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Greetings PC Warriors,

During the Open Beta, we received many reports from players who had critical issues with EasyAntiCheat. Thanks again for your time, and for all the information you shared to the customer support teams. For the official launch of the game, we have integrated a brand new version of EasyAntiCheat to better manage error codes, while still protecting the game from cheaters who are using unauthorized hack programs.

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Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Previously, the common error message displayed was:
“EasyAntiCheat detected a security failure on your device”
Here-below you will find all the details and the ways to resolve the situation.

Most issues occurring with EasyAntiCheat can be solved by making sure that Uplay or Steam are up to date:

If those two conditions are met and you are still getting an error message, the following information should help you get past it.

If the error message occurs when you launch Uplay or Steam, the LAUNCHER ERRORS article may help you find a solution.

The errors documented are:
  • Could not load EasyAntiCheat library
  • CreateService / StartService / WriteFile failed
  • Debugger has been detected. Please unload it and try again
  • DNS resolve to EasyAnticheat network failed
  • EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Driver Signature Enforcement has been disabled
  • EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Kernel Debugging is enabled
  • EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Kernel Patch Protection has been disabled
  • EasyAntiCheat cannot run under Windows Safe Mode
  • Error validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate
  • Please close (tool name) before starting the game
  • WaitForSingleObject failed

If you’re still having an issue launching the game with no error message from EasyAntiCheat, please check this FAQ.

If you get an error message while running the game, it can be one of two types:

GAME INTEGRITY VIOLATIONS are as follow, Error Code 006000043:

  • EAC Hash file not found
  • EAC Hash error
  • EAC Hash Certificate revoked
  • Unknown file version

  • Missing required file

One or more files of your game may have been modified, damaged or is missing, and needs to be repaired. To do so, make sure that Uplay is up to date and by VERIFYING THE STATUS OF THE INSTALLATION OF THE GAME ( . If you are using Steam, this how to VERIFY THE GAME ( in Steam.

  • Unknown game file

An unknown file that is not part of the game installation was found to be loaded from the game directory.
First close the running game and then delete the file inside the game directory. After deleting the file you may start the game again.

  • Untrusted system file

The game loaded a system dll that failed an integrity check. This error indicates a system level corruption.
In most cases this can be fixed by running the following command with Administrator rights:
sfc /scannow
For further instructions on how to do this, please visit this link:
Alternatively, this error may indicate a virus infection in the system and we highly recommend running a full anti-virus system scan.
Addionally, make sure that all available updates have been installed through Windows Update.

  • Corrupted memory

The in-memory game code was detected to have been corrupted. This error is very rare and can occur if the physically installed RAMs are defective and causing runtime memory corruption.
Check that your game installation is up-to-date.
Use a memory test tool, such as MemTest86, to check the condition of the installed RAM.

  • Forbidden tool detected
  • Forbidden module loaded

A hacking tool running in background.
Check that there are no unknown programs running with the Windows Task Manager. Restarting Windows will also ensure that any previously started hacking tools are fully unloaded in the system.

  • Anti-Cheat Error

A hack attempt to the anti-cheat core was detected. This error should never occur under normal conditions.
Check that your game installation is up-to-date.

  • Corrupted packet flow

Packet corruption of anti-cheat communication between the game client and the connected host was detected. This error may occur if there is heavy packet loss in the multiplayer connection.
Try joining to another multiplayer session with low latency.
Check that your game installation is up-to-date.

  • Forbidden system configuration

This violation is triggered if e.g. the Windows Kernel Patch Protection has been disabled or a forbidden modification is found in the Windows Kernel. This error is a strong indicator of a rootkit virus infection and we recommend running a full system anti-virus scan or re-installing Windows.

  • Host or peer validation failed, Error Code 006000044

If the error message occurs when you install the game, please check the INSTALLATION ISSUE ARTICLE on the EasyAntiCheat help website.
The errors documented are:
  • Copying service executable failed (32)
  • AddGameRegistryEntry failed
  • CreateService failed (5)
  • GrantAllUsersAccessToService failed

In all these cases, following the corresponding link will allow you to find more information about the issue and provide you with troubleshoot steps that should allow you to get past it.
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Originally Posted by OriginalSFP1977
How about those who got banned without using anything extra?
And how do those who have gotten banned because of XBOX controller get unbanned?
And what about those who don't even own the damn game? How did they get banned...

AND would someone in your side answer the tickets..
Our support teams are tackling a pretty gargantuan ticket queue at the moment (not just for FH, across all games cumulatively), hence the delays. It's out of my hands, and I can only apologise for the wait and assure you that they are working very hard to address all cases as quickly as possible.
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Hi everyone,

I'm afraid I can't provide advice on an individual basis given that I don't have access to account tools, but I can confirm that any software that modifies game files (eg. controller software like x360ce) risks triggering EAC. My suggestion to any affected in this manner would be to revert the files to their original state, and this should get rid of the error message.

Hope this helps some of you.

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Originally Posted by scorpionx1
Thanks for the info, @Ubi-Gaidheal. Although it would have been great to know beforehand as this does not help people like myself who used controller emulators and got banned.

Also, as you can see from my post above - Support has acknowledged the error but cannot figure out how to unban me. Please note that I have turned off all controller emulator software long ago and I have been apparently 'unbanned' so WTF?
Hi scorpion,

I know it's a pain, but have you tried to clean install the game to repopulate the files in their original state? Now that you've stopped using emulator software and have been unbanned on our end, I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work if you did this.

Thanks for your patience, I can understand this is a very frustrating situation.
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Hi Reggae1Extra! Do you have Aura Lighting services installed? That appears to be a program that causes software conflicts with EAC. We recommend disabling it.
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Are you able to disable AURA RGB or even just uninstall it? I'd also recommend disabling Cam for the time being.
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Hi Demon_Fangs! Please submit your MSINFO/dxdiag files on a ticket for further assistance.

Links in this thread

How To Submit Dxdiag and MSinfo Files
How do I submit system files with a support ticket when I have an issue with the PC version of a game?

Preventing software conflicts
Preventing software conflicts

Verify Integrity of Game Files - How To's - Knowledge Base - Steam Support
Article "Verify Integrity of Game Files"

Verifying Games In Uplay
How do I repair or verify a game installed in Uplay?

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Ubisoft Support Homepage is where you will find help about Ubisoft games and services. You will be able to search for your problem, browse FAQs, get game service status, view most popular forum posts, submit a case and chat with an agent.

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