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Hi there! Teacher here, trying to create a game in Fortnite to give my students a fun way to learn their multiplication facts. Does anyone have ideas for how they would set up something like this? There are so many possibilities in creative it is a bit overwhelming!

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Sounds awesome! I will share this in our creative discord to see if you can get any help!

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Thanks! I've actually decided to design an island where students spawn with no weapons and only receive them when they run to a problem on the map and choose the right answer (using billboards, buttons, and item spawners). That way they still get the combat function, but they have to work for it.
My question is... how do I create a private lobby with a class so that only my students can get in once I publish it?

This might depend on how man students we are talking about. But you have a couple of choices.

  1. Invite everyone into you party, it holds 16 players. Enter Creative via the "create" menu. This is your private party in the Hub. Then you can enter the island code and have everyone enter to start.
  2. You need a Support A Creator code (SAC) to publish your island. This would allow you to get an island code and have all your students enter that island code from the Creative menu (its the selecon on the far left to enter an island code)

A lot of this depends on how the island is set up and how the teams designed. How many players at one time? How many teams? All maps now have the ability to include up to 50 players matchmaking. For the SAC code, that you need for matchmaking, i can reach out to our Dev relations team and see about getting you a code if you need it. For creative builders, you dont need the normal 1000 follower on social media. If you already meet this criteria, you can apply here https://www.epicgames.com/affiliate/en-US/overview and your application will be reviewed.

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Could you apply here if you don't meet the SAC criteria? Also, please DM me the email you sign up with. Thank you!


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