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Welcome! Hello again Fault fam,

The team has been grinding away on the next patch non-stop and a ton of progress has been made on everything mentioned in the last weekly update. As we stated before, the next patch contains alot more than the long-awaited HUD, it will also bring a ton of large improvements to the game and production in general. We will provide full details about all of these major changes in the notes for patch 0.13.0 as soon as we reach our final testing stages. Now, time for some more looks into what's coming to Fault!

The HUD The HUD's development is well underway and we hope to get it in your hands as quickly as possible, with that said we would like to share some more sneak peeks into its design before release, keep in mind anything you see in these weekly updates can change and should not be considered final versions.

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20 Feb


Nothing to do with Fault but something I had sitting in the drafts for a while so thought I would share :)

19 Feb

18 Feb

Welcome! Hello Fault family,‍

We have decided to start weekly community update posts! These updates will be quick informational posts containing what we are working towards each week, and may even contain potential teasers on upcoming content.

Our first weekly update is very large in order to cover our work from the past few weeks, it contains information on the next patch to hit Fault and some of the features included within it. Patch 13.0 will be the largest update the game has seen since release. This patch will include code changes which work towards creating a stable and strong foundation for the game for us to build upon, along with a large dose of new content.

We will post a full Dev blog going into all the details of every feature listed here closer to the release of the patch.

‍Some features listed may not make it to patch 0.13.0 if we feel they need more work before releasing and still wish to push the update.
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17 Feb

16 Feb

12 Feb


Originally posted by Ragga-Prince

The fact that this subreddit has devolved into memes that make fun of the devs is both great and slightly disappointing.

Tbh we loved it, the team has been going full beast mode working away on the next update, and we all got a good comedic break out of this post.

Also we have plans for our Reddit community in the future so stay tuned ;).


Another hilarious meme, great work!

05 Feb

04 Feb


Originally posted by ShiftAC

Oh shet. New hud :)) ?

Im probably looking forward to a hud change for heroes selection. Cause it looks kinda ... You know :P

Our focus is on the actual in-game HUD first. After that's out for everyone, we will start work on everything else :D

03 Feb


Originally posted by ClozetSkeleton

The patch was 5 days ago, you need to be faster lmao

Been super busy with the new HUD :P