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5s [Music]
22s excuse me
25s testing testing one two three volume
29s it's looking good all right
62s [Music]
97s okay
98s [Music]
100s i think you guys
102s know what time it is
105s it's time to start the stream oh my
107s goodness
114s so let's come on over here welcome
116s ladies and gentlemen to the official
118s rockfish game stream where i am your
120s host and your guide eric schroeder the
123s community ambassador for rockfish games
125s giving you all the details of everspace
127s 2. i have already started the game up
130s i'm in the kite nebula we are like
132s literally where we left off
133s uh like we were flying around doing some
135s things
136s if you guys remember that uh yeah like
138s we are we are literally right where we
140s left off
141s and uh yeah let's cover a couple of
143s things that we'll be discussing today so
145s first off we are going to be showing
147s some new concept art for the upcoming
149s gang wars update in the summer
152s that's pretty exciting a couple new
154s pieces there we'll also be covering the
155s concept art from last week as well for
158s anybody who missed it also you get a
159s nice solid package of what to look
161s forward to because you know that's
163s always a bonus right and then in
165s addition to that uh we will be engaging
168s with you guys uh quite considerably
170s today making sure that questions are
172s answered that the conversation is is
174s good to make sure you guys know what's
176s going on because we've been in a little
177s bit of a lull right we have things have
179s been a little bit slow
181s we recognize that and that's because the
184s preparations for this upcoming summer
185s update are kind of insane so
188s um i'm not so sure i have any sort of
192s like
193s teases to show you in game other than
196s weapons sound effects which we may or
198s may not uncover we'll just kind of like
200s play around with new equipment that we
201s find um but otherwise a lot of the
204s content that's getting added into the
205s game space right now is stuff that is
208s reserved for the summer update like
209s straight up like it's we're talking
211s about content that appears over here and
214s i i'm not going to dive into that and
216s tell a number of things one when it's
218s fully ready and uh two uh when i have
222s permission to do so excellent
224s so for now uh we are going to just
226s continue where we left off we're gonna
228s have some fun zipping around collecting
230s some goods
231s and then from there uh concept art and
234s and you know everything uh further on
237s that front i'm checking the perks just
239s to make sure there wasn't any additional
241s changes by the way
243s because we have been having a couple
244s discussions about
246s what alts do
248s and what the perks do and you know a
251s couple other things and there will be
252s some adjustments here and there i'm sure
255s in the future nothing has been
256s implemented a quick look through my gear
261s indicates
264s nothing crazy new on that front either
268s excellent
269s excellent so let's dive on and welcome
272s everybody
273s who is joining the stream somebody is uh
275s saying hey i hope you feel better hope
276s you're fully recovered uh sam was like
278s was eric sick hope you feel better yeah
280s no it's just been in my throat for like
281s the last couple of weeks
283s uh man tell you what allergies and i
286s just they don't we don't get along
288s we do not get along it's like mother
290s nature and i just fight anytime that it
292s rains or you know
294s there's like a really big dry spell oh
296s man it's nuts
297s but uh i digress don't you guys worry
299s about that
300s so uh let's see any starting questions
304s is there a leviathan concept art there's
306s one piece of leviathan concept art
309s yes uh that was shown a long long long
311s time ago
314s i'm trying to see if i have it on file
316s oh gosh
317s i don't know if i do
319s oh i think i've rotated my concept art
322s so frequently
323s uh no i don't i don't think i've got any
327s sorry
329s but i'm sure if we dug we could find it
331s but
332s for now we're gonna dive in where we
334s left off um i think we were trying to
335s accomplish uh
337s what were we doing
341s we were flying over to the thorian fault
343s it was either to collect resources or or
346s something
347s and maybe to fill out a perk no i think
349s we have all our perks
351s we definitely have all our perks
354s but uh we haven't fought some redeemers
356s in a while so we can definitely address
358s that
367s i was like taking out the redeemer
369s drones first because you know they have
371s this mass heal so if you like
373s try to do a little bit of damage on
375s their fighters and then they get away
377s then they just heal back up how did you
378s survive
380s he's got like a just a
382s half a hit point there all right
388s but yeah
390s oh man my my aim there was a little bit
392s off
394s i also wanted to fight in this area
396s because there has been
399s some additional work
402s no doubt
403s a little additional work
405s on some of the
407s levels and their optimization like this
409s area i don't know if you guys remember
411s when we first launched the kite nebula
414s uh but this had um some slowdown issues
418s there was some poll that was not welcome
420s to the game space
422s it's been a little bit adjusted
428s i could have just used corrosion to take
430s him out didn't have to worry about that
432s but
433s oh a new blueprint oh look at that
436s system recovery routine that's an
438s interesting uh it's an interesting
440s craftable there
446s all right
454s don't hit me ouch
455s all right that's good
458s excellent
460s those redeemers i don't want to find
461s more demons
463s we'll go on a little bit deeper into
464s their territory and zip around
467s the caves of the thorian fault
469s see what we can find
475s over here
484s uh okay so i see a question
488s i'm here with serious question from
490s anton m first off the game is amazing
493s but
494s why did you decide to add on kill
496s effects to the sci-fi cosmic game
499s well
500s think of sci-fi more as the overarching
503s theme of the game whereas the main focus
505s the main reason to play the game at all
508s within the gameplay core
510s loop
511s is that it's a looter shooter and
513s through being a looter shooter we want
515s to make sure we have a lot of
516s interesting and exciting effects that
518s can generate through the itemization
520s pool right
522s so through that one of those
525s elements just one happens to be an on
528s kill effect
530s just one of them
531s that's ultimately why we chose to use it
534s because it can add some interesting
536s synergies
538s and combinations to a player's build as
540s they're garnering
542s different gear
552s all right
558s see if there's any other quick questions
564s i see a question uh asking about what
566s program was used for the concept art
569s uh like the way that you can see how
571s some of the strokes were made that's
573s actually uh that's a great question um
576s we have had several concept artists
579s through the course of everspace 2's
581s lifespan
582s um
584s and man i wish i could straight up
587s tell you what was specifically used but
590s it's not it's not actually anything
591s surprising like i know photoshop was one
594s that was used to generate the concept
596s yeah like photoshop used for the concept
598s art not even joking um
601s it's not like there's some sort of
602s secret software out there it's like
604s only game developers use this you know
607s it's not it's you know it's going to be
609s like your common tools that uh a lot of
612s graphic artists or digital artists
614s can utilize in order to create organic
617s or robotic features
619s pretty straight up
621s it's pretty neat pretty fun
623s all right authorian fault
632s i think
634s it would be okay if i talked a little
635s bit more about some of the challenges
637s that were added today
640s so we can cover some of that while we
641s are
642s uh building up to the concept art
647s out
649s all right let's get the let's get the
650s crusader first
652s because we're faster than him
654s and we can get around that shield there
656s we go
660s um as you guys probably likely knew
663s especially since the first outlaw hunt
666s you get is labeled outlaw hunt one
668s that there would be more challenges
670s beyond just the oh hey go ahead and uh
673s collect oh look at that another
674s blueprint cloak field generator um
677s but beyond the uh you know just the
679s traditional
680s challenges let's just just let's just
683s look
684s let's just look
686s we're gonna go right into this and we
688s can see there's a number more that have
690s been listed here
693s um so let's just kind of cut to the
695s chase and go over these now these are
697s not finalized i want to be clear on that
698s front these are not finalized
702s uh but obviously once you complete a
704s certain number of achievements or make
706s progress to a certain front then you'll
708s have new opportunities to unlock new
710s masteries
711s and when i'm talking about masteries i'm
713s talking specifically about this text
715s right here
718s i can't remember if i said this in the
719s last stream or not so i'm just want to
720s fortify this right here okay so for
722s challenges
724s we want to establish
726s the completion of them in order to gain
729s some sort of lasting
731s passive benefit for the entirety of the
734s game
735s [Music]
738s i want to say that one more time make
739s sure you all understand all right
743s when you complete a challenge a group of
745s challenges it gives you something that
748s you will retain for the rest of your
750s experience playing every space too so as
752s a very clean example obviously you
754s complete outlaw hunt one it gives you a
755s 10 discount on all equipment items at
757s the flying duchess which can you know
759s zip around to various points
763s in the world
765s so now let's move on to outlaw hunt 2.
767s let's look at this
771s dismantle the outlaw ranks by turning
773s their own tools against them
776s kill an outlaw demolisher with one of
777s its own minds kill an outlaw
779s anti-missile drone with a missile
781s destroy all armor plates of a bloodstar
783s overseer and destroy an outlaw drone
785s carrier without destroying any of its
786s drones
788s and i think you guys did see that one
789s pop last time but also i wanted you to
791s look over here
792s at this mastery because i think this is
795s this is a kind of a fun one
797s it specifically says that outlaw
799s ravagers
801s have a greatly increased chance to drop
804s higher grade
806s items
809s higher grade items now we also learned
811s recently that items can have two
814s different grades on them
816s either prototype or star forged so by
819s completing this outlaw hunt two which is
821s probably not the final outlaw hunt
824s but by completing this that means when
826s you face off against outlaw ravagers and
828s their variants
829s like uh i don't know overseers for
832s example
833s then
834s you will have a
836s greater chance to obtain prototype and
838s star forged equipment so you may want to
840s be on the hunt for outlaw ravagers
842s specifically which are a more rare enemy
844s type
845s but uh you know you find them you have a
847s much greater chance of getting these
848s once you complete that second outlaw
850s hunt
854s [Music]
856s uh next up
858s and we might i might save daredevil for
860s later
862s i might say daredevil for later uh but
865s advanced combat here this one is an
867s introduction into start of like comboing
870s into things and doing things that aren't
872s just traditional shooting and fire
875s um so i say that the first one's like
877s you see a missile and you shoot and fire
879s a flat cannon but it's destroying a
881s missile with a flat cannon okay so it's
882s not as traditional uh but it's
885s encouraging you to shoot down missiles
887s right and flat cannons are very good at
889s it believe it or not
891s so that's one of the elements of
892s advanced combat this one's actually
894s going to change this one's destroying
896s enemy by ramming it it's way too easy
898s like it's super simple it's super easy
901s to do um actually let me see what we're
903s going to change it to let me just pull
905s this up
906s because i'm a conversation with hans
907s christian about this uh either earlier
909s today or earlier this week i should say
914s [Music]
921s i believe we're going to change it to
923s destroy two shielded enemies without
926s breaking their shields
930s so corrosion is going to be a pretty
931s simple way to do that obviously but then
933s there's also tools like
935s piercing that could come into place on
937s top of that
939s and just because we're talking about
941s piercing i also want to mention we are
943s looking to increase the piercing
945s percentage overall um at a certain point
949s when we kind of cover some a little bit
951s more ground
952s on that front of items should have
954s meaningful modifiers
957s so right now i think piercing's like why
959s is it ten percent you get piercing
963s so we're thinking we're thinking of uh
965s some fun things to do to that
968s to make it actually worthwhile ah then
970s we have destroy five enemies in five
972s seconds and destroy two drones with one
975s miner
977s this advanced combat
979s the passive benefit when first entering
981s a location any location at all you gain
983s 50 increased damage for 10 seconds this
986s way
987s if you've got advanced combat out of the
989s picture and you want to go to like i
991s don't know an unknown signal and the
992s outlaw are jumping you right out of the
994s gate
996s it's not even a problem 50
999s increased damage for 10 seconds so that
1002s means
1004s i want to i want to point out what that
1005s means real quick because i think
1007s somebody asked the discord about this
1009s that does not mean
1010s 432.1 damage is then increased to
1014s 482.1 that means the 482.1 percent
1018s damage is applied to your weapon
1021s and then once you get that number that
1023s number is then increased by 50
1028s huge
1029s boost
1030s it is not a tiny little addition that
1032s adds to this
1034s it multiplies after all of your
1036s modifiers have been applied to what your
1039s base weapon damage is and then it says
1041s we're going to add 50
1044s okay
1045s huge that's right sniper nln
1049s [Music]
1055s so yeah
1056s very very powerful uh to have that when
1060s you're first opening up a location on
1062s you russian to get foes
1066s uh you know what shoot i'm also going to
1068s talk about daredevil because we're here
1069s right we're having fun um also the
1071s explorers um you know all of those are
1073s going to be pretty straight up
1075s uh where you just gain the fast forward
1077s so you can you explore systems then you
1079s can explore them uh you can get through
1081s them faster
1084s ah and then let's see amateur tinker we
1086s you've already had this one daredevil
1088s let's talk
1089s high risk area completions with certain
1091s restrictions i think a lot of you guys
1093s are gonna like this a lot
1096s um
1096s the hardcore gamers
1100s because what these requirements are all
1102s about
1104s challenging yourself further
1106s usually by a self-restriction
1108s okay so for example complete a high-risk
1111s area without firing a primary weapon
1113s complete a high-risk area without using
1115s a device or alt
1117s complete a high-risk area without taking
1119s damage to the hole
1120s and complete a high-risk area without
1122s having shield and armor installed
1127s and right there it says the mastery is
1129s to be determined but of course again a
1132s lot of emphasis here anytime you
1134s complete the package of a challenge you
1136s will gain
1137s a mastery benefit that grants a passive
1140s effect
1141s for the entire rest of the game so if
1144s you don't want to complete challenges
1145s you honestly don't have to
1147s you don't but if you do you'll get some
1150s type of little bonus right
1154s [Music]
1157s so hopefully that's incredibly well
1159s understood oh and this locked one i mean
1162s you guys know there's gonna be more and
1164s if you don't
1165s hey guys there's gonna be more
1168s you heard it here first all right
1172s so there was a impromptu segment edition
1175s for challenges that i didn't have any
1177s plans to do today but hey
1179s figured we'd talk about it
1181s cause it's almost there
1184s ah ooh sustained this is actually a new
1187s prefix
1188s i'm not a hundred percent sure if it's
1190s available to you guys yet maybe it was
1192s added in the last update i can't
1194s remember goodness gravy but what this
1195s does is it increases the um
1198s energy it's the energy capacity and
1200s consumption i think it gives it to your
1203s benefit
1205s so it makes that much easier to use
1209s uh from an energy standpoint
1211s [Music]
1213s if i'm not mistaken
1215s also i just want to hear it
1217s yeah we're definitely familiar with that
1219s sound all right um
1222s let's clear out some of this
1224s oh man i got i got lots of consumables
1229s i got lots of consumables here and
1232s man it's so ironic because our big focus
1234s today was like hey we're going to talk
1235s about drake system and the concept art
1237s we don't really have a lot of stuff that
1239s we've really been working on i've i've
1240s got like
1241s this thing this device charger that
1243s instantly resets all device cooldowns
1245s and a number like of blueprints that
1247s i've been dropping for consumables
1250s goodness
1251s you guys are getting bonus treats on
1253s this front uh but uh just letting you
1255s all know that the consumables are
1257s getting uh in some cases reworked but
1259s also a lot of additions are getting
1261s added to them so that there's incentives
1264s for
1265s using them
1267s and that's that's really what it comes
1268s down to and then also you know with
1270s crafting uh there's there's there's
1272s probably
1273s the ability to do things there too
1276s okay
1277s okay lot lot of information all at once
1280s right at the start of the stream
1282s somebody's gonna come in and be like
1283s what i miss oh man you're gonna have to
1284s ask everyone else sorry
1291s i know someone is going to be happy
1292s about no shield and no armor thing oh
1294s yeah of course i know at least one
1296s person
1301s are you planning to put steam
1303s achievements yes
1304s steam achievements will happen at
1307s or very close to
1309s the 1.0 release
1321s [Music]
1323s actually let's go ahead and use our beam
1324s laser for some of this
1331s for this mining
1340s man i forget how nice it is just like
1343s flying around and looking at the these
1345s environments that are created like i
1347s don't know how many of you have spent a
1348s lot of time
1350s in uh
1351s like in the kite nebula
1353s just looking around seeing what's there
1358s but there's a there are a lot of little
1360s secrets
1365s at least i'm pretty sure there are
1367s yeah i got three out of eight secret
1368s stashes and zero out of two shadow
1370s creatures they're probably hard to find
1376s i love the way phaseone crystal looks
1379s beautiful
1380s oh hello cape cod
1383s no thank you
1385s no thank you
1390s all right
1392s more biomass
1393s i'm sure that biomass will be useful for
1395s something
1396s maybe
1397s probably
1401s paracel nano injector nice
1414s our buddy bear am i all right
1419s everyone loves bear mite
1422s the friendliest or you know
1425s what a strange spawn
1428s can we get it off
1429s there we go
1435s neat
1436s all right let's see what uh let's see
1438s what questions have spawned since
1439s showing those challenges and maybe it's
1441s a couple of
1443s an inquisitor
1446s maybe a couple of those uh consumables
1450s how are you today eric i see oh my
1452s goodness what a what a delightfully
1454s gentle question i love it
1456s i'm doing i'm doing pretty okay
1459s i'm doing pretty okay
1466s thank you for asking
1469s can you complete drake explorer for us
1471s no
1473s well i mean i could but then i get in a
1474s heck of a lot of trouble
1481s just jumped in oh good okay let's make
1484s the most of him
1490s let's actually go back to our um pulse
1492s laser for now
1496s also this brings up a little point that
1498s i think would also it's just nice to
1500s talk about in and of itself whenever you
1502s are hot swapping things
1504s in the future
1506s there will be ramifications
1509s for that style of use
1512s so what i mean by hot swapping is like
1513s just as i went in here and i was like oh
1516s you know i've got this beam laser i've
1517s got this pulse laser you know i can swap
1518s things out um just like how when you put
1521s a new consumable on it gives you a 20
1523s second cooldown same thing with
1525s secondaries
1527s we want to have some sort of effect
1530s occur
1531s so that you can't just
1533s have an inventory of like all weapons
1535s and then just cycle between them to
1537s effectively have infinite energy an
1538s infinite number of weapons that you
1540s could just like use on the fly that is
1542s not intended design
1545s so while it's possible that will be
1546s adjusted in the future um there's a
1548s number of ways that we may go about
1550s adjusting that i think the most common
1551s one that you guys have suggested
1553s was that when you equip a new item it
1555s starts off at zero energy but again we
1558s haven't fully determined how we are
1560s going to implement that uh but just note
1563s that will be a thing so if you try
1565s swapping weapons as fast as you can on
1567s the fly
1568s there will be some ramification for
1570s doing
1599s there we go another blueprint maybe
1600s another teasing blueprint
1602s no all right
1605s [Music]
1607s can't get an additional trouble all
1608s right that's fine
1612s all right
1613s all right some questions some questions
1617s are daredevil locked to a mode else you
1619s could do them on easy and have the buffs
1620s on hardcore uh so
1623s no none of the challenges are actually
1624s locked to any gameplay mode you can
1627s change to easy um i there was a
1630s conversation that i recently poked one
1632s individual uh on the team about uh we
1634s haven't had like a group chat about it
1636s but uh something that we might end up
1638s doing is making it to where when you
1641s change this difficulty it doesn't apply
1644s until you enter a new location
1648s so i'm going to say that again just to
1649s make sure everyone heard so a
1651s conversation we haven't like fully
1653s fleshed out yet but could be possible is
1655s that we may change how difficulty is
1658s applied once you choose it so that when
1660s you change it it doesn't apply until you
1664s enter a new location that way if you're
1665s like in the middle of something you're
1667s like oh man it's too hard i'm gonna like
1669s dial it down easy immediately
1671s uh now you're probably gonna die and
1673s you're gonna restart um and you're
1676s either gonna have to do it at the same
1677s difficulty or you're going to need to
1679s leave to change the difficulty and then
1682s come back to it or in the case of a
1683s high-risk area dump it so
1686s yeah just keep that in mind
1689s just something to point out
1692s toodles all right
1700s a couple more redeemers and then we will
1701s uh
1702s we'll head back to union i think i think
1705s we've got some
1707s secrets in union to figure out
1713s we might have to swap our ship
1715s on a ship dealer
1718s hopefully really carefully
1724s um
1725s but i think we might want a new ship
1727s so let's go ahead and zip on out of here
1729s head to another location
1742s let's see um actually let's go
1745s let's go here
1755s what about a second weapon set oh no
1757s we're not making any more web uh item
1759s sets in the game at all nope we're we're
1761s done with just the one do we only have
1763s one no we have two that's it two stats
1765s the entire game that's
1768s oh man that's not that's it's so easy to
1772s joke about that because you guys know
1774s we're gonna make more come on
1776s got my two
1778s two item sets in the whole game that
1780s would just be that would be lame
1782s who would play that who play a game like
1784s that
1785s our focus is looter shootering and you
1788s get two item sets total nah
1790s nah don't you worry
1792s we got we got more
1793s we'd be making more
1795s all right let's head on over to prescott
1797s starting
1799s i had to poke a little fun at you rico
1803s i'm sure you're a good person
1805s it was a slightly silly question
1811s could i take out some oak car corvettes
1813s ah yeah i could probably do that
1816s we can find some old car
1817s uh just keep in mind that we still have
1819s not uh we still have not addressed the
1821s oh car and the um uh
1825s i'm just going to call it the wanted
1826s system because i think that's how you
1828s guys kind of like
1829s recognize it and unscathed
1831s who knows what havoc this is doing to
1833s your microcellular structure
1836s i'm sure it's fine
1848s i'm gonna dock here we're gonna be
1849s really careful
1852s uh because we're gonna swap ships
1855s uh
1856s will leaving an area be prohibited
1858s sometimes i don't think that it's ever
1861s prohibited except for a story-centric
1864s challenges um but also note i like this
1867s question a lot um also note that
1869s for certain like jobs and for high-risk
1872s areas if you leave them you abandon the
1876s job or the high-risk area so um we don't
1879s really want to restrict player movement
1881s unless it's like again like a specific
1884s mission like a campaign mission
1886s but otherwise like you're free to do
1887s what you want you just might sacrifice
1889s something in the process
1895s see if there's
1898s why not a one hit equals death daredevil
1900s uh destroy we are not done with
1902s challenges
1903s daredevil is kind of an introduction to
1905s doing a little bit more crazy things
1913s let's see
1919s is there any difference between all the
1921s ship sellers there actually are
1922s differences between the ship sellers um
1925s and we are going to put emphasis on
1927s making more distinctions between them as
1929s well as adding more
1931s sellers of ships
1932s so uh yeah i think we even maybe talked
1935s about that last time um last stream or
1937s so
1938s but uh regardless yeah we want to
1940s diversify that a bit further so that if
1942s you're looking for a specific ship or
1944s you find a ship but you can't purchase
1946s it yet uh there may or may not be ways
1948s to
1949s uh retain or direct
1951s your preference
1953s to
1953s appear more frequently at certain ship
1956s dealers
1957s it's definitely something we are looking
1959s into and would like to do
1964s so i'd say there's a good chance of that
1966s happening
1974s i'm gonna check out make sure there's no
1976s more credit i think we're covered i
1977s think we're covered what about jump
1978s suppressors though uh well okay jump
1980s suppressors are like the one thing that
1982s prevents you from leaving an area um
1986s and the jammer isn't like the very first
1988s mission uh
1990s yeah that's that's fair that's fair but
1992s obviously you can tell we're not using
1994s them very frequently like at all the big
1997s thing is that it's a ramification for
1999s attacking the oh car which we'll do here
2001s in just a moment um and then they're
2002s like oh nope you can't leave because you
2004s were being bad and then you have to like
2006s either evade or destroy the suppressor
2008s and leave so it gives you a little bit
2010s more that you have to deal with because
2012s you were being bad
2014s bad right
2016s so uh but yeah otherwise again we really
2018s don't like restricting uh players and
2021s their movements so much
2025s specifically leaving areas
2028s because weber drones definitely exist
2030s okay so um
2034s concept art first or buy new ship first
2037s what do you think
2040s what do you guys want do you want the
2041s concept art or do you want me to buy a
2043s new ship
2048s i'm leaning on concept art because then
2050s we can come back and then buy a new ship
2052s together
2053s you and i
2054s as one that sound good i already see
2057s concept art coming out of
2059s twitch just because they have less lag
2060s in the chat
2062s those cheaters right oh my gosh how dare
2064s they
2067s are ancient rifts as of now plan to be
2069s the most challenging content sniper nln
2072s actually yes
2073s that is intended to be the most
2075s challenging content that's worth your
2077s while in an in-game state yes
2080s we'll have more information on that in
2082s the fall
2085s concept art all around oh my gosh all
2087s right so yeah we're gonna we're gonna go
2088s to concept art uh so i'm gonna try and
2090s i'm gonna try and be super cheeky here
2092s because i'm gonna kill the music
2094s on this front so that way when i jump
2096s over to the concept art
2098s we can look at it without any uh any
2101s like errors or anything with music in
2102s the background
2104s uh so let's uh let's just do this
2106s let's do this okay here we go concept
2109s art
2111s so here we're gonna cover first
2113s territory we've been and then we're
2115s gonna move into the new okay so
2117s territory we've been first going into
2120s the new
2121s so this was last week where we uncovered
2124s some of what the concept art was before
2126s the in-game models had been realized
2128s this is maddox freighter you guys are
2130s probably familiar with it if you're not
2132s uh he has a viridium mining gear
2136s and he has drone hatches for his ramen
2139s drones stuff like that
2141s and it stands out a little bit further
2143s from a traditional freighter by the
2145s color scheme alone but also
2147s the mining laser that's attached to it
2149s of course
2150s next up we've got this zarelia destroyer
2154s that we highlighted and also pointed out
2156s some keen differences on the vessel for
2159s example instead of having any sort of
2160s ventilation on the inside it's all
2162s blocked off uh so in a traditional
2165s outlaw destroyer uh when you aggress it
2168s the insides then open up and it's a weak
2170s point that you could fire at but not
2172s present here but on the outside we have
2174s these thermal shields
2177s so that's something to note we also have
2179s a hanger opening maybe it's going to
2181s launch fighters i don't know what what
2183s do i know and we also have of course
2185s these defensive turnips and that very
2188s very interesting front ram uh designed
2192s for a great impact probably
2195s very distinct from a traditional outlaw
2197s destroyer
2198s by the zerelia faction
2200s we also showed these gradient brush
2202s elite squad ships with a lot more
2204s doodads
2206s and angles and also colors of course
2208s making it more vibrant
2211s i'll try and get through this a little
2212s faster uh heavy fighter gun chip this is
2214s wing number three
2217s before its naming convention was applied
2219s um so you can see how that's coming
2221s along
2222s what that's gonna look like
2224s i like the it's almost a more organic
2226s form because it's less blocky on this on
2229s this wing type i really appreciate
2230s especially that back view that player
2232s view
2233s next up we have the clerical corvette
2235s we've talked about that one enough we
2236s got the retaliators drone carrier
2241s looking very cool and collected
2245s similar to a standard drone carrier but
2247s pointy
2249s and silvery blue
2251s we've got the okra prime units we've
2252s seen enough of those
2254s uh we got oh oh
2258s oh
2263s huh
2264s [Music]
2267s that's interesting
2272s that's interesting
2274s that's a nice that's a nice looking ship
2276s player view
2278s i wonder why you need a player view on
2279s that that's
2280s that's particular i like that though
2282s that's
2283s fun
2284s that's unique
2288s i like that so we got variable wings
2290s apparently we got secondary weapons out
2292s like this uh
2293s angle here we got the primaries very
2295s close-knit together
2297s and then obviously those big old bad
2299s boys are engines
2301s almost kind of like reminds me of a
2303s combination of like a vanguard and a
2304s striker almost i don't know it's
2306s interesting
2309s just pointing out some details nice
2311s excellent all right what else do we have
2313s we've got oh
2316s all right okay we got a coalition
2319s carrier here
2322s okay
2325s all right we got a bridge
2328s we got a defense turret
2331s obviously these are our
2334s cargo drones just kidding those are
2335s combat drones
2337s combat drones
2340s oh my
2342s those are kind of big combat drones
2345s i wonder what they're packing
2348s let's see what else we got
2352s oh
2355s we got coalition fighters here okay all
2357s right
2360s all right so this is a medium fighter
2363s the coalition has
2364s [Laughter]
2366s primary weapons course the front and
2368s that combat drone we get to see a little
2370s bit more it's got a sensor array
2373s not sure what that's about that seems
2375s interesting
2377s all right
2379s okay
2383s so we got some coalition goods to show
2385s you here the carrier
2388s fighters
2389s i mean that this is so particular what
2391s is this
2393s i just can't tell what that is
2395s it's cool though
2399s all right
2400s neat
2401s and then we also had one other one that
2403s we've shown in quite a while but this is
2404s really a combat unit this kind of goes
2406s uh in combination with the uh zerelia
2408s destroyer but uh that's all of them
2410s that's all of them the big part is going
2411s to be you know obviously uh we've got
2414s these two coalition uh concept arts for
2417s these fighters
2418s that you see here and now you're you're
2420s seeing the actual stylization that the
2422s coalition has overall so you've got
2424s these greens these yellows
2428s and kind of like the orange the the hot
2430s lights i'm gonna call them
2434s their overarching theme
2435s it's almost like all three of these uh
2439s different factions that we've been
2440s introduced to recently
2443s stylized
2445s intentionally uh
2447s three different colors
2449s so that they stand out a bit more it's
2451s crazy it's crazy right
2457s but yeah
2462s [Music]
2464s specifically who is ghost all right
2467s ghosts fighter
2469s ghost
2471s makes me think of a lot of different
2472s things
2474s i'll let you guys wander
2477s let your imaginations
2479s churn
2480s and we'll have uh fun with that when we
2482s have more to talk about
2485s yeah so yeah but obviously we've been
2487s showing a lot of concept art recently
2489s and i really want to like paint this
2490s narrative of what to expect out of drake
2492s and these gang wars right
2498s and based on what you see i'm also kind
2500s of curious like
2501s what faction do you think is the most
2503s interesting what one has like captured
2505s your attention the most
2511s there's a lot of distinctions between
2512s these vessels
2518s we don't talk about ghosts
2526s so yeah
2528s here's your guys thoughts like what what
2530s concept art like what what faction in
2532s particular stands out to you the most
2534s and you're like man i love it i dig it
2538s which one
2540s tell me in the comments because i'm
2542s curious
2547s all right
2549s now we get to change our ship
2556s oh i see lots of people asking questions
2558s and wondering oh i like that i like that
2566s ghost ship is the ship of the original
2568s of the original adam rosslyn that would
2570s be
2571s that would be a pretty big stretch
2574s considering the story arc for the
2575s original adam rosslyn uh but i like your
2578s thinking i like it you guys are are
2582s coming up with some interesting concepts
2584s i dig it
2589s you like the red and blue zarelia colors
2591s are nice freelancers
2594s all right all right
2597s heavy gunship fire to your three wings
2599s is the best faction
2601s i knew someone was going to say it thank
2602s you for not disappointing med bat i
2604s appreciate that
2606s going to cheat and say gmb because of
2608s the older carrier concept art all rights
2610s food night okay
2612s yeah gp's got some interesting new ships
2614s i won't deny that
2616s [Music]
2617s we want to know more about that ghost
2619s ship can't tell you more sorry you can
2621s ask the questions but they will not get
2622s answered
2623s [Music]
2625s huge fan of the coalition nice i love it
2628s man i love it i love how no one's like
2631s fully sold on just one faction it's kind
2633s of funny because no none of you i at
2635s least i haven't read anybody
2637s uh who said retaliators yet i i really
2639s like the way the retaliator faction
2641s looks i think that they're pretty
2643s stinking slick
2652s all right so now we're going to the ship
2654s dealer and i will give you guys a heads
2657s up
2657s there is a strong chance
2661s i'm going to show you stuff that has
2662s actually already been revealed
2665s but only in like
2668s either like a promotional screenshots or
2671s trailers and stuff like that okay so
2673s you're not technically seeing anything
2675s new michael i'm covered i'm just making
2678s sure that you are aware of that uh but
2681s all right disclaimer out of the way
2683s there might be one
2685s block out for wings
2688s uh
2689s but we'll just ignore that and move on
2691s so let's go to the ship dealer okay so
2692s we got a cyclops here
2695s we want to fly a bomber again we've been
2697s flying light fighters for a while i'll
2699s let you guys choose by the way so we're
2700s gonna go through each one of these
2703s we're not going to choose one of them
2704s for a very specific reason
2706s uh and we're also going to try to
2708s restrict ourselves to a tier 2 ship and
2710s not go for a tier 3.
2715s all right
2716s next one we've got a liberator
2722s excellent
2723s excellent next up we have a predator
2727s tier three
2731s all right okay
2733s we have a typhoon all right
2737s typhoons are fun we haven't fallen a
2738s vindicator in a long time i feel like
2742s maybe we need to fly a vindicator
2746s might not be that might be the direction
2748s we need to go
2751s all right spirit oh
2753s oh
2755s oh
2756s oh
2757s all right
2758s ah this one's just blockouts i'm gonna
2760s fully admit that guys this is just
2762s blockouts it's not done
2765s it's not done
2767s unfortunately i'd like to say spoilers
2770s but uh because it's not done you've
2772s actually already seen this as well what
2775s mind blown yeah if you go back to the
2778s vlogs where we were talking about uh
2780s like a ton of different ships this is
2782s actually one of the blockouts you can
2784s see it's the exact same one just with a
2786s little color on it so it's not dead
2790s not done we got another typhoon
2793s i like this color more than the other
2795s one i think
2797s we also have a spirit just a tier two
2800s okay
2802s a hornet tier three now unfortunately
2804s you guys don't get to see the wings on
2806s this one because it hasn't been
2807s implemented it's secret
2809s because it's actually being worked on
2813s we'll go past this one
2815s we have a mercury
2821s we got oh
2823s oh
2827s okay
2829s a reaver tier three all right
2833s i'm liking all those little additions
2834s that's
2835s that looks like something fierce
2837s and another predator oh my gosh
2840s two predators
2842s all right
2843s so those are your options
2847s i'm kind of leaning on a vindicator
2849s myself
2850s um and
2852s let's see we have drones reject one hole
2854s per second that's nice
2858s what's the other one
2860s we've got drones are invulnerable during
2862s flanks and 50 reduced damage from enemy
2865s drones
2867s unfortunate i was really hoping to get a
2869s sixth drone on either one of those
2873s i think i would go with this one for the
2875s passives
2881s looks more like wings than spoilers yeah
2883s yeah of course
2889s all right so i'm sneaking back through
2890s the chat a little bit here um retire
2893s your drone carrier does look cool all
2894s right cool cool
2897s would be cool if it was the hawk
2900s like both factions but the colors kind
2902s of give away where it's going to be like
2903s retaliators are going to be on icy
2904s planets really are going to be on a hot
2906s one i don't know how you came to that
2908s conclusion that's silly
2911s does that mean t3 will come in the
2913s summer update i thought at 1.0 so flori
2915s we are beginning implementation of uh
2918s the ships on this development build
2921s because we need to make progress
2923s internally i cannot guarantee
2926s that tier threes will show up in the
2928s summer update in fact i'm rather certain
2930s that they won't
2932s but the reason why you're seeing them
2934s show up here is because we are going to
2936s need to
2937s test how these ships look as we're
2940s moving through the storyline that you
2942s don't have access to
2944s so it's internal testing only on this
2948s front so that we can iron out those
2949s kinks and then probably around or before
2953s uh the 1.0 release will send it out to
2956s have you guys uh like your additional
2959s feedback and support to ensure that
2961s everything's lined up correctly but um
2963s based on your feedback through the
2965s current process of the ship tiers and
2967s you know all of that type of stuff we've
2969s got a pretty good handle on what tier
2970s three and tier four needs to look like
2973s but yeah
2974s don't believe it's going to be with the
2976s summer update
2977s pretty confident that it won't be
2978s actually
2980s tier four 1.0 release
2983s yeah a lot of people saying vindicator
2986s okay
2987s so yeah we'll go with the we'll go with
2988s the vindicture i'm gonna choose this one
2990s and then we can change the colors okay
2991s that seems fair
2993s let's go ahead and buy this one and
2995s we're just gonna sell our current one
2997s i like navigating with just one ship
2999s because it's you know it's a little
3000s easier
3006s a little easier for streaming purposes
3007s at least if i was uh
3009s being like really stubborn and uh and
3012s playing like a hoarder like i am oh
3016s do we generate new ships
3018s do i need this to win do i need to look
3020s through this again i wasn't expecting
3021s that we could also uh no that's just
3025s oh we have several ships i forgot we had
3027s several ships in our docking bay but oh
3029s well
3031s i guess we're gonna cycle through these
3032s again let's see if we can show any more
3034s we've got this griffin it's just a tier
3036s two
3037s let's see what else we got
3039s uh okay another hornet
3041s liberator
3042s spirit i feel like we're seeing the same
3044s things again oh
3046s my food mercury reaver i'm trying so
3049s hard to like show you guys stuff
3051s cyclops no okay none of these oh
3055s oh that's just tier two dang it i got so
3056s excited i was hopeful
3058s but nope that's we've seen those wings
3060s before
3062s all right
3064s i tried guys i tried i tried so hard all
3066s right
3067s so now we need now we need to sell a
3069s bunch of our stuff i want you to
3070s optimize this uh ship so that i can
3073s utilize our drones a bit more
3075s effectively so in order to do that we're
3076s going to get rid of some of this gear
3081s if we get umbra i'm probably going to
3083s end up using it so
3085s let's clear out some of this other stuff
3089s [Music]
3093s and then we are going to sell all of
3095s these commodities because they still
3098s haven't been implemented in a
3100s uh grandiose way yet
3107s damage limiter
3109s that seems familiar to ever space one
3123s it will uh
3125s removes most debuffs and resets any
3127s debuff buildups wow
3129s nice okay we're going to sell all of
3131s that
3133s get rid of these corrosion mines because
3135s we like the powerful corrosion missiles
3137s on this one oh we need a solid camden
3140s enzymes
3142s and i think we're good to go oh my
3144s goodness
3146s of course our two
3147s signal decoders are for the systems that
3150s we're not present but that's okay
3153s maybe we should go back to kite
3155s evasive explosive death and strength and
3157s death that could be that could be fun to
3159s do that might be something we go do and
3161s then the sido signal code is enemy regen
3163s double trouble and heal on kill
3170s that could be fun
3173s uh it also occurred to us that one of
3175s the new sounds was actually from the
3177s thermogens um
3179s uncommon's gonna have the traditional
3181s sound we're familiar with so uh that's
3182s not gonna be anything new
3185s i think we're good i think we're gonna
3186s launch we're gonna get back out there
3189s uh one last quick thing
3192s so we probably want a bit more
3194s expertise if we can
3197s yeah
3199s um
3200s [Music]
3204s i think i'd rather have a little bit
3206s more structure
3208s actually we'll go with resistance
3212s all right
3214s and i'm just going to
3217s [Music]
3220s don't really want energize boost i don't
3222s think i'd rather have something that can
3223s support my drones on the fly like emp
3225s generator i like that a lot more
3228s gives much more sustained fire from my
3230s drones while they can't get hits
3232s so we're gonna do that
3237s maybe to be more defensible we need to
3239s take shield surge
3243s [Music]
3247s yeah let's be a little bit more
3248s defensible in this front i think that's
3250s the way to go
3253s um
3254s yeah
3257s we're gonna change the nanotransmitter
3259s to also repair neal by allies which is
3261s our drones
3265s and
3266s we'll keep fusion hook because it's fun
3269s but this time we'll pull targets in so
3271s that our drone is getting just massive
3272s yeah
3273s cool
3276s [Music]
3280s all right
3281s and final
3282s we gotta make sure our perks are good
3288s i'm gonna go with killing an enemy
3289s instantly triggers your shield uh
3291s recharge because we are actually using
3294s oh it's not going to do that because it
3296s only recharges while boosting so we need
3298s to use close call
3300s i'm going to do this one
3302s so
3302s targets are going to be firing at
3305s our drones anyway so i don't really need
3306s to use exit strategy close call is going
3308s to give us that emergency fund if we end
3310s up getting pummeled to death
3312s let's see we also have
3318s weapons require 25 less energy for each
3321s device that is on cooldown that could
3323s help us out a lot since our drones are
3325s going to be doing a lot of work and
3326s we're going to be using devices a bit
3328s more so we'll use that one
3330s [Music]
3333s i'm only using one warfare device right
3336s yeah
3337s so probably remain a crit happens
3346s of course if we're not getting shot at
3351s i'm gonna try this let's try this we'll
3353s see if our drones can take the bulk of
3354s the fire and use excessive force so
3356s while our shields are fully charged we
3358s do a lot of increased energy
3361s damage last but not least
3367s i really like unyielding assault it's
3369s it's like a perfect case scenario to
3371s where it's like you just have this added
3374s additional buff
3376s that helps you out when you trigger the
3377s ult just getting that extra armor bonus
3379s is nice
3381s challenge me to use the thermal gun for
3382s fights actually the thermo gun is a
3384s really nice uh weapon
3386s for the uh the vindicator i feel like
3389s because you can just kind of like run
3390s and gun
3391s while your drones are like focused out
3394s there taking things out
3399s so i think for now
3403s we're gonna keep the same setup we've
3405s been using
3407s but we will very likely change soon
3410s all right
3412s this is the obligatory setup for us
3415s using
3416s the vindicator
3422s oh yeah that damage increase already i
3425s love it also i think i saw
3427s i think i saw another blueprint
3433s i did energy shield
3435s what
3437s that seems that seems interesting
3441s all right so we got our drones
3443s feeling pretty good oh we didn't change
3445s our color guys do we need to ch
3448s i feel like we were in the menus for a
3449s while we're gonna fly around we'll
3450s change your colors later okay
3454s i really want to do one of these um
3457s high-risk areas
3459s so um
3461s let's see
3462s which one's gonna be less trouble for
3464s our drones goodness
3465s [Music]
3468s explosive death is gonna be big trouble
3470s for our drones
3472s that'll just pop them all oof so we'll
3474s probably go to the cecito one
3477s that's what we're gonna do we're gonna
3478s we're gonna go to the ceto high risk
3480s area
3485s so we'll head on back to our home base
3487s like so
3490s what is the summer update coming i've
3492s seen this question a lot um
3494s obviously in the summer is the you know
3497s obligatory response um in regards to
3499s like the specific
3501s time frame the specific window um we
3505s have not revealed that
3507s thanks to spatial bypass technology
3510s very over eager there adam thank you for
3512s that um but yeah like we haven't set any
3514s specific dates yet and that's
3516s intentional it's because uh in to some
3519s degree
3520s while we do have a perceived date that
3522s we would like to launch this at there's
3524s always a chance that things might move
3526s around very slightly and also on top of
3529s that we don't really want to be one of
3530s those companies that has an announcement
3532s for an announcement uh it feels weird
3535s like you already know that it's coming
3536s for the summer so
3538s uh yeah the short of it is that we
3541s haven't said and we don't plan on saying
3543s you will probably get like a maybe a one
3546s week window out
3548s uh whenever we say oh hey the
3550s experimental is live you know something
3551s like that
3556s well ain't that convenient
3563s we'll go ahead and swap
3565s we're gonna use these
3567s uh maybe make maybe make penumbra just a
3570s little bit better let's see um
3574s oh man i don't have all the ingredients
3577s i need an echo canceller and a resistor
3579s array
3581s [Music]
3587s signal circulator and quantum component
3588s i think we need to look for these
3590s quantum conductor and signal circulator
3595s um oh so this is actually this was added
3598s titties you didn't tell me about this
3600s okay guys now this is neat this is
3603s something i didn't realize was actually
3605s added let's talk about this
3607s this is actually we need to change the
3609s the stream name holy crap this is
3612s important detail i didn't think this was
3613s ready
3615s so if you're missing ingredients
3618s to something you're trying to craft like
3620s we we dove into the crafting of this
3622s weapon right we don't have any of this
3623s catalyst
3624s but and we also are missing the quantum
3626s conductor and the signal circular man i
3628s want this
3629s you can craft the missing components
3633s using what you have
3636s these are all resources that i've
3638s already collected and i can spin them
3641s immediately i can now
3643s i now have enough quantum conductors
3646s signal circulators and proton capacitors
3648s to craft and install
3650s the powerful catalyst
3652s i didn't have to go anywhere else or do
3654s anything else
3655s just boom boom done
3661s i probably could have looked at the rest
3663s of them too just to see if there's
3664s anything else i wanted but nay i'm
3666s actually pretty pretty happy
3668s with that selection i do like the
3669s powerful
3671s uh otherwise we can also increase the
3674s level by one which we are going to do of
3676s course we want it to be max level
3678s and can't increase anything else
3682s so we're gonna call that good
3683s upgraded weapons level nice
3687s so that's a much better weapon than when
3689s we picked it up
3690s and shoot why i mean we we're here we
3693s might as well right
3694s let's go ahead and increase this bad boy
3697s to superior
3699s excellent levels already topped off
3704s see this one this one would have some
3705s nice energy damage bonus i feel like
3708s [Music]
3713s let's take our time with this
3716s [Music]
3722s you know i know this is a basic catalyst
3725s but i feel like adding calibrated to
3727s this
3728s to this blaster
3730s because reducing the spread by 50 can
3733s make this
3734s so much more
3735s valuable
3737s since the spread of these weapons is
3739s kind of garbage
3741s like i recognize the range as 800 but
3743s even close up it's kind of hard to hit
3745s so
3747s maybe it's not the best
3749s maybe it's not the best decision but for
3750s my play style and how i want to operate
3752s this is what i'm gonna do
3754s we're gonna bring that in just like that
3756s that feels a lot better
3759s that feels a lot better
3763s all right
3766s look at us now
3769s uh oh we should probably activate the
3772s signal decoder so we can go do it
3775s oh my gosh
3779s critical faculty is so op yeah i i i
3782s agree that it's incredibly powerful yes
3786s uh where's critical faculty right here
3789s yeah
3790s to restore all energy um honestly i feel
3792s like ulterior motive is like a hidden
3794s gem
3796s because if you've got this going on
3798s while your shield is played if you
3800s remove your shield this doesn't work
3802s your shield has to be at zero out of a
3804s number
3806s so if you remove your shield and you try
3807s to use ulterior motive it will not work
3810s so you guys are aware uh but ulterior
3812s motive can be incredibly powerful
3815s for a more aggressive build
3820s but yeah
3822s here we go high risk area vindicator
3825s with a somewhat healing your own drones
3827s build
3829s let's see what happens
3832s oh and i see a question that was maybe
3834s asked last stream so uh
3836s let's answer a couple more
3838s [Music]
3839s i don't know if i got an answer last
3841s stream uh but when you use the
3843s vindicator in a high-risk area with only
3845s one enemy that takes damage will the
3846s drones know which one it is
3849s um
3850s that's actually a good question i don't
3851s know we'll have to test that out and if
3854s it doesn't work we'll fix it
3858s see what else we miss maybe a cosmetic
3860s parts seller next to the ship's dealer
3861s to spend credits at uh yeah in regards
3864s to the ship parts
3866s that's something that we're not really
3867s worried too much about at this time but
3869s we do want to make sure that um if
3871s you're looking for a particular style of
3874s ship
3874s like a specific wing type or engine type
3877s for example we want to have ways for you
3879s to get them without hoping on rng
3884s so that will definitely come in the
3886s future
3892s i think we're good to start
3894s going in here blazing guns
3901s oh i got one more question after release
3903s of 1.0 everyone will soon be flying tier
3906s 3s and be able to kill planets with a
3907s beam laser what are the thoughts on
3908s keeping the upgrade horizon elusive well
3911s in actuality uh that's not going to be
3913s the case because when 1.0 releases
3915s there's going to be a hard reset of save
3917s files so if you
3919s do save a prior save file and you sneak
3922s it into the 1.0 it's not going to work
3924s it's going to break everything's going
3926s to be busted we're sad uh because that's
3929s you're going to have too much data from
3931s that save file that then screws with
3933s what's authentic to the game space and
3935s what's intended so upon that save wipe
3938s everyone's going to be starting at tier
3940s 1 very beginning of the game and the
3942s natural progression moving forward
3944s you're going to be buying a tier 2 ship
3946s then a tier 3 ship then a tier 4 ship
3948s naturally as part of the progression
3950s through the story arc as well as through
3952s your uh general exploration
3955s so uh we're pretty satisfied with how
3958s that's gonna come together once we get
3960s there
3961s on for the upgrade horizon factor
3965s because otherwise yeah if like we were
3966s to drop tier 3 and tier 4 in um you know
3969s naturally people are going to gravitate
3970s to that which has been a good form of
3973s testing like when we drop the tier 2s
3974s for example um but
3977s at a certain point we have to decide
3979s what's valuable for you guys to test and
3982s what's valuable to retain until it's
3984s actually
3985s ready for uh the general population to
3989s uh
3990s dissect
3992s all right here we go
4004s wow that's really accurate i'm
4007s i'm actually impressed that's just uh
4011s oh no my drones are dying
4014s give me my health back
4028s oh man this this combination feels
4031s really good in the vindicator
4033s now i'm should be getting hit less
4036s that's uh error on my part
4043s ouch
4050s all right we lost another drone
4052s all right good
4053s hear my health back drones there you go
4079s all right here we go
4101s oh man all our drones died
4105s oh that's not good i wasn't watching
4106s their health all right hang on
4112s quick activation what's my activation
4114s range i should have checked that
4117s what is my activation range
4120s 800 oh boy
4123s oh goodness
4133s heal up quick
4134s heal up yeah get your health yes
4137s that's what i like to see
4140s ah nice healthy boys
4166s oh don't shoot don't shoot him
4175s deal
4179s really is that alt any time now
4195s all right
4211s oh my goodness all the damage
4213s all that damage
4215s the pain come back groans
4235s get some distance get our drones back oh
4237s we just lost one again no
4244s but i feel like i'm the target of these
4246s enemies more than my drones are
4250s all right here let's uh let's get some
4252s focus fire on this
4263s oh no there's
4273s that was painful
4276s okay let's get some distance here we
4278s gotta we gotta come at this a different
4280s angle two armor drones
4284s all right
4285s there's gotta be priority even though we
4286s don't have any drones
4304s all right all right
4308s okay drones should stay healthy
4311s if i can just get a couple more to pop
4313s that would be great
4318s drone debris please please no
4346s oh
4359s all right fully healthy drones that's
4361s what i like to see
4365s yes much better
4370s and our ship's doing pretty well too
4387s oh no our drones are going down again
4390s all the management
4393s it's invigorating though
4398s feel like we got a nice little
4399s combination of sorts here we just gotta
4402s keep our drones
4406s somewhat healthy
4408s all right here we go this is where we're
4409s we're gonna grab this one
4411s and we're gonna heal up
4428s [Music]
4430s my drone
4443s all right we're going to try and focus
4444s over here again
4450s all right health is coming back
4468s seems my fifth drone slot doesn't want
4470s to cooperate
4488s it's a bit chaotic but it's sustainable
4499s i think a big issue that the vindicator
4502s is running into at this place
4504s is that the enemies like my drones might
4507s not be attacking all the same enemy so
4510s if one dies somewhere else
4512s it's healing all the other ones
4514s including the ones that i'm fighting
4519s so the high risk mutators for this
4521s particular area might not be the most
4524s ideal
4526s for the vindicator here
4531s health health health yes
4533s that's what we like to see
4558s oh man that guy barely got armor again
4560s drop the drone and kill him there we go
4577s yes
4600s a bit frantic isn't it
4606s got to be on top of the game on one of
4608s these buses
4610s ah there we go
4621s we're gonna grab this shipwreck which
4622s normally don't spawn in high-risk areas
4624s that's uh that's a bit new
4626s uh we'll take it what do we got
4631s ah yes double trouble here we go
4655s all right
4661s oh no another armor drove
4667s all right let's focus on the boss let's
4668s focus on the box
4676s yes
4681s one down one to go
4696s oh that black candy did some damage to
4698s me
4701s [Applause]
4714s eric's vindicator doesn't look green to
4715s me yet oh my gosh you guys
4717s all this frantic chaos you're concerned
4720s about ship colors
4722s come on
4734s man i need some more expertise i think
4738s that would help this build out quite a
4739s lot
4740s and probably a couple different weapons
4743s too
4744s like um i think it's really good for a
4746s vindicator actually
4749s but i can't help but wonder if maybe
4750s there's something that could help this
4752s out just a little bit further
4775s that's good focus
4782s that was close
4791s oh he's stuck in the asteroid
4798s yes
4803s i'll take it
4806s oh my goodness
4809s man i know that took a little bit longer
4811s than normal
4812s but that was satisfying man when you
4814s bring all the components together for a
4816s vindicator
4817s it just it feels like you earned it you
4819s know what i mean
4821s like i put in the work
4823s to keep those drones alive
4826s to get all of my bonuses going oh my god
4829s that felt really good
4831s that felt really stinking good
4834s all right so let's uh let's go ahead and
4836s collect what uh actually
4838s i see some des bras over there and maybe
4841s some resources
4843s we'll see if there's anything else that
4844s populated in the area generally speaking
4846s um high risk areas are not so much meant
4848s to be explored but every now and then
4851s you might be able to find like a a
4853s resource node or two uh maybe a little
4856s bit of wreckage that could have
4858s something in it uh but obviously that's
4860s not the point of the high risk area the
4862s focal point is is of course battling all
4865s the enemies
4867s uh but yeah
4869s cool
4870s good job little drones
4873s look at these cute little guys where
4874s where are you look at these cute little
4875s guys aren't they just adorbs
4878s yeah yeah
4882s oh they're so great i love them so much
4885s let's let's put them in the light
4895s where are you going okay there you go
4897s just look just look at these cute little
4898s guys they're adorable
4900s adorableness
4903s so uh i know we talked about colors
4904s there uh earlier someone complained
4906s about not being green yet so i have some
4909s news to share for what it's worth uh
4911s internally we were talking about like
4913s these drones having uh you know this
4915s particular color scheme which is very
4917s colonial right
4918s the gmb colors if you will
4922s um but then of course you know you have
4924s your ship color
4926s and sometimes it kind of you know it
4928s doesn't it doesn't go together and we
4931s talked about it internally
4933s and um
4936s we would really like to fix this
4940s i don't know when
4942s i don't know what to what degree
4945s but there is a very good chance not just
4947s a slight
4949s not a strong maybe but like a yeah like
4952s that we will make this to where your
4954s drones actually do
4956s match the color
4958s of your ship and how you customized it
4962s the possibility is there
4966s it wasn't as challenging as we initially
4968s thought it would be to do something so
4970s be hopeful on that front that could be
4972s really nice for vindicator players just
4974s as that added level of customization if
4976s you will
4978s to show off not only your ship but then
4979s also have your drones in that matching
4981s style
4984s uh but if anybody out there like oh well
4985s i want to have like i want to customize
4987s the wings of my drones and their engines
4989s okay slow down their champ look we well
4992s we're already stretching it out
4994s to get colors
4997s but we are we're looking to see what we
4999s can do with that
5000s because it does seem like it's viable
5007s dronita droni dronella
5012s dronelita oh my gosh you guys
5014s [Music]
5017s you guys are crazy
5019s [Music]
5021s you know what's great is that we have
5023s this close call which i thought i was
5025s absolutely gonna have to use uh this
5026s basically it
5028s it generates an emergency shield when
5030s you completely die
5032s uh we didn't even use it
5033s i'm proud of the fact that we didn't
5035s have to use it but uh
5037s there it is all right uh quick look
5039s through our equipment let's see we got
5041s us ooh
5042s but we had that
5045s cameron enzymes solar panels
5047s boring plating
5049s boring beam laser a peacemaker
5055s [Music]
5057s interesting
5059s uh nano fibers a sticky turret
5062s a calibrated scatter gun do we want to
5064s do something with that
5068s do we want to do something with i mean
5069s we could we could raise the level 22 we
5071s can maximize it out to a superior
5076s see we got a prototype flak
5082s a booster thermogon efficient beam laser
5087s you know i think you guys asked for a
5088s thermogun so maybe we'll use this
5090s thermogen
5095s yeah we need more bloodstar stuff oh you
5097s know what we're in ceto we could go get
5098s some more so yeah we'll do that
5100s um
5101s i think we're gonna use this thermo gun
5104s i like the prototype we collected but uh
5106s unfortunately nope
5109s it's just not it's not what i'm looking
5111s for
5114s maybe we could you know let's let's
5116s cycle let's cycle out
5118s we're gonna we're not even gonna look
5119s back at these yes we spent catalysts on
5121s them yes we upgraded them we're just
5123s gonna get rid of them
5124s that's that's how the stream is going to
5126s go today also everything is damaged oh
5129s my gosh we need to go back to we need to
5131s go back to base
5133s oh my goodness i didn't realize how much
5136s stuff was just bonked away
5141s no wonder things were a little tricky
5143s there
5146s me flying a vindicator and creating five
5148s drones authorize my children yeah
5150s absolutely
5152s absolutely
5162s if you can get more than just autocannon
5164s drones with a model based on the type
5166s that would be cool enough yeah that
5169s would be pretty cool
5176s we'll see what the future has in store
5178s for the vindicator and its flying little
5180s buddies flying little lovelies
5186s all right
5188s wow look at look at all those things
5190s damaged it's been at the top of my
5191s screen this whole time
5194s yikes
5203s i'm sure we can cycle through more ships
5205s too just in case we're not fully sold on
5207s flying this one
5211s all right let's uh yeah we got
5212s everything repaired up i did the quick
5214s repair option
5215s we're also going to sell our solar
5216s panels canon enzyme nano fibers
5219s uh oh we have room for a sticky turret i
5221s didn't even realize
5229s oh yes
5230s [Music]
5237s that's straight better
5240s oh my goodness those star forged
5242s powerful scorpion missiles
5248s wow
5250s that's those are awesome look at the
5252s stats on that
5254s oh
5257s that feels good
5260s yeah that's uh this is basically the
5262s best scorpion missile i think you can
5264s acquire and then on top of that we got
5266s some really nice mods
5268s so we can auto fire based on a critical
5270s hit chance
5271s the lock durations decrease by 80 so
5273s it's basically i lock and fire and we're
5275s good and then a 20 chance to refund the
5278s ammo it's like we never have to buy any
5280s more of it holy crap that's uh that's
5282s wonderful
5283s i mean i suppose you could have like the
5285s benefit of getting more damage per uh
5289s the length of time it's out that could
5290s have been maybe better
5292s but regardless i'm really satisfied with
5294s that
5295s that's nice
5299s that's really nice
5301s so is that peacemaker all right
5303s uh
5305s anything else stuck in here we already
5306s have this
5307s that should actually not be present
5309s there
5310s that's interesting
5314s but yeah everything else seems pretty
5315s standard
5316s also why haven't we upgraded our
5318s overcharged speed word that seems kind
5320s of strange
5323s let's just do that
5324s we've got the resources for it we might
5326s as well all right
5328s level 22 22 22 22
5334s all right now we need to get our uh
5336s thermogun and scatter guns upgraded
5339s before we move on to the next phase
5341s so for anybody who missed out on this uh
5344s whenever you modify you can actually
5346s modify multiple times now
5348s uh we're already at uh level cap so we
5351s are going to increase the rarity to max
5358s the cost of this
5360s may change but hasn't been fully
5363s balanced yet so you're all aware
5367s but regardless
5368s it is what it is uh let's see energy
5371s damage
5378s i feel like energy damage is probably
5379s the way to go here
5384s marksman could be nice though
5390s marksman could be really nice hmm
5393s man we've had so many good options
5395s between our uh equipment as of late this
5398s is nice i've actually had to think about
5400s what i want to use instead of it just
5402s being incredibly obvious
5407s [Music]
5417s would be cool to have passives that
5418s define vindicator drones weapon uh yeah
5420s that's actually been a point of
5421s discussion as well since you know we do
5423s have passives that determine the turrets
5425s weapon um on the gunship but maybe
5428s there's a specific reason why we don't
5430s have that passive on the vindicator
5435s all right
5436s uh let's see
5439s we are going to
5441s uh i think we're going to go with
5443s the range actually
5446s i think i want to do the range i mean
5448s the damage is nice but if i can keep on
5451s hitting them
5452s even if i get a little bit further away
5454s i feel like i'm gonna i just i feel a
5456s little bit better about that all right
5457s so now we're going to address
5459s whoops modify hold down our uh we are
5462s going to increase the level by one
5465s okay
5466s then we are going to increase the rarity
5469s all the way to max look at us spending
5471s all our resources
5473s and then we are going to install a
5475s catalyst
5476s the scatter gun let's see i feel like
5479s kinetics probably just gonna be the
5480s straight up option here
5485s i think it's just gonna be
5490s yeah we're just going to use kinetic
5491s we've already got one so we're not we
5493s don't have to craft anything
5496s that feels good so we got energy damage
5498s at longer range and then the scout
5500s scattergun close up that should be nice
5503s let's see if there are any new sounds
5505s associated with these weapons i don't
5506s believe there are oh also our ship's not
5509s green yet sorry but let's just listen
5514s okay we heard that last time i think the
5515s scattergun's the same too
5518s [Music]
5522s that's actually different
5525s that's a different one here let's uh
5527s let's make it to where you can actually
5528s hear it
5530s this is in fact a different sound
5540s so i also want to point out
5542s [Music]
5543s that while we have been introducing new
5545s sounds uh we've been uh talking about
5547s them on the front of like um here let me
5549s let me let me start over
5551s with sounds the sound effects for
5553s weapons
5554s we've been addressing them as like this
5557s sound is for a lower tier weapon and
5559s this sounds for a higher tier weapon
5561s that's for
5562s testing purposes
5565s so that we can hear the sounds make sure
5568s that they're all good and everything um
5570s but
5571s also keep in mind that just like
5573s modifiers on a weapon
5575s or
5576s the color of a weapon
5579s a sound
5581s could also technically just be
5583s randomized
5585s straight up
5587s it's possible
5589s it's possible you know what i mean
5592s all right
5594s let's go get this ancient warden
5597s i don't like them being here
5609s man he's a zippy
5614s the scattergun's not gonna do much
5617s but it feels good to use
5623s i couldn't even hit him with it all
5624s right therma guns back
5629s excuse me
5632s oh the auto firing missiles are causing
5634s him to jump around
5637s there you know what
5639s we're gonna pull those up for the
5640s duration of this combat because i want
5642s these shots to hit
5653s ouch
5656s ouch
5662s you tell these ancient ones are more
5664s accurate i feel like you guys complained
5665s about how easy they were so we made some
5667s tweaks
5671s come on where are my drones at
5674s where are my drones at oh my gosh i'm
5675s gonna die
5677s i'm gonna die
5683s oh my gosh we did technically die we
5685s didn't technically die oh we're leaving
5688s get out of town
5693s all right
5694s we're going to reconvene
5698s we almost had him wait where did he go
5706s the drones killed him
5709s after i left
5712s drones come on
5718s i'm all chasing them down on my dozer
5720s now dad you can take the bulk of it it's
5721s totally fine and then i leave okay we
5724s can take care of it now thanks you did
5726s the dirty work we got this
5727s awesome
5729s wow thanks drones you're the best
5733s oh goodness
5740s what help they were am i right goodness
5743s all right we're just gonna we're gonna
5744s repair ourselves up a little bit and
5746s then of course we'll change the color
5748s right before transitioning to the
5750s community segment of the stream which is
5752s highlighting screenshots and uh
5753s answering more questions of course and
5755s you know if we really want to we can
5756s also look at that concept art one more
5758s time
5759s because it's noise
5761s uh but yeah we can also let's see
5764s we have different color options oh man i
5766s like that i do like that
5769s different color options we could do if
5771s we wanted to
5773s uh
5775s i mean the world is our oyster on this
5778s front
5780s we go lots of different directions you
5782s know what i'm saying
5790s oh my gosh i'm already distracted with
5792s the colors oh
5794s i love messing around with these things
5796s so much
5799s i'm sure you guys do too oh i like that
5801s i like that
5807s i'm liking this
5810s let's see where are missives uh
5812s actually it might be better to have our
5813s emissives as the the yellow just
5816s yeah we're gonna keep the emissives as
5817s the yellow where's the southern emissive
5819s i can't even tell
5821s you know we actually do have plans to
5822s make it to where you can see the
5823s emissives that you're changing there's
5825s the emissives right there look at that
5826s it's tiny
5827s and then we got some on the rear
5829s but we do want to make that a little bit
5830s more transparent to the player
5833s but we're going to go with that i like
5834s that
5835s that's hot
5837s literally
5841s so uh yeah i think it's a good spot to
5844s stop
5845s pretty satisfied with those results
5849s uh so yeah
5853s done and um
5859s purple people saying oh yeah i
5860s completely ignored you guys you're all
5862s listening like green frog green pink
5865s purple iodine
5866s nah completely ignoring you guys not
5870s today i want to do this because i like
5872s it i just this is what i want i haven't
5875s i haven't flown something that's kind of
5876s like iron man-esque or just like fire
5879s based themed
5881s yeah so that's what we want to do that's
5883s that's where we're at and i'm sticking
5885s to it all right so guys now it's time to
5887s go over to the portion of the stream
5889s where we you know we're gonna we're
5890s gonna start with the concept art again
5893s because you know there's a there's a lot
5894s there
5895s there's a lot there so um we're gonna
5897s take a real super quick break all right
5899s real super quick break
5901s so go ahead and just like quick stretch
5903s break you know relax
5905s oh get some water crack your neck i
5908s don't know if you heard that but it felt
5910s amazing goodness gravy as i just pull up
5914s some of these little details
5916s just to ensure we've got some fun things
5919s to look at
5921s all right good good it looks like we are
5924s almost ready to go
5926s [Music]
5927s here we are
5929s much much better
5932s all right so uh if you guys missed it we
5935s covered some uh new concept art uh
5939s earlier in the stream
5942s and we uh yeah so some of this is what
5945s we showed last week like this was last
5947s week this was last week etc etc just
5949s want to highlight it again so you kind
5950s of have like a painted picture
5953s of what the canvas will look like when
5956s drake
5957s gang wars comes out this summer
5960s these are actually implemented into
5963s is it into your version
5965s shoot now i'm not sure this might be in
5967s your version i can't remember uh but
5969s then obviously this hasn't been
5971s implemented yet but you've got something
5972s to look forward to
5973s uh clerical corvette you do have access
5975s to retaliatory drone carrier i still
5977s really like the way these look i think
5979s it's awesome
5981s comes together nicely
5983s then we have uh combat units okar of
5986s course we have ghosts fighter whatever
5989s that means
5990s what in the world that looks nice though
5992s it looks pleasant
5993s wonder what that could mean we've got a
5995s coalition carrier which
5997s launches combat drones these are not
5999s carriers
6000s uh they are combat drones
6003s then we have the coalition fighters this
6004s is also something new that we shared
6006s today
6007s just giving you a sense of what they
6008s look like um if you if you guys are uh
6011s familiar with the retaliators you kind
6013s of also uh can get a sense of this
6016s medium fighter because the retaliators
6018s generally use freelance uh style ships
6021s so does the coalition
6022s so that's why you see uh something
6024s similar here
6026s if you want to be like using the proper
6028s terminology here the coalition uses the
6031s freelancer sub faction
6035s whereas like xeria and retaliators
6039s they use the outlaws so they are a
6042s sub-faction of outlaws whereas the
6044s coalition of course
6046s is a sub-fraction of freelancers
6049s just like the retaliators are a
6050s sub-fraction of freelancers
6054s there you go
6055s awesome
6057s so that's all that's all that fun stuff
6059s uh now we have
6061s the screenshots that you guys have been
6063s capturing oh why is this one low res no
6066s that makes me sad well we'll zoom in and
6068s it'll look kind of weird ironically uh
6071s this
6072s this was posted by retro nutcase who
6074s said man everspace1 still looks great
6077s and here i downloaded a low res version
6079s of the image somehow that's lame uh but
6082s still you can tell the light source the
6084s ice oh man that ice is nice
6087s there's a little baby scout not very
6089s upgraded at all so it's either beginning
6090s of a hardcore run or the beginning of
6092s having just purchased the scout not sure
6094s which
6096s very nice very nice
6098s looks good
6100s we also have dark chaos coming in hot
6102s with a lot of shots today
6105s these were captured over the course of
6106s the last two weeks if i'm not mistaken
6108s so if you guys have been taking shots
6110s and adding them to the discord that's
6112s where these uh stem from over the course
6114s of the last two weeks
6117s uh yeah
6119s so dark chaos always provides these very
6122s uh
6123s man how do you even describe them i
6124s don't know just look at it it's nice i'm
6126s just sharing with you all i don't have
6128s to describe anything to you you have
6130s eyes you have brains you can see it it's
6132s cool or it's not you determine that it's
6135s great
6136s that's how it works
6138s i just want to highlight the stuff that
6139s you shared lone wolf
6141s has this sort of wide-angle shot
6145s making this
6147s bomber
6149s is that a bomber i think that's a bomber
6151s made this bomber look like a very long
6153s boy
6160s let's see what else we got any questions
6162s will we get any premium michael selects
6164s today no no not today unfortunately
6167s michael is actually he you may have
6168s noticed that michael hasn't been um like
6171s as present in the stream like he's
6172s watching it uh but he's not responding
6176s as much because he's actually doing some
6178s work right now some very important work
6182s uh he has been
6183s ensuring that all details and dates are
6187s aligned for the summer
6189s wink wink nudge nudge
6192s and uh so he has not been doing uh
6195s michael selects
6197s just because there's
6198s important priorities there but rest
6201s assured we will get some more michael
6202s selects in the future
6204s we got dark chaos again
6206s you know
6207s it's interesting because you don't see
6208s this shot very frequently but every time
6210s you see it it's like oh that's nice i
6212s really like these tunneling shots
6215s where you have these interior
6217s spaces it's you know you spend so much
6219s time out in space and every space too
6221s you almost forget that there's these
6224s rich details
6226s inside of stations and debris and
6229s planets and stuff like that
6231s so a nice clever shot from dark chaos
6233s exploring the darkness
6237s we got raveler who was i think this is
6239s like a first time shot from him
6242s looking into some resources
6245s michael is a very busy guy you know
6247s sincerely he is
6248s he's very busy
6250s [Music]
6252s hyperspace one scott is super fast and
6254s quick it also is an everspace 2 it
6256s absolutely is an aerospace 2.
6259s scout is super fast
6263s scott on everspace 1 was so much better
6266s oh what
6267s oh my goodness i mean i'm a scout main
6269s in everspace one let's be real
6273s i still like the scout nervous space too
6274s but you know it has it has its place
6276s right
6277s we had to make some things a little bit
6279s more distinct between the classes
6284s all right next one we've got is
6287s jirad who's on escort duty is how he
6290s describes it
6295s i like how his color palette also
6297s matches gmb so it's like he's
6299s authentically part of this
6301s squad
6303s clever photo this is also one of their
6305s first that they were taking and adding
6307s into the discord
6309s so welcome jarab
6311s and thank you for the screenshot
6315s oh geek bye i don't know how i missed
6316s your comment where you said kansas city
6319s chiefs colors i wasn't even thinking
6321s about that honestly like i mean i know
6323s that the chiefs exist and i'm actually a
6325s local in the kansas city area uh but you
6328s know sports
6330s [Music]
6332s esports however i think esports are way
6334s cool football exists and i acknowledge
6336s that if somebody wants me to come to a
6337s football party i'm happy to come eat
6339s your food uh and i'll root for a team
6341s that's doing a thing
6343s that's about as far as i go on that
6344s front
6347s oh my gosh
6349s med bed we got some photos from med bed
6351s this time around too they're actually
6352s really nice
6353s they're really pleasant
6355s um so this one i think is incredibly
6357s clever i love the way you make it look
6360s almost like it's an eclipse utilizing
6363s that beautiful ancient
6365s as well as the placement of the star
6367s soup ah i love that i love that
6370s i love the way you brought that together
6372s makes me happy
6374s makes me very very happy
6376s we got this one from med bed as well
6377s who's trying to capture more like these
6379s scenic sort of overlooks
6382s of the station providing that detail
6387s that's nice
6388s this is going on my wall just to print
6390s it out slapping it on a wall somewhere i
6392s love it
6394s very very cool
6397s oh you're the you're jared and discord
6399s nice uh e2 moto nice
6402s very good welcome to the stream
6407s we've also got uh this one from high
6410s barf is hyperfin in the chat i feel like
6414s i saw him earlier maybe not um but i
6416s like the way that he captured this photo
6418s it's just like stretching it out um man
6421s those colors though i mean i know that
6423s maybe i'm not the the best uh
6425s best color analog
6427s analyzer here uh since you know
6429s sometimes my color palettes can look
6431s really strange on my ships because i
6433s kind of like strange every once in a
6434s while this is strange
6436s this is a strange that like it pleases
6438s me greatly um but also kind of grinds my
6441s gears because like even the even the
6443s freaking look at look at me sharing high
6445s bars photo and then me like crashing it
6447s oh my gosh but no like using red
6451s for this immersive uh immersive this
6454s the the lights
6456s using the red for the lights while you
6458s have like a gold and a teal
6461s i i'm so lost i don't know what theme
6463s this is supposed to be circulating
6464s around or if you like just randomize the
6466s color palette but either way it somehow
6469s works and i kind of hate that so thank
6472s you for sharing this photo
6477s oh my goodness
6480s i love it
6482s i love it this one comes from sirloin
6486s and uh they shared like a bunch of these
6488s like super high-res images in the
6491s discord and you have to like download
6492s them to see them because they were too
6494s large uh so like i could zoom in on this
6496s and there's still like incredible detail
6498s like it's pretty stinking
6500s pretty stinking neat now of course you
6502s get to the edges and there's like this
6503s anti-aliasing thing that's because of
6505s the depth of field going on here because
6507s it's trying to uh do a thing in the
6509s background versus to the ship so you're
6512s going to get this strange distortion
6514s effect but other than that like the
6516s detail on the ship as its shields
6518s breaking i think just i think that looks
6520s so cool
6522s so nice capture on that front screen we
6524s got another one we got a couple more
6526s from sirloin this one was zooming way
6530s way back
6531s in the kite nebula
6534s and again this is one of those very uh
6536s high-res shots though so we can keep
6538s zooming in
6540s to get all the details of these
6542s asteroids
6545s a very expansive shot and i like the way
6548s it comes together
6549s our third one we've got another one for
6551s sirloin using that depth of field once
6553s more
6554s i like how that we got this like
6556s rotation you know we got this turn into
6558s the middle the explosion of a redeemer
6561s the depth of field also isn't doing
6563s wonky things around the edges of the
6564s ship too so that's nice that's a bonus
6566s um
6567s and i just i love how like even this
6569s part of the ship that you can make out
6571s it's just completely enveloped in flame
6574s oh my gosh it's just it's this is a nice
6577s shot that's a really nice shot i love
6579s the way that it comes together
6581s i think we need a random button in the
6582s color picker oh gosh i think that if we
6584s added a random button in the color
6586s picker uva or michael i'm not sure which
6589s maybe both would have a minor heart
6591s attack i don't think they can deal with
6593s that they
6594s michael's actually expressed to me he
6596s was like hey don't choose random weird
6599s colors for the stream we want to make
6600s sure the ship looks good so all right
6602s like he really
6603s sincerely uh like
6606s probably not something that we want to
6608s do um if you want to make your ship look
6610s weird you of course have the ability to
6613s uh but we want you to choose to do that
6615s instead of it be randomly weird
6618s i guess anyway
6620s uh next up we got another one from
6622s highvarf oh my gosh
6625s we got this one from the prototype and a
6628s lot of people actually ended up loving
6630s this sort of um
6632s engine wing build for the striker this
6635s was before it was called the striker it
6636s was called the what was it called the
6638s weapon
6639s the what was it the
6641s i can't remember what was freaking
6642s called before i can't i can't remember
6644s but um ultimately this weapo the wing
6647s style was canned from the striker
6650s we felt like it wasn't standing out
6651s enough from another wing type that was
6654s in the in the striker set aside from its
6656s large engines but that's not the right
6659s design theme we had in mind for the
6661s striker the large engines on the side is
6663s actually supposed to be for the gunship
6665s as you all know
6667s so even though this ship does look
6669s really cool a lot of people love it
6670s assault fighter thank you spoon knight
6672s even though the wings of this assault
6674s fighter do look really cool
6676s no doubts about that it did not fit the
6679s theme that we were aiming for with the
6680s vessel it also doesn't have the right
6683s silhouette in its presentation for the
6686s other ones namely strikers are meant to
6688s have two wings on both sides and the
6689s wings of the bottom feel more like fins
6692s so yeah ultimately we just canned this
6695s wing type and replaced it with those
6697s engines the big frontal engines that
6699s then have the two wings
6702s uh so like the engines are almost like
6705s weaponized engines if they if you kind
6707s of can explain like that anyway i
6709s digress
6711s uh but yeah a lot has changed since the
6713s prototype um i just
6716s i just want to
6718s throw this on the screen again thanks
6720s for sharing this again hi barf i really
6722s do appreciate it wow
6725s just look at that and just be so
6728s thankful
6729s [Music]
6730s we listen to you guys
6734s and have updated uh how things kind of
6738s come together on all fronts you can't
6740s tell what any of those items are
6741s whatsoever you can't tell at what range
6744s they're at you can't even tell like how
6746s many
6747s what are these things what's the it like
6750s energy and oh my gosh look even the the
6753s devices in the bottom left
6756s everything is so
6759s different
6760s from where it was at in the prototype so
6762s a wild ride we have been on
6766s and he'd shoot even the even the
6769s leveling up it's changed all that stuff
6771s it's it's so different so crazy
6773s different
6774s nuts
6777s that is
6778s nuts all right next one up we've got is
6781s flory
6782s who uh
6784s took a number of them i felt like this
6786s one was a more standout one
6789s but uh there's these like i describe
6792s them as like ice cream cones in space
6794s because they're very like vertical uh
6797s uh
6799s what's it called when it's a cylinder
6801s but it goes to a point it's not a
6802s pyramid but i'm gonna say pyramid like
6805s um so and then you've got
6807s you know all of this dotted goodness at
6809s the top like sprinkles on ice cream
6811s that's why i call it ice cream there are
6812s multiple uh cones in this place and you
6816s took a screenshot of this one and i love
6817s how there's like added resources on top
6819s of it too added flavors
6822s so the flavor of the day of course then
6823s you know you mix in like your peanut
6825s butter or whatever i dig it and it's
6827s making me real hungry
6830s so excellent work keep it up
6832s very nice we have another one from dark
6835s chaos i think this one just it's
6838s you can't go wrong when you're taking
6839s shots out of union in this space and
6841s you're lining up these
6843s huge station shots
6845s in the midst of all the nebula that's
6847s present
6848s gosh i love that the motion of the ship
6850s was well with the trails
6852s it feels good feels good bringing it all
6854s together
6855s a cone
6856s it's a cone
6858s oh my gosh it's a cone guys thank you
6861s thank you for educating me uh with
6863s geometry
6864s learning my shapes again oh wow that's a
6868s throwback to what middle school thank
6870s you i appreciate it
6874s oh my gosh
6875s so uh yeah i love love the way that this
6877s one comes together and just really
6878s highlights union
6881s we got uh
6882s baker
6884s who was highlighting his ship style
6888s i think that he had a couple of shots to
6890s share he's kind of a newcomer as well uh
6893s to sharing screenshots so really do
6895s appreciate it when you guys do that i
6897s wanted to highlight you
6898s we got some damage we're gonna need to
6900s buff out some of those scratches you
6903s know i do think that the rich blue and
6906s then just like that subtle uh highlight
6908s orange uh it's a nice counterpoint with
6911s the grays as well to kind of help
6912s neutralize those contrasting colors and
6914s then flying over this area what is this
6916s uh right in the middle of union that
6919s destroyed asteroid thing
6922s that place is that yawn orbit i think it
6924s is maybe it is
6926s and lots of firefighting going on in the
6927s background we might have to do something
6928s about that but still
6930s nice shot
6932s i like your
6933s i like your ship
6936s we've got another one from dark chaos
6937s this is
6938s this is a ship that is currently in the
6940s game i don't think a lot of you have
6942s actually found it yet though
6946s now there are plans for this vessel
6949s for one it's not supposed to be colored
6950s like that
6953s um
6954s but uh it is supposed to be rather
6957s elusive
6958s it might give you some hints as to what
6959s it might be in the future
6962s but regardless it was found a couple of
6965s people have found it now taking
6966s screenshots of it and dig it
6969s now this is that's a triggering color
6971s scheme so this is the um it's the rgb
6976s base
6977s for determining the primary secondary
6979s and tertiary colors that are added to
6982s the final product so the colors aren't
6984s applied here this is effectively its
6988s blueprint this is uh you know think of
6990s it as like it's um
6992s almost like a wireframe for colors how
6994s to better describe that
6996s my brain is fried apparently can't uh
6999s describe things but uh regardless
7001s placeholder that is placeholder all
7003s right
7006s next one we got another one again
7008s from med bed with these creative shots
7011s this one i think is your best one i
7013s think this one is the most alluring out
7015s of all of them you're getting this slice
7018s this taste of
7019s what could be out there you know if you
7021s have this massive star
7023s that's next to the station you're
7025s looking out from a cave why are you in
7027s the cave are you hiding were you
7028s exploring
7029s something dangerous from afar but
7031s regardless you are in this position
7033s you're looking onward and there's
7035s opportunities or dangers around every
7037s corner and i just want to know what they
7039s are i want to get there i want to see
7041s what's beyond
7043s and uh it's a very alluring photo to me
7046s it excites me builds me up i want more
7050s i dig it we got one from the chemical
7052s bro who normally like throws tons of
7054s photos at us uh uh but man when he does
7057s bring them they're absolute quality so i
7059s can't even knock him for that uh still
7062s love the way that the colors are
7063s utilized here it's very orange you got
7065s like this incredibly subtle blue like
7067s right here
7068s um and that's it like that's the only
7070s blue it really stands out
7073s but i love the debris feel in the
7074s background the lights shining through it
7077s i think it does come together incredibly
7078s well
7080s clever shot
7082s very nice and then the last one uh this
7085s one actually wasn't posted in the
7086s screenshots this was posted on the uh
7089s was it a general chat it was somewhere
7091s else
7092s from mfi
7094s who doesn't really post on the
7095s screenshots channel but i loved the shot
7098s i really enjoyed it
7099s giving the vindicator some love it
7101s deserves more after all that's why i
7103s flew it today because i recognize that
7105s it can be a harder ship to use unless
7107s you're managing things properly it's a
7109s bit to manage on it you saw like you
7111s actively saw me in that high risk area
7113s but man it feels so good when you're
7115s hanging out with your little drone
7116s buddies and they're doing work
7118s especially when you almost die from an
7121s ancient and then they go finish it off
7122s without you
7124s little punks oh my goodness
7126s [Music]
7127s but sincerely no it's great i love i
7129s love the way that they line up with you
7132s i love the way they sync up uh on this
7134s front i know some of you have also
7136s pointed out it's like they can line up
7138s on the left and right as well it's
7140s almost like there's eight slots for
7141s drones
7144s do keep in mind that there are other
7145s drones that you can activate in the game
7147s that would also follow you in certain
7149s orders and stuff like that uh so this
7151s the drones don't go to this formation
7154s like three at the top three at the
7155s bottom bottom intentionally they just
7157s fill a slot that can be surrounding you
7160s since it is possible to have
7162s more than six drones
7165s [Music]
7167s cool
7169s uh and that's the last of those shots we
7172s also do have some fan art this fan art
7174s is a little bit dated uh but we're gonna
7177s bounce into it anyway oh actually no we
7180s covered the fan art shoot we already
7182s covered this fan art last time oh my
7183s gosh
7185s we covered this already
7186s i didn't even add we didn't get new fan
7188s art guys we need more fan art get on it
7192s we need more fan art
7194s stuff like this this is silly and i love
7196s it
7199s get on it
7200s oh my gosh so guys
7202s yeah that's the stream uh we actually
7204s have
7205s two minutes left i can answer a question
7209s so anybody have any question that you'd
7211s like me to answer oh my gosh
7219s can we get some crumping this week
7221s what is crumping should i know what
7223s krumping is
7225s it would be better ship if the drones
7227s had cute little names goodness gravy you
7229s guys never stop
7235s so um
7236s i will mention and maybe you could tell
7238s i'm not sure my throat is still on the
7240s recovery process through
7242s all things allergy related
7245s and i don't want to hurt my voice any
7247s more than i do just by sheer talking
7250s so we are going to go ahead and just
7251s transition to the end of the stream uh i
7253s don't you have any significant
7254s expectations for what may or may not
7256s occur afterwards uh but yeah uh we also
7259s want to rate somebody like we always do
7262s somebody that uh is in the sci-fi
7264s community that we respect uh somebody
7266s that uh is
7268s doing some things because we are big
7270s fans of sci-fi games overall and you
7272s probably are too if you're interested in
7273s every space too um i is corbin streaming
7276s uh susan do you know
7278s is he on the is he on the docket
7282s we got him going on here let me let me
7283s go back to the
7286s uh new concept art stuff
7292s so anybody who's missed it they can't
7293s see right here at the end one more time
7297s where's the center of the universe it's
7298s in this it's in the very middle of all
7301s creation
7303s i'm very wise
7306s oh my gosh
7308s your questions you guys are so silly
7311s corbin is yes okay so yeah we'll bounce
7313s over to corbin um and he's he's always
7316s awesome he's always fun definitely give
7317s him the love and attention he deserves
7319s he's doing things
7321s and uh yeah otherwise i hope you guys
7323s enjoyed the new concept art you guys
7325s should probably be looking forward to
7327s the coalition zerulia and retaliator
7330s factions in the upcoming summer gang
7333s wars update which will be dropping
7338s in the summer uh
7342s man i just pissed off somebody who was
7344s expecting a date oh my gosh what a tease
7347s all right guys i'm out of here don't
7348s stop being awesome sincerely i won't
7351s stop being eric schrader your community
7353s ambassador all things ever space two
7355s related uh and uh yeah we'll catch you
7358s in the next stream so uh yeah we're just
7360s gonna we're just gonna cut to the chase
7362s we are no in segment we're gonna go ray
7365s corbin okay that's what we're gonna do
7367s so excellent doodles
7373s [Music]
7382s [Music]
7391s [Music]
7395s go say hi to corbin
7411s [Music]
7414s okay there's an in game segment in game
7417s segment in stream segment you know the
7419s drill i just really like talking to you
7421s all and i can't get enough of it and i
7423s just want to make sure that everybody
7425s out there is super aware
7428s that everspace 2
7430s in its early access state still has a
7432s lot more content coming yes but also
7434s note that the 1.0 release scheduled for
7437s the first quarter of 2023
7441s will go up in price so if you are
7444s interested in purchasing the game my
7446s recommendation to you to save the most
7448s money if you are incredibly frugal like
7451s i am as a gamer you need to wish list us
7454s put us on the wish list because anytime
7456s there's a sale that pops up maybe one
7458s that might be happening soon i don't
7459s know i don't have any information on the
7461s inside um you can absolutely do that and
7465s when a sale goes live you would then
7467s know it could be up to 10 15 20 off
7471s probably somewhere around those lines
7473s that would be the absolute cheapest you
7476s can purchase everspace 2 at this time
7479s that's the lowest and you can only see
7481s that if you have a wish listed so the
7484s notification hits you when it's ready
7486s otherwise we totally respect you guys
7489s waiting for that 1.0 release and if
7491s that's the way you want to be
7494s ensuring all components of everspace 2
7496s actually are hit and we account for all
7499s of the visionary elements we said we
7502s claimed we totally understand so don't
7505s stop being awesome guys i'm legitimately
7507s leaving right now uh take care
7511s bye
7512s toodles again
7516s [Music]
7525s [Music]
7535s foreign