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16s [Music]
38s [Music]
46s [Music]
54s whoops testing
55s testing one two three
60s we are getting close
63s [Music]
67s stream's going through right uh
69s check check
71s oh yeah i see people joining hello
74s we are getting the last bits of
75s preparation
77s going on here
80s we are almost there welcome welcome
83s seeing a lot of faces that i have seen
86s before that is a very weird way to put
89s reading text from users
93s in a chat room
106s all right
124s i don't know if you heard that whole
125s thunk that was my door closing almost
129s ready
146s [Music]
154s [Music]
172s [Music]
180s for those wondering yes that is a
181s vindicator
184s this is a vindicator
186s 100 percent
218s welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
220s official rockfish game stream i'm your
222s host and your guide eric schroeder the
224s community ambassador for rockfish games
227s also your guide through all things
229s everspace 2 related oh my goodness how
232s are you all doing on this lovely friday
234s i hope that it's fantastic for you been
236s fantastic for me this week has been
238s rather delightful we've made a lot of
240s internal progress as you're gonna find
242s out a little bit about that um but uh
244s mainly it's been like with the drake
247s system and it's little integral features
249s uh that i can't so much talk about but i
251s do have stuff that i can actually show
253s today so that's exciting new stuff to
256s actually show and talk about so a quick
258s rundown of what that looks like we're
259s going to be covering uh some consumable
262s stuff
263s and we're also going to be talking about
264s some of the varying updates that we've
266s been making along the way um that kind
269s of includes some little features and
271s tweaks like quality of life features
272s stuff like that um as well as a couple
274s improvements um but i think you guys
276s will uh
278s like i think you'll appreciate so we'll
280s just cover a slew of those um and we'll
283s be flying around doing high-risk areas
285s uh you know other things that we can do
288s in the game uh take on some jobs i don't
291s know
291s we could do a lot of different things
293s all the while answering your questions
296s and having conversations with you
297s because as you guys know this is a
299s community focused stream
301s we put you first and that's why that's
304s why these videos exist at all it's why
306s we do these live streams
308s so if any content is shown or you have
310s any questions about the game feel free
312s to ask in shot we have a number of
314s people who are standing by to assist to
317s help answer anything that i might miss
319s otherwise uh i have i have a decent
322s wealth of knowledge on the game and
324s what's happening so i'm more than happy
327s to help you have that understanding of
329s your expectation what we're providing
332s all that type of stuff all that type of
333s stuff
335s big old disclaimer so let's get right
336s into this
337s let's go ahead and load into our new
340s game
341s and by new game i mean the one that
343s we've been playing i changed the colors
344s of my vindicator because i uh
347s i didn't like the red the red yellow
349s whatever the
350s or people calling it i don't even know
352s what you're calling it so i changed it
353s to this it's got almost like i don't
355s know it's it's got almost like a vintage
357s feel to it and i i just dig it i really
360s like the way this one came out so this
361s is what we are going to be using at
362s least for a while
364s this vindicator uh we can swap around uh
367s some other ships so just like last time
369s whenever i started the streams i
371s realized how important it is to like
373s cover your layout and all of your
375s attributes and everything so we're going
376s to kind of do that first before we
378s launch this vindicator build is stylized
381s in a way to kind of like keep its drones
383s alive uh so it does have a lot of
386s firepower of course
387s uh and a bit of expertise and utility so
390s we're gonna be using the uh devices in
392s conjunction uh with our drones uh the
396s main component to keep our drones alive
398s is this nanotransmitter so distribution
400s also repairs nearby allies so when we
402s use it we heal up our drones while we
405s attack that's why we need that firepower
407s so high to get a lot of health
410s on that front uh we're also using fusion
412s hook uh kunai and emp generator shield
415s surge uh because i want to play a little
417s bit more defensively i screw that i want
419s more damage i'm just going damage i
421s don't care that's what i want
423s i want to damage um and
427s that might not be the best thing
428s actually but uh i don't care that's what
430s i'm going with we're gonna go damage
433s our passives uh both of these autumn
435s kind of like over drones regenerate one
436s hole per second which i love and 50
438s reduced damage from enemy drones uh and
441s then wreck interaction range is about
443s 800
444s meters
446s through my expertise being this height
449s uh last but not least the weapons we're
451s using we've got this marksman thermogun
453s which i'm very very happy with we've got
456s this calibrated scatter gun
458s which is also proved to be quite
460s resourceful and then we have these
461s powerful scorpion missiles these are
463s star forged powerful scorpion missiles
465s these things are insane
467s and they auto fire they have a chance to
468s auto fire so as we're blasting away with
470s our thermal gun we have a chance uh with
472s our high precision when we hit we get a
473s critical hit there's a chance that the
476s scorpion missile will just freely launch
479s um yeah and it doesn't consume a missile
482s when it does that
483s then we got some pretty standard gear i
485s say standard in the sense of it's all
487s level 22 um superior stuff providing
491s benefits that you know you would think
492s are pretty traditional
494s and we are holding on to a couple items
496s that we may or may not swap between just
498s depending on what happens
501s we have one signal decoder
503s i probably could have prepped that a
504s little bit better whoops been
505s highlighting so many other things i
507s didn't think about making more signals
508s decoders but uh we'll go to kite nebula
511s uh and probably do this at a different
513s ship
514s because uh
515s that just looks like complete
516s destruction for
518s my drones that explosive death modifier
520s there that mutator
523s uh but yeah otherwise
524s pretty happy with this build uh let's go
526s ahead and talk about these devices uh
529s some of which you already are very
531s familiar with right like the sticky
532s turret
533s the nano injector
535s the nanobots medium and this one's
537s different this is a peacemaker
539s this is a peacemaker so here we're going
541s to crack into the consumables that's
544s what i'm getting at right here to crack
546s into some of these new consumables that
548s we've got the peacemaker disables enemy
550s weapons and a 700 meter radius around
552s the ship for five seconds so this could
553s be used in a pinch when you're just uh
555s getting pummeled
557s and you launch it it affects all ships
559s in that 700 meter radius and the uh yeah
562s they just stopped firing it's similar to
564s emp uh but you can
567s use it in conjunction with using emp so
569s like you can use your emp to do damage
571s over time then when that drains off then
573s you can use peacemaker so there's like
574s effectively no cooldown um but remember
577s consumables are consumed upon use
580s so there may be a time and a place for
582s you to to capitalize on using this bad
584s boy
585s um even against foes that are emp immune
588s for example uh but yeah
590s so let's go ahead and crack into the
592s crafting and go to this tab which we
594s haven't looked at for a while we're i'm
596s like i'm diving straight in i'm diving
598s straight into all this guys
601s so in the crafting we do have this
603s consumables tab um and the resources
606s that you need for these this has not
608s been ironed out now but i do want to
610s show you this
611s because this is part of the process of
614s us navigating the costs for a lot of
618s different items maybe even the primaries
620s secondaries modules components and
622s possibly even catalysts
624s so here you can see that there's
625s crafting resources in conjunction with
628s like components
631s and this is going to be a theme as we go
633s through all of these
637s and uh i think i think it even gets uh
642s are there any straight-up resources no
643s they're not but we're going to talk
644s about all of the the current consumables
648s and just a little bit just showing this
650s this is work in progress of course i
652s feel like i shouldn't say that
653s disclaimer because you know it's early
655s access but still there you go um but
658s yeah
659s so combination of crafting uh components
663s as well as uh or crafting ingredients
666s and components excuse me so we have the
668s straight up
670s uh common
671s blueprints for your energy injector your
673s nanobots and your damage limiter here
677s we've got uncommons we got the damage
679s booster which you're familiar with we
681s got the nanobots medium the sticky
683s turret
684s then we got a couple more
685s now clearly
688s these and these icons are not finished
690s yet we will have unique icons for each
692s one of these
694s but let's crack into them so you can see
696s how they are as i answer one quick
698s question which is how are you doing
699s anyways eric i'm doing lovely i really
701s am i'm having a really good day uh it's
703s been a good week
705s a lot of really good progress
706s i'm behind on one territory but let's
708s not tell michael okay don't don't tell
710s michael at all that i'm behind on one
711s little thing that i'm doing but
712s otherwise everything else comes along
714s great uh yeah it's been good
719s uh let's see what else what else
722s we're good let's keep going so we got
724s the peacemaker we just talked about 700
725s meter radius disables all ships for five
728s seconds can really come in a pinch next
730s we got this
731s mineral mender
733s so for five seconds
735s when you mine ore
736s you recover your armor by ten percent
741s every time you you mine
744s or
744s you repair your armor by 10
747s so if you do this within with
748s conjunction with like a flat cannon it
750s will actually work like
751s with all of the
753s uh obtained ores like every single one
755s and it stacks so you can repair a lot of
757s your armor just it's very helpful to use
760s especially if you're like in the middle
761s of nowhere you don't really have a
763s solution to get out uh and there's maybe
765s like opponents nearby um you know having
768s one of these and there's some ore nearby
770s it can really come in a pinch next we
772s have a system recovery routine i think
774s you guys got a sneak peek at this one
776s last week uh this one removes most
778s debuffs and resets any debuff buildups
781s so um
783s debuff buildups that's that's an
785s interesting that's that's interesting
786s because that that doesn't exist in the
788s game at all
790s whatsoever
793s ah but uh these debuffs you know it's
795s you know you get
797s you get emp'd you know you get corroded
799s you get uh you know whatever you just
802s pop this system recovery routine and it
804s just wipes them off of you
806s really nice really nice
808s next up we've got the rare tab we got
811s nanobots that are large the nanobot
813s injector of course then we've got two
815s more the nano repair kit this repairs a
818s random damaged equipment item
820s again another thing that can seriously
823s come in a pinch
824s next we've got a cloak field generator
829s a cloak field generator
831s renders the ship invisible to enemies
832s for 15 seconds shooting may alert them
834s to your position it's effectively your
837s cloaking device
838s however it's a consumable so every time
842s you want to use it you've got to make a
843s new one could get costly or if you
846s balance out your resources correctly
848s you could have cloaking on any ship of
850s your choosing honestly there's probably
853s going to be more benefits to using
854s cloaking on
855s the scout than any other one but still
858s uh pretty neat pretty pretty nice last
861s but not least we got the superior top to
863s cover the remaining
865s consumables we got the device charger
868s this is my all-time favorite one this is
871s this is amazing it is also insanely
874s expensive even right now and again this
877s is not done
878s so it will probably change
881s uh specifically we need to have you know
883s some superior stuff down here but uh
886s regardless the device charger instantly
889s resets all device cooldowns
892s instantly so that means you pop like you
894s know you're in a you're in a tier 4 plus
897s ship and you've got all four devices
899s installed and you're in a late game
900s you're level 30 and you're like finish
902s the campaign and like you're doing this
904s uh ancient rift right
907s and you're in the middle of this battle
909s you pop all four devices you pop your
911s device charger you pop all four devices
913s again and you have this stacking effect
915s this absurd stacking effect going on
917s which i want to put emphasis on does
919s stack
921s you get some serious value
923s uh with the right devices in tandem with
926s this device charger fantastic but again
929s it's gonna cost you
931s and last but not least we've got this
933s energy shield
935s deploys a shield that lasts for eight
936s seconds and absorbs damage equivalent to
938s thirty percent of your maximum whole hit
941s points straight up absorbs 30 of
944s whatever your maximum hole hit points
946s are so could be more valuable the larger
949s your ship is of course but uh still when
952s you're a smaller vessel any damage
954s recovered or blocked in this case is uh
957s is wonderful it's fantastic
960s so another very valuable item and
962s probably will become even more valuable
964s depending on what builds you're
966s utilizing specifically if you're going
968s for a beefier ship
971s just to maximize that value of 30
974s so that's uh that's what's going on and
977s again i want to put a bit more emphasis
979s on what's happening down here below so
981s while of course i went through and i
982s covered all of these different uh
984s consumables that are entering the
985s picture
986s and you know their pictures are pending
990s it's also seriously important to note
992s that these crafting ingredients down
994s here this is not just a representation
996s of of what the consumables look like but
1000s this could also be how we reapproach
1003s crafting
1004s all the other tools in the game
1008s all the other tools in the game
1010s your primaries your secondaries your
1012s modules
1013s even possibly your components that this
1016s one might not get changed but um
1019s but your primaries or secondaries or
1020s modules there might be a couple of
1022s tweaks
1023s to how these are crafted um because we
1026s want you to
1027s you know put a lot of emphasis
1029s in
1031s getting this stuff without relying on
1033s too much rng because like right now this
1036s stuff you're just
1037s scrapping stuff in your in your
1039s inventory you're just finding junk and
1041s you're scrapping it we also want there
1043s to be that added effect of oh hey i need
1046s this particular component which means i
1048s need these specific resources so there's
1051s validity and going to your map go into
1053s your resource
1054s uh
1056s uh scanner right
1058s and you say dang i really need that pure
1060s titanium or whatever you look around to
1062s find it and you say okay i'm heading to
1064s union right we we've got a we got a plan
1067s of attack now you can get there you can
1069s get the ingredients you need and you can
1071s stack up without just relying on luck to
1075s get a superior item that has those parts
1077s that you need
1079s so uh
1081s there you go that's a big chunk we
1083s nailed it
1084s only 15 minutes in and we've already
1086s covered everything that you need to know
1088s about uh consumables and their crafting
1091s boom there we go all right that's a wrap
1093s uh gg everybody
1099s but sincerely i hope that this shows you
1101s like that
1102s intentionality we have moving forward so
1104s do expect changes on that front um and
1106s we do consider those to be quality of
1108s life changes
1110s in regards to how you are approaching
1112s the game space
1114s all right so now we need to head to the
1115s kite nebula
1118s with our little vindicator here
1121s i love it i love my little drones hello
1124s drones
1127s and we're gonna get get there on the fly
1129s now i think this was yes this was
1131s adjusted
1132s so this was also just a very small
1135s quality of life change that hans
1136s christian
1137s uh fixed but in your guys current build
1139s if you zoom all the way out um
1143s this vanishes you can't actually see the
1145s spatial bypass
1147s so he fixed it uh so when you zoom all
1149s the way out you can actually see it
1153s super simple
1158s [Music]
1166s oh spoot knight i see your question uh
1168s and then be destroyed in the process so
1170s it turns the war into healing and isn't
1171s it
1173s isn't uh taken as a resource uh i am
1177s let's find out let's find out together
1179s let's find out together let's get this
1181s mineral minder where are you at right
1183s here
1184s let's make one
1187s [Music]
1189s oh it crafted it crafted three i think
1191s there's a bug there uh it's supposed to
1193s be when you craft you get just one
1196s you'll get used to it
1200s i'm pretty sure the way that this works
1202s we're just gonna wait for this to
1204s we're just gonna wait for this to
1204s complete it's got 10 seconds for its
1206s cooldown you can see right there
1209s once it's done we're going to pop it
1211s and even though we don't have any armor
1212s to get we're going to see if it destroys
1216s actually we do need to get some armor
1217s damage don't we
1218s we're going to do that first all right
1220s let's go get some damage
1230s please hit me uh my drones are
1233s i'm gonna need to lose all my drones
1234s first
1246s i think my drones are healing my armor
1249s for me oh boy
1252s builds too good
1254s can't test properly
1258s there's not enough enemies in this area
1259s maybe we should just go to the high risk
1260s area
1262s that should do the trick right
1268s that's a little bit well this this
1270s should be fine right
1274s this should be fine
1279s so we're gonna put our shield back on
1286s so we're gonna use the mineral minder
1289s it's going right now and then we're
1291s going to fire
1293s yeah so it restores and it collects the
1295s resources for you i thought it did but i
1297s just want to double check yeah so um the
1299s wording here it's mainly just talking
1301s about
1302s how the um
1305s the consumables destroyed in the process
1306s which i guess is a little bit redundant
1308s because you guys know that the
1309s consumables will be destroyed in the
1310s process but still
1312s some of these descriptions are still
1313s being uh updated as well so that one
1315s probably will be fixed uh i digress
1318s there you go
1329s so let's get ourselves an ancient warden
1332s also want to do this
1334s for this particular battle because we
1336s don't want to scare him away
1346s that's gonna heal our drones up just
1348s like so
1351s nice and simple
1358s now i didn't talk about this last time
1359s but there have been a few
1362s modifications
1364s to certain enemies the ancient warden
1366s did receive a bit of an ai update so its
1369s targeting is a lot better
1372s its movement is a little bit uh wonkier
1375s it's a little bit harder to hit
1377s unless you're using you know a thermogen
1380s and uh there's something else changing
1382s about him but uh oh my gosh we're gonna
1383s die
1390s easy
1392s there we go
1396s easy peasy right
1398s cool
1399s all right so now we're going to activate
1401s this
1402s uh it's probably not gonna look so great
1403s for our drones but screw it we're gonna
1404s try anyway
1407s but first let's try and get our armor
1409s back
1410s and i've got the perfect tool for that
1412s oh my goodness
1415s how about that
1424s i'm gonna change my weaponry though to
1426s make it just a little bit easier to mine
1428s all right wait even even easier the
1430s mining laser to mine let's do that
1440s now hold up
1442s why didn't you give me my armor back is
1444s that a bug
1449s that's a bug
1450s well just pretend that my armor came
1452s back that's how that consumable works
1454s 100
1456s no problems at all in this work in
1457s progress early access experience that
1459s we're showing you new consumables for
1461s the first time
1462s excellent
1464s all right
1466s anyway so uh let's go ahead and go back
1467s to our thermoguns since we're gonna be
1469s fighting some
1472s it's redeemers gonna be a little bit
1473s easier
1474s 100 real no fake exactly oh goodness
1479s any news on the fix of the planet
1481s surface skybox bug on amd gpus uh we
1484s have not heard from we have not heard
1486s from them so no
1489s we have not uh heard any fixes on that
1491s front
1493s nope
1496s but yeah when there's an update if
1497s there's an update hopefully it's a win
1500s yeah we'll make sure that uh
1503s we get that going and it's all
1504s translated perfectly
1506s [Music]
1511s [Music]
1513s difference between sustained and
1515s efficient prefixes do they both just
1516s reduce energy usage ah no sustained
1520s actually let's let's look at the
1521s descriptions because that's going to
1523s help us out the most
1526s ah let's see
1529s uh see
1532s are they not are they not listed here
1535s they're not listed here i could have
1536s sworn that we had the catalyst
1538s craftables for
1540s at least sustained i guess uh that was
1543s changed out
1545s may it was changed to eco
1547s no
1551s that's weird
1552s but regardless um sustained i believe
1555s increases the um energy capacity
1560s i believe
1563s um let me just look this up so i know ex
1565s like directly so one second
1568s i'm just gonna pull up my cheat sheet so
1570s i can answer this question
1579s that's a great a great question though
1596s uh so sustained is increased
1599s energy capacity yes
1603s and then the other one you wanted to
1604s compare it to shoot where was what was
1605s the one that we're comparing it to
1608s efficient
1612s uh reduces the energy cost okay so there
1614s it is
1615s so sustain increases energy capacity
1618s efficient reduces the energy cost i can
1620s understand how some people view those as
1622s sort of the same thing uh but in short
1626s they're two very different things energy
1628s capacity energy consumption right um and
1631s this is important for certain equipment
1633s that you find as you're progressing
1635s especially tied to the energy core and
1637s its particular output for your weaponry
1640s if you have weapons that have a ton of
1643s energy capacity but have a very small
1645s amount of consumption um
1648s actually like this
1649s actually like both of our weapons
1651s they're both pretty good on that front
1653s um which is surprising for a thermal gun
1655s but regardless
1657s the because the energy consumption is
1659s somewhat low uh compared to the energy
1661s capacity we can fire it for a pretty
1662s long time right so like
1664s this can just we can keep firing for a
1666s pretty considerable amount of time as
1668s you reduce that
1671s consumption that means you can fire
1673s longer if you have a greater energy
1675s capacity that means even if you're
1676s burning through your energy consumption
1678s faster
1679s the larger energy pool means that based
1682s on your regeneration
1684s you can store more uh and there's going
1687s to be benefits on that front as well so
1690s kind of translates to firing longer on
1692s both fronts
1693s i do feel that reducing the consumption
1695s is ultimately better because energy
1698s core's output is particular on how much
1701s energy per second you're getting back
1703s so if you are more efficient
1706s with a smaller energy pool you're going
1709s to restore that energy pool faster and
1711s still be efficient whereas if you have a
1713s larger energy pool
1714s but you are still consuming large
1716s amounts of energy
1717s uh then you're still going to take a
1719s longer time to refuel that added energy
1722s boom that you have to it
1724s so
1725s there you go
1726s similar but different
1730s hope that helps
1734s all right
1735s let's uh let's get around these evasive
1737s exploding strength and death pose this
1740s this is going to be it's going to be
1741s nasty
1743s i'm certain of it
1746s yeah our drones are already getting
1748s punished for this
1750s not surprised whatsoever
1753s those don't get too close
1758s ouch okay
1762s [Music]
1775s i knew this was gonna happen with these
1776s redeemers they're so
1779s slippery me that energy back
1786s ouch
1787s man that's flashing which is actually a
1788s lot
1794s this is a dangerous play ouch look at
1797s that damage
1800s so something else to talk about that's
1802s an up-and-coming change
1804s [Music]
1807s i just really like this music all right
1809s um so
1810s one thing that we have noted we want to
1813s be kind of mindful about with
1814s consumables and their usage especially
1816s when you're in combat um it's not
1818s implemented in this current build but
1820s there's been discussions internally and
1822s i feel like the play that we are going
1824s to move forward with is that crafting
1827s when you're in combat
1829s is completely disabled
1832s [Music]
1834s i'm going to say that one more time for
1836s anybody who just missed that when you
1837s are in combat meaning i think it's that
1840s i think it's the way that we distinguish
1842s combat is like if you were hit in the
1844s last 30 seconds and at a certain range
1846s of enemies or something like that when
1847s you are in combat
1849s crafting is completely disabled so
1852s if you are going to engage yourself in
1855s combat you need to prepare yourself
1858s first
1859s for what that experience is going to be
1860s like you can't just get into the thick
1862s of it and be like oh well i want to
1863s completely swap all my weapons around
1865s right in the middle of this or i want to
1867s you know create a slew of consumables
1870s and do all this type of stuff i mean
1871s there's already ramifications for
1872s installing something in the midst of hot
1875s swapping however on top of that again
1878s crafting is completely gonna be disabled
1881s when you are in combat so you have to
1883s prepare before you engage
1886s hopefully that makes sense to all of you
1888s guys
1890s but uh that is what's gonna be happening
1896s let's get this crusader
1904s oh it's gonna be big damage again ouch
1906s man
1908s this explosive death a bit more painful
1910s than i thought it was gonna be
1913s gotta really get some distance
1917s [Music]
1918s also there's a ton of elites in here too
1921s my goodness
1931s i like using thermogon on the uh
1934s vindicator because it allows me to put a
1936s little bit more focus on the drone so
1937s like as you can see i can just like
1939s target lock some debris nearby i could
1941s keep shooting out an opponent and just
1942s go get it
1945s it's kind of nice oh that shield is in
1946s the wrong spot
1949s speaking of drones i uh basically don't
1951s have any left
1954s minor problems
1956s is there any uh
1958s wreckage nearby
1959s oh yes maybe we can find some debris
1962s over here
1964s [Music]
1965s debris please ah yeah that's what i like
1967s to see
1968s and this is consistent through the
1969s entire game you vindicator players if
1971s you're ever losing drones you're like
1972s crap i need to scrap some more stuff
1974s find a debris field you will likely find
1978s wreckage
1980s naturally generates there and it is in
1982s your current build right now that is
1985s something that is a feature already in
1988s place
1989s see look there's more over there in case
1991s things go south
1993s and by the looks of it things are gonna
1994s go stop
1999s oh missed
2018s ouch man
2038s that was almost my death
2041s surprised i'm actually not dead to be
2043s honest
2055s are weapons damaged ah
2058s ah you know what we need
2061s you know what we need
2062s let's hope it works
2065s let's
2066s let's hope it works
2071s granted you wouldn't be able to do this
2073s in the future because you're not
2074s supposed to be able to craft in the
2076s middle of combat
2080s we just activated our shield oh we are
2082s totally dead
2084s oh goodness gravy
2086s let's just uh let's just get some
2088s distance and uh hope to repair some
2091s stuff up yep good excellent
2096s that's a little bit better
2098s that's a little bit better oh my gosh
2100s these guys they're so precise
2105s oh we are we're dead we're totally dead
2109s i might end up swapping my emp field to
2112s uh
2113s regenerate shields again i think that
2115s might be our best bet on that front uh
2117s but explosive enemies let me tell you
2119s what they can be uh they can kind of be
2121s nasty
2122s they can kind of be nasty so we'll try
2124s that again
2133s uh we're gonna put the peacemaker on
2135s here
2136s now technically like right here since
2138s we're not engaged yet i think you would
2141s be able to do this um i did just have a
2143s conversation with hans christian though
2145s about how we at least i feel
2147s maybe you guys can speak on this maybe
2149s you can vouch for me or disagree i don't
2151s care um but like when you go into a high
2153s risk area i feel like straight up no
2156s matter what you just shouldn't be
2157s allowed to craft that's how i feel about
2159s it but we'll see
2161s we'll see what we end up implementing
2166s uh but regardless we are going to do a
2167s little bit of extra crafting right now
2170s on the consumable front
2171s we want to be able to uh nano repair
2177s and we want uh let's see what else do we
2179s want
2186s an energy shield's probably going to be
2187s good here too so we're just going to
2189s pull out all the tricks
2193s and do a little bit of that
2195s sticky turrets are nice but uh you know
2197s we should also probably just make
2198s straight up nanobots too
2202s probably
2205s excellent all right
2208s oh hello
2209s you're awfully close
2214s you know i said i was gonna change my
2215s device and uh then i didn't do it how
2217s dare i
2219s we need to get that fixed
2222s once that emp is off cooldown we are
2223s changing it
2229s oh you're so slow how do people like
2231s this ship i'm just kidding i love this
2233s ship it's great
2235s having your own little drone is one
2238s all right
2239s somebody out there just got triggered
2243s this is my baby how could you talk to
2245s that ship like that
2249s okay uh we are changing this to shield
2252s surge because when our shields go down
2255s we want to swap the battle to be in our
2257s favor and we want our shields back
2260s i also prefer to hit our targets my
2262s goodness
2263s you know let's just let the corrosion do
2265s its work here
2267s okay let's get our shields back there we
2269s go now we're on the offensive for a
2271s little bit yeah i think that's a bit
2273s nicer
2277s we do need to get our drones back
2278s however
2289s there's that debris field
2293s there was a debris field here right
2297s ah there it is the other side
2306s nothing
2308s rng got me this time all right
2313s anything else
2318s all right i see how it is i see how it
2320s is oh
2322s yes
2325s no all right
2328s this is fine
2331s wow i feel like i feel like i got a bit
2334s savage there
2356s there we go one more down
2358s oh man
2359s it's gonna be a bit until i have this
2361s boss meter filled
2365s sometimes that's just the way it is
2377s shields back perfect that feels really
2379s good coming together
2389s now one of the things about exploding
2391s enemies that is kind of nice it's
2393s actually um i know it doesn't show in
2395s color like if we were to look on the map
2398s uh it shows it's in red which means it's
2400s a negative
2402s but you can use explosive depth to your
2404s benefit too because if your enemies are
2406s all bunched up like especially like a
2407s bunch of little drones and maybe if they
2409s were redeemers healing upon that um you
2412s can actually have them chain kill
2415s other opponents
2416s but also you have to of course be
2418s mindful with that because they can chain
2420s kill you if a bunch of them explode all
2422s at once
2424s this may actually have been how we got
2426s got uh just a moment ago
2428s when we were addressing this exact same
2431s uh high risk area
2436s you know look at those look at those
2437s shields just deplete
2448s my poor drones
2457s oh that did not give me a lot of shields
2459s they were not close enough oh that's
2461s problems
2477s wow
2480s i feel like that uh shield didn't help
2482s at all
2483s oof
2509s vindicators really need their drones oh
2511s man
2512s wow this is going to be a painful one
2514s shot
2516s we might go swap ships
2521s now we are uh we are playing on uh very
2524s hard difficulty
2526s the you know
2527s sort of a standard makes things more
2530s challenging uh thing that will be
2532s modified in the future
2534s but uh man that's pretty this is pretty
2536s savage right now uh explosive enemies
2538s and vindicators not a good mix
2541s not a good mix
2544s but yeah
2546s i feel like railgun and emp shield break
2548s would work for this yeah actually seth
2550s uh that would be a fantastic combination
2552s i think a railgun would be uh quite
2555s ideal
2556s um so a scout could be
2558s having a lot of fun in an environment
2560s where enemies explode in fact what do
2563s you say we go try that
2565s we want to try that i want to try that
2568s uh so let's load up uh from the base
2572s go to a scout
2573s and then
2574s approach this exact same high risk
2577s area but with a scout instead
2580s yeah
2581s when the going gets tough there it goes
2583s ship swapping you know what oh yeah i
2585s mean think of each ship as its own like
2587s class in an rpg sometimes the mage is
2589s going to be super fantastic at you know
2592s uh some sort of combats the wizard or
2595s the the warriors gonna be far better at
2597s others the rogue's gonna have a nice
2599s blend of all these other things um and
2602s yeah for right now our our little um
2606s our little drone boy not quite cutting
2608s it against this particular set of
2610s mutators uh so let's see if we have a
2613s scout
2614s i don't think we do
2617s no we don't
2619s uh so we'll go ahead and we'll take our
2621s vindicator
2624s over to neptune's planes we'll see if
2626s there's a scout over there if they do
2628s awesome
2629s uh maybe we'll accidentally show uh new
2631s ship parts in the process
2633s one can hope right
2643s but yeah so as you can see like there's
2645s a slew of new consumables i've been
2647s showcased um and uh they might all be
2650s working
2651s yet
2652s some of them are supposed to be uh but
2655s regardless
2656s these new tools should give you a couple
2658s new opportunities when it comes to your
2660s varying events that are taking place
2663s [Music]
2665s what do i think about your ghost ship
2667s theory uh
2671s i need context namely the theory
2673s i don't know
2683s oh yes i need to put my sunglasses on
2685s that uh that actually gives me uh
2688s plus 40 evasion
2694s that's very true all right let's go
2696s ahead and say oh yeah there we go
2697s there's a beautiful spirit i wonder if
2699s we can get a tier 2 plus though we're
2701s going to go ahead and cycle through
2702s these i have not looked at this so guys
2705s i do want to give you a heads up this is
2706s work in progress
2708s you may in fact see
2711s you may in fact see some ships that have
2714s some blockouts to them that are simply
2716s not done okay um
2719s but just know that okay so if there's
2721s something that you see that you haven't
2722s seen before uh you know you're welcome
2725s but also it's not done so do expect some
2728s changes so we got a liberator these
2730s wings are absolutely not done let's see
2732s we got a striker excellent a typhoon a
2736s cyclops those wings are actually the
2738s tier twos uh nemesis ooh
2741s it looks cool though should we take it
2743s cause it looks cool
2744s a tormentor and a wasp those wings are
2747s also not done
2749s cyclops
2751s harbinger a hawk
2754s another cyclops with wings that aren't
2755s done all right so we only have one
2757s spirit
2760s it's just a tier two all right we're
2762s gonna we're gonna
2764s we're gonna go over to prescott starbase
2767s as well oh my goodness
2769s we're flying all over the place i want
2771s to see if we can get a scout um but this
2773s is a perfect opportunity to talk a
2774s little bit about uh some of the changes
2777s we would like to do for the ship dealers
2779s as well because as you can see like as
2781s i'm going through this process alone of
2784s trying to find the right ship
2786s it can sometimes be a little tedious
2789s frustrating
2790s annoying whatever you want to call it
2793s and we recognize that
2795s we want to adjust that so in the future
2796s our plans are to have
2799s certain ship dealers potentially sell
2801s certain ships
2803s that could be a thing um also a couple
2806s other unique benefits that i probably
2808s shouldn't talk about
2810s yet but would help you get to the ships
2812s that you desire so that if you're
2814s looking for something you can go to a
2815s place and most assuredly find it
2819s [Applause]
2820s is something we want to do just a little
2822s bit of quality of life improvements on
2825s that front for ships
2827s because you know it's a little bit of a
2828s process especially since right now what
2830s there's there's three ship dealers
2833s that's it
2837s [Music]
2844s yeah it can be a little it can be a
2845s little frustrating
2847s you cycle between the three ship dealers
2849s and like none of them are selling what
2850s you're looking for and you're like well
2852s dang it it sucks
2854s add more ship dealers that's also in the
2856s plan yeah so the initial plan um
2860s can i share this
2862s i can share this
2863s travel made easy
2865s um the initial plan was to have one ship
2868s dealer in least
2870s and every single system and union of
2873s course has two because it should be you
2875s know it's one of the it's the largest
2877s system i believe as of right now
2880s so it's got a lot of your opportunities
2881s there
2883s but uh regardless
2885s uh that may or may not happen in the
2887s future
2888s we'll see
2889s now i'm specifically looking for a tier
2892s uh two plus this is a little too high of
2894s a tier i can't quite show this off yet
2896s even though this is a this is also a
2898s blackout so those are not those are not
2899s don wings i warned you it was gonna
2901s happen
2904s another sp another spirit tier three oh
2906s those those wings are actually looking
2908s pretty great okay um
2909s yes
2911s yes
2912s yes
2913s yes wonderful
2915s i thought you were here uh we're gonna
2917s go ahead and uh we have to sell our
2919s vindicator
2925s wait we're almost there we're like 4k
2928s away
2932s let's do a job
2933s let's go get some money
2936s let's sell stuff
2940s we could ironically sell the signal
2942s decoder that we don't like to buy the
2944s ship to go against this signal decode or
2946s to go against the high-risk area that
2947s we'd no longer have access to
2950s uh hmm
2952s unfortunate
2953s unfortunate
2954s uh maybe let's just go hunt some outlaws
2956s for a little bit but uh i really really
2958s want that scout
2960s i really want this spirit
2962s [Music]
2965s and also so you're aware the uh
2967s ship viewing page
2969s is not done either
2972s there's more coming on that front too
2976s all right so let's poke some of these
2977s eyelash outs let's see what they give us
2978s maybe we can sell something
2980s shouldn't take too long to accrue 4k
2984s i don't think
2986s do an unknown signal actually that's a
2988s really good point
2991s yeah nano that's larger nothing
2994s we'll take out this elite maybe we'll
2996s get a signal decoder
3002s look at that
3004s credits
3005s union signal decoder we just need 2k
3008s more credits we are almost there already
3009s we have another elite i wanna let's go
3028s those jaegers should probably be enough
3032s to go buy our scouts so without further
3034s ado
3035s let's just go pick it up
3039s i'm kind of liking the ability to just
3040s show you guys how this is working
3044s by just accomplishing tasks here
3047s so you can see like you know
3049s the reality of the space of grinding
3052s it's only as hard as you make it
3054s honestly it's only as hard as you make
3056s it yeah so that's definitely going to be
3057s enough
3059s so now we can purchase our we are 200
3063s credits short
3069s this is silly all right we're gonna just
3071s sell the union signal decoder
3073s and then we're gonna buy our ship
3075s oh my gosh
3076s uh so we need to
3079s uh we're gonna buy and transfer our
3081s current one to the home base so our
3083s vindicator is going back home but
3085s whenever you do that it strips all the
3087s gear from that ship you are currently
3088s flying and applies it to your new ship
3092s so just like this
3094s boom
3096s our inventory has been properly
3098s transferred over uh now we're gonna need
3100s a rail gun
3102s uh maybe we can just craft one instead
3104s of buy one because that would be way
3106s easier i think
3111s look at us go all right
3114s [Music]
3117s actually i like that the chance steel
3119s corrosion is going to be good on this
3120s front so we'll take that
3123s we'll plop that on
3125s [Music]
3134s i feel like we should probably use
3138s where is the synchro pulses as a backup
3140s so we have the royal gun and the syncro
3142s pulse uh what's our passive goodness
3144s can't be detected by mines during shadow
3146s strike uh okay 25 reduced enemy uh
3149s detection range i i do enjoy that okay
3152s uh let's also get another missile oh
3154s that's the wrong button whoops that's my
3156s cheats
3158s uh let's get uh a secondary weapon that
3161s we need
3163s i'm gonna go with some destabilizer
3165s missiles so we can maximize that
3167s delicious damage
3169s [Music]
3175s let's try again
3177s let's try again
3181s [Music]
3185s i like this one a lot we will go with
3187s that
3188s all right
3190s [Music]
3194s how long does it take for the ship
3195s dealer pool to refresh it's a great
3197s question
3199s trying to remember uh what the very
3202s specific number of minutes was of
3204s in-game time that has to pass
3209s i think i asked han christian uh hans
3211s christian this one time you told me um i
3214s think it's going to be adjusted it's
3215s what it's going to be
3217s but i think right now it's somewhere
3218s around 60 minutes like it takes a while
3222s it takes a while
3225s i'm gonna i'm gonna find this
3229s [Music]
3235s because i think this is a good one to
3237s know
3238s right now
3252s [Music]
3254s okay so i was kind of wrong so this is
3257s what happens so
3258s um
3260s the current values
3262s one ship after seven minutes will cycle
3265s half of the ships after 14 minutes
3268s 75 of the ships after 28 minutes and all
3272s of the ships after 56 minutes so i was
3275s uh
3276s sort of close so all of them do cycle
3278s over in about an hour you know the 60
3280s minutes work
3282s but yeah one ship will transfer after
3283s seven minutes now uh sometimes that can
3287s be insanely annoying because you're like
3289s you got your eye on a certain ship
3290s you're like oh man i totally want this
3292s ship and then you fly out 10 minutes
3294s later you come back i'm gonna buy it and
3296s it's the one that's cycled and you want
3298s to punch someone at rockfish games who
3301s designed this who in their right mind
3304s would go this direction that's
3305s nonsensical you're destroying my
3307s immersion and uh desire to participate
3311s whatever i don't know what's your excuse
3313s um
3314s we don't want that to happen either
3318s we don't we don't want that
3321s to happen either so um hopefully you're
3323s picking up from that front that there's
3325s probably going to be a unique change in
3327s the future to where if you like a
3329s particular ship that there may or may
3331s not be a way uh to do something about
3334s that i didn't say a word
3337s andy
3340s uh you know just uh i just just wanted
3342s to toss that out there you know
3345s he's pointing it out
3347s all right
3348s let's take our little scout oh i like
3350s this i like this guy
3356s oh
3358s oh oh gosh i know that we've heard this
3361s one before
3363s oh hang on a second let's just let's
3365s listen to that beautiful oh my goodness
3368s are you ready for this let's listen to
3369s that
3377s oh yeah that
3379s that is satisfying all right okay all
3382s right
3384s anyway
3387s so now
3390s let's go punch some faces in the kite
3392s nebula yeah
3395s i also check a couple other things
3397s expertise
3399s we're actually going to dump our
3400s resistance and we're going to go to
3401s precision as much as we can um
3406s [Music]
3408s this is not going to be as beneficial as
3410s other tools in our repertoire so we want
3412s to do
3413s i think we want to do corrosion injector
3416s man
3417s [Music]
3420s we could go magnetic repulsor to keep
3423s foes at range actually i kind of like
3425s that idea
3426s so what we're going to do is we're going
3427s to reset this oh we need memory
3429s recalibrators hang on a second
3431s look at us doing all these things that
3433s were not uh possible to do before for
3435s like a really long time
3438s one two
3440s three
3441s four
3443s jeez i thought we were gonna have it to
3444s where when you select it you can select
3446s multiples if you want uh regardless all
3449s right
3449s um all right so we are going to remove
3452s the benefits of the corrosion injector
3456s reset like so
3458s then we are going to swap in uh the
3461s magnetic repulsor and we're going to
3463s upgrade this all the way
3469s all right
3470s excellent and i
3473s think pushing targets to drop energy
3475s orbs is going to be our best bet on this
3478s front
3480s that way when they are getting too close
3482s we push them away we pick up the energy
3485s and zip out of there
3487s also not sure about kunai we don't want
3489s to pull people in so we're going to add
3491s uh additional range because you know
3492s we're this is a ranged build right
3495s so additional range
3497s um
3502s [Music]
3504s this is gonna be kind of our get out of
3505s jail
3506s free card so we're gonna keep that on
3508s restoring shields so we'll pop that and
3510s then just boost out of there yeah i'm
3512s i'm liking this setup i think this is a
3514s pretty good setup we got this peacemaker
3516s and not not too keen about this
3521s damage booster for the maximum uh
3524s absurdities
3526s [Music]
3528s well i have to keep that i think this is
3529s this will be okay this will be okay for
3531s now lots of adjustments
3533s as you can see just uh just to tweak and
3535s modify i i want to do some crazy damage
3537s here
3539s but i think this will end up working uh
3541s now guys i am gonna have to take a break
3542s here in just a moment uh so we'll have
3545s we'll try this uh one time with our
3547s build
3549s we'll see how things go against this
3552s particular uh high risk area as the
3554s scout
3556s with the range built hopefully take out
3559s all these exploders
3562s [Music]
3564s but yeah then we'll take a quick break
3569s haven't been happier to be a railgun
3571s mane what a way to save time
3574s yeah i know railgun sound effects i
3576s think gabriel has done a pretty
3577s impressive job
3579s and i there there are a few more sound
3581s effects that are in fact in the game i
3583s just don't have i don't have a list uh
3585s hasn't been a priority to gather i'm so
3587s sorry guys uh just has not been a
3589s priority um there's been so many other
3591s moving parts
3593s oh my gosh but i think that you guys are
3595s gonna are gonna really love uh what
3597s drake has to offer
3600s all right so we're gonna do one attempt
3604s then we're gonna go on a quick break
3613s [Music]
3619s a dmz wide ship dealer bulletin board in
3622s regards to like being able to find your
3624s ships and stuff dude uh i love that i
3627s love that idea it sounds uh kind of more
3630s for like a simulation based game uh but
3633s maybe there's something there that our
3635s team can recognize and be like hey you
3636s know what maybe there's something there
3638s we can do
3639s so that's fun
3642s uh any new tracks by dr gabriel that i
3644s can share no not at this time
3646s not
3647s at
3648s this
3649s time
3650s no i cannot
3652s nope
3654s all right let's uh let oh my gosh
3655s they're already this close
3657s what in the world
3659s hang on a second
3662s [Music]
3672s missed
3673s he's getting too close
3682s we're not close enough come on come on i
3684s increased your range there we go all
3686s right
3696s there we go nice nice wonderful distance
3699s from our foes
3701s now we just you know have to hit our
3703s target
3706s man they're so fast
3713s give me that sweet energy
3719s thanks hive
3721s yeah this is actually this will work
3723s this will work
3725s this is a pretty satisfying build
3731s actually wait let's uh
3735s wait
3736s the missile missed
3737s get back over there boy what are you
3739s doing
3741s i will just do that
3768s should be using a controller because
3769s that has a little bit more auto aim oh
3770s man his shields came back that's mean no
3773s no drop the shields
3778s all right hang on a second
3787s man redeemers in their shields
3795s i mean the good news is that i'm
3796s incredibly evasive so they're like
3797s they're not getting a lot of shots on me
3800s this is gonna take a little bit of time
3801s though
3803s it's gonna take a little time and i have
3804s to use the restroom
3808s oh boy
3809s did we plan this out accordingly i don't
3811s know
3823s before he explodes get some distance
3825s good good looks like i've got company
3833s where are my energy hordes at
3841s man i don't know about you guys but like
3843s flying the sky right now i'm i'm getting
3845s some aerospace one vibes honestly
3848s feels pretty good oh my gosh
3853s that was painful
3858s oh there we go
3860s oh gosh we gotta get out of here
3874s ah
3876s get rid of your shield
3878s good
3888s all right shields are down
3890s nice
3899s that's what we like to see
3905s too many need shields good good yeah
3908s it's coming together all right all right
3920s nice
3926s would help if my aim was a little bit
3928s better
3956s oh come on
3971s oh
3991s oh
3994s i really wouldn't need that shadow
3995s strike hasn't even been fully charged
3997s yet
4000s all right let's see if we can maybe get
4002s it oh there it there it is asking you
4004s shot received
4007s all right where's a where's a tricky one
4016s come on
4028s a little unfortunate but it was a nice
4029s reprieve from all that combat that's for
4031s sure
4033s gets our shield backs
4046s good good
4048s this is absolutely going better than our
4050s attempt with the um
4052s with our poor little vindicator
4055s the drones just didn't really stand a
4056s chance from all the exploding foes
4060s and i say that and i really got to keep
4062s my distance
4063s otherwise uh we're gonna have a really
4065s short trip into this
4081s hold still
4083s much better
4091s all right okay
4098s it also doesn't help that each one of
4099s these guys keeps getting buffed up every
4101s time i get a kill uh that's another one
4103s of the mutators the strength and death
4112s there we
4117s go hope so
4133s really chasing them down oh my gosh you
4135s can tell that my general play style is
4137s getting up close and personal i'm
4139s supposed to be hanging out at like this
4141s full-blown range and every time i'm just
4143s like ah i just want to i just want to
4145s get all up close and blast them
4153s these guys are too far
4158s [Music]
4161s and their shields keep coming back too
4162s that doesn't help
4166s all right
4170s [Music]
4183s goodness gravy
4184s maybe what i need to do is swap to an
4186s annihilator virus
4194s um
4196s yeah
4197s this would be much better
4200s unfortunately that does mean we need to
4202s pull
4203s more of our stuff from something else
4205s actually energize boost no we'll die
4208s from the explosion so that would be
4209s terrible uh
4211s good thing that we haven't done this yet
4213s otherwise this this stream would be a
4215s pretty uh interesting huh
4218s let's see where's my uh
4222s what's it called thought i need
4226s memory recalibrator that's it let's get
4228s four more
4234s man
4236s imagine being prepared
4238s for the combat sequence that you're
4239s about to go into right
4241s uh let's see let's take it off of
4245s i really want to keep it on the fusion
4246s hook so we'll take it out from let's do
4249s the nano transmitter
4251s we'll take it off this
4254s and that way we can boost the
4255s annihilator virus as far forward as
4257s possible
4264s and we're just going to try and maximize
4266s damage on this
4269s as much as we possibly can
4277s oh yeah
4278s that seems to be a heck of a lot more
4281s and you know what this is also a really
4282s good time to mention we actually nerfed
4286s uh
4288s we actually nerfed the annihilator virus
4291s um not even joking that was one of our
4293s device changes recently
4295s and i don't think this is live yet this
4297s is something that we are doing
4298s internally we're testing it we feel the
4300s annihilator virus is actually just
4302s really stinking good
4313s it looks like we're promised again it is
4316s so powerful guys
4318s i mean look at that two uses of it and
4320s we've cleared
4321s we've cleared the conditions for the
4323s boss to spawn
4326s now granted we we do have a bit in
4328s utility all right there we have a bit
4329s going on there which is maximizing that
4332s front but still
4337s it's a second nerf uh yeah like
4340s there's been a couple of of uh devices
4343s that have received several nerfs
4346s through the course of the
4348s lifespan agrispace 2 goodness gravy i
4350s love that sound so much let's try ann
4356s get a little bit of a combination thing
4358s going on here
4368s i know i need to be at more range i know
4369s somebody's probably thinking it
4375s well we'll kind of do this to stay at a
4377s decent range i don't he hasn't fired at
4379s us yet
4382s easy win
4385s oh yeah the infection limit was added
4388s because that was just
4389s yeah that one was way too powerful
4400s yeah we did have to change that that's
4402s for sure
4408s all right
4409s we completed it
4411s a little bit cheesier than i uh
4414s had imagined it to be but you know what
4415s we'll take it a win's a win right
4418s now
4419s seriously though
4420s keep in mind uh that whenever we are you
4423s know
4424s evaluating the nature of the game space
4427s and where we want to move forward with
4428s it you know we're creating these tools
4430s that give you more flexibility for
4433s preparedness and also some that allow
4435s you to like change up your formula a
4438s little bit more on the fly so like our
4439s armor here for example we can swap
4441s plating we still have the same valve
4443s like a percentage of armor but we have
4445s new benefits based on what we're
4446s utilizing right
4448s so little things like that we want there
4450s to be a convenience factor for being in
4453s the fray but we also want there to be
4455s incentives for preparing before you
4457s engage and so even though i was
4460s absolutely crafting in the middle of
4462s that combat and uh like it helped me out
4466s on that front that is not the way that
4468s it's really intended to do i did that
4470s mainly because i didn't want to die
4471s again during the live stream
4472s um but uh in short there will be a lock
4477s that doesn't allow you to do any sort of
4479s crafting whatsoever
4481s once you enter combat now that doesn't
4483s mean you can't craft a bunch of
4485s different consumables and then during
4487s the middle of combat you hot swap them
4489s in just remember you have that 20 second
4491s timer right
4492s so you'll still have ramifications for
4495s it on some level but you could have a
4498s large amount of preparedness within a
4500s decent sized cargo
4503s cargo space is actually relevant here
4506s it is actually relevant here so just
4508s keep that in mind
4511s now
4511s i have to go use the bathroom
4514s so um i'm gonna i'm gonna take a quick
4517s break
4518s oh i need to leave here to save
4520s it's gravy oh my gosh
4529s it's nuts okay uh let's go back to
4532s uh the ancients no no not an ancient
4534s little free bioplant
4537s get our jam tunes on
4549s have you ever added uh considered adding
4551s a simple ui button to the ship dealers
4553s that refreshes their inventory of ships
4554s yeah we have considered that
4556s yeah no we have a solution for ship
4559s dealer stuff you guys don't need to come
4561s up with ideas and be like oh have you
4562s considered this have you considered that
4564s no we got it we we it's just got to be
4566s implemented it's just got to be
4567s implemented i'm going to go park at the
4569s bree bile plant because i feel like it's
4572s appropriate for having to use the
4573s bathroom
4578s oh my humor is dumb sometimes anyway
4583s all right guys
4586s goodness gravy i'm gonna save
4591s and uh we're just gonna we're gonna kill
4593s the game so we can go to the wait screen
4594s uh and i'll load it back up when i'm
4595s back so uh like five minutes uh if that
4598s i'll see you guys in just a moment
4629s [Music]
4648s [Music]
4674s i was rather fast
4679s i guess you could say that i'm eager to
4681s be back
4683s uh guys there i got a secret
4688s i got a secret i hope you're all back
4699s [Applause]
4731s all right we're back ladies and
4733s gentlemen welcome welcome for that quick
4735s little intermission hope uh hope you're
4737s all well and fine and dandy we're gonna
4738s just pull up our game
4740s right back up
4745s excellent
4746s oh
4749s feels good
4757s another time
4759s uh yeah sure we could we could talk
4760s about like the crafting some more uh
4762s about the consumables and stuff is that
4764s what you're talking about yeah we
4765s covered a number of things already
4766s earlier in the stream um we can kind of
4769s review some of it
4771s so we have the uh you know
4774s all the craftables are now um you know
4777s plugged in here
4778s and that we've got the we've got some of
4780s these details
4783s no the trailer again
4784s come on the joke was that
4788s yes okay okay i'll show the trailer
4790s again
4791s in a little bit oh my goodness but i
4793s hope you guys are excited i mean we've
4795s we've been very hard at work you could
4796s probably tell from even that short
4798s snippet of an experience there was a
4800s mere 29 seconds that you just
4803s experienced uh at how hard at work we
4806s are on some new stuff that you will be
4808s engaged with um and just like i said in
4811s the discord some of the content is
4812s rather chilling
4814s ah
4815s cause puns are fun
4817s so uh yeah
4820s yeah absolutely so don't worry we will
4822s we will absolutely uh dive into the
4824s trailer uh at least one more time
4826s probably a couple because i love you
4827s guys
4828s that's just that's just what i do um but
4831s there are a couple of other things that
4832s i wanted to talk about uh as well
4835s so uh one of those things
4839s uh
4857s so okay so balancing on device fronts we
4860s had
4862s a number of
4864s uh
4865s little tweaks that we made across the
4867s board
4868s uh some of these i believe are
4870s implemented and some might not be um so
4873s we'll just i'll just point to them and
4875s talk about them
4878s so for the uh
4880s quantum tether oh no that's the alt
4882s isn't it
4886s where are we talking about the quantum
4887s entangler uh the duration was reduced
4891s okay so i think that is this i think
4892s that is correct on this one uh the
4894s duration of this was reduced any damage
4896s done to the user will also be applied to
4897s the target
4898s um
4899s i believe it was originally 20 seconds i
4902s i say that and i'm looking straight at
4903s it it was originally 20 seconds it was
4905s reduced to 16. i can't quite see it
4907s because i haven't leveled it all the way
4908s up it's 14 at default and then when you
4910s level it up i believe it gets to 16
4912s seconds now
4914s um we ended up buffing i think actually
4917s we've shown this uh but the prime zapper
4919s and equalizer were more separated coil
4921s guns now uh so
4923s uh they're more distinct from one
4925s another they're not super similar like
4926s they were they were so similar except
4928s from like some very minor numbers uh and
4931s we decided to change that
4933s so they're more unique from one another
4934s then we also increased the corrosion
4937s injector
4938s uh damage so that's a single target
4941s strike uh the damage has gone up
4945s and this is probably what i actually
4946s should have used in that last combat
4948s because uh you can chain it together
4951s like if the opponent dies from this then
4953s you can use it again using one of the
4955s modes that it has it's kind of a nice
4957s combination i feel like so you're always
4959s basically affecting targeting you down
4961s one opponent
4963s um and then we also had
4964s the emp generator where are you at where
4967s are you oh at the very top um the shield
4970s surge mode uh the recharge amount from
4973s this was actually increased
4975s as well
4976s because it wasn't getting uh wasn't
4978s getting a lot of use both from you guys
4980s out there we watch your streams we
4982s see what you're up to we see your
4983s screenshots and your builds and stuff
4985s like that and the information you share
4987s with us thank you for that by the way
4988s you help us
4990s balance this whole product out a little
4992s bit further to make meaningful decisions
4994s that's a good thing uh and so yeah
4995s shield surge received a buff on that
4997s front
5000s and uh it's that's been nice that's been
5002s nice
5003s so um then i also have a number of other
5005s things that i just want to kind of talk
5008s about with you all because they're up
5010s and coming cool things
5012s there's up and coming cool things and um
5016s you know we're here to have a
5017s conversation
5019s so uh a couple of these things you guys
5022s already know from our descriptions for
5024s the uh summer update right
5026s you already know um some of those things
5029s for example let me just pull up the
5031s frequently asked questions right now you
5033s know that there's gonna be a new system
5034s drake duh you know there's gonna be new
5036s enemy factions we've shown the concept
5038s art for the phantom retaliators the
5040s coalition
5041s and the zurillia
5044s we have also talked about
5046s new activities many missions and
5048s challenges to appear i've shown you
5050s various challenges in fact i can kind of
5052s show that again here we are
5055s so like we have outlaw hunt two advanced
5056s combat there's one missing from the
5058s screen uh basically one of these is not
5060s gonna be you have to destroy an enemy
5062s with three debuffs on it um
5065s then you know we've got uh daredevil
5068s that's been added in here too it's
5069s completing high risk areas in certain
5071s ways descriptions are still going to be
5073s updated you don't care about that but
5074s regardless that's all going on this
5076s locked one is probably a drake explorer
5079s is my guess
5081s but there's also more beyond just this
5084s we're working hard on those we want to
5085s make some interesting options and for
5087s anybody who's missed that front just as
5089s a reminder we want
5091s these challenges to serve as a slight
5094s boon if you go out and do them you don't
5096s have to
5098s you don't have to complete them but if
5099s you do you gain some inherent benefit
5102s for the rest of the game so in outlaw
5105s hunt one it makes it to where uh the you
5108s get a 10 discount on all equipment items
5110s at the flying duchess for example right
5113s just really really simple bonus
5116s um a la hunt 2 outlaw ravagers have a
5118s greatly increased chance to drop higher
5120s grade items so that's prototype and
5121s star-forged so ravagers are a little bit
5124s more rare of an enemy when you find them
5126s and you've got outlaw hunt 2 completed
5129s they're going to be more opportunistic
5131s regarding items
5133s advanced combat first entering a
5135s location gain 50 increased damage for 10
5137s seconds etc etc etc so if you go out of
5140s your way to accomplish these tasks some
5142s of which aren't terribly hard to do
5144s but progressively get harder the more
5146s you unlock
5147s uh you're gonna get some sort of you
5149s know
5150s benefit cool
5152s the explorers are mostly gonna just be
5154s you know you can travel through that
5156s area faster that's kind of what we we
5158s kind of like that design so we're
5159s probably gonna stick to that so okay
5162s um otherwise we got a couple other
5164s little uh things to talk about still
5167s just a lot of you know features a lot of
5169s like tweaks that we've noticed that
5171s needed to be revisited
5174s um and also i i like this color scheme i
5178s kind of want to choose that again
5181s we're just gonna apply oops wrong one
5184s there we go
5187s just look at my scout in the hangar
5188s while we're talking um so you guys also
5191s know that from the frequently asked
5193s questions that there's gonna be increase
5195s in the level player
5197s the player level cap is going to be
5199s raised uh crafting improvements and
5201s additions we've been showing those off
5202s it's been really nice higher scary
5204s mutators we've been showing those off
5205s there's going to be a new companion
5208s too right so you guys uh if you didn't
5211s know that there's going to be another
5212s person that you meet who's going to need
5214s to
5215s find a space to live or something along
5217s those lines that helps you out with his
5220s uh or her
5222s benefits or it's it
5226s who knows
5228s alien species man let me tell you what
5230s um
5232s but uh yeah
5233s uh in addition to that i keep saying in
5235s addition to there's a lot of stuff here
5236s there's a lot of stuff here but just
5237s kind of covering a couple other things
5239s little tweaks and adjustments like
5241s fixing how these challenges come
5242s together um spatial biplas we already
5245s talked about that like on the map
5247s whenever you're looking at the spatial
5248s bypass
5249s locations
5250s uh for here we go fast travel when
5253s you're all the way zoomed out we wanted
5254s to fix that so now you can actually see
5256s them
5260s consumable rarities
5263s i feel like that's pretty well
5265s understood at this point
5268s um
5269s there's gonna be sound effects for
5272s these newly added consumables too so
5274s each one should have like a special sort
5276s of jingle or sound or tune uh with maybe
5279s a visual effect to boot so you have a
5282s strong understanding of what's just
5283s happened
5285s and obviously these graphics will be
5287s updated as well uh i'm really just kind
5290s of run through a list here because
5291s there's there's a bit of stuff and i
5292s just want you guys to be aware of this
5293s so you kind of can temper those
5295s expectations out there
5297s uh we also have new sound effects of
5299s course for secondaries
5301s that railgun oh my gosh
5303s i really i really do enjoy that really
5305s good sound
5306s um we also created shortcuts uh shortcut
5309s buttons to just get straight to certain
5312s menus
5313s and i don't know which ones go to which
5315s ones and there are certain menus that i
5317s can't show you so i'm scared to push
5318s them but basically for keyboard users
5320s you can assign those uh shoot maybe
5322s they're maybe they're in the
5326s in the uh input options uh customize
5329s control
5331s let's see if i can find them
5332s hopefully yes no
5335s maybe oh yeah so here we go so the space
5338s and menus all this has been getting
5339s updated
5341s so
5341s crafting data inventory map missions
5343s perkship
5346s push of a button you can assign those
5348s buttons for ease of navigation for all
5350s of your pc gaming needs from the con the
5353s keyboard
5356s i think that's kind of been a popular
5358s request too like you all just want
5360s unlimited key bindings and you know what
5363s i'm not gonna deny that i don't want
5365s that
5366s uh uh so
5371s did i say that correctly
5373s whatever i i want that too i think that
5375s would be nice so there you go we're also
5377s jumping in on that front
5379s um we've got a couple new indicators for
5381s devices uh that are still getting
5383s plugged in
5384s as well as uh being able to craft the
5387s missing components for consumables as
5389s well of course
5390s uh to track and craft those uh and then
5394s yeah a couple a couple other like
5396s optimization changes so i kind of been
5398s going back and forth through the
5399s crafting tab a bit and i don't know how
5401s many of you guys have experienced it in
5402s game but when you pull up the crafting
5403s tab sometimes it chugs
5406s sometimes it seriously chugs in the
5409s current version that's live um and we've
5412s updated that
5413s we've updated that so basically the the
5416s caching system uh has been adjusted to
5419s where you know as i'm going back and
5420s forth through these tabs like look at
5422s that it's just it's
5423s it's there it's not having to wait
5425s around
5426s so little little things like that but
5428s there's a lot more than that because
5430s obviously you saw that trailer you saw
5433s that trailer you know that there's more
5434s stuff coming there's uh you know some
5436s type of
5437s freeze effect
5440s there's new new
5441s new things
5443s oh my gosh there's
5445s there's more
5446s there's more to find out about
5450s uh and we will we will in time
5453s we will in time
5455s so uh but those those all the big things
5458s i just listed those are the big things
5460s that i think um have either been from
5462s community requests that we just haven't
5464s uh communicated yet to you fully um but
5468s just we feel
5470s our necessary improvements uh to the
5472s game you know regarding the balance the
5474s features
5475s we are listening to a lot of what you
5476s have to say and it's so pleasant to jump
5480s into the forums and like just
5482s experience what you guys are
5485s you know feeling
5487s in order to come down there come down
5489s there where are you going
5490s where you are where's that turret
5493s and just know that we are either going
5495s in the right direction for what you guys
5496s want or uh we're just like straight on
5499s the same sentence of the same paragraph
5502s of the same page um so there's a lot of
5504s satisfaction there um things are coming
5507s together really really well and it's a
5510s big thanks to you guys out there for a
5512s lot of your feedback a lot of your
5513s support your suggestions uh keep it
5515s coming
5516s also do keep in mind you know i say that
5518s with a bit of a grain of salt because
5521s the game should be releasing in you know
5523s uh close-ish to half a year at this
5526s point
5527s happy here so if you have like this huge
5530s feature idea change to like the
5532s foundation of everspace too i'm just
5534s straight up telling you it ain't gonna
5536s happen like be mindful of that uh the
5539s big thing's gonna be kind of like your
5541s play testing if you will okay calm down
5544s there um
5545s when you are playing the game and you
5547s experience things that just need a
5549s little bit of tweaks or balance or
5550s adjustments or stuff like that and you
5552s think that you have an idea that could
5553s curb that those are the types of things
5555s that we'd love to hear from you about so
5557s again keep it coming you guys seriously
5558s are awesome and uh everybody at rockford
5561s games thanks you for your dedication to
5563s the cause
5564s to express these thoughts so we can
5567s truly make everspace 2 the best it can
5569s possibly be it's really awesome
5571s really awesome
5573s okay enough about all this rambling we
5576s talked a lot now it's time to get back
5578s to the game
5580s yeah yeah
5582s that's what we're gonna do
5584s so do we have
5587s another signal we don't i'm just going
5588s to dismantle this and this
5591s put our stickies
5592s who want our stickies
5595s and we'll keep flying our scout around i
5597s like this guy it's fun
5600s oh hello
5614s oh new more range
5621s oh yeah alec
5625s what a buddy now where was that auto
5628s firing
5629s goodness
5646s take care alec
5648s thanks for your help
5651s what a punk
5653s there we go
5657s it's a nice little scenic opportunity of
5659s explosions in front of the sun every day
5662s neat all right
5664s oh wait goodies don't forget the goodies
5678s [Music]
5685s get around to his backside
5688s there we go
5691s oh a cloak field generator that feels
5693s appropriate for the scout
5696s and a coil gun
5699s i think this sound got adjusted didn't
5701s it
5704s yeah i think you've heard that one
5705s though
5708s but just in case you have it
5711s because i love letting you guys listen
5712s to all the little nuances and
5713s adjustments and tweaks and additions
5723s there you go
5725s cool
5726s putting our railgun back on and getting
5728s our music back up
5733s excellent
5753s okay we need to go down here
5755s we need to warp
5758s there we go
5769s so we can kind of go wherever we want
5771s except not drake
5772s come on guys
5775s um but
5777s man those redeemers they're seriously
5779s punks let's go to zarkov for a little
5780s bit that's always fun
5783s let's go to zarkov
5792s is everspace 2 staying on game pass
5795s after 1.0 just wondering um yes
5801s special bypass tech for the win
5803s i am awaiting the next impending
5805s malfunction so i can finally say
5808s i told you so i'm trying to
5810s i'm legitimately trying to uh recall a
5813s game that like through an early access
5815s period was on game pass and then at
5817s launch it was removed and i'm i'm not
5820s thinking of any
5822s [Music]
5824s um if that's actually a thing like if
5826s games get removed off of game pass like
5828s at release uh just know that is not the
5831s plan
5832s for everspace too
5838s ancient's coming at me
5840s you have the option to gain distance i'm
5842s gonna collect all this stuff over here
5843s because i like collecting things and
5845s then we are going to uh
5848s peruse some locations i think
5852s don't hit
5853s that there we go much better
5860s wonderful
5861s all right
5862s ah elites
5865s we do want to take out some elites
5866s because we want to find a signal decoder
5878s ocar prime all right we'll take it
5883s this seems kind of dangerous
5888s all right cool
5898s see if he gives us the goods why am i
5900s doing that i need to just snipe him
5905s that corrosion is going to do the job
5907s for me look at that
5911s all right
5913s well no more elites here so we're gonna
5914s go look around a little bit more
5917s last try oh shoot am i missing a
5919s question my apologies yeah there was a
5921s lot that i was talking about so anybody
5922s if i if you asked a question and i
5924s missed it uh it's not because i don't
5926s love you it's not because i'm ignoring
5928s you it's actually because i was just
5931s talking about a lot of stuff so
5933s if
5934s if you would like to softly ask the
5936s question again that's totally fine so uh
5938s tetzen asks
5940s early access was delayed to give
5942s cyberpunk 2077's arrival a wide berth
5944s might bethesda's starfield new release
5946s date first half of 2023 i think affects
5948s the 1.0 release date we're not really
5950s concerned um i mean uh like starfield
5954s yeah it looks great don't get us wrong
5955s like it's it's wonderful and fantastic
5958s and sci-fi enthusiasts are gonna love it
5959s uh but it's a different game
5961s these are these are two different games
5963s um and you know if people really want
5966s that more like um
5968s no man's skyrim you know go for it
5970s that's great that's not an insult
5973s i'm using that as a compliment by the
5975s way i think bethesda does really good
5976s work on that front
5978s more power to him awesome but their game
5981s our game again not the same so
5983s yeah we're not worried about it we're
5985s not worried about it no we've we've
5986s adjusted our deadlines in the past
5989s accordingly to our development cycle and
5991s maybe a little bit for marketing
5993s purposes but uh
5994s i don't think that's gonna happen again
5998s i don't think so
6008s why can't we go to drake uh because
6010s right now they're just uh
6016s because
6018s because i'd be spoiling everything
6022s was that not clear
6026s oh goodness all right
6041s um
6043s i do like this side i think it's pretty
6045s but let's go to
6050s let's go to the uh outlaw stronghold
6054s maybe we can find that little drone
6056s carrier the little drone guy
6065s distress call
6066s we could use some monies
6070s uh michael also responded to the
6072s question directly i want to read this
6073s out loud um sorry about the delay of
6076s this but i just want to read it so
6078s michael specifically says we're pretty
6079s confident we'll hit the 1.0 release
6081s before any other major space game that
6083s is currently in development so
6089s just uh just a little bit more infos for
6091s you
6106s look at me getting all up close and
6108s personal in this combat ooh demolisher
6110s these guys like to stay arranged
6112s and i am happy to oblige
6116s probably should get the other guys off
6118s of me for stuff
6129s uh where is that uh where's that bomber
6133s destroyer
6135s destroyer
6137s ah demolisher
6139s words are important
6146s demolish or demolish
6156s we ran out of juice
6157s oh you know something else that we fixed
6160s i should have highlighted it there shoot
6162s um so something else that we actually
6163s fixed
6165s i think it was marco
6166s who uh figured out a way to make it to
6169s where whenever you're cloaked in the
6170s scout or you know uh in any ship
6175s now whenever you are cloaked and you
6178s fire
6178s what it does is it gives away your
6180s position but
6182s the opponents do not lock on to you
6185s so enemies will start firing at the
6187s point of which you fired from
6191s but their shots won't be locked so if
6193s you stay in the same area as you're
6195s shooting from cloak you'll get hit
6198s but if you shoot and then you keep
6199s moving around and you're still cloaked
6200s you can actually shoot again
6202s uh like without being like targeted
6205s throughout that process
6208s it's just a cool little
6210s little adjustment that he made on that
6211s front which i think is nice
6216s thanks a lot you're welcome
6219s let's go see if we can find anything in
6221s this uh junk keep over here
6225s 2023 is looking to be an interesting
6227s year for space games yes
6229s i know one in particular that i'm
6230s excited about
6239s all right um let's answer a couple more
6241s questions since i don't want you guys to
6243s think that i am avoiding them because
6245s i'm not
6248s so we have
6250s will with consumables being craftable
6251s now can you dismantle them for resources
6253s no that is not something we wanted to do
6256s no
6257s we want craftables to basically um be
6261s crafted if you need them but otherwise
6264s you destroy them if you take them apart
6266s if we wanted to get into some sort of
6268s techie orbit thing maybe it's like you
6270s know you put it together and then like
6271s taking it apart it's just it's too
6273s it's too temperamental it's it's
6275s whatever uh and it just busts upon that
6278s uh it's gamification through and through
6280s so you shouldn't be going willy-nilly
6282s with crafting and then you know all that
6285s type of stuff but you know it adds a
6287s level of preparedness
6289s and remember when you're doing uh
6291s consumables they usually require
6293s components as well
6295s and because of that component
6296s requirement uh you know some of these
6299s components are a little bit more hotly
6300s contested to find
6303s uh you know like through the course of
6305s this stream shoot i how many times did i
6308s uh create the freaking memory
6310s recalibrators
6311s i think i've made eight of them
6314s and we're low on plasma now so you'll
6316s want to be mindful of like what you're
6318s crafting and why um and yeah on that
6321s front specifically when it comes to
6325s consumables you cannot scrap them so
6327s great question
6329s great question and this is working as
6330s intended we don't want them to be uh
6332s dismantled
6334s uh let's see what else
6336s mouse and keyboard has no aim assist at
6338s all right i play everspace 2 with xbox
6339s controller i believe that is correct i'd
6342s have to double check with andy but the
6343s last time i spoke with him i believe the
6345s mouse does not have any aim assist
6347s whatsoever uh granted i could swap over
6349s to control or like write the heck now
6351s just like that um and suddenly get aim
6354s assist maybe i should have did that in
6355s my scout
6357s regardless
6359s yes that's how that works
6361s uh weapon sounds are these for higher
6362s levels only
6364s i like that question a lot uh in short
6366s weapon sounds
6368s like
6369s weapon colors can be completely random
6371s um so there could be some territory that
6375s you could just find weapons that you
6376s think sounds cool and it's not
6378s necessarily associated with tier or not
6380s we are
6381s looking into how that operates a little
6384s bit further
6385s because i think internally we're also
6387s thinking that there could be maybe like
6389s unique sounds for lower tiers that are
6391s just randomized and then unique sounds
6393s for higher tiers that are you know
6394s randomized but but uh like i said uh
6397s that may or may not reach true fruition
6401s it's not a priority
6403s for our uh sounds
6406s to get that level of of polish and
6409s detail at this time you can just see you
6412s know from the
6414s the demonstration of you know going in
6416s and showing you these weapons that we
6418s want there to be more weapon sounds
6420s right especially since you know there's
6422s a pretty strong pool of weapons
6425s there's pretty strong pool weapons and
6427s so weapon sounds are going to be
6428s important to you know
6430s and all the variants of these as well
6432s and possibly more coming i don't know uh
6435s we want there to be a lot and we want
6436s that to shape and change your style even
6439s you want
6440s a sound of a weapon that's like is cool
6443s to you
6444s you know maybe there's going to be some
6446s aspect of that that uh is in the
6447s randomization pool and maybe even
6450s something that could be uh uh adjusted
6453s uh or or modified to your liking in the
6455s future i don't know
6457s just an idea
6458s can't can't guarantee anything uh on
6461s that front i want to be clear on that
6462s i'm teasing a little bit but i i
6464s sincerely can't guarantee anything
6465s upfront so
6466s um let's see a couple more questions and
6469s then we will play that sweet trailer
6471s again yeah
6474s yeah okay so let's answer a couple more
6475s questions
6485s uh will you be able to record everspace
6487s 2 gameplay because you can't do that on
6489s everspace one
6493s i'm confused by the question i have
6495s definitely recorded and posted everspace
6498s 1 gameplay
6499s a lot on my youtube channel before i was
6502s officially working for rockford's games
6507s so i'm i'm curious what's going on with
6509s that if you have a technical issue uh
6512s yilia
6513s i would strongly suggest you head on
6515s over to the forums and post what's going
6518s on maybe somebody can't help you out in
6520s the community that sounds very
6522s interesting
6535s or maybe i'm not understanding it
6536s because michael just responded and said
6538s that's a feature being high on our list
6540s but it's tricky while also not the most
6542s important on uh one gameplay wise so
6544s changes are low okay so uh i digress
6548s i digress
6551s uh anyway so
6553s flying laser pods as secondaries look
6555s look i am
6556s okay
6558s if you guys have ideas for like what you
6560s want to see as weaponry and stuff that
6562s that kind of that's kind of past at this
6563s point uh
6565s just letting you know like we have a
6567s number of ideas that we are going to
6569s bring to fruition some of which may uh
6571s feel familiar
6573s and uh you know there's
6575s there's just it's it's gonna be fun it's
6577s gonna be nice uh to get to that point in
6579s the future we just have to get
6581s there and uh i think you'll i think
6584s you'll like what we're cooking up
6590s um
6591s okay i like this statement regarding uh
6594s larger ships in the railgun uh so the
6596s railgun and its auto aim
6598s has a weird aim assist where it hits
6601s nearby ships instead of larger targets
6604s uh even though you're aiming um on the
6607s gamepad yeah so this is something that
6609s we've actually been talking about
6610s internally as well to try and adjust
6614s the aim assist and like how it like
6617s clicks over if you will
6619s um so that you have a good experience on
6622s the gamepad
6624s and the game's being intuitive and how
6626s it's approaching
6627s what you're trying to shoot at
6629s so more adjustments on that front in the
6632s future that is something that we are
6634s still sort of addressing
6638s it's something we're still addressing
6642s why can you not upgrade weapons you
6644s craft yourself uh
6646s simply put
6647s because
6648s if you could upgrade weapons that you
6651s craft yourself then that would make
6652s crafting at unique rarities really weird
6657s if you want a superior craft is superior
6660s if you want a superior new crop to
6661s common that didn't upgrade it one two
6663s three times to like get around the fact
6665s that you don't have a blueprint and
6666s that's getting around the fact that you
6668s don't have the blueprint we don't like
6669s that so
6670s if you want to craft at that tier you
6672s need to find the blueprint to be able to
6673s craft at that tier that's that's the
6676s that's the short
6680s let's see any more did i miss any any
6682s other questions
6684s desired commodities resources etc easier
6686s retro not case ass like dedicated mining
6689s areas uh yeah absolutely there's there's
6691s been a lot on that front um i think it's
6693s actually uh yeah it's like right here
6696s you know you go to your mining map you
6697s can say i'm looking for iron
6700s you pop this open it tells you like
6701s there's medium accounts of iron in these
6703s locations
6706s or there's high amounts in the gmb
6707s mining fields and neptune's planes so
6709s we'd probably want to go back over there
6710s for that uh yeah lots of stuff like that
6713s to enable crafting even more so if
6715s you're looking for
6716s specific things to craft like say i
6718s don't know um
6722s whatever i need something that i don't
6723s have oh here we go so we can track the
6725s missing resources right where the plasma
6726s is now highlighted yellow so we know
6728s that when we find plasma uh we can pick
6730s it up more readily available since it'll
6732s be highlighted in yellow um little
6734s features like that there's a lot
6736s there's a lot that's been done on this
6738s front we've talked about it a bit
6739s already
6740s but yeah lots lots of stuff
6743s dedicated mining areas i think is a good
6745s way of describing it
6747s um
6749s and maybe like one more question and
6750s then we're gonna watch that trailer
6752s again
6759s the gravity effects going to be like on
6761s these new planets since gravity seems
6763s mostly like space low gravity on current
6765s planets um so i do want to i want to
6767s temper expectations on this front so i
6769s think that
6771s i i've seen a number of
6773s thoughts ideas suggestions surrounding
6776s how like when you are in space versus
6778s you're on a planet that the gravity
6780s should affect you differently right
6782s in a realistic world you're absolutely
6786s right it should
6788s it absolutely should but there are also
6790s degrees of gamification that we apply to
6792s the game space that the player doesn't
6794s have to challenge themselves with unique
6796s styles of uh experiences that we don't
6799s simply desire so i'm not saying that we
6802s are doing it right i'm also not saying
6804s we're doing it wrong i'm saying we're
6805s doing it the way that we're doing it
6807s because it's the way we want to do it
6809s and as such when you are in space versus
6811s when you are on a planet uh gravity does
6814s not impose itself upon the player it
6817s will impact certain items uh like
6819s physical items that can fall
6823s but i don't think that's even something
6824s we want to make different between
6826s planets because that's another level of
6829s memorization that you would have to do
6830s as a player that it gets weird
6832s it's just a lot of stuff that we don't
6834s necessarily feel is necessary
6839s so yeah
6841s uh and then we'll like just to cut like
6843s oh my gosh i see more questions why
6845s don't we get back to this trailer oh
6846s goodness here let me find a let me find
6848s a stopping point
6850s to um rest our weary head
6853s there we go gas field
6858s any info yet on being able to retrieve
6860s items from home-based storage while in
6861s another system not yet
6864s not yet
6865s not yet
6868s where can i read more about the game end
6869s game ideas ship development only played
6871s everspace one a bit you can find a lot
6873s of information over on the discord
6874s actually uh we talk about that a lot
6877s there's also a kickstarter page for
6879s everspace too was kickstarted and it has
6881s a lot of updates through that but i
6883s think the best spot straight up is going
6886s to be the steam page you go to steam
6887s page you follow it or wishlist it
6890s you're going to be able to see
6893s immediately like any updates and
6895s features and improvements and highlights
6897s and all that type of stuff we also have
6898s a youtube channel where we've covered a
6900s lot of things as well uh my goodness and
6902s then of course these friday streams i'm
6904s just constantly cracking into new things
6906s and highlighting stuff and answering
6907s questions
6909s uh you could probably tell
6911s so uh yeah
6916s so this is the part where uh we go back
6918s to the trailer cause it's super cool
6921s right
6921s so let's do that uh oh yeah there we go
6924s so yeah and nice nice little imagery
6926s here we see that drake gang wars
6928s arriving soon
6931s arriving soon early access update number
6934s five and as many of our veteran pilots
6936s know when we say
6939s update we're not talking some minor
6941s little adjustment there's a lot of stuff
6943s we've been talking about across uh the
6946s last couple months uh it's all gonna be
6949s in here it's gonna be it's gonna make a
6951s pretty big impact we feel like so
6953s uh yeah we're looking forward to that
6956s all right let's play this again here we
6958s go
6960s [Applause]
6979s so
6989s oh my gosh guys it hypes me up
6993s it hypes me up oh there's so much juicy
6996s content in that
6998s oh goodness so hey um just because we
7000s just talked about it i also want to make
7002s sure that you guys do know look at all
7004s these places that you can't go for more
7005s information i really would recommend
7007s though that the best way to get the
7010s details regarding everspace 2 are going
7012s to be through
7014s um these live streams every friday where
7016s i literally talk to you guys about
7018s upcoming updates and features and
7021s highlight little teases like this sweet
7023s freaking trailer and then also you know
7026s the steam store page in particular
7029s you go over there you wish list us
7032s that's going to put you directly into
7033s the feed of everspace 2 so anytime
7036s there's updates uh you're going we're
7038s going to drop the news bucket over on
7041s that front you're going to be able to
7042s see anything and everything related to
7044s development and there's a lot of stuff
7047s that we have covered so uh those are
7050s gonna be the two big things so being
7051s here present in the streams asking
7054s questions and just being a general
7056s baller like that's that's honestly how
7058s to do it
7059s so very very good stuff
7062s uh also just random throwback you guys
7064s remember those vlogs like
7067s 50 years ago actually it's 75 years ago
7071s ah amazing super impressive uh yeah
7075s seriously you should check those out
7076s just to see how far we've come and see
7078s what's been realized
7080s oh my gosh it's a lot of fun those vlogs
7081s can be found on youtube
7084s uh and we are not making more vlogs
7086s before anyone i dang it grindel already
7088s ash but we're not making more vlogs
7090s um but yeah you can check those out
7093s uh and just see just really how far
7096s things have progressed
7098s seriously cool uh a lot of fun
7102s and uh yeah
7104s guys that's honestly like the end of the
7106s stream i know that we're done a little
7108s bit short today um that's not that's not
7110s a worry whatsoever we could just like
7112s chill with the jellies and hang out um
7114s i'm totally down for doing that we can
7116s answer some more questions that you have
7118s since i know that you have a lot of them
7120s i mean there's there's a lot of
7121s information that we shared today you
7123s know some of which has been kind of you
7125s know just quality life features
7126s improvements general things that you
7127s kind of knew were coming we've
7129s highlighted more things that are on the
7131s way and of course we were able to drop
7134s that trailer for the first time and uh
7137s i'm sure you got questions so
7139s yeah go ahead and ask some questions
7140s just keep in mind that if your questions
7142s about the specifics of what was that
7144s thing we saw in the trailer i'm not
7146s answering that i can't i can't
7150s the trailer's supposed to tease you
7152s ah it's tantalizing isn't it
7155s oh my goodness
7157s what did i miss says animated viking who
7160s just enters the stream oh my gosh guys
7162s do we tell him do we no i've just been
7165s eating food for the last hour and 55
7168s minutes uh that's that's it that's what
7170s you
7173s oh man i think you're gonna love
7174s replaying this one though there's a
7175s there's a lot of fun we're probably
7177s gonna we're probably gonna play the
7178s trailer one more time because why not
7180s we'll do it like right at the end
7182s but uh okay what do you guys got what do
7184s you guys got uh spoon knight says
7186s between the coil gun prime zapper and
7188s equalizer what's your favorite of the
7189s three from your testing oh gosh
7192s what a question
7194s you know um
7195s it's through testing alone that makes me
7198s appreciate weapons that have
7200s greater energy reserves for some reason
7204s um just being able to fire it more
7206s frequently is just incredibly satisfying
7208s there is still something to be said
7210s about like the equalizer and the uh
7214s syncro pulse so i was even using the
7216s secret pulse today right where it has a
7218s very large energy draw
7220s but it does a lot of damage uh to
7222s compensate for that
7224s so
7225s it's it really is hard to tell though
7227s it really is hard to tell um and it
7229s depends on how like what i'm feeling in
7232s the moment too because it changes
7233s depending on what ship you're using what
7235s equipment you have uh it sincerely looks
7238s different
7238s sincerely looks different
7240s so nice haircut my dude rocking the
7242s shortcut on the side oh thank you yeah
7244s thanks
7245s absolutely i did in fact get a haircut
7247s this week
7250s i appreciate you noticing
7253s delightful uh let's see
7256s wondering if it will actually be
7258s end of june for beta oh man that's that
7261s would be that would be seriously cool
7263s it's the 17th uh let's see when are we
7266s releasing it uh 2025 uh yeah i think
7269s it's gonna it's it might
7271s it's possible it's uh
7274s but no i mean based on our our schedule
7277s of events um
7278s i mean i feel like that's not a terrible
7280s guess
7282s yeah i know a lot of you guys are super
7283s eager to to get it into your hands uh
7286s you know with that coming soon that's a
7288s pretty good note
7290s uh pretty good should provide a pretty
7292s good gauge for you guys uh to just know
7295s that like it like we don't say coming
7296s soon when it's going to be six months
7298s out i mean let me just be real on that
7300s front
7301s so
7302s yeah
7304s uh let's see
7305s any new weapons with the drake system if
7308s not when are new weapons coming um
7311s it's a little too telling
7313s uh of a response to you yelya but do
7316s know that with each update we do like to
7319s include a slew of new content and we
7322s also like to provide content that isn't
7323s talked about
7324s in the live streams so that it ends up
7326s being a surprise or you know what have
7330s you um that's that's all that's
7332s incredibly telling what i just said
7334s there but the point is is that new stuff
7337s can show up
7338s and new weapons are absolutely something
7340s that we are still working on uh they're
7343s just you know
7344s time energy
7346s you know
7347s just takes it
7352s uh let's see i missed a question any way
7355s to get stl files for the everspace ships
7359s uh michael did respond to this one so
7361s i'm gonna read it off directly i've only
7363s seen this question like one other time
7365s by the way which impressively surprises
7367s me
7368s i would want my hands on those bad boys
7370s and like
7371s print them out but uh this is what
7372s michael says he says it's tricky because
7374s player ships are based on modules we
7376s might look into this if we have the time
7379s but no promises and let me just confirm
7382s michael on that front uh we have had
7384s internal talks about that
7387s about like having stl files but it does
7389s look different if we were going that
7391s direction and when i say look different
7392s i mean it's going gonna take us time to
7395s move in a different direction in order
7396s to create that at the end of the day
7398s we're a video game company creating a
7400s video game that's our focus
7403s that's our focus when we're looking at
7405s like a physical
7407s you know 3d model of a ship badass
7410s don't get me wrong but it's actually out
7412s of the scope
7414s of what our initial job is or what our
7416s initial uh vision is if you want to go
7419s in that direction so as michael said i
7422s just want to you know really double down
7424s on this is this thing possible
7427s yes
7428s is it something that we are going to do
7431s no promises
7433s no promises we can't we can't
7435s make that promise all right so
7438s hopefully that adjusts expectations
7439s accordingly and i hope you guys
7441s understand that as well
7444s enemy abilities behaviors or difficulty
7446s levels adjusted anywhere based on your
7448s current ships tier not your current
7450s ships tier no
7452s they are not
7453s that is not something we have be a
7456s modifier no
7459s ah
7460s [Music]
7461s allergies seem to be under control yes i
7463s punched them uh in the face
7466s all of my allergies every single one of
7468s them they are gone
7470s beat boxing please oh my gosh you guys
7473s it's been a while i wasn't expecting
7476s this request you guys are nuts
7479s oh you guys are absolutely nuts
7484s but i love you all dearly
7486s oh my goodness
7488s uh what else what else do we have any
7489s other questions
7494s make an mmo sandbox uh
7497s [Music]
7499s is that what the question was please
7500s make this game a massively multiplayer
7502s online sandbox and will be the greatest
7504s game ever uh yeah so as michael
7506s responded if you have a few hundred
7508s million dollars you want to throw at us
7510s we would be more than happy uh to
7512s probably just create a completely
7514s different game to do that we would also
7516s release everspace 2 separately uh but
7519s yeah no it's a couple million no big
7521s deal uh wait did i say a couple i meant
7524s hundred a couple hundred million that
7525s would be fine we'd get on that
7527s uh
7528s awesome
7530s send a tweet to elon oh my god
7533s you guys
7535s you're ridiculous we love your dad
7537s boxing finally somebody gets it right
7540s oh my gosh guys we are actually we're
7542s after the stream the stream has actually
7544s ended this is just me playing around
7546s with you at this point um but sincerely
7549s you all i do need to do my little
7550s catchphrase don't i you guys have been
7553s awesome i
7554s have been eric schroeder your community
7556s ambassador for all things everspace too
7560s don't stop being awesome and i won't
7563s stop being an ex-trader oh my gosh but
7566s sincerely um
7569s uh toodles
7571s okay and now i can now we can you know
7574s keep talking right there's no transition
7576s don't worry about that it's not awkward
7577s it's only awkward if you think it is oh
7579s my goodness
7581s but sincerely thank you all for showing
7582s up for the stream uh and hanging out
7584s having a good time it's been a lot of
7585s fun it's been a lot of fun today to
7587s present these with you uh next week uh
7590s you know it's gonna be a little bit more
7592s of that style of diving in having these
7594s discussion with you highlighting new
7596s things coming up and
7598s drake is coming soon
7600s you saw it in the trailer oh what what
7602s trailer are you talking about oh my gosh
7605s let's do it one more time
7637s all right i'm just gonna leave it at the
7639s screen guys because this is where we are
7640s gonna part our ways we're gonna head on
7643s over and give corbin some love in his
7646s stream tell him all about this trailer
7648s that he missed make fun of him for it uh
7651s and uh
7652s yeah it'll it'll be great otherwise guys
7655s you have sincerely been awesome
7657s you have been so freaking cool today so
7659s uh have a great weekend
7688s you