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Hey guys,

I'm planning a type of internet LAN party (I call it a WAN Party :P ) with 5-6 people in total for approx 5 hours. I'm wondering what our goal should be and whether we should play with some mods or even total overhauls to suit our constraints. My idea would be that there could be some type of conclusion that feels satisfying, but am concerned it may be tough to achieve given factorio is a long-term game.

I thought maybe scenarios could provide an interesting challenge and conclusion, but I haven't played any of them and thus have no clue whether they are fun, what else is out there etc.

I was thinking that "worst case" I'll get some convenience mods such as "skip first hour", "longer reach", "squeeze through" and stuff and have the goal of launching one rocket before the event is over - but this is really the only idea I have so I come to you for help!

Most of the people have not played factorio yet or are novice-level (I have 250 hrs approximately)

I'd appreciate insight, input, suggestions on the matter!

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You can try the rocket rush scenario: https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-335#rocketrush

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