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  • Significantly reduced the intensity of the red screen flash when the player character takes damage.
  • Changed fish so they won't swim into inactive chunks. more
  • Changed slowdown capsule and posion capsule icons to be matching in size. more
  • Added email authentication to login GUIs.


  • Fixed that overwriting ItemRequestProxy item requests wasn't working properly in some cases when the same item was already requested. more
  • Fixed that loading a mod with a corrupted image file would crash the whole game on Linux. more
  • Fixed a crash with ghost overbuilding and script interactions. more
  • Fixed that infinite technologies didn't respect ignore_tech_cost_multiplier. more
  • Fixed that LuaEntity::belt_neighbours didn't work on ghosts. more
  • Fixed an issue with item-with-inventory extending inventories and quickbars. more
  • Fixed that a train stop helper would not draw when hovering inserters next to rails that were not straight connected to a train stop. more
  • Fixed a crash when fast replacing electric pole marked to be deconstructed when there is another ghost pole on top of it. more
  • Fixed a crash when creating a blueprint with connected electric pole while it has an upgrade target set to not electric pole. more
  • Removed a NaN check when loading map. more
  • Fixed a screenshot for save file preview would not account for a force of a player. more
  • Removed duplicated frame in grenade and cluster grenade animation. more
  • Fixed a map loading issue when changing mod dependencies and nothing else. more
  • Fixed a crash when trying to perform some actions while in multiplayer. more
  • Fixed rotating entities with non-symetric bounding boxes didn't work correctly. more
  • Fixed that already built pipes to ground could show removal indicators for pipes they are bridging when selected.
  • Fixed the runtime multiplayer settings GUI wouldn't fit on screen. more
  • Fixed that inserters could be flipped in some cases when they weren't supposed to allow it. more
  • Fixed that cliff deconstruction wasn't issued when the corrected cliff collision box overlapped with ghost entities. more


  • Added on_research_cancelled.
  • Added on_player_reverse_selected_area.

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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