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We have just released a development blog discussing a large set of upcoming changes. These will be available on the Singularity test server later today for everyone to play around with.

As part of the New Dawn update, the foundations that have been built will be expanded upon and there will be full transition into the redistribution phase with a comprehensive update to mining and a balance pass to industry, including the above points and more. The goal is to provide players with more opportunity for resource gathering, better agency for efficient production, and to facilitate the transportation of materials.

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We are already seeing a rise in mining and wealth generation, both post war but also in new opportunities like gas mining. Gas compression should make that even more interesting.

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thanks, the team is updating the excel sheet based on community feedback.

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that used to be true in the bad old days, but we are striving for a healthier balance of mining ships

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Really glad to hear that!

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I think its fair to say that this is the direction with capitals. We are not trying to incentivize multiboxing carriers, faxes nor dreads. The vision is that a rorqual is a flagship for mining fleets, boosting and more interesting things, being the center for teamwork.

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We love indy players, they are the backbone of the ecosystem and responsible for the creation. Without them there is no PVP. Rorqual and rorqual fleets however, mined too much and in doing so both took opportunity from more players, and devalued their products. This is a good change for the majority.

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We will continue with updates, as we have done throughout the year on both the ESS, DBS and nullsec meta.

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Thanks for the constructive feedback, spot on and we are taking community feedback on the new player waste, specifically!

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Autopaying taxes on all income, not just bounties is absolutely something we discuss regularly.

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No, with boosts, skills and modules you can make more.

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Well constructed argument, will bring it to the team.

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I was travelling and couldn’t write properly on my phone. :innocent:

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And now its 2 AM and I have my laptop and ready to roll! Thanks for covering my back! :smiley:

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Respectfully disagree!

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exhumer “friends” as in teamwork

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The replies you got are right on the money.

To clarify the graph, if the Waste Volume Multiplier is 1x and the Waste Probability is 100%, that means for each cycle you would get the same mining amount as you always do (1), but 2 units would be removed from the asteroid - 1 to you, 1 to space dust.

If the Waste Volume Multiplier was 1x, and the Waste Probability is 50%, then there’s a 50% chance that you would have that extra waste. The waste never comes from your yield, so there’s never a chance where you get less than what your mining lasers indicate. In this latter example, over 10 cycles you’d get the 10 ore, and the asteroid you were mining would have (on average) 15 ore removed from it (10 to you, 5 to space)

The C-classification of crystal (name TBD) is, simply, designed to destroy rocks. Whether you want to clear out the remains of an anomaly you no longer want quickly, or if you want to destroy someone else’s asteroids is completely up to the players.

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PLEX is bought for ISK created by players. CCP can not make money off of inflating nor deflating ISK supply.

With the increased supply prices will continue to go down as inventories shrink, and supply and demand start catching up. This is already happening.

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No we didn’t nerf all Miners, if you factor in new skills and modules

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Thank you all for the feedback so far. Keep it coming. We did push everything to the test server for a reason!

Below you can see a non-exhaustive list of things we will be looking into immediately (well from Monday on):

• Revisiting all cycle times for all compression modules
• Reducing the Orca Industrial Core cycle duration
• All Waste Probabilities will be revisited. We will be looking into using the same profile for drones as in modules
• Ways to bring back gas harvesting bonuses to frigates. This might have a further effect of introducing Barges/Exhumers gas bonuses
• Potential increase of fitting attributes for Barges/Exhumers
• Adjusting the Porpoise main and specialized holds
• What the implication would be if we allow moon ore compression with a 90% efficiency in structures
• Adding a PvP timer when Type C crystals are used in highsec.
• Changing the pre-requisites for Gas/Ice compression skills
• Potential increase of high slots for the Orca and the Porpoise

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

• We haven’t made a decision yet if waste should be taken into account in the industry index calculations. Feel free to discuss pros and cons in this thread.
• Mining Missions will be addressed before release. Finalizing quantities will be determined by where we will end up on the waste probabilities profile for T1 modules.

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That isn’t how a pvp timer works, this will be a suspect flag, not a criminal flag, so CONCORD will not intervene. The owners of the moon will have to erradicate the menace.

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In this scenario the module should cycle for half the cycle, you ore hold would have 500m3 and 500m3 would go to space dust.

I apologize, I was wrong on this one after checking with the game design team; as it stands now, the waste is taken into account first. So your haul would be 0, and spacedust would be 1000m3

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A factual reply is better than a quick reply; I checked with the game design team and on the test server as well. As it stands now, the waste is taken first

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Nop. Never said that.

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all great ideas

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Dear Capsuleers,

We thank you for the time you’ve spent exploring the changes and providing valuable feedback. We’ve spent this week listening to podcasts, reading forum posts and blogs, and interacting with Discord communities and so forth. It’s rare for us to update Sisi (and post a Dev Blog) this early in the process, but this is an important one and we wanted as many eyes on it as possible.

We also want to thank the CSM for their input and help in shaping the plan, the details of which you can find below.

DISCLAIMER: As it will be evident by the end of this post, Singularity (our test server) is not up to date with these planned changes. We are working hard to have it updated as soon as possible.


Compression is a vital part of the Resource Redistribution phase as it will allow for significantly better logistics and trade. We want this to be a feature of the Industrial Command Ships, but we also want the user experience to be good, too. To that end, the update to compression will be delayed to early 2022 as we re-evaluate the implementation. Until then, existing compression methods will remain unchanged.

Mining Efficiency

One of our goals in this update was to elaborate on what it means to be a miner. Since the early days of EVE, mining has involved training some skills and flying one of a handful of ships that were deemed ‘the best’. There hasn’t been room for optimization or decision making, which is fundamentally not what EVE is about. With regards to the feedback around new players, we’ve altered the mechanics such that low yield modules have zero waste, and higher yield modules have more waste, following the paradigm established with the new mining crystals (see below).

In terms of the Industry index: mining waste is NOT going to be part of the ADM calculation.

The waste profile of mining modules and drones will change as per the following table:

Waste Probability
Tech I Modules 0%
Tech II Modules 34%
ORE Modules 0%
Tech I Drones 0%
Tech II Drones 34%
Augmented Drones 40%
Excavator Drones 60%

Named and some faction modules will be considered exception from the above profiles, and they will be updated individually.

Mining Crystals

Mining Crystals and the associated processing skills have had no major updates, though there have been some minor adjustments. As with everything in this proposal, these values are not final and might be re-examined before release.

See the following table for a full breakdown:

image1187×298 16.9 KB

image1190×294 17.5 KB

Note: Mining crystals for moon ores are going to be included in the release. They will follow the same stats as the asteroid ore crystals as show in the tables above.

Example: Modulated Strip Miner II with Type A II crystal will have a +80% mining amount bonus, the same Cycle Time, but have an additional +10% Waste Probability (taking it to a total of 44%.)

Rorqual Changes

As we transition the Rorqual from the absolute best solo mining ship to a more supportive role, offering PANIC, storing of ships, remote repairs, links, and a beefy tank, we want to ensure that these ships provide ample value on the field.

The below tables show the bonus changes on the Rorqual and the attribute changes on the Industrial Core modules, compared to current TQ values:

Capital Industrial Skill Bonuses TQ New
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time -10% -6%
The rorqual will retain its 10% Drone Ore Mining yield
Industrial Core I TQ New
CPU 50 100
Power Grid 50,000 100,000
Drone Maximum Velocity Bonus 25% 30%
Drone Ore Mining Yield Bonus 400% 170%
Command and Mining Foreman Burst Range Bonus 150% 200%
Industrial Core II TQ New
CPU 55 150
Power Grid 55,000 150,000
Drone Maximum Velocity Bonus 30% 35%
Drone Ore Mining Yield Bonus 500% 300%
Drone Ice Harvesting Yield Bonus -80% -85%
Mining Foreman Burst Strength Bonus 36% 40%
Command and Mining Foreman Burst Range Bonus 200% 250%

We are sure that by now on Singularity some of you may have discovered some ‘fleet jump’ options for the Rorqual. This is a WIP feature, and we look forward to giving you more insight into it soon!

Orca Changes

Similar to the Rorqual, we want to continue the transition for the Orca to be a value to other miners, while still giving it worth-while mining yield such that it’s not a position relegated to AFK-alt status. Many of the bonuses of the ship are being moved from the hull into the new Compact Industrial Core

Industrial Command Skill Bonuses TQ New
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time -10% -2%
Role Bonuses TQ New
Drone Ore Mining Yield 100% -
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time 25% -
Compact Industrial Cores Tech I Tech II
CPU 50 75
Power Grid 100 150
Max Velocity -100% -100%
Drone Damage 40% 50%
Drone HP 40% 50%
Drone Maximum Velocity Bonus 10% 12.5%
Drone Ore Mining Yield Bonus 25% 75%
Drone Ice Harvesting Speed Bonus -25% -50%
Mining Foreman Burst Strength Bonus 10% 15%
Command and Mining Foreman Burst Range Bonus 75% 100%
Remote Repair Impedance Bonus -100% -100%
Shield Booster Duration Bonus -30% -30%
Sensor Dampener Resistance Bonus -75% -80%
Remote Assistance Impedance Bonus -80% -80%
Shield Booster Amount Bonus 20% 30%
ECM Resistance 100% 100%
Activation Duration 2.5 minutes 2.5 minutes
Consumption Quantity 250 500

Mining Frigates & Porpoise

All proposed changes to the Venture, Expedition Frigates, and Porpoise are being reverted with one exception: they will still be getting the additional Gas/Ice bays as relevant. Ninja mining, as a career, is something we absolutely love and have no intentions of removing this playstyle. Rather, we want to enable more playstyles on top of it.


Kryos mineral hold change should be +7,000 (total: 50,000).

Barges / Exhumers

Our goal with Barges and Exhumers is to create meaningful choice between survivability, yield, and ore hold. However, we understand that some of these ships are not survivable enough. To that end we’re working closely with the CSM to define the best approach, but our end goal is to significantly increase the EHP of all barges and all exhumers as well as their mining yield.

Gas bonuses have been added to the appropriate ships.

Detailed stats on the barges / exhumers will be revealed in a later post. The graphs in the following section are calculated with the new bonuses for barges / exhumers and are still very much under evaluation.

Closing the Mining Gap

We aim to align the Rorqual and subcapital mining yield. Below you can see the profiles we are currently looking at:

image887×608 7.82 KB

image734×486 6.13 KB

image774×535 6.87 KB

image977×587 6.92 KB

image977×565 6.93 KB

Moon Mining

The proposed change of removing basic minerals from R4 moon ores is under evaluation.

Resource Distribution

No changes to the original plan except for: R4 moon resource distribution under evaluation


No changes from the original plan

Thank you again all for the feedback so far. This thread shall be closed after this post, a new thread has been created here where you can provide your thoughts on the revised plan.

We are also aiming to publish the Winter Update Blog next week which will give you all a further insight into what is going on for EVE.