8 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @CriticalMic!

Since you and @KostlavII seem to be experiencing the same issue, I have merged your threads together. I've reached out to the dev team to ask about this problem. While waiting for a response from them, it would still be extremely helpful to get a video showing a trial completion at any grade over F, then showing the trial summary page with your highest grades listed.

8 months ago - Ubi-Mark. - Direct link

Hello @guest-aaKNku9x and @CriticalMic,

Thank you for your updates!

@CriticalMic - No worries, feel free to provide us with a link at any point and we will be able to pass it along to the development team. May thanks!

@guest-aaKNku9x - can I kindly ask you to provide us with footage (a short video) of this occurring, so we can investigate it further?

Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

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Thanks a bunch @Knightstromer, we've added this to our report! 🙂

8 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately we do not have any updates as to when a fix for this may be incoming, nor do we know if you will need to re-complete any levels to display the new grade. However I can confirm that this issue has been reported, so hopefully we will have updates regarding this soon!

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