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But what is it?

It's the arms that raise the rocket in the silo. It's just that they're a separate layer and the whole rocket silo section of these pictures is artificially put in to be able to position the rocket easily, as there were many variations of this kind of banner picture for the 1.0 release, it was very useful to have it flexible, as the rocket is one of the most important elements of the composition.

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Originally posted by Silari82

Being a dev doesn't mean he worked on the banner. That was made by albert IIRC. Can't find where it's mentioned, only reddit posts with the same question that refer to it being mentioned before.

The banner == the original factory + some extra edits. These screenshots are specifically for 1.0 release and although they do originate from the same save, there's a bunch of stuff on top.

In this case it's both my save and I did work on those banners. :)

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Originally posted by Enaero4828

the hydraulic pylons from the rocket silo. They're there because the artist thought making the banner even more cluttered spaghetti was more visually appealing, was mentioned here or in a FFF towards the end, not sure off top of my head.

Yes and no. Yes, they are the hydraulics for the rocket silo, but it's not fromt the banner, and we don't cheat in a way that we would just paste random stuff in a screenshot to make it seem busier. :)3