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I wanted to wrap my head about that number. So I used Editor Extensions to build the theoretical max efficiency labs to hit that number from 1.1 rules.

This is a tiny portion of the labs.

I realize that feeding these labs is the real puzzle, sure. But I wanted to look at the picture outside the puzzle box.

Each of these purple dots is an EE Super Roboport with 43 fully moduled labs of distance between each other. Also a super radar.

It took me some 20 minutes to build all that, mostly fiddling with the blueprint alignment numbers.

Yes, a bit over target. I just did free radial expansion and didn't want to bother adjusting.

When I built the outer layers, the super robots were dropping my UPS to 25~30. It's now stabilized at 46~50.

Lots of energy. But the interesting thing is the building numbers.

I can't really wrap my head around the logistics challenge of feeding all these labs if they're all in the same place.

Space Age is really going to be a different game, huh.

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Yeah I agree. Quality is useful for things that will be built and exist permanently, not for things that get consumed for science.

quality science packs doesn't make sense indeed (one if the reason is, that there still will be normal production all these quality ingredients are supposed to support). But quality ammo or fuel has bonuses. I didn't try it with ammo, but quality fuel allows train acceleration and max speed to be increased a bit. And since trains generally don't eat that much, and fuel isn't that expensive, it is a reasonable thing to do in the end game stage of the game.