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I've been playing this game for a long time now and have barely had a complaint except for one I've always had a issue with, that would be the friendly ai. I dont have a strong enough wifi connection to play with people online or on my team so I'm forced to play with a team of ai but in never fails for them to either always get in my way or do more damage than good on my team, it literally feels like I'm babysitting a bunch of 2 year olds, they run back and forth aimlessly in breach they grab the flag and just hold it and stand still, trying to fight anybody is pointless due to the fact your team will either end up killing you or staggering you cus they are trying to kill the same target as you but they so so by trying to attack through you, or they endlessly feed revenge to your opponent giving them a free win, usually I would play pop to avoid this however I'm forced to move modes and most of the time I wish there was a way to turn off friendly bots and just 1v4 the entire team, I feel I'd have way more fun then having to deal with infuriating bots that literally only exist to help the enemy team, it gets so infuriating that at times It makes me despise this game or takes all the fun out of it completely, I dont understand how the friendly ai is such a liability but the enemy ai are able to work decisively as a team and be coordinated, and I'm just talking about the friendly ai, I can put up with the endless gankinf and spam from enemies but what makes that impossible is being constantly staggered by your own team or just plain bullied at times...

about 1 month ago - UbiKobold - Direct link

Hey WitheringRain20, and thank you for providing this detailed feedback regarding the AI in-game! Would you be able to provide video from your gameplay that shows the AI grabbing the flag and standing still, enemies attacking you through the AI, and/or giving the enemy a free win by feeding revenge? I would be happy to report these occurrences and AI issues up, as we certainly do not want you to feel like your friendly AI teammates are working against you! For video just post it to YouTube as unlisted and then send me the link.

30 days ago - Ubi-Mercury - Direct link

Thanks for providing this additional feedback @WitheringRain20! I've provided guides here for uploading a video to YouTube, as well as making the YouTube video hidden. If you need any more assistance with providing this clip, don't hesitate to ask, and I'd be happy to help!