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  • Updated transport belt icons.


  • Fixed unregistering multiple events at once would not clear event filters. more
  • Fixed inactive mining drill playing its working sound for a moment when panning over it. more
  • Fixed a crash when pressing Alt+F4 or clicking the X button when in sound settings. more
  • Fixed a crash when changing the force of a logistic container marked for deconstruction. more
  • Fixed a crash in production score script when a rocket launch product has probabilistic amount. more
  • Fixed a crash in production score script when a resource entity is given no mineable products. more
  • Fixed collision mask util not ignoring other flags when checking "not-colliding-with-itself" masks. more
  • Fixed the player losing contents of the cursor when starting the round in tightspot scenario. more
  • Fixed wave defense losing all upgrades after some prototype changes. more
  • Fixed inactive entity working sound playing its fade-out when pausing and unpausing the game.
  • Fixed that mod ordering didn't work correctly when searching in the install mods GUI. more
  • Fixed that the 'starting points' in MapGenSettings wasn't loaded when importing a map exchange string. more
  • Fixed that event filters for on_pre_ghost_deconstructed and on_pre_ghost_upgraded weren't filtering correctly. more
  • Fixed that changing render threads to 1 while menu simulations were visible would crash the game. more
  • Fixed rocket silo would get stuck when rocket_parts was set during launch. more
  • Fixed smooth zoom behavior at high game speeds. more
  • Fixed a performance issue when many roboports re-activate at the same time. more
  • Fixed that the sync-mods-with-save GUI didn't work correctly when failing to download in some situations. more
  • Fixed solar panel equipment was unable to produce full expected power when solar multiplier was larger than 1. more
  • Fixed boiler's energy source buffer size was not updated when prototypes data changed. more


  • Added torso_bob_speed to the spider vehicle prototype.


  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::torso_bob_speed read.

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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