Hey Creators,

You have questions, we have answers! Friday 4/2/2021 from 10 AM ET - 12 PM ET (2:00-4:00 PM UTC) Fortnite Creative team members will be answering your questions live in Discord! If you are not in the Discord join today and grab the Creator role to participate!

Fortnite Creative Discord Invite Link

A few of the Fortnite Creative team members participating include:

• @[EPIC] Flak and @[EPIC] Brownlantern - Developer relations team

•@[EPIC] FreightTrain and @[EPIC] raczilla - Community Team

•@[EPIC] MajorasMidna - Quality Assurance team

•@[EPIC] Kentito - Analytics

If you participated in the previous Q&A this will be conducted in the same way. We will create a dedicated channel to answers, similar to the #dev-chat-jan-14-responses for the previous Q&A.

We are excited to do this and look forward to answering your questions!

Fortnite Community Team

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