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Hello, I have played for honor for pretty much the entirety of season 6, now we are on season 7, and I still haven’t unlocked the For Honor! Trophy that you are supposed to get. I’ve played 20+ games of multiple gamemodes as well in S7. This is really infuriating but I understand if it is out of your control. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S I’m on Playstation

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Hi @SumDude420 I'm sorry to hear that the trophy 'For Honor' has not unlocked.

I was looking into how to unlock this particular trophy and it mentions the following:

Once you start the game in multiplayer mode, you will be asked to choose one of the three factions: Knight, Vikings or Samurai. Once you select your faction, stick with it for the entire season, because if you switch in the middle of the season you will not unlock this trophy.

The season lasts 90+ days, including the off-season period (2-3 weeks). After this period, a new season will take place. Once the off-season ends, and after your first match in the next season, you need to return to the Multiplayer Menu. The trophy should pop here.

Can you confirm that you have done that or if you have switched factions during a season?

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Hey there @SumDude420

Please could you keep track of this throughout Season 7?

And capture screenshots before + after the season end?

Unless you have any from Season 6 > 7 of course.

Just so we have some examples to pass on to the team of the trophy not unlocked as we haven't had any other reports of this so far.

Thank you!

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