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As announced previously, Factorio is now available for Nintendo Switch. You can find it on the Nintendo eShop in your region. I hope you will enjoy it. Remember that if you are not sure, you can try the demo. I recommend playing through the tutorial campaign even if you are a veteran player, as it gradually teaches you how to play the game with a controller.

Reporting bugs

This is a pretty big release so some bugs are expected. Please report any bugs you find at our usual bug report forum. Tag any Nintendo Switch specific bugs with "[Switch]" in the bug title. Also please Opt-in to Sending Game Error Information so that I can analyse any crashes that occur.

For feedback, I created a topic for Nintendo Switch version feedback and a topic for controller support feedback. For suggestions you can use the Ideas and Suggestions forum.

Known issues

  • When the game is started for the first time, there will be no sound effects, only music. Please restart the game to fix this issue. A patch to fix this issue is already on the way. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • LAN discovery does not work in some rare situations if "Public" visibility is also selected when hosting the game.
  • Maps over 100MB or with a very large number of entities (typically downloaded from the PC version) can not be loaded.

Useful information regarding multiplayer

  • When hosting multiplayer games over the internet, you will need to forward port 34197 in your router. Connecting to games that don't have their port forwarded might not work.
  • Since patches for Nintendo Switch take time to be published, the game on Nintendo Switch might be on an older version. Please select the "console" beta branch on Steam to make sure the versions match.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a demo available?
  • What's the price of the full game?
    $30.00 or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • Why is the game so expensive in my country? It's cheaper on Steam.
    Since it's very easy to change country and region, and the game is not region locked, regional pricing could easily be abused. For this reason the price is roughly $30.00 in all regions, or equivalent in local currency.
  • Is there a physical box release I can buy?
    No, the game is only available on the Nintendo eShop.
  • Can I keep my username in multipayer games?
    Yes, when logging in for the first time, remember to select "I already have a Factorio.com account". If you have an account created using Steam, you can set a password by logging in at https://factorio.com/login and select Log in using Steam.
  • Can I transfer my save to Nintendo Switch?
    The short answer is no. The long answer is yes, using multiplayer, the following way: Go to Settings -> Other on both devices and make sure your "LAN player name" is not identical. You might need to temporarily log out to change it. Select "Host saved game" and host a game with the save file you want to transfer. Uncheck "Public", check "LAN" and uncheck "Verify user identity". Connect to the game using "Browse LAN games" and then save the game. Remember that very large maps will run slow, not load at all or even crash the game.
  • Can I transfer my blueprints to Nintendo Switch?
    Same answer as above. You can for example transfer the blueprints by placing them in the "Game blueprints" tab of the Blueprint library before saving.
  • I'm getting "std::bad_alloc" when trying to load a save file.
    You are trying to load a save file that is too big and the console has run out of memory

Welcome new players

I don't expect an immediate influx of millions of new players from Nintendo Switch, but there will be quite a few fresh engineers crash landing. The Factorio community has a very good reputation of welcoming and helping new players, so keep up the good work! And thank you.

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Originally posted by Soul-Burn

My big question is how does one "press Alt" on a Switch?

Another important thing to know is how to take screenshots on the Switch.

Alt-mode is the Up (▲) button.

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Originally posted by Darkkiller12321

Sooo, the mining sound doesn't play on the demo :/

Restart the game and it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. It only happens on the first run.

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Originally posted by mriswithe

Ok, now that is a very specific and irritating bug as a coder. How the hell does that work? Or is that currently still a mystery to you all too?

When the config file does not exist, some bogus defaults are loaded.

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Originally posted by jjcf89

Is there a shortcut to jump the cursor from the character inventory to the chest inventory.

So far i do go up (selects the x) then go down (selects the far right of the chest) then scroll over to where the items are. LT+A to grab all items.

No direct way but there's the trick that you can navigate to the close button and down and you end up on the other side of the window.

I'm considering adding a wrap-around option to GUI navigation.

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Originally posted by Noah__Webster

Does it have any touch screen support for menuing?

Yes, but only for menus and some GUIs. Generally you shouldn't use the touch screen to play the game.

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Originally posted by Kenshiro84

Could the Switch handle the late game or high RPS games?

Not really. You should expect being able to play until your first rocket(basically the whole content of the game), after that, UPS will start to drop.

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Originally posted by teambe

Possibly look at adding the option to use the control gyro as a mouse while you use the free aim mode. Using the stick is fine, but an extra option to just use motion aiming could be cool too.

It's something I experimented with and works pretty well. But it needs a lot of polish and more intuitive handling of edge cases, drift, strange angles etc.

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Originally posted by help-me-plzzzz

Great port overall. 2 questions

1) Will there be support added to use both the left stick and D-pad for menu navigation? Out of my 100+ Switch games this is the only one where I could not use both options on the main menu. I was confused for a second when I started the game and I couldn't navigate until I tried the other option.

2) Will "local wireless" support be added? The point of the switch is portability, that means there won't always be a network nearby to play online or LAN. Nearby play on the Switch is what solves this. It's how my friend and I play Monster Hunter, etc when on a bus or train. I think nearby local play just uses bluetooth or something in the backend to make it work.

I'll keep the feedback in mind

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Originally posted by run-as-admin

Please support mouse and keyboard while playing on Switch docked mode.

I'm also having problems with sound. For example manually mining resources has no sound.

I plan to add a "mouse and keyboard mode" so the game can be played just like on PC. But this will come later.

Regarding the sound issue, it's a known bug, please restart the game once and it should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Originally posted by MovieGuyMike

Has anyone figured out if there are shortcuts for these actions:

Collect items from a box without opening it?

Place items directly into your inventory from a an open box with one click, or directly into a box/smelter/etc from your inventory?

It gets tedious having to select an item then drag it to its destination.

There's a mini-tutorial teaching you about this in the Tips and tricks screen in the Panels section of the Quick Panel

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Originally posted by Seasterz


Upon clicking the right stick to activate the crosshair, it can be controlled with a connected usb mouse. You will have to go into your settings and map the secondary button controls to your liking for the mouse.

I wish Eshop listings did a better job of advertising mouse support.

Support is limited for now. I plan to later add a "mouse and keyboard mode" so the game will behave and control exactly like on PC

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Originally posted by PerfectChaosOne

Is this version the same as steam? Are there still scenarios and achievements? At least in game

It's the same version, no limitations. Only thing missing is mod support. And you won't be able to build very big bases without performance drops; you can launch a rocket with no performance issues, so you can experience the full content of the game.

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Originally posted by truckerheist

Any idea when the Switch will get the latest stable version now that 1.1.70 was marked as stable?

I already started the patch submission process last week. I'm not sure, but I'm hoping by the end of this week it will be out.

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Originally posted by akapulko53

I do not see Ukrainian language support, although we have translated everything to Crowdin....

It should be included in 1.1.71, sorry the delay. Thanks for the translation.