
5887s anything on the side of Team always in
5889s as I said you do want to try getting the
5891s late game at level one energy blast
5893s field doesn't really give Theo any it
5896s does right but it's not that beneficial
5898s right you do want to at least see it
5899s being level two for the Theo fighting
5902s capabilities to start really Shining in
5904s these fights and for Kenneth this early
5906s on in the game he's going to have a
5907s tough time dealing with those double
5909s control Mages on the backside too so
5911s this is this was a little bit bound to
5913s happen just with the compositions
5914s between the two always in t being forced
5916s into a fight in that situation a little
5918s bit unfortunate but they get out of
5921s their alive two kills on the side of
5922s Team saver a great way to start with a
5924s double control Mage composition should
5927s see them slowly but surely St their way
5929s into the late game pretty smoothly as
5931s well this comp is very difficult to
5933s fight
5934s yeah just having so much poke so much CC
5937s you know the Yuki able to you know
5939s follow up with the Cuda Gro as well if
5940s they are able to lock down one member so
5943s I'm kind of curious to see you know how
5945s they play this and how they they sort of
5947s snowball their comp here and it looks
5950s like do have slasher here going to play
5952s for the tree over going to try looking
5956s for the Cella maybe try to get an
5957s ultimate Rosner on the backside though
5959s going to try looking for xite but uh the
5960s interrupt coming up from Pio very very
5963s well played looks like Rosner will
5964s actually fall here yeah it looks like
5968s Roser a little too split from their team
5971s but the interrupt from the P able to
5973s knock up Rosner while he was you know in
5976s his Dash very very well played VX going
5978s to lose Rosner so they will actually
5980s have to split up and yeah it is a little
5983s unfortunate beautiful split with the re
5985s of the vampire queen 2o right you might
5987s not get the damage out on everybody with
5989s that re of the vampire queen but it's
5990s the team split that you're looking for
5992s and you saw everybody just turn their
5994s attention towards the Su immediately too
5996s well done coming through from that team
5998s they will be able to pick up the tree of
6000s life as a another fight coming in right
6003s the Vampire Queen Sol are in a whole
6005s trouble will get taken down before any
6007s through and bnk they're going to be
6010s dropping another two members now round
6012s two also going in favor of Team Asher as
6015s I looking the greatest situation of Team
6016s bnk FX with subing in Rosner just not
6020s mid game enough I guess I don't even
6022s want to say late game but not mid game
6023s game enough for that for that sua to
6026s really be a threat into any of these
6027s team just yet yeah I'm surprised as did
6030s end up you know throwing a que and tried
6031s to look to fight the team because raser
6033s wasn't alive yet so and then when he
6035s does respawn he was half HP so just not
6038s able to really find their footing in
6039s this game but you know if there's any
6041s team that could come back it is you know
6042s team FX um they just need to you know
6045s try to combo their CC like they used to
6047s do looks like they just need to find the
6049s groove in this game quite funny for a
6051s lot of people right now oh actually in
6054s but onto a Nikki right it's not exactly
6056s the target you're looking for but here
6058s we go the PED out another R of the
6061s vampire queen coming in and another down
6064s member of Team fear X these vampire
6066s queens are really putting on a show up
6069s against the members of this team oh it's
6071s going to be the Double B to clap in down
6074s goes Nia who also I think got subed in
6077s for team slasher here um was n here I
6080s don't think he was so think so but
6084s yeah they were able to shut down the irm
6086s but you know just using everything in
6087s the tank to kill the irm they were able
6089s to capitalize but the damage coming out
6091s from Evil looks like all three members
6093s are actually forced to flash away and
6095s yeah saber here actually going to give
6097s up the Battle Zone but we do actually
6099s have uh I think FX walking in so they
6102s will actually have to fight for the
6105s beach Battle Zone there and it looks
6106s like we do have the KET here from always
6108s in Chun does end up getting caught by
6112s juic there as he he does end up going
6114s down and here we go we do have the bone
6115s fight here nice pull here comes the
6117s CC no the Su not able to connect the
6120s second book mark But the damage coming
6123s out from the poking down the Eva down to
6126s half HP and yeah look at HP difference
6128s to Cella getting poke uh back themsel
6131s there on half HP taking the dash forward
6133s here but yeah the heart just able to
6136s dash away and I don't think they they
6139s are going to be able to come back here
6142s so two for one or sorry a 2v3 and yeah
6145s the timers are ticking heart is just
6147s going to dash forward here and yeah it
6150s is just going to be o they're just going
6153s to be able to get a nice M for themsel
6155s and claim the beach Battle Zone and
6157s that's the problem with Su sometimes
6159s right especially in the earlier stages
6160s of the game if she goes in like that and
6162s misses everything well she doesn't
6164s really have a way out cuz she can't
6165s reset her cool down so unfortunately
6167s there for team pnk they exactly as you
6170s said just are not being able to find any
6172s footing in this game it's always those
6174s re of the vampire queens for that team
6177s that they're having to deal with over
6178s and over again when when you have
6180s something like a su when you have
6181s something like an irm that decides to
6183s fully commit it to a fight yeah you're
6184s going to eat that so quite unfortunate
6186s for this team hopefully they figure out
6188s a way to deal with that soon cuz one
6190s kill at the moment might not look bad
6191s but with the way that their game's going
6192s so far they don't have a late game right
6195s now I think they're calling in right now
6197s I think they might have not been able to
6199s get their call in for before the Battle
6201s Zone so maybe they were like slight on a
6202s weaker end
6204s but um yeah I mean they did get a lot of
6206s poke damage they just have to play you
6207s know their poke game a little slow but
6208s you know teams but there are a lot of
6210s teams that could just you know kind of
6211s all in and send it on them which is uh
6214s which is a problem right for like a poke
6216s type
6216s team so yeah they are going to have to
6220s you know try to find any answers you
6222s know for this Lobby and it looks like
6225s they might be running into team Asher
6226s here E8 actually on the side here ooh
6230s the pull actually goes a little wide
6231s here but the charm does end up going to
6233s spell sh does end up coming out Queen on
6235s the here as rner actually dashes into
6237s the console unfortunately I don't think
6240s that's is what you want to see but uh
6243s yeah looks like PX going to drop another
6246s member and that one is going to be a
6247s minus 250 Rosner going to be able to get
6249s back up as he did end up dying before
6252s the day three Mark so yeah they just
6254s only going to lose 250 but you know it
6256s is still something here another of the
6257s vampire queen with the on the Nikki
6260s ultimate just able to find the de or
6263s very very well played from Team slasher
6266s another fight on this side here as uh
6269s the Eon just going in onto o wo here the
6272s forcefield does end up coming through
6274s he's just able to LIF through everything
6275s is able to kill the Eva I think we can
6278s see why this pick is uh is showing up
6281s here as yeah he is not dying with this
6283s Lenny he refuses to die and the thing is
6286s SEI actually couldn't get a reset in the
6288s earlier stages of the fight but he was
6290s able to reset and get more cool down as
6293s well well as more of his gauge as well
6295s The Peacemaker was good but it only
6297s isolated the Eva up against the match up
6299s into the ekon that is never a good spot
6301s you want to be in that big bus
6304s definitely messing with Team o at the
6307s moment so not exactly greatest look at
6310s that moment but it will be a bit of a r
6312s coming through there we go all three
6313s members back up and Alive team speaka
6315s Mama Can't Jump the wall wait a second
6317s doesn't get pulled back in with the
6318s charm but o only only a single subex
6322s there and not having the wall there to
6324s get the spread so just not going to be
6326s able to um you know kind of uh resend it
6330s there but you know are they were able to
6332s dissuade team saber from
6334s Chason and yeah team Spa going to be
6336s able to get on out of there and on the
6339s other side here we do have um J here is
6342s going to be able to call in while team
6344s Asher going to walk on over to that
6347s hotel
6348s box okay okay okay 25 seconds left here
6352s we go jbp looking for end up missing a
6355s lot of the sparkes but now bnk forx
6357s again in a really awkward spot right now
6358s they're trying to take the white L but
6360s their team is split apart and they're
6361s eating the lasers like no tomorrow
6364s they're grouped up right now Mama
6365s setting their sights on towards H will
6367s get taken down the Rosner s just doesn't
6370s seem to be working at the moment
6372s super yeah it's a little unfortunate you
6375s know there are they're going to be down
6376s another 250 credit here but on other
6378s side we do have always inung here trying
6380s to look for an angle yeah we're actually
6382s able to lock down s there a great seex
6386s from Lon actually able to catch him out
6388s and yeah they were just able to lock him
6389s down and the bomb Oh my God that was a
6392s little scary shui the bomb actually
6395s ended up hitting Dena but Dena you know
6397s does end up flashing on or blinking on
6400s out of there sorry and yeah it looks
6402s like they will actually end up losing
6404s two members and team saber will be um
6407s having to spend 500 credits but on the
6409s other side FX actually finding their
6411s fting they were actually able to I think
6413s find maybe two or three kills there from
6415s Team Spa so they're kind of looking back
6418s uh they're looking like they're going to
6419s be back into it shui yeah we'll finally
6421s be able to lock some people down but
6423s it's up against a team that really
6424s doesn't have that much mobility in this
6426s game right oh this is not looking good
6427s team Spa is going to be forced to walk
6429s through it but it's a len she has sex
6432s bomb on her and down she goes jbp also
6434s locked down again down he goes and look
6437s at that credit just SP yep oh that's
6441s minus 1,000 in a short span of a couple
6444s minutes and they don't have the economy
6446s they don't have the bank to back that up
6449s yeah they just bought back the f is on
6451s 170 credits look at the the or look at
6453s the Lenox both 10 credits it is not
6455s looking good for team speaka here their
6457s first two game performances were not
6459s that bad but the introduction of f
6461s seeming to make it a little bit
6462s difficult for that team right now as
6464s well so a lot of teams actually opting
6466s to change their compositions change
6468s their players around and it's seeming to
6470s actually hurt them a lot more than it
6472s seems to help them use usually these
6473s intermissions bring in a lot of new
6475s factors which actually benefit the teams
6477s that change things around but for right
6479s now the teams that are changing things
6480s around they're the ones hurting the
6483s most well I mean you know the other
6485s teams or or the teams that did end up
6487s changing probably weren't doing like as
6489s well so you know they were looking maybe
6491s to try to find an answer here but yeah
6494s um it's probably gotten I think a little
6496s bit worse for them but I mean who knows
6500s you know the game's not over yet there's
6501s still some time maybe they could bring
6503s it around here FX you know is kind of
6505s back into the game cuz since they did
6506s end up getting you know a couple kills
6508s on their end but yeah I think team
6510s speaka the f as fcking little
6515s dude okay slowly moving on though right
6519s the game still has to go on it is day
6521s number four the f is still alive right
6523s it I mean might not amount to much
6525s because she most likely won't be able to
6527s Res her entire team unless she reses now
6529s and starts getting really lucky but bu
6532s just on their edge of the feet at the
6535s moment this
6536s is tough FX might be forcing the
6539s situation to fight up against team
6541s always in they're looking to take the
6543s thing out that's going to be a triple
6544s knock up but it won't matter yet I mean
6547s a good attempt from narmo but he can't
6549s push anybody right that's that's the big
6550s thing there knock it's just a knock up
6552s it just pushes them up so if they're all
6553s on the jump pad then they still will get
6555s away but we do have team slasher here
6559s maybe going to try to look for something
6560s theer wall is and ended up getting
6562s placed down
6564s and it looks like they are going to back
6565s away here quite unfortunate quite
6568s unfortunate okay still the game is a
6571s little bit stable now all of these teams
6573s just looking for opportunities but with
6574s Wick line spawning in the forest that
6577s stability is going to immediately go
6579s sideways there are three teams sitting
6581s inside the Zone not sure which team has
6583s full information with the CCT right now
6586s but they did see that team seven is
6588s walking in oh save just missed the Q so
6591s he doesn't know he will be able to get
6593s out of there sebie oh my goodness he
6595s missed he missed the dry bite that that
6598s would have been that could have been
6598s catastrophic if he wasn't
6600s neon yeah he's just really really tank
6603s he on black mamb as well so he can't
6605s really get you know bursted down here
6607s but it looks like d actually going to
6608s rip the wick line here and we do have
6610s two teams in force by the way looks like
6612s they are just shredding it though as
6615s should have normally just deal so much
6616s damage and they just going to be able to
6617s get it for free as no other team
6619s actually wants to come contest and team
6622s Asher maybe going to look for an go o o
6623s wo on the bottom side here maybe going
6625s to try to lock down saber but no looks
6628s like they will be able to get away here
6629s console was taken by FX so every team
6632s should know you know another team has
6634s console here so they need to play a
6635s little
6638s cautious I'm surprised that went so
6641s smoothly though I really did not expect
6643s Wick line of all things still eight
6644s teams yeah with eight teams alive to be
6647s that smooth but um we say eight teams
6650s but there's a team that's still kind of
6652s and didn't really they're not going to
6654s get enough credits like like there's no
6656s way so it's going to be on a Twan maybe
6659s Fior and Theo can maybe look for a third
6661s party get some kills here but here comes
6662s the rain of the vampire queen going to
6664s be able to land on all three but it's
6665s not enough damage here as looks like the
6669s Kenneth is actually going to be able to
6670s trade one for one but uh yeah the damage
6673s coming out from luminol and you know
6675s from the Stella just going to be able to
6676s shut them down and yeah team slasher
6679s going to be down two members going to
6682s only be able to as one if they can look
6684s for it but I don't think they're going
6685s to be able to get it off here mhm quite
6687s brutal quite brutal it's day number five
6690s so yep these time kind of locked down
6693s doesn't even have enough timer to deal
6695s with it right I mean even if they had
6697s creds there's no way Po's going to be
6698s able to do it and get on out of there so
6700s y another team that's going to be stuck
6702s with one member alive this time around
6704s at least team speaka sitting on two and
6706s it's quite important members as well
6708s level 16 hit for the Theos hun are
6710s almost got caught out again the Cilla
6713s has been on razer's edge in this game so
6716s far but another
6717s third what the heck is happening it's
6720s not good for saber here they're getting
6722s a lot of poke onto this team the Cel all
6724s does end up coming through as well so uh
6727s juc tier does end up or they shouldn't
6730s know there's another team wait a second
6731s they're actually just chilling in the
6733s very edge of the corner here but I think
6736s that Adena um Sun conju definitely do
6740s know now and look at the damage just
6742s getting poked down by this Jenny by the
6745s Eon by this Lenny the spring trap comes
6747s through uh the Yuki though not going to
6749s be able to oh wait the ultimate I think
6751s the Jenny actually jumped in but s also
6755s jumped in and they both actually go down
6756s so they trade one for one wait a second
6758s looks like the the fight has turned uh
6761s back and forth two times and yeah Dina
6764s trying to do some damage here but just
6765s not going to be enough as it's Aon The
6767s Last One Alive he's trying to save it
6769s he's trying to save it sebie trying to
6771s do whatever he can right now keep
6773s everything alive Cho
6776s it but what does SEI have he has nothing
6779s he has nothing he doesn't have resets he
6782s doesn't have a health bar left he
6783s doesn't have a shield he's got nothing
6785s in his team is left picking up the
6787s scraps but his teammates are Just sh OB
6790s but lety got taken
6791s out yeah we know FX you know they have
6795s like probably the best macro play in
6797s Korea just able to find you know these
6798s angles and just know you know when these
6800s teams are fighting it's able to
6802s capitalize on that you know despite them
6803s being down so many items Ros are only
6805s sitting on the holy orders but you know
6807s they were able to pick up two kills in
6809s that uh encounter there quite
6811s unfortunate this is looking really
6812s really tough for a lot of these teams
6814s this is not the way that the first two
6816s games went right it was a lot of stable
6818s full teams going into the final couple
6820s zones and that's late game Eva for you I
6822s mean BX they are just not being able to
6825s they just not able to breathe at all in
6826s these games even the heart not sitting
6828s on a full transition slot although she
6830s is one of the most economy efficient
6832s characters in the game right now and you
6834s can see right now too right full B
6836s transition so far with the addition of
6838s Wonderful Tonight the fact that she
6840s doesn't have a fifth transition is
6842s massive yeah FX I'm pretty sure they're
6844s waiting here cuz they know or like they
6846s really want to call in they they're
6848s sitting on like 300 400 credits they
6850s need items right now so they're trying
6852s to wait for this team to leave so they
6853s can get this console but yeah looks like
6856s um Team oh or yeah they're just going to
6860s try to pressure FX here and the time is
6864s ticking the next day swap is coming and
6867s Chapel will be closed off so yeah
6868s there's not going to be able to to get
6869s any Goins not going to be done at all 56
6872s seconds now going in until these final
6874s two zones are going to pop and look at
6876s it again it is Pond and the cemetery are
6879s final uhoh favorite final two zones
6881s Rosner going to get isolated will get
6883s taken down E8 also trying to stay alive
6885s on himself although wait a second okay
6888s they're all just going to
6889s disengage down goes Rosner right want to
6893s play for this 2v2 wait a second there's
6894s also another R there there's a poo on
6896s the top side oh wait a second Cella is
6899s going to get jumped on here it's a 3v2
6902s actually and I think the P does actually
6904s end up picking that up but um yeah the
6907s third party is here as the full team of
6910s Asher is going to be able to pick up
6912s horrific and jbp will end up falling
6915s shortly oh my God it's tragic it is
6918s devastating for so many of these teams
6920s but they're having to deal with just
6921s whatever they're giving even on their
6923s hands right their cards have been dealt
6925s that's all they have to work with
6927s they're trying to do whatever they can
6928s too and now here we go oh okay that's a
6932s pretty cool position to be in stasis for
6935s n will get taken down it's going to be
6937s the first actual point in this entire
6939s game they don't have D they don't have
6940s Tim they have to walk so
6943s far they're going to contest the zone at
6945s only 10 seconds I do they have enough
6947s damage here to get a knock they needed
6948s to get a knock here looks like the
6950s random D Queen is going to come through
6952s they just going to kite back here yeah
6955s on one second and he's going to explode
6957s and there he goes then another one and
6959s it looks like yeah always inan going to
6963s be able to pick up a nice three kills
6965s for himself I'm surprised they pushed
6968s through I mean yeah maybe you have to
6970s look for it maybe you just hold the re
6971s of the vampire queen you have to push
6973s them out but not Chase through with them
6975s unfortunately as sure yeah will pop Nine
6977s Kills not bad of a result third place
6979s for themselves always in ch trying to
6982s pull the series back for themselves but
6984s on the other hand o doing the exact same
6987s thing and we've seen these two final
6988s zones before super time and time again
6991s who is going to be the one to win out on
6993s the 50/50 because so far these two teams
6995s not looking to take advantage of the
6996s each not looking to take advantage of
6998s each other at all and it's going to be
7001s that pawn final Zone but I still think
7004s that wait a second
7005s wa they're coming they're coming oh they
7008s don't have any control over the final
7010s Zone they lost it they gave it to the
7013s Eva that is devastating as they greeted
7016s some cins because you know they wanted
7018s to make sure they get some more items
7019s here but now even the heart have the
7022s final Zone control is going to be really
7024s rough but you know it is a Theodor if
7026s the Theodor is going to be able to find
7027s you know nice tempex alt angle maybe
7029s they could look to turn it here let's
7031s see what ends up happening oh can this
7034s team even push in luminol the moment he
7036s sends it he's got to dodge like every
7038s evil laser right otherwise he's going to
7040s get absolutely blown to pieces they're
7042s slowly pushing in they're actually
7043s getting a little bit of positioning here
7045s and it seems like the members oh there's
7046s the bomb there both of themers the
7050s perfect line the perfect damage sources
7052s Peacemaker cancell they got it they
7054s actually got it
7057s finds he gets a nice double SX bomb onto
7060s both backliners both heart and the Eva I
7063s think it might have hit heart and then
7064s it spread to the Eva and wow very very
7066s well played from BL just able to uh to
7069s come out big on Theodore you know a
7072s character we've never seen them play
7073s before absolutely massive but even
7076s bigger credits going over onto the
7077s members of Team Inon as well they tank
7080s the Poke coming through from the Ava and
7081s actually manag to keep themselves
7083s healthy for that fight to actually work
7085s in their favor a huge fight going to the
7088s side of Team always Inon GG's to them
7091s but what a devastating loss here on the
7093s side of O they only get one kill that
7096s entire game that actually matters when
7098s it comes to points they got three inside
7100s of a battle Zone but those don't count
7102s and they will get six points off of game
7104s number three but that is not the amount
7107s of points that you want to get
7108s especially if you're going into the
7109s final game of your group
7111s stages I mean they were able to get
7113s second place so I guess they do get the
7115s five placement points but yeah I
7117s mean only one kill you know it's kind of
7120s heartbreaking to see but there is still
7123s one more game shui anyone can still make
7125s top six I think yeah we'll see what ends
7128s up happening but now just have to wait
7130s for the scoreboard cuz this scoreboard
7132s is going to determine what the state of
7135s what the game state is going to look
7136s like for the series going into our last
7138s game of group a and then after that guys
7140s two teams go bye-by afterwards we got
7143s Group B we still have a lot of eternal
7145s return to play but for a couple of the
7147s teams playing right now this could be
7149s their last game of phase number
7151s one yeah the bot remember the bottom two
7154s teams will we will be saying goodbye to
7157s uh for today or for you know phase one
7160s only the top six will make it out but um
7162s um yeah I mean it's still anyone's game
7165s anyone can still make it in anyone could
7167s have a pop off game this last game to
7169s squeeze in us to the sort of squeeze
7172s into you know that six Place spot
7174s so yeah it is going to be very
7178s close okay good to know that the
7182s consistency of all these teams just
7184s looking to constantly duke it out here
7187s in this game is still prevalent right I
7189s think these plants being added into the
7192s game is genuinely turning things around
7194s all these additional utilities spread
7196s throughout the map we've seen white lily
7198s usage coming through from these teams
7199s Vision plant also being utilized a lot I
7202s see the teams with the little eye on top
7205s of them right which means they've been
7206s caught out by another team's Vision
7208s plant usage it's looking pretty good
7211s teams have already acclimated to all
7213s these environmental changes that are
7214s coming through right now and I can't
7217s necessarily say that they've been taking
7219s full advantage of the weather itself as
7221s well cuz I don't know how much of an
7223s impact a lot of those things would
7224s necessarily have unless you you know
7226s talk about big macro changes like more
7228s bushes less bushes I guess you know
7231s Sandstorm letting you move a little bit
7232s faster but we haven't seen anything of
7236s the weather changes actually affecting
7238s fights just yet I'll say although maybe
7241s I might be wrong I don't know uh I mean
7244s we didn't have the rainy weather right a
7246s couple of the games I think the rainy
7248s weather adding a lot more bushes
7250s definitely um actually did we have rainy
7253s yet I know we had Sunny for like the
7254s last two games so I think we had raining
7258s yeah yeah I think rainy weather um or if
7261s we didn't you know rainy rainy weather
7263s is one of the weathers I think that is
7265s really annoying because it adds a lot
7267s more bushes so you just have to check
7268s like you know a lot more like with your
7270s abilities so it just makes it so you
7272s know if one of these teams do end up
7274s getting lazy and they don't end up
7275s checking the bush and they do end up
7276s face checking we did see you know some
7278s teams already face check you know
7280s um uh some bushes already and then done
7283s paying the price for it so yeah I mean
7286s it definitely does affect game play
7289s because you do have to check more and
7291s then the sunny weather you like you
7293s there's like less stuff to check but you
7294s do have like a lot more Vision to play
7296s around exactly ladies and Gentlemen
7298s let's take a look at the results after
7299s game number three 20 points on the side
7302s of Team always in after picking up the
7304s last three members of O will be able to
7306s get themselves up to that 20 with 12
7308s total field kills in first place 13 I
7311s think for the second one yep and that's
7314s the overall leaderboard right now going
7316s into our final game bottom three bottom
7319s four actually bottom five three oh my
7321s God all the way from third to eighth it
7324s is still really close only a ninepoint
7326s difference actually no difference
7328s compared to game number two as well
7329s because it was 18 and N I think off of
7332s game number two so it's still a really
7334s really close match between third to eth
7336s place at the moment but for CH SE and
7338s always int they're still holding strong
7340s in the top two spots at the moment just
7342s looking for one more decent game to
7344s secure themselves into the finals of
7346s phase
7347s one yeah it's still anyone's game here
7349s only a ninepoint difference six points
7351s from 6 to eight so yeah really anyone
7354s can qualify here you just need to have
7356s you know a nice solid final game even
7358s team speaker they going have to win the
7359s game as long as they get enough kills
7361s they get a nice placement they could
7363s still squeeze their way in you know if
7364s Asher or if oo or FX or slasher if any
7367s of the you know the four teams here that
7370s are in the middle you know if they don't
7372s give they're all here for the last game
7373s and they do end up going out you know
7374s seven or eight without any kills um they
7377s could end up losing their
7379s spots a lot of bnk FX fans looking for
7383s that team to also start stepping it up
7385s and get into the finals as well because
7388s I don't know if you knew super but they
7390s opened up a Discord server recently
7392s where yeah mainly like the Q&A kind of
7395s thing and they're doing an event right
7396s now where if they manage to go straight
7398s into the finals after today they're
7399s going to give away some uh gift cards
7403s oh really yeah so I know there's a
7405s couple players out there wishing for bnk
7408s FX to win not for the right reasons but
7410s you know it's still out there for that
7411s team so we'll see if they're able to
7413s turn it around in game number four
7414s because they got bullied all the way to
7417s the end game this time around found a
7419s little bit of solace in the midgame
7421s fight they went out up against team Spa
7423s but I don't think this was the
7425s performance they really wanted after
7427s subbing Rosner back in instead of
7430s bum yeah but I mean there's only a six
7432s seveno difference between you know
7433s second place and I think sixth place so
7436s you know any team can still make it to
7438s straight to finals as well but yeah
7440s looks like we will be jumping straight
7441s into the last game here going to see
7444s these picks looks like FX is going to go
7446s with their standard uh uh sua Cella IR
7451s comp we do have some uh eons being
7454s picked again do see you know I think
7458s slasher is like the same with
7460s the with the
7463s Felix Bianca Nikki and actually s here
7467s is going to pick out the S yeah sat
7470s opting to go for the Seline here
7472s thinking that the hen I I don't know I
7476s don't necessarily know what team saber
7478s was missing in the last game cuz hen is
7480s a character that deceptively has a lot
7482s of AOE and can kill multiple players
7484s really quickly in a short amount of time
7486s yeah I think I think the hen was fine I
7489s think Zen just over aggressed on the E
7491s and then just just got himself killed in
7493s the chapel like 3v3 if he just didn't
7495s take that e forward I think they would
7496s have won cuz they were able to just you
7498s know one shot the Lenny but then him you
7500s know taking or being a little too
7502s aggressive there and then also you know
7504s trading and going down there you know
7505s kind of causes him that fight yeah the
7508s thing is though he is opting to go for
7510s the red Sprite here right so he's not
7512s looking to go for the burst but he's
7513s looking to go for the Poke this is a bit
7515s of a different style of gameplay than
7517s what a lot of people might be used to
7519s right now up against the Seline where
7520s they've been running a lot more of the
7521s Frailty
7522s so they're still kind of keeping in mind
7524s with what the double control Mages were
7526s able to do just you know when you're
7527s playing the HED and You' be constantly
7529s throwing out your Q charm instead to
7531s continuously poke she still also runs
7533s the red Sprite so a little bit similar
7535s here maybe we'll be seeing a lot of the
7536s single stack bombs just to gain a little
7538s bit more control try to get a little bit
7540s of poke with the blast wave even so I'm
7542s wondering what the game play is going to
7543s look like for team saber down the road
7545s but for now that's a bit of a
7546s hypothetical and this game four starts
7548s against super for two teams in this game
7551s this this will be their final game of
7553s phase number
7555s one yeah and we do actually have an Arta
7557s picked up here from jbsb I think he was
7560s on Theo for you know the whole series so
7562s you know trying to maybe you know have
7565s another answer here maybe um picking up
7568s you know like a completely new character
7569s maybe to throw off these uh these other
7571s teams think Arda is you know pretty
7573s solid character right now if you are
7574s able to get you know those dices it's
7576s able to lock up you know enemies I have
7578s to see if this pick does end up working
7580s out for them if anything I'm more
7581s surprised that they haven't pulled this
7584s out so far cuz jbp's performance on the
7586s Arta during season 3 as a whole was
7589s absolutely impeccable with the team that
7590s he was on so we'll see if this is the
7593s right pick in this game I have a feeling
7595s it might be a little bit difficult
7596s because we are seeing a very common
7599s theme here I think in season 4 so far
7601s with group a alone is that a lot of
7603s frontliners have a ton of mobility and
7606s as an Arta if you start missing a couple
7607s of your skills and that Mobility catches
7609s up to you you are dead to the rights
7611s nimr SK is pretty good but using that to
7614s escape a lot of times it's not exactly
7616s the greatest look when it comes to the
7618s Arta and he's actually spe not level six
7620s yeah the Escape he will get out he does
7622s get the speed G but that's a three
7623s minute cool down on the blink yeah the
7626s level one blink very
7628s unfortunate we'll actually have to wait
7630s uh 3 minutes but I mean you know uh as
7634s long as you escape with your life you
7635s know doesn't slow down your Tempo it's
7637s usually better in some cases you know
7640s sometimes you do want that blink for
7641s later sometimes just is worth to die I
7643s think in his case maybe he could have
7644s just went down and gave up one kill but
7646s you know when you are um you know a
7649s little far behind since they are at last
7650s place you don't really want to be giving
7652s up any any any any extra points it might
7654s be early game but just because it's
7656s early game doesn't mean want to die and
7659s I think at level five your death timer
7661s is like around 10 seconds if I remember
7663s correctly it's not long but it is still
7666s 10 seconds that you could be crapping
7667s other items on oh
7672s aut before the teleport so he will pick
7675s up a kill for himself jbp does end up
7677s dying in the end I don't think that's
7678s where he meant to put the dimrod gate
7680s but yep that is where it went and team
7682s FX finally going to be able to get a
7684s little bit of a footing here in the
7686s early stages of the game and hopefully
7688s this is going to allow them to put a
7689s little bit of that pressure that we saw
7690s them put out continuously during the
7692s season finals with this
7694s composition yeah usually you know they
7696s are able to get like early game picks in
7697s Cemetery or in hospital I think a lot of
7699s teams are probably avoiding that you
7700s know seeing's playing their signature
7702s comp so yeah but they they actually end
7705s up uh getting you know an early game
7707s kill so maybe you know they can snowball
7709s this but um yeah night one does end up
7712s hitting and you can see on the mini map
7714s you know like the whole map is lit up
7716s right these teams making sure they hit
7717s console making sure they have Vision uh
7719s vision is definitely you know the most
7721s important probably aspect of you know
7723s competitive play just knowing when you
7725s can take fights knowing you
7727s know uh where teams are having that
7729s information so you don't get third
7731s partied it's just nice to see and we've
7733s seen a lot of these teams as again
7735s Airlines going to get taken why does he
7737s keep getting taken down when I'm trying
7738s to talk about something happen last game
7740s too but we've seen the prominence of
7743s Recon drones a lot more I've been taking
7745s a look at these players inventory
7746s towards the later stages of the game and
7747s they put a lot more priority on recon
7749s drones more so than telephoto cameras
7751s and for the right reasons as well right
7753s you need a safe way to check some of
7755s these very vital choke points or even
7757s bushes and telephoto cameras are good
7759s right they're permanent sources of
7761s vision you have to walk up exactly but
7763s you have to walk up and that's another
7766s reason why things like the ballistic
7767s advantage on sniper rifle the weapon
7769s skill for that thing rain of arrows even
7771s when you're playing the bow those free
7773s sources of information are just so so
7775s good but narok will get taken down here
7777s as well down goes to Kenneth a little
7778s bit too far away from his team so always
7780s in going to be on the back foot they're
7782s not really going to be able to contest
7783s for an objective right now as we only
7785s have 15 seconds left until day number
7787s two but yeah um control over the map
7791s extremely important and for team o in
7793s they're not going to have it same thing
7794s for o as well they're going to lose out
7797s on that yeah o you know they lost Eva as
7801s well so yeah just not able to find their
7803s footing I think theuk Guai already died
7805s two times Eva you know already died once
7807s and looks like we do have saber he going
7809s to grab the Wolves here probably going
7811s to get their call in yeah oh you know
7814s their their respawn timers are a little
7816s staggered but they do have a lot of
7818s credits so as long as you know they are
7819s able to maybe get to a call in get you
7822s know one of their probably their Eva you
7824s know all those
7825s items here but the blast actually very
7828s aggressive Blast coming out from nuk
7831s here but looks like the team of slashers
7833s in grouped yet the Felix is is coming
7836s down yeah Nuka is here now but lumino is
7839s also here in the fry and wow it looks
7842s like team slash are just going to be
7843s able to snag that meteorite for thems
7845s the white lily just brought NMU straight
7847s on top of the Niki was making it I'm
7849s pretty sure they were both surprised in
7851s that situation Satan okay he's actually
7853s opting to go for the Scotties first
7856s before okay I thought the rest of his
7858s team was above him but they were both so
7859s he was still safe never mind I was
7861s looking at the mini map a little bit
7862s wrong but yeah uh not that much combat
7866s so far right in this game we've seen
7868s very aggressive plays in the early
7869s stages of the game for these players all
7871s across the board but now that it is the
7873s final game oh I just saw that bush and
7876s rainy
7878s weather is going to be able to dash on
7881s out of there
7882s but you know the Z kind of a little far
7885s forward does end up flashing Rosner
7887s going to get some Autos here it's not
7889s does not hit the bookmarks the dash also
7891s goes a little wide here but E8 just able
7893s to chunk so much damage from Dena on the
7896s back here Z doing so much damage
7899s actually end up flashing out of the Yuki
7901s here and E8 going to look for something
7904s here this Yuki just so
7907s tanky and oh a nice knock up from E8 uh
7911s the pull already used on cool down
7913s here oh my
7915s God those JK skill does end up coming
7918s down balls bser one HP S does end up
7922s flashing out jeez this is all over the
7925s place anyone here wait to cell actually
7927s Dash forward there and yeah looks like
7930s Yuki doesn't have fall
7931s in WoW satten missing a lot of bomb
7935s Stacks there and I think one of the
7937s reasons why FX was able to play so
7939s aggressive was because they were keeping
7941s track of the magnetic composion on the
7942s side of Seline a lot of the Miss from
7945s the side of Satan so he couldn't even
7946s get a lot of his regular bomb Stacks up
7949s either right you get the resets from
7951s hitting all of your skills but Zan
7953s missing a lot of vital ones and a lot of
7955s positioning slightly missed away as well
7957s I think the initial four stack attempt
7959s on the suo was a little bit misposition
7962s cuz his magnetic composion was too far
7964s away from the first two bombs he stack
7966s so I think it was a two stack not even a
7968s three stack but here we go that slightly
7970s deny but it's L she's trying to Blink oh
7972s she actually manages to get out of it so
7974s a big part of the fight still looking
7976s pretty decent team speak to fall down a
7979s little bit more damage down goes the
7980s lenx okay Isa try to stay alive no
7982s horrific is going to be able to pick
7983s that up it's a 2v2 jbsb double dice is
7986s going to be able to get a little bit
7987s more damage off but an execution comes
7989s in and now it's a battle of Tim yeah the
7992s Fiora and the Ard are in time here and
7994s slasher I don't think I don't think have
7995s any they're definitely forced in the
7996s random V is also down so they are just
7999s going to be able to look for maybe expo
8000s here and get get half of the HP onto AR
8004s here the AR box does end up hitting x
8006s boy now it looks like oh my God
8009s everyone's timers is going down here
8010s horrific and abbp are going to be able
8012s to get in first the timers R does end up
8015s coming down gbsp does have more time
8018s because he does end up walking back in
8019s and yeah looks like they will be able to
8021s secure the final zone for himself very
8023s very well played recognizing you know
8025s the other two weren't in the weren't in
8027s the Drone so he just had to walk back in
8029s and team speaka will be able to take
8031s Dage for them Ah that's unfortunate
8035s well it is what it is sometimes timer
8037s with final Zone does get a little bit
8040s annoying to deal with but good stuff
8042s coming through from which one was it was
8044s the one with the furus so good theme
8045s coming coming from team speaka and
8048s that's exactly what we want to see from
8049s the Arta right the control made it
8051s really difficult for that team to
8052s actually control that drone timer regain
8056s and yeah looking good so far for team
8058s speaka another fight starting here we go
8060s Ros completely isolated on his own he
8063s can't really do anything in this fight
8064s and sebie will be able to knock that
8066s down are yeah I don't know about this
8069s one yeah it was a nice spell shield from
8071s the sua to actually react onto the Lenny
8073s springtrap but yeah chomi just able to
8075s deal so much damage into the sua and
8078s yeah looks like the Cella also getting
8080s hit by the knockup actually going to
8081s stall him out and that will actually be
8084s a minus 250 from FX see another one
8089s today wow these teams are dead set on
8093s trying to get themselves out of the
8094s group stages and for Right Reasons right
8096s I mean you got to deny you got to try to
8098s force other teams to use those credit
8100s counts and on the side of Team FX it's
8102s not going to be the greatest time here
8103s either cuz they just barely managed to
8106s get the footing in the early stages of
8107s the game compared to game number three
8110s and now it's been staggered a little bit
8111s thanks to the minus 250 starting out in
8113s day number
8114s three yeah you know you you see it time
8117s and time again you know if it's about to
8118s hit the day three Mark and you do have
8121s you know one of your opponents on the
8122s ROP you can just stall stall it out you
8124s know a couple more seconds wait until
8126s the the time swaps and then boom there's
8129s no more respawns and your opponent has
8130s to spend the 250 credits and 250 credits
8133s early game is a lot because you know
8136s that early game transition you're just
8138s not going to be able to have that power
8139s you're not going to be able to snowball
8140s as
8140s well another team Mage moment happening
8143s but in the end right it just kind of
8145s goes to show that these teams are
8146s keeping track of everything in the game
8148s a lot of times in the middle of a fight
8150s you don't really take a look at the time
8152s so it is nice to see that these players
8155s aren't only focusing on one thing
8157s they're not tunneling on the fight
8158s itself they're looking at what's
8159s happening in the game they're looking at
8161s the game State itself and are looking at
8163s the wind conditions that they can set
8165s them for themselves or at least deny
8167s another team's win condition which is
8168s another good thing as well yeah I'd like
8171s this Vision play but nice check from
8173s that actually going to be able to check
8175s that corner a lot of people don't check
8176s that one that little crevice you know
8179s from forest to school so yeah nice
8182s Vision check there but
8185s EA able to get the nice Dash actually
8188s going to be able to kill Dina and it
8190s looks like the team wait a second the
8192s going to be actually be able to trade
8193s the Cella here but Dina already are yeah
8197s actually not Dina I think that's uh ra s
8199s actually already abandoned the fight so
8202s yeah it will be minus 250 but they
8204s actually do end up getting one kill so
8206s not too bad for them I think it was the
8208s debilitation from the irm that actually
8209s ended up killing Thea the blast wave was
8212s actually good push the Su away just
8214s barely enough that theen live but the
8216s burn damage jbsb about to get taken down
8218s it seems like it's okay vampire queen
8222s it's not
8224s enough yeah that bush is deadly you know
8227s this rainy weather that bush wouldn't be
8229s here on normal weather right Chuy or on
8231s clear weather so you know not checking
8233s these bushes teams are getting lazy
8234s especially you know there's like so many
8236s new bushes because of the of the weather
8239s change and yeah that did end up actually
8241s catching the Arda as the Arda push a
8244s little too far forward did end up
8245s getting Nikki aled and the Felix and the
8247s Bianca just able to follow up yeah
8249s Forest is one of the biggest zones hit
8251s by that as well it's usually a very open
8253s Zone but with the random additions of
8255s the bushes in the middle of the like
8257s smack bro I hate these like one by one
8259s bushes like just randomly because you
8261s just have to check it with like another
8263s ability so yeah you lose but there's
8265s like so many of them yeah on the other
8268s and also yeah it also cut cuts off your
8271s Vision if you're using like a sniper
8272s skill as well which is I think is like
8274s really big
8276s so oh wait horrific y we'll just be able
8279s to get on out of there right just
8281s stashes out he was looking at something
8283s but he
8285s fine look like they're okay they're
8287s going to call in as well I think most
8288s teams are kind of slowing down here we
8290s do see the credit counts you know of
8292s each team on the bottom a lot of teams
8294s you know have a lot of credits you know
8296s in Sean they're definitely looking to
8297s call in here they do have over 200
8299s credits on every member of their team oh
8302s well think that Eva is probably going to
8304s save for Chaser but uh they're actually
8306s looking maybe for horrific here but the
8308s double dice ooh the heart actually
8310s dashes on out of there perfect down to
8311s one HP but the actually flashes forward
8313s to interrupt the Eva and both teams
8317s actually get away I can't believe the
8319s Lennox didn't get punished for that
8322s that's actually kind of amazing cuz you
8324s know if you blink over that truck as a
8326s lenx completely isolated from your team
8329s a heart and Eva wasn't a to punch it
8332s that's kind of crazy but I guess that's
8333s a little bit more of an effect thanks to
8335s the fact that uh remember not hin but
8337s guitar weapon skill was changed right so
8339s it's not a charm just
8341s a yeah we do have another fight here
8344s looks like jumo going to be able to get
8346s the r ra Queen onto the Lenox here he
8348s had doing so much damage on the backline
8351s but they're actually going to able to
8352s find the dice onto Ry and finish them
8354s but a third party here it looks like
8355s team slasher is going to be able to reap
8357s all the rewards they will be able to get
8359s I think one extra member as well and
8361s team Asher is going to lose a member and
8363s team speaker are going to lose too
8364s fortunately no actually gun vaed
8366s straight into the
8368s cube oh yeah I not see that but that
8372s sounds that sounds a little
8375s unfortunate it happen sometimes it's you
8378s know yeah you hate to see it but it will
8380s absolutely happen sometimes when you are
8382s playing Rod you just straight into a big
8384s source of crowd control that you can't
8385s quite physically get yourself out of
8387s they are all back though right having to
8390s eat a little bit of time for the Yon but
8392s at least all of them are back alive it
8393s is still day number four so we got about
8395s another 2 and 1/2 minutes before
8398s resurrections are fully off so these
8400s teams looking to get some fights in
8402s there aren't that many kills in this
8404s game so far but the map closing in it
8406s might be forced out soon oh comes
8409s ultimate from luminal here oh actually
8411s going to be able to lock down Deon as
8413s well but look at how much damage lum's
8414s taking the ultimate from theel does end
8417s up going through as well oh and nice MX
8419s again but the is just not dying it's
8422s going to be able to live through so much
8424s with this uh Lenny and luminol I think
8427s is going to fall here as yeah it looks
8430s like two members from always inan are
8432s down they don't have enough credits to
8434s call back all members as well and
8436s shinomi are going to try looking for
8438s this ooh nice pork chop the spring trap
8441s actually hits as well nice stun I think
8443s that's going to be it wait a second to
8444s blast cone does end up hitting both the
8447s Lenny and the St and yeah looks like
8450s that's going to be it for all always in
8452s s what an incredible play and now FX is
8455s the one on the back end as where the
8456s heck is EA completely isolated from the
8458s rest of his team he's going to get taken
8460s down now Rosner and S are trying to stay
8461s alive themselves but jumo actually gets
8463s eliminated no is going to have to rest
8465s up pet is on downtime they don't really
8467s have that much time which is going to
8468s give enough time for Team FX to get the
8470s reses off wait Rosner hold on a second
8472s he's not going to get the heal from the
8474s donkey uhoh but how much timer does this
8477s team actually have to deal with this one
8479s now can they res Roser no they can he's
8481s trying to pop I don't know do they have
8483s credits no they do not but now they just
8484s go back in jumo is down EA trying to run
8487s away from this one Sol are doing the
8488s same thing can he get out no he can not
8490s with the blinkin coming through from
8492s Dena he will be able to lock down the
8494s Cilla with BN K FX now sitting on one
8497s last member in their Arsenal they're
8499s just going to have to rat in the corner
8500s the RM sitting in that little cubby
8503s right around that car and now here we go
8505s that's the pure rage upera coming
8506s through Zan in a little bit of trouble
8508s but the front line being held by beler
8509s though the ra of the vampire Queen comes
8511s in and satin gets taken out the blast
8514s wave just wasn't enough for him to get
8516s out of all the damage sources and now P
8518s another party what is happening super
8522s everyone's just falling left and right
8523s we got third party after third party
8525s after third party and a looks like it is
8528s going to be uh spa and uh slasher going
8532s to be the ones to come out on top but on
8533s the other side we do have another
8535s another 3v3 uho actually going to
8537s actually kill two members of Asher and
8539s it looks like P is going to be the one
8541s to rat and get away here P had only on
8543s two seconds of timer as well so yeah
8545s it's not get too good for team Ash and
8547s FX as they're both down to one member
8549s there was a minus one on the side of
8550s Team saber as well four kills but
8552s they're not really get that they're not
8553s getting that many placement points out
8554s of it quite honestly it's zero three
8557s kills with how close the leaderboard was
8559s super I think they could technically be
8562s in brink of elimination here which is
8564s going to was Asher at the bottom I think
8566s they were right I think so they were
8568s very close down there too so this is oh
8573s God I can't predict what's going to
8574s happen for the final set of leaderboards
8577s which teams are going to
8579s fall yeah we're going to have to see um
8582s if if ped can get you know some more
8585s placement points for Asher it might be
8586s enough but I think they were in seventh
8588s place so they definitely need these
8590s placement points here Fe oh oh I think
8593s wait oh we did not fully check the
8595s corner so FX will lift the SE other day
8598s y this is still good from Team Oho
8600s though right I mean irm is definitely a
8603s difficult character to deal with when on
8604s the flank but they do have good amounts
8606s of information and I talked about this
8608s during season three as well but one of
8610s the biggest things about AA is making
8611s sure that you don't have a full team
8613s flanking from behind because that's one
8614s of the biggest reasons as to why you
8616s will die look at the positioning on them
8619s there's no way a team is going to be
8620s able to flank unless they hyperloop in
8622s and in which case they're going to know
8623s exactly that a team hyper looped
8627s in yeah it's going to be a little
8629s unfortunate um two rats six teams left
8633s four full
8635s teams uh we actually might get you know
8637s a somewhat normal you know temporary
8639s Zone this time because yeah I mean the
8642s other games it was like at least six
8643s plus teams and there's teams fighting
8645s outside of red but look at this UV we
8648s have Team Spa just chilling in the bush
8650s here oh the ward actually doesn't hit
8652s and they are going to be able to maybe
8654s connect onto this um no the r of V does
8658s end up coming through and it actually
8660s will actually shut the
8662s Fiora the Nikki is just too tanky so
8665s yeah looks like they actually weren't
8666s able to get anything out of that even
8667s though the ward you know didn't end up
8670s hitting the bush and they were able to
8673s uh you know punish the Nikki but the
8675s Nikki you know is just like look at her
8677s item she's just playing full tank she's
8679s got yeah ghost prde tap Roots dww
8684s helmets box as well it's just it's just
8686s a full tank U Nikki well this is still
8690s pretty bad on the side of Team slasher
8693s they don't really have that much time
8695s and I don't think they going here R of
8697s the vampire queen is good and now
8699s Airline is the one that's called out but
8700s umu is completely safe a lot of the
8701s damage actually goes straight into
8703s towards a Bianca that was in the coffin
8706s they're not going to be able to salvage
8708s this fight and the light TR also misses
8710s which means xboy gets the Executioner
8712s buff he keeps himself alive oh down to
8715s two trying to get the damage out as is
8717s AA but only with the AA is a little bit
8719s too dangerous to sit around that that
8721s corner as you don't have information
8722s across the wall they're just going to
8724s have to back away EA trailing them as
8726s well oh they just hurt the cat they just
8728s hurt the
8731s cat oh uhoh oh where you go yeah EA is
8735s in the middle of everyone and it
8738s actually looks like wait who got I think
8740s slasher was the one who did end up
8742s picking that up but yeah it is it is a
8744s full tank Nikki you know the Nikki just
8745s able to tank so much uh damage I was a
8748s little worried at the start there of
8749s that fight because uh the Nikki was
8751s trying to look for their ultimate I
8753s think onto Evo but just was slightly out
8754s of range but looks like the r of thear
8756s Queen with you know the Felix followup
8757s was just able to shut down Hart instead
8760s and yeah Hart uh falling there you know
8763s team uh o just not going to be able to
8765s deal enough damage but yeah we will have
8768s our final two teams well actually
8770s there's four teams obviously two rat
8771s teams but the final two full teams is
8773s going to be uh juit and team slasher oh
8776s P doesn't even have timer for this I was
8777s going to say just play for timer but he
8779s only has five
8781s un fortunately he will fall so Asher
8783s going to fall down in fourth place in
8785s this game still sitting on two kills so
8786s we'll see if that was enough for them to
8788s actually qualify out or if they're going
8789s to get eliminated from phase number one
8792s U getting jumped on they don't have that
8794s much timer here either that Eon is a
8796s very very chunky boy and seni doesn't
8798s even care about the shukai will just run
8800s straight towards the Eva will get the
8802s Tak down Airline goes down as well and
8804s now we have our final two teams and
8806s again it's ch this team I don't think
8810s has ever never left the top two spot at
8812s all in this entire Series yeah they have
8814s been so consistent you know on this Eon
8817s with this Lenny you know just keeping
8818s the Eon alive and then the Jenny just
8820s dealing so much damage you know in the
8822s back as well so yeah I really like uh
8824s you know how this team is playing cuz
8827s you know they're all try they're all
8828s really mobile as well so you know they
8829s could kind of kite back they could uh
8831s send it on you know any uh anyone who's
8833s like kind of caught out as well so yeah
8837s I kind of want to see you know how they
8838s do end up playing into team slash here
8841s cuz team slasher you know one of teams
8842s that's really good at locking down
8844s Target so if they are able to maybe find
8846s this Lenny once again is it going to be
8849s enough it's going to be the Felix versus
8851s the Eon again I talked about this before
8853s right but the Felix has been a pretty
8855s big Croc here we go re of the vampire
8857s queen not uh yet activated oh that is
8860s actually a really good push back with
8861s the spring trap and the bi gets taken
8863s down S no way just completely isolates
8868s the Bianca where is the follow-up damage
8870s Absolut abolutely non-existent and for
8872s the first time in the series we're going
8874s to see an eon Duke get out up against
8875s the Felix and actually win off the back
8878s of the lny what an incredible play in
8880s the trumpet is just going to confirm the
8882s kill copine an absolutely monstrous play
8885s to secure toate the final game of group
8888s number a and they will punch their
8890s ticket into the finals off of the back
8892s of that springtrap GG well
8895s played yeah very nice from uh CH there I
8900s think that Nikki also um I'll think the
8902s Eon you know which is a little
8903s surprising because Eon just so tanky
8905s it's not going to be able to lock the
8907s that character down as you know even
8910s with the Eon plus the or sorry the Nikki
8912s plus the Felix plus the Bianca I don't
8913s think it's enough damage to actually
8914s kill the Eon so um yeah I mean I'm
8918s surprised they actually ended up uh
8919s choosing to you know Target the Eon
8921s there as I think you know their only win
8923s condition was to maybe try to try to
8926s kill the Lenny or the the Jenny first
8928s yeah quite unfortunately for that team
8930s but but you know what it is pretty good
8932s for CHC what an incredible performance I
8936s I'll be honest with first I think three
8938s first or two first I think it
8941s was it might have been three did they
8943s win game
8945s three uh I know game one they came
8947s second I not sure if they win if they
8949s won game three but uh either way oh no
8953s no no no they didn't win game three cuz
8954s it was the it was the Eva team no no no
8958s wait yeah we're blink oh no no no it was
8961s uh who is it it was all all the all the
8964s all always yeah yeah because lumino
8966s found a nice sex I remember s bomb onto
8969s the double back line so they actually
8971s didn't place first or second in the
8972s third game but I think they still got a
8974s lot of kills and they and they had a
8975s nice placement but overall a great
8977s performance for them easily securing
8979s themsel I think first place in this
8980s group going to be going straight to
8982s finals that's kind of what you want to
8984s see you know from uh you know like a
8986s team obviously they are well known but
8989s you know this roster you know was a
8990s little
8991s questionable um but yeah they just came
8993s out with you know the Lenny Eon and the
8996s Jenny and you know they just showed up
8998s and they performed today in hindsight
9002s very deceptively tanky comp too right
9004s like usually yeah I mean the Eon into
9006s Lenny there is very obvious but the
9010s added fact that Lenny has a ton of
9012s Mobility a ton of crowd control likeon
9014s has a ton of Mobility Jenny has a good
9017s amount of Mobility a lot of crowd
9018s control herself and the play dead the
9021s play dead yeah the play dead I think is
9023s like the big one because Genny can go on
9025s play dead and then Lenny just back to
9027s full HP you know and she has a second H
9029s rear so we saw that too yeah yeah they
9031s are deceptively tanky that is true um a
9034s lot of CC as well right with the Lenny
9036s Theon you know just jumping on in the
9038s carpet with
9040s the uh with the acceptance speech right
9042s just able to lock down targets if they
9043s are able to find you know
9045s anyone yeah I mean overall you know
9048s pretty solid comp right yeah especially
9050s with um you know um the strength of eon
9053s right now I'm surprised you know Eon is
9056s so strong because we don't we don't
9057s really see him too much you know on the
9059s na side aside from you know like a
9061s couple players but you know him being
9063s picked and getting banned in ERM and
9065s then you know another I think I think at
9067s the very end um there was at least two
9069s people playing him so he's definitely
9072s he's definitely up there you know in
9073s this patch we'll figure out whether or
9075s not the whole echon being overp picked
9077s kind of thing is just a group only for
9079s this group yeah
9081s we'll see something similar in group b
9083s as well but for now ladies and gentlemen
9084s we do have the round results after game
9087s number four for group a this was the
9089s final game of this group 20 points we
9091s see that number quite a lot today from
9094s the looks of it 12 total field kills 14
9096s two seat for 20 they will punch again
9098s their way into the finals 15 points for
9101s team slasher but we'll take a look at
9103s what the final total leaderboard looks
9105s like in just a moment here to see which
9107s teams are moving on into the wild cards
9109s tomorrow what the other team that are
9111s punching their way into the finals is
9113s and the final two teams that will not
9115s make it through it will be saber and
9117s team speak unfortunately I was right
9119s team saber just doesn't have enough
9122s points to get themselves
9124s out a little unfortunate you know sattin
9127s coming back
9129s fortunately did not uh he wasn't able to
9132s you know make it to a Podium but you
9134s know just making it here you know even
9136s to you know the group stages it's
9138s definitely impressive because not only
9140s do you need to make it through the
9141s qualifiers but you definitely or or you
9144s also needed like the or or you also have
9147s to make uh make the cut off and the cut
9148s off was uh was like really high uh for
9152s this um phase
9155s so maybe I cast cursed him at the start
9157s when I talked about team sa I guess the
9160s Curse still continues on at least on RN
9162s but yeah congratulations to all the
9164s other teams I actually forgot what the
9167s what was the other team that made it
9168s into the finals I wasn't even looking at
9170s that my goodness look at me
9173s going it was obviously we know um SE got
9177s in two seats and I think it was slasher
9180s right cuz slasher was always top two
9183s they had 41 points I think it was like a
9185s one or two point difference between them
9186s and third place as well so really really
9188s close series
9191s overall yeah and um I think um our
9194s sponsor teams so both FX and uh always
9197s inun they were third and fourth
9199s respectively so we will see them back
9200s tomorrow
9202s um yeah what a great series shuy what a
9204s great series absolutely no gift cards
9207s for bnk furx teams today but yes an
9210s absolutely incredible series across the
9212s board we really got to see a taste of
9214s what these plants added into the game is
9217s able to provide for a lot of these teams
9218s we saw a lot of these Bianca white lily
9221s strategies we saw white lily being used
9223s to deny teams from escaping right Dina
9226s earlier inside of I think it was Pond he
9229s got bumped into the wall with the white
9231s lily instead of sending him launching
9232s him all the way across we saw Vision
9235s plants being used all over the place the
9237s sand plant right I forget I forget the
9240s name of all these but the sandstorm
9241s plant also being utilized to secure a
9244s lot more of the safety in it with the
9245s vision coverage it's just really good to
9248s see these teams acclimated
9250s already yeah I think the white lily is
9252s the big uh the biggest one you know like
9254s we see you know a lot of engages off of
9257s it
9258s or even yeah just like like you said the
9260s denial you know of like teams trying to
9263s use it to escape or just trying to run
9265s away and just able to play around this
9267s um this plant so yeah it's great to see
9270s you know um especially since this is our
9273s first
9275s um I guess tournament or yeah Ken
9278s competitive
9279s uh I guess games of uh the new season so
9284s yeah it's nice I was going to say you
9287s you were saying first tournament earlier
9289s but we had the flag tournament and you
9291s played in it oh right first firstus
9294s Korean Korean tournament Korean
9296s tournament yeah there you go there you
9297s go got to get the got to get the words
9298s right here but you're right uh love to
9300s see the fact that these teams are
9302s already used to everything it seems like
9304s we did see a lot of the new items that
9306s were added in season 4 being utilized
9308s here as well I think I saw a ghost
9310s brides dress being used on the I think
9312s somebody mentioned in chat earlier we
9314s saw some black deaths coming through
9317s just across the board I mean it the new
9319s items good yeah they were using it I
9322s think on the Nikki comp as well slasher
9323s was using on the full tank Nikki and you
9326s know they just able to utilize the
9328s ultimate you know and then they their
9329s defense shredded and the followup from
9331s the Bianca plus the Felix so yeah I mean
9335s I think ghost spride you know is one of
9336s the star items um of you know the the
9340s new set that did end up coming out and I
9342s think we did I also see a lot of um I
9344s think Maes R Black dead black dead is
9346s also like another one that's um that's
9349s really good yeah just like a slightly
9351s delayed hex but you have to proc it
9353s again and does a good amount of damage I
9355s think is it skill damage or true damage
9357s I can't seem to skill damage yeah I
9360s think so as well so it is pretty good um
9363s of course not guaranteed like he as I
9365s said you have to hit them again to reoc
9367s the mark that you set on them but yeah
9369s across the board good item usage coming
9371s through the season 4 items we can know
9374s we can rest well I guess knowing that
9376s they are indeed good these Korean teams
9378s utilizing it to its fullest potential
9380s throughout the series we're going to see
9381s it again most likely in group b do
9383s expect another Resurgence of those items
9385s during that group two because we have a
9387s whole another fresh roster of star
9390s studded players coming through
9392s in a bit after the break I should say
9395s yeah that is it for group number a but
9397s I'm excited for this next group you know
9399s will they um pick the Eon will we see a
9402s lot more changes a lot more roster
9404s changes a lot more uh different team
9407s comps because I think in in this group
9408s we only really had like one
9410s two teams that went front to back so I
9412s kind of want to see you know if like The
9414s Meta has shifted right and um or if it
9417s was just you know this group yeah just
9420s running you know all the dive coms and
9423s another thing that you were mentioning
9424s during the break as well right uh what
9426s is maid and S gonna be playing
9428s throughout this season is a big one
9429s because because they yeah they're the
9432s staple for front to back I think in
9434s Korea right usually they have you know
9436s um the danana their tank player and then
9439s they have
9440s one circle on Mage and then uh romatic
9443s on the ADC right so we have to see if
9445s they are going to stick with that type
9447s of Team comp or if they're going to swap
9449s it around a little bit Yeah and another
9450s thing that I will mention as well so
9453s this is a little bit of a sneak peek
9454s into the The rosters for that
9457s team and sichong dropped uh who was it
9460s catmas so it's going to be the coach now
9463s playing suren he has the fourth member
9466s which is a little bit funny but yeah he
9469s was like right wow yeah you can see at
9472s the very bottom of the screen though
9474s that catmas is now playing with tedj
9476s cybers right he's going to be with
9477s mongani and Revol so still a part of a
9479s very star
9482s studed yeah and it is a sponsor team
9484s right uh they djang is a city right so
9488s we have four actually sponsored teams in
9490s this bracket yeah this is going to be
9493s this is going to be quite funny to see
9495s what ends up happening here I will say
9497s though I guess in retrospect now that I
9499s think about it I don't know if you
9500s remember I know maybe some people from
9502s chat will remember as well in the season
9504s finals after the whole series was over
9507s and me and sjon got second place there
9508s was a there was a part where Cadmus was
9511s crying so I guess in retrospect this
9513s could have been a little bit of a
9514s foreshadowing into what happens in
9516s season 4 but I'm glad that he was able
9518s to find a new home amongst another very
9521s very star studded roster of M and
9523s revolute 2 so hopefully we can see cadm
9525s Miss doing some good things here and you
9527s know what with the good looks of Eon in
9531s in group a yeah yeah you might pull it
9534s out here he might pull it out here Eon
9537s heart plus Bianca sounds pretty good
9539s don't you think Jesus Christ
9542s man ESP right now with like how the
9544s characters are yeah me it's looking
9546s pretty good for them but yeah it's great
9549s to see cat Miss back on you know on the
9550s stage it was heartbreaking to see you
9552s know him um you know in phase three um
9556s but yeah I'm really excited for this
9558s group shuy I'm sure you are as as well
9560s absolutely and we're going to see them
9562s after the break now we're just buying a
9563s little bit of time because I do believe
9564s the KR side is doing the interview with
9567s ch SE um I'll be honest with you I don't
9570s really want to translate it so I'm sorry
9571s guys I know you guys want to hear all
9573s about their strategies and inner
9575s workings which they probably aren't
9576s saying on stream you guys want to hear
9578s it you guys don't get to my
9583s bad uh I mean it looks like they just
9586s finished anyway so we will be heading on
9588s into our break very
9590s soon but yeah I mean it's going to be a
9594s completely fresh new slate fresh teams
9597s fresh
9599s rosters uh fresh team comps so well I'm
9602s I'm I'm excited to see you know if any
9603s characters uh get banned again excited
9606s as well guys we're going to send it to a
9607s break in just a moment here so for all
9609s of you guys in the chat hopefully you
9611s had a great time watching group a make
9613s sure you guys stick around for Group B
9615s as well it is a Friday absolutely
9616s wonderful weather outside for me and uh
9619s yeah go grab yourselves a snack go grab
9621s yourself some water take a stretch and
9622s we'll see you guys back here in a few
9624s minutes for Group B take care take care
9649s get
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9759s spee foreign speech spe
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9824s foree
9858s chicke foree
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9991s Fore fore
10006s speech you got
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10088s spee foreign
10098s speech
10107s for
10109s Fore
10114s foree
10118s speee fore
10135s there we go okay well finally that was
10137s there for a while hello everybody and
10140s welcome back to the Turnal return Master
10142s season 4 phase number one guys we just
10146s finished group a before the break went
10148s in and now it is the start of another
10150s group guys welcome back I'm still shuy
10153s still super I was about to
10157s say yeah I'm so Superior but yeah what a
10160s treat to watch uh the first
10162s group yeah I mean not what I was
10165s expecting actually you know like the the
10167s two you know sponsored teams actually
10170s weren't able to you know get you know
10172s that final uh spot but yeah I mean the
10176s the the teams were really really good
10178s everyone was playing you know really
10180s really well so not really too surprised
10182s I guess of the final results after you
10185s know like the the second and third game
10187s but here is all the teams that will be
10189s playing uh for this group we do OB
10192s obviously we do have marang you know our
10195s standout
10196s team time and time again they always you
10198s know perform they they're always you
10200s know uh able to you know find whatever
10202s is meta they're able to utilize those
10204s characters well but you know a lot of
10208s teams are slowly catching up to them
10209s shui exactly and outside of that team we
10211s got kongi inate s num Rox Mudkip ton
10215s cybers High hid and run and team fairy
10218s as well you guys can see um gwor is on
10221s team fery this time around we mentioned
10223s earlier that he is not on team Asher
10225s this season we will have swapped that
10227s over but other than that we talked about
10229s this before the break as well Meen seong
10232s did end up dropping Cadmus from the
10233s roster it will be Serenity their ex
10235s coach now fitting in as their fourth
10238s member whereas cadas is going to be on
10240s the side of Team ton cyers now alongside
10243s M and revu so we'll see how this group
10247s goes it's a very very new face for us I
10250s think for the most of the teams that are
10252s going to be here of course A lot of them
10254s was kind of keeping in line with what
10255s their roster was in season three like
10257s for example kungi inate I think keeping
10259s their exact roster maybe safe for chinho
10262s who might have substituted in same thing
10264s for song Rox hungi B mosa and DDO they
10268s did end up dropping weed and we'll put
10270s soam there
10272s instead yeah four sponsored teams here
10275s to show up and make a name for thems
10278s represent their city so we're going to
10280s have to see you know if they if they are
10282s going to be able to come out on top for
10284s today let's see what ends up happening
10286s I'm very much excited for this group
10288s because again it's basically a new phase
10289s for all of us there is almost no team
10293s that is exactly the same as last season
10295s so we can definitely expect a little bit
10297s of variations compared to what we saw in
10299s season 3 and that's what we love to see
10301s new things happening across the board
10303s old things showing up every now and then
10305s but a good mix of the two absolutely
10307s perfect yeah I mean there are some teams
10310s that just swapped out their fourth
10311s player and you know they usually just
10313s play with their three anyways
10315s but um I think for I think most of the
10318s teams here you know is just completely
10320s new like gwor you know he was on Asher
10322s before now he's on ferry I think Ferry
10324s also swapped up the roster as well um I
10326s think some of the other teams I think
10328s like um I think it was what was the team
10331s name I think uh it started with an H
10333s High it and run oh high yeah High I
10337s think their team
10339s um is like somewhat new at least like
10341s two of the members we haven't seen
10342s before and hidden run I think all of
10345s them kind of swapped as well yeah this
10348s is going to be interesting to see who I
10349s think the biggest question for me now I
10351s should say is going to be who starting
10354s roster is for all of these teams cuz
10357s even for teams like what is it Sonam Rox
10360s I think having sokun in that roster
10365s makes it so we might be able to see
10367s sokun as one of the starting players
10370s because he's also been a very frequent
10372s showing player in ERM as well a very
10375s very well skilled player that fits into
10377s a lot of compositions he's been swapped
10379s around a lot of times and almost as well
10381s in quite literally all of them so we'll
10384s see what ends up happening here i' would
10386s be also hardpressed to see Serenity as
10388s one of the starting members I mean he's
10390s been doing really good in ranked I've
10392s been seeing him post on Twitter about
10394s some of his ranked achievements lately
10395s but I don't know if it's going to
10397s completely beat out the original
10400s I think romatic yeah I think those three
10403s are are you know a little too hard to
10405s you know Sub in for but you know maybe
10407s if one of them you know can't make it
10409s for one of the events he will you know
10410s just pop on in there you know why not or
10413s you know maybe if one of those players
10414s aren't really performing that day right
10416s because it could happen right it could
10417s just happen a bad day and then you know
10419s you are able to sub out some every two
10421s games so I have to see if um any of
10423s these change do end or any of these
10425s teams do end up changing their roster
10427s especially with the with the two game
10428s break as
10430s well but um yeah oh yeah no no you first
10434s I was just going to say I wonder if they
10436s changed the rules cuz I saw it in group
10438s a as well but there's a couple teams in
10441s stage today that only has three members
10443s in their roster not
10445s four oh yeah cuz we do see saber uh they
10448s young Sabers here only having
10451s three I'm a little surprised at that as
10454s well but I'm not too sure I think maybe
10456s it's just because they got sponsored and
10458s they're maybe looking for a fort member
10459s is my guess could be the case right I
10461s think a lot of the um a lot of the
10465s regional sponsor players and teams were
10467s quite recently announced I saw sha
10470s actually kind of tweeting out and
10472s retweeting some of the posts that
10473s announces those teams so maybe you're
10476s right maybe they made a slight exception
10478s at least for the phase one stage because
10481s those teams are still being announced as
10483s we continue on throughout the season and
10486s once where Regional Tournament actually
10488s starts we still have a a little bit of
10489s ways to go before that does begin and
10492s probably by then we'll have everything
10493s set
10494s up yeah do we know exactly when the
10497s regional tournament is starting I'm not
10499s too familiar with like the schedule
10501s about that I'll have to go check
10504s but I don't know if we're slotted in for
10506s any of those so we we'll see what ends
10507s up happening I I forget what the the way
10510s that they're doing it is I just remember
10512s that has something to do with season
10514s finals and some like end of the year
10516s tournament or something like that but
10517s we'll figure it out down the road I know
10519s I see okay but yeah I mean I think we
10522s are going to be actually jumping into
10525s our AR frea predictions and oh my God is
10528s that 70 70% of the votes for I said I
10532s think it is wellow I it's to the point
10534s where you can't even see what are the
10536s what's the blue team and the green you
10537s can't see like it's in it's in fine PR
10540s you know like like like you need a
10541s magnifying glass see other
10544s teams uh surely it's because Serenity is
10546s now their fourth member right they yeah
10549s see the coach they're like oh V meide
10551s right
10552s there but yeah that is I think um innate
10556s and Rox with four and 5% respectively
10560s and then Mudkip Mudkip you know a pretty
10562s consistent team overall they were always
10563s able to make it to like finals so yeah
10567s uh taking 12% themsel and on the bottom
10569s side here we actually have fairy with
10571s 50% actually a pretty even spread it
10574s looks like with uh multiples of five
10575s here I don't know if that's um an error
10578s or I mean I I guess % for fair it's nice
10582s numbers for us to look at so I'm not
10584s complaining at all fair were 50% cybers
10587s with 35 high with 10 and hid and run
10589s with
10590s 5% I'll be real here team hid and run
10593s actually has a really good name for
10596s those of you guys who are familiar with
10598s the history of some of the players that
10599s are there do denell is here right and
10602s that man used to be so well known as the
10605s Magnus who just literally biked in hit
10607s somebody and then booked it cuz he
10608s killed somebody and it just gets out it
10610s was the funniest thing to see so hidden
10613s run actually kind of fitting in line
10614s with the team players but super we're
10617s going to send this straight into game
10618s number one of Group B for through there
10622s is a lan selected but that is
10626s Ben don't count them out yeah and would
10629s you look at that on this side of the
10632s bracket we have I think almost every
10634s team here playing on front to back team
10635s we have yeah the the Mage 8
10639s you know on thought two same thing with
10641s Mudkip uh the RDX as
10644s well um hid and run also playing uh with
10648s you know um the Martina there I think
10651s Martina is actually in a pretty good
10652s spot right now so I do actually like to
10654s see that and then fairy looks like fair
10657s is playing the combo uh one shot comp
10660s can I just mention that I completely
10662s forgot about this we got zero Alonso in
10665s group
10667s a yeah you're right right um I don't
10670s think if did we have any I think we did
10672s have M originally at the start but I
10674s think they ended up not playing Mai but
10676s the my are coming back for here we
10677s actually have a May ban there's three M
10679s uh in this game Theo ban as well there's
10681s three Theos on top of it with what a
10685s what a way we're seeing this we're even
10687s seeing a Yu come in from Flickr what is
10689s this
10690s game yeah completely different uh type
10694s of um Team comps coming out for Group B
10697s like a lot more front to back oriented
10699s on this side yeah and with cadas going
10702s back onto the Isaac here I guess he's
10704s not going to be at least for now
10705s bringing out that Eon so I guess it was
10708s a group a kind of thing we'll see if
10710s that's going to stick all the way into
10711s the series of course cuz still had three
10714s more games after this one but yes the
10716s characters are locked in for game number
10718s one we're about to load into our first
10719s game of Group B again guys after four
10722s games in this series as well we're going
10724s to have two teams that are going to drop
10727s out of of phase one I should say and two
10730s teams going straight into the finals and
10731s four that we'll be seeing tomorrow
10734s during the Wild Card stages so let's get
10736s ready to rumble because game one is now
10740s underway yeah and um M seang playing you
10743s know their comp that they dominated with
10745s the last season in Phase 2 with the the
10748s Dio Dio Alonzo but you know now they're
10751s picking the heart you know heart is
10752s probably you know the better ADC right
10754s now um she's kind of like the Talk of
10757s the Town so I do like you know that they
10759s just have um romatic just uh flexing
10763s right on this on this ADC pick good
10766s that's exactly what we want to see on
10767s that team as well one of the biggest
10768s things about team Meen song is I think
10771s you kind of mentioned it earlier but
10772s it's one their flexibility and two the
10775s variety of compositions they're able to
10777s run because of that flexibility so
10780s exactly as you said it's the flexibility
10781s that's going to go a long way for that
10783s team especially for romatic as well
10785s we've known him for playing that uh
10787s range 8 s character but we've also SE
10790s seen him play Mages before and had some
10792s success with it we've seen him play
10794s things like suame although I don't know
10797s if the current iteration of subam will
10798s be in line with romantic cuz now her
10800s ultimate is the life and death seal is
10803s not zero cool down or you can use it but
10807s it's a lot more proc towards just using
10810s the mark proc right just
10813s set oh here's the combo here is yeah and
10817s it looks like wait a second Z actually
10819s gets away here and the Nikki does end up
10822s fallowing maybe going to be able to find
10824s anything and no Al Al like G work will
10829s end up falling here Alto we do see some
10832s combat pings is he okay looks like
10836s fine would have been a really early wipe
10838s here but on the bottom side we do have
10840s another fight uh looks like um Rox here
10844s trying to look for some damage DDO
10845s doesn't have his fast ball stacked yet
10848s to get that up I think his ultimate was
10850s already invested earlier here the May
10852s though just going to be able to deal so
10853s much damage that taunt does end up
10855s coming through and yeah looks like RX
10858s going to lose two members so a lot of uh
10860s early kills a lot of early game
10861s aggression this game quite a lot quite a
10863s lot but that's still in line with what
10865s we saw during group a at least in the
10866s first game too so it's not something
10869s that we're completely new to at this
10872s stage we are slightly accustomed to it
10874s we'll see if this actually does continue
10875s down the road cuz we did see that that
10877s part changing right like towards the end
10879s of the series The Early game got a
10881s little bit more calmer but the mid to
10883s late game got a lot more hectic which
10885s might be something that we see here
10887s Martinez starting to stack up now Dobby
10889s sitting on I think two I can't really
10891s tell if she's sitting on four or two at
10894s this stage but will get taken down that
10896s is a very low death timer cuz I think
10898s she died right before Oh here comes a
10900s combo oh no the trick doesn't hit onto
10902s Curry and it's not enough damage wait a
10904s second they are going to be able to deal
10906s more damage Curry on one HP it's not
10908s enough yeah damn the Checkmate just went
10912s a tiny bit wide just not enough uh
10914s movement speed yet on the Dela there and
10918s yeah Curry is just going to be able to
10919s live and going to be able to pick up two
10922s kills from veryy the good thing about
10924s this composition though is that in
10926s comparison to previous compositions that
10928s Jor has ran with all these oh one shot
10930s compositions that they have to run is
10932s that everybody has to go in right but
10935s with the addition of a Carla into the
10937s mix you don't have to send everybody in
10939s which is why team fairy despite losing
10942s the Nikki as well as the Adela twice now
10944s in this game already they're still alive
10946s and that's really good they're still
10948s pushing their limits they're limit
10949s testing on how to actually deal with
10951s some of these compositions and maybe
10953s testing out what kind of characters they
10955s need to be targeting down right now as
10957s well they're looking to Target the
10958s correct ones just haven't found success
10960s yet yeah I think the Carla can just drop
10962s ultimate and be fine but o a nice uh SX
10966s bomb there from one Circle going to down
10968s Blaster half HP but yeah looks like um
10971s Team High just not going to give room
10974s they're just going to back away here
10975s meteor and trees are spawning msj going
10978s to be able to you know walk down get
10980s some more farm and hi actually realizes
10982s this and they're just going to be able
10983s to take console for thems and play for
10986s this metor right I will mention this too
10988s by the way we did see Dobby actually
10990s hitting broadcast earlier as well so
10992s pretty good pacing on this one did end
10993s up finishing their build after hitting
10995s broadcast which is pretty standard right
10997s now I'll you're prioritizing the the
10999s stacks more so than finishing your items
11001s for some good stuff okay pretty early
11003s energy blast from okay here we go DDO
11007s going to be dashing in with the face
11008s balls it will be the echo of the earth
11010s popped by the Priya trying to take down
11012s this character but there's the exclusive
11013s coming through is dead so yeah they got
11016s to book it and DDO Now does not have
11018s access to anything available for him but
11020s he does get this hit okay why does end
11022s up Landing it's a one for two exchange
11024s not bad for team Rox I will say though
11027s yeah RX Rox do end up picking up one
11029s going to be able to get that pre I
11030s thought DDO was going to be able to
11032s dodge out on that um passive from Tazia
11036s but unfortunately you know the hit boox
11038s I think on Tazia for stack is pretty big
11042s so yeah just going to be able to kind of
11044s clip the William there and William will
11048s fall so yeah high already on five kills
11051s you know not what I was expecting from
11053s you know a team comp like you know my
11055s PRI atasia but they are doing really
11057s really good for themselves here yeah but
11059s to be fair I think the energy blast wave
11060s came a little bit too early for a level
11062s one energy blast wave you didn't really
11064s have anybody locked down it was just
11066s maybe the M or the M sends it in and
11069s they were trying to get some damage off
11071s but the Theo wasn't also in place the
11073s duration of the additional um bonus
11076s stats that Theo gets I believe in level
11078s one energy blast wave doesn't really
11079s last that long so you kind of need to
11081s make use of the entire duration but a
11083s lot of it was used with the Theo walking
11085s around so not exactly the best fight I
11087s think that could have taken but it's all
11089s right getting one kill for the William I
11091s will say is a pretty decent way to start
11092s the snowball you just have to continue
11095s rolling that snowball down the hill and
11097s maybe he'll get something done in the
11098s mid Lake game yeah teams end up calling
11101s I think I saw a ghost spride already for
11102s Mar jong's Alonzo so yeah I mean that
11106s item if you are able to just save for it
11108s and just able to to grab that it is a
11110s lot of extra damage and you know it does
11113s have the stats of um a four score chest
11116s piece so yes going to be able to get uh
11120s so much more tanky as well so I do like
11122s you know the ghost sprad rush I think
11124s these other teams as well are doing the
11126s same that's do have an
11128s Alonzo and ooh the S bom does end up
11132s going through does end up hitting Alto
11135s the vampire que yeah goes wide and
11138s there's a combo from Team fa and yeah
11142s that is going to be it for the DOR I see
11145s what you were trying to do right Alto
11147s did get hit hit by the the spark nade
11151s but you just you have to block this down
11153s even further Alto doesn't even get
11155s secure it's going to be a clean two for
11157s zero in favor of Team fairy whereas the
11158s Battle Zone on the Northern side of the
11161s map is going to be one out by team MIP
11163s they did lose out on the Lennox but it
11165s will be at least a mythal picked up on
11167s the side of that team that should be
11168s going into a GP mvg I believe for the
11171s Rio right they picked it up what's it be
11175s you building there it is okay good stuff
11178s really really good start here for a lot
11179s of the teams that we would normally
11181s expect to start scaling in the early
11182s stages they really are doing that all
11185s right yeah I
11187s mean a lot of kills to go around here
11189s Chui a lot of kills all these teams um
11192s finishing up their batt zones getting
11194s Farm
11195s here it's going to be exciting
11197s chvy kind interesting to see some of
11200s these compositions running multiple
11202s carry characters though and it's nice to
11203s see that the carry priority is coming to
11206s a lot of these more consistent Auto
11208s attack damage dealing characters and
11210s okay this is something that I've noticed
11212s recently by the way while playing
11213s William Antioch is back Antioch really
11216s is back and I'm so excited for that the
11218s additional attack range on that thing
11219s now was interesting
11222s although what the Yeah the M dealing so
11226s much damage onto alter here almost 100
11227s to zero them by here a nice exclusive
11230s from the may actually able to pull
11231s Blaster out but um wow they actually
11234s were able to turn it here and uhoh
11236s that's not good for high r does end up
11238s going through magani actually doesn't
11240s hit um theay there and I think theay
11243s gets away and yeah looks like they're
11244s not able to get any of these uh kills
11247s here actually o a nice ultimate from C
11249s is going to actually jump over the wall
11252s uh there and the totem does come through
11255s the kill actually goes over to I think
11256s team fair with alto's um pullback there
11261s so yeah I think um D young cyers here is
11264s not going to be able to get
11266s anything now very
11269s be able to lock down R well done I mean
11272s nice Crow control lock down nice nice CC
11275s rotation I should say and chaining as
11277s well making it so that the Theo just
11279s couldn't move and the burst damage is
11280s there but it's not going to be a hold
11282s until day number three we're not going
11284s to see that in this Lobby just yet a
11286s mythal picked up on the side of gwor
11288s another purple box picked up by team
11290s fairy as well so huge value gain off of
11292s day three from Team fa yeah two RNG
11296s they're going to be able to call in as
11297s well look at the credit for score called
11299s in from gwor they're looking really good
11302s and the more damage they have you know
11303s the faster they're going to be able to
11304s combo and you know the more consistent
11307s they'll be able to do it as well mhm and
11309s even more so than that uh the better
11311s their follow through is going to be as
11313s well right that's one of the things that
11314s we talked about consistently with this
11316s one shot rotation combo with the Adela
11318s and the Nikki where's the followup
11319s damage well there it is with the items
11321s now that's to be available for the Mages
11325s we talked about those earlier too and
11327s they're going to have even more that now
11329s yeah once they have enough items it's
11330s just Nikki and andela that can one shot
11332s and then you know the the Carla is just
11335s there to you know do extra damage peel
11337s drop the r down to add like a little
11339s more CC a little more damage but you
11340s know the main uh damage dealers the main
11343s combo potential isn't really from the
11345s Carla there it's just the the Niki
11350s Adella okay so day number three none of
11352s our teams are dead the most amount of
11355s kills we have so far on a team I'm just
11357s going to only count the field kills is
11359s five it's between team high and team
11361s fairy so for some reason this one shot
11363s combo team is working again good stuff
11366s coming through for team fairy although I
11368s will say a lot of the kills that they've
11370s gotten so far isn't necessarily from
11371s those big one shot rotations it's just a
11374s follow-through damage coming in after
11375s the fight is brought onto them actually
11378s quite interestingly enough it's not them
11380s initiating but it's everyone initiating
11382s into them and that means you're playing
11384s straight into a Cara playing straight
11386s into all the tools available for the
11388s Adela to either peel herself or lock you
11391s down in Crow control instead see if that
11393s decides to change just a moment as GW
11395s work he's going to miss the shield still
11397s available for
11399s denana what can Team Barry do it's going
11401s to be very difficult with this
11403s composition to destroy that shield on
11404s the Alonzo they have wait a second lash
11408s back though and Dan actually going to
11409s shut down gor
11411s here the third party is here actually
11414s from Team rocks and but oh my God
11417s they're actually going to be be able to
11418s get away here nice side from one Circle
11420s but oh a nice taunt from basa there is
11423s actually going to be able to kill one
11424s Circle but yeah it looks like Mir s
11427s going to be able to are actually going
11428s to lose one and not actually get any of
11430s the kills there as well it looks like
11432s both kills were actually picked up by
11434s Team rocks and yeah Ferry is going to
11438s get the res off and they just going to
11440s walk back into red into semary here four
11442s score picked up by the Theodore as well
11445s the should if you're not giving it to
11447s the ma you're probably going to be going
11448s for the tan time piece nope there's the
11450s cotier coming through and again this is
11452s the 1.24 patch where you still have the
11455s cool down reduction available on that
11457s item right with 1.25 it is gone which
11460s means the value of that item is going to
11461s significantly decrease after phase
11463s number one you can still use it which is
11466s good right spark Nate cool down early on
11468s really good the shield cool down
11470s absolutely massive and as you starting
11471s to level that now that you hit Level 16
11474s plus it's going to go a very long way
11475s Arena the Vampire Queen going to be
11477s forced out going to be a split between
11478s these two teams the steel trying to run
11480s away wait straight into the arms of
11482s hiasi hold up a second the damage goes
11484s through no re is going to get taken down
11486s cadas now completely isolated he's going
11488s to get taken down and now Deon cyers
11490s down two members that's going to be a
11491s minus 500 everybody do have the credits
11494s so they will be able to buy back but
11495s yeah unfortunately it's not going to
11497s have enough RNG and magnani might find
11499s himself into trouble here as team hit
11502s and run are going to be able to
11504s capitalize here comes a Lonzo point and
11506s looks like team they young cybers will
11508s be our first team to fall in game number
11512s one of Group B Jesus when did this
11515s Martina get full items what
11517s the what yeah I think they probably just
11520s funling the Martina cuz Martina does so
11522s much damage with the accelerator right
11524s now so we're going to have to see you
11525s know how that works out for them but o a
11528s dice top from Basha a follow up from
11530s zeru Jin to get some Rockets down but
11533s gang Chong just going to walk away as
11535s you know he is playing Lenox so he is
11537s fairly tanky
11538s was a little bit awkward there cuz he
11539s started using his weapon skill as soon
11541s as the CC cleanse from heavy knee pads
11543s came through so he couldn't walk away
11545s thanks to the animation but he's fine
11547s now he does end up using his blink for
11549s it so that's going to be about a 90
11550s second cool down since Lennox will not
11553s prioritize leveling that
11556s up yeah and it looks like we do have
11560s team fairy kind of on the back ropes
11562s here in in hospital to maybe going to
11565s try looking for an Al tier if they are
11567s going to be able to get this Martin they
11568s will be able to one shot but wait a
11569s second do they have time oh wait Factory
11571s is still open okay thank God I I thought
11573s Factory was closed as well so I thought
11575s they didn't have enough time but yeah
11577s looks like they'll be okay they are on
11579s only 6 seconds of timer so they do have
11581s to be a little careful here they are
11583s going to play around this Vision this
11586s this corner here I really like this play
11587s cuz if they do catch any of the
11588s backliners if they are able to get the
11590s jump they're just going to be able to
11591s combo and one shot them a lot of teams
11593s for them to try that jump on as well
11596s right but again it's another team with
11598s team with with gwor in it that ends up
11600s using a bunch of their timers in the
11602s midstage of the game trying to run away
11604s from teams so hopefully that doesn't
11606s become an issue down the road Curry is
11607s going to invest the electric shift
11609s pretty early on in this fight that's
11610s going to be again the plant invested
11612s camera's going down for more Vision
11614s Advantage likeor shift on it's just
11617s going to be that team running away hung
11618s rocks now in a little bit of trouble as
11620s the full one shot rotation through but D
11622s is getting the damage down and now where
11624s is their damage oh this Nikki is
11626s completely isolated get the blink on out
11628s of there but it's a third party coming
11630s in oh one tool has to completely book it
11632s all to it gets taken down that's a minus
11634s 500 going towards the way of that team
11637s not looking good for team faery but on
11638s the other hand a lot of teams still
11640s duking it out all over the place Wick
11642s line spawn it will be in Cemetery the
11645s only team there is going to be hit and
11647s run yeah we do have a fight on this side
11650s though playing for this Red Box O the
11653s pull does go a little wide gungan going
11655s to walk up as both teams I think are
11657s just going to back off here H and run
11659s actually going to be able to get Wick
11661s line for free they're actually using the
11662s strategy to stall out Wick to extend
11664s their Wick buff we've seen this before
11666s in other um Seasons I don't think we've
11670s seen it last season but yeah I mean this
11673s is definitely like a strategy you could
11674s use but we do have a team actually maybe
11676s going to jump over no I think they just
11679s saw the wick being taken so they opt not
11682s and we do have the res from I think that
11685s is um Rox back up in the gas station or
11690s in police station did you just see the
11692s item that was built by the Martina bu en
11694s chance it's her blood weapon and she's
11696s going to upgrade that for the additional
11698s attack she is yeah she is going to one
11700s shot people with her alt combo so you
11703s definitely need to make sure you react
11704s and Flash on out of there but on this
11707s side we do have Nana going to try
11709s looking for a point there but I think
11710s the speed from the down one is just
11713s going to be able to get them out in time
11714s and uh one CLE going to try cutting back
11716s here but the damage coming out from msj
11719s is just way too much and they're just
11721s playing this front to back so perfectly
11722s so beautifully we've seen it time and
11724s time again that's a just a nice two
11726s cleano into team High here yeah there's
11729s nowhere for the Pria to go to ra any of
11730s her teammates which means m s just gets
11732s clean out there with the clean two for
11735s zero in favor of them Bri going to be
11737s hiding out a little bit in the corner
11738s and she will try to crawl back in but
11741s with yeah there's a g there it's
11744s definitely seen oh she's dead
11749s oh wait maybe they're going to let her
11750s res and they're the kill I like this
11751s play I like this way cuz they don't know
11753s right like like the B doesn't know
11754s they're in this msh so they're going to
11756s let her res up and they're going to get
11758s a free kill for themselves oh my God
11761s they're so smart but now they can't
11763s focus on this wa but the mara the
11765s broadcast down goes one shot yeah they
11769s is one shot romatic but wait a second
11771s they playing into this coridor into a
11772s theor the Theodor one CLE do so much
11775s damage both Flicker and uh
11778s D are actually forced to flash out here
11780s and what does actually get one he's
11781s going to be able to get another one at
11784s one
11785s HP no no die going to try looking for
11787s something as well one circle is playing
11788s this masterfully oh no but romatic
11791s started the self reses and he's going to
11792s be the one to fall and actually they're
11794s going to be able to get the credit but
11795s look at the damage coming up from theore
11797s he is going to be able to drop the as
11800s well he's going to be able to get a lot
11801s of heal and the The Shield back from
11804s this as well wait a second the self is
11806s again coming through I think none all
11808s die can just walk up here coming soon
11812s looks like he doesn't actually choose to
11813s do that and donana here actually stop
11816s the selfes and they will fall wow I'm
11819s surprised uh the members of team msj
11821s decid to self reses there as I think it
11823s might have cost him that fight that was
11825s super super close I mean in the end my
11829s lives she got away with the luckiest res
11833s I have seen in my life I don't even know
11836s how that happened but the perfect timing
11837s from me and S try to deny the
11839s resurrection from the M actually ends up
11842s costing their entire lives for it so wow
11845s what a weird way for that fight to start
11847s and a weird way for that fight to end
11849s one Circle tried his other one Circle
11851s yeah he he tried he like it went down to
11854s a 2v3 at the very start the Theo just
11856s pumping so much damage through you know
11858s that wall the auto attacks and then he
11861s had to like uh one V3 at the very end
11863s there able to actually knock down two
11865s members but it's just not enough yeah a
11868s super brutal it's going to be team hid
11870s and run now with a very sizable lead I
11873s will say again the camera already built
11876s by the Martina she is as strong as she
11878s can get just maybe couple oh she's level
11880s 20 I'm not sure what her weapon Mastery
11882s is but if it is 20 then she is quite
11884s really the strongest you can ever be on
11886s that character talked about it earlier
11888s the accelerator combo with the electric
11891s shift as well it is filthy trying to
11893s play that character although this is bad
11896s oh my God they got
11897s getting Pok by two mes D going to try
11900s looking for something just going to fall
11903s and that is not what you want to see
11905s that is the worst place you want to be
11907s when you're in between two teams and the
11909s third party from hidden run just going
11911s to clean that up RX going to
11915s fall ouch I think ddl also got hit by a
11918s boo Viper but then he started
11921s dashing oh well I don't think it
11923s mattered like once you're in the middle
11924s in that uh yeah but stream uh Bridge
11929s it's a little doomed here but here comes
11930s ultimate from the Martina actually not
11932s going to hit um anyone there but yeah
11937s looks like the final zone is started
11938s Alto is dealing a lot of damage to this
11940s team and Pria is going to fall as well
11943s to Curry oh the blast plant that's not
11948s what you want to see it pushes theay
11951s right into the wall and wait a second
11953s deay is out once again actually no they
11956s just got up from from alto from Team
11959s faery yeah we have a lot of teams here
11961s funneling in for the final Zone on Pond
11965s while while this happens kungi and they
11968s just kind of chilling over there they're
11969s having a picnic inside a stream at the
11971s moment see what ends up happening oh
11974s timer on the side timer yeah theyed so
11976s much timer for those kills in red
11978s earlier so they don't really have any
11980s timer to work with here and they're just
11981s going to try sending it on this team
11983s they need to get a kill Curry on 1
11985s second and there goes
11987s Curry there goes Lenox yeah but here
11991s comes other team gwor actually already
11993s forced to Al so they're not going to
11994s have their combo here uhoh and oh no
11997s another team another third
11999s party uh and yeah looks like they're
12002s going to try looking for something into
12003s red here zerin going to
12006s find the Lonzo and uh yeah I think it's
12010s over shooting yeah you got to try
12011s something though as Dobby he doesn't
12013s really have that much time oh gets one
12015s wait GW work pops what can't kill this
12018s one two oh my God he gets all three of
12021s them and he gets the clutch he gets the
12025s clutch he's going to try something now
12027s maybe he can kill oh okay there's coming
12029s back in dude that scared me for a second
12031s That's The Power of Martina as a squishy
12034s character you can't afford to jump in on
12036s that but it will be kungi in a picking
12038s up game number one six kills on their
12040s hand
12042s G but H and run they play second and
12044s they had 10 kills so they actually out
12046s uh outperformed the first place team
12049s after that you know like wow wow what
12053s was that Martina just able to drop I
12057s think it was the I think it was gor
12060s right Y no no it was Alto first it was
12062s Alto Al yeah yeah and then G popped the
12064s timer and then yeah and then the Nikki
12067s didn't didn't have enough timer or or
12069s any damage to really kill the Martino
12071s wow very well played from from the
12073s Martina at the very end there sickest
12075s Martina 1v3 I've seen in my life but
12077s that was a crucial mistake from alto
12079s right I mean we've seen it a lot at the
12082s beginning of the Season there was a
12083s whole Mass crowd of Martinez running
12086s accelerator because somebody found out
12088s about that combo and there was like
12090s three or four Martinez per lobby at the
12093s beginning of the season but it's been
12094s toned down a little bit but that late
12097s into the game when the Martina has her
12098s blood camera uh no let's not do that
12103s yeah overconfidence is probably like you
12106s know the one killer for many of these
12108s teams and it's why you know these 2v3
12110s these 1v3 situations happen right where
12113s you know they jump in they they they're
12114s thinking it's just one guy you know we
12116s just kill him quick but then Alto goes
12119s down didn't have enough timer they all
12121s exploded and it's just a hit and run um
12125s Martina clutch play that was fun that
12128s was fun to watch
12130s though yeah I mean nice three kills add
12133s second place for thems you know in total
12135s I think they got 10 kills so actually
12137s out place the first place team there
12139s nice to see Vision Flex actually coming
12141s in though right I mean this is pretty
12142s Classic on the Martina where she can
12145s actually Rush the cannon camera early on
12147s in the game and she can use that
12149s additional stats coming through from
12150s that weapon to just Cascade and snowball
12153s her way down all the way into the late
12154s game hopefully we get to see more of
12157s that but it's not too common to see
12160s Martinez nowadays Inc competitive and
12162s I'm not going to say that she's Weak by
12164s any means she's still very strong but
12167s there are small caveat to how to make
12169s that character strong and we did see
12171s what the strongest Martina can look like
12175s but we've also seen plenty of times in
12176s competitive before how weak Martinez can
12178s get absolutely abused into Oblivion just
12181s not really have a
12182s game yeah
12185s yeah but um yeah I mean we saw why you
12188s know the final zone changes are coming
12190s right that was that one team they just
12192s they had the final Zone in uh in stream
12194s they had it for the whole time and they
12196s just walked over took the Zone and they
12198s basically just want the game off of it
12199s but in the next phase they won't be able
12201s to do that because the zones will be
12203s locked yep oh well you know it do be
12206s like that sometimes it just is what it
12208s is but yeah across the board not a bad
12210s game at all a very good way for us to
12212s just kind of get a feel for how Group B
12214s is going to be no eons right so no crazy
12217s initiations coming in from a character
12219s just dashing in yeah so it was it was
12221s kind of a fluke I think in the first
12223s stage it was just all the eam players
12226s you know they they were just playing in
12227s the in the first stage we had zero this
12230s game right or yeah right I don't it's
12233s more of just you know like
12235s the it's more of like the front to back
12237s type coms with uh Theo and Ma because I
12240s think both of those characters are going
12241s to be banned so I want to see you know
12242s how these seems you knowjust these picks
12244s that are that are going to be banned
12245s coming up in the next game mhm my
12248s getting banned is not anything new for
12250s us same for Theo there are alternative
12252s picks for those two characters but I
12254s will say though in this game I don't
12256s think Theo and the M had as big of an
12258s impact as I normally would have expected
12260s those characters to have I mean we saw
12262s we saw some mean the one Circle one
12266s thing was that was kind of crazy if the
12268s if the the hares lived like they
12271s definitely would have won there I think
12272s right so yeah unfortunately didn't
12275s really get anything out of that um my
12276s exclusives we saw a couple of pretty big
12278s ones there too but in the end none of
12280s those two characters I believe made it
12282s all the way to the end final couple
12285s teams so that is true that is true yeah
12287s I'm wondering what alternatives a lot of
12289s these compositions have of course for me
12291s and song it's not that big of a worry
12293s because they can Flex that the into
12296s something else it's one circle after all
12297s he can pick whatever he wants but then
12299s we start looking at these other
12301s compositions and other teams what can
12303s they substitute the Maya with what can
12305s they substitute the Theodore
12307s with yeah Maya is a character who
12309s doesn't really have like a substitute
12310s because she has you know one of the best
12312s engages as a tank and also having that
12315s exclusive safety net you know for your
12317s teams but we do have the round result
12319s here for the teams hit and run coming
12322s out big um they didn't win the the game
12325s but they didn't end up winning the round
12326s as they have 15 points 10 kills um gay
12330s uh
12331s gay
12333s g yungi in it with uh 14 points himself
12338s uh six field kills and fery with 12 same
12342s thing for high as well right eight field
12344s kills just sitting only on 10 points now
12346s this is a little bit more of a
12348s leaderboard that you're normally
12349s accustomed to right compared to game one
12351s results from Lobby from group a where we
12354s saw an equal distribution of kills
12357s pretty much across the board sa for team
12359s Asher this is what you would normally
12361s see just like a Cascade of field kills
12363s going down the list and now we're in a
12365s little bit more of our playing field
12367s where we can look at how these lobbies
12368s are going to go after game number two
12371s will determine how the rest of the
12373s series will go like the rest half of the
12374s series and also determine whether or not
12377s maybe some player substitutions will
12378s come in after the break but that's all
12380s for
12381s L yeah I wonder if we will see any of
12384s these roster changes because of the
12385s Bands you know um that are in this Lobby
12388s I'm sure Theodor is probably going to
12390s get banned again in game number three
12391s and same with my so maybe to try to
12393s prevent that maybe teams end up subing
12396s in their fourth member maybe we'll have
12398s some Mind Games here and there as well
12400s with these uh with these picks we'll
12402s have to see uh in these upcoming games
12404s yeah we'll still about one Circle for
12405s serenity how about that like
12408s surely that will be the the option that
12411s me S decide to take but you're
12413s absolutely right those analysis will
12414s have to see even going into game two I
12417s think is going to play a factor on
12419s whether or not some of these teams do
12420s end up subing out somebody just because
12422s of the characters that are being played
12424s by everyone across the board since my
12426s and Theo getting banned two characters
12428s that are usually very high value in a
12431s lot of these competitor series being
12433s banned out in game number one means
12434s there is a very very hard limit on what
12437s you're able to play especially if you're
12439s comam both of those characters that's
12441s even worse and my guess is we might have
12445s a doo ban or sorry not Dio Alonzo ban
12448s because of the my ban so maybe like some
12450s of the my players might hop on over to
12452s Alonzo CU we we did also just have two
12453s Alonzo in the last game so if just one
12456s more player swaps to Alonzo then you
12459s know they will get bad but also at the
12461s same time the Lonzo picks were played
12464s with do so I don't know if the
12467s yeah since Theo got bad I don't know if
12468s the Alonzo players will still play
12470s Alonzo or if they'll swap to like a
12471s different tank like maybe like AAL I
12473s think AAL was still pretty good like in
12474s the last patch it was a pretty classic
12477s combo I think about two seasons ago
12479s where we saw the Alonzo Theo popping up
12481s all over the place and now it's a little
12484s bit toned down because again all those
12486s characters got changed they're not the
12488s same as they were back when that
12490s composition used to run rampant but here
12492s we go super game number two is underway
12494s you guys can see the two bands at the
12495s bottom right of our screen again in case
12497s you need a reminder by and the Theo
12500s we're seeing shukai come out we're
12502s seeing estels come out there's Anon from
12505s Cadmus finally we get to see that one
12506s being considered Toby sitting on the
12510s Martina o 11 from donana okay that's
12514s another classic yeah we haven't really
12517s seen 11 played that much as well inm so
12520s I'm really interested to see you know
12522s how mirang plays this actually no he's
12524s not going to play 11 swap to Alonzo he's
12527s going to go back yeah that's what I
12529s thought so they will play this is
12531s actually their season one comp season
12534s two comp sorry that I played against at
12537s world so I'm I'm I'm excited to see this
12539s back you know yeah what is the evolution
12541s of this one and it's also The Faded one
12543s Circle Carla versus the alto Carla this
12545s is also another rivalry that has been
12549s kind of in the entire ERM thing the
12552s whole history ofm ever since one Circle
12554s and Alto started matching against one
12557s another that this Carla rivalry between
12560s them we'll see how it goes it's usually
12562s been one Circle but Alto has also taken
12564s it back here and there we know that one
12566s Circle has a wide variety of Mages he
12568s does play outside of this character so
12571s hopefully Alto is able to one up on this
12573s one cuz with the Adela and Nikki on his
12576s hands he really needs to play the fight
12579s well in order for the follow through
12580s damage to actually make sense and we do
12584s have three I think protocols in this
12586s lobby as well so protocol I was forward
12588s last Lobby just showing you know it's
12589s such a great augment to have if used
12592s well you know it's really really strong
12594s and I think I saw Nana on blink if I'm
12598s not mistaken so it's a blink Alonzo
12600s which we haven't tested yet we were
12602s going to try that you know when the
12603s scrims coming
12605s up but uh blink
12608s alono um yeah I mean it sounds
12610s interesting right like it it definitely
12612s has its uses where you know cuz a lot of
12615s the times when you use when you're
12616s playing Lonzo your e gets cut a little
12617s short but if you can get that tiny bit
12619s of distance you know you can make sure
12621s you always secure that um that e lock
12623s down exactly and it's one Circle sitting
12626s on Carla which means if he really wants
12629s to right it is a little bit risky
12630s because you are using your Mobility
12632s skill you can use your grappling
12633s maneuver in and guarantee at least a hit
12636s on the shackling anchor now the problem
12638s I do see with that is that shackling
12639s anchor did get nerfed a little bit M
12642s will fall here but it did get nerfed a
12643s little bit where the slow value is a lot
12646s lower than what we used to see way back
12648s in the days but if you do have the
12650s Alonzo of course you have the the stun
12653s coming through if you really need to use
12654s it then even the magnetic field to pull
12656s people back into it there is a lot of
12658s threat on the side of one uh there is so
12661s much early game aggression this game it
12663s looks like Kong Chong is still so tanky
12665s but the three members he's not going to
12666s be able to tank three members of very
12669s and yeah looks like he will go down same
12671s on same thing on the other side here
12673s actually Mudkip already losing two
12675s members if Curry goes down it's already
12677s over for uh for MIP yeah it's too early
12680s in the game for these death timers to
12682s mean it but the bigger part here is that
12684s it's a level four Martina he does not
12687s have oh my God 38c Curry Rob yo what the
12691s heck is this zero also here shooting
12694s Rockets wait a second or t coming in
12697s from one circle is he going to be able
12699s to do enough but wait a second n's also
12701s here that's not good um Mar not looking
12704s too good here den off so I see some
12705s combat if he dies here that's going to
12708s be it oh no one circle is just going to
12709s be able to jump on off jump on out of
12711s there jungi in eight three kills how did
12715s that happen three kills already they're
12718s just looking for you know these early
12719s game kills in uh Temple going to get
12722s another one here as it is Martina
12723s Martina not going to be able to really
12725s get away yeah tasu going to be able to
12728s pick up another one so four kills
12730s already for and eight wow even more so
12733s than that zero stacks on Dobby he's been
12736s denied massively he just hit level six
12738s but it was the heart that soloed the
12740s entire health bar of the Martina down
12742s which means that Martina ain't hitting
12745s broadcast anytime soon maybe even if
12747s they're unlucky day two we might not see
12749s that on there King Chon isolated by
12751s himself CH try to
12753s Curry but Curry down yeah great um fine
12757s from the irm going to be able to you
12759s know deny Curry any damage here the
12762s Cella also going to fall here but gangan
12764s going to be able to get away so they
12765s won't be able to live see another day
12766s and other side here DDO is doing so much
12769s damage going to be able to kill theana
12772s here so Mar is kind of forced to K back
12775s and yeah looks like Mar s Jang also you
12777s know just unable to find their footing
12779s in this
12779s game not that bad of a fight coming
12782s through from Rox yeah very aggressive
12784s early game so I guess it wasn't a oneand
12786s done deal thing this time for Group B
12788s maybe we'll see this more and more again
12790s as team's grouping up Giga early in this
12793s series so far noell doesn't have his
12795s boots but yeah they how he
12798s built I think he's just missing his
12799s leather but look at the Martina's build
12801s this Martina is homeless I think they
12803s had three greed items they're probably
12806s trying to look to just get their Stacks
12807s but they should definitely try finishing
12809s up their build uh if they can but um
12812s yeah on this side here we do actually
12814s have Mudkip kind of caught again looks
12816s like this is C and the C you know tped
12820s out but you know the Rio and theox kind
12823s of staggered here as they will end up
12826s another two members as cybers this time
12828s are going to be able to or are going to
12830s be the ones that do end up picking that
12831s up Y and now because of the death timer
12835s on the lenux I think object contesting
12838s objective is going to be a bit difficult
12839s for MIP I was actually going to say you
12841s might as well just die early to not take
12844s your death time oh FL good St is coming
12846s in but this is kind of isolates Deno a
12848s little bit far away DDO on the fast ball
12851s but romantic is just pumping damage like
12852s no tomorrow the shield comes SP but it's
12854s too late oh this is all over the place B
12857s BSA if he gets taken down this is
12859s problematic this Tasia now needs to get
12861s away sookun trying to run there is no
12863s blink on the side of the Alonzo he's not
12865s going to be able to chase it but clean
12867s two zero romatic untouched in that fight
12869s across the wall the blink coming out big
12872s for the Lonzo just blinking over the
12873s wall is able to find the Tazia forc
12875s their stasis and then yeah um romatic
12878s and one Circle just have so much uh free
12880s reain on that team very very nice from
12883s donana to find that angle there good
12885s stuff good stuff we're seeing the impact
12887s of the of the blink Alonzo already Doby
12889s finally hitting the broadcast mode he
12891s will have impact but he's split away
12893s from his team we do see flicker right on
12894s top of him but where is the Alonzo
12897s absolutely nowhere within the mini map
12899s to be seen once they group up they start
12902s scaling that Martina towards the later
12903s stages of the
12905s game now looks like all teams are going
12908s to start to slow it down here as you
12909s know this is usually the time where
12911s teams start calling in you know this
12913s first objectives but it looks like oh my
12915s God the full tank shukai 9 just gets
12919s obliterated by the combo of fairy and it
12922s looks like yeah that ghost brde coming
12924s in you know already right this ghostride
12926s being you know such a prominent item
12929s that defense shred just uh enabling you
12932s know team ferry to just deal so much
12935s more damage and yeah looks like g n will
12937s fall in about one or two seconds wow a
12941s lot of the things that I think were a
12943s problem with this one shot composition
12945s is that th throughout time Adella has
12947s lost damage right which means that a lot
12949s of times even if the Adela has something
12952s like the dragon scales she was just
12954s barely missing a little bit of damage to
12956s knock out those Frontline tanks but with
12959s the addition of ghost bride's H uh
12960s defense decrease that's what I liked you
12962s mentioning about it that's exactly why I
12965s think you run the ghost Sprite on the
12966s Nikki right now with this composition
12968s now you start having enough damage to
12970s actually knock down those beefy front
12972s liners yeah and then the followup as
12974s well from alto just a tiny bit more
12976s damage there too so yeah I mean you just
12979s see you know it's definitely working out
12981s for them once again also catmas he
12983s already on four items did I see that wow
12986s they are I don't know if um the other
12990s team members have items as well if they
12991s just stacking the Eon but Eon they're
12995s having four items already looks a little
12996s scary I don't think it's a bad idea
12998s stacking the Eon cuz he's like the he's
13001s like the I don't I don't know what you
13003s want I don't know how do you how you say
13005s this but maybe like the jack of all
13006s trades in that composition he's the one
13008s that needs to put the pressure down
13009s whereas the Felix can just follow
13010s through on that pressure and the Bianca
13012s is the one that more or less sets up the
13014s arena for the pressure to actually
13015s amount into stuff although wo kqu he's
13018s got the flank Toby in a little bit of
13019s trouble he's got the back around though
13021s this is thing corridors right a little
13023s bit difficult for everyone to deal with
13024s but Toby is getting isolated can he get
13026s the pull back St he's inside oh no gets
13030s taken down by the flower and now Blaser
13033s trying to run away this is a Hu though
13034s if he stays alive long long enough maybe
13036s he's got this estate he misses the stun
13039s he misses the stun and down he goes it's
13042s going to be no Den now popping here
13044s Blaster will pop so he's not going to be
13045s able to spawn back in here but it will
13047s be the Battle Zone being picked up for
13049s team High yeah I was a little surprised
13052s that the Iran went for the flank but I
13053s don't think um Team hidden run were able
13057s to capitalize on that I think the
13058s Martina didn't uh I think their ultimate
13060s wide and then you know the H also just
13063s not hitting wall as well oh here comes
13064s the lock down onto the ekon oh my God
13068s Eon being a full tank he has four items
13070s four tank items and he almost died from
13072s that and it looks like um they weren't
13074s able to really kill anyone but Alto
13075s dealing so much damage the combo from
13077s gwor is able to finish that off and oh
13080s my God will they able to actually get
13081s the white beer cadas does get the reset
13084s is going to be able to dash away but the
13085s B chop Flash Forward nice knock up from
13088s gor comes through but uh yeah the
13091s ultimate coming up again to reset
13093s cadman's Dash and he will get on out of
13096s there but wow look at the damage from
13099s Team fairy that combo onto cadm Miss
13101s there with three tank items or four tank
13103s items almost and oh
13105s no oh my God he actually got the reset
13111s wow okay Cadmus playing this out
13114s wonderfully right now I think earlier on
13117s I I thought he was dead cuz he dashed
13119s out into the open on downtime you don't
13121s get really that much range from it but
13122s he did have enough gauge to build back
13125s up his full gauge but here we go zero oh
13127s he's actually getting denied a lot of
13128s the damage output
13131s from just obliterated from the damage
13133s coming through from the haze down goes
13135s to Pria as well and now team High down
13136s two members is going to have to use 500
13138s credits for that one off the back of a
13140s one battle zone now they lose 500 oh no
13143s they they're fine they're fine it was it
13144s was before day three they didn't stall
13146s my god wow dude yeah yeah we see the
13148s respawn timers not no 500 credits yet
13151s but if uh you know if um an eight there
13155s did end up the fing to stall like we did
13157s see in the other group uh they actually
13159s would have lost I think at least 250 I
13160s think the Pria was going to die before
13162s anyways but I think I think they could
13164s have stalled oh no no no it was that was
13166s already dead but I think they could have
13167s stalled the pr if they wanted to but
13169s they just opted op they just opted not
13170s to maybe they saw you know there's
13172s another team nearby since they did have
13174s console so yeah just picking picking up
13177s the two kills you know is always nice to
13178s do these games are so fastpaced I can't
13180s keep up with what time of the day it is
13182s at this stage in the game too I I can't
13184s believe I actually thought it was day
13186s three maybe oh wo this is a little bit
13188s problematic curry good reactions coming
13190s through one shot though he's pretty
13192s close but the healing plant is there
13194s Curry's not taking any damage right now
13196s whoa they've recovered a little bit GW
13197s work on the back side though he will be
13199s able to out on the queen one to still
13203s alive oh my God no one die yeah the
13208s plant I think saving Curry there cuz uh
13210s Micki just doesn't have enough damage
13211s once the plant is down cuz you know she
13213s is on a more tankier build and then uh
13216s one Circle getting the knockup or sorry
13218s not one Circle G getting the knockup uh
13220s but then you know forc the AL just not
13222s able to really connect onto anyone so
13225s yeah they's all able to get on out of
13226s there kind of surprised that Nikki just
13228s uh sent it there as I don't think
13231s um gor had their Queen setup but uh they
13234s did almost kill Curry there like even
13237s where like no setup it was almost enough
13239s damage their idea probably there was
13241s just to catch Curry outs and he was
13243s walking up it had a they had a pretty
13244s easy
13246s I don't think they need the the full
13247s Queen combo onto like a backliner if
13249s they are able to hit it they just need
13251s like a knock up and an alto just you
13253s know R qws and then they and then they
13255s probably die so it was it was a nice
13258s attempt you know no one really losing
13259s anything for it so you know it's not too
13261s bad you know to look for those
13263s angles bottom side of the map cadas
13267s trying to get a flank around Ru and M A
13269s little bit far away but now Cadmus does
13271s have access to the backline here danana
13272s hasn't really done anything he's a
13274s little bit too far away from the rest of
13275s his team look at this but he's still
13277s alive he's so darn tanky that no one is
13278s able to kill him right now but now it's
13280s a front to back fight one Circle in
13281s romatic continuously pumping in damage
13283s at the bow romatic will get the sore
13285s around he doesn't get the kill just yet
13286s B actually decides to send it back in
13288s here can they actually recover from this
13290s absolutely not nice attempt coming
13293s through from the side of ton cers but
13295s Theon the plant the plant actually just
13297s saved mtic there and that was able to
13299s swing the fight I think because R man
13301s just got the safety and then one Circle
13303s and theana was able to pump so much
13305s damage back back so yeah I think that's
13308s uh you know the weather and you know the
13310s like this new plant update is showing um
13314s showing why you know it like you need to
13316s know where these plants are and you need
13318s to know how to capitalize on them cadas
13321s he had the right idea but I think he was
13323s also way too far away from his teammates
13325s right we saw even the cameraman was
13327s having trouble fully zoomed out as well
13329s trying to keep track of both Cadmus and
13331s his teammates it's kind of forced into
13333s that situation because of the white lily
13335s plant but still I mean you have to keep
13337s track of that exactly as you
13339s said yeah I think if that white l plant
13341s wasn't there I think he would have been
13342s able to solo
13344s um romatic but yeah exactly had a really
13348s he had a really nice flank really nice
13349s engage but yeah that plant just spelled
13352s the Doom but the Blue Viper does end up
13353s coming through does end up hitting tazy
13355s and tazi taking so much damage he's
13356s dashing around but the third party is
13358s here from inates and gang Shong actually
13361s going to be able to get away here and it
13363s looks like Rox going to lose a member as
13365s well so an here is able to reap so much
13369s from that third party o I think gong
13371s Chong does end up hearing the footsteps
13372s of those
13373s members thankfully he did not end up
13376s walking into them or did not end up
13378s walking into him so he is going to be
13380s able to stay alive here but where does
13383s he really have to go I guess maybe
13384s archery to call back there all the
13387s consoles nearby are kind of contested so
13390s bad part about this as well is that
13392s kington is really close to a BL SLE
13394s right if you're saving it for the re
13395s then that's gone out of the window Kung
13397s he actually managed to get out of this
13399s alive right now look at the health bars
13400s on the side of Ted on cyers down goes
13402s the Bianca now cadness trying to salvage
13404s whatever he can from this fight but
13406s these characters are quite quite mobile
13408s and this Tazia getting Shields all over
13410s the place down to Pria that's one but
13412s now down goes to Felix trying to get the
13414s executes maybe try to get a little bit
13415s of Health back maybe try to get a little
13417s bit of the cool Downs back as well he
13419s will succeed in doing that but he loses
13421s two of his teammates for that and look
13423s at the credits they don't have enough
13424s credits here that is not what you want
13426s to see does end up popping one of them
13428s will be able to get back
13432s uh either Felix I mean either or he's
13434s still going to I think the team is still
13436s going to need about I think 120 credits
13439s but there's still some time so they will
13441s be able to maybe try farming
13443s here go getting chunk down now tazu he
13447s sees the angle oh Bob mosa is completely
13449s oh my God yeah even through the shield
13453s the damage reduction butas gets shredded
13456s and it looks like inate here they are
13458s looking so strong oh RDX trying to Res
13461s here actually end up getting the Estell
13464s res but wow they just take him down once
13466s again I'm surprised they actually went
13468s for this revive play as should have
13470s realized you know um yeah they should
13473s have realized like the team's nearby
13476s here down that goes as well too many
13478s people inside a school which means yep
13480s our first team to fully fall will be ham
13483s Rox all off the work of K all off the
13486s work of K in8 good damage coming through
13488s from zero a lot of the rocket launchers
13490s actually Landing onto the William making
13493s so that the fight was nearly impossible
13494s and as soon as that happened heart goes
13496s in there is no response there's the
13498s flash they do end up hitting gang Shong
13501s here and here wait they also have
13504s cyberstalker it looks like I think one
13505s cirle on the Cyber stalker is able to
13507s proc it as well so yeah there we go the
13510s blink coming in from Alonzo coming out
13513s once again showing why you know it's
13515s actually not bad because you know teams
13518s just aren't able to react to Lonzo blink
13519s in
13521s time blood sample and Wick line goes
13524s into the hands of Team fairy another
13526s fight potentially Brewing inside of fire
13528s station cadas is going to have to book
13530s it away from this one they're still down
13531s a member here as well at about 120
13534s credits right now they need to get about
13538s 30 more within 60 seconds definitely
13541s possible but now they're going to have
13542s to sit inside school where there's a few
13543s teams hanging around here as well has to
13546s be the Felix that goes and grabs the res
13548s almost there almost there now they have
13550s enough so Ru is going to go grab M back
13553s oh track three members but team oh no
13556s they're going to see the Ping they're
13557s going to see the Ping and they're just
13558s going to gep I'm pretty sure y oh
13561s they've already gate kept uh it seems
13563s like one's already gatee right now cadas
13565s starting to at least he has the
13566s information right but Ru has no timer
13568s here B he sitting on uh really not that
13571s much HP the fight is going to be forced
13573s out let's see what ends up happening CAD
13575s to take down one oh the stasis is that
13577s going to be enough oh it just barely is
13579s but now down goes to Bianca as well it's
13581s a 2v2 we saw this earlier can they do it
13584s can they turn it around this time around
13585s Shields coming in for Blaster there is
13587s too much sustain too much effective HP
13591s and the third party comes in as well
13593s high is going to end up losing Blaster
13596s right yeah down he goes it is going to
13597s be Indiana two for two between team ton
13601s cyers and team High although T no
13606s on the other side here wait when did the
13608s ha
13609s die
13611s oh yeah they they're only a Twan but oh
13614s they do check the rat corner do find
13616s catmas Cadmus is just going to G on out
13619s of here but yeah they're down a haze
13623s maybe they lost it to fairy or for Mar
13626s we actually haven't we didn't really get
13627s to see that fairy going to be able to
13630s full combo the IR and it looks like they
13633s will be able to pick that one up I think
13635s they do smell blood in the water they
13636s know Cadmus is probably a solo but it's
13639s an eon can't really Chase an eon so they
13641s will let give it up 13 kills for kungi
13644s and they are they going to be able to
13645s get any more I don't think so 9 seconds
13647s left on the side of 9 is he going to be
13649s able to get away from this one they're
13650s chasing they're coming they're coming
13652s they coming they're going to stop this
13654s yeah okay they got the heart though they
13656s got the
13657s heart here is The Peacemaker going to
13660s try stalling out some of their timer but
13662s they're just going to get 10 seconds
13663s back from this and they didn't really
13665s lose much but they do end up picking
13667s another kill for themselves so Nine
13669s Kills from Fairy as well so two teams
13671s here already almost um having double
13674s digit kills we do have mirang here
13678s playing a more quiet game but they do
13681s look really really strong forsel that
13684s Rio was on fail Knight
13687s yeah it's been the while since gwor has
13690s had success with these onot compositions
13693s but the question now is can they
13694s actually finish the race right this one
13696s of the biggest problems that Jor has had
13699s running these kind of compositions can
13701s they run it all the way to the end and
13702s actually find Success With It to Win and
13705s here we go Queen is going to miss they
13707s can lock this down right he still has a
13709s reset I oh my God Eon for now is out do
13713s they have the chase on this no cuz he
13716s just reset oh oh nice flash wait a
13719s second but the resets coming out once
13722s again but he doesn't have any time and
13724s there's another
13726s flash I think Fair invested all three
13729s blinks but it should be fine as long as
13731s they don't take any fights for the next
13733s 50 seconds once you know all their
13735s blinks come back up they're going to be
13737s able to look for another angle on some
13738s of these games how weak is that man he
13741s dashed like 10 times and he still dies
13743s what the heck we care
13747s obviously I'm surprised he almost got
13749s out of there man like that was kind of
13752s crazy but yeah uh I'm yeah I think fairy
13755s needs to wait for the blinks to come
13757s back up I would not take any fights
13759s without these blinks cuz the blinks they
13761s just just enable you know your dive so
13763s much more but oh no marang here going to
13766s find himself wait a second 89 dashes
13768s forward oh right he's solo he has no
13771s time he yeah he just goes down here and
13774s another team on the bottom side here to
13777s have hid and run kind of tra in the
13779s corner here as marong is also just
13782s hovering maybe they're just going to go
13784s to the other Zone
13786s though push this The Shield's gone from
13789s NOA now they're going to wait about 10
13791s seconds before that comes back up if
13792s they want to try fighting this Zone they
13794s have to just send it I don't think this
13797s is a comp that you can just kind of
13798s willy-nilly hang around even the hunu
13801s can slightly tank the entire composition
13803s they just have to play around the team
13805s but team fairy is not letting any Vision
13808s be placed down inside of that bush so
13811s let's see what ends up happening here
13812s who's the one that decides to pull the
13814s trigger 10 seconds left until the temp
13816s Zone ends up popping so I think team hid
13818s and run is kind of locked in on this one
13820s they got to
13822s go yeah they don't have really any time
13825s either M oh no we have Mudkip on the
13827s other side as well so oh push from H wo
13832s m is the one that's going to control the
13833s zone and it's a Cella and Rio but is
13836s going to look pretty good but the blast
13838s uh the white lily they actually jump
13840s from The Backs side here tool going to
13842s look oh actually lock down the ooh the
13846s the queen does end up connecting and
13848s flicker just gets one shot here but
13850s Mudkip they need to get some of these
13851s kills they don't have time to work with
13853s they don't actually get that kill as
13855s well as fairy does actually snag every
13857s single kill with 15 kills onto their
13861s name now as Mira sang do actually end up
13863s wiing on the top side or actually I
13866s think Mudkip was the team that was on
13868s the top side but they actually gave up
13869s their Zone to come down to contest quite
13872s interesting it's going to be gwor versus
13874s one Circle one shot composition versus
13876s the standard front to back if fairy
13879s misses once they're dead um let's see
13882s how they're able to do it m danana is
13884s going to be walking up confidently here
13886s even
13888s if yeah ultimates are up from fairies so
13891s they can definely look gor seeing on a
13893s vision with Queen maybe okay nice sheld
13896s gone that's some good damage here oh
13899s here we go too far away though we've
13901s seen this before and now the one shot
13903s combo oh it's going to be J that
13905s actually gets taken down first somehow
13906s romatic was able to pull away from the
13908s fight theano about to get taken down
13909s okay the two tanks are down but romatic
13911s the electric shift range is too much
13914s down goes the Carla this Nikki has
13916s absolutely nothing left on the table it
13918s will be a terminates on the side of Team
13919s Ma and seong eight kills on hand and
13922s they will stop the bleeding that is
13923s going to be the 16 kill team of Team
13925s fairy
13927s GG's yeah playing the front and back so
13929s well we know Mir said J we know how they
13932s play and they're playing their original
13935s comp that they ended up winning I think
13938s um season one and two with actually did
13941s I'm not sure if they won season one and
13942s two but you they like this was the cop
13946s um that they used you know for a
13948s majority of you know
13950s their their uh tournament career I would
13953s say at least for you know like the
13956s new the new eternal return like after
13959s beta yeah exactly and this is pretty
13962s standard of what their composition runs
13964s to one major one front one back line ADC
13967s right it's pretty classic just without
13970s the Theo
13971s guess it's great to see this comp again
13974s because you know uh this was the comp
13976s that that they beat us with you know
13979s so Carla Rio and Alonzo you know like
13983s the Alonzo just able to take so much
13986s damage K just able to you know follow up
13988s on the Alonzo and then the Rio you know
13990s Rio's in such a good spot right now as
13992s well just able to pump out so much from
13993s such a far range yeah I the fact that
13997s adrenaline and accelerator they both
13999s increase your max attack Max attack
14002s speed cap that part allows Rio just to
14006s do Insane amount insane amounts of
14008s damage and with the added bonus safety
14010s net of GPM VG's additional attack range
14012s for your first Auto you're already
14014s chunking people out before they even
14015s they're even able to even see you
14017s sometimes or even able to react to you
14019s so you the real damage absolutely
14021s massive romatic playing that character
14022s down to a t honestly um I would even say
14025s at the level of of Curry sometimes right
14028s this guy is just so good at spacing
14030s positioning just pumping out damage when
14032s he needs to perfect Play Perfect
14034s gameplay coming through from all the
14035s members of maida and seong definitely
14037s deserving that win with the eight kills
14039s and again stopping the bleeding that is
14041s the 16 kill team fairy if that team was
14044s able to get any more kills and the first
14046s place bonus points
14049s yeah it would have been it would have
14051s been a little hard for Mir to come back
14053s he didn't really have a good first game
14054s but you know since they did end up
14055s winning this game getting eight kills as
14057s well they're definitely looking you know
14059s to try to snag you know maybe the top
14061s two position thinking that fight as well
14063s I think romatic had a really nice um
14065s jump over the wall I think he buffered
14066s the queen stun cuz uh one or sorry gor
14070s was looking to try to you know jump the
14072s backline try to get romatic there but
14074s Jor or sorry romatic just jumping over
14076s the wall in Longbow form just able to
14078s snipe down gwor I don't think gwor was
14080s even able to get his alt off so very
14083s very well played from team Mir exactly
14087s very excited to see what they're going
14088s to be able to bring out in the next half
14091s of the series guys because that just now
14092s was game number two we'll be able to see
14094s the scores very very soon after that
14096s we'll send it over onto a break to see
14098s what kind of change ups are going to
14099s come through but for now let's take a
14101s look at the round results Ferry sitting
14104s on 16 total field kills will have 21
14106s points Five Points above the first place
14109s team of me HED sitting on eight field
14111s kills for themselves 16 so we know how
14114s proactive team Fury was in game two
14117s kungi and in third place for this game
14119s alone with 15 points 13 total Fiel kills
14122s so that team also was not slacking this
14124s time around yeah the round out our top
14126s four will be team high with seven field
14127s kills and seven points so even some of
14130s the teams that dropped out real early uh
14132s they got a ton of kills yeah it just
14135s shows you uh it just goes to show how
14136s much you know kills are worth you know
14138s in a tourament like this even though you
14140s know you don't even get high placement
14141s as long as you get enough kills you get
14143s so many points and now we have the total
14145s leaderboard here team fa sitting in a
14147s nice comfortable 33 points in first
14149s place um inates with 29 Mar with 20 hit
14153s and run with 19 high with 17 Mudkip with
14156s 14 and Rox and cyers here with N9 and
14160s seven so yeah a little little
14163s unfortunate you know for our two
14164s sponsored teams at the bottom here but
14166s um there's still two games left it's
14168s still anyone's game to make it in here
14170s exactly and again I will say this one
14172s more time this is the type of
14173s leaderboard that we are Los little bit
14175s more accustomed to where it's a battle
14177s between first and second battle between
14179s the middle of the pack and the battle
14180s between the bottom two but ladies and
14182s gentlemen we're going to send it off to
14183s a break so once again go grab some water
14186s go grab a snack and go take a stretch
14187s for the last time because we'll see you
14189s guys back here for the last two games of
14191s group number B after the break take care
14194s take care
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14552s foree foreign
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14571s for spee foreign
14577s spee
14593s fore fore
14625s all right ladies and gentlemen welcome
14626s back to the eternal return Master season
14629s 4 Phase 1 hope you all had a fantastic
14631s break CU I know I definitely had one we
14634s are here for games three and four of
14636s Group B and now super I want to ask you
14639s what do you think some some of the
14641s changes now that we're back from the
14643s break is going to be for some of these
14645s teams um I'm not too sure I feel like
14648s Theodore ban might be on the table same
14650s with my I feel like a lot of teams might
14652s go back to you know the comps that they
14655s were originally playing with and I guess
14657s sort of winning on and doing well on
14659s right so you have to see I'm going to
14661s guess I I think most teams will probably
14664s stick with what they have already but
14666s maybe for like the bottom two teams
14667s especially you know the sponsor teams
14669s they might actually swap out the their
14671s Fort member here yeah I wouldn't be
14674s surprised if we did see a couple of
14676s changes because we know that some teams
14677s are absolutely struggling in this Lobby
14680s this is as I said a very much more
14683s standard type of leader board that we
14684s have been seeing throughout almost all
14686s of the competitive where it's like it it
14688s Cascades down from the top to bottom in
14690s comparison to group a where a lot of
14692s teams were very close to one another so
14695s let's take a look at what this Lobby
14697s looks like M hedone looks the same yeah
14700s it looks like everyone went
14702s back we do have the mai and the Theodor
14705s band but I think patas is on
14709s Camilo I think that's the new pick here
14712s I don't think I think everything else is
14713s relatively the same and romatic might be
14715s locking in that rousi no he's going to
14718s swap back over to Heart okay and gwor
14721s going to be on the Elena this time
14723s around as well we've seen this guy do
14724s some miracle work on this Elena with the
14726s flanks one tool and Alto to hold the
14729s front line while gor looks for those
14730s angles so uh I think this is going to be
14733s quite quite funny because with the
14735s addition of White Lies We saw it during
14737s group a a flank coming through from the
14738s Bianca inside of school well gwor is one
14741s of the Gods of flanking with this
14743s character and he is an absolute threat
14744s to the back line cuz he kills them
14746s somehow I don't know how he does it with
14748s this character but he just gets kills on
14750s the back line and leaves yeah alinaa
14752s with the Quake you know it's able to do
14754s so much damage if she's if she is able
14756s to get the freeza on you you know with
14757s the ultimate like you're kind of just
14759s dead so yeah we're going to have to see
14762s um how these teams maybe adjust to that
14765s you know if they are able to maybe
14766s comment and you know try to find gwor
14770s from his flank but yeah I mean a lot of
14773s standard front to back once again B go
14776s group a and Group B combining tomorrow
14777s in the wild cards and in the finals I
14779s think is going to be quite interesting
14781s cuz you and I well at least I always
14783s mention it but the combination of the
14785s two different gameplay Styles kind of
14787s matching together into one down the road
14789s is definitely quite a sight to see cuz
14792s we get to see how each of the individual
14794s groups tend to play out their own
14796s specific play style which has been
14797s pretty consistent for almost all the
14799s teams in each respective group for each
14801s group I I would say in the first one it
14803s was a lot more more of the let's just
14805s kind of dive comp with the eons being
14807s prevalent this one is front to
14809s back yeah exactly um first group more
14813s Dives um a lot of Niche picks as well
14816s but you know coming into group number
14818s two we have a lot of Alonzo a lot of m a
14821s lot of double M or or Mage plus uh ADC
14824s so double backline teams it's just like
14827s your standard comp um in this group so
14830s yeah I'm kind of uh interested to see
14832s you know how those two groups play into
14834s each other as yeah I mean it's two
14838s completely different play Styles mhm
14840s Blaster will be taken down here first
14841s just gave up started looking for a
14843s couple more items hopefully they were
14844s able to find everything and we just
14846s respawn onto a new Zone instead of
14848s having to go back into the factory Odell
14851s in a very similar situation it's
14853s actually going to be the investment of
14854s the blink here for alto I'm pretty sure
14856s that was a level one blink for him as
14858s well so pretty big investment coming in
14860s but it was early enough that it should
14861s be back in about two minutes he's
14864s completely fine Toby looking for another
14867s stack he doesn't get it no I think he
14869s did right no cuz I think he was stuck on
14871s like you need like what I think four or
14873s five ticks of the old I think he just
14875s got four and he couldn't get the last
14877s one if he did we'll see it if it didn't
14880s that's going to
14882s suck uh yeah that is a little
14884s unfortunate but um yeah Alto did invest
14887s his blink early but you know if it's for
14889s an early game kill I think it's always
14890s just worth it right that one extra point
14892s mhm might be the differ
14895s it is a 3 minute cool down but I'm sure
14897s it's fine uh we do actually have uh
14900s marang here looking maybe for an
14902s angle no it looks like high is just
14905s going to run away pretty quiet early
14908s game compared to what we've normally
14909s seen so far I think these teams have
14911s definitely accustomed to what's been
14913s happening in the early
14915s stages yeah I think a lot of teams
14917s realize oh this team is griefing me in
14919s uh doc I'm not going to pet doc anymore
14921s so we're just not going to have any of
14924s this this early game aggression teams
14927s you know after like the first two games
14929s you you have an idea when you're playing
14930s in these uh tournaments uh where teams
14932s are pathing how they're routing what's
14935s uh Farm is free what's uh not so yeah
14938s looks like teams are slowly adjusting to
14940s that but o a nice taunt here with the
14943s Quake going to do some damage actually
14945s going to pull the haze into the pr going
14947s to try to get him and The Peacemaker
14949s does end up going through the the
14951s exclusive actually coming out from the
14953s other Ma and zerin is going to be the
14955s one to fall but the does end up training
14958s back and now we have a ma versus Ma and
14959s a Tazia versus uh heart and it looks
14962s like A9 is winning the my versus my off
14965s on this other side here as yeah looks
14968s like uh in and a going to be able to
14971s score another two kills good recovery
14973s coming through but another fight down
14974s this time on the bottom side of the map
14976s DDO he's going to dash in it will be The
14978s Peacemaker but it's not really going to
14979s do anything cuz the rest of me and
14981s seding has already abandoned that hard
14983s but they do do see somebody trying to
14984s pick up that CCTV and is going to
14986s immediately try to turn back and not
14988s walk into that team although one Circle
14990s might be forced to do it now gets tagged
14992s by the vision PL o Mudkip know about
14996s this he just knows like he he just has
14999s the game sense they realize that the
15001s team is might be still there so he wait
15002s a little longer and then he caught got
15004s caught by the vision plan but and then
15006s Vision plan did see the other team as
15007s well so that's why I think um RX decide
15012s to engage on him
15014s now we start having 30 seconds until
15016s going into the Tree of Life teams just
15018s hang around certain objectives
15020s Temple looks to be contested there's a
15023s team coming in from alley right now on
15025s the left side one walking in from stream
15028s team Mudkip looking to contest over the
15030s meteorite they don't have Vision over uh
15032s over warehouse but they do have
15034s information around Uptown it's just
15035s going to be a straight up front to front
15038s fight between these two teams tight
15040s corridors the yeah
15044s here comes the bomb it does end up
15046s hitting Cella the ultimate does end up
15048s coming through as well but the damage
15050s from Curry going to be able to trade so
15051s much onto the my there but DDO going to
15054s be able to jump around going to be able
15055s to do a lot of damage but it's not going
15056s to be enough as all three members will
15058s end up cutting back to this
15060s meteorites oh and Cella gets caught
15063s again but no or Flash this time and yeah
15065s looks like he will be the one to fall
15068s and it looks like Rox will be taking the
15070s meteorite for free here and this is
15072s exactly what I mean by ham just being
15074s able to fit into any composition those
15076s two plays the initiation and the kill
15079s both coming off of a beautiful spark
15081s Nate play coming through from the Theo
15083s that's exactly what I want to see from
15084s that play right now in in a little bit
15086s of trouble but he is a my be able to get
15088s on out of there quite a slippery
15090s character and using the white lily to
15091s get out he will be in a safety that as
15093s his team is going to come back but it
15096s was a tree of life oh not secure by the
15099s side of Team High cuz they chased too
15101s long look at that oh no theay is over
15103s there I think I might have got it oh
15104s yeah you're right I thought it was a
15105s different team you're right yeah so they
15108s will get the tree and two kills so yeah
15110s pretty nice spot for team high as you
15112s know they already in a pretty good
15114s position I think pointwise cuz they get
15115s a lot of points I think uh in the game
15117s in game number one
15118s so yeah looking to maybe secure their
15122s top six spot here as we do have Mira
15125s sang you know kind of clearing out
15127s school but we do have gor on the flank
15130s here on a off angle as his other team is
15134s below this jump over the wall think does
15137s end up seeing him so they will actually
15138s end up just cutting back yeah map is too
15141s open for that kind of flank to actually
15142s work this early on in the game but at
15144s the same time a lot of the times when we
15146s do see gor actually do these kind of
15148s flank Maneuvers in the later stages of
15150s the game he for some reason already has
15152s NOS feratu so he actually has damage to
15155s back it up this early in the game yes
15157s Elena can be a bit of a threat towards
15159s the backline but she doesn't have enough
15161s stats yet to the point where you know
15162s the defense scaling is as well as the
15164s max HP scaling is necessarily there for
15166s the Lena so I don't think it has to be
15168s that big of a deal and again a bit too
15170s open of a map for the additional Chase's
15173s potential to come
15174s through spark KN wow actually don't
15177s finish it though yeah will not be able
15178s to finish it but this does effectively
15180s put the Cilla out of dangerous positions
15182s for a little bit longer oh my god catas
15184s oh he would have died if there was
15186s another team there yeah but the heal
15188s coming off from rolu and I think the
15190s plant there is going to be able to get
15192s so much I think they did end up getting
15193s the B for free so actually got a nice
15194s objective in the smart coming out once
15196s again hitting both C and the Lenox and
15199s yeah going be able to so much damage and
15201s wait a second Curry is caught but one
15203s circle is also caught by himself here
15205s that is not good here comes from one
15207s Circle to try getting away here Cadmus
15211s is coming out coming back alive in 1
15213s second Curry going to take the one V one
15216s into one Circle both members are down
15218s their members here Curry is by himself
15221s no ultimate for one Circle they won't be
15222s able to chase this
15224s as Curry will be able to get away is he
15228s cuz he's still trying to run right now
15229s denana knows what's up are they going in
15231s they TP the beach okay oh my God
15236s czy I thought they were going to TP to
15238s chase that too but yeah looks like
15239s they're just going to play for Farm here
15241s going to reset I think they did end up
15243s losing the 3v3
15245s into I think it was uh yeah team fairy
15249s so I'll give all back alive though as
15251s team fairy is kind of split off mhm all
15254s these teams just still looking for the
15256s eye on the prize right which is trying
15257s to get as many points as possible going
15259s into the later stages of the game but
15261s here we go another fight starting out
15262s it's going to be between team I can't
15265s tell high as well as hid and run M's
15267s already down on the ground beautiful
15268s front back play coming through from Team
15271s hit and run and now they're finally
15273s starting to do as their team name States
15275s they are doing that hit and run gets the
15276s kill and starts backing away gwor on the
15278s flank side does get the pick over on
15280s towards JY he doesn't get the kill
15282s because he was
15285s going to fall down here as well fairy
15287s fully eliminated Al came
15290s back yeah great g a bubble there to
15292s actually denied the combo damage from
15294s gwor
15295s and uh Curry just able to deal so much
15298s damage you know just able to you know
15300s trade uh the damage onto gwor and that's
15303s going to be it for team fairy there I'm
15305s surprised Alto came back I mean as soon
15307s as the Elena Falls is it just not a
15310s immediately back away call there the
15313s girl the bubble call should have already
15314s been made from Jor signifying that he's
15316s not going to be able to kill the Cilla
15318s and even if he did Rio is right there he
15321s is just pumping damage onto the Elena
15323s there is no way she's getting out of
15324s that alive and ala was too dangerously
15327s low Isaac was getting sold out by the
15328s Alonso as well I don't necessarily know
15331s what the call out there was like maybe
15333s they weren't making calls cuz there is
15335s in in no world Alto should have walked
15338s back into that one and does cost fairy
15340s their lives in game number three I think
15342s the ultimate at the very end there
15344s actually caught caught Alto he did end
15346s up walking back forward took a little
15348s too much more uh too much damage and
15350s then you know the ultimate from Cella
15352s just able to finish the job and then
15355s that's going to be it for
15356s Fairy unfortunate unfortunate but the
15359s game will still go on we're down to
15360s seven teams so the map will be a little
15362s bit more open than what we've seen so
15364s far Curry getting tagged out by the
15366s energy blast field not going to get any
15368s damage done by soam though so now that
15370s the additional damage buff is gone oh
15372s they're actually still planning on
15373s sending it signature Fireball doesn't
15375s land there either oh with the pull back
15376s in is beautiful but the exclusive is
15378s even
15380s better oh oh it's not even going to
15382s matter pull back up to D he's dead yeah
15386s a great pull from gang Chong there able
15388s to catch out Dio's Miss position and
15392s yeah both Curry and
15394s umel just able to capitalize definitely
15397s a force though again energy blast field
15399s was already gone I mean you need that
15401s buff as the William if you want to try
15402s not William S the Theo if you want to
15404s actually deal any meaningful damage
15406s during the middle of a fight but William
15408s sending the signature Fireball after the
15410s buff is gone I don't know about that one
15413s will be a minus 254 Rox but they're
15416s still pretty strong they want to take
15418s the fight again it looks like they do
15420s end up hitting the vision plant so they
15422s will see them walk down omega's also in
15425s uh Uptown here so what if these teams
15427s will end up trying to get test for this
15430s I think so uh not so but X well I guess
15434s it is toam yeah he is looking for it cuz
15436s he does want the tindalos Monarch uh not
15438s tindalos what am I talking about the
15440s tuler and time Feast that's what he's
15442s looking for right now because he does
15443s have his helmet his chest piece and the
15445s weapon already all upgraded and for DDO
15448s I guess gpn GV he's kind of flexible
15452s William uh what he can run as his
15454s headpiece right now whether it's the
15455s crystal Tiara GP MPG now we might see
15458s the fight here's the energy blast field
15460s where's the return en blast through from
15462s one Circle down uhoh he might have to
15464s use it to get away no a couple more
15466s Autos nope oh wait Theo uses it back in
15470s okay you managed to walk out what the
15472s heck yeah I'm surprised he used her back
15474s in but I thought maybe um well maybe one
15476s Circle thought there was a turn there
15477s but yeah looks like both theana and
15479s romatic uh kind of just went down I
15481s think romatic got caught by the sex bomb
15485s that's how he just instantly exploded
15487s there so yeah I think you know the heart
15490s getting caught out once again is uh
15492s proving devast standing for msj just not
15494s able to finder fting in this game quite
15496s brutal quite bral they do have enough
15498s credits to Res one Circle I believe
15499s sitting on two seconds of time m is
15502s going to miss the initiation in and a
15503s lot of damage coming through this oh
15506s wait a second hold Peacemaker was canel
15507s out with the alcom pass hold on a second
15509s Cadmus now trying to chase this down
15511s does he have another Ceta to chase this
15513s down the hard oh beautiful taunt coming
15515s in
15517s Cadmus Cadmus Cadmus Cadmus he canceled
15520s out the heart ultimate with the second
15522s proc of the alcom pause and now another
15524s fight starting to begin danana he's
15525s trying to get some damage down but the
15528s magnetic SPI get canell one CLE he gets
15531s the kill one more Auto no wait romantic
15534s is still alive he get taken down one
15535s Circle we've seen this before but he
15538s cannot do it and down
15542s goes yeah I think I think msj is was
15545s were too far behind as they did have to
15546s you know spend another 500 credits as
15548s well like they did not have any items
15550s and um yeah Rox is able to play that so
15553s well able to capitalize on that and me
15557s seang falling in seventh place with only
15559s one kill so yeah it's definitely not um
15563s what you would expect you know from a
15564s team like that brutal brutal brutal but
15567s a beautiful fight taken from hung n Rox
15570s and now with that blood sample on hand I
15573s believe that should be a chaser going
15574s into the hands of the William no no no
15577s no no no it is the sniper rifle upgrade
15580s for hunam my goodness the theor is so
15584s strong right now oh wait everything is
15586s red where are they going it looks like
15588s they have to go on Uptown here but
15589s there's a team to intercept them I maybe
15592s going to look the energy blast wheel is
15594s going to go in oh but the SX actually
15597s hits two the does end up getting locked
15599s down getting pulled into the pre timate
15602s but DDO no it's not going to be enough
15604s only going to be able to get
15606s one uh yeah that is very unfortunate pre
15609s all just coming out big for team High
15612s theay tried to engage but then the pre-
15614s alt came out and then the ma actually
15617s pulled the Theodor into the pre- alt and
15619s then you know Theodor had to dance and
15622s yeah that was that was it for team Rox
15624s and they don't have enough credits here
15625s to fall back all three members they're
15628s pretty close though it's 191 now for the
15631s will yeah it's just about like 60 yeah
15634s somewhere around there so should be all
15636s right I think Chapel was pretty open
15638s right now there is team HIIT and run
15641s trying to jump into that zone but but K
15644s trying to deny that so this just buys a
15645s little bit more time for suum Rox
15648s fleeting soul will land over onto the
15650s side of noden now he does have the
15651s shield nice Dodge away from flicker but
15653s he gets blinked on and the blue blue
15656s Viper wow very very well played from
15658s gang Chong there don't really see that
15661s too often you know like the blink into
15662s Blue Viper cuz blue the Blue Viper is uh
15664s it's pretty hard to hits and he does end
15666s up hitting actually both lashes onto
15668s them so that will secure the H wo down
15672s there so nice pick up from Mudkip as
15674s they do end up sitting on seven kills
15675s now exactly good use of the vision plant
15677s there coming through from Rox right now
15679s to secure their spot on the on the
15682s console will be able to bring back DDO
15685s there is a team right underneath that
15686s camera will be able to find that out and
15688s the healing plan is right there then at
15690s least recover the HP of ddio so
15692s effectively resetting what their
15693s fighting capabilities are while that
15695s happens another fight actually begins
15697s this exactly the team you were just
15698s talking about no Den now about to get
15699s taken down it's a third party about to
15701s come in this is really bad oh hit and
15703s run they're the ones getting hit and run
15705s this time around two members down
15707s there's a point coming in and down goes
15709s the Martina
15711s unfortunate all three of them go down
15713s they're taking a fight without console
15715s it's going to spell Doom I don't know if
15717s uh I don't know which team had the
15719s console maybe it was actually the team
15721s that did come to third party as both
15723s teams here fought you know on the bottom
15725s side so maybe maybe uh both teams didn't
15728s really take console yet and yeah looks
15730s like they will reap all the rewards as
15731s inat do end up picking
15734s up I think two kills I think RX did end
15737s up getting one of them so you know nice
15740s trade from both of those teams
15741s unfortunately hit and run is the one
15744s that got hit and ran so I was waiting
15747s for it there you
15749s go good stuff good stuff all right five
15752s down five teams left in game number
15755s three we are at night number four after
15757s 20 something seconds passes it's over
15759s there is no more reses coming through
15760s jeny beautiful girl in the bubble but is
15763s it going to be enough absolutely not
15765s Blaster is able to just annihilate that
15767s Cilla gone to the winds but
15771s Curry oh wait hold
15773s on this is an all in Blitz coming
15775s through from this team The Shield coming
15777s through from Blaster is massive but it's
15778s another third party coming in this time
15780s around it's going to be the gungi in
15782s team again they will deny any
15784s reinitiation attempts coming through
15786s from the side of Curry he has no
15788s teammates left but for team high they
15791s managed to salvage it they're all alive
15792s right now
15794s yeah I mean this party or this third
15796s party was uh oh wow he does actually get
15798s does end up get uh getting one he does
15800s kill hisaki
15802s here oh my God and they did see it and
15806s the third party does end up coming
15808s through and Nate do end up cleaning up
15810s the priia and uh they will actually
15812s probably kill theay here as well wait a
15814s second no theay actually gets out just
15819s barely yeah wow but yeah yeah I think um
15824s them taking the fight there was probably
15826s not ideal cuz there's a console in that
15828s corner right the console vision from
15831s Factory and since they did end up taking
15833s that fight there and Nate was able to
15835s grab the console while they taking the
15836s fight and they just saw everything so I
15838s think that third party was um was it was
15843s like bound to happen yeah it was f as
15845s soon as the fight started taking any
15846s longer than 5 to 10 seconds you know
15849s there's another team coming here we go
15851s energy blast field utilized by the Wick
15853s team right now isn't able to find
15854s anything so Deon cybers is just going to
15857s have to back away from this one look for
15859s another opportunity whereas on the side
15861s of kungi andate you're going to happily
15863s just walk away from that fight not
15864s having to deal with the wick team at
15866s least as of right
15868s now yeah looks like uh Team D young
15871s cyers here are in a really good spot for
15873s themselves they got Wick line they got a
15875s lot of items you know on their carries
15878s they're looking pretty good but I mean
15880s we do have you know the other two teams
15881s full teams are still alive
15883s I think they're all fully Ked out as
15884s well and it looks like they do actually
15886s find this my here jumping back the
15889s doesn't jump with them the might tries
15891s to jump away here but a nice taunt from
15894s magnani going to be able to lock them up
15896s and yeah looks like the young Cy picking
15899s up a nice kill for thems with four kills
15901s so far thankfully this time around no
15903s one was around to third party of that
15905s team cuz Theo couldn't take the jump pad
15907s over if he got found out by a different
15909s team while the jump pad was recharging
15911s he instantly dies good thing for them
15914s jumping back over they're looking to do
15916s get out up against team ham Rox but that
15919s is a beautiful energy blast field oh my
15923s God re is dead to right this exclusive
15926s is going to make it so Cadmus just
15927s cannot do anything to this William he is
15930s still dashing all over the place who the
15932s heck cares if this
15934s dashes
15936s Dio a great taunt from Bala is able to
15940s lock down both the other Ma and
15943s um the Theo from Team uh D young cybers
15948s and Dio just able to just dance around
15950s the cam the ca just not not really able
15953s to do anything into this
15954s William oh full full build here for Dio
15957s now as well he has the level three
15959s tactical skill unless he drops it oh
15961s it's going to be the Quake that still
15962s hasn't been upgraded yet and this team
15965s is able to fight this well even without
15967s it absolutely amazing in9 going to place
15970s down a camera across the wall they have
15972s full VIs of the fact that you know
15973s there's another team on the other side
15975s but they don't know how many teams are
15977s alive now right cuz it is a at the top
15980s side um so they don't know if there's
15982s three teams alive if there's two teams
15984s alive suom Rox they definitely know uh
15987s we'll see if they decide to push it in
15989s we know that this team was the one to
15991s consistently push in the other Zone in
15994s previous tournaments I don't know if
15997s they're going to do it this time though
16000s look do it looks like they're just going
16002s to to Bunker down for their final Zone
16005s which I think it's fine as well cuz they
16007s are playing um you know a Theodor plus a
16009s backline plus you know that's my front
16012s line comp
16014s so I think uh Z bunkering down here is
16018s is okay I think it's like the same thing
16020s as inate as well but they don't really
16023s have the information and it looks like
16025s it is Rox that do win the 50/50 this is
16028s bad now how do you decide to push in
16030s into tight corridors up against a
16032s Theodor and a William and if anything
16035s it's free information now on the side of
16038s Team tongam RX right cuz at this stage
16040s in the game ballistic Advantage is just
16042s so good at granting you Vision that
16044s camera will find out that a team is
16046s starting to come in both teams can see
16049s each other's telephone yeah where does
16052s zero Jen decide to push in Recon drones
16054s being spammed all over the place we see
16055s Recon drones EMP drones we see telephoto
16058s cameras ballistic Advantage has been
16060s used so both teams know exactly where
16062s each other are and now it comes down to
16063s who is the one to initiate who is the
16065s one to find the successful jump
16068s in yeah looks like uh both teams are
16070s probably going to try poking each other
16072s with their you know Mages here zerin
16075s maybe going to try looking for some
16076s Rockets it looks like uh some oh wait
16079s the Theo actually is caught by the May
16080s and he is getting shredded down there a
16082s Theo dead here zero Jen does actually
16084s end up finishing the job but will they
16086s die to basa I think basa is going to
16088s finish Zen as well but I think get CED
16090s as well in N playing so well this fight
16093s just able to get two amazing taunts for
16096s their team and it will be innate
16099s actually taking it home GG's to kungi
16103s uncharacteristic mistake coming through
16104s from sookun his positioning was just not
16107s good and 9 immediately pounces on that
16110s opportunity gets the jump in and the
16112s follow through coming through from the
16113s heart well played and GG's to this team
16116s cuz getting kills like this getting wins
16118s like this the time that you need to
16120s right this is the third game there is
16121s one more game team left now in group b
16124s you want to see this you really really
16126s want to see this as Kung and eight yeah
16129s not only did ignan get the taunt onto
16131s you know the misici Deo but at the very
16133s end also catching
16134s dd2 um and just logging him down just
16137s able to secure the win for his team very
16139s very well played yep
16141s absolutely oh boy okay I actually didn't
16144s catch how many kills that team had
16147s towards the end I think it was plus
16150s above 10 but I don't know what the
16152s actual number was no we talking about
16154s the team that won right they had exactly
16156s 10 I think oh was it okay I I was I was
16159s debating between 10 and
16162s 18 yeah cuz they had seven before and
16165s then they had I think Rox had about 11
16169s or
16170s 12 okay so yeah then the rest of the
16173s lobby not too high so these two teams
16176s are definitely you know going to take
16178s the lead Mar song folling seventh and
16180s only one kill I think is going to
16182s definitely shake up the lobby I don't
16183s think they're actually in first though
16184s either they're only in like third mhm so
16187s we're going to have to see you know how
16188s that uh shapes up with the leaderboard
16190s it's going to definitely close the gap
16192s between a little bit of that middle of
16193s the pack team as well as some of the top
16196s teams across the board though this game
16198s actually didn't have too many of our top
16201s placing teams get an incredible amount
16204s of kills right I mean we know faery was
16206s in first place after game number two
16208s they fell prettyy early on into the
16210s series actually I think they fell eighth
16212s with only three kills and then mid and
16214s song also falling in relatively early
16216s into the game with only one kill
16218s themselves as
16219s well scoreboard is going to make a very
16223s very big shift so game four really going
16225s to be a lot more impactful than we saw
16227s in group a because this time around a
16230s lot of teams are going to be much closer
16231s to either the top two the middle of the
16234s pack or the bottom two of the pack as
16236s well yeah this last game is going to be
16240s it for these teams for phase
16244s one I'm really curious on how the
16247s leaderboard shifts actually because I'm
16248s actually not too sure where all the
16250s teams um were standing from the last
16252s game so yeah we're going to have to
16254s see so we'll see what the score she
16257s looks like in just a moment guys and
16259s after this again it is the final game so
16261s after game number four two teams from
16263s Group B is going to be gone two teams
16265s are going to punch their ticket into the
16267s finals and the rest of the four we will
16269s see them tomorrow during the wild cards
16271s to determine which four teams
16273s additionally on top of the teams that
16275s made it to finals today are going to
16277s punch their tickets into the final as
16279s well just the Classic ERM phases that we
16282s do tend to go through but in case there
16284s are any new watches around here welcome
16287s first of all hope you guys are having
16288s fun season 4 has been a blast already
16291s we're only on phase one and I'm already
16293s having so much fun yeah we don't we
16295s don't even have the temporary you know
16296s final zone changes and you know these
16298s games are are so exciting to watch but
16301s yeah face two we will have you know the
16304s the new temporary zones but we do have
16305s the round results here for you guys it
16307s looks like it will be inate winning out
16309s the round with 10 kills 18 total points
16313s um Rox they actually were able to snag I
16315s think one of the extra kills at the very
16317s end there because I think they did end
16318s up Downing one because I think they had
16320s 11 so they got 12 kills with 17 points
16323s High uh not too bad for themsel as well
16325s with eight kills much get with eight
16326s kills both respectively uh with 11 and
16329s 10 points exactly but what is the to
16332s total result going to look like cuz
16334s that's the one that really matters going
16335s into our final game 47 36 28 be and
16341s seong tied with hidden run tied with on
16344s the cusp of elimination we I don't think
16347s I've ever seen them you know down like
16348s this while before but you know it
16351s happens it happens you know exactly
16353s they're gonna have to bring out
16354s something absolutely crazy in game
16356s number fourth for them to not be
16358s eliminated which is not something that
16360s you and I have really ever thought that
16362s we would need to say for team miden
16364s seong on the flip end Ferry still
16366s relatively safe in the top two spots
16369s eighto difference between third place
16371s and second it's not bad but it's still
16373s coverable for team High considering how
16375s well they were playing in the previous
16376s game and same thing for team suam Rox
16379s they might not have won but their
16382s gameplay performance in game number
16383s three was definitely a little bit of
16386s that light at the end of the tunnel for
16387s these guys they do another one of those
16389s there's a good chance they're going to
16390s be able to go out with a Bang from the
16393s group stages and punch their tickets
16394s into the final as well yeah I think um
16397s honestly any of these teams can still
16399s make it to the top two as long as they
16401s have a pop off game and if F goes out e
16403s you know they're going to get no points
16404s and if any of these teams have at least
16406s maybe five 10 kills and they end up
16408s winning the game they'll they'll
16408s definitely outscore fairy if there's
16410s anything that you and I have seen
16411s throughout the course of today it's that
16413s 20 points are very very common
16415s throughout some of these games between
16417s the first and maybe second place team as
16419s well so even team hid and run I think
16422s have has an okay chance as long as fairy
16424s or even kungi in doesn't do too good if
16427s kungi in doesn't do too good they're
16429s kind of far from everybody else so it'll
16431s still be difficult but fairy they really
16434s really have to play well going into our
16436s final game but super let's bring it in
16439s final game is underway the weather my
16442s rain and windy I think yeah wind is that
16446s windy I can't tell I think that is Wy
16449s yes so yeah but Theo and my ban coming
16451s out once again it looks like marun is
16453s going to go back to the original comp
16455s that they actually did end up winning on
16457s so I do like to see that we do actually
16460s have two tazas this Lobby we do have um
16464s s n actually also picking tazy this time
16468s soam flipping around from the what was
16472s it it was a Theo in the last game his
16474s mispositioning with that character
16476s definitely costing him that end of the
16477s game result but with Taza he can
16480s slightly mitigate that right low cool
16482s Downs he's got the stasis as well plus
16485s Tasia actually seeming to be pretty good
16488s in this Lobby so far we've seen Blaster
16490s pull off some crazy things with that
16492s character maybe in the hands of soam he
16494s can do some absolutely Bonkers things as
16496s well this character is very very much up
16498s in the books of a slippery character
16501s while also just kind of killing
16503s you yeah I'm excited to see you know um
16506s how they do utilize this character cuz
16507s they do also have the stal pick I don't
16509s think we've seen a St actually no we've
16511s def seen like some St picks but yeah
16514s basa um I think he he wasn't really
16517s playing a Stell in the first three games
16518s so you know him bringing it out here
16520s with the heal wind as well you know kind
16521s of interesting to see guaranteeing the
16523s heal right more so than the protocol
16525s violation especially I think it's in the
16527s Stell in this situation you know you
16529s would normally want to run protocol
16531s violation but you have a William on you
16533s and we've seen a lot of these William
16534s jumps around a lot exactly there is too
16536s much distance that's usually in between
16538s the Estelle as well as the William Dio
16541s has been playing aggressive but a lot of
16542s times I have noticed that his signature
16544s Fireballs are a little bit farther away
16546s than we've seen in previous Seasons I
16548s will say so we call violation a bit
16551s inconsistent for that team healing win
16553s is perfectly fine to run especially if
16555s you get it to level three not that bad
16557s of an a yeah getting that extra defense
16560s is uh is pretty good so you know your
16562s backliners don't get bursted down the
16563s only downside to heal wind over protocol
16566s is it does get affected by anti-heal
16568s true protocol you know just gives you
16570s Max HP um um but I mean you know that
16574s defense from you know level three is
16576s really good but oh my God we do have the
16578s early game aggression back at it for
16581s this game a nice knock up and I don't
16583s think magn is going to be able to get
16584s out out of here yep something else that
16586s I do want to mention about Estelle
16588s running the healing win right now is
16591s that she has a very unique interaction
16592s with healing factor with her pass
16596s soive yeah they changed it so now you
16599s heal every few seconds instead of
16601s healing your team team meet in an or
16602s around you so healing Factor has been
16605s absolutely incredible which means
16606s healing wind is also going to get bonus
16608s effects out of that too yeah that is
16610s true that is true so she will get like a
16614s lot of value out of it but it looks like
16615s we actually have another early game kill
16617s here dosu going to be able to find the
16620s Martina from HD and run and another
16622s early game 2v2 here rolu going to try
16626s looking for something green does end up
16628s going through here Dio actually does end
16630s up coming down with the ultimate but
16632s wait a second actually I think they're
16633s fine just going to be magnani going to
16635s drop actually from that lingering Auto
16639s attack and yeah they young cyber just
16642s not able to find their fo this game as
16643s uh yeah they's dying non-stop there I
16646s think the last Auto was either a crit or
16648s was the last Auto of the fast ball right
16651s before it disappeared we go ton cyber
16654s still in the middle of it all trying to
16656s get a kill maybe no will not be able to
16658s do so cadas now trying to book it out
16660s get on out of here straight into the
16662s waiting arms of in9 but he's got the
16663s reset dashes oh my God yeah he gets the
16667s reset off the ultimate as well and he's
16669s just out of there but yeah
16671s Pigs and the young cyers falling you
16675s know once again is tul going to fall
16677s here the ultimate from William does end
16679s up coming down but it's not far enough
16681s and the speed gate will actually get him
16682s on out of here also trying to look for
16686s something the spray just isn't enough
16689s and yeah the Niki will just walk away
16690s there question is was the Martina able
16693s to actually take advantage of all that
16695s if she starts stepping in now she's only
16696s going to be able to get one stack per 20
16699s or something second cooldowns I think
16701s she just got a couple stacks yeah no I
16703s see the record on cool down so she did
16706s get a couple stacks not on broadcast
16707s just yet cuz he did a reset here we go
16709s another fight inside a cemetery a couple
16711s of Auto attacks Curry is nearly
16713s untouched in this fight but kchan far
16715s away from that fight bleeding Soul
16717s oning oh and it's the characters who are
16720s hitting the Lennox does manage to get it
16722s down but it's a one for two trade Curry
16725s beautiful fleeting soul and a fleeting
16728s Soul coming out big for this team wait a
16730s second it looks like they will actually
16732s get two stacks but uh yeah Martina also
16736s still not full buildy I think he's just
16737s going around trying to get the stacks up
16738s before he does end up finishing his
16740s build cuz um actually dying I guess
16743s faster is probably better because you're
16745s able to you know try getting
16749s the the broadcast mode up and then you
16752s just instant die but that's the one
16754s downside to Martina right as you feed
16755s kills into other teams yeah I'm kind of
16757s noticing this now as well do you see did
16759s you see that the death timer was synced
16761s up perfectly with the cool down of
16764s record oh really I didn't see that yeah
16766s it was actually perfectly in M changy oh
16768s he mitigates a lot of damage he's still
16770s alive but it's going to be the pawn to
16773s lock it down King Chon going to be
16774s another sacrificial lamb he does get the
16776s blink on out of there there is not that
16778s much tools left on the side of Team
16779s fairy but another fight on the north
16780s side of the map which ever team wins
16782s this one be able to life the Vampire
16786s Queen not really getting anything done
16787s jumps over using the white lilan it is a
16789s fight reset but R of the vampire queen
16792s gone from M that's going to actually put
16793s a little bit of a stop onto this fight
16795s catas also on downtime it is a level one
16799s weapon skill for Cadmus he's still
16801s thinking about it wait a second really
16803s are you really try in but yeah he
16805s doesn't have enough damage and he's just
16807s getting bursted down hereo actually
16809s jumping on to Haze but they're all just
16811s going in one by one I think the
16813s communication just isn't there for this
16814s team as uh yeah they just going to have
16816s to kite back you know R of kind of got
16819s canceled out by The Peacemaker and yeah
16821s all the team members just trying to you
16823s know go in but they're just not synced
16825s up together exactly another fight on the
16827s south side of the map now though there's
16829s a lot of damage being exchanged between
16831s the two Dobby is in that broadcast form
16833s but where is the support coming from his
16835s team nothing because Alonzo is already
16837s down flicker is already trying to book
16839s it he's trying to get on out of there
16840s NOP no matter what yeah no matter what
16842s he he's going to have to jump back
16843s anyways
16844s so yeah looks like hid and run flicker
16848s is just he does end up getting out so
16850s it's not the end of the world as they
16852s will end up respawning here and on this
16854s side yeah looks like the young cyber is
16857s going to be able to pick up the IR that
16859s did end up jumping over okay well you
16861s send the Martina over and then you
16863s decide to jump over to finish the body
16864s but you get sent in a body bag instead
16867s unfortunately at least will be able to
16869s get picked up so no death timers for the
16871s can in this game so far yeah transitions
16874s all across the board starting to flood
16876s in there's the radar picked up for
16878s romatic I saw a bunch of meteorites
16880s being called for our Mages or even our
16882s adcs right I just saw the uh the
16885s beautiful garment being picked up down
16887s goes D yet again noell in a little bit
16889s of trouble is the hu also in a weird
16892s State no CU everyone just decided to run
16894s down and kill the alzo instead there is
16897s just nonstop fighting after non-top
16898s fighting here comes the full compo from
16900s fair and there goes the heart from
16903s gayong intake and yeah so many kills
16906s already shui I think we have in total
16908s about like 20 kills uh together in the
16911s first two
16914s days yeah all these teams here they are
16916s fighting two nail they want the spot for
16919s you know the the wild cards or even
16922s fighting for you know the top two here I
16924s think another benefit of just kind of
16926s not chasing the third member is that you
16928s leave them up right potentially for you
16929s to get the kill again cuz if you won a
16932s fight in that commanding fashion then
16934s you'll probably be able to do it
16935s sometime in the in the future as well
16938s see if that's going to actually work out
16940s for some of these teams cuz still you
16941s know right 18 teams alive we got Battle
16944s Zone starting we got Alpha spawning
16946s looks like team high is going to be able
16948s to pick up double cuz they just got the
16949s Battle Zone inside of hospital for free
16951s and nobody is at the cemetery
16953s Alpha and on the other side we have
16955s Maron here going to secure the nice
16958s Alpha for thems and they're just going
16960s to try walking out actually going to
16962s look for something magnani actually
16963s going to get cancelled by the Alonzo
16967s pullback and the ultimate the fleeting
16969s soul from romatic actually were able to
16971s stop magnani and CMAs in this track but
16974s once again magnani's ultimate is getting
16976s uh interrupted by you know the CC of
16978s these other
16979s teams okay quite unfortunate of a
16983s situation that ton is being put under
16986s right now there was no Alonzo in group a
16989s remember so no real easy ways to cancel
16991s out the the re of the vampire queen and
16993s we saw how important of a character she
16995s was during group number group a I should
16997s say not grou not group number but group
16999s letter A she denied so many initiations
17002s for teams all across the board because
17004s there weren't those easy ways to cancel
17006s out the initiation this time there is
17009s and perfectly executed from the hand of
17011s denana as well denying the reign of the
17013s vampire queen and very very tight
17014s corridors which would have almost always
17017s spelled death for Carla as well as
17019s a yeah I like the play that magnani had
17023s you know using the the white lily once
17025s again with the Bianca for the r of the
17027s ra power Queen but yeah it was just
17028s denied massively played by Nana to
17031s actually react to the Bianca engage
17033s there to just shut her down this is not
17036s looking that great for hidden run too
17038s remember they were on the cusp of
17040s getting eliminated in this series they
17042s aren't able to get any kills going into
17044s towards the later stages of the game
17045s yeah maybe you have a late game Martina
17047s but we saw them struggling to pick up a
17049s couple kills any game pass game number
17052s one I should say stuck with one kills I
17054s think for games two and three they got
17058s to do something quick otherwise they're
17059s really really going to be in trouble of
17061s getting eliminated without really having
17063s that much to show for it at this
17066s stage yeah they are I think uh cybers as
17069s well they young cybers are just not able
17071s to find their fighting they're also I
17072s think um I think in either eigh or seven
17075s place so these two teams definitely need
17078s to step it up here as you know they're
17080s both sitting on one and zero kills
17081s perspectively so if they don't you know
17084s start um getting more kills and starting
17087s to like try to snowball this game
17090s or they just not able to find their
17092s funing it's it's going to spell Doom we
17094s go next set of meteorit spawning up on
17096s the map Curry is still sitting on whoa
17100s the arem not not the aremis whoa a lot
17102s of damage being exchanged between both
17104s of these Ros as well okay shackling
17106s anchor doesn't really do anything
17108s electri shift going to be invested by
17109s romatic the Blue Viper lands as well
17111s fleeting soul is going to miss but this
17113s will be a meteor run into another team
17117s danana backing away they will not be
17119s able to contest the tree of life but
17121s they're still alive and another team
17122s hanging around here it's going to be
17124s kungi and a trying to get a little bit
17125s of damage down half picked up I think on
17127s the side of Team high but loses the
17129s positioning and they're not going to be
17130s able to contest anymore they don't
17132s really have a front line and is going to
17135s be the one to secure that tree I don't
17139s know if uh I'm surprised the Nana's uh
17141s got disconnected there I think he tried
17143s flashing forward but I think the
17145s reaction there from Team Mudkip just
17149s able to get out of the range or able to
17153s just barely walk out of it and yeah it's
17156s kind of unfortunate because uh danana
17158s you know once you once you miss the
17160s Lonzo e right you're kind of just
17161s sitting there like a Sitting Duck until
17163s the next one comes up and E is not
17165s exactly your cool down friendly
17167s initiation skill there too so here we go
17169s The Shield's been proed but there is no
17171s shield on the side
17174s ofage coming back he actually flashes
17176s forward but after gets a St
17179s on is it going to be enough here it is
17181s flicker is going to be able to actually
17184s secure them and yeah
17187s wow fortunate for this team and there is
17189s no way these you know Mages are going to
17192s be able to knock down the health bar of
17194s the Yu he's just going to he everything
17196s back with the he's trying she's trying
17198s oh wait maybe she can get the kill she
17199s does actually end up get dig the Martina
17202s kill so they will actually have to spend
17203s 250 credits but wait a second they R
17205s back you're right they went back they
17208s went back and resed him DDO he does have
17210s some baseballs to play off of but
17212s flicker oh DDO is going back and trying
17214s to rest the other member of his team too
17217s realiz they're running they're running
17218s get out get out get
17220s out that's so funny they realize what's
17222s happening they realize what's happening
17224s they got to go and the white lily does
17225s end up getting them away I think they're
17227s just going to take their res up in uh
17230s gas station right or playce station
17233s playce station both teams were
17235s definitely I think a little bit hectic
17238s on what the actual plan was cuz DDO was
17240s walking up at the same time but the body
17242s got killed and he hesitated a little bit
17244s but made the right call to go and rest
17246s good positioning good decision making
17248s now as we start going into you know the
17250s later stages of the game yeah it's what
17253s is it I think it's is it night three I
17255s think it's night three is it yeah it's
17258s night three yeah yeah oh I said J here
17261s maybe going to try to look for something
17263s surprised they didn't really try sending
17265s it there but you know they actually
17266s don't really have any Chase with this
17267s team comp the only real um initiation
17271s tool they have is the Rio
17274s ultimate and I think that's about it you
17276s know it's not like a do comp where the
17278s doo can send Al and then the Alonzo can
17280s just walk in so you know teams have to
17282s play in marang
17285s so yeah they're not sitting on too high
17288s kills and they were also on the cost of
17290s elimination here so if he didn't run and
17291s if they Young cybers have a good game
17294s you know I might spell the end of marong
17296s in the group stage which you know I'm
17298s surprised you know I'm I'm saying that
17301s okay well Curry is just getting Auto
17302s attacks like no tomorrow I don't think
17304s that tanky is going to be able to do too
17306s much damage over onto the Rio she is
17309s untouched in this fight again we've been
17311s seeing this time and time again where
17312s the Rio is just never being accessed by
17315s any of these members so down goes the
17317s Taza it's going to be just the irm as
17320s well as the for alive again it is only
17322s night number three again push coming
17325s through from the Cara and it's going to
17327s be another R of the vampire queen Deni
17329s ton cyber is in a whole heap of trouble
17332s this going to be a lock down over onto
17333s the Eon he can't get the resets he's
17335s locked down way too much from the Alonzo
17338s and down goes two members of ton cybers
17340s Felix is The Last One Alive and look at
17343s their credit count it's looking a bit
17344s dire once they get the reses off I don't
17346s really know what they have left wow one
17349s Circle just timed the crossbow skill so
17352s perfectly and just having the awareness
17354s you know of of waiting for the Bianca to
17357s you know use R of a vampire queen and
17359s yeah once again the rain of the queen
17361s from magnotti is denied and yeah Mir s
17364s is able to reap all the rewards but wait
17365s a second look at the positioning from
17368s here as yeah danana and one Circle are
17372s both on uh the bottom side as yeah
17375s romatic does end up getting caught out
17377s here as danana is going to try looking
17379s for the res where one Circle but there's
17380s another team nearby this ain't looking
17382s too good for this team yeah where do you
17384s res now do you res inside a police
17386s station or fire station or do you res
17388s inside a police station probably going
17390s to try to TP out one Circle have timer
17394s what is he waiting around here for you
17396s can't stay here down goes Cadmus another
17399s minus 250 into the hands of Ted and
17400s cybers they just resed Eon back I
17404s think okay trying for the rest I think
17406s he's going to let the oh wait look at
17408s the timer for whoa who whoa whoa doesn't
17411s have credits what is he doing he tried
17413s to Res but he's only on 50 credits here
17416s it has to be danana is the one to Res
17418s now they both don't have Tim or where do
17420s they
17422s go yeah this is not looking good for
17424s Mira sjong here as you know this is the
17426s team that is tied I think with uh hid
17429s and run right so this is looking too
17432s good as they're a Duo here in hid and
17433s run I think found them but they are
17435s going to try looking to maybe look for
17438s Mira Jong here as there's a lot of teams
17442s uhoh uhoh what is going on what is going
17445s on cheny he's going to miss the play
17446s with us there's a red box down around
17448s here a lot of teams looking for that one
17449s too Blaster will get taken down no
17451s Shield coming in hiasi does end up
17454s picking up the kill onto jeny but that
17455s is all they get eliminated is going to
17458s be team High I believe they were
17460s relative
17463s going oh no this is bad this is bad he
17466s still has a shield he still has a shield
17467s he still has a shield but pull back no
17469s Rob SA
17471s yeah and uh the ultimate does come down
17473s and G Chong is the one who get who just
17476s gets shredded by danana and I think they
17479s do know there's another team nearby uhoh
17481s oh oh good Flash from danana going to
17483s try getting out here ultimate coming
17486s from the Martina it's going to get
17489s pulled back cuz they did end up using
17492s their Dash forward so wow they're
17496s actually okay that was a late reaction
17498s coming through from kington right King
17501s honestly should have gotten the cancel
17503s but he didn't he stepped up and he had
17505s the Alonzo within Vision but he didn't
17507s use enough skills to actually cancel it
17510s out flicker oh he gets the blink but
17513s there's Vision over the
17514s wall flicker Dash goes through and
17517s flicker it does end up falling but wait
17519s a second gong Shong does try to look for
17522s a pull there but yeah looks like both
17524s members will end up walking back my
17526s guess is maybe nighttime vision cuz it
17528s did it just turned night time so maybe
17530s maybe Gan couldn't
17532s see but I think he should have heard the
17534s res coming so if he blind hooked and
17537s then fled he might have been able to
17539s cancel H now it's doomed for team hid
17541s and run they're going to be down to hu
17543s for the rest of the game I mean it's
17544s still possible DDO still alive oh my God
17547s what was that damage from the die Cubo
17549s so he needs to try recovering something
17551s here but can he's trying to play around
17553s his C trops right now but there's
17554s another team starting to come in he's
17556s not going to be able to do it oh no and
17559s he's dead yeah that
17562s combo Queen setup ultimat Alto dealing
17566s damage and they do actually end up
17568s taking two members from MIP so fairy
17571s looking in a nice comfortable position
17573s in this game and jongi they're going to
17575s TP down to Chapel there was a ping there
17578s I'm sure he's going to get sniffed out
17580s but this is I think fine for the side of
17582s Team Mudkip right they already have 12
17583s kills the placement all this just has to
17585s do is now just wrap for the remainder of
17587s the game no denell is going to get taken
17589s down so hid and run now down to their
17591s last member of this game and I don't
17594s really know if they have what it takes
17596s to finish off the game cuz now they get
17598s found out by me and seong they don't
17600s even need to play around this anymore
17602s cuz she pulls back she gets down and I
17604s think that might be it secure it yeah I
17607s think that's going to secure it for
17608s mirang
17610s and I think our two teams unfortunately
17612s leaving is probably going to be dong
17614s Sabers and hit and
17617s run as uh oh they're going to jump
17620s straight into the hands of
17624s maybe they see ping everywhere but if
17626s kungi and a walks up I mean what other
17628s options do they really have right
17634s yeah have Queen
17637s prep that they're they are getting
17640s pushed down to cemeter all the other
17641s teams are down here so bar just having
17644s full rain over you know the entire map
17646s right now as uh oh here they come they
17649s do see jangi here
17651s going to dash on out of there as there's
17653s another rat chilling in the bush
17655s actually it's not a rat the full team of
17658s oh there are pulling up but I think yeah
17662s they do see the Cella
17664s though run JY he gets the he gets the
17667s shield he gets the bubble but it's not
17669s going to be enough down goes Mudkip 12
17671s kills and I believe that is going to be
17673s fifth place they's still confirmed
17675s whether you know whether it's the wild
17677s cards or the finals tomorrow they're at
17678s least going to be playing another series
17680s great game to end off I would say game
17683s number four on 12 kills for those guys
17684s is absolutely massive every single one
17686s of them actually counting towards the
17688s points as well so pretty pretty good
17691s result for him now who are the teams
17693s that are going to be able to win it out
17695s in the end that's what we're wondering
17697s who are the teams that can actually play
17699s tomorrow and which teams are not going
17701s to be able to play for the rest of the
17703s phase euren found out re the Vampire
17705s Queen canceled again it's the stun from
17708s the shotgun this time did we see a
17711s single re of the vampire queen that
17714s worked um I'm not too sure but probably
17717s not but it looks like we do have msj
17720s caught in the middle here but wait a
17721s second we have a jump pad coming we have
17722s a jump pad coming Barry might be stuck
17725s oh no they're the on perfect timing
17727s they're actually okay wow it looks like
17731s w the one uh instance of um of them
17734s jumping over both teams actually split
17736s off from each other so and they were
17738s actually able to get on out of there
17741s and it looks like team fairy is just
17743s going to walk up to the top Zone here so
17745s msj is going to be the one that has to
17748s choose which team the
17749s fight okay where are they going to opt
17751s to walk to the one shot comp is much
17754s easier I think for this team to navigate
17756s around because all they have to do is
17758s just let the Alonzo eat up most of the
17759s damage nice blink great blink coming
17762s through from gor it does invest both of
17763s them and now the initiation attempt
17765s coming through from gwor is a little bit
17766s limited cuz he doesn't have the blink
17768s Queen combo to work off of and that
17770s means fair is just going to give up the
17771s battle the temp Zone inside of fire
17773s station go for the going toest other
17775s Zone and queen Here Comes maybe the AL
17780s Queen is down now it's oh my God what
17784s that's a full tank shoot guy what the
17788s hell was that okay now it all comes down
17790s to Alto can he Salvage this Le song is
17793s starting to walk in they probably at
17794s this point should be confirmed now Al
17796s getting chased down one after another
17798s people are falling like flies there we
17800s go zero as well perfect timing coming
17802s through from and song but can we just
17804s say how fast that shukai got eliminated
17808s did he have a l have Queen like have
17812s Queen Jes got obliterated oh my God I
17816s mean it was you know the Carla also Auto
17818s attacking as well but wow GG well played
17822s to Meen seong they will finally be able
17824s to get themselves another win in the
17826s series and confirm their Gameplay at
17828s least tomorrow right I mean I highly
17831s doubt they're going to be confirmed for
17832s first place or second place or anything
17834s like that so I don't think they're
17835s punching their way straight into the
17837s finals off of game number four alone but
17840s they will at least secure themselves
17841s tomorrow whereas hid and run and I think
17844s you're absolutely right Ted and cyber
17846s might take the fall for today our two
17848s teams that are going to be eliminated
17850s might be those two teams we'll take a
17852s look at the scoreboard once those come
17853s up but what a great group stage to start
17856s off season 4 super I had so much fun
17858s today watching these two groups
17861s I I'm still in shock I'm sorry like the
17864s Sho guy got deleted so fast oh my God
17868s and like it wasn't even a queen combo
17870s wow okay it felt so forced too and
17873s that's why it's even funnier because I I
17875s don't think it was the Checkmate that
17877s killed him it was just yeah no no no he
17881s do even all either it was just like um
17884s like Fork plus um I think I think Carla
17888s might have gotten like one or two Carla
17890s did like qw and then I think he Al she
17893s also AR but yeah he just got obliterate
17895s maybe he had no items like no tank items
17898s and we know that the Nikki was been
17899s running ghost brides dress ghost bride
17902s yeah but that that was still kind of
17903s crazy
17905s wow Jesus Christ all right well I mean
17909s at least we were able to see the
17910s potential of that composition shining
17911s through again a lot of these frontliners
17914s that are being played nowadays I mean M
17916s was banned in this one right that that's
17917s one of the reasons why this one shot
17919s composition was was able to shine
17921s exclusive doesn't exist in this Lobby
17923s that is true yeah exclusive being such a
17926s good tool to you know deny the like the
17928s one shot comb just it just that being
17930s gone now you know is able to shine uh so
17933s nicely so yeah very very well played to
17936s Mira seang you know able to close it out
17938s with that third party which um yeah I
17941s mean phase two you know we're not going
17942s to be able to see that anymore yeah ah
17945s I'm going to miss these times when you
17947s know it was this exact checkpoint format
17949s and this exact temp Zone slf final Zone
17952s phases and I know a lot of people are
17953s going to get flaged for that right
17955s because they have issues with the
17957s current one but we thanks to this
17959s checkpoint format I will kind of state
17961s my case here in that because of the
17963s current checkpoint format or at least
17966s four phase one's checkpoint format I
17968s don't know if it's going to change for
17969s the finals we'll have to see when we get
17971s there but the thing that I have liked is
17974s that the results of tournaments that we
17976s have seen with the current checkpoint
17978s format of teams having to have the most
17981s points and not winning is that we've
17983s seen a lot of different teams winning
17987s tournaments yeah I think usually you
17989s know the team that played the best in
17991s that tournament usually did end up
17992s winning sometimes you know with the old
17993s checkpoint format you did have those
17995s instances where a team is just stuck on
17997s checkpoint they got the checkpoint so
17998s early they dominating the lobby but then
18000s you know five teams decide hey we're not
18002s going to let you win we're just going to
18003s jump on top of you and yeah it's kind of
18007s uh unfortunate for that team but um I
18009s think with the new final zone changes it
18011s is going to kind of dissuade that from
18014s happening because it will always come
18016s down to the 3v3 so if that team is able
18018s to you know make it out of their
18019s temporary final Zone that's just going
18021s to come down to if they can win that
18023s final fight we'll start seeing whether
18025s or not that's actually going to become a
18026s big issue I think starting from phase
18028s number two again we don't exactly know
18031s yet if it's going to be a thing for
18033s phase one finals I would highly doubt it
18035s if we're still playing on the old patch
18037s they're not going to change it up all of
18038s a sudden in the middle of the weekend
18040s either so do expect just the regular
18043s checkpoint that we've been slightly
18044s accustomed to although we'll go back to
18046s the original one starting from phase
18048s number two you guys should have seen the
18049s 1.25 patch where they are going to bring
18052s back a new style of checkpoint system
18055s well old style of checkpoint system
18057s because of the new temp Zone phase
18059s system those are the words I wanted to
18061s get out of my mouth so be excited for
18063s that one but for now we are just waiting
18065s for the score sheet because we still
18067s need to confirm which two teams are
18069s going into or I should say punching
18071s their tickets into the final straight
18073s off the bat off of the group stages
18074s alone which teams are going to be
18076s playing in the wild cards tomorrow and
18078s which two teams are going to be taking
18079s the fall for Group B and ladies and
18081s gentlemen let us take a look here in
18084s just a
18086s moment but first the round results yeah
18089s we have Mar seon coming out on top able
18091s to win that uh game close it out with
18094s nine field kill 17 points but look at
18096s the other teams there were a lot of
18099s kills to go around here inates with 15
18101s Mudkip with 14 faery with 14 but then
18104s the rest of the lobby having barely any
18106s points at all pretty good series I would
18109s say across the board for team Ferry they
18110s showed us a pretty wide variety of
18113s compositions and actually had relative
18115s success with most of them I think the
18117s only one they didn't was the one with
18120s Elena but to be fair the fight that they
18123s took with it was a little bit forc so
18125s I'm not sure about that one but yep here
18127s we go it's going to be kungi inate as
18128s well as team fery to punched their
18130s tickets into the finals straight off the
18132s bat from the group stages so
18133s congratulations to those two teams mkit
18136s Mong High andam RX we will see tomorrow
18140s during the wild cards for our group b
18142s Representatives unfortunately for hit
18144s and run and team Deon cybers they will
18146s take heartbreaking it is indeed
18149s absolutely heartbreaking they will not
18151s be moving on in Phase number one and
18154s because you know it is like Cadmus right
18156s so it's very unfortunate but you know
18159s they didn't end up making it all the way
18161s to you know the group stages so they
18163s should definitely be proud of themsel
18165s but um yeah we won't be seeing them
18167s again for the next two days maybe we
18169s probably will see them back for Phase 2
18171s oh yeah but yeah I think that is going
18173s to be it for us ruy yeah as soon as this
18175s is over they're going to do the
18177s interviews but I got to skidadle guys so
18179s um and we're going to bring it back to
18181s us real quick guys it was a great way to
18183s start off eternal return Masters in
18185s season 4 again a lot of new items a lot
18188s of new gameplay mechanics that were
18190s adding into this game as well but we
18193s still have more eternal return
18194s competitive awaiting for you guys this
18196s weekend so make sure you guys join us
18198s tomorrow for the wild cards same time as
18201s today right 6: a.m. eastern time 4: a.m.
18204s or no not 4:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. Pacific
18207s time tomorrow right here on the eternal
18209s return game channel we'll still have
18210s drops during that time and we'll see a
18212s lot of the teams that we saw here today
18215s do get out tomorrow to grab the final
18217s four slots that are going to be
18218s available for Sundays
18221s finals yeah I'm definitely excited for
18223s those games cuz we are going to have a
18225s clash between you know the team that
18228s we're playing a lot of dive comps and a
18230s lot of
18231s um uh I would say like unordinary uh
18235s comps while we have you know the other
18237s Lobby that's playing you know the
18239s typical front to back you know double
18240s backline tank comp so seeing you know
18243s how these two mesh together we have to
18245s see which one comes out on top it is the
18247s start of a new uh New Era I should say
18250s say when it comes to team compositions
18251s good back guys we'll see all of that
18253s tomorrow and on Sunday until then we
18256s will see you guys hopefully you have a
18258s wonderful rest of your Friday and we'll
18259s see you guys back here tomorrow for the
18261s wild cards take care take care