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Good afternoon. I have bought the game this years, put the key on uplay, installed the game, launched it but when I want to join a multiplayer game (dominion, trial, ...) a message is send to explain that I didn't "meet the requirements" (wich else ???) and break the research of the party. Moreover, I get a malus of 15 minutes during wich I can't launch another session. It is very curious because I have a good internet connection.

Besides, it is the same when I want to do a private game only with AI, whatever the king of the game is. I only can play the challenge of the warrior and the story mode.

Could you explain to me why I have this problems please?

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Hey @Blanc_Ch3valier,

Are you brand new to the game?

As the game requires you to complete the tutorial and defeat your faction leader to be able to access the multiplayer features.