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Minor Features

  • Added mod portal bookmarks to install mods gui


  • Fixed show-player-robots debug option would render lines for characters on other surfaces. more
  • Fixed using incorrect sound settings when there is no configuration file.
  • Fixed a crash related to teleporting spider vehicles with burner energy sources between surfaces.
  • Fixed that the return value of some lualib noise functions didn't have the metatable for noise expression arithmetic. more
  • Fixed simulation widgets showing savefiles trying to apply migrations in multiplayer. more
  • Fixed upgrading pair of underground belt ghosts that makes them in reach would flip one of them without updating rotation point of nearby belts. more
  • Fixed that logistic containers didn't deduplicate filters when importing them from untrusted sources which could crash the game. more
  • Fixed a hard crash when a mod called deconstruct_area() with mismatched force and the player undid deconstruction of tiles. more
  • Fixed highlight-box targeting entity not rendering before first update. more
  • Fixed spider-remote would lose connection when spider changes surface. more
  • Fixed SpidertronRemotePrototype was silently forcing stack size to 1 and not marking prototype as non stackable. more
  • Fixed that sounds with fade_out_ticks would synchronize when pausing the game while the sounds are fading out. more
  • Fixed idle sounds would synchronize when pausing the game. more
  • Fixed idle sounds for accumulators not starting in certain scenarios. more
  • Fixed idle sounds playing when they shouldn't for entities with max_sounds_per_type set.
  • Fixed inserters not highlighting the entity they would pick up from if said entity is a ghost while the inserter is not. more
  • Fixed a save's suggested save name not being updated when using non blocking saving. more
  • Fixed a crash when GUI style errors are found during loading. more
  • Fixed an item duplication when fast replacing underground belts with a damaged item. more
  • Fixed that loader could get stuck when feeding a burner generator. more
  • Fixed a crash when opening blueprint book item while tick is paused. more
  • Fixed a unit group that is building a base could have all its members distracted and still build a base. more


  • Added LuaTechnology to LuaPlayer::opened.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::ammo_category read.

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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