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Hey, I've just gotten a new pc and I've noticed problems with For Honor. On startup, before I see anything on game opening, my PC crashes and restarts without an error code. I've already tried the following: Running as administrator, reinstalling Ubisoft and for honor, monitored GPU and CPU (neither are overheating or overloading)

However when i reinstalled EasyAntiCheat it works very occasionally and if I close and relaunch the game, the problem occurs again.

As for viewing integrity of files, it claims there are corrupted files and prompts me to repair them, but if I click repair nothing changes.

So far I've had this problem for about 3 weeks (ever since I built my pc), and the only thing that ever occasionally worked was reinstalling EasyAntiCheat to "Game 104" which I assume to be for honor. I receive no error code or message when my PC restarts, and it only happens with For Honor *ON STARTUP*.

Something I believe is worth mentioning, is that it occasionally restarts while playing (NOT on startup) Dead by Daylight which also uses EasyAntiCheat. I believe EasyAntiCheat could be a factor to this problem, but it only happens while actively playing Dead by Daylight, while with For Honor I cant even start it.

(Specs if needed
CPU-AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
PSU-EVGA GA Series 650W
Motherboard- B450 TOMAHAWK MAX II

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Hey there @Jonquavius69, if you haven't already can you please try reinstalling For Honor while Ubisoft Connect (Or whichever launcher you own the game through) is still running as an administrator? After uninstalling it, please make sure to open the game's directory and delete any remaining files before starting the reinstall.

I'd also recommend double-checking that you've not skipped over any of the steps listed in our basic technical troubleshooting guide, especially the step for updating your GPU drivers!

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Hello there @Jonquavius69!

First, please double check our basic technical troubleshooting FAQ to make sure you've not skipped over everything, particular updating your GPU drivers.

I'd also recommend reinstalling For Honor once more, but this time navigate to where the game's directory was and manually delete any remaining files. Once done, try reinstalling the game while still running Connect as an administrator.