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My PC specs: Ryzen 5 5600x; RTX 3060Ti; 16Gb RAM; 1Tb SSD; Windows 10 Home

Hello, I have a problem running For Honor. After launching the game i get a message that my PC does not meet the minimum system requirements, few seconds after that my PC crashes and restarts. I have many other games and never had a problem like that, many games from ubisoft as well and they are running just fine. I tried every fix there is on ubi support site and nothing worked. I downloaded new drivers for GPU, chipset, LAN and sound (even though i dont see how that might be relevant), checked windows for any updates, even downloaded BIOS update and still the problem persists. I tried downloading the game again, verifying game files - didn't help.
And before anyone says - my monitor is pluged to my GPU not integrated graphics.

If anyone has any idea where the problem is please let me know!

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Hello @bodorex74 thank you for getting in touch with us about this crashing issue and that specific error message.

It sounds as though the game may not be using your dedicated graphics card and is instead using your integrated graphics on your motherboard.

To check this, launch the game, then open Windows 'Task Manager', select the 'Processes' tab, under the 'GPU Engine' list, and check to see if your game is using GPU0 or GPU1.

If you then click on the performance tab and scroll down the list, it should tell you which GPU is GPU0 and GPU1